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Ironblaster completed

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On the first day of 2018 I completed Ogor Ironblaster. I was a very nice model to paint, however, as a hindsight I must say that I should have made the cannon darker, more bronze-looking. Would have looked better overall. There can be seen my fist try of OSL shining from the lantern. It does not really look like one, but it's okay for the first try, I will try again next time. I used yellow glaze mixed with little bit of the same yellow I used for lantern.

Considering its rules I don't think it sees much action, but I just like the model and I will definitely try it out on same game. The main reason for buying it was actually the need for specific bit: scraplauncher bucket for my Butcher cauldron. And that will be my next little project, painting up the second butcher. IMAG2733_1.jpg.3320bfbe4c7c2f8d243a584fb534438a.jpgIMAG2735_1.jpg.b49b1b077f9b71cb73c4499eff5a5ef9.jpgIMAG2736_1.jpg.845fa4a7d45513b286d6f17c3ad97224.jpgIMAG2738_1.jpg.5f45349973c0850e39d5579025f932ed.jpgIMAG2741_1.jpg.88afadf50c7f568257702707ddf4be74.jpg

And a picture of converted Butcher, waiting for paint.


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Recommended Comments

Well done on the Ironblaster! I have one waiting for some attention on my table now. I kinda built it wrong so the Ogre doesn't fit in the slots on the floor... Maybe I'll get to fixing him one of these days.

Probably not though.

Edited by Mars_Ranger

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Thanks! Actually my ogor is also not in the slots, it was a bit hard to fit these and cannon belts. Good luck with your own, it was fun to paint!

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