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  2. Hi guys, i have some SCE I painted in the traditional gold and blue when they were first released. However, now I want to paint some of the new stuff and am thinking I'd like to try some other colours. I also feel like a full army of gold could end up bland looking on the table (too monochromatic). Im curious if anyone has painted their's with a mix of colour schemes or even different tones of gold and if you were happy with the overall results (photos would be a great bonus!). Or if not, just thoughts on if this would be a good approach or just look like a hodgepodge.
  3. Any idea how to build the Lord-Aquilor?
  4. If you read articles of ex-GW employers like the Perrys brothers or Alessio Cavatore you can see that Games Workshop wasn't a bad company. In fact, It WAS a great company. But when Tom Kirby take control he just put the Marketing team in charge of rulebooks, lore, and all the decisions of the company. Then we all now the debacle of the decisions they made, raising and raising and raising prices for the same or less models (Anyone remember the change of 10 dire avengers for 40 dollars to 5 Dire avengers for 40 dollars?), abandoning totally the fan base, 0 contact and social media presence, market research,stop doing official events, etc... Some people were exceptic this last year, and with a reason, but I cannot say how much I love the turn around that GW was done with the change of CEO. This is not the CEO that say that GW was a "miniatures company, not a games company" or "Warhammer is made to last, nor like this new things, videogames or Pokemon" But all of this is offtopic so... sorry!
  5. I dunno, as someone new to all this Squares vs Rounds is interesting*. What I dislike more is the seeming endless kneejerk reactions to every decision that GW makes. That makes me feel like I am not in the club unless I agree they're a terrible company making a terrible game that should be providing all things to all people at all times. *I saw interesting because it's such a bizarre mash of aesthetics and tactics. Some units just look better on squares, most look better on rounds, but then there's so much more to consider!
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  7. Here is my first aos list with mixed orruks at 2000 point 30 orruks will be the core of this army. Combing with Wagggh!!, they can dish out at least 60 attacks at a turn (assuming 20 of them can charge the enemy) the brute and megaboss will be used against enemy monster/ hero. With the mobility of gruntas and wyvern, they should be able to flank the enemy artillery/ squishy targets. 2 units of savage orcs will be used as defensive units for holding objectives. Please feel free to comment on this list!! Allegiance: DestructionLeadersOrruk Warboss On Wyvern (240)- Artefact: Talisman of ProtectionOrruk Warboss with banner(140)- General- Trait: Bellowing Tyrant- Artefact: Talisman of ProtectionSavage Big Boss (100)Orruk Megaboss (140)Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Battleline30 x Orruks with spears (300)10 x Savage Orruks (100)10 x Savage Orruks (100)10 x Orruk Brutes (360)- Jagged Gore Hackas- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (180)- Pig Iron Choppas- Ironjawz BattlelineBehemothsAleguzzler Gargant (180)BattalionsBrutal Rukk (40)Total: 2000/2000
  8. I think i will magnetise them and see whats better.
  9. I find the insight of this thread that I started pretty useful. But as you say, at the same time, I'm impressed in the division and some radical ideas of the concern. I was just asking what the general-comunity-online vision of the matter was. As a square-based armys owner, I'm totally OK and totally aware that rounds will be (And should be in a skirmish game) the standard Maybe its my group of friends and the club where I play, but we never discused things like this with this seriousness, pasion and... strong opinions. We were always like "If it its fun, whatever, just ask the other person and be polite". In the old days of WHFB we had people that use War of the Ring-like movement traits with round bases miniatures to use the Mordheim warbands of our campaings into larger battles, sometimes in the same narrative campaing. Maybe we are just a bunch of casuals "Do you Even Hobby, bro?"
  10. It's not changing as there's two sides, both of whom have come into this with the stance of "I'm not changing how I feel but the others should" The difference being, one side is the current tournament and company standard , the other the hang over from a old edition put in place until people crossed over or got new models.
  11. I'd like to take a timeout here and point out that this discussion about bases has gone for for over 100 posts now, and from the looks of it, no one has been convinced to change their minds one way or the other. Perhaps it's arguing pedantic things like this that gives people the impression that wargaming groups are overly insular and it's not a hobby that's accessible to get into?
  12. Tercio's Orcs would be great! But maybe that will overlap with the Freeguild theme. So... maybe don't go full on black powder, pikes and stuff, just with more orky-versions of those things, and not in abundance, with still a strong feel of civilized-just-above-savage-level orcs. Ironjawz can keep the more Savage-With-Metal orc from the Old World alive. As I said, little things and units like those to spice the faction and diference them from the classical orc theme, but not going all aboard because they will overlap with the Empire/Freeguild and lose to much Orc feel.
  13. At the prompting of my Warhammer Weekly cohost, I was grudged for my first game by one of our viewers. I picked the Endless Desert table because of my love of Tomb Kings, although this was a bad move given Justin’s force. Justin brought a regenerating ghoul-heavy Ghoul Patrol Flesheater force to a board whose primary objective was shoving the most bodies into an endless pit. It also had a split deployment and a random placement for the secondary objective, which was a difficult setup for my bubble-wrapped artillery heavy Nurgle infantry force. Good times. Despite the uphill battle, I gambled with my placement bunkering into a back corner of the board and planned on sending out Sayl’d infantry blocks into the swirling endless pit of sand while Be’lakor and a token force screened one of his Crypt Horror blocks and three heroes on the far end of the table. My deployment was: 140 Harbinger of Decay - Harbinger Gulgath the Pustulant
 240 Be’lakor, Chaos Daemon Prince
 160 Sayl the Faithless
 120 Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Chaos Steed (Nurgle)
 180 5 Putrid Blightkings
 180 5 Putrid Blightkings 120 20 Chaos Marauders (Nurgle) w/Full Command and Icon – Axe/Shield 60 10 Chaos Marauders (Nurgle) w/Full Command and Icon – Axe/Shield 100 10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle 300 Hellcannon
 180 Plagueclaw 200 Reinforcement Pool (20 Plaguebearers and 10 Chaos Furies as possibilities) Justin smartly took first turn, with an opening 9” charge, crashed a 30 strong unit of ghouls into my front line of unbuffed and quite surprised marauders. After suffering some significant casualties I responded by Sayl-ing (face it, it’s a verb now) that block of marauders, which I retreated out of combat and shoved them into the swirling sands at the center, quite surprisingly (to Justin) leaving my artillery sparsely defended. When a unit touched the sands, a die was rolled for each model. On a 6, they were removed and scored a point, on 1 they were killed. Remaining models were set up 9” away from the enemy on a portion of the table based on another roll. I noticed that rolls of 2 and 5 allowed you to be set up in the panel with the storm, so you could literally reset up again the sandstorm and start the process all over again. To the surprise of both Justin and myself, I rolled three 2 and/or 5s in a row, so I kept throwing this unit (which I had made battleshock immune) into the sands. What popped out the other side was me scoring 4 points (from the 12ish marauders I threw in there) and one guy remaining standing. I charged my 10 Plaguebearers into the gap with the remaining Ghouls and they held firm. On the other flank of my artillery, my 5 blightkings charged in and blew up a small unit of 10 ghouls while Belakor and his Blightkings moved to intercept the Crypt Horror plus hero pack on the other side of the table. Be’lakor was able to sit on terrain for this combat, which helped in significantly in the rounds to come. The Hellcannon put some wounds on the enemy Varghulf Courtier general. I was able to kill Justin’s general in turn 2 with the Hellcannon, and despite an initial weak showing, Be’lakor was able to lock down the enemy unit on the far end for two more turns of combat, including killing his Crypt Haunter Courtier in single combat (while being swarmed by Crypt Ghouls). I had Be’lakor’d (also now a verb) his second block of 30 ghouls with Dark Master so that stopped their ability to move towards the swirling sands in turn two. My plaguebearers plus the nearby Blightkings easily cleared out the 30-ghoul unit near my artillery. I caught another break when the secondary grail objective dropped in an adjacent portion of the board to my bunker, right on top of his other six Crypt Horror unit. This provided him incentive to hold his unit on that objective so that the Grail Objective didn’t move to another quadrant. While the rest of his troops were locked down or trying to get into the sands, I was able to move my remaining infantry forces up towards the objective threatening it about 9” out (while scoring was only 6” out). Justin had to make a hard decision at this point. If he stayed on the point, I would simply move up on the objective in the last turn and claim it with more models. If he went first, he wouldn’t even have the chance of killing any of my troops. If he charged, he would have to leave the objective bubble itself and risk not scoring it as well. He made the bold decision to charge forward, try to kill my somewhat sparse force (5 Blightkings, Harbinger of Decay, Mounted Sorcerer Lord, and the one remaining marauder from the prior 20 block). This was of course a trap. By luring his horrors out, he moved off the point enough so that I was able to have Sayl (who was sitting on Arcane terrain 10” back from this front line) triple-diced a Summon Plaguebearers, dropping 20 Plaguebearers, which conga-lined behind his line and onto the objective. The remains of his 30 block of Ghouls did drop into that quadrant after entering the sands a second time but it was too little too late to shift the 20 plaguebearers off the point. It was a hard fought game with him unsurprisingly grabbing the primary objective (7 points) and with myself accomplishing the secondary grail objective (6 points), my secret objective (Killing more heroes than he did, 4 points), and ending the game with more units still deployed than he did (3 points). Game 2 was against Walter Duncan (who Vince and I three-way tied him and his teammate for best overall at Holy Havok) and his ogres in a drinking contest on Bugman's table.
  14. So I picked up another box, now the question is do I go full decked out to make it so I can run two of 5 or one of 10 or just set them up for a single unit of 10. Any thoughts?
  15. Yes! I love Chaos Warrior, along with Black Orcs one of my favorite models of all time, but as they were made to be into a regiment with square bases, in a round-base enviroment where agile and dynamic miniatures look better, they look just... boring. But to be honest, I prefer my chaos warrior to be in squares, marching like a unified force of destruction, imposing, silent, apathic to the destructión they are gonna cause. Chaos Barbarians or Khorne-alligned Chaos Warriors though, look better in round bases because dynamic poses suit them pretty well with the savage and uncontrollable theme. But Chosen and Undivided Chaos Warrior... nah. Have a good day! EDIT: To further my point on how I envision Chaos Warriors... I just love how the just... walk slow, like givin 0 f*cks
  16. Conversely I find the Chaos Warriors a little dull on rounds, they're not as dynamic as the newer stuff, or even older plastics like Plaguebearers.
  17. 5 skullreapers and finish a Korgorath, the Bloodstoker, the Bloodsecrator and 10 Bloodwarriors...
  18. New video up on facebook for warhammer quest I kinda dig it along with the music from a certain game. When it goes up on youtube I will add it.
  19. Ice Klaw Klan Brute

    © Morghot

  20. I am going to carry on my February debt - 6 Chaos Warriors Epidemus And because of the Path to Glory Campaign I will try and get done: 5 Knights of Chaos A Chaos Sorcerer Lord
  21. I hope the new White Dwarf will hold some sort of hint.
  22. This. My most regular opponent plays Flesh Eaters and multiple big units of Horrors backed by multiple Horror Heroes and a pair of Ghoul Kings. The combination of rerolls, Black Hunger, the Death Save, and multiple sources of Horror regeneration creates a very solid attrition wall. The speed of the Horrors and the redundant Horror Heroes make it difficult to take out the Heroes before there's a boatload of dice in the opponent's face. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he rolls so damned well he's pretty guaranteed to have full strength units no matter how many casualties I cause.
  23. It is a bit weird. White dwarf usually covers 4 weeks but the next issue only seems to cover three. It could be that the next week is filler but then why not give warhammer quest its own launch week. It is a big enough product to merit one. I hope we do see the duardin the week after Roboute and co as I have put a hold on future purchases until I can check them out but I think it will probably be the following week.
  24. I also like what you have wrote. Good work
  25. The Problem that I had with Stormcast in squares (and in general, full-AoS models designet to be in round bases) is that they don't look like a cohesive force. When you see this, you see a cohesive force of individuals marchin as a regiment. But a regiment of Stormcast, Ironjawz or Silvaneth ranqued up in squares look like a group of fisioculturist marching and doing poses and flexing muscles to impress an audience. I'm not saying that is wrong: You buy the models, you use the models how you like! Just saying why I think that they look... weird in squares. Sorry for my english!
  26. So I was reading the kings ghouls battalion from the flesh eater courts and have a question based on the Valorous men at arms Ability, when you get your 6" pile in move do you also attack? It does say move them in as if it were the combat phase, if they do then this is awesome an really underlooked, if not as I fear then it's just really average at best. cheers
  27. If my fingers get sore playing slap bass now I know where to easily lube them! Great tip
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