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The Cohort of Bloodied Brass: An Introduction




In the age of Myth within the realm of Ghur, the vast kingdom  once stood. Mighty Lords protected the land from the monsters of the realm and with these heroics they kept peace. With powerful spells, arc-magi tamed the very sky’s, making a land of eternal spring free from storms. Sprawling farms and crowded towns of artisans produced goods and wealth. Many legendry heroe made this Kingdom their home.

 To prove their power, great tournaments were regularly held; slowly this marital pride drew the attention of unwelcome forces.  At end of the age of myth one hero of the Kingdom became renowned for his skills at arms, having fought a tribe of giants an on his return to the capital a feast was held. At this feast, he was to be given the blessing of the king, but as he approached the throne, he drew his Blade and slayed the king, claiming his skull for the Lord of Skulls. This started a mass slaughter across the Kingdom, as Khornes fury was unleashed, and the hero’s men turned on the citizens of the kingdom.

The champion who slayed the king then formed a new empire that worshiped the Blood God, the capital became the base from which barbaric warriors  would be dispatched, led by leaders looking to appease their dark gods. It did not take long for the fallen champion to ascend this path to glory, and ascend to daemonhood.

The forces of chaos, do not build stable empires and shortly after his ascension the empire that he created fell. With the infrastructure of the land destroyed, the land itself warped into a barbaric and forgotten place, the magic’s that once kept the kingdom a paradise corrupted, to cause endless rains and winds. Where once well drained and cultivated farmland existed, now fens and forested marshes exist. 

But within this land, the Exalted Champion still sits in his throne, and the forces of chaos still travel to his dark city to seek his favor.  He frequently will lead these forces of chaos out into the fallen kingdom and beyond.  This force is known as the Cohort of Bloodied Brass.


The Cohort of Bloodied Brass is my personal army that I will be playing within the escalation campaign, and will represent a Khorne Aligned force I will be running. At the time of starting this league my collection are a number of demonic units that I started collecting when AOS first was released. I quickly found that an army of daemons was lacking character, so inspired by the Blades of Khorne book I started looking to add some mortals units to the collection.

A few years ago I built a Renegades and Heretics army for my 40k chaos collection, and I had a lot of spare parts left over. So I went raiding and was able to put together 40 Chaos Marauders that will be one of the core blocks of my army. I also acquired the Bloodbound half of the AOS starter set in a trade with a friend giving me even more mortals to add to my collection.

All this together means that at the start of the league I have the following:

  • Khornate Demon Prince  
  • 20 Blood Letters
  • 1 Skullcannon
  • 1 Khornate Soul Grinder
  • Bloodmasters
  • 3 Skullcrushers
  • 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord (Allie)


I then in a flurry of activity painted the following in the last month. 

  • 40 Chaos Marauders (well 35, I have 5 to finish in the next few days)
  • 3 Bullgors (allies)
  • 10 warhounds (allies)
  • 1 Bloodsecrator
  • 5 Bloodwarriors

I still have to paint the rest of the stuff from the AOS Box, and I will also be adding other things to the stack as I find money to spend. In future posts I will talk about my planned lists and why I like some units over others. As always feedback is more than welcome! 


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