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First water basing attempt

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First part of this project was to see wether waster basing was possibly, as if it was not then having a water free sea based army would not feel worth while.

I bought some Water Clear Casting Resin (do not recommend opening this in the house, took about a week for the smell  disappear) for the base effect. I had previously tried pva as well as some water effect  basing stuff which did not need any catalyst, I found  both were prone to clouding when going for a deeper than a few mm water source.

I part assembled a Gunhaulers and painted it very minimally with just red and a bit of silver in the water. This is not the planned scheme it was just two light colours so I  could get an idea of visibility through the resin. I cut off most of the models keel, filed the stub flat and glued this to the base before painting.

For this attempt I used frog tape to build a barrier around the base to contain the  liquid resin. And poured in the first layer of resin.


This was just as thin "see what  happen" layer



For the next layer I mixed in some nuln oil GW wash, I noted that they GW washes made the liquid colour quite merky.  This worked quite well to mask where the ship was glued to the base.



The merky effect worked well for the lower layer, but I didn't want it for the rest. I switched to using Vallejo blue and green inks which reacted much better with the resin. i built up about three layers of this to get to the desired depth.




It set solid after around 2 hours, but took about 4 days to harden to the point of no longer having a tacky/sticky surface.

The end result was better than expected, success was not an expectation. My one regret. Was not painting the gunhauler fullly before the attempt.

Next time I plan to do a larger batch of resin with the inks so that I have better control of the amount of clearness.






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