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  2. "A model will never attack itself as a result of this spell, so it can only affect a unit that has more than one model" is only to clarify that a single-model unit is not a valid target for the spell. You would allocate the wounds to the damaged model as normal.
  3. Because she's a finecast model. Only plastic kits were given points. That being said, I don't think any of the special characters from Age of Sigmar regular game have a place in Skirmish anyway. They're all much too important to be running around with a few guys hunting treasure in a ruined city.
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  5. AHW YEAH! Megaboss Uru is done and man, I love him. Model was amazing fun to paint, and I really love how he turned out. He's the self-proclaimed badduzt of azzes and loves nothing more than violently decapitating lesser creatures. Which, truth be told, is pretty much everything and everyone. He's also fond of poetry and the operAAAGH. Gruntas are built and the priming spray is drying as I type. Let's see if those take three weeks too, or I can actually be a bit effective for once.
  6. What site did you get this printed from? It looks really nice, and I've made some campaign books I'd like to get printed in a similar fashion.
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  8. Hello all, I am looking for people's ideas to help me come up with a grimnar conversion for my Fyreslayer army. love any suggestions. would you think he would be dwarf size or bigger? To make the base size fit the prime what could I do for basing?
  9. Where do you play? 40k in pretty new where I moved to recently, so maybe there hasn't been enough time for people to get toxic. What has your experience been like?
  10. Wouldnt the cost go down if there are penalties to shooting? Ill be annoyed if i have to pay more but get less out of the unit.
  11. They are being repacked to no longer have square bases in the box. (Probably they will get 32mm rounds also to match the bloodletter and plaguebearer boxes)
  12. Went down to my lgs today to order some Daemonettes for my planned slaanesh army but they're apparently no longer available. Are they discontinuing the slaanesh models or is there a repack/update on the way?
  13. I've been using the Godsworn Champions of Ruin for my undivided Chaos warhost. It allows me 9 units in the battalion and a cheeky pile in and attack during the hero phase against heroes and monsters for 60 points. It usually allows me to get to pick first turns, as with that and my warshrine I only have two drops, and an extra artifact. It's not a terrible battalion. I think there is another great battalion that involves units with the mark of Tzeench that gives all units in the battalion -1 rend, which can be great if you have Warriors with shields and marauders. Ive got a bunch of warriors with greatweapons and chosen so I took a pass on that one. Can't remember the name of it for the life of me. Also, the old compendium battalion Chaos Warband from Warriors of Chaos is okay but you can't take it with a Slaves to Darkness Allegiance, so Knights won't be battleline.
  14. I look at flayers as a shepherd unit for a GKoTG/ZD for extra punch in the combat phase. Sort of like an alpha strike whilst the horrors hold the line elsewhere. Anyone here use flayers and horrors in the same list? Who favours what?
  15. Ill post a link when I clean up the file a bit.
  16. I completely agree with the comment above - The capes make these guys pop. I wonder if darkening the armor would give them more depth and make the masks stand out too. Love the champion's pose. It's as though he's showing his opponent the axe, suggesting they're next!
  17. Valkia is taking shape, I need to redo her face and finish the base.
  18. I imagine they want their feed to be only their posts right? If you look at their feed, they don't have any content started by anyone except themselves? Standard social media marketing?
  19. Thanks alot fellas! Been working on a display board for taking to tournies etc. Bit of work still to got but decided to try a dry fit of everything! I'll probably go black edges and need to go back over some of the grass blending when new tubs of it arrive! But fairly happy - may do a few extra accent pieces which can double as objectives in games. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  20. No idea why they deleted it then
  21. And the first mob of brutes is done! Got this little dude about 90% done a few weeks back, finally had time to finish him up today! And an army shot of the whole Cloud Toof tribe so far! WAAAAAGH! And a little side by side comparison with the very first Orc i painted about 20 years ago! Next up: 'Ard Boyz!
  22. yeah I do think they want it common knowledge, that's why they made an advert for it and released it! Shame it didn't have a release date though!
  23. I watched new starter unboxing video today and the page with GHB 2017 was in starter book.
  24. Path to Glory is really gonna help you build a narrative army without using points. As someone who doesn't use points (unless playing opponent who wants to), I find as long as the battleplan is well designed (a lot of the GW campaign book ones are), you will not need points to get the point of the story across. Pure Narrative gaming means you really need to step away from a winner and loser, concerntrate on building a story. If one army is beginning to really pull away but the story feels like it needs more, bring reinforcements on from table edges or summon some units through Realmgates. Once your both happy with where Story has developed to, bring in a Sudden Death Victory condition or complete the battleplan. Just each round see how story of game has developed, have a discussion with opponent and see where you want the narrative to go next. The balance of a narrative game comes from both players being able to read the way the game is going and adjusting to make it better! So long as at end of game both players feel they have had a great game it's a win! Outcome of game and storyline can then be pulled into the next game. Hope that helps.
  25. I have been playing the Shadespire campaign in the Skirmish book at my local GW and I have been fielding a Boodstoker, Khorgorath and 4 Bloodwarriors (1 being a champion). I went with this combination for a few reasons. 1. I only had the Starter set and a Valkia The Bloody model to go with. 2. I wanted as much hitting power per point as possible. In return I get the whipped to fury ability giving me extra 3" on run or charge moves and re-rolling 1 on hit rolls. Three ranged attacks from Khorgorath's Bone Tenticles. Six attacks from the Bloodstoker three at 1" and three at 3" range, five attacks from the Khorgorath giving two wounds per hit with a -1 rend, three attacks from my Blood Warrior Champion and two attacks each for the other three Blood Warriors. So overall I have a unit that can move fairly quickly and hit hard. The only downside is that I have nothing that flies, so no 12" movement. Why has Valkia not got a point value? She was made for Skirmish.
  26. nice list, it looks like the perfect starter list, what would yoi add to bump it up to 2000 points?
  27. Please do! Yep, it was also my first stop in AOS and in wargaming in general.
  28. Game 29 vs @Drakira Scenario Take and Hold So could Rich take on the Overlords and win at the third attempt? We played take and hold, as he wanted to practice for heat 3 and this was the scenario we play least at club. His list was Lord on ZD (5+ death save) General Coven Throne (cloak) Isabella Manfred 4x5 blood knights I deployed reasonably deep, but put my Ironclad in the front as I didn;t think teh throne could kill it turn 1, Arkanaughts quite far back 20-10-10. Khemist and navigator also deployed. The rest in the Ironclad. I gave Rich the turn and this time he was more cautious, he didn't take the bait with the Throne, and just moved up with 2 units of Knights, and his general behind them. My turn I drpped off the Thunderers and all the rest of the Ironclad. Buffed 20 and 10 Arkanaughts, Thunderers and Riggers. Shooting took 9 wounds off the ZD, I rolled very poor D3's and he made 1 round of 7/7 5 up saves! Thunderers took out 1 unit of bood knights. I failed a saw grapple though so had to send my Wardens in to pin the General and Knights so he couldnt; charge if he won priority. Which he did. Healed his Lord 5 wounds, (had to use Throne reroll though). Retreated him back, Throne cloaked and setup charge at my thunderers, while the 5 locked Knights retreated, straight towards me!. He charged 1 of the 2 units he had in reserve at the remaining wardens. Throne killed Thunderers, and Knights killed Wardens. 1 unit of knights lurked on his objective. My go, I buffed saws/combat attack on Endrinmaster, and 2 units with Skyhooks (20,10). I pushed the boat towards the unit he killed the wardens with, moved the Riggers back to fight the Throne, and shot off his 5 knights that were pushed at me. Endrinmaster and boat hit the knights, tagging them up so he couldn't charge. Throne went down to combat from Riggers. Turn 3 I won and got a double, I shot off Manfred and the knights in combat with Endrinmaster and Ironclad, but everything else was out of range. He then counter charged with his knights and dragon, taking out knights leaving Ironclad on 1 wound. He had to designate attacks from dragon to kill the ironclad, so riggers heavily wounded the dragon. My Endrinmaster went beserk doing 6 wounds and weakening the knights. Turn 4 He won priority, but only had Lord on 2 wounds, Isabella and 3 knights left He did a wound to the endrinmaster, and took a few in return, dragon killed remaining riggers. My go I shot off the knights, and boss but had nothing left with which to take his objective, Isabella was hiding behind a building nearby. Rich knowing I couldn't get his objective and it being practice for heat 3 went for some cheeky VP last turn, but failed his charge. Skyhooks took care of Isabella to end the game Result: Minor Victory I call this scenario Bore Draw, as its so tough to get a decisive victory. Double buff is good with my list. I missed the Hero phase move a bit, but not too much. Earbuster did nothing as he is nearly impossible to battleshock. Felt Rich needed to push all at me here and make me fight on my objective, or sit back and go for late game minor on VP. Def think Urbaz might hav emor emileage with my list than Ziflin, as I run a mix of units rather that can benefit. Interesting Q, I buffed the Endrinmasters Combat weapon and Shooting attack at one point, as I had a spare buff from the 'double' (it was 1 buff from each of the khemists, not 2 from 1 in case people ask) We discussedit and didn't feel it was 'double stacking' as it was 2 different weapns? What are peoples thought on that one.
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