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Warhammer Achievements Chapter 1

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The first Chapter for Warhammer Achievements charts the journey of a young hero who has a small war band of loyal followers searching for an artefact that will allow you to control your destiny as it gifts you the power of foresight. 

Designers Notes: The scenario requires you to find the artefact on a 5+, but you get to add the turn number to this roll, so its possible to find the artefact on the first turn. Their is only one artefact so once its been found that hero becomes a target for the enemy to focus on. If you find the artefact early on you are in a strong position, but you cannot activate the altar until the end of turn 3, so you will have to defend it whilst also making sure that there is a clear path to get to the altar. It was important to make it at the end of a Battlerround as both players should have an equal number of turns to try and activate or prevent this happening.

Heroes are important as they can find the artefact and activate the altar, but you will need  more than one, and ideally you want them to be hard to kill. However the rest of the army is important as they can help generate the Blood Sacrifice points required to give your Hero enough points to activate the altar when needed. 

One of the dangers is losing your heroes early, but hopefully even if this happens you can use the rest of the army to prevent the enemy from achieving their objective. 

For those of you attending Warhammer Achievements there are also the game specific Achievements as well, which encourage you to attack with your Heroes, and also to try and control the artefact for as long as possible - can you balance activating the altar with keeping the artefact for three turns for example. 

The Test Game

In this game we played 1600 points of Disciples of Tzeentch against the Blades of Khorne. The game started with the Khorne side advancing aggressively turn 1, but failing to find the Artefact. The Tzeentch forces responded by blasting away at the Blood Crushers, killing 2, and the Skyfires eliminating the Demon Prince on the left. This was important as he was a powerful hero and the Tzeentch forces didn't want to see him getting into the lines. However at the end of the turn the Tzeentch force also failed to find the artefact when the Chaos Lord searched for it. 



The Blades of Khorne won the priority roll, and again they advanced with a sense of purpose. The large unit of Bloodleters charged into the Kairic Acolytes, but he Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster failed to get into the Lord of Change on the right hand side despite having the run and charge ability put on himself. In combat the Bloodletters failed to kill many of the Acolytes who had Inspiring Presence on them so they stoically stayed put. Due to the failed charge the Bloodthirster was unable to search this turn. In the Tzeentch players turn the Lord of Change put 7 mortal wounds on the Bloodthirster with Infernal Gateway, and the rest of the magic started to whittle down the Bloodletters in the centre. In the shooting phase the Skyfires put a major dent in the Bloodletters, killing 11, although annoyingly they rolled a 1 for Battleshock, so instead of losing models that actually gained a couple. The Lord of Change charged into the Bloodthirster and did another 5 wounds, however in return he missed badly, failing to do any damage. At the end of the turn the Tzeentch army searched for the Artefact and the Lord of Change found it! 


Tzeentch won priority Turn 3 and this was to prove to be a pivotal turn. However it didn't start in a particularly auspicious manner as the Lord of Change had his gateway attempt stopped, and the also the Herald of Tzeentch was also stopped from casting. This meant that the Tzeentch force would be held up for another turn. The movement and combat phases were used to try and kill more bloodletters, but really it was the combat phase that would be important. The Lord of Change went first and chopped down the Bloodthirster, and the Tzeentch army took down more of the Bloodletters. However in return the Tzeentch Chaos Lord was finally brought down by the Bloodletters. 


In Turn 4 the Tzeentch force again won priority and were able to push towards the altar. The Forces of Khorne through everything from of the army of the Changer of Ways, but couldn't focus enough damage on ethnic Lord of Change to make any real impact and at the end of turn 4 the altar was activated, giving Tzeentch the Major Victory. 


Designers Notes: the game played well, although the Khorne army suffered from some particularly poor dice at key moments. In hindsight the Khorne force could have done with some more heroes, but also the Tzeentch army really benefited from the Skyfires and the Lord of Change, two powerful units. It would have been more flavourful to include Enlightened rather than Skyfires, but we did not have a unit painted in time for the game. We played the game on the Realm of Life table and drinking from the Waterfalls to restore D3 wounds to heroes was useful as well for the Tzeentch player. 


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Cool battleplan. What is blood sacrifice points? It's a bit unclear. Do you earn one for each enemy unit slain? 



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On 13/08/2017 at 4:29 PM, Grimbok said:

Cool battleplan. What is blood sacrifice points? It's a bit unclear. Do you earn one for each enemy unit slain? 



You do - it's detailed in the main rules pack. Basically you get 1 for every one of your units that dies, and 2 for each unit you kill. 

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