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39 files

  1. The Unmade Vale

    My own homebrew Time of War rules for Age of Sigmar.



  2. Chaos Battletome: Mojgorox' Brayherd

    I thought I would share the direct download for you all to the Brayherd battle tome I have created. I printed a Hardback copy for myself as well as one spare for a prize giveaway at #RAW17. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed building it. Cheers.



  3. Defensive Skaven in the GH17

    My thoughts Clans Pestilens defense in AoS Matched Play



  4. AoS Rat Tank Rules

    This is something I've been kicking around for a while.
    many years ago, White Dwarf published a Clan Skryre based army list with a few conversions, things like augmented rat ogres and special rules for Skryre forces. 
    The most interesting (in my opinion) was the Skaven Rat Tank. It had a backstory, a conversion guide, and most importantly a set of rules. 
    Which I have attempted to recreate the rules for with this warscroll. 

    I would love your thoughts and constructive feedback on it, as this is essentially version 1.0. 
    I know occasionally these conversions pop up on ebay, but I'm working on one using the current plastic kits. 



  5. Efengie Campaign Book 2

    The second book of the Efengie Campaign series contains 5 Battleplans based on Warhammer World's Clash of Empires framework.  It also includes Time of War rules for battling at the Gates of Eucebium.  But that's not all, there are also 2-player narrative campaign rules for playing the battleplans as a series of linked battles.



  6. Efengie Campaign Book 1

    The first book of the Efengie Campaign series contains 5 Battleplans based on Warhammer World's Clash of Empires framework.  It also includes Time of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie.  But that's not all, each battleplan includes a fluff piece storying the event at which it was originally run, and there are also 2-player narrative campaign rules, and a map campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules!



  7. Coalescence 2017 Player Pack

    Welcome Narrative Player!
    You are a participant in something grand, with over 60 events taking place over the world, we look forward to hearing your stories.
    In this pack we detail the 3 Battleplans of the event and the scoring mechanics. The Narrative Event Organiser (NEO) running the event has the freedom to embellish it even further, or even make it simpler. Contact your NEO for further details. 
    This is an introductory narrative event that should be simple enough for new event organizers to feel comfortable running, while providing some fun new narrative ideas for the veteran storytellers. Think of it as a mini campaign that gets completed in a day, and provides enough substance for you to walk away with great stories of triumph and ruin.
    Story Driven - Your actions change how the story develops.
    Linked Games - Results of one game affect another.
    Asymmetrical Battleplans - armies may have different or opposing objectives rather than mirrored ones.
    Team scoring - Scoring encourages team cooperation rather than just individual success.
    Game Variety - Varied game sizes and a mix of 1v1 and multiplayer games.
    Narrative Awards - Awards that recognize achievements that relate to the story. 
    Where: When:
    1 day
    3 Games,
    Global Narrative Event Warhammer Age of Sigmar
    NEO’s choice
    Saturday, June 10th, 2017
    Players should bring 1500 points that can also be broken down into 1000 and 500 point lists. Your NEO will let you know if you should include pitched battle Vanguard limitations for construction, Rules of 1, and Reinforcement Rules per the GHB. The one ‘MUST HAVE’ is a model with the Hero keyword that will be their general through every game.
    Players will be playing in teams representing the Grand Alliances. The NEO organising your event may have all of them represented or only 2 represented. The players join whichever Grand Alliance Team that they prefer, whether it matches their army they brought or not. If a Grand Alliance is only represented by one player, they can be their own team and play as the UNDERDOG, or join another team. Teams don’t need to be even either, the scoring system looks favorably on the UNDERDOGS.
    In the story, each general is attempting to win favor with the Keystone Shard by performing awesome feats on the battlefield. While the battleplans have objectives that advance the story, winning a Battleplan Victory in the scenario is just one of 7 feats that players can accomplish to attune the Keystone Shard to their alignment. But only one team member needs to accomplish any given objective to score it for the team. The Grand Alliance that performs the most feats in a Game Round is favored by the Keystone Shard and becomes Ascendant for the next round. 



  8. The Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome

    This is the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome for Age of Sigmar.
    With 114 pages of content including:
    • 58 pages of new lore and artwork for the Tomb Kings within the Mortal Realms
    • New Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits, Artifacts, and a Spell Lore
    • Time of War rules and a Battleplan
    • 9 New Warscroll Battalions
    • 4 New Warscroll units including the Hierotitan and Necrolith Colossus
    You can read my thoughts on the creation of this Battletome over the past year on Mengel Miniatures.



  9. Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms - by Sam James

    Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms by Sam James
    Version 2.2 - 17th April 2017
    This PDF document is an unofficial supplement to Age of Sigmar by Sam James. It covers Skirmish Campaign play with two distinct modes; the Hinterlands Skirmish Campaign (similar to Mordheim or Frostgrave) and the Realm Master Campaign (similar to WHFRP or D&D).
    In keeping with the design tone of Age of Sigmar, the rules are short and elegant. The core rules fit onto 4 pages, with an additional 3 for Battleplans and an additional 2 for the Realm Master Campaign.
    Please share this with your friends and gaming group as much as you want. The rules are here for you to enjoy!
    (I do always like credit so please  share away, but do not take my work and present it as your own )
    Thanks for all your support in making this the #1 downloaded file on TGA!
    See below for all the new features that have been added into version 2.2!
    - bottle (Sam James).
    UPDATE: 17/04/2017 VERSION 2.2
    I am thrilled and honoured with the community response to Hinterlands and would like to thank all the players who have downloaded the rules and tried them out on the battlefield!
    The player base has given lots of fantastic feedback especially about the balance of the game.
    I am always looking to improve the ruleset for Hinterlands and especially to make it something that can be played narratively and also competitively. All your feedback has been taken into account and informed the following changes for 2.2:
    Mortal Wounds are limited to 3 per turn
    This is the big one. It means a warband running a single Wizard is not affected in anyway, but powerful combinations such as the Heraldor and the Lord Celestant have their power levels curbed substantially.  The rule itself is an additional 'Rule of Three', but I have added in some questions about how it works in all instances to the FAQ, so check out the last page!
    Other changes include:
    Non-hero models now start with experience based on their wounds characteristic. This is to make multi-wound models a little less powerful during a campaign (as they level up slower).
    Death Players can summon back 'Tomb Guard'. That one was missed off before, oops!  
    Sinister Terrain only benefits melee weapons. I am always looking to give melee the edge over shooting (which is inherently powerful in Skirmish Games), this was a great suggestion by another player!
    I do not plan regular updates like this, instead you can look forward to a big update (version 3) coming later in the year! Happy gaming in the meantime!
    - bottle (Sam James)



  10. The Siege of Var Asai

    The Siege of Var Asai expands on the Azyr Empires campaign system with a node-based rules-lighter version.  Team up in factions and see who can claim the brutal fortress of Var Asai!



  11. Legion of Azgorh Chaos Dwarf Update

    Campaign supplement for chaos dwarfs that update them and give them items, powers, added keyword to whole army, and two new units.



  12. Skirmish/Campaign rules for Age of Sigmar - Mordheim Adaptation

    This is the Mordheim rules adaptation for Age of Sigmar I made for our gaming group. 
    Check http://unofficialaos.tk/ for the most current version.
    Feedback is appreciated! 



  13. Battletome Deus Vult - Knightly Orders of Antiquity

    Battletome Deus Vult - an upgrade to the old Bretonnian warscrolls providing Virtues, artefacts, spells, orders, and scroll updates to bring them up to speed with more modern Age of Sigmar armies.  Includes a couple of new units as well.



  14. Azyr Empires

    Azyr Empires is a modified version of a Mighty Empires hybrid campaign that has gone through over twenty years of play.  Build your heroes up, expand your realms, and create an empire that outlasts all empires...



  15. Border Wars Online Campaign

    Welcome to Border Wars! The newest online map campaign for Age of Sigmar. Please download the document if you would like to get involved in this worldwide online AoS campaign, paint, play and write. Gain your territory and expand your empire. 
    Please visit http://www.theriseofempires.com for more information. 



  16. Shardsfall

    Moderators please tag this post as you seem appropriate (its my first file!)
    With Reading the Hinterlands Ruleset by Bottle, and a firm love for the old mordheim rules, I've modified and updated the Mordheim rules into a format which I think will be compatible with Age of Sigmar. I apologise for how blank the file looks (formatting isn't really my thing)
    I would like to mention that some of the Mordheim rules have been copied modified and updated for this document, I do not claim to have created these rules. The rules which I have updated or created are inspired by Hinterlands by Bottle and my own personal tweaks and additional rules that I see fit.



  17. Age Of Sigmar Black Library book list

    Here is the same file as in my google drive doc but in excel format



  18. Pirates and Plunder: the raid of Honshu

    This campaign is free to use by anyone. I'll keep the campaign up to date here. Any feedback or comments are appreciated.



  19. Winds of Magic for Age of Sigmar

    Hi everybody,
    This is a house rule I made in order to enrich magic in the game, taking inspiration from the old 8th edition winds of magic phase. I also added new spells for each grand alliance that are supposed to be the high risk/high reward spells you want to use when you have a lot of power dice and little spell slots to use. 
    I tried to make the rules so that you don't need to change anything from any warscroll and all the spells already available (and also those that are going to be released next) should work perfectly.
    Please try this in your games if you are interested, and let me know if any balancing problem occurs, the rules are still in an early version and I had the chance to play only a few games with it myself.
    Looking forward to hearing from you guys, happy wargaming,



  20. Old World Battle Doctrine

    This is a Supplement design to work alongside the AOS rules to incorporate some of the elements from WHFB.
    They still need tweaking but each section should be usable by itself (If you only like a particular part of it) and should work in concert with the AOS rules.
    This is a development of:
    Age of Warhammer
    By Nacnudllah
    So check that out also.



  21. Custom Hero Template (1st Draft)

    A 1st draft for a template from which to make custom heros.
    Very rough draft.
    More to guage reaction of the system more than my judgement with regards to balanceing points.
    Give it a try.
    Help and input would be great.



  22. Battle Report Visual Aid

    A beta for a visual aid program for Battle reports and just general visual representation of the games required.



  23. Battletome: Khaine

    This is a fan-made battletome dedicated to translating the original End Times scenarios into battleplans that fit Age of Sigmar. Everything has been carefully reworked to best capture the intent of the scenario and the fluff, whilst better fitting the gameplay of AoS. This document contains all the scenarios from Nagash, Glottkin and Khaine, as well as custom Times of War. There is a huge variety of games and objectives, fitting all sizes of games. Each scenario is also designed to be keyword neutral, so can be played with any faction. Play out the end of the World that Was exactly as you want!



  24. Battletome: Glottkin

    The terrible Glottkin, Nurgle's favoured triplets, descend on the Empire. Rot spreads and death reigns as the foulest plagues ever unleashed are carried by countless men armed in pus and cold, corrupted steel.



  25. Battletome: Thanquol

    The world is ending, and the skaven shall inherit. Relive the end of the two mighty empires, the Lizardmen and the Dwarfs. The skaven rise in an unending tide of vermin! Featuring six battleplans based on the original scenarios, as well as a new Time of War, there's plenty of content here.