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Warhammer Achievements Table 3 - Nurgles Garden

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My Nurgle table for Warhammer Achievements is coming along nicely. So far I have done some large slimy line of sight blocking terrain, a polluted Shimmerfalls, some Fetid Swamps, and a floating Island. All that is left is a diseased river which is currently under construction. 

The Bloated Growths

I used expanding foam to make these, which makes for very quick terrain. I laid out a large sheet of grease proof paper and then squirted an entire can into piles of various sizes. I then left these to fully expand and cure, which takes about 24 hours. Once they were fully cured I ran them through the bandsaw to get a flat bottom and then glued them onto hardboard bases. I used PVA glue for this and then left the to dry with elastic bands around them to hold them firmly onto the bases. Once these had set I sanded the edges before base coating the slime with some random paint from a tester pot. Once this was dry they were spray painted Caliban green and then highlighted with a really bright green and some white followed by a coat of gloss varnish. The edges were painted brown and then dry brushed with Terminatus Stone. Finishing touches were done with Aquarium plants and some tufts just to add some interest. 


The Pollution of the Shimmerfalls. 

This was one of the cool images that are on the maps in one of the first Realm Gate Wars books. To make the Shimmerfalls I got a piece of 12mm MDF (could have been less thick in hindsight) and this was detailed with playback and air drying clay and then sanded. To make the falls themselves I took a sheet of perspex and cut it to the length I wanted, then I line bent the two ends. One end was screwed into the MDF base and the other was where I planned to put the pox cloud that was polluting the water. Once this was all attached I poured clear casting resin mixed with some Athonian Camo shade in to the pool.

The waterfall itself was created using clear shower sealant that i piped on with a gun, and then textured with cocktail sticks to drag all the sealant down.


I started putting the expanding foam on. This time i did it in layers, adding cocktail sticks to the foam so that the new layers had something to adhere to. Once this was dry I painted the whole thing with blue tester pot paint before spray painting it all the same a s the Bloated Growths above. To finish the piece off I painted a Plague Drone and stuck it on the top to show how the waterfall had gotten polluted.   




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Amazing work Steve, these themed tables must be so much fun. I'll ploughing through scores of standard pieces at the moment and might treat myself to a distraction soon.


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