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My Southern Impact Army

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Well, we're 4 more sleeps until Southern Impact now. My army is all finished, so figured I'd run through it and what I think of the units I plan to use. Note, I certainly don't strive for the list to be 'top tier', I work within my theme and do the best I can with it. I also will only be playing if we have odd numbers, so it's fine to have an army on the weaker side (Since I won't be able to win any prizes anyway).

So without further adieu, here's the army:


The Army in it's entirety

I feel I've got a nice rounded list here. The two confirmed battle plans for the day are Border War and 3 Places of Power (The two scenarios that didn't end up being played at Gobbocon earlier in the year), with a 3rd scenario to be randomly decided on the day. I feel I've got a good balanced list, with plenty of models to contest objectives, including some fast units in the Chaos Knights and Be'Lakor to contest further objectives. For 3 Places of Power, I have 5 characters in total, although 2 are mages that don't really want to be up close.

So let's run through the individual units now.


First up, the big Daemon Prince himself, Be'Lakor. I really love this model, and prior to starting the army I had had the model for a while, waiting for the right opportunity to get him out and paint him. So of course, he's pretty core to my list. That being said, I'm going to have to be careful with him this tournament. Think there's going to be plenty of mortal wounds flying around. I'm also going to have to pick good units to make use of his special rule to cause disorder in the enemy units. I think a lot of the time I'm going to have to pick some critical shooting or combat unit to ensure they *hopefully* have issues dealing damage for a turn.


My General is my Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount, currently named Naz'Ur'Ak, the Gloom Lord. I like his Command Ability as it gives the Chaos Knights that extra punch on the charge. Usually he is waiting patiently for the opportune turn to buff the Knights to go in and kill stuff. Otherwise, the plan is to be giving Lord of War to the Jezzails. This may prove tricky in 3 places of power, as I'm likely going to need him to contest objectives.


Za'gul Darkblood, Leader of the Shadowborn is my Chaos Lord. Whether or not he's the true general is not really known, but certainly in these upcoming battles he's happy to let Naz'Ur'Ak take the lead. This guy was my flex pick in my army. I had the choice of him, a unit of Marauder Horsemen, or dropping the Godsworn Champions of Ruin and including a Daemon Prince. In the end, I think that having an additional hero may be useful, and I didn't have time to paint a Daemon Prince for the list, so he makes the cut. Let's hope his Reaperblade goes off!


My Chaos Sorcerer Lord; Svaraz the Dark Seer, is a crucial piece in my force. Daemonic Power is an absolute beast of a spell, ensuring one of my units can do their job reliably. This usually goes on either Be'Lakor, the Chosen or the Chaos Knights, depending on whom I need to do most damage in the upcoming turn. Of course, he also provides the gift of foresight, if Be'Lakor doesn't get Daemonic Power, he's usually getting that to ensure his save is even more reliable.


The Skaven are recent and new reinforcements for the Shadowborn. This contingent is led by Engineer Sniker-stab. This guy is mainly here to tie in the Skaven with the rest of the force. In a similar vein, he could be considered trading out, but hopefully he gets off a big Warp Lightning at some point. In the practice game however, all he managed to do was singe his own whiskers.


The Twilight Kinband are the Marauders of the army. Their job is to hold the objectives, or be a buffer to stop the enemy units engaging my important pieces in the army. Usually they die in the battle, but that's their job. The most likely unit in my army to pass an Unpredictable Destruction roll :(


The Shadowshields are the oldest unit in my army, the models that started it all way back when. Even if they are a bit pricey, a unit of 10 Chaos Warriors is tanky and can be tough to deal with. The hope is that these guys can tackle the enemy with mortal wounds rather than more fragile units in the army (Such as the Chosen). 


The Blades of Darkness are a more recent addition. Personally, I prefer the Shields as I don't feel that the hit re-rolls of the additional hand weapons are that useful on the unit, they still wound on 4's and have no rend. Still, as long as there aren't mortal wounds around, these guys can go in and deal some damage. I've only used them once or twice, so will have to see how they perform in battle.


My personal favourite, the Darksoul Chosen. I really love buffing these guys up with Daemonic Power and rolling into something. Most of the time, that means almost every single attack is going to wound. The problem is, my opponents seem to be pretty good at rolling armour saves when they need to. I also don't get to use the buff as often as I want to (A lot of the time I forget also >.<). Sadly, a lot of people recognize the amount of damage these guys can output, and occasionally the Chosen are wiped out before they can really do much damage. Will have to see what kind've performance they put on.


The Shadowbound are the shock cavalry of the force. Mixed feelings about these guys. I feel a lot of the time, they just sadly bounce as the rend -1 doesn't put a huge dent into armour. Still, when they are buffed up, they can pack quite the wallop on the charge. Afterwards, it tends to turn into pillowfights, with their saddest defeat being ripped down by Skeleton Archers which they just couldn't quite get through before they started regenerating.


Lastly, the Shadowshots, expert Snipers to strike from the Shadows. I've always had issues with the lack of ranged attacks my army has had, and finally have some long ranged firepower of my own. They performed pretty well in my one game I've run them, where they shot down a Great Unclean One and a Maggoth Lord. But I do have some reservations, as I think there's going to be a lot of counter-shooting going around at the tournament. It's going to be a tough match up I feel, and it could end up with 280 points of Jezzails running away in the first turn due to being shot at before I can shoot.


The final part of the army is the Godsworn Champions of Ruin battalion. This gives me the small perk of being able to attack in the hero phase if near a hero or monster. I honestly haven't gotten to use this yet (Not sure if it's come up, but I've probably forgotten to use it). It also gives me a second artefact. What I've been running recently is Chaos Talisman on my General to make him more survivable, as well as Crown of Conquest on my Chaos Lord. This means that when I want to buff the Chaos Knights, I can still put Inspiring Presence on a unit. Could be important in keeping those cowardly Skaven in line.


And that's it for my list. In some ways, I hope I get the opportunity to play as I haven't gotten to play much since Gobbocon. On the other hand, it'd be nice to relax as the TO and take some good pictures of the battles going on during the event. Either way, it's sure to be a lot of fun.

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