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  2. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    So I know we're 3 pages in, but what the devil does ITC stand for?
  3. Gutbusters Gunline 2000

    oh yes ofc i was more pointing to "vulnerability against battleshock" though on an interesting note i actually WANT an ogre to run in my list it lets my ironguts gets the reroll on hits/wounds/saves for a whole round pretty much. id grab a 3rd butcher before grabbing a firebelly(i do want one even if i just get to paint the model!) as you get 3 goes at the cauldron before running out of spells to use.
  4. Protector Storm-shield and partially covered units

    I would say the question is whether you can meet the condition of "hit a model [from the target unit]" without meeting the condition of "cross a unit of Protectors". If at least one model is not hidden then the answer is yes, you can hit a model from the target unit, without crossing the Protectors — meaning it is not true that you must cross the Protectors in order to hit a model from the target unit. I can see how it could be read as "if there is a model from the target unit such that you must cross the Protectors to hit that model", but to me that's a less natural way of reading the sentence. Also — if you can only see one Judicator and the rest are behind a wall, there's no penalty. Does it make sense that being behind the Protectors would offer even more protection that being behind a line-of-sight blocking wall? What if there are Protectors between the wall and the Judicators, hidden from view by the wall — does it make sense that having a wall hiding most of your unit from sight would actually make it easier to hit them? Likewise, AoS requires that a unit be completely in cover in order to receive the benefit. None of which forms a watertight argument and I'm guessing at intent, but that's how I'd be inclined to rule it. (And yes, you have to resolve the rule for each firing model separately, but no casualties are removed until all shots are resolved).
  5. Protector Storm-shield and partially covered units

    I definitely see it differently. The wording on the Protectors' warscroll says: "Subtract 1 from the hit rolls of enemy shooting attacks that target a unit of Protectors, or which must cross a unit of Protectors to hit a model that lies beyond them." In my opinion, the word "must" indicates that you can draw the straight line from the shooter to the target any way you like, avoiding the Protectors if possible.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    The fact that we've got a Nighthaunt and a mortal StD as heroes right now makes my think it's possible we might actually see a "lesser"(i.e. not Stormcast) faction get the hearld for Order. My guess is something Freeguildy.
  7. Vanguard Stormcast Warband

    I agree that a ranged attack could be very game-breaking. I'd think either making it weaker or less likely to hit as you've suggested is a good compromise. Or perhaps it could be a particularly taxing activation - like a charge - and "reloading" would take the rest of that piece's focus for that action phase.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    I really like the warqueen, it's a must buy and hopefully we will see more Darkoath miniatures, but as the chosen champion for Chaos she looks a bit mundane.... . As poster boys/girls for the new big campaign I expected a bigger "awe" factor.
  9. Lull in releases for Matched play AoS

    Between AOS generally being less popular, 40k 8th edition coming out and for some strange reason General's Handbook 2017 (most of my community seemed to regard it as not really doing anything and making things worse, for some unknown reason), AOS has fallen by the wayside here in my area. There's a very tiny handful of people who still play, but they don't really advertise it as part of the community; it's not like there's a designated AOS day anymore (it become a "GW Game Day" which really means 40k gets a second day).
  10. Age of Sigmar EXPLAINED (by an australian)

    He seems... a bit crossed with the AoS (sic) "cuntbrigade".
  11. Maps of Age of Sigmar

    Specify your needs, please.
  12. Maps of Age of Sigmar

    It is stated sometimes that the realms are indefinite in size and expand constantly, so there are no real boundaries. We can see only particular regions where some events take place, and sometimes large maps of a more greater region, but still it's a tiny piece of a whole picture, and since the worlds are indefinite it's all we need.
  13. Today
  14. The Rumour Thread

    Hasn't killed 40k yet and its been marines versus csm for three editions in a row.
  15. Vanguard Stormcast Warband

    I would not be surprised if we saw something like each fighter getting a regular attack, maybe 2 Hammers for Damage 2, and then a ranged 2-3 attack that's 1 Hammer for Damage 1. I would dislike there being a force that does high damage from a range - that feels like it would be very difficult to play against, especially for Liberators or Sepulchral Guard. But everyone having a "harass" mechanic that can't really be used to kill but offers some utility, that could be quite interesting.
  16. The Rumour Thread

    ...mmmmmh....HOLD ON! You know what would be good...? Death VS SCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greatest idea ever!!!!!!!
  17. Khorne bloodbound list query

    Thanks for the reply! Have you had much experience on the tabletop with Skullcrushers? I wondered what their main weakness was and then wanted to add units around to counteract this. Ive considered running a wall of flesh hounds as an initial wave, followed by Skullcrushers to deal a devastating blow. Not sure how effective this would be however. What are your thoughts?
  18. Another day with the Warherds

    I think they are my favorite army. They just play how I like. None of the pansy shooting and they hit like trucks. I almost killed 2 stardrakes in one round before but then managed to whiff or he saved everything on 5+s. The one had like 3 wounds left and made 12 5+ saves to live....
  19. Game 6 new BoK army v Slaanesh Slaves of Darkness

    Cool list dude. Can you post the Slaanesh one too?
  20. Do you even stormcast bro?

    Having put Daylight Robbery in my deck, I have failed it every time I tried I don't personally think it's better than Heroic Guard, which is extremely good against Orruks or other SCE. You won't always get a chance to steal a Glory, and you won't always succeed if you try, but being on Guard is almost always useful. I agree on dropping Army of One. It's super cool when it gets off, but it's such an edge case that you're better off with other stuff. I think Helpful Whispers might be worth trying to keep in though, reliability is key when our numbers are in such low counts.
  21. Khorne bloodbound list query

    I started building a brass stampede list and got 6 skullcrushers done before my soul started hurting! They are quite tricky to paint I found. I decided just to start with a more varied Khorne list and add skull crushers 3 at a time until I have enough to make the Stampede an option. The general has to be a Mighty Lord of Khorne on juggernaut I think (don't have the scroll in front of me) I have a spare varanguard from using his mount for a sorceror lord so I was going to stick him on one of the juggers as the general. My Khorne army is a bit of a side project so not much of it is painted but so far I have, The 6 crushers; 3 khorgoraths; 30 bloodletters and a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster + bloodsecrator, slaughterpriest & Valkia the Bloody Planning to add blood warriors; reavers; skull reapers and another priest + of course the rest of the stampede. I will probably get it all painted some time in 2019...
  22. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    Guys. The pack is built on the point that the game is full of CLEARLY top table armies out there. If a player wants to bring an army that they LOVE. Which dosent happen to have very over the top allegiance abilities or movement mechanics then this should balance the feild a bit for those armies. As for scoring, the side missions are weighted and built in such a way where if you’re already one doing well in the main mission with good play. These shouldn’t be unachiveable by either player.. there making them almost irrelevant of the actual score. The odds of a player doing all sides and no main and still winning are almost ZERO. I know the crew responsible for the event personally. This isn’t an Anti-GW move by making the pack have side or secret missions. Any one who thinks so is foolish. Scott (the head TO) in particular couldn’t be more of an AoS Champion. He’s worked hard on growing a strong tournament community out here in the USA/West Coast and is constantly looking to improve his packs to facilitate not only competitive but fun events. That being said, the ITC hold more events a year than anyone else period (mostly 40k) and I currently compete in both systems. I actually wouldn’t be opposed to seeing AoS go to a full ITC championships scenario format like the currently do in 40k. I know a lot of people on here HAVENT played those missions and that format, but it’s extremely rewarding to the better player and actually creates a lot of balance and large meta shifts. Finally, the LVO is going to be an Awesome event. Tons of fun, over 100 players, cool venue and great support. It really bums me out that people are showing distain for somthing that Scott is doing on HIS OWN TIME. To promote the love we all have for AoS and the Hobby. So like other have said, giving feed back is great. But keep it positive and helpful. It’s gettjng negative in here and I don’t think that it was @svnvaldez intention.
  23. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    Well first off, I never used the words "braindead" or things that had to be bleeped out And that's fine, I get that we're all passionate about the game, so feelings can get heated, I don't take it personally or anything. I honestly don't think that book Maelstrom is in any way competitive. The random nature of the deck makes for insane swings that you can't counter by good or bad play. If I'm playing Necrons against Eldar, and I draw "Kill a Monster or Vehicle" which I can technically score 1 point off of with difficulty because they have one or two, and the Eldar draws "Cast Psychic Powers" and scores 3 points because they easily cast 3 and roll a d3, then that doesn't feel very fun. I actually like Maelstrom events where you can customize a deck or have a free Mulligan per game (the book one costing a CP is too expensive imo), but straight out of the book is way too random for a real competitive event. The ITC Maelstrom is still random - but it's random with a smaller set of outcomes, which is better, and each outcome has a set point reward. I completely despise d3 Victory Points, which is why Scorched Earth is my least favorite mission in either GHB. But yes, as @stato said, on the pack itself. I don't think the intent was to "hose over" armies that are good at existing book missions, but rather to give more granular point outcomes. Currently, the only way to differentiate between two undefeated people is by Kill Points, which is hardly reliable since there are plenty of armies that are great at accomplishing missions but don't kill as much. Strength of Schedule is a good side tracking thing, but having secondary/tertiary the way they have it is obviously just an attempt to have more data points to differentiate players. Having run events myself, and having tried to write secondary objectives or new missions, it's hard. Unless you're playtesting a lot (which sometimes isn't feasible for one person doing it as a volunteer, as Scott is), you just kind of try to think through all possibilities and make something balanced. I'm sure he would love feedback on whether or not people think his secondaries are balanced for the various armies or strongly balance armies that are already doing well anyway. Constructive feedback is always welcome.
  24. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    This isn’t a 40k forum (lol) but I disagree with that statement. Book missions are not suited for competitive 40k play.
  25. Another day with the Warherds

    haha brutal makes we want to go back to my warherds. I have 6 bullgors, doombull and a ghorgon so far but I stopped collecting them because its so hard to make a decent sized army from them. Also they don't kill stuff quite as effectively as my imagination wants them to!! Great to see them though and it looks like they suit a small game pretty well.
  26. The Rumour Thread

    Fingers crossed for a Seraphon herald!
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