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Lahmanet, Warrior Aspirant

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Darth Alec


Lahmanet, my Warrior Aspirant for the RAW: Legends event, is done!


“He does not see it. Very well. I am tired of fighting a lost war. Not when there’s a cause that can be won. I need to get a message to the Lightning Men. A parley. An alliance of our might to theirs. The Order can’t fulfil its vows if every battle is lost before we fight it. With them though, there may yet be a chance. Only Ahken-Sur stands in the way.

The Holy Order of the Guardian Moon is an old order, stretching back into the Age of Myth. Long has it been a sacred order of the most unusual sort, an order dedicated to the defence of mortals. The vampire-monks who made up its ranks were celibate, and drank no blood but that which was offered. Many villagers would willingly offer the tribute of blood to their betters in exchange for their protection in troubled times. As the Age of Chaos grew darker, the Order was hard-pressed to defend their charges. Still it fights a losing battle. Kingdoms and Empires have been defended by the Order, and each has been lost in turn. Though valiant, even the charge of vampiric heavy horse cannot break every army. Casualties mounted, and all that is left is a motley collection of fools, a pale imitiation of the once-glorious ranks of the Order.

Now the Age of Sigmar has been unleashed, and the world is changing. The ways of the old Order may not be right for this new age. Ahken-Sur, Imperator of the Order of the Guardian Moon, sees this not. To him the endless war continues, and there can be no allies until Nagash returns once more. Lahmanet, tired of the endless, pointless wars, sees new chances in the lightning storms.


She's a pretty complete conversion job. The Horse is from the Empire General kit, her body from the Coven Throne, and sword from an old elf kit. The saddle is custom made as well. She's kind of difficult to photograph. She's looking down at the enemy (she's a bit aloof), rather than straight ahead. Still, I'm quite proud of it. I wanted her to be mounted and fit with the Legendary version of her. Finding a horse wasn't easy! Going through elven, human and undead horses, I landed on this one. It's big and solid, armoured, a proper warhorse. She may not be dressed for war, but riding on that there can be no doubt. And it needed to be her. I had originally planned on making a pair of generic armoured vamps, using old Blood Dragon models. That was a bit generic though. We need more female representation, even if it's literally out to drain our blood! Thankfully the vampire models from the Coven Throne fit.





Never painted cloth as complex as this before. Think I did an OK job. It's red to tie her in to all the other vampire models, with a nice white spot colour. Painting her really reminded me that I've just been painting dead stuff for a whole year! Fun, but quite challenging. The red is a simple Mephiston, with carroburg washed into the recesses and highlighted with wild rider red. Mixed some black into the mephiston for the deepest recesses. It's pretty striking, so I think she'll be visible on the battlefield!


So, what is RAW: Legends then? It's an awesome narrative event being hosted in November. Check out the link below for the whole pack. The idea is that everyone has an Aspiring champion, a minor hero who has just started her journey. As we play through the event, the aspring champ gains new items, bonuses and other stuff. Eventually, she'll be upgraded to a Legendary version of herself! There will be room for all sorts of shenanigans (including a doubles battle), so it's going to be great. It's full ATM, but I highly recommend checking it out!

Next up: The Legendary Champion, Lahmanet upon an Abyssal Terror!

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