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  2. I'm as hard to please as any AoS fan and I have nothing bad to say about this set at all. It's $100 CAD each but shipping to Canada with heavy mats is usually even more than that so I'm actually OK with the price. They will look great for Skirmish, low point AoS or Frostgrave games. Plus the scenery will work in even larger games. Very excited.
  3. @cooleyo, nice list. how do you find the brood horror? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  4. I agree dryads are very good. However I seem to recall a lot of very Kurnoth heavy lists doing well in tourneys so I'm not completely convinced by your arguments against them. I wonder about GHB2: Hunters might need a small increase in points.. but then skyfires would need the same or bigger increase and I wonder if GW will do that with such a new kit.
  5. Just for my own edification; does the effect of the banner stack? What I mean more particularly is, is there any clause in the rules that would prevent them from stacking? And is there any official ruling from Games Workshop on the stance? Were people able to stack Bloodsecrators at places like Adepticon, or when playing in a Warhammer World event?
  6. Some how it feels like your a traitor An your leaving the megaboss council after I just joined....... no pressure though...... lol nah a break is as good as a rest An you'll soon realise you should never have left us.
  7. Yup that was already kept in mind.
  8. I wouldn't have a problem with it. Although you would be lacking the command models I guess. Just make clear to your opponent what they are armed with. Which would mostly be 2 choppas I spos. Or is that 2 knuckle dusters an the odd foot ball! Lol Thanks guys! Got 5 brutes to finish almost there should get them done tomorrow. An then paint goes on the bb orcs. There is a lot of other bb orcs out there I wanna see paint on! ( @Fungrim @Tuluth @Chris Tomlin Post pics here for proof....... an that way I don't have to go anywhere else to drool over them. Let's see yours as well @Solaris !! @Jesper77 is that question for me or @Fungrim ? Mine are start collecting An bb orcs. Fungrims are brute bits an bb orcs by the looks of it. thanks for the inspiration guys! Now where them brutes An brew at been a hot day time to paint!!
  9. As history has shown, our understanding of those laws changes. Things that once appeared to break them just were not properly understood. Magic, spirits, souls, luck, gods, fate ... none of it really exists as we currently think. It's all just stuff we haven't workef out ... yet.
  10. Hi guys! A newcomer from France. I use to play warhammer battle and now I am back with age of Sigmar. I usually play Seraphon or Stormcast Eternals.
  11. It would cause people to have a meltdown because having seen the social experiment that was AOS release and all the fan comps, one of the biggest universal complaints about the fan comps was that there needed to only be one, not many, and that people were clamoring for GW to just pick one.
  12. thanks for the feedback, i will try to squeeze a larger judicator unit in. I will report when i did some matches.
  13. @Jharen I think you can really go both ways you know. The thing for me is that with Valkia you have a guaranteed chain of Heroes going on, by large because she is the type of model you need to remove (which doesn't always apply to our other Bloodbound guys). So with that you essentially turn on the Blood Tithe engine. I completely agree with you that Slaughterpriests serve little to no use here. Had a whole debate on Slaughterpriest on Facebook aswell but my opinion of them is simple, great with Gore Pilrgims, otherwise, not so great. In all honesty even one of the worse Priests out there. 50% chance of succession, 17% to eat D3 Mortal Wounds, it's just not that great. To me the biggest pro the 40 Bloodreavers offer here is that they are actually a damned fine deal. Sure you'll arrive with 20ish, but they still gain the re-roll 1's to Wound ability from the Battalion and that makes them more than okay in my eyes, especially because their body attack number can really become silly, especially if somehow your opponent ignores the block. If anything I think/assume that not too many opponents will leave the 40 Bloodreavers alone, which is a fine thing as at 280 points they are actually a steal for their body count considering how much Blood Tithe points you can generate out of that. Maby 2 blocks of 40 are too much but I'd certainly go for 1 and Valkia . On another non-Blades of Khorne Warscroll note! I thake back what I initially said about the Slaughterbrute, especially when we factor in the speed and Rage of Khorne. Somehow I got it into my mind that he only moved 8", making him barely faster as a Khorgorath, but that's not really the case. At 200 points and 10" move I think he's a fantastic potential diversion model for his cost. It's quite certain that he'll be removed but the beauty in it to me is that your opponent will have to go for this aswell, as he really shouldn't arrive at full health. The advantage gained there is that he still will scoot up and blunt the oppossing initial assault. If anything I think there is a good excuse to get a Slaughterbrute. It's a pitty it didn't gain the Bloodbound Keyword, I think it would have had some amazing potential in The Goretide if it had recieved that Keyword. Plus the model is just very cool. Cheers,
  14. I've been looking at a way to use archaon on horse (think its much better than the big monster) and tzeentch seemed a good way to get the best out of him. This was the sort of list i was looking at, think it looks ok(minus traits and relics)? The questions are whether to have extra knights instead of the warshrine and whether to have the gorebeasts as one unit and make the marauders splt up. Archaon on horse-320 Chaos lord on daemonic mount(general)- 140 ogroid thaumaturge -160 20 chaos warriors- sword and shield- 360 10 chaos warriors-sword and shield- 180 20 maraurders- axe and shield-120 warshrine-200 chaos knights-200 gorebeast chariot-100 gorebeast chariot-100
  15. Just a thought here, but what if GW released multiple different points systems, designed to encourage different meta-games. For instance, you could create a version where heroes are cheaper for players who want to play a very herohammer-esque game. Might that not also encourage players to experiment with their own homebrew points systems more, and maybe discourage min-maxing while still providing a framework for pick-up games and the like?
  16. The white parts are polymorph, a material I use for press-moulding and making bases for my models to sculpt over. Thanks a lot for the compliment, it is true that they might look a bit flat, but sculpting each tooth on by one is just too much work. Actually you like the fifth more because he's done in that way, well spotted! Thanks! It is just a matter of practice, really! Thanks a lot! Haha, you're right, he's going to have a good time ! So, sorry for the delay, but I had to finish a couple of commissions. However I had some time this afternoon and finished this unit! They've been loads of fun to sculpt, and I've learned a lot too! Now I'll try to make some basic Grots and cast them until I have enough (do you ever have enough grots?)...
  17. But it's a fictional universe, not our universe. So what then defines natural laws to you? Are the decaying and raw effects of warpstone natural like the halflife and energy of uranium?
  18. I see that aswell! I think that the Plague Monks are quite the deal aswell. The thing that is just a little frustrating is that they arn't Battleline. Though as mentioned in other topics I hope GH2 will remove Battleline completely. I understand the way how Monsters, Leaders and Artillery are capped in number but for me Battleline as a minimum requirement makes little to no sence. Simply because we have narrative confirmation that Battalions are the Warbands several Armies are made up of. So what exactly is Battleline adding if we have narrative confirmation that pretty much everything can be Battleline (even Heroes/Leaders by themselves!). But to point to some other models I really like from Clan Pestilence: - Plague Priest with Plague Censer, Pestilent Breath on a Great Unclean One or other large model just seems amazing to me. Wither works out just fine also in other scenarios. - Plague Claw is just amazing ranged support! - Verminlord Corrupter seems like a great alternative to a GUO I mean combine that with Putrid Blightknights and it seems like you can create some nastyness.
  19. Very interesting theory! I think somewhat similar too because essentially magic and technology do one and the same thing - manipulate the world, just with different instruments. And yes, you are right about filters - mostly it's Chaos and Destruction who can use more powerful spells but often appear on the receiving end of their works, like orc shamans or skaven warlock engineers. Just because we call it so? We don't know what laws the universe has or how nature works, all we have is what we think it is because we want to think so. And anyway, there are still tribes on Earth who are so unadvanced they think our technology is magic and work of gods, and are they really that far from the truth? No. Science is our tool to manipulate the world for our own ends. We imagine the universe works this way but in fact we don't and can't know if this is true, we just believe it because we want to. What we now call science was magic for our ancestors.
  20. Don't get off track
  21. I don't listen to podcasts, but somehow did so for this one. Probably 'cos skirmishes are always pretty exciting... And this sounds quite quite good. Hinterlands seems more worked out, but obviously, I agree with complementing idea. Even the fluff seems a bit more interesting than usual, I like that it concentrates on a smaller concept. The shard thing reminds me of Eldar soulstones, that was pretty cool (though not terribly original ). Leaving out non plastic range is also sad, though not an issue as you just need some simple math to add them. But it might be a sign that GW will leave aside more and more of the older range, armies and concepts, simply for not being AoS exclusive.
  22. While I stand by my original comment, I will note an addendum: There are no bad units in the game, only bad combinations of units. Most of the Compendium units are clearly a tier below anything that has gotten a new batteltome. I'm certainly not as famailiar with the bulk of the compendium models as I am with the current AoS "armies", but it seems that units like high elf spearmen aren't particularly good because their synergy options are greatly limited thanks to the faction split. That is to say, they aren't great because there isn't any way to make them better. That release of a new batteltome is unfortunately the biggest indication of power level. It is my suspicion that power level of elven (eleven?) units will look very different once the Aelf-centric battletome is released, so most of the units you mentioned I consider to be more "beta" than anything else. That being said, units like chaos trolls and chaos ogres are plenty viable; with the right synergy. Chaos Ogres are 120 pts for 3 and roughly comparable in stats to treekin (which we've already established as an overlooked unit that can bring plenty to the table in a balanced Sylvaneth list) Not to mention that they have some fairly decent self healing if they go toe-to toe with a unit of single wound models. Chaos trolls are pretty nasty if you can stack +hit on them (their range attack is a cheap source of -2 rend + d3 damage, and with 3 base attacks -1 rend and 2 damage getting extra hits on 6's) and defensively with celestial shield fighting in cover they are hella survivable; 4 wounds, 3+ save, regenerating wounds on a 2+ for 180 pts. I'd say totally worth it. So, again, I'll reiterate: There are no bad units in the game, only bad combinations of units. But that's exactly what I mean. So much of deciding to take a unit is done with pen-and-paper mathhammer rather than actual practical game experience. Units develop reputations of being "spam mandatory" leading people to assume that those combinations are mandatory if you want to win games. But that's not necessarily true. At release, skyfires were a "take it or leave it unit" until somebody figured out what they could do and used them in a way that takes advantage of their design. They didn't get better, they didn't receive a buff or a points reduction. Somebody just put two and two together and then everybody went "Oh... Right then." I think the same goes for units like Kairic Acolytes. I don't think their worth is totally obvious on paper. But again, with the right combination of support, synergy and tactics, I'm pretty confident they are as viable as anything else in the book.
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  24. They could work as Marauders, but with a few changes. The weapons and a few details (mechanical arm, etc..) and most of them should be good. Same goes for the Plague Marines, could work great as Nurgle Warriors or Blightkings with a some tweeks. But AoS will probably have their own Nurgle releases....
  25. I agree for 80%, the thing is that in some scenarios the social contract can be to present 'broken lists'. If your attending to a 200+ player tournament with a large entry fee, perhaps spanning over multiple days or being the largest tournament you'll attend to in 1 year I can understand the urge to not only 'play' a tournament but win the tournament. So for me the last part really boils down to that it it's important that players understand what they are getting into. I can recall 2015 stating AoS as an Open Play game. I didn't sign up for a cash game where the player with the largest wallet was local 'game king'. As a result I really like the narrative we recieve now, the point costs we recieve now and the fact that Generals Handbook covers this all. The moral remains play as you like and make sure that your opponent is aware of this playstyle aswell. If your entering a large tournament players also shouldn't complain to see 'broken lists'. As before, some attend to such large events because it's the only real big event they can attend to per year.
  26. I meant it's a matter of opinion whether it's better to play to the letter of the rule or to the spirit of the rule.
  27. These puns leave me tired.
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