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  2. ... tied with a great Stormcast player... ... great...
  3. Heroes against Monsters (D&D Style)

    That would be really cool ;). I have the skirmish rules already, only thing i don't like is that you can't play a "pure" hero theme. Can i get the rules for WHQ anywhere or do i have to buy the Silver Tower Boardgame?
  4. customize your shadespire

    Thank you, I can’t paint models for toffee, scenery I can just about make look good. yes, mdf. Pre cut from a here https://www.redbeamdesigns.com but they appear to have been bought out or shut down. Sure you can pick them up on eBay now. Just glued some rubble bits to them, dry brushed and hey presto.
  5. Let's Chat: Spiderfang

    I am going to push back on the "mount" thing for a bit. Lets look at the warscroll. First off, the warscroll is the ARACHNAROK SPIDER. Not the Grot Shamen on Arachnarok spider. So the warscroll is the spider itself. Just because the shamen gives him the hero keyword and thus able to take artifacts doesnt mean the warscroll of the unit changes roles! Khorne Lord on Juggernaught. KL is the hero and the Jugg is the mount. Same logic would apply here.. just with the gobbo being along for the ride while the actual unit is the Arachnarok. DESCRIPTION An Arachnarok Spider is a single model. It attacks its prey with venomous Monstrous Fangs and its massive Chitinous Legs. SPIDERFANG GROTS Many Arachnarok Spiders carry a howdah of Spiderfang Grots into battle, who attack those below with Spider-bows and Crooked Spears. These howdahs can also mount either a Flinger – a crude web-slinging catapult – or a Catchweb Spidershrine – a magical artefact tended to by a Spiderfang Grot Shaman.
  6. Legion of Sacrament 1000 list help?

    Store's having a bit of a Narrative Campaign. Gonna try and see how well this list could do. Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (Shroud of Darkness with Dark Acolyte Command Trait) 40 Skeletons w/ Spears. 5 Dire Wolves 2 Morghast Harbingers w/ Spirit Halberds. Main weakness of the list would be the lack of heroes. But I like to think my General is protected by his artifact until he decides to strike someone. Or shoul I switch up artifacts and command Traits?
  7. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    They sell a two pack retributory set to fill it out.
  8. Who needs Stormcast when you’ve got Hughjackmans
  9. Brayherd Inquiry

    Gonna go with the conversion I'm pretty sure as I plan to play in GW tournaments and I don't want to get DQed for not using GW miniatures.
  10. Ghur human faction

    I have Ghur great hunt fluff that lends into this as part of the background for my Stormcast. Those who hunt and consume the flesh of the greatest predators in Ghur are themselves cursed to descend into bestial madness until their forms shift to make their feral souls.
  11. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Never mind - having continued searching and found the name (curved flying bases) Bitzbox does them so all sorted
  12. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    The more I write the more certain I am that Fuethan is a top 2 enclave. Affects all the models in you army, flat bonus for your mounts, I'd say it even makes the allopex worth consideration. No forced spell for your Tidecaster. I do think the Eidolon is a more difficult take then was first assumed, his price point is very high. IF he doesn't influence every game, then I feel like you are going to want more ordinary combat and a second Tidecaster. I feel like it is a very technical piece in the army.
  13. GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    That's good new, i hope they go a bit more granular than 20 points, like 10 or even 5 pts. I think cost reduction of the character too could help. Removing Arrowboys from battleline is a no brainer solution. I'm unclear if boar / maniak require point reduction tough. Assuming a 10 pts granularity, i think it should be something like: Big boss and Wardock: 90-100 Weirnob: 110 Wurgog: 120-130 big stabba: 90 orruk: 110 / 270 morboys, boarboys: 120 arrowboys: 130 Maniak: 150 and cheaper bataillion cause they are mostly bad, save kunnin ruk
  14. The Rumour Thread

    I dunno. I wear my head pretty much everywhere I go...
  15. Legion of blood fear based army

    from what I can tell my list would get the following bravery debuff. -1 from the banners -1 from Imortal Majesty - Legion of blood specific trait- basically a unit of 10 skeletons would have automatic -2 bravery -1 from the ,Morghasts so thats automatic -3 if a banner and the morghasts are in range Overwhelming dread spell from the necro : -1 bravery if it goes off -2 if i roll a 9 or higher. So a potential -5 bravery. Is there anything else in the death range that gives a bravery debuff?
  16. Ghur human faction

    My idea would be an AoS version of Wulfen who are humans who believe their curse of being a werewolf is a blessing from GorkaMorka, so they just embrace being a beast and go around the mortal realm as a big Murderpack destroying and eating everything.
  17. Today
  18. So the hero of day is lahmian medium! While getting my daughters of khaine up to 1600 pts, I want to use them to improve and try out new techniques. By accident I ran into lahmian medium, got it to try for the first time.... and oh my Slaanesh. What a difference to diluting with water. So much more control and I would recommend it to everyone! Next up, one round of clean up on the couldron and then braziers with OSL! Another first.
  19. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Hi All, quick question from a starting KO player (once finish painting the death army) - I managed to grab a set of sprues for 3 skyriggers but they haven’t come with the 3 flying stems - any idea where I can get replacement stems from? Can’t see any on GW website and as didn’t purchase from GW would seem cheeky to ask when I got the battleforce box elsewhere. Many Thanks if anyone is able to shed any light on where to buy them - I’ve googled and checked eBay on the off chance but no luck with the curved stems with the cup to hold the Skywardens / Endrinriggers Alex
  20. Ghur human faction

    To be fair, Orcs are said to be throughout all of the realms - although it is stated that the biggest and meanest are from Ghur (Ironjawz). So the issue of human tribes having to fend off Orc raids seems to apply to every realm and not just Ghur.
  21. I made an Age of Sigmar: Phase Tracker about a year ago after playing my first game of Age of Sigmar (I'm still waiting to play a follow-up game). After looking over it, I realized there were some areas that were not clear (and possibly outright wrong). I've spent a few minutes fixing it up and I think I have in a satisfactory state. But, having some extra eyes to vet it never hurts. Comments and criticism welcome! I've tried to limit the vertical space each phase occupies in order to keep the diamonds on each side relatively evenly spaced. This allows room for tokens to track each phase in a round. It doesn't have to be perfect, just provide enough space to prevent confusion.
  22. https://malignportents.com/story/zensts-decree-of-ordinances/ Is this the beginning of the Regimental Standard of AoS? I really, really hope so.
  23. Hello TGA, Friend of TGA - Byron from Facehammer and Element Games has a kickstarter up at the moment. He asked if I could share the info. If anyone supports the kickstarter please use the links in this post as we will get a commission from the sale and it will go to help cover the forum running costs. As you know, I don't do advertising on here so this is for a mate, who has an amazing product, and not a straight up ad, Link to the Kickstarter ____________________________________________ Seven days ago Artis Opus launched our first Kickstarter and our company with our ‘Series S’ kolinsky sable brushes. You may have seen our advertisments elsewhere. We thought we’d take the opportunity to post here, introduce ourselves, and give anyone interested the chance to ask questions (although you’re more than welcome to ask on Kickstarter too!). We’ve worked with some of the best artists in the industry: Angel Giraldez Andy Wardle Gareth Nicholas Neil Hollis Richard Gray We set out to make a superior product, using only the finest components and featuring small but significant alterations to make a brush which not only gives you the best tool for the job, but is a pleasure to use! Our brushes feature a full-bodied belly, with slightly longer hair than standard. It sounds a little odd but they hold more paint than other brushes of their size as a result of this. This means less trips to the pallet, faster painting, less paint drying on the brush and better performance. It’s not only our head that is full-bodied; our handle is also a couple of of MM wider than most brushes. This change is quick to adjust to, and although small has a two significant benefits; the first is increasing brush controll and grip, the second is alleviating ‘painter’s cramp’, stiffness, and being generally more comfortable. This should be particularly noticable for anyone painting longer than 30-40minutes. Link to our Kickstarter If you have any questions please feel free to ask, we’ll endeavor to reply as soon as possible! Byron, Artis Opus Co-founder
  24. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Thank you for the feedback! I see :), thank you for the feedback. I will go search for it^^
  25. Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I won’t disagree with you that it can end up placing stuff out of whack. But, the furnace can be pretty much as fast as you’d like to make it. And you’re right, it is 2D6 attacks, not damage. (So, ~7 average, ~4 hit, 2 Wound ... assuming you have monks in place) This is in addition to: (Up to) +1D6 mortal (~50% chance of ~3 mortal) wounds from the censer, (up to) +1d3 from fumes (~50% chance of ~2 mortal wounds), +attacks from the priest on the Furnace. (3 attacks @ 50% so ... ~2 with 1 Wound success for d3 so ~2 wounds) so best (average) case ~5 mortal wounds, ~4 regular. The killer is the monks that you leveraged to get the furnace in position in combat could now be blessed with Rabid Fever. And a unit of Plague monks with that is a serious pain in the neck. (Speaking from the perspective of having played against them as well.) The furnace is basically a “distraction carnifex” used to get the monks into position to stomp the enemy. And the formation does give one the 6+ Save. Having a second formation of them means they have to kill two furnaces to remove the total threat. But you’re right... the furnace has movement challenges and placement challenges (due to base size). So I’m likely being overly optimistic.
  26. Ghur human faction

    How about an AOS version of the Reavers from Firefly with some strain of infection or disease that only affects a percentage of the human population. Perhaps the Orruks view these rampaging maniacs as embodying the waaagh in some way, or maybe even orruks can sense the utter insanity and choose to avoid it, where possible, on an instinctive animal level.
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