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  2. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    It doesn't say they can't be used in any Stormhost, and they're certainly not painted up as Hammers of Sigmar in these two examples of GW staff's Shadespire Warbands:
  3. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    Hahaha Noice, everybody get Shadespire.
  4. Player Location: Oxford U.K. Name: Jake/Xelotath Contact: PM/ jakegill@me.com amazing idea thanks for this!
  5. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    Just ooi are those new liberators hammers of sigmar only like neave blacktalon or can they be in any stormhost?
  6. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    I'm hoping the Ironjawz one costs 100pts or less, then I can drop the ardboyz from my list and add them and a second warchanter! Exciting times
  7. 8 Lores of Magic

    But we already have unique lores (Sylvaneth, Bonesplitterz etc) and they have no difference between their branches in different realms, not mentioning that during fighting in different locations in various realms you have Time of War sheet with unique spells too. And anyway it can be covered with wizards with different unique spells. Stormcasts too? I have not known that, interesting... giant orcs as well? cultists of Tzeentch and tzaangors with ogroids? Not mentioning that all the whfb races hail from times much older than whfb actually. And anyway it is dead so let's really let it go and create something new, I agree completely.
  8. The Airbrush thread: one clean at a time!

    I watch Buypainted just to relax. For me, its just enjoying the process of watching a master at work, the cool Dracula accent and relaxing music. I don't feel like a learn much though, as his level is so far beyond mine. For me, it feels more like watching an exhibition of painting than something I can actually learn much from. Obviously a higher-level painter may potentially glean more from his videos though.
  9. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    I'm not seeing it. With Severin's ability active they have a weighted damage ratio (WDR) of .076. With Lay Low The Tyrants active it's .086. Their defensive efficiency without the shield ability active is 8.33/11.11/13.88/16.67 against rend 0/1/2/mortal damage. It's 6.95/10.18/13.42/16.67 with the shield ability. With the shield ability AND Heroic Guard active it's 3.7/6.95/10.18/16.67. For comparison, regular Liberators have a WDR of .0533 without Lay Low the Tyrants and .0711 with it active, while Retributors have a WDR of .0904. Defensively, regular Liberators clock in at 4.17/6.1/8.06/10 and Retributors at 7.33/9.78/12.22/14.67. Based on the numbers, Steelheart's Champions are offensively better than Liberators but worse than Retributors. Defensively they are a bit worse than Retributors unless they have their Heroic Guard ability active, in which case they become a bit better than Liberators against rend 0 but between Liberators and Retributors against rend 1 and 2 and worse than Retributors against mortals. TL;DR: based on the numbers they are strictly better than Liberators when the shield guy is still alive AND they are being charged. Otherwise in most situations their offense is a little better and their defense is a lot worse than regular Liberators. Their offense is worse than Retributors, and their defense is also worse than Retributors except against rend 0 when the shield dude is alive or when being charged. To me that doesn't seem crazy strong unless you also think basic Liberators and Retributors are crazy strong.
  10. Hordes or hoax

    I kinda feel anecdotally that one horde unit is a thing, not a whole massive horde army. Feels balanced and a nice addition to the meta.
  11. Today
  12. 8 Lores of Magic

    Probably not a great idea to claim to encourage a "diversity of opinions" while sporting a signature of "#WHFBisDeadLetItGo". Every new faction has its origins in WHFB. Slayers? Dwarf flying machines? Treemen? All of these are elements within WHFB armies that have been dialed to 11.
  13. 8 Lores of Magic

    No, keep voicing opinions, diversity of thought is a great thing To me if feels like looking backwards into a game that died. This thread has made numerous references to WHFB , which is fine but feels like looking back. I think that to at least IMO to feel more forward looking it would have been more like, how can we improve the variety of magic available while playing to the strenths of AOS (Simplicity, streamlined game play, no specific nation where factions come from, etc)
  14. Bearers of the Storm: ...If a hit roll for an attack made these Liberators or Judicators is 6 or higher, make two wound rolls rather than one. Chained Lightning: If a Judicator with a Shockbolt Bow scores a hit then the bolt explodes into a storm of lightning. Instead of making a single wound roll, roll a dice and make a number of wounds rolls equal to the number scored. How do these two abilities interact if a Judicator with a Shockbolt Bow rolls a 6 on his attack? Does he get 2d6 wound rolls? Does he roll as normally and if he gets a 1 then it's upgraded to a 2 ("rather than one")?
  15. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    Hmm, "character units". That's an interesting compromise between add a bunch of new characters and making them generic Liberators and Bloodreavers. I think that's a good call.
  16. A greatly effective way of dealing with the skryre deepstriking is to note the following: he can only do that once, he has to bring everything in the drop in one go, he takes mortal wounds for getting close and comfy, it costs a lot. Therefore, the ideal counter is lots of rats. Which you have plenty of! He needs to be able to place his deepstrike to actually strike - three stormfiends have a big footprint, and they don't drop in alone - spreading your formations out wide, like an ocean around your little hero/catapult island in the middle completely denies a Skryre list the opportunity to do anything nasty to you at all beyond blasting your front lines with mortal wounds (you have no save anyway, so, no loss there) If he makes you go first, you simply stay in formation as you roll your ocean forward towards the objectives. Conga-lining a tendril of a unit forward if you need to run to reach it, but don't want to open your formation yet. Every round he witholds his deepstrike in response, is a round where you're not fighting 1000+ points. If he drops it, he has wasted the points. Tl;dr: extend your plague monk formations loose enough so that he can't get within 9'' of your valued units (heroes, furnace, catapults) - which can easily be done with units of 40 (you have 4x10 inches to work with per unit). If you allow no notable gaps in the center, it is impossible to land within your lines. You have the catapults, and the numbers. You can afford to play the long game. He can not That is, if anyone wanted to know how to deal with that. Edit: oh, and the furnace is the best general you can have. Verminous valour makes it really tough, and it's prayers are amazing. A plague priest in addition is not a bad thing though.
  17. Swift hawks list!

    If you can find someone to split 2-3ish sets of Spire of Dawn that is still a fantastic deal. Once you get 3 units of Reavers, you can use the mages, Swordmasters and whatever else without worry as Reavers are straight battleline and you will be generic Order anyways. Otherwise, go Ebay. Either scrounge for Reavers and such, or sell off all the Skaven/other unwanted models yourself.
  18. 8 Lores of Magic

    Why would it be looking backwards? That’s like saying why bother having a Khorne Bloodbound faction, since Chaos Warriors of Khorne existed in WHFB? Still, it’s just me saying my opinion so I’ll be quiet now.
  19. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Frankly speaking I think its less of an issue. Though Ive gotten custom to lower card quality from GW. Objective cards and the like are also often slightly damaged out of the pack.
  20. Super nice! Also do a test model to see if it works. I saw someone on this site using it for a Kahadron diorama. Looked very cool with the airships...
  21. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    I am not so fussed about dirt but more about just stopping the edges of the cards getting frayed so it sounds like they'll do the job I need
  22. Blades of Khorne 2k list advice

    I didn’t even notice the brazen rune, great find! I was looking for some potent anti magic, and that should definitely do the trick! I liked bronze flesh a lot too but I also thought that killing frenzy with the juggerlord’s buff and daemon weapons would be pretty nasty, but I suppose survivability would be really good too! I do wish I could swap the skullgrinder out for another priest, as like you said it would get me another prayer and it would also put me at 2000 points flat which is rather satisfying in itself! Haha but the skullgrinder is required for the battalion
  23. Incarnates in Order

    Certainly makes sense. Is there no way to boost spell casting in Order besides the Balewind Vortex?
  24. 8 Lores of Magic

    Why look backwards towards WHFB instead of looking forward to something new and different? We should be not trying to turn AoS into WHFB
  25. Pale Orcs (Tale of X gamers)

    Damn, those tattoos are so much more intricate than I can ever do! I like them!
  26. 8 Lores of Magic

    That’s why I figured a Collegiate Arcane Battletome would be the best place to try multiple Wind/Realm lores. As a faction that’s supposed to be a catch all group for wizards it makes sense.
  27. 8 Lores of Magic

    Why? I would say no, as each faction may be different in the various realms. That would make more sense as free people from the land of fire would be culturally different from one's in the land of beasts. it would be more thematic and more lore to be realm based.
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