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Weekly Hobby Update : 9-13-17

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Hey Everyone!  I am getting back to a normal hobby schedule post-Nova Open.  That being said I have gotten some work done on my Khorne and should have them wrapped up by this Saturday.  I have also been giving a bit more thought on my Aelf Rebasing project as well as finalizing a theme for my Sylvaneth who have sat unpainted for far too long.


I am very happy with how my converted Chaos Warshrine turned out, but it was quite the challenge to paint.  The detail on the model wasn't unexpected but demanded me to look over the model more than a few times to ensure I had the model how I envisioned it.


The last two models in the army are a pair of Bloodthirsters and I have just really dug into one of them, but as soon as I began putting the first coats of color down I fell in love with the kit and could easily see myself adding, even more, Bloodthirsters to the army in the future.


One issue I have had with the army is how to base it once it is complete.  The above picture was only a few ideas but after a few suggestions I believe I know how I will base everything, but I will leave that to next weeks hobby post (or pictures on Twitter).  I am excited to wrap up this army and get it on the table soon.

Hopefully, your Hobby is also going strong and if you live in the U.S. where the weather is cooling it is a great time to prime those winter projects so be sure to get out there soon as we settle in for Winter Hobby Projects.  I will be back Friday with the second part of my Nova Open Impressions series where I dive into each of my games over the event and wrap up my overall thoughts on the event.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!

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