BLACKOUT - 02-03/09/17 - Firestorm Games - Event scoring info & Timetable (pg4)


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Chris Tomlin

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Hey guys,

With the events calendar filling up so quickly I wanted to pencil in my second two day event for later in the year; the return of BLACKOUT (I figured I probably should build a bit of brand as opposed to confusing people by renaming my events each time!).

**07/08/17 Update**

This event will be played under The General's Handbook 2017!! Please see last post page 3 for more information. A full pack is to follow next week. There will also be a Skirmish event on the Friday.

**05/04/17 Update**

Tickets go on sale Saturday 8th April at 8pm GMT - £40 as PayPal (friends and family) to (see below for more details)

So I'm pleased to be able to confirm the dates as 2nd & 3rd September 2017 and more exciting, the venue;

Firestorm Games, Cardiff

What's even better is I'll be able to offer a capacity of 100 players!

After the popularity of Tomorrow Burns in Weymouth, I figured it might be time to try my hand at a bigger event in a more easily accessible venue. As a massive fan of Cardiff events myself, this seemed an easy decision, made easier thanks to some conversations with @Mo Ashraf. I was keen to not step on any toes here and FYI I do not consider this a replacement or successor to the phenomenal Clash of Swords events Mo has run over the last few years, it's just me bringing my event to a different location. Who knows what will happen in the future, but for 2017, me bringing a big AoS event to Cardiff in the latter part of the year is just a good fit for everyone.

I've also been in discussion with the Facehammer boys to ensure no clash with their Grand Tournament. There is a lot of talking behind the scenes between TO's to avoid clashes as much as possible to try and make it easier for you guys to attend multiple events. It's a testament to AoS and the strength of our scene that the calendar is being booked up almost right to the end of the year in January!!

So get some dates pencilled in your calendar, start looking at hotels because they do get expensive and/or sell out in Cardiff. I've given as much notice as possible to hopefully make it easy to get yourselves sorted in good time (yeh right!!). I'm unsure when tickets will go on sale at present, so keep an eye on this topic.


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