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New Year, old year round up

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Darth Alec


It's 2017. That means I'm doing my now-yearly model round up. It's a simple thing, really. Take a picture of every model that I painted in 2016, host it, and write a little blurb about them. I have done a ton this year, much more than I expected! So strap in. This is going to be a three parter, and not one to miss!


First up is Order! At the tail end of the year, I started up my Duardin force again. Didn't get to do much, but I'm very proud of what got painted!


First up is the Doomseeker!

2016 Duardin Doomseeker.jpg

A favorite of mine from Silver Tower, I wanted to get this guy painted. He's also my test model for the (eventual) Fyreslayer detachment of my Order army. Did some custom reposing on him, which I think worked out. The OSL on the axe didn't work out so well though. Didn't thin the final layer of red down enough. Oh well, learning experience.



2016 Duardin Longbeards.jpg

Longbeards! Lovely models, and I'm super pleased about my paintjob. Honestly, I wasn't sure about it until about 90% of the way through. But on completion, is was the right way. Bronzed armour for these guys, Ironbreakers will have silver armour, and the Hammerers will have gold. Gives them all a continuity. The bronze is the Sister of Silence recipe from Warhammer TV, beard is some online guide, everything else is custom.


2016 Duardin Anvil of Doom.jpg

Thorek Ironbrow and the Anvile of Doom. Very pleased with this guy. He was delivered without a rune-arm, so this one is from the Runelord kit. I think it works better, much more dramatic and eye catching with the flame. Shields are new as well. Though I prefer the newer duardin models, this guy is just a classic. Shame his guards are so wonky.  I also learned to appreciate the newer sculpts in a different way: detail density. Thorek is packed with detail. None of it visible on the table. Newer models are often both less dense and much better at showing off what detail they have. Base is the same colours as the rest of the Order army, but with glowing runes.


2016 Duardin High King Thorgrim.jpg

Last of the Duardin is High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer. Now this is a dwarf. Love this model. Did not love highlighting gold though. There's 4 different types of gold! Very pleased with him overall, even though the finecast leaves a bit to be desired. A suitable centerpiece for my force, which I will enjoy taking into battle in the coming years.


2016 Stormcast Knight-Questor.jpg

Last of the Order models is the Knight-Questor. I did actually paint up a few more Stormcast, but they were filling out other units. This guy is a simple conversion to make him much more hoplitesque. A friendly soul on twitter gave me the bits, which I'm grateful for. The scheme is based on the Hammers of Sigmar, but different. I originally painted my SCE for a store exhibition, but didn't want to go all out. So this darker gold and blue got made instead. Loving the gold I got here, and not very complex.


That's it for my Order stuff this year. So what's the total?

Order units and points.png

700? Not bad, but not really an army. Let's see if we can't fix that next year. I plan to do a lot more bearded beauties! Especially if GW drops the new Duardin force on us. For 2016 though, painting 2 models I've always wanted to do felt really good. And now I have them done for any narrative End Times stuff I might want to do.


Stay tuned for the next update. Death will dawn over the Mortal Realms...


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Loving the Doomseeker conversion and may have to pinch it!

You're right, Thorek does look a million times better with the modern Runelord's flaming tong-things. Great work overall, the freehand on the Questor's cloak really stands out.

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