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  2. From the Fen (a Fimir Blog)

    @Double Misfire The realms can be a dark place... @AthlorianStoners Thanks! I've just thrown the noble in a bath then I'll get to work on him and some warriors. I'm not sure if I should do any serious conversions with this noble or wait till my next. Here's a quick picture of my wip warriors: I based the banner art on that of an original fimir illustration, the shading isn't super apparent in this picture but I'll try to get some better closeups tomorrow.
  3. Some inspirational art

    The spirit of Frank is strong in this thread.
  4. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Well, 1970 is a solid triumph bid. 1950 is a bit more annoying because its just 10 points of from a wraith or more wolves.
  5. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Im trying to tweak my Sacrament list and I always end up with some odd ball amount like 1950 or 1970...grrr....
  6. Slaves to darkness main strategy?

    Can marauder horsemen be battleline? I like the idea of a raider force with nothing but horsemen and chariots, possibly some chaos hounds as a 'hunting pack'
  7. Khorgoraths and Dragon Ogors help

    @CrimsonKing Your project is looking great!
  8. Today
  9. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Isn’t it even higher than that because after you fail yourEben Armour save you still get the 6+ from Deathless Minion too.
  10. 2000 Blood Knights Newbie

    Thats true, though, a Necromancer can do that easily enough. The main thing you will struggle with is ranged armies that can pump out MWs, they will chew through knights like butter which a necromancer can also help with a bit depending on what spells you give him. I'd recommend dropping the battalion, prince, and 1 unit of black knights. That buys you 860pts. Drop in 2 necros and a second VLoZD and that leaves you with 200pts to do with what you'd like. One option would be a winged vampire on foot with Amaranthine Orb to fly down flanks and get orb shots and harass lone characters then with the last 60pts dro in 10 zombies just to tank wounds for the necromancers but up to you.
  11. Chaos Cultists part 2

    I screwed up a little bit, got ditracted and then decided to make an inquisitorial warband out of most of my remaining cultists so more conversions will have to wait until I next get a box. However before I did that, I did use one cultist to make a grave guard for a death warband which with some more armour parts could be used as a wight king with black axe Also with a different head this guy could be a sigmarite priest and here's the warband all hanging out I'll be back with more cultists, they're so good for converting, I'll just try to stay focused this time
  12. New Aelves

    Atlantean Sea Elves. I can't wait!
  13. In this grim dark future, what else is there besides war?...
  14. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    So how many of you use Greywater fastness for your Ironweld? I can imagine an ordinator + hurricanum + greywater will level the map with lucky rolls.
  15. The Rumour Thread

    Nice. I didn't know that.
  16. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Yes sir.
  17. From the Fen (a Fimir Blog)

    Your stuff looks great please keeping updating really looking forward to your work! ps. Following this
  18. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Blood bonuses dont effect Vargheists or Prince Fancypants so you can go any direction. Night could work just fine. But yes the Bloodseeker would buff them once you take out a hero
  19. Tzeetnch Arcanites Changecult

    Sounds like a plan!
  20. So if this new water elf rumour is true, are they gonna be the new high elves or brand new elves.
  21. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I was think of using my old Darkshards for my new DoK army as well. Hopefully those gorgon archers are better though. Can’t wait for all that new stuff.
  22. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Thinking of mostly Legion of Night with either Mannfred or Vhordrai I think. Maybe with some Vargheists if I'm going with the Palanquin for anything purposes. I'd imagine it works better with Legion of Blood but eh... not a fan of that one.
  23. It is inevitable that this happens. Probably Knight Excelsior and the main storm host. They seem like something that is gonna need stopping sooner or later.
  24. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    They all have very different roles. Rules wise you cant compare them. Youll need to design a list and see which, if any, fills a spot
  25. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Trying to decide between the three variants of Coven Throne, Palanquin, and Mortis Engine. What's the main difference in the assembly of the Coven Throne and the Palanquin? The absence of the other two vampires? And for that matter, is the matched play points worth it for the upgrade from one to the other?
  26. The arena compliments of Malerion leave it up to a Dark Elf to create an arena where people can fight and die all over again.
  27. Legions of Nagash: Battle Reports

    The Changeling is a difficult one to play against. He knows the spells of all wizards with 9". That can seriously mess some stuff up
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