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  2. It's hard, because I really enjoy the Skyfires, Enlightened, etc, but you simply can't fit a Fatesworn band AND those units. If you wanted to go that path my thoughts are the following -- Go big on Gorebeast Chariots since you can guarantee the charge rolls you need. Shield of Fate functionally replaces the Warshrine, sadly. Chaos Knights will always be great under Fatesworn and even better with Shield of Fate. That is basically all these it to consider on the mortal end of it. Maybe some nice hero combos with the manticores.
  3. @arkiham same with paired savage blades right? +1 save for all unit until i got them in unit:)
  4. Pretty much as I said this is the last we will see of them for awhile. I mean from a narrative stand point it seems strange to me they are going on and on about cults and this phase of the fluff is focusing on cities then they drop this kind of release on us. This just seems like a "gap" filler than anything narrative focused.
  5. Didnt they say a while ago that there were three major chambers? I feel like that is a thing i remember. Assuming that i am remembering correcty, this could be the last big Stormcast drop for a while. And as much as i hate to admit it, this really does make SCE seem pretty complete. Eternanals are the "nornal" troops, Extrmis are the "elite" troops, and Vanguard are the "scout" types. It really fills out rather nicely (again, assuming this is everything)
  6. Cant wait to read the reports and see some pictures. 👍🏻
  7. Indeed after this I suspect stormcast won't get another update in awhile since they are getting a new tome with everything in there, command traits, prayers etc. Also according to the facebook page it seems going by GW's comments they understand that people want to see other armies I just see this as them getting the stormcast out of the way now. Since a lot of people are tired of order and chaos. Also they said this at the end of the page. Still as a Death player still waiting for those plastic vampires and new zombies. Still the gryph hounds might make me expand my devoted of sigmar force into free guild so I can use them. PS: We have another reveal from next month’s releases tomorrow. Check back then to find out what…
  8. the save roll is the same for the entire unit. if you have models in the unit with shields the guys who dont have them still gain the benefits until all those models with shields are gone. same for two hand weapons, all models in the unit gain +1 to hit in this instance. for your particular example you'd roll your unit save and then a d6 for a 6+ for the further save on all units, and then remove a model as you see fit, the entire unit gains the benefit for the shield until they're all gone, once they're all dead. the additional 6+ save is lost
  9. I have to say that I never really move my artillery pieces. I try and make sure that I can cover two thirds of the board with their range. The way I see it is that if they're at the back of a 4x4 table then first off your army is outside of their minimum range ( not including magma cannon) An enemy will have to advance his heroes with his troops if they want their buffs, for tricksy hiding heros then there's always the daemonic heatseekers known as Deathshriekers - I never leave home without them for this very reason. Hellcannons are another one, albeit a bit pricey on the points front. However a warmachine that can fight its own battles is not to be sniffed at! Be aware that until FW give us a battletome or some such new writing, we have the luxury (apart from hellcannon) that our crew and machine are one profile... think about that. Now your daemonsmith has effectively a six inch bubble to play with and still benefit from his cover save, with him in the centre. With a magma cannon at the front it has effectively a 30" reach from your board edge, and most of the time your opponent will be moving into that field of fire by end of turn 1. Especially if they've played you before, as they know how easily you can turn them into sieves if they hand around too long. Dreadquakes are good for that as they will stop a unit from running if they take a single casualty - very handy for large blobs where you just need them to behave and stand still while you shoot them up. I generally use my bull centaurs to smash those annoying outflanky things like spider riders and such like, or small units which I'm confident I can smash in a turn. The Taur'uk I've had a lot of fun with but he nearly always get smashed down to a wound! When your army grows, (proxy them first) Kdaai. Like bull centaurs they're more fragile, but they're annoying as hell. With their 3+ save to anything without rend and fly, they're a great skirmish and warmachine hunting unit. Their greatest party trick is the 3" reach. fly them in 3" away, they can still hit, and best of all at the end of every combat phase the enemy unit takes a mortal wound for free if its still within 3. I have two units of three, but I'd like another two. but i'm digressing. let the magma cannons worry about the close and mid range and the rockets and mortar worry about the stuff he's got sitting around at the back. Look at the hauled carriage rule as the opportunity to get the warmachines to do a runner if things get a bit too hot for them. Just remember that this army's hero's are no hero's! they're pretty rubbish at standing on their own two feet, but they shine when the army works as one.
  10. Better to get SCE out of the way now and have a whole lot of time for other factions. They certainly need more love.
  11. Personally not a big fan of the warscrolls. I think they're too expensive for what they do and their construction is not the best for a Tz force if they're looking to play more competitive. I'm also not convinced that the Gaunt Summoner on Disc is any good. The one we have on foot for 100 points is probably the most cost-effective wizard in the game, with a borderline godlike spell.
  12. i plan on making a mortal list using the fatesworn battalion with some good items from the Tzeentch allegiance. ive a long train ride wednesday on the way for 2 days of 4k games. and ill be constructing a bunch of lists then, so ill be posting some up them, currently im too concerned making sure my list is decent enough to stand a chance
  13. Thx @arkiham and about save roll? If enemy units are base to base my greatswards..have I to use save rolls of greatswards and eventually remove sward shilds?:)
  14. Poster boys get more toys. Nothing new here. IIRC, the main reason Space Marines isn't just that they sell the most, it's also the favorite faction of a lot of the designers. So they get more toys because a lot of people at GW like making toys for them. Similar with SCE, I expect. With the exception that the rules/background guys more or less know what's in the pipeline, hence the various chambers being known to use, but not their content. Besides, it's not like another wave of SCE stops other stuff from coming. If Tzeench and SCE drop within a month of each other, how much stuff might be on the way for later months?
  15. I tell you, mate. @Ben did it in Derby, we did it here in Calgary, @WoollyMammoth did it where ever WoollyMammoth is. "It" being a jump from 2-3 players to 20+ players in a VERY short time. Not saying that everyone can and should be able to pull this off - it takes some serious mental and social energy to make it happen, and not everyone can pull that off (it wasn't me, it was our club leader that drove the process for us - just me and it would still be those 2-3 players haha). But it can happen when you don't even expect it.
  16. Here is the the part in All-Gates
  17. I usually think SE are boring but these models are fantastic. Feral and dynamic. The GryphHounds are so good as well.
  18. Zzz... More stormcast yayy /s was reaaally hoping for them to flesh out the devoted/free peoples
  19. Nice idea! (I would give you a like but I am out of ammo it seems haha). I think I will put in blank boxes for range/hit/wound/rend/damage and then players can choose to put the modifiers or the actual rolls in them. The roster won't ever be able to fully replace the warscrolls just because of all the ability information on them and that was my initial consideration for leaving the weapon stats off - but with the new rules you can get increases to hit/wound/rend and damage (the later 2 being harder to achieve) so it makes sense to have an area on the stat block for them! And because I am enjoying showing everyone in this thread hints at the update, here is the first page of the battleplans section. There will be 5 battleplans in total. 2 Symmetrical deployment, 3 asymmetrical (attacker vs defender), 2 adapted from AoS existing Battleplans and guidelines on how to incorporate others. This will be perhaps the biggest change to Hinterlands, and I really hope everyone agrees it is for the better. Taking away the treasure/loot allows for ANY battleplan to be used with a minute spent to tweak it. I took the idea of 'Campaign Outcomes' from one of the GHB campaigns. In this one the winning player may be rewarded with an artefact after the battle. Every Battleplan has a narrative based reward like this which should really bring your campaign to life and (for the better in my opinion) this moves the system further from Mordheim and closer to AoS Narrative Play. (Edit - I should mention this is the only Battleplan where you will be "picking up counters" - I wanted to pay homage to the original battleplans I made at least once!)
  20. Unfortunately for me, WFB was pretty dead in my area prior to the end times, and AoS has been pretty much equally dead since then. Occasionally we manage to organise an AoS campaign/event which draws people in, but otherwise everyone seems stuck on 40K.
  21. While I'm glad to see helmet-less Stormcast from a fluff perspective, I don't expect to build any of mine without them. I like the uniformity way too much
  22. Thanks for the replies, the titan forge model is awesome. @Broxus I too hate the GW GUO I really wish they would update it and give us something bigger with better detail, I am planning on using the Forgeworld one too. I am also getting the Asylum Demon from the Dark Souls game when it ships in "March" and am hoping that I can convert that into something suitably nurgly for either a GUO or Demon Prince.
  23. Hey thanks for the tips. I've been wanting to do up a Taur'Uk, but his command ability seems a little lacking, tbh. I did get my BCRs (huh... not Beastclaw Raiders) to initiate the charge, and none of their hooves connected (all game, I think...). Six attacks of 4/4 and no rend isn't reliable enough on paper, for me to put one of them in charge. Taur'uks look like they hit pretty heavy, though. I was wondering - the ability to truck around the artillery pieces seems to really conflict with the proximity Daemonsmith buff. Those ****** are slow, and once you pull the artillery piece away it'll be a turn or two before it catches up, even if you don't move it. But I'll have to put it to practice. I'll keep giving the Castellan opportunities to impress me - I'll try him out palling around with Ironsworn, and maybe even engaging in combat with them. A BSB might be due as well - if I'm not up against Death or Chaos...
  24. Thanks, first it was Risk, the Catan and now AoS. Found this forum by chance and like how helpful it seems my son and I have a carnosaur to show off ad soon as I can upload pics. I am loving the detail on new models vs what I remember from my first time around. Rule of cool is the way to build an army! Plus I am hoping to post a few reports from our narrative campaign.
  25. I just noticed the leader has no helmet.
  26. Rules aren't scattered at all did a Blood Bound army for months with out any book at all only got the book in the end for background. True there are a lot of War scrolls but 90% are free on the app and information can be found fairly easily on the rest.
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