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The Beginning

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I've recently signed up for the RAW17 and Warhammer Achievements 17 events. Both are hobby events, with a strong Narrative and so I'd like to take the opportunity to redo my bases, and paint (a lot) of new models. I hope to succeed but with real life to contend with as well failure may happen. Fortunately, I have 2,500 points already painted and an appropriate Hunter & Monster for RAW17. Unfortunately, they are not the ones I want to do.

So without further ado, the plan is:


  • Gitboss on Wolf
  • Grot Shaman (Moonclan)
  • Grot Shaman (Gitmob)
  • Arachnarock Spider
  • 60 Gitmob Grots
  • 9 Nasty Skulkers
  • Spear Chukka
  • Rock Lobber
  • 2 Orruk Chariots
  • 15 Spider Riders
  • 4 Snotlings
  • 5 Cave Squigs
  • 2 Squig Herders

To Paint

  • Grot Big Boss on Spider (Finecast)
  • Orruk Warboss on Wyvern (Mierce)
  • Arachnarock Shaman
  • 20 Moonclan Grots (5th Edition)
  • 2 Wolf Chariots
  • 10 Wolf Riders
  • Snotling Pump Wagon (hopefully converted)
  • Gargant
  • 10 Orruks
  • 10 Savage Orruks
  • 3 Ogors
  • Blood Sacrifice Tokens
  • Objective Tokens
  • Extra Monster / Leviathan (Mierce)
  • Display Board (possibly....!)

For those who haven't read the Rulespack for Warhammer Achievements, @Stevewren has provided a list of painting achievements which I hope to incorporate into the above:

  • Converted Model - Pump Wagon / Orruk Chariot
  • Display Board - Maaaybe ...
  • 5th Edition Unit - Moonclan Archers
  • Freehand - At least one Banner
  • Weathering - I think the Arachnarock
  • Diorama - no idea...
  • Scenic Bases - aiming for Agrellan Earth, Skulls, and the new Vines
  • Enter a model into a painting Comp - never having done this, I'll pick the best one when I get there
  • Use technical paints - probably rust
  • Finecast - Spider Big Boss
  • Scratch Builder - Snotling Pump Wagon?
  • Greenstuff - Snotling Pump Wagon?
  • NMM - sword / weapon on the Wyvern
  • Unique Model for Arcane Transformation - hopefully Mierce will help here


So there's loads to do, and lots of weekends full between now and then. I hope to keep my progress listed here - and add some photos this evening.

Declan (Skeekrit)

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