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  2. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Yeah, only thing that worries me is the lack of hero options, maybe they’ll turn Hellebron into a new character, as well as the medusa and the avatar, but I’m starting to doubt we’ll see much else, as I think it would have already been previewed, so probably no tenebral shard after all... Otherwise very hyped for this army, wish I had more time so that I could finish the DoK models I already have!
  3. Let's Chat: Verminus

    That looks painful Where did you find the Skritch nerf? I couldn't find it on games' website. That would be disappointing but its also the opportunity to design new strategies as rules evolve as you suggest, skritch could set camp behind, protecting the cannons and buffing his warlord underlings out on the field. As for the list, it looks nasty! But is the balewind really worth it for anything besides the warlock? The Grey seer and bell spells are not that great. The bell is already visible enough. And I'm not sure that balewind buffs the range of the peel of doom, does it? If it does, then it might be worth it (in a kroak kind of way)
  4. Daughters of Khaine Release

    Only way I can figure it is as a corruption of 'chimera', but who knows how accurate that is.
  5. What battletomes are next for elves?

    Ah, thanks for pointing that out! Was unaware of it. That does make me wonder if one or both of the wonder twins will be linked to an existing faction,however. They seem to be going for order factions with an aesthetic they can push as unique GW products. I'm not sure if any of the existing high elf factions are unique enough to be expanded like they did with DoK?
  6. What battletomes are next for elves?

    Mistweaver is rumored to be a part of Sea Aelves and you can read on GW site that she is from shadow realm so there is like 0% chance that she is from Twins faction
  7. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    A second necromancer to spread hero coverage, or instead, a vampire lord so that you get access to the other lore. Remaining points with grave guard or black nights. You could instead bump up the skells to larger units, but skells are best in 10s or 40s.
  8. Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    I think death can push into top 10. One of its biggest strengths is variety, each legion can create a solid list which provides altering playtyles that would make it hard for opponents to plan for. Also most death lists can be built so that you aren't hinging on one hero or monster, you can create multiple threats that the opponent will then have to make a choice in regards to what they wish to negate.
  9. I think a yearly funding drive to try and build up enough to cover a year's costs would be a good idea. There's plenty of approaches to handle that, and you can also open up "fund a feature" point when it becomes relevant. As for adverts, personally I'd include them, and offer a £1 to 2 a month subscription to remove them. Particularly if they sit as a row in the middle of forum posts for non subscribers
  10. Fluff Problems

    I find it tragic, inthat they live in their own noble fantasy while their body parts fall off.
  11. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    It's really interesting how GW is running this campaign, turning a Choose Your Own Adventure structure into a subtle motivation-based series of choices that apply to all Factions. The hidden buffs only add to suspense regarding each weekly revelation, and I'd expect that regardless of the outcome of various choices, ultimately Nagash's plan will be revealed. But what shape will the Realms be in when that occurs? Ah, that is the real question.
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  13. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Yeah but then I don't fit the battalion requirements... I don't think the battalion is that worth it but the point of the list was to try to use it to combine with the extra save and have resilient and fast moving skellies.
  14. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    The Harbingers are getting permanent updates due to this campaign, that explains why they are a little lacklustre at the moment. I was chatting on Twitter last night wondering how these changes will be communicated to the players. Updating the app isn’t the style that GW really follows and so it is my opinion that we are going to get four new Battletomes based on the Harbingers factions. Three of the four have been rumored already but knowing the lead time for GW I don’t think we will see these before the end of the year. The Stormcast will be opening a new chamber and from that they will get warmachines. Moonclan have been rumored since the GHB17 and the recent slip up on the community page reinforces this one. Also an ex-employee has hinted at wraiths being the next theme for an undead faction. It looks like we will really be making tangible changes with this campaign, unlike the token efforts of the last one and absolute shambles that the previous Storm of Chaos and Albion campaigns were.
  15. Fight fire with fire. Or, In this case, fight ignorance with insight. The eyes have it.
  16. Finally starting AoS! Looking for advice.

    You can get 2 easy to build liberators for fairly cheap, and with some tweaking and confidence with your clippers you can pose them interestingly
  17. Daughters of Khaine Release

    Has anybody figured out where GW took the name 'Khinerai' from? 'Melusai' is obviously from Melusine, but 'Khinerai' I can't place...
  18. Finally starting AoS! Looking for advice.

    Lol, great responses so far in the Order forum! 😂 My fault for inviting it. I am really keen on Blades of Khorne @Roark. I have a pretty good theory of how they work, so maybe there’s merit there... Will dive in to the Chaos forum. I‘ve definitely considered the Starter Set @flemingmma. But the one negative thing about the it is that while it is great value, the monopose Stormcast aren’t ideal. The hammers on the Prosecutors are so much worse than the javelins, the Liberators don’t come with grandhammers, and there’s only 3 Retributors, so you have to grab the Start Collecting set or find 2 online. The Blades of Khorne stuff seems a lot easier to convert what you want out of it... Also, I have read a few times that the Firestorm Allegiances are not allowed a lot of the time. They don’t seem to be that broken when you’re only getting Grand Alliance benefits on top, especially when compared to some of the top-tier tournament lists. I suppose that will only be a hindrance for competitive gaming anyway. Anyone have any thoughts on the Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber?
  19. Chaos Warriors Shields - mk. of Nurgle

    Hi, Something small but I'm happy with the effect - my exercise in creating texture on plain surfaces. Hope You like it More pictures: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2018/02/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-shields-chaos.html
  20. What battletomes are next for elves?

    My prediciton is that they'll give us two new armies - the Shadowkin mentioned in the Fyreslayer's Battletome with Malerion as the marquee figure, and then a high elf army featuring Tyrion and Teclis that uses light magic in various intersting ways, including making illusions. Shadowkin will have the Tenebrael Shard aesthetic, the new high elves will be based on the Mistweaver Saih.
  21. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I reckon the Medusa will become a spell caster. From the world that was they were sorceress' that were cursed by there god of desire.
  22. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I'm curious as to what our other spellcaster options besides Morathi are going to be. I don't remember seeing any new heroes in the videos or pictures, besides the Avatar of Khaine.
  23. Well one of the main things the changeling has going for him in that scenario is that you can use Destiny Dice to auto-dispel his nova power. If you're taking him as allies you can't If you're just going to use Tzeentch for allies, the changeling wouldn't quite get the mileage out of the 140pts
  24. So for the last couple of months I have played around with trying to organize a community collaboration. I've talked to a few content creators and I have a really good feeling that this may be something that a lot of people want. So here is what I propose to you, I want to see fan content for Age of Sigmar, so that we may strap these all together into a monthly online magazine. This way, we'll have a great way of showcasing community battleplans, rules, art, stories, and more! Those who make content can feel like they're reaching a decent audience, and those who have trouble making sense of all the outlets for content can finally see the best of the best in one spot. No member of the community should feel left out of this. If you have ideas for content, MAKE. IT. SO. Don't worry about making it pretty. I can help fill in the aspects you feel you are lacking in! If you don't make content, you can always help edit, refine, and promote the magazine, as it will be available for all to see, made by fans, for fans. Here is a list of content you can submit. If you have more ideas not listed, make it known! Battleplans Warscrolls Allegiances Rulesets Fan art Fan lore Community Questions Unfortunately, I'm not perfect. I hope to keep this running if it picks up, and will do my best to create a fantastic package for you all. My aim, is to empower other creators like me, who may not know how to best to take their creations to the next level. I hope to bring a dialogue between creators to help make their content better than before, as well as encourage collaborations! If you would like to work on an administrative level and help organize both the creators, and submitted content, please let me know! To submit content, please post on this thread, or PM me! Feel free to ask others for advice, and maybe we'll find a cool way to efficiently submit content. If you also have promotion ideas, I'd love to hear it. Perhaps for our first issue, some suggestions for structure and what you guys would like to see? Other than that, i hope you guys look forward to this, as I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's work! I know I'm hard at work on my own stuff! And remember, the main concept is:
  25. What could the next faction be?

    Me too mate, I wouldn't stress about that too much though... I'd LOVE a new Battletome, but as several factions have shown (Seraphon, Wanderers, Fyreslayers, Free Peoples), even the GH treatment can elevate you to proper army status. If you offered me decent GH abilities now I'd bite your hand off!
  26. Brayherd help

    Interesting idea, but I think I would prefer some Ungor Raider in the list... cheapish shooting is about the only thing I have on the seraphon; plus it seems safer to simply harass Saurus warriors at range then to engage them...
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