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#project365 March/April track

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Update: 04/03/18

Number of models completed = 80


  1. Worked on the Blightlord Flies and Warriors
  2. Assembled 20 bases for warriors and next horror unit (undercoated the warrior ones)
  3. Worked on Chaos Warriors (all done except weapons), finished and based one fly, but no rider yet
  4. Built the Dark Oath Warqueen with some Rotbringer Conversions added
  5. Nothing done
  6. Nothing done
  7. Nothing done
  8. Started work on second rot fly. Finished painting the warriors. Glued the warriors to bases
  9. 10 Warriors finished
  10. Worked on a yellow pink horror test model 
  11. Nothing Done
  12. Built the riders for the Pusgoyle Blightlords 
  13. Undercoated the Pusgoyle Blightlords, built a base for a Tzeentch Demon Prince
  14. More base work
  15. More base work
  16. Painted he base and used it to rebase the Demon Prince
  17. Played three games at the Coalescence Malign Portents event at Warhammer World. Went 3-0, met my narrative goal and managed to win Best Army with the Tzeentch. Got a rather nice certificate :)
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