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Road to Nova Open 2017 : Part 3

Hey everyone!  Happy Friday and Happy GenCon Weekend!  Time is closing as Nova Open draws near Thirteen Days is all that remains until the big show and I feel vastly behind in my preparation, but determined as ever!  Hopefully, the rest of you are nice and relaxed and fully prepared, but if you are like me and fully in the Nova Crunch I wish you all the luck I can spare.


I have managed to get a fair number of practice games in with my Stormcast Eternals, but since I have been playing this army for the past few years I feel confident with playing it in the events.  The one downfall currently, is the constant restructuring of my list.  Not that tweaking a list is bad in any way, but I feel as if my list hasn't been all that stable since the release of the current Battletome for the army.

I decided to look at this a bit further and honestly ask myself why it has felt this way and why was it more constant before the new Battletome.  There is no doubt the Battletome brought a lot of great things to the army while removing some of the unfair, and to be honest, less fun shenanigans the army had in its utility belt.  I thought back to all my discussions about my Stormcast army on my Blog, during my guest appearance on Warhammer Weekly, The Whatsapp chat and various talks with friends around the community and I found that I was always referring to my army as The Warrior Brotherhood style and that is why I played Hammerstrike Battalion as it is, in a way, a toned down version of the over-the-top Alpha Strike that Warrior Brotherhood brought and which I played all the time.

After this realization, I decided to look at the idea of using The Warrior Brotherhood despite its changes at The Nova Open GT.  I dug into the player pack for the event and the more I read the more I saw the benefit that the Warrior Brotherhoods board control could bring.  I even toyed with the idea of taking the battalion to Adepticon, but I choose against it and in a way, I am sad I did, but not this time!  I also plan to shelve my Stormcast for a while after Nova to play my Khorne and begin a new Aelf army so playing the Warrior Brotherhood is a great way to close that chapter of Stormcast being my Primary Army.


While I have my list set, except for a few possible Hero changes, I still have one model to buy and paint.  A Knight-Heraldor, the Toot-Toot himself.  I plan to pick up one this weekend and hopefully get him built and color blocked as time runs out, but that will eat into time set aside for my Khorne Army.  I had set a goal for myself to have the Army completely painted by Nova, but I am still slogging through one of the last units with some larger models still left.  As much as it hurts to admit defeat I am afraid I must admit defeat in this aspect.  I will have the army done shortly after, just in time to face Grandfather Nurgle's Ascendancy.


As far as army transport is concerned I have had a wonderful Feldherr case for the past number of years that was given to me as a gift.  It has always been my companion to my battles and has carried countless warriors, mages, cavalry, and beasts for me.  However, after Adepticon it became painfully aware that the case was best suited for my older armies and smaller bases.  The foam has also seen better days.  Thankfully while at Adepticon I picked up the Case Mini from Battlefoam while in the dealer's room and I knew this was going to be my new Army Transport case.  I have ordered a Pack 352 with Pluck foam to get started, but after Nova, I will order some custom foam for Storage and plan to do a full review when I do.


With my list almost finalized and my new transport system on its way I am all set to print out my lists in color with custom images of my army using the Azyr App.  Thankfully this is no more than an evenings worth of work, but with time running out I will need to get on this within the next few days in order to have it all set and ready.


I also planned to order Custom Combat Gauges from 6 Squared Studios once again o hand out to my opponents and with my new logo I still want to do this, but looking at the time frame it might not be feasible to have them ordered and shipped to me on time but stay hopefully I can still get this done in time.

I still have a bit of work ahead of me, but I remain excited about Nova Open and the fun to be had there.  If you are going please reach out to me to meet up or at the very least stop me and say hi!  If you are not attending I will be bringing you my coverage from the event via Twitter and will recap my games and experience in a few follow-up posts in September.  Until next time, Happy Hobbying!

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Weekly Hobby Update : 8-16-17

Hey Everyone!  Time for another look at my hobby and games from the previous week.  Also a brief salute to a man who has ingrained himself in our hobby minds and left his mark as a Warhammer Legend (not that he is done growing his legend yet!).  Enjoy!


Rob Symes finished up his time with Games Workshop as one of the Hosts for Warhammer TV last Friday.  I think it is safe to say his commentary and insight will be missed on the streams, but it will also be nice to see him return to the community as a player and enjoy the creative freedom only he can bring.  I want to offer him my thanks in all he has done for the community and I look forward to seeing what he has in the future and wish him all the best in his adventures.

A 21 Toot Toot Salute.  Thank you, Rob.

I have become a Co-Host on my friend Ed Hornes (EvilEd) 40k Vod/podcast entitled HeresyCast.  I am very much an Age of Sigmar player, but I have always enjoyed 40k as well and with the new edition I am excited to play both game systems.  I still plan to keep a stronger focus on Age of Sigmar and if you check out the latest episodes (avoid Ep1...we had audio issues) you can enjoy me comparing everything in 40k to Age of Sigmar.  much to the chagrin of Ed and our other host Chad.


I am continuing progress on my Blades of Khorne.  Currently up in my last large unit which consists of 30 Blood Reavers.  I am still planning to finish the army this month, but it has been a daunting task.  After this unit, I imagine the painting will move along much quicker as it is only Heros and Monsters left to do.


My local Club has successfully moved into our new venue located in a local Church's Basement.  They were generous enough to give us an area to store all of our Terrain between Gaming events in their Belfry as well.  Overall everyone is really excited for the new venue as it gives us a bit more flexibility in how we run the events from the perspective of time, dates, etc.  We may have an issue with needing more tables as we grow, but there is plenty of space to utilize and I feel we will be very happy at the new location.


Also, I was asked to give a shout out to an upcoming event Da Boyz Grand Tournament in Rochester, NY on November 17th - 19th.  They will be running events for multiple game systems such as 40k and Age of Sigmar.  I might try to make it up there myself if I am able.  You can register at DaBoyzGT.com or if you have questions reach out to @Khornelord on Twitter.


I hope your Hobby is going strong and I would love to see what you are working on as well!  I case you are counting like I am, there are only 16 days left until Nova Open and it is very much crunch time.  Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about Khorne in a light not usually seen, but these parts of his persona were integral in my choosing to follow the Blood God over any other as I began my Fall to Chaos.  These character traits also helped in the choice of my color scheme choice of White and Gold across the army.


Everyone sees Khorne being all about Blood, Rage, and Skulls and while these are indeed part of who Khorne is he also represents Strength, Honor, Discipline, and a Motivation unsurpassed by other Chaos Gods.  Khorne is a warrior above all else and to be a warrior is to be steps away from being in his service.  A lot of these positive traits can be viewed in Hero's across the Mortal Realms, Sigmar, for example, could be seen as Khorne's mirror image, but with the control to not fall so far into the Rage that consumers The Blood God.


Khorne is about strength.  He doesn't even skip leg day at the gym!  Might of arms and the ability to kill any opponent you might face in hand to hand combat is his way and the way of those who follow him.  Using other means to kill such as a bow, poison, magic, or having others fight your battles is a good way to earn his ire.  We can all relate to wanting to be strong and wanting to be able to handle any situation we may encounter.  Being strong allows you to tackle things head on physically and anyone who goes to the gym on a regular basis enjoy pushing themselves to be stronger.  Khorne would be pleased.


You always know where you stand with Khorne, he hates you, but he might respect you if you share qualities with him, qualities of an Honorable Warrior.  He won't stab you in the back or use trickery to come after you.  You can be certain that if Khorne is after you, it will be on the field of battle with weapons in hand.  His honor will not allow him to kill you in any other way.  He wants you to put up a fight and is not opposed to Champion Duels to settle things.  He would rather see two champions fight to the death in an honorable duel instead of a watching an army slaughter the defenseless or cowardly.  If his champion wins then his strength and loyalty will be rewarded, but if his champion falls then he knows he was weak and not worthy of saying his name.  As I said you always know where you stand with Khorne.


In order to follow Khorne, you must be disciplined of mind and body.  While it is true the rage of his persona can ruin discipline among his followers that are only if his champions fail to maintain discipline.  Why are his Champions able to hold Discipline in an army of frenzy murders?  They are the most disciplined and examples of who Khorne is and what he represents.  This filters down and while the army appears to be screaming lunatics running across the board they are in fact a disciplined army using their straight forward martial tactics to win the day.  Sadly, Rage can cause this to break down from time to time, but the same can be true due to pride or the promise of power in other armies.


Khorne's followers, to me, are the more proactive and motivated bunch.  You don;t see them sitting around and waiting very often and if you do they are usually not happy about it.  The Chaos Gods are always ascending and descending, but you never really see Khorne stop and regroup.  He and his followers simply carry on killing as much as they can, even amongst themselves.  Nurgle is happy to wait for his time in the sun, Slaanesh will revel in excess to extremes, Tzeentch will play his grand game.  Khorne can receive the Death of a world as a gift and immediately go looking for more.  He is always pushing himself and his followers for more.  Khorne the Motivator!


So I have fallen to Chaos and I plan to enjoy it a bit, at least until the Aelves drag me back into the light.  I really look forward to finishing painting my army so I can get it on the board. I see a nobility in Khorne and that is what I am painting them with Whites and Golds as they are typical colors of purity.  I will focus on their noble aspects and I do enjoy the duality the colors are giving to the models.  Perhaps turning a blind eye to the rage and blood is proof of my fall?

I think I will end my Falling to Chaos series here as I don't know where else I could take it at the moment, but I hoped you enjoyed my insight on Khorne and my new found love of Chaos.  See you all next week, Happy Hobbying!

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I hope your hobby is going strong as we enter the final stages of summer.  If you are going to Nova Open there are only 22 days left to finish up your army or projects!  Here is what has been going on with my Hobby and Nova prep this past week.

My Club, Ligonier Legion, recently moved venues due to some renovation at our local Library where we normally met.  Our new gaming hall is the basement of a local Church which has plenty of table space, storage for our terrain and gives us a bit more freedom for our events in the future.  The atmosphere is positive for the switch with the only down sides is a bit farther walk to our FLGS.


We broke in the new hall with games of Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k.  My good friend Aleks was happy enough to help me test a potential list for Nova.  I built my Stormcast very defensively to survive potential shooting heavy armies.  He brought out his Free Peoples with plenty of shooting.  I started with a good lead, but he clawed back to draw the scenario and get a minor win on Kill Points.  It was a great game but forced me to reevaluate my list once more.


Warhammer 40k 8th edition has really sparked my local club and they came out to play in order to prepare for our upcoming Fate of Konor Event at the end of the month.


My Blade of Khorne are really beginning to take shape and I knocked out a few heroes to lead my force for some small point games as I paint the remainder in the coming month or two.  I still plant o finish the army before Nova, but the life is a thing that can get in the way, but you can be sure I will be ready for Aelves when they release!

Currently, I am painting my unit of 30 Blood Reavers and I played with Skin shades a bit and below you can see the four variations I am using across the entire army.  Left to right the mixes are One layer of Reikland Flesh, One layer of Reikland Flesh plus a layer of Seraphim Sepia, Two layers of Reikland Flesh, And a mixture of Gorthor brown, Druchii Violet, and Nuln Oil


Also, I have set up a WhatsApp chat group for Aleves and if you have an interest in joining please get in contact with me and I can get you into the group.

Let me know what Hobby you have going on as I would love to see.  If you are going to Nova Open please feel free to hit me up and perhaps we can meet up to chat or at least say hi!  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  Today I have a very special guest interview for you all.  Dan from the new AoS Shorts Podcast took some time to talk about Hobby, Age of Sigmar, and his new Podcast.  Dan is a great guy with a love for Age of Sigmar and if haven't yet, be sure to reach out to him.  You will find his contact information below.


AoS Shorts is a great tool to help tighten up your rules knowledge to improve your game whether you are a beginner or a budding top table player.  I find myself listening to the short episodes multiple times to help smooth out my gameplay for myself and my opponents.  Also, his companion blog for each episode is a great way to get the most out of his discussion topics.  I hope you enjoy the interview.


Dan, can you tell me about who you are and how you began in this Hobby?

Hey, I'm a (predominantly) matched play gamer living in Auckland, New Zealand.  I was born and raised in the U.K. and was aware of Warhammer while I was there but only really dove in with 5th edition after I’d moved to NZ.  I took the Brets and played some 40k with Imperial Guard.

Everything kinda then went on hold, until I rejoined the hobby when I was working in London in 2012-2014. I came back in by listening to podcasts from Bad Dice, Heelanhammer, Black Sun, Garagehammer and the Dwellers before picking up a dwarf army when the 8th Ed Dwarf book dropped.  Really had to make the use of UK pricing and the VAT refund before coming back to NZ.

Dan (pictured left) handing out some prizes

What armies are you playing currently and what’s next on your Hobby Table?

I’ve been playing Sylvaneth since the Battletome came out and absolutely love them.  The sheer movement flexibility is amazing.  I suspect that Death will be my next AoS army but I'll be holding fire until after GHB2017 and any signs of a new Death Battletome. There is something right about Death following Life.

Dan's growing Sylvaneth Army

 Do you have a local Club or group you play with and how often do you get to play games and work on Hobby?

Unfortunately, I don't get as much time to play as I would like due to my work and a young family at home.  So I haven't ever really been able to commit to a club. I play casual games in mates’ garages, with the Auckland Model Citizens, and host tournaments with the Auckland City Guard.  On the hobby front, I try to get a few hours in each week - usually 30 mins or so early in the morning and perhaps a night a week.

Can you share with us your favorite Hobby movement?

“Hobby movement” - what a great phrase.  There are so many things that could be captured by this - the move to scenic bases, the #roadtoscgt crew, the NEOs, Games Workshop’s re-engagement with the community, the explosion of hobby podcasts, Warhammer TV.  I can't just pick one.

Dan's Hobby Area

What about your least favorite time in the Hobby?

The destruction of the old world was an unsettling shock, I played one game of AoS when it was first released and then decided to just let the dust settle and see where things went.  Me and my mates played a Necromunda campaign, we dabbled with KoW and I picked up Guild Ball. In the end, I threw myself into AoS as the game grew and found new gaming groups (my 8th ed. mates are now all playing T9A or 40k).

If Money and Time were not an issue what would be the one dream Hobby project you would want to tackle.

I have about 3,000 points of Dogs of War (almost every unit from the 5th edition book) still sitting mint in box.  With the death of 8th, I was going to use them in 9th Age or KoW but never got round to them.  I’d love to get them finished as a painting project on large diorama bases.  Other options would be a Luthor Harkon Undead Pirate army, a marauder Chaos force themed around a local raven god (which is actually a manifestation of Tzeentch), and a Harlequins force for 40k

The dream army in the wings

I often hear about challenges that our Wargaming Brothers and Sisters face being in this Hobby in your part of the world (New Zealand, and Australia), is there any insight you can share on this subject?

The obvious issue is the pricing differential (significantly higher than the exchange rate plus shipping) however that is old news.  Unfortunately, it really does limit new blood into the hobby and make it hard for local gaming stores to make sales because everyone just buys offshore.

The more complex issue is that we are a country of just over 4 million people in a long country that stretches from Lake Erie down into Florida or from Scotland into Spain. Our gaming scene also split hard three ways with the death of 8th. So achieving a critical mass for gaming clubs and tournaments can be hard. We are only now starting to get 40 player tournaments and that usually requires about half the field to be flying (or catching a 10-hour bus ride) to get there.

Durthu has great basing that Dan is using across the entire force

You recently started a new Podcast called AoS Shorts.  What can you tell me about it?

AoS Shorts is a series of podcasts, videos and blog posts on strategy for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.  This series will help you get better fast.
Think of it as a Cliff Notes version of Facehammer etc.

There is so much great information out there in the AoS community on strategy and tactics, but it is largely buried in 100-page forum threads, 3-hour podcasts or hundreds of hours of video.  The aim with AoS Shorts is to distill this information for the time-poor gamer. Basically, I’ve started the podcast I wanted.

Each show focuses on a key AoS topic, such as list design, deployment, and scenarios,  and is accompanied by diagrams, tip sheets and a blog post for you to digest or refer to later.

Who is your target audience for the podcast and what is your goal with the show?

The show is aimed at people who want to improve their performances at tournaments or other competitive games. The show really isn't going to have anything new for top-end tournament gamers who usually podium. However, for players in the mid- or lower tables who want to start winning more games, or feel like they are in those games for longer, I hope my show helps.


So far you have List Writing, Tournament Play Tips, Scenery in The Age of Sigmar, Deployment, and the Priority Roll what is next for the show?

At the moment I'm trying to stick to the core mechanics of AoS until GHB2017 comes out.  Once that drops, I'll have episodes on each of the scenarios, summoning, piling in and combat, certain list builds, scouting reports on particular factions etc.

I also want to grow the show into videos because it is so much easier to explain strategy and tactics by showing rather than telling.  I want to illustrate the key concepts of the game with great painted armies on good tables.


What is the best way for someone to reach you and where can they download your latest shows?

You can find me on Twitter at @antipodean7 or AoS Shorts on Facebook.
All the articles and resources can be found at aosshorts.com.
The show is on iTunes, Podbean, and RSS.


I love what Dan is doing and I hope you take the time to check out his podcast and Blog.  I plan to use them as some last minute tournament preparation to Nova Open as I listen to his previous episodes on my drive down to the venue.  As always feel free to follow me on Twitter and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Welcome to the fresh look for The Realm Gate!  I felt it was time to step up my game and give the blog a more professional look with a new logo I worked up as well as a cleaner design to the site.  I made do subtle tweaks here and there and any input is appreciated.

The new logo.  I was originally going to commission one but decided to try my own hand at it in the end

Now for another Hobby update as I have begun to find my Hobby Rhythm and gaining momentum each and every day!  It is helping that Nova Open is right around the corner and nothing helps the hobby like a goal or big event on the horizon!

Fresh faces and ready for Blood

I am in the middle of painting my Blades of Khorne and finished up my Unit of ten BloodWarriors.  I was surprised at how much detail these models have considering they were from the starter set.  They took much longer to paint than I expected, but they are beautiful models to add to any Khorne army.

Totems and Icons galore!

After I painted up the unit I realized that I needed to add in an Icon Bearer and after an extra night of work I was able to convert up something simple but effective for the role.  To treat myself I plan to paint my Bloodsecrator next.

The set up before we all began to run right due to the meteor drops

I managed to get some gaming in as well!  My friend Matt hosted me for a game of Age of Sigmar and 40k.  I took my Double Hammerstrike List I am considering for Nova Open against his Celestial Vindicators in Gift from the Heavens.  It was a fun game back and forth, but my Stormcast Took Victory in the end.  After playing the double Hammerstrike I find it powerful, but with a few weaknesses so I will be trying out a few other lists before Nova.

Movement is really easy if you lose before you get to move

After Dinner and some chatting, we dived into a game of 40k where my Dark Angels faced off against his Mixed Imperium List in a game built from the new Open War cards.  Despite the cards creating a fun Scenario my lack of knowledge in 40k play and how my army truly functions led to me losing in the Top of Turn 1.  Since it was all about the fun so we decided to just play on...until I was tabled at the bottom of turn 3. A great day regardless and I it really motivated me to improve my 40k skills to match that of my Age of Sigmar skills.

Some of the great work people are contributing to this great Cause (various artists)

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some Hobby Inspiration with the #RainbowWarriorsProject seeing the community come together for a great cause is wonderful and that they can do it using their Hobby skills makes it that much better!  Check out The Lonely Havocs to keep up to date on this great Project and where you can go to for the charity raffle to win this great army.

Until Friday feel free to follow me on Twitter and Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone! There are only four more full weeks until Nova Open and my excitement is growing!  While this is not my first Major Wargaming event, Adepticon 2017 holds that title, it is my first Nova Open and the excitement isn't any less.  However, I have been much more relaxed about my preparations for the event.

One of the best ways I found to prepare for a GT's is to listen to Podcasts and Videocasts discussing different armies that you are likely to see when attending these events.  Lately, there has been a number of great shows doing just that.  Tyler Emerson of Scurby & Wells discussed Tzeentch in his latest show with Rob Moar.  Vince and Tom of Warhammer Weekly had Andrea Schwandt on this past week discussing her first-hand experience with Kharadron Overlords. David and Alex from Garagehammer just put out an episode about Beastclaw Raiders that I plan on listening to this weekend.  I can also highly recommend you check out AoS Shorts by Dan S. which is a great quick way to tighten up your rules knowledge of the game.


I was planning on taking a copy of my Adepticon Army.  It has been nice to not have any Hobby Crunch Leading up to the event, but a recent change to my list has created some work for me, but thankfully not much.  Beyond the addition of another unit to my Stormcast Eternals, I do have a short list of items to prepare as well.  It seems the Hobby Crunch can never truly be avoided.

To round out my list for the Championship I need to purchase, build, and assemble a unit of five Protectors.  Thankfully they are one of my favorite units in the army so it won't be a chore of any sort, but I do need to make sure I have all the paint for the scheme on hand.  I do want to add a bit of customization to this unit to differentiate it from my current unit of Protectors so it will add a bit more time to the getting the unit done, but I think it will be well worth it.  I also plan to touch up my Display Board a bit as well, but thankfully it has been safely stored since I last used it at an event.


During Adepticon this past March I ordered some custom Combat Gauges from 6squared Studios for this blog that I handed out to my opponents for some shameless self-promotion and give them a nice tool to use in their following games.  I plan to order them once again for Nova this year and the sooner I get on this the better.  I am working on having a true logo created currently, but sadly I do not believe it will be completed in time to put them on the Combat Gauges.  This is due to my failing at sorting out what I want exactly, but once it is completed you will see it here first!

Currently, I am signed up for the Team event with my buddy Matt for Friday, which is also the day we arrive.  I am also competing in the Championship Saturday and Sunday, but thanks to Aaron Bostian I plan to add another event.  There is a narrative campaign going on all weekend and I plan to jump into the games on Friday Night for some Narrative Driven Gaming.

The template for the Combat Gauge at Nova Open

At Adepticon I went all out with a short story explaining the Lore of my Army as well as color copies of my List from the Azyr App with custom Images I took of my Army.  I plan to do the same for the Championship event, but the this is sounding more and more like it will be a last minute item to complete due to everything that needs to be done prior.

As I do before any event I try to play as many games as possible with the Army to ensure I know what each unit does in order to keep my game moving as quickly and accurately as possible.  I felt as if my game hasn't been as clean or tight as it could be as of late.  Mostly due to my hobby time and energy being put into playing less and less.  I want to try to get at least two games in per week before the event.

All done...almost...

I am also painting my Khorne to possibly take to the NArrative event.  Currently, I have added 30 Bloodletters to my assumed total, but I will not truly count them unless they are based and I do not plan to base until the army is fully painted so it will be all or nothing on my end.  Either way, it is fun to have a little hobby crunch to keep motivated!  However, once I pick up the last box of Protectors I need they will move to top priority!

I hope to see you at Nova Open if you are attending this year.  If you are hit me up on Twitter and we can chat hobby for a bit.  Have a great weekend and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  The Paint is really beginning to flow on my Hobby Table.  Also with Nova Fast approaching, I am trying to play as many games as I can to prepare for all the events!  It is an exciting time for Age of Sigmar as well with the announcement of the Generals Handbook 2017 coming in August, be sure to check out the video announcement.  It is a real gem!

My Blades of Khorne Color Scheme was decided and I got to work on my Bloodletters.  It took a good portion of my Saturday, but I managed to finish the unit up.  I am still trying to decide on how to base them, but I am saving that for the end of the Army to do it all at once.


A couple of my good friends are getting back into the Fantasy side of gaming with Age of Sigmar and one had a group of us out to his place for some Basement Hammer.  It was a blast hanging out, rolling dice, and eating pizza.  It had been a while since I had seen some of them so it was great to catch up over some games.


I also snagged my room for Adepticon 2018!  I am much closer than I was last year which means I can join in on the late night gaming with everyone and with what appears to be a British Invasion of Adepticon it promises to be a great event!  Hope to see you there!


Let me know what has been on your table or what Games you have played lately by hitting me up on Twitter.  Also if you're going to Adepticon 2018 I suggest booking a room soon as the Hotels are quickly filling up!  I will see you Friday as I continue my Road to Nova Open series!  Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  This week I wanted to continue my new segment where I talk to a club mate about his Hobby and his efforts in Community Building.  Today I will be talking with DJ who I have known since I began playing Warhammer years ago.  DJ has taken on a large task within our Local Community.  While I have been trying to grow and develop my local club, DJ has been embracing Wargaming, Board games, and Tabletop RPG's by creating a group for everyone to chat and discuss all the tabletop goodness.  The group he has created is Called Westmoreland Gamers Guild and the local clubs I run and/or play which slot in nicely to this larger and more collective group to help grow as a community.











DJ, can you let everyone know a bit about yourself?



I live in Western PA. and enjoy all types of Tabletop games, D&D, Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, X-wing.  You name it I will play it.  I am usually around on Wargaming Forums with the name IGMeatShielf or SkullSplitter.

How did you get Started in Wargaming?


I was in 8th Grade at the time and I discovered Warhammer Fantasy and not much after that I found my way into Warhammer 40,000.  I kept with it for a while until I was Deployed to Iraq, but when I returned I stepped right back into the games.

What armies do you play in Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000?
I have always played and loved Tomb Kings.  Thankfully I have a large army of them from my Time in Warhammer Fantasy.  As for Warhammer 40,000 I play Imperial Guard as well as Thousand Sons.  I really enjoy the narrative of The Thousand Sons so I will stick with them for a while I think.

Do you have a favorite Hobby memory?
There was a tournament up in Erie, PA which is a four-hour drive or so from my house.  I was young and drove early in the morning to attend so I could meet the (at the time) cast of 40k Radio.  I got to talk with them and play a few games.  It was really great.

What about your worst Hobby moment?
I was traveling to my first tournament outside of the local club.  It was a long drive and shortly after one of my games began it was discovered that my opponent was cheating to win.  Being a newer Wargamer at the time I couldn't understand why anyone would cheat in a game built for fun and it really put a sour taste in my mouth.  I don't remember the details anymore, but I remember the feeling and I strive to play the rules correctly in all my games to ensure I don;t ever give anyone that feeling by accident.






What is the Westmoreland Gamers Guild?
WGG is a unifying group to connect gamers all across the county I live in (Westmoreland county located in Western PA).  It allows gamers from all types of games get to chat and possibly share their game systems with others in the group.

Why did you decide to start the group?
It started as a Facebook page in order to connect groups I knew of in the local area to plan games and events.  After seeing the Wargaming community begin to grow again I realized how much I missed large events with everyone smiling and having a great time.  We use to have tournaments for Warhammer with a minimum of sixteen players on a regular basis, but it fell off for quite some time.  I wanted to step up and do my part of growing the community again.

What is the goal of the Group?
I am hoping the group will gel and eventually we can have a large presence at major events such as Adepticon and Nova with Team shirts and having a great time together.

If you want to find out more about the group you can find the Facebook page here.  Have a great weekend everyone and if you haven't done so already the rooms are available for Adepticon so be sure to get a reservation soon!  Until next week you can find me on Twitter and Happy Hobbying!

Thanks for coming on DJ.  I look forward to seeing the group grow!
It will be exciting that's for sure!  Thanks for having me.












If you are in Western PA I highly recommend you join the Facebook group to get on board.  Have a great weekend everyone and until next week, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Happy Hobbying!








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Hey Everyone!  My Hobby is finally starting to gain some momentum.  Considering Nova Open is about five weeks away it is about time I try to kick it up a notch.  My recent vacation time has invigorated me to get back at it as well.  Spending a week away from my Hobby table was the best thing to refresh myself and make a push to finish my Blades of Khorne.


My Club held a Shadow Wars: Armageddon event this past weekend with the store kit and it was a fun and relaxed day despite there being prizes to go along with the event.  My Squad of Harlequins set out for Glory that day and did not disappoint. 


I came home with best overall as well as a second place award in painting.  It was a very fun day with five great opponents just rolling dice and having a laugh.


Recently my wife agreed to paint her first model, but she said it had to be an Aelf!  Austin from Shadowclaimer minis hooked me up with the model while I was at Adepticon.  If you haven't checked out his Live streams you should as he does great work!  She has always loved the lore of Warhammer Fantasy and her and I played the MMO quite extensively when it was up and running, but she never dove into the Hobby side of everything.  She still has washes and highlights, but she has grasped what took me years to learn pretty quickly.


My Wife wasn't the only one to get some paint flowing either.  I managed to take my primed Blakes of Khorne and begin layering on two thin coats of Ulthuan Grey.  It was maddening as it felt like I wasn't doing much at first, but after the second coat, it really began to smooth the models out.  Next up is some actual colors!


Hopefully, these close ups can help you see the difference between the Grey and White on the model.

I would love to see what is on your hobby table so feel free to hit me up on Twitter and be sure to come back Friday as I do another player Spotlight on a man after my own heart who is working on building a stronger community in my local area.  Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  If you have known me for a bit you will know that I prefer to play the "Good Guys".  Aleves, Duardin, and more recently Stormcast Eternals are my mainstay.  I enjoy their background and how in The World That Was Order was typically the underdog and on the backfoot, but despite the inevitable End Times they still fought and tried to save it all.  Whenever I would buy a starter set or a bundle I would always sell or trade off the Chaos without a thought.  I never truly identified with those armies, but that has all changed.


Now that armies are quicker to get on the table and my skills as a hobbyist has improved I found myself looking elsewhere than Order.  However, nothing really came out of that looking around.  I attempted a large Orruk force I got a great deal on, but soon lost my inspiration for the project.  Part of it was due to most of the units being compendium and the other just an overall wanting to go back to my Stormcast and hope for Aelves to be released.  I did manage to keep enough motivation to create a small war band that might one day grow, but for now, is being used as my force for Skirmish.

I was looking for a fun side project to work on with a few friends and Path to Glory seemed like a good fit.  Everyone seemed keen to all pick a Chaos god for our armies and I agreed.  After the decision was settled I was put with Khorne due to my lack of dedication I took who the god who was left out.  I looked at Chaos, but never let anything sink its hooks in other than passing interest in the fluff without examing the army play styles.  So I was gifted the Khorne Bloodbound from the Starter set since I had traded mine off long ago.  However, I wanted the iconic Bloodthirster and a few Daemons to add as well and looking at building a 1000pt list for the total of our event it seemed like I was set.


Shortly after they announced The Blades of Khorne Battletome and I knew I was going to do well in the campaign by having a great way to mix my new Daemons and Bloodbound into a cohesive force with army specific abilities.  A few weeks later I attended Adepticon, which was my first Major event, and I was lucky enough to get an early look at the Blades of Khorne Battletome.  This is when the Damn broke and my Fall to Chaos went from Bunny Slope to free fall without a parachute.  I fell in love with the army and what it could do as far as fluff and playstyle.  I am happy to say I have over 2000pts with plans to add more in the future.

So far I have built and removed the mold lines for the army and have begun priming the force in preparation to paint.  I am hoping to complete the army by Nova and take it along for some narrative or pickup gaming.  As I paint the army over the next few months I will be bringing you my insights, hobby, and plans for the army.  I don't consider myself an expert on the army in any way, but I am excited to share my experience.


I hope you will join me in the coming months as I bring you Road to Nova and Falling for Chaos series.  If you have any insights into the army I would love to hear them and if you are attending Nova Open 2017 I would love to say hi so let me know if you will be around.  Until next week, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, and Happy Hobbying!

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Vacation season is upon us, but that doesn't the Hobby has to stop.  Hopefully, your summer is full of fun in the sun as well as plenty of Hobby!

Reading list set for Vacation.  High Elves on the Beach!

It has been very humid and hot in the Northeast U.S. lately and it has stalled my project work as I have been unable to prime for a week or so, but I was able to get the primer down just before leaving for vacation.  I am using my vacation to step away from touching a model in hopes it will ignite my hobby in a way it hasn't been since Adepticon. 

I need to really get a move on with the army as to not fall too far behind Miles for our little wager or a beer for the upcoming Nova Open in seeing who can paint more models before the event.

When the weather is too bad to Prime it gets weird

Despite the weather, I finally got the white primer down on my army

Hope you are enjoying the summer and getting more Hobby done than I have as of late.  As always feel free to follow me on Twitter and until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

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730 days, three armies, 756 models painted, countless games played.  No matter how you define time with your Hobby it is a fact that we have had Age of Sigmar for two years now and what has those past few years looked like for all of us in The Mortal Realms?  I hope to share my view on the past few years and my hopes for the following year to come in today's post.

In order to grasp where we are now, we need to look back at where this all began.  The ending of a world.  I won't go into the full details of the End Times, but it was decisive in the community at the very least.  Some players like myself really enjoyed the unfolding events and the drastic changes that let Warhammer Fantasy go out with a proper bang!  Others did not like the changes to the gameplay and fought hard to hold on to what the game was and avoid what it might become.  As that world ended we also so a community end along with it.

Rules and Preorders came out this day for the Game we love

When Age of Sigmar was released there were those who were hesitant.  Some people outright left the Hobby or the game and a few went to make their own game to continue the torch of rank and flank fantasy battles.  A very small group, myself included, picked up the game day one and began to build and search for anyone who wanted to play.  The release was not smooth or handled in a smooth way in regards to Public Relations and Marketing.  It is clear with the recent release of #New40k that Games Workshop has seen the issues and corrected them for how they launch a game and when Age of Sigmar dropped they were still what we consider "The old GW" as opposed to "The New GW" they have become.  Either way, the community shrunk, drastically and there were very few safe havens for those of us wanting to play and talk about Age of Sigmar.  Then Twitter saved the day as the community gathered there and we could all enjoy each others hobby and games played and discuss anything and everything in The Age of Sigmar.  This foundation of the community would grow in the following years as we have seen.

One of the biggest issues was the lack of a point system to allow players to play pickup games and have a fun and relatively balanced game.  In the U.S. this is a large way in how we play as with such large regions we rely on a community driven standard on what size army to carry along to an FLGS in order to get a game going quickly.  While it is important to have a discussion with your opponent before a game for many reasons the need for a point system and general points played at saves a lot of time as part of the conversation would be solved before it began.  We saw a number of point systems develop to help give us what we need.  SDK, MO-Comp, etc... all came about from within the newly forming and still small community.  We heard about these systems through a few different channels via Twitter, Podcasts, and Blogs.

We saw a large number of Podcasts and Blogs being created as well.  Some have survived and going strong while others silently disappeared and a few have decided to take a well-deserved break to focus on life outside of the hobby.  A few over in England really took the bull by the horns and worked directly with Games Workshop in order to create The Generals Handbook.  Heelan Hammer, Bad Dice, and Facehammer were all involved and are still involved with each iteration of the book.  When The Generals Handbook released it was a game changer.  Suddenly interest for the game was growing and people wanted to play.


Shortly before this time is when Games Workshop came back to Facebook and social media.  We saw the creation of the Warhammer Community Team as it is now through small videos here and there.  After a while, we saw Warhammer TV develop with daily painting tip videos, weekly streams, and success in taking the wind out of rumor sites and posts online.  The availability of Age of Sigmar was at an all time high.  I could hobby while watching live games and let us not forget the Warhammer Age of Sigmar App for tablets and Smart Phones.  It has changed since its first iteration, but for the better.  We can view all the rules, unlock points, and build our forces conveniently on our phone with added options such as being able to name and take custom images of our models to print out the lists.  While this was a great change to the app we cannot forget Tony P. and his gift to the Age of Sigmar world with Scroll Builder, which is now hosted and incorporated into the Community Site.

Games Workshop has also stepped up their presence at independent events across the globe as well.  They offered great support to the LVO with Terrain on top of running the Age of Sigmar event as well as streaming.  They continued this trend into Adepticon and soon Nova Open over here in the States and South Coast GT, Facehammer GT, and soon Blood and Glory in the UK.  They even brought back their own Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament with multiple Heats throughout the year.

While the community team has been driving forward we have received plenty of updates to our Armies in an ever evolving Battletome format that keeps getting better.  We saw the conclusion of the initial Campaign "The Realm Gate Wars".  We had a fantastic Summer Campaign with The Season of War.  A full Skirmish update has come out and a full Path to Glory supplement is on its way.  We even had the announcement of the next version of The Generals Handbook (2017).

All of this has inspired many great pursuits, projects, and events from the global community.  We have seen more Grand Tournaments come about with Nashcon, SoCal Open, Midwest Meltdown, Battleshock Bash and of course the Global Event of Coalescence.  We have seen many groups get together to grow Age of Sigmar even more with support and acknowledgment from Games Workshop which was unheard of just a few years ago.

While we have been through a bit of a lull as #New40k was being developed and released I am sure we are right around the corner from much more Age of Sigmar and honestly, the small lull was a bit a nice break to cool those Hobby engines a bit for what is next.  I can't wait to see what is coming this year, please be Aleves, and as a community, we should be excited and rally around this game we love along with each other.  The Age of Sigmar Community is one of, if not the best, Wargaming Communities out there with a great back and forth between us and Games Workshop.  The Warhammer Community team are a small group of wonderful people doing great things and we are a large and passionate audience that could accomplish even greater heights by working together as we have been doing so far.  Consider what you might be able to do for your local club or possibly a larger area of your region to grow the awareness of Age of Sigmar and build your community beyond where it currently sits.

Just a small part of the friendships I have made in this Hobby (I need pictures with more folks!)

On a personal note, I want to say thank you to everyone I have met within the past few years through this Hobby and this game.  This game and hobby have become so much more to me through all of you.  I have made what I feel like are friends for life all due to my love of rolling dice and painting little toy soldiers.  It's humbling to think about, but it makes me very glad to know how welcoming and supportive we as a community are to one another.  Finally going to GT's and conventions this year has really opened up the Hobby world for me and I encourage everyone to attend at least one in the coming year.

I am sure I didn't even cover half of everything, but it was enjoyable to just let the memories flow and I hope you enjoyed this little recap of the past few years.  Perhaps I will add more in a follow-up post at a later time if I feel there is more to be added, but for now, I will leave it here.  May the next year of Age of Sigmar be even greater than the last and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  The past few days for me have been full of Games of 40k, Age of Sigmar, and Skirmish.  On top of that, I managed to get some models primed and ready to begin painting.  Let us not forget that yesterday was The Release Anniversary of Age of Sigmar and if you're over in the States it was Independence day!

Another Year in and going strong!

Got a few games of #New40k in at the club meetup on Saturday and loving it

A friend who took a break when Age of Sigmar dropped got his first game in on Sunday (Welcome back Richie!)

I also got to play a game of Skirmish with my buddy Aleks.  My Orruks charged the field..and died to a man...WAAAGH!

Let me know what you are working on this week!  Feel free to follow my Hobby on Twitter and I will see you on Fridays Post!  Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  There is quite a lot of Warhammer Events coming up such as Midwest Meltdown in July, Slobberknocker GT in July, as well as Heat 3 at Warhammer World this weekend!  However, my focus is on Nova Open as it will be my second Grand Tournament and I could not be more excited.


This time around I will be participating in the Age of Sigmar Team Event on Friday as well as the Championship on Saturday and Sunday.  I also plan to catch up with the friends I have made in this hobby and enjoy the atmosphere of another major event so if you see me around come over and say Hi and talk some Hobby with me.  I really enjoyed connecting with others at  Adepticon this past year and joining in on the sense of community that we are all a part of in this Hobby.

I feel these larger events are the best time to really grasp the idea of the National and Global Community for Age of Sigmar.  We all share the same interest in this game and hobby and being able to share that passion as well as our ideas and projects regarding our local communities.  In doing this we will see all the smaller pockets of groups begin to connect and blend a bit more to really solidify what the U.S. Age of Sigmar players are as a whole, and create a collective feeling of Community.  I encourage everyone to talk, interact, and share your social media groups with each other as well and look at how we can all help each other grow into the following year.  Also, The Warhammer Community Team will be attending in force and they are a great group who I enjoyed meeting and discussing the U.S. Community with at Adepticon and they will be hosting a number of seminars once again.

One that I will be sad to miss will be on Wednesday night about Building a Community and if you can attend this seminar I couldn't encourage you more.  I am sure it will be full of great information and tips to help grow your local scene which in turn will work to improve our National Scene.


I have decided on my Stormcast Eternals again for Nova Open.  I feel very comfortable with the army and always have fun playing them winning or losing and the best part is I have a fully painted army so I do not need to rush to paint the army for the event which allows me to work on my current Blades of Khorne army.  However, I wouldn't put it past me to add a random unit to the army within the next month because I just can't stop painting Stormcasts it seems.

The Reiksguard Eternals return!

My goal for Nova Open is to place top half in the Team event with my good friend Matt who is bringing is Duardin Force and going for the top 25% in the Championship.  My list will be similar to my Adepticon list with minor changes and as of Sunday, I will be going into full Age of Sigmar practice mode.  I plan to play as many games with the army as possible and examining ways to adjust my list to bring the most competitive list I can for the Championship.  The Team event I plan to go a bit more relaxed as the event to me seems to be more about having fun with your partner and engaging in a fun game.  While the Championship will have the same feeling of fun and engagement I don't feel any pressure to win in the Team event.

I also have a little wager with Miles Hamrick.  We are seeing who can paint more models to completion between now and the event either Age of Sigmar or 40k.  Loser buys the other a round of drinks.  I will track this progress in the series as well to see if I can keep up with him and his Hobby!  Follow both of us on Twitter to see use duel it out.

Hopefully, I can knock out enough of these to pull out a win on our little wager

I look forward to bringing you more on my Road to Nova article series as well as coverage of my time there once it is all in the books.  If you are going to Nova please let me know and perhaps we can meet up.  I plan to be there Friday through Saturday and hitting me up on Twitter is the best way to grab my attention most of the time.  See you all there and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  It's Wednesday and time for my weekly Hobby Update.  It has been a fun week getting in my first game of the New 40k and getting back to some Age of Sigmar Hobby.  Nova is fast approaching and I plan to prepare with as many games with my Stormcast as I can in the next few months while painting up my Blades of Khorne so look forward to lots of that soon!


My good friend Ed also known as EvilEd has finally moved back into 40k coming from being very prominent in the X-Wing Community.  We had a great game of my Dark Angels versus his Space Wolves with him taking the victory.  I had a blast and I look forward to more games of 40k in the future.


My Khorne is assembled and free of mold lines.  I plan to give them a once over before I begin priming for my White and Gold Scheme.  I plan to push this army hard during July and possibly bring them to Nova for some Narrative games.  I am very excited as I want to take this army past any previous army I have done while removing mold lines, green stuffing gaps, and going for a paint scheme with shading, washing, and highlighting the entire army.

After finding out Path to Glory will be its own full supplement recently we get some info on the next edition of The Generals Handbook.  I am glad it is being labeled 2017 instead of Edition 2 as it promises a standard yearly update.  I can't wait to get a release date and will give it a review when I pick up my copy.

Let me know what you are working on and feel free to follow me on Twitter.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  Another week has come and gone and I bet you're sitting at home, or perhaps sneaking a quick read in at work, or possibly commuting home and passing the boredom with today's post.  However, if you are reading this I bet you are similar to me with your passion for our Hobby and the ever present thoughts of painting, building, and playing games are within you.  Sadly, not all of us are can count our Hobby as our profession, and sometimes it might be best to keep it separate.  How do we strike that balance between our Hobby Life, Home Life, Social Life, and Work Life?  I hope to share with you today my thoughts and how I attempt to obtain Hobby Balance.

Picture of me doing my best to not think about Painting a model 
(Shortly after I went and painted a model)

As I write this I think about the hectic time I am having this evening.  I drove home from work after a nine hour day followed by household chores and cleaning my gutters before tomorrow's rainstorm.  I won't lie and say this post has been crafted over a few weeks as I am writing it the night before it goes up.  After all the chores are completed I plan to cap the night off with dinner and build some Blades of Khorne while relaxing with my wife.

I am no pillar of hobby balance as you can see.  I do my best to keep it all portioned appropriately and despite tonight's imbalance, I will be back on track shortly working toward balance.  I do not believe a true balance will ever be reached as it's an ongoing process that we as hobbyists must be aware of as we paint those armies and squeeze in those games.  Just as I will never be satisfied with my latest paint job I will never feel as if I have given enough time to each aspect of my life, including Hobby.

It's great to catch up with friends on life even during games

Work is a necessary task, the hours of toiling can be broken up with Hobby.  List building in your head is a fun past time of mine.  I do take a peek on Twitter as the day goes on and chat with the fellow hobbyists to give myself short mental breaks.  Even on lunch I head to the gym and put on the recent podcasts or an Audio Book to ensure I keep up to date with what's going on in the Lore or Community.  Likewise, your commute home is an excellent time to catch up on Audio Books and Podcasts.

At home, the hobby time may seem close at hand, but we have families to spend time with and responsibilities to clear off our plates.  I am blessed to have a wonderful wife who acknowledges and encourages my enthusiasm (obsession) for this hobby and I can spend the night relaxing with her while building or painting.   While I keep true to one hour a night for my hobby there are times when I put the hobby away to give her my full attention. In turn, she lets me take nights, especially before and event, to hide in my hobby area and let myself get lost in all the madness.

Building a fence and visitng the Warhammer Store are both parts of Hobby Balance

My friends and family know about my hobby and understand that my blank stares while we are at a local coffee shop or dinner usually means I am thinking about the Hobby.  They laugh and ask how my latest project is going and from time to time join me in painting on group hobby days!  It wouldn't be fair to expect my friends to always let my hobbies take precedence so when they suggest a night of fun or an event to attend I use it as a break from the hobby.  While constant immersion in Warhammer is a great way to live it is necessary, I believe, to set it aside completely in order to keep it fresh and prevent burnout.  Besides your friends and family are the ones who will keep you grounded while building you up in areas beyond the hobby as well as in the hobby.  Even with your friends who partake in this hobby, I find it important to spend time with them specifically not doing anything hobby related.

After event hangout where Hobby talk mixed with Non Hobby Talk

Despite our best efforts times will arise where we might have to put a part of our Hobby aside in order to focus on the other parts of life that demand our attention.  We have seen it within the community when hobbyists are getting married, having children, or taking on more responsibilities at work.  It is a hard decision to step away from part of or all of you Hobby, but sometimes it is necessary.  We saw it recently with Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp taking a break from Podcasting.  I have a lot of respect for those two for making that call as they could try to push on and keep putting their podcasts, but over time the demands elsewhere would see them put out a show that is not up to the quality they expect of themselves.  The flip side is they might continue putting out a great product, but other aspects would begin to suffer.

My friends, family all know I build, paint, and play with Toy Soldiers and love to immerse myself in the stories.  They encourage it and in turn, I must do the same for them and their hobbies and interests.  While work may be a grind from time to time it is okay to take a moment to chat on twitter or think about your next project in order to keep enthusiastic about our hobby.  Give time to your Hobby and squeeze every spare moment of the day, but keep in mind this world is more than painting and building models.  Spend time enjoying the world outside the hobby, but it never hurts to keep an eye out for the next project inspiration while you do so.  Keep you Hobby with you, but don't let life pass you by.

Some Potential Sylvaneth inspiration from a rcent trip

I hope some insight can be squeezed out of this post, but I would be happy to continue this topic either on Twitter or in future posts if you all think it would be worth exploring.  Please let me know and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!  It has been a flurry of Hobby lately and most of it #New40k.  I am very happy to be jumping back into the Grim Dark of The Far Future as well as playing in The Mortal Realms.  I remember the fun-filled times of days gone past when I played both systems and I am glad those days are back!  While the 40k break has been nice, especially after putting a lot of time and effort into Coalescence, I am very excited to jump back into more of a Sigmar Focus in the next few months to prepare for Nova Open.


With the 40k edition dropping, I let myself get swept in all the fun.  I haven't really played since 6th edition, but the changes to both Games Workshop and to Warhammer 40,000 I couldn't resist letting the Dark secrets of The Dark Angels run rampant in my head once again.  I picked my index and my Starter box and got to work.



After a long day or rebasing and building this past Sunday, The Sons of The Lion are up ready to hit the table while receiving a fresh coat of paint.  It was fun to loose myself to an entire day to the hobby.  It has been quite a while and while drained, really motivated me to move forward with the Army.


My plan for the Army is to have the majority ready to go for this Summers Campaign, Fate of Konor.  I really enjoyed last years Season of War for Age of Sigmar and cannot wait to see what is in store for us at the end of July.


I haven't forgotten about Age of Sigmar during all of the 40k hype.  My Blades of Khorne Army is being assembled and getting ready for painting.  Hopefully, I will be priming by Saturday.


Originally my fall to Chaos was part of a Path to Glory campaign with a few of my Club Mates.  We all chose a different Chaos god and set to the task, but as life does it can prevent us from gathering to game as much as we would like and the campaign went by the wayside as my army grew.  Thankfully, the announcement of a standalone Path to Glory Supplement for Age of Sigmar has reawakened the call of Chaos for my club mates and come July we will be picking this up to start a new campaign!

I would love to see what you are working on as well so please let me know either int he comments or by finding me on Twitter.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to run down the Coalescence event I ran at my local club last Saturday as part of the Global Narrative.  It was a great day of wargaming with a room full of players really getting into the setting of the event.  The tables were full of smiles and friendly banter all day as well as exciting games and stories being created!

We ran the event at our local library which is our usual club hangout.  We play in the basement where we can be as loud as we like and there is plenty of space to set up all the tables we need.  I set out early to grab some coffee and relax a bit before all the madness began.  It was a great time to reflect on what I needed to do to ensure everyone had a great time.

The local Library where the event was held

I was very lucky to have some players show up early to help set up the tables and the terrain.  In about thirty minutes we had everything set up right now time as the players began to roll in with their armies and excitement for the games to come.  I called everyone together and gave a brief rundown of the day and encourage everyone to play within the spirit of the event.  

The calm before the storm

This was my first real go at being a true Event Organizer.  I have run small events with my club, but never before have I branched out across the region to get as many players as I could for the event.  It was a lot of work even for a one-day event and even though it was nerve-wracking it was one of the most fulfilling experiences within this hobby and I fear I might be hooked to T.O.ing.

I want to give a shout out to the Steel City guys and the Rend 4 crew from Ohio who made the trek out for the day.  Being able to play different people is the best way to grow as a war gamer both socially.  These players brought fantastic hobby, great attitudes, and really helped make the event.

Game 2 in full swing

When the dice began rolling we had 11 players show up which meant I had to play the ringer so no one was sitting.  I worked my ringer army into the fluff from my event and brought Tyrion and Teclis to the table.  I paired players off with the goal of players playing at least one person they have never played before at least once in the day.  The great part of the narrative event structure was I could freely choose who plays who throughout the day.

The Event Pack was very nicely written and I had one minor questions throughout the day which was great considering I had to play along with everyone else.  After game one we saw Chaos in ascendance and due to the player mixed Chaos was the favored to win the event, but Order saw things differently and fought back every step of the way.  Destruction and Death were out in force, but could never really foothold on the other two Alliances.

The FLGS owner Norm choose to Photobomb

After the dice were down everyone pitched in to help clean up the tables and rest the Library basement back to how it was when we had arrived.  After three games the last thing anyone wants to do is moved heavy tables and put terrain away, but many hands make light work and it was done in no time.

We all gathered at the FLGS The Toy Soldier Gallery.  I calculated all the results and handed out the awards.  Thankfully we had some great prize support so most everyone went away with some models and an award, but the real winner of the day was the Game.  Everyone knew they were part of something bigger with this event.  They all fought to have a piece of the global narrative.

The winners of the day!

As is customary we all gathered at the local bar to share stories and talk about our next hobby projects.  After a long day of gaming, no matter how fun, it is great to unwind and just talk about our games and what they are inspiring us to do next.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of players that day and a lot of friendships and group connections formed that will mean bigger events for us all in the future.

Relaxing afterwards

In the end, Order managed to upset Chaos in the final round.  While Chaos led the way all day they managed to drop the ball in the last game while Order came up big for the upset.  Tyrion and Teclis would be proud to see the Shard attuned to Order and safely in the hands of Sigmar.

Order attuned The Laurel Diamond in the end

I hope you all enjoyed this brief recap of my Coalescence 2017 event.  It was a great success with lots of support assistance from the NEON team to help me confidently run my first larger event.  I can safely say I will be running more larger events in the future by working with other Club leaders in the surround region.  I hope to have a continuation or a new story for Coalescence 2018 as you can be sure it will be bigger and better.  As always have a great weekend and feel free to follow me on Twitter.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!


The story of Coalescence 2017 
Tied to my local Story set in Hysh


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Hey Everyone!  Time for my weekly Wednesday hobby post.  It was a fun and exhausting weekend with Coalescence, but there is no rest for the weary, especially when there is so much exciting hobby on your painting desk.  Be sure to come back this Friday for a recap of the Coalescence event I ran this past Saturday that was part of the bigger global narrative! 


I finally have been able to pick up the books by my nightstand and managed to work through this novel, Blood of Asaheim by Chris Wright.  While a bit slow to start it really kicked into high gear near the final third of the book.  The concept of a Space Wolf trying to reintegrate within his pack after spending time in the Deathwatch created a fun story that set up for a sequel nicely with Stormcaller that I plan to pick up soon. 


My very good friend Matt gifted me this lovely gaming mat this past weekend.  Frontline Gaming recently got into the gaming mat business with FLG Mats, but they knocked it out of the park.  The quality is exceptional and I look forward to playing my future games on this great product.


I began salvaging some bases I received with my recent acquisition of some new Dark Angel Models.  I have never been a fan of quark so off it goes!


Speaking of Dark Angels and #New40k I pulled all my Dark Angels from their dusty shelf and brought them down to the hobby desk.  I plan to rebase all the Marines to 32mm as well as give them all either a fresh coat or some touchups.  I will be working on this project alongside my Blades of Khorne army so expect Green alongside the Red very very soon.

As always feel free to follow me on Twitter and until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone and happy Friday.  It is no secret that I have been traveling quite a bit for my job recently.  While it is fun flying across the country and seeing new places once the work day is done it can eat away at your hobby time.  Today I wanted to share some tips for keeping your hobby going strong even when traveling.

I tend to travel a lean as possible be it for work or pleasure.  I enjoy not needing to check a bag when flying and being able to make just a single trip to my hotel with my luggage.  A single bag is all I ever take and as such, I need to make sure I can fit what I need for my hobby in a small and durable case.  Only a few months ago I would put everything into a small sturdy box packed as nicely as I could with tissue paper to prevent items from moving.

While this method worked in the short term I knew it wasn't and ideal solution for the long term.  Thankfully my solution came to me while I was at Adepticon this past March. I stopped in at the Battle Foam booth and found their Pack Mini.  I grabbed the case and 3 different foam layouts.  One being the standard pluck foam so I could create my own travel layout.  I cannot recommend these bags enough.  I plan to switch entirely to Battle Foam within the next few months as my only foam and bag brand to transport my models and you can expect a review when I do.


While having hobby to enjoy at your leisure in the hotel room at night you cannot forget to have some books and podcasts ready to keep your hobby mind working during your flight or drive.  I listen to a fair number of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 podcasts and audiobooks so that is my usual preference during my travel.  It also allows you to stay light by downloading the podcast or audiobooks to your phone for convenience.


It may be tempting to bring a lot of models to try and crack through them in the hotel at night, but I would recommend against this train of thought.  We all have one of models or units laying about that we promise ourselves we will paint one day.  When you are traveling this is the perfect time to fulfill that promise yourself.  It is a chance to paint something different while keeping to the thought of painting light.  Recently I chose to bring and paint the event model from Adepticon 2017.  I typically paint armies or more recently terrain so this was a nice escape and a chance to experiment a bit.  Also since it was a one-off piece I didn't stress about recording my paint recipes and simply let my creativity flow.


While it may seem as if you will have a lot of downtime in your hotel I found it more common that I had less time than usual to hobby at night.  I was either out with a vendor or exhausted from the day of travel so a few nights I barely managed an hour, but I planned for this to be the case.  I decided I would only to the color blocking and a bit of blending.  Holding off on any Washing or Highlighting until I had returned home allowed me to stay lean.

I was able to pack fewer paint pots and brushes to keep the eventual security stop at the airport to a minimum.  It also gave me the piece of mind that I wouldn't open my bag at my destination to find a pot of Nuln Oil spread through my clothes.  For this same reason, I typically do no build models while traveling due to possibility issues with Super Glue leaking.  The one time I have built on the road it was a short trip in a car and only a few infantry models to stay lean.


It is also worth noting that hotels will often have a few of the necessities such as a desk to hobby on, cups to wash your brushes, and paper towels or tissues to keep your painting area neat and clean.  The one item that varies the most from Hotel to Hotel is the lighting as you can see in a few pictures above.  This reinforces my thought to avoid washing and highlighting on the road.  I don't plan to travel with any lighting soon and keeping to the basics on the road will prevent any frustration due to any poor lighting.


When you arrive home it is time to fix up any missed mistakes and finish the piece.  It is very satisfying coming home from traveling and spending only a short while more to wrap up a model. If you packed lean like I typically do then there isn't much to put away either to get your hobby base back to normalcy for the next, and probably, more in-depth, project. 

I hope my insights are helpful if you have any travels coming up and your planning on hobbying while abroad.  Stay lean, keep it simple, and take something different to work on.  I find it a good way to keep my hobby flowing and motivate me to dive back into army projects back home.  Let me know if you have any tips or if you go in a completely different direction to Travel hobby.  As always feel free to follow me on Twitter.  Also, one of my local Groups Steel City Sigmar has planned their next event on July 9th so come out and join us!  If you're participating in Coalescence this weekend I hope you and your group have an excellent time crafting a great story!  I will be covering my Coalescence event as well as the global view on the event next week so until then,  Happy Hobbying!

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Hey everyone!  It is Wednesday so it is time for my weekly hobby update.  My Hobby hasn't slowed down despite a lot of work travel lately, but the more hobby the better.  From Club Days to  Coalescence preparation, and even my Youtube Debut it has been frantic and fun.


I was lucky enough to be brought on as a guest on last weeks Warhammer Weekly Hosted by Vince and Tom.  We did a review on the "New" Stormcast book and I was honored to join them and hope to be back on in the future.  Check out the video here and be sure to catch his live talkss every Wednesday.


This past weekend my club held its second Barter/Buy day and lots of minis exchanged hands in a fun filled day.  Some of my gains can be seen below.


I was able to round out a full 2000pt Blades of Khorne list with a few recent additions.  It isn't my ideal list, but I can finally begin painting these guys soon and a new project is always an exciting feeling.


Also, I got my hands on an unwanted Unforgiven army.  I will be stripping it to ready it for a new paint job for my #New40k army.  I am currently debating on stripping my older Dark Angels for a fresh coat of paint as well, but time will tell with that endeavor.


Last on my table has been my final preparations for Coalescence this Saturday.  Packs are printed, the terrain is painted, and the players are excited so it will be a great event for everyone.  The prizes and awards will be fun to track and hand out.  I will be doing a follow up to my event next week as well.

As always feel free to follow me on Twitter to see what I am working on in more depth as well as letting me know what you have going on.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about Steel City Sigmar's Second event.  Sadly I was unable to attend, but one of the local club members Mike S. was gracious enough to write up his games and thoughts from the second event.

I met Mike at the local Warhammer store and he has been part of the scene since the first day.  He admittedly is a bit of a Meta Chaser, but always a fantastic gentleman to play and have a beer with after the dice are done rolling.  Check out his game recaps below as well as pictures from the event!

Game 1: vs Dave D. and his Iron Jaws
Blood and Glory

Great opponent and friend. His experience in 40k really made him a difficult opponent even when it was his 5th game of Sigmar and never played against beast claw.  I let him come across the board figure I play the movement game with another Destro army.  There he got 3 Gore Gruntas into combat with my Thunderstusks on turn 1 but wasn't enough cause the 12 mortal wounds coming out a turn are just too overwhelming to deal with for some armies.  I was lucky to table him basically by turn 4. He was doing really good dmg but just couldn't keep up with 1/2 dmg stone horn.

Game 2: vs Alex W. and his Kharadron Overlords and Stormcast mash up.
Border wars

I made tactical blunders and turn 1 he killed a Stonehorn in the shooting phase. Never seen an army do that before.  We played all the way to turn 5 and it came down to an initiative roll.. who won the roll off wins the game. I lost.  I am not used to these shooting armies in Sigmar. I left my 2 big guys in shooting range and it was a bad idea. Even though 1/2 all wounds still wasn't enough.


Game 3: vs Grant and his Kunnin Rukk (X2)

Grant was working hard for a top spot and I decided with 460 shots a turn I have to do something unorthodox to get a victory. So... I basically fed him 2 units of moon clan grots. This gave me time to get my big guys into big charge range on turn 2. I got my Stone horn and thunder tusk into combat buffed with bellowing tyrant and battle brew. I killed like 60 out of 80 orcs in 2 turn and on the other side I killed another 25.  I ended up tabling him for max points and a major victory.


I got 2nd place overall and a bit of prize money that went right to Tyranids for 8th ed 40k!  I had a great time at the event, rolling tons of dice is awesome.  Very good times!

Final Standings from the event!


I am very happy to see the day went well and fun was had by all.  It is great to see the scene growing and a strong regular turnout to these one-day events.  I will be looking to join the Steel City Sigmar Club in their next event and hopefully do better than my first outing.  Until next week everyone, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  It is Wednesday and time for a brief update on what I have had on my hobby desk.  It has been a light week as I prepare for the upcoming coalescence and I am currently in the midst of a lot of travel for work, but I always try to squeeze some hobby in every.  You will be able to see my Travel Hobby in an upcoming Friday in a few weeks.


I was able to complete my first model that wasn't terrain in quote a while with my Knight-Venator Conversion.


I am very excited for the New 40k and have taken a few more recently painted of my Dark Angels and removed the basing in preparation for my new (and second) Unforgiven Force.


The awards are all set for June 10th to go along with the prize support I received my FLGS.  After June 10th I will have a full run down of event!


Last I have begun my attempt at NMM - Gold.  It is not much yet, but it is a start!

Let me know what you have been working on and as always feel free to follow me on Twitter!  See you with Friday's Post.

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Hey Everyone! This past weekend my club held a very important event in place of its standard gaming days.  We had determined at our Town Meeting that our terrain was in need of a facelift and we committed to repairing, repainting, and if needed replacing terrain from our club collection.  I also committed to painting up all of my terrain so when I am running Age of Sigmar events such as Coalescence I can also bring a few extra tables of quality terrain as well.


I went to this project with the mindset that if I am unwilling to paint my own terrain how could I possibly motivate others to fix up our community terrain?  While painting my own terrain was motivating for the club as we came up to the club terrain day it really began to stretch my endurance.  While some terrain like the new Games Workshop has a lot of fun little detail to spend some time on other proved to be monotonous with priming and dry brushing becoming the standard.  All that said it was educational going through the process on my own terrain.  

I also spent time using a hot foam wire cutter and some sharp knives creating hills along the way.  I cannot express how easy these were to create and very friendly on the wallet as well.  If you are needing some simple terrain to get on your or your clubs table I can honestly say you could have a table full of line of sight blocking hills done to a decent standard in an afternoon. 


Our local library which is our normal meeting location was completely booked through the month.  Thankfully we had another FLGS nearby with a lot of space who was willing to host us as we got to the task.  I picked up the clubs terrain early from our club FLGS and headed over to the hosting FLGS.  I arrived and one of our younger members Luke had already arrived and was eager to get going so we began unpacking and setting up shop.

Over the next hour or so more and more club members became coming in to help out.  It was great to see every rally around a single task to improve the club as a whole.  There was a wide variety of hobbyists as well.  The hardcore gamers, the high-level painters, and the casual group all joined it.  The time really passed quickly as we all chatted hobby and upcoming releases.  It was a real bonding experience for those who were able to attend.


I think the key detail of the day was who showed up to begin taking our club to the next level.  While it is worth noting that a few members who let me know there were schedule conflicts and they couldn't attend I noticed that those who showed up were the younger players.  I feel I was able to relay to them how important they are to the future of the club as it will be them leading it one day.  They are enthused about what I have been pushing with taking the club to a higher level and growing once again.  It wouldn't be possible without the support of the entire club, especially the younger players.

The fruits of our labor paid off as we managed to repair and repaint all of the club terrain in about six hours of hard work.  It was great seeing the looks of accomplishment on everyone's face and the care with which everyone put the terrain away in its boxes to be transported back to our FLGS.  The club showed up and took ownership and they will see the fruits of their labor during our next game day when we play with the terrain.


If your club is in needs to up their game tables I can recommend dedicating a single day to repairing and even building new terrain.  It is a great way for everyone to take ownership in the club as well as bond as a community.  If you do have a day like this coming up let me know as I would love to check out some pictures or offer any advice I can.  Follow me on Twitter if you would like to see pictures from the next club game day where we will begin using the freshly updated terrain.  Until next week Happy Hobbying!

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