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Finally, the AOS Team event you've all been waiting for!

Get your team of three together and head to the Tron to decide the most powerful triumvirate in the Realms!



- 5 rounds over two days.
- Teams consist of three players each.
- $75 per team ($25 per player).
- Each player will bring a legal Battlehost (2,000 points) army.
- Each player faces one opponent from the opposing team in each round.
- Combined team scores will determine victory in each round, and overall.


- Each team has three cards, each representing one of their players.
- Each team puts forward one player card, face down.
- The cards are flipped simultaneously, and each team selects who of their remaining two players (that were not put forward) will be matched against the opposing team's card.
- Selections are put forward face down and flipped simultaneously.
- The remaining two players that are not picked will then be matched together.

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