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The Lords of Change


This weekend is the South Coast GT and I have finally managed to complete all of the models for the Omniscient Oracles Battalion. 

It was a fun painting challenge and I developed quite a few cool tricks to help get through them in the time span and keep the models to an acceptable quality level. I used a lot of spray can work to get the base coats done and then dry brushed and washed a lot to get the variation in texture. I then went over the top with the brush to pick out specific details, but only in key areas. 

I discuss the techniques a lot more with Ben and Mark on Ep 153 of Bad Dice if you want more details. Link is here

As ever if you have any questions put them in the comments and I'l be happy to answer them!



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Probably the most amazing miniatures that I have ever seen in over 35 years in this hobby

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I think you may have been using washes more like the way award winning painters use glazing.  I'm definitely going to listen to the podcast to hear more about how you did this.

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beautiful work . Where do you get your bark chips from for basing Steve? I looked around on ebay last night and could only find a bulk order of soft rubber playground ones, and I don't need 18kg of them =)

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