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Queen Banshee

Mengel Miniatures


So last night I was messing around with the Banshees from the Mortis Engine kit, trying to figure out the best way to stick them on a regular base when I looked at some of the other bits I wasn't going to use from that model. I thought the torso from the lead vampire on it was particularly Banshee-esque so I started messing around with other parts and this is what I came up with!


Still a lot of greenstuff work to do, mostly filling gaps, like at the waist, and re-sculpting detail that was lost. I may sculpt magical flames coming off her outstretched hand. I'm also playing with the idea of elevating her above 2 of the banshees from the Mortis Engine, so they are swarming around her.


I may switch out the head too for one from the Mortis Engine Banshees with some greenstuff work. I'm unsure on that though, I kind of like the look of this, like the death magic has stripped her flesh away. Thoughts?


Her robes are made out of the Coven Throne curtains by the way ;)

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