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Holiday Highlights

Lord Panther


I've made a bit of progress over the break. Lots of painting time. Am trying to get my Necromunda gangs painted up as well.


Here's my finished Khemist. I put a bit more detail into the honeycomb of his hazmat suit (rather than the dark brown for the others). Lots of fun with the different metallics.




Here's my second Arkanaut company all finished:



And then I decided to get a few shots of the whole army to date. I like how it all feels together.  Still got another 3 Endrinriggers to complete, then it's time to build the massive Ironclad kit.













Recommended Comments

I agree with @Dave Fraser

Those Arkanought troopers and the Chemist have come out really well. The blue colour scheme for the overalls is excellent. The models look very detailed from the shots you've posted - you've down a great job getting them finished to such a consistent standard. 

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