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Cohort of Blooded Brass: Daemon Prince Krythvæhlt.



Deep in the city of Spiteforge the Deamon Prince Krythvæhlt resides. It was by his blade that the kingdom fell, and in the bloody revolution that followed he gained his ascension.  Over the century's his fortunes have waxed and waned. Once a rival champion of the gods took control of the city though guile and treachery. Krythvæhlt was imprisoned, chained a deep vault. after years of imprisonment his boiling rage gave him strength to break the chains and have his revenge.

To the day the he still wears the collar that imprisoned him, as evidence to others that his rule cannot be stopped



Today I wanted to present the leader of the Khornate forces:  The Daemon Prince Krythvæhlt!

He Is one of my favorite models in my collection, as he includes a number of very subtly conversions. Items of note are

  • A Iron Collar from the Juggernaut Kit, the use of a ‘head plate’ from the Juggernauts to make a ‘buckler’ on his offhand. 
  • The uses the ‘head’ from the 40k defiler kit for the brass mask.  
  • I then used a second shoulder pad from another Deamon Prince kit, and some small icons  to it this gave him a more armored look.  

I plan to add a bit more detail to the base, I have been adding greys, snow and grass to my Khornate army making look like a snowy steppe..  




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