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  2. From what I've read. They will get some pretty sweet buffs when ghb 2017 comes.
  3. I suppose that with brimstones doing the blocking ... that it will be even more applicable to shout "Feel the Burn!" As the brimstones hop around in impotent anger! Or "You have made me very very angry!" Given that they are angry bitter little Daemons ...
  4. Did the big battalions also get a point increase? I'm thinking Celestial Vindicators. The increase in Hammerstrike just has me change a LCOD to a Lord Castellant otherwise. I lose a bit of mobility but not too much. If I make it a relictor, hardly any at all.
  5. Great write up on options. I'm going to give a couple of variations with slayers a go. First will be 25 vulkites and a smiter - can tunnel for early objective or tunnel to bog down a threat. Second variation again i would tunnel with a smiter 15-20 auric for some character/monster sniping. I'm loving the potentials with seraphon aswell, I think you're right they seem very promising. Only doubt I have is our allies haven't been confirmed yet. That page is still lost in the aether with no pirate able to share it with the world haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. i cant disagree with that. but the fact is that you will be pying 20 pts more than before if you do take 40.
  7. Yeah, but maybe its just a game of objectives, and no horde will ever be ground down. So, with enough initial speed and bodies you're winning!?
  8. Might go some way to help with what we were chatting about on the double turn thread Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. IMHO the reason for the bonus is that it's hard to get a large group into combat all at the same time.. thus reducing the effectiveness somewhat in large numbers... So the reduction is fitting for melee troops. Ranged troops don't get it. Glade guard for wanderers didn't get it either.
  10. Haha and that would probably be what would be needed to block off endless skellies, tunneling vulkites and tons of skaven hordes. And thats just blocking cuz horrors cant actually fight. Going to need supported Tzaangors to actually do dmg to hordes
  11. Interested to understand the logic on this one. You can still take 40 if you want, the max 60 just allows those of us who don't bring all the toys to go a little bigger. I grant you don't get the discount but does anyone get a discount for 2x min size units (I don't have book yet)
  12. Thank you sir and stylishly left on a recent doubles win. Congratulations!
  13. I definitely get behind fewer things for free.
  14. Sure, but if we're really playing this game... 30 brims are 100p... so more like 300+ horrors?
  15. Gaunt summoner does this pretty well...
  16. Or it simply doesn't fit their playstyle. Preference does play a big part in it, after all.
  17. It's an interesting comparison. But you have to also consider the transport capacity of the vessels and ability to deliver firepower where you need it. Also add in the other defensive abilities of the Thunderers and I think their new level of damage output is potentially acceptable for certain builds.
  18. Do we have any spoilers on the battle traits? I'm really curious what further bonuses will be available, they already seem amazing!
  19. Hopefully not. Time to cut the cord with those remnants. The GHB changes seem to have given us a whole new game! Amazing considering its only 2 years old. Can't wait.
  20. I am just starting to collect Fyreslayers. Which FB group? Also, with the point reductions, it seems Ill need a bunch more Vulkites? Assuming a unit of 10 Hearthguard is plenty? So far, Ive got 1 Start Collecting box, two boxes of Vulkites, two boxes of Hearthguard, an extra RuneFather and a RuneSon on foot (from an ebay lot that came with Vulkites), Grimwrath, and the two other Fyreslayers heroes that came in the Silver Tower main set and the 4-hero expansion. Looking to see what else I may need... another Magmadroth? Thank you and looking forward to getting in on conversations. - Cedric Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  21. An Arkanaut Company, backed by 1 Khemist, at the same range (12") will do 15.25 against non-heroes, non-monsters against a 4+ save (with no rerolls). Against a hero or monster, under the same factors, will do 21.12 (no rerolls). Oh, and they have 50% more models, such that they'll maintain their damage for a much longer time since they kill chaff and are able to keep the big guns around. At a 18" range, the unit is doing 10 damage and 14 damage respectively against a 4+ (with no rerolls). At a 24" range, the unit maintains this same damage...and the Thunderers can't touch anything that far out. Edit: For the record, it should be noted that the Arkanauts are clocking in at 40 less points in this comparison (360 vs. 400 of the Thunderers).
  22. The costs are only applicable to Matched play. Battalions were previously under-costed ... there is substantial benefit to being able to go first through fewer drops, and get unit rule benefits, and the artefacts, and that wasn't being accounted for in the prior price. This is an overall meta changer, and we will likely see changes next year too. The changes here are an "initial correction" and we will see more changes next year with GHB 2018. Which is a great thing! Let's all play games with the new rules (and the open War cards!) and see what still needs work and give some feedback on where things are in six months ... or so. You can still "field" the battalion equivalent force... but you don't get additional in-game benefit unless you pay for those. (Fewer things for free.)
  23. Oh I didn't notice that Gruntas also had the reduction, though in part they were probably too high before also, well that does help, though it's kind of like we're not getting as much reduction as a non-battalion crew would have..
  24. I fancy a change of scenery and was wondering if anyone in the U.K. is interested in trading their Soulblight Necropolis battle mat for my Khorne Dominion mat?
  25. My idea exactly at first. But considering the big point drop for mournfang and gore gruntas the battalion actually costs less. Even so much that we can make it in 1500 point game (which was not possible before due to battleline requirement). I just finished beasthammer, so I'm excited to try it out!
  26. Basically the base of the battalion costs 100, you then add points based on what enginecovens. All covens cost 50 points EXCEPT gaytfyre skorch which is the deepstrike, it costs 150. So it's min 200 points if you want the the other covens but 400 points if you want 2 gaytfyres. Original points were 200 so it got nerfed quite a bit if that's what you're worried about.
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