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  2. Hurricanum base

    What bases would you find aceptable for a hurricanum proxy? I'm basing a mixed order hurricanum proxy on Alarielle s beetle, the thing is normally on a 170 mm round Base. ....
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Lot's of similar comments on the official AoS Facebook page as you'd expect, but more than a few times GW has replied with "We've lots and lots lined up for all the Grand Alliances in 2018". Read into that what you will but I think next year should be what 2017 has been for 40k (okay maybe not quite as big but still...).
  4. Hi everyone! Ive played some AoS before with Stormcast and Seraphon. But now i got my eyes on then boy'z! when starting from 0...how would you begin your journey with the jaw's? For 1000p? And how would you later build that list to 2000p? Any formations you like? If you have time please explain HOW to play aswell with the army. I think i got the hang of it but all help will be much needed i think! I have not yet played with the new GH17. How have they changed? Are they better or worse then before? All information will be greatly helpful! And by the end of next week i might got some new models to start my next project! Cheers!
  5. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    You would want your army to look 70% Chaos, and 30% Order to make it feel like a Good Chaos. I’m sure there is plenty of inspiration in Dungeons & Dragons if you check out their art.
  6. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I've started playing 1k games with my colleagues at work, currently I'm facing armies of Stormcasts, Nighthaunts Orcs and maybe Skavens, played 2 games lost both so I was looking for some advice My first game was a 700 points vs stormcast so I'll skip it for now (let me just say for fun I took an ironclad, didn't go well :P), the 2nd one I just came from I got tabled turn 2 by the ironjawz My list was Zilfin skyport (there's no trading with some people extra rule) aetherkhemist with earbuster and fleetmaster trait frigate with aetherspheric endrins 9x endrinriggers 2x with grapnels 2x 10 arkanauts with 3 light skyhooks total 1020 I admit I wanted to see if my clown car could snipe a few key pieces of the army (he had mega boss, warchanter, weirdnob, 5 brutes, 10 ardboyz, 3 gore gruntas basically 1 sc box and 1 skirmish warband box) It didn't go well as I got charged and the megaboss giving +2 attack to all of his army meant I got mowed down. Admittedly in my group there's a recurring meme that my rolls are abysmal ( 9 endrinriggers only 1 wound done in shooting and combat with buff on saws from khemist, most failed on hit-wounds a couple saved) but I still think I could improve somehow. Tips on the army at least since you can't see my deployment and battle choices? Am I doing something wrong at 1k points? Next game is probably in 2 weeks vs nighthaunts near 1300 points.
  7. Soulblight Vs Free Guild Battle Report

    Ah, that's a shame you can't proxy. Do you still have the Wight King you mentioned? You can't really go wrong with WK & 40 Skeletons as allies. Necromancer is also fine, I guess its a survivability vs offense preference. If you had harbingers intsead of archai I'd probably recommend those & skeletons instead, with 3 wizards it would be rude not to summon some harbingers and let them 3d6 (rerollable with sigil) charge.
  8. Da Ghostwulfz

    Great batrep @Sangfroid, thanks for posting it. I got a lot out of this paragraph in particular - I had to read it a couple of times while visualising how things were playing out, but it was well worth it. Those Blood Tithes though...it was almost like being triple turned! Sounds like you kept your chin up and kept battling though, I reckon my head would have dropped big time!
  9. customize your shadespire

    I havent done a lot of conversions and very few requiring the Dremel but the grindbit (basically a sphere with teeth or in other cases oval shape covered with sandpaper) will allow you to gently grind away only what you need to/want to. Its tedious, noisy and messy but whats not to love about that edit: Since your doing shoulderpads I dont think you can mess up beyond repair. Since the area will be covered by a new shoulderpad, worst case scenario you just put some greenstuff to even it out then the shoulderpad on top!
  10. How will you store?

    Right now everything is stored in the original SS box. But it's already getting a bit overfilled. I'll have to wait and see the scope of future Shadespire to make a final storage solution. I think I'll probably end up storing in separate boxes. One big bog for tiles, rules, tokens and unused cards. Then several small boxes which holds a single warband+deck.
  11. Da Ghostwulfz

    Can I make myself the most hated man on the forum, and go back to the grammar debate? I honestly think what Chris said is clear when you break it down... "I am under no illusion that you are not the better Warhammer player" I am under no illusion that = I am not crazy enough to believe You are not the better Warhammer player = I am the better Warhammer player* So Chris was effectively saying "I am not crazy enough to believe that I am the better Warhammer player". Which is also equivalent to saying "I am sensible enough to believe that you are better than me". Easy! *Tehcnically "I am the equally good or better Warhammer player" but let's not split hairs
  12. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Great job man! Well I kinda have my progression posted here: For Orruks though I basically want to replicate this idea but keep it a little easier on the job (less shades and highlights ), still love this red, white and black/grey colour combination though.
  13. Today
  14. The Rumour Thread

    I really like the Stormcast hero models helmetless. Gives them personality. Really like the model. Would make a great leader of a Skirmish war band.
  15. Blood Warriors weapon options

    Hi guys, Four questions about Blood Warriors, if you don’t mind helping. 1) Which is the most effective weapon load out vs. Stormcast? Double Axes or Gorefist 2) Which is the best weapon load out generally? 3) Would most opponents mind if you had 20 in a unit (10 with axes, 10 with gorefist?) 4) Would opponents mind if you used the mix above as a proxy for 20 models with one or the other?
  16. customize your shadespire

    Oooh gotta borrow that from a friend then! Well he will be here tomorrow. Luckily I have a second kit in case I ****** things up too badly. Cheers,
  17. Events UK: Honour and Glory, Portsmouth, 25th Nov 17

    It's not something I've done before, and this is the first request I've had to do it! But, to answer you, I will not be for this event. I'll be sure to bring this up in the post event wash up though!
  18. AoS Wish For 2018

    Thanks for the clarification, I didn't realise there was a precedent for a merge of existing smaller factions - that bodes well!
  19. How will you store?

    They are from this company - http://dexprotection.com I have one for each warband plus a larger, different one for the non-decked cards, as shown.
  20. AoS Wish For 2018

    Yes. BoK, for one, before that were divided into the Khorne Bloodbound and Daemons of Khorne. Who knows. Not for all it's good, but it's possible certainly.
  21. The Rumour Thread

    I`m also a bit disappointed by just one hero and then it is also Stormcast hero. It is not that I don´t want SCE to get new models. If they would also release models for other factions at the same time I wouldn't say anything against SCE releases. But because of the lack of overall releases for AoS it often seems like their whole production budget is first put into 40k, then into AoS and after that most of the budget for AoS is put into Stormcast Eternals. I really hope that they have new releases for all grand alliances in the new year. I cross my fingers for Destruction and Death.
  22. I thought it would be nice to have a thread so people could post their painting progress and share ideas for colour schemes/conversions etc. For me, I’m 2 warbands down and 2 (so far) to go. Stormcast: Sepulchral Guard: Gonna do Orcs (Orruks?) next. Any recommendations for colour schemes would be very much appreciated.
  23. customize your shadespire

    A dremel with grindbits of various sizes should do the trick!
  24. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Id say lists without any ships are rare at 2000pt. Most run 1 ironclad, some run 1 frigate, 1 person even ran 3 ironclads! ...see previous comments in this thread...
  25. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I understand that everything depends on the playing area where you play, if everyone plays competitive, yes, it gives me that unfortunately the best thing is to take everything on foot with all the khemist you can get
  26. Events UK: Honour and Glory, Portsmouth, 25th Nov 17

    Hey Tony, will you be publishing lists or not?
  27. Nurgle Daemons - from zero to hero (hopefully)

    I recently played against a tallyband and a unit of 6 drones and one of 3. The unit of 6 gave my bulls problems but the unit of 3 got mulched pretty quickly so id definitely go 6 when you can. They hit a lot harder than I expected.
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