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About This File

This is a fan-made battletome dedicated to translating the original End Times scenarios into battleplans that fit Age of Sigmar. Everything has been carefully reworked to best capture the intent of the scenario and the fluff, whilst better fitting the gameplay of AoS. This document contains all the scenarios from Nagash, Glottkin and Khaine, as well as custom Times of War. There is a huge variety of games and objectives, fitting all sizes of games. Each scenario is also designed to be keyword neutral, so can be played with any faction. Play out the end of the World that Was exactly as you want!

What's New in Version 2   See changelog


Updated to the 2.0 edition, Battletome: The End Times is the most packed fan-made resource of battleplans, time of war rules and campaigns. New in the update is the campaigns, featuring 5 different series of battles. Following one story from each book, this is the easiest way to experience the End Times, or to play some linked games with a friend. The full campaign system is provided, alongside a guide to making your own campaigns!


Battletome: The End Times is an adaption of GW's original End Times books, made to fit the Age of Sigmar ruleset. Each of the 49 battleplans has been hand-crafted to better suit the story and the new rules. If you never got the chance to play through the fall of the World-That-Was, this is the best way to experience it. Each battleplan is also faction-neutral, meaning that you can play any battle with any army! There are no limits to how you can play these narrative scenarios.