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Painter challenge 500pts (so far) Deadline 2a

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This entry is basically just to give a couple of group shots of the 500pts. 

I don't think the 20 plague monks I just finished are going to win any beauty prizes. 

but I'm certainly pleased with the way the force is shaping up so far. 

I'm Excited about the next deadline. 
Which is to add another 500pts to the whole thing, and should be announced during Today's hand in. 

I think next on my list for this is 
Verminlord Corruptor
Plague Furnace

8 Giant Rats or 2 chaos familiars 
which should be 500pts on the button adding to this lot for the full 1000. 
also considering adding a bunch of Nurgle demons if I add anything to go for 2000, maybe some plague toads. 





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