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Days gone in 2018 = 9

Number of models completed = 30


  1. Worked on 2 blue horrors (not based yet), assembled 10 pink horrors
  2. Spray primed 6 pink horrors
  3. Spray primed 4 pink horrors and zenithalled the first 6
  4. Nothing done
  5. Completed 5 Blue Horrors
  6. Nothing done
  7. Completed 5 Blue Horrors
  8. Nothing Done
  9. Completed 10 Brimstone Horrors and 10 Plague Bearers

  10. Started working on Horticulux Slime
  11. More work on HS


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I predict daily updates will fall off relatively soon.  Is your project 365 based on 365 hours or models, I've seen people do both, looks like models?

FWIW I tend to only log things per month and run a +/- swing against the run rate of 1/day.  There will always be periods where you're working on large complex model,  go on holiday, family stuff, etc etc that gets in the way, so you generally don't track along at a regular rate.  These  lulls are then offset by things like a unit of 30 basic dudes where you suddenly chunk out a whole month's worth of figs in a single lump.

Hope you find it motivational to do, it's always something I've enjoyed having a log of but it's not a specific target for me this year.

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I'm going to try and track it daily, although not update every day. 

I want to do 365 models. I reckon its possible. I'll be sure to count any terrain I do too! 

At the moment the updates would be - Tuesday: very sick, Wednesday: not quite as sick, Thursday: now got a stupid cough etc etc

I'll probably have recovered just in time to go back to work! 

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