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A Blog on my part in the Hobby Community.

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Weekly Hobby Update : 2-21-18

Hey Everyone! The Aelves are truly coming back in force as this coming Saturday the preorders go up for some of the new Daughters of Khaine and I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Battletome and Morathi's new model.  While part of me was hoping the release would be a few more weeks out in order to give me a chance to relax before Adepticon this seems to not be the case.  However, my excitement has only grown as the Adepticon cutoff date for new releases is March 3rd and it appears that Morathi and the new Battletome will be released in order to allow me to bring both to the event.  It means a change to my army list and some late nights of painting, but Morathi will be at Adepticon.

I took a bit of this past week to frame up some new art to hang in my hobby room and around the house.  I have been gifted old duplicate copies of Elf Army books and these make excellent pieces to hang around the house and these are the latest two editions to my growing collage on one of my walls.  Recently, at the Malign Portents Painting competition my local Warhammer store was giving away warscroll cards of the new Harbingers featuring their excellent artwork on the back.  I knew these would be framed as opposed to being used on the table and they frame up nicely in a simple 4x6 frame.

I also took time to create my awards for the upcoming Malign Portents Coalescence event I will be running for my local club on March 17th.  I love making these simple awards and they cost less than two dollars each and gives my players a nice reward for their hard-earned victories.  If you wish to create these yourself the Neon Blog has offered up an easy way to do so.


While the future looks less likely that I will be fielding all 120 of my Witch Aelves at Adepticon with the new book mixing things up I am happy to say I have completed them all this past week.  It was a labor of love and I feel that I am now an expert on painting Aelf Thongs which is a skill I never thought I would need.  I was honestly worried about the final stage of adding the warpaint and painting the eyes, but it was easily the quickest part of the whole process with only a few touch-ups being required after some small mishaps with the brush.


Now that the Witch Aelves are complete I can focus on other aspects of the army.  My first order of business is to finish my three Cauldrons of Blood.  My first cauldron was more of a touchup of my previously painted model, but with the news that the Statue can now be fielded as its own model, I choose to replace the current one on the model.  My old Statue will be based on his own and I can paint up my three cauldron statues with a similar style to keep the army more unified.  With the first one under my belt, I dived directly into the second one and I hope to have them both done by next week if time is on my side.


Keep an eye out on the Warhammer Community site this week as they are teasing a lot of great information about the upcoming Daughters of Khaine release as well as showcasing them on Warhammer TV this week!  Let me know what you have been working on in the comments below.

Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

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Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about my continued effort as I work to finish my Daughters of Khaine for Adepticon 2018.  As of today, we have 34 days until the big event and there is still quite a bit to do in that short amount of time in order for me to be ready.  If you asked me a few months ago I felt really good about being done by now and relaxing with practice games until the event.  Sadly that is not the case and the Adepticon crunch is really beginning to ramp up and I am throwing more and more time at the army to get everything done in time.


Since my last Road to Adepticon Post, we have seen a lot of exciting teasers and previews of the new Daughters of Khaine Battletome.  I find myself in a very lucky position having already committed to the army well ahead of these announcements and I feel a bit ahead of the curve.  That said there has been a lot of people quickly painting preparation for the book so Aelves will be hitting the table in force after the Battledome's release.

I don't believe that the new Battletome will be out before Adepticon and the rumors on its general release timeframe seem to support that line of thought as well.  I actually prefer it to be released after Adepticon as I am certain that I will not have a need to run 120 Witch Aelves after its release due to the new units and models being released and a more balanced force will be the better option.  However, if there is a large Witch Aelf Formation I will not be upset at all.


Thankfully I am moving along nicely with all my Witch Aelves and am down to the final step in their painting.  I tackled the task of painting them all by separating them into units of thirty to give myself small manageable chunks when looking at the army as a whole.  I took a single color and would do that color on each unit of thirty before moving on to the next.  It made a nice assembly line style of painting that really meshes well with how I approach armies.  

The last step for these units is the eyes and the longer I thought about the idea of painting 240 eyes the more I didn't want to do it, but it would also no sit well with me to leave the models unfinished in that way.  In order to give them a proper level of completion while simplifying the task, I am planning on giving them all warpaint on their face with white yes across the army.  It should make the process smooth and quick and give a nice effect and allow me to go back to add more to the eyes later if I feel the need and have the energy.


I am hoping to wrap up the Witch Aelves in the next few days allowing me to dive into three Cauldrons of Blood, Bloodwrack Medusa, and Death Hag on Foot.  I painted one previously, but I plan to touch it up and keep it uniform with my two new Cauldrons.  I am also very pleased with my nod to The End Times with my Cauldron representing my General.  I managed to find bits online to create a Tyrion, Avatar of Khaine statue instead of the standard Khaine Statue that comes with the kit.  I am really excited to get paint on this model to see how it looks as an end result.


My last bit of major work in preparing for Adepticon was getting my foam sorted to transport my army.  Since they are all metal models I wanted to ensure they were well protected and not rubbing against each other in any way.  Last year at Adepticon I fell in love with the Battlefoam product, but after my first order, I was unimpressed with their shipping times and worried the foam would arrive late.  Thankfully my local shop had some Battlefoam Large trays which are double the size of the Battlefoam Small trays that fit in my bag.  After some knife work and hot glue, I managed to have enough trays for the entire army.

I plan to pick up more Battlefoam while at Adepticon directly from as they typically have a booth at the event. I wish to be clear that in no way do I dislike the product, but I choose to not risk having my foam arrive after the convention as it did for me at Nova last year so a little bit of handy work and I am good to go.


My last big part of the project is to create my display board and I have a few ideas drawn out but haven't committed to one as of yet.  In the coming weeks though I will have to pick one and start the project.  I can typically knock out a nice display board in about a week, but I would like to go a bit bigger then I have previously so my plan is to finish the army by the end of February and dedicate all my energy toward the display board leading up to Adepticon.


After all the prep work is done all that is left is a nice 8.5 hr drive with my friend Sean to the event.  Last year I almost went insane driving through Indiana, but I am mentally preparing myself for the lack of mountains and interesting things to look well ahead of time as well as loading up on Podcasts and music to get through the trip.  Let me know if you are coming to Adepticon and how your preparation is going.

Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  This past week we saw the first Painting Competition for Malign Portents as well as the release of the book, new Heroes, and the new Legions of Nagash Battletome to name a few.  I am looking forward to seeing how Death plays on the table with the new Battletome in some upcoming games and playing some games using Portents in the realm of Shyish.  It should be a fun way to keep games fresh and challenging going forward. 

My local club, Ligonier Legion, went out in force to our local Warhammer store as we all took part in the Malign Portents Painting competition this past Saturday.  Four out of the five entries were from our club and my club mates managed to sweep the awards easily.  They even kicked me down to fourth place which is motivating me to step up my game even more in the next phase of the event.  I wish to congratulate the winners and their great entries!

1st place: Sean (BrushforHire) - Ice Slayers
2nd place: Luis - Daemons of Tzeentch
3rd Place: Luke - Hammers of Sigmar


While my club knocked me down a few levels this past weekend I did go home with some fun goodies.  I picked up my Malign Portents Book and received a pin set for each of the new Heroes as well as some nifty warscroll cards with the great artwork on the back which I am planning to frame for display.  They are durable, but the paper is a bit thinner than the standard warscroll cards so instead of potentially damaging them I plan to hand them up around my hobby area.

Of course, I couldn't pass up picking up my own Darkoath War Queen to go with my Slaanesh themed Slaves to Darkness.  I am planning to keep her tone neutral so she can fit in with my Khorne army as well.  I was also given a fantastic gift from a great friend in the form of forty Daemonettes.  My friend Matt picked them up a while ago when they went made to order, but his hobby heart is now committed to Nurgle.  I plan to paint them up in the third phase of the Malign Portents painting event.


Speaking of my Daughters of Khaine I have begun stretching out my nights in order to ensure I am ready for the quickly approaching Adepticon.  Last night I managed to finish the washes on all 120 of my Witch Aelves and plan to dive into the Eyes next to finish them all up.  I may go mad as I attempt this last step, but I begin this last trial to truly show devotion to The Shadow Queen.  I am pushing very hard to have them done by the end of this weekend so feel free to keep an eye on Twitter to watch my descent into madness or even perhaps join me on a hobby hangout call for some fun.


May your week be full of Hobby and Gaming and if you have forgotten to pick up a suitable Valentine's Day Card feel free to check out and use any of the ones below (or the one at the very top) as I am sure they will be received well for this holiday if your partner is also a wargamer.  If they are not, give them one anyway!





Until Friday, Happy Hobbying

Chuck Moore

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Hey Everyone!  This week saw the release of the initial project of the U.S. Age of Sigmar Community Group.  The group is made up of Community Leaders, Content Creators, Play Testers, Hobbyists, and Gamers from across the U.S. who are all dedicated to improving the Age of Sigmar community and its growth.    The group began after a Community meeting with Games Workshop at Adepticon last year and we all began dedicating our efforts to supporting their new connection to the community and wished to help with the unique issues within the U.S. scene.  Everyone in the group works in their own way to better the community and a selection of us decided to put effort into creating the "Player and Event Organizer Modular Pack" who are credited for their work on the document within the pack itself.

The primary home for the pack is on the U.S. AoS Community Group Page where you can find the latest version of the document to view and download as well as any other notes or future projects associated with the group itself.  The site also includes a simple event calendar to help spread the awareness of upcoming Age of Sigmar Events across the U.S. and its various regions.  We encourage anyone to reach out to the group's contact email usaoscommunity@gmail.com to submit their event to be added to the calendar.  That same email can be used for general comments and suggestions as well.

The site may expand in the future to include other projects supporting the growth and health of the Age of Sigmar community.  As for now, the plan is to keep it simple and keep the focus on the pack as well as the calendar, but if you have a project or item you feel would be good to link from the page in the future please feel free to reach out.  It may not happen for some time, but we are always looking ahead in order to grow and connect our community.

The group held regular monthly calls as we worked through the pack to cement its philosophy and design elements. It was a great way to peer review and offer suggestions and critiques to individual models from perspectives of other members through general support or by ensuring a more consistent message where some modules overlapped.  It was great fun working through this process and having so many great minds work and support each other and you can be sure it wasn't all business.  With so many enthusiastic Age of Sigmar Hobbyists, we would divert into Hobby talk as would be expected.


The pack was created in a modular format with the added layer of breaking down different modules into three different levels of play with the U.S. in the form of Local, Regional, and National.  Each module is built to tackle specific parts of our hobby whether it is painting, gameplay, finding a venue, narrative play as well as others.  The pack encourages clubs, events, and individuals to use the parts they need in order to create the pack that best suits their needs.  It is all aimed at being a guideline and not meant to mandate how to play Age of Sigmar and participate in this hobby.  We hope the pack can be a foundation to get events, clubs, and players started and see where they can grow and how the three different levels of play (Local, Regional, and National) support one-another. 

The approach of presenting each module in the three levels of play is to help present the issue with distance in the U.S. and facilitate the understanding of how they interwork and support one another despite the distance.  It also helps a local club openly see what the next level might be for their club or event by focusing on becoming more regional.   We hope that it might also help individuals who might play locally understand the difference between playing at a local store and playing at NOVA Open Grand Tournament so they can be more prepared for events at the different levels of play.


The plan is to update the pack on regular time frame 3 months after Games Workshop releases the Major FAQ's for the game in order to fill any gaps that might be formed with rule issues in the form of potential house rules that can be used to limit any unforeseen "broken" lists, combination, etc...  We also plan to make adjustments to the pack overall as needed to keep up with the changes in the community that naturally happen over time.  It is possible that additional Modules could be created to examine other parts of the game and hobby as they are needed.

While there is a set time period to introduce updated versions of the pack it is likely we make small tweaks and adjustments as needed in between major updates.  Word clarification, spelling, sudden army Errata and FAQ's could create a need to update the pack sooner than expected.  We are leaving the option open in order to ensure the pack stays as relevant as possible.  We suggest you check back regularly to ensure you have the latest version.  You can also follow my Twitter where I will post anytime there is an update big or small.

I would like to take a moment to personally thank those who were able to put forth their time and energy to work on the pack over the past months and work together to create this tool for the community it wouldn't have happened without these hobbyists putting in their time and effort.  I would also like to take a moment to thank the group as a whole for their support and continued effort in making this community great as well as Games Workshop for being so willing to connect to the community whether it is groups like The U.S. AoS Community Group or individual hobbyists openly and honestly.  It was exciting being part of this group as a whole to work with such people and it is an honor to be able to call them all friends.

This is only the first project by the group and we are examining other future projects, but a lot of the group are already diving into their own projects to help the community and game as a whole.  Our community is healthy and growing and everyone's goal across the country is to grow their club and host and attend more and more events.  We hope this pack can help the community across the country at all levels to help "Unify without Homogenizing" our national scene.  Feel free to check it out, offer us feedback, and make it your own.

Until next week, Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore 

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Hey Everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  It is an exciting week as the U.S. AoS Community Group finally released the project it has been working on over the past year.  The "Player and Event Organizer Modular Pack" is now officially live.  Feel free to check it out and offer feedback, suggestions, etc...  I plan to go into more detail on the pack and project in a coming article so be sure to come back and check it out in the future.


This past weekend my club met for an open games day as a lot of us are preparing for Adepticon coming up in March.  I forgo playing myself in order to keep progress moving forward on my Witch Aelves.  I managed to get the gold trim done on 60 of my 120 Witch Aelves but should have the gold done this week and if all goes well complete them all before next Wednesday.  Time is running short as Adepticon is fast approaching, but I am confident I can get the army done in time as well as my planned display board.  I am going to continue acting as if I am out of time in order to keep the fire lit to finish ahead of schedule.


 One of the reasons my Daughters of Khaine are not complete yet is I chose to participate in the Malign Portents Start Collecting Painting competition coming up this Saturday.  It has a been a fun little distraction, but it did eat away precious hobby time for my Aelves.  Regardless I am happy with the result and excited to see how I fare at the event.  I cannot wait to pick up the book and a hero this Saturday to add to this force.


The 1000pt league at one of my FLGS is still going strong and I am managing to stay int he game with earning every painting point possible week to week.  The league is built to help new players learn the game and it has been fun seeing what armies are being brought to the tables.  The field is full of a lot of combat and magic armies which suits my Daughters of Khaine just fine.  My game this week saw me go up against a Stormcast Eternals list and I managed to take a Major Win away from my opponent.  Fully buffed Witch Aelves are scary and rolling lots of dice is always satisfying.


This week also had some other hobby as the rest of my 25mm bases arrived so I can begin finishing the rebasing of all my aelves.  I also received a mighty gift from my friend Paul's bottomless bits box in the form of more Witch Aelves to add to my collection.  I immediately put a few into my army as extra's on my Cauldrons.  I also took the time to add a fun patch to my Battlefoam bag for some fun.  Now no one will steal my army!


It has been another exciting week of Hobby and I hope your week is going just as strong.  Let me know what you are working on in the comments and how your Adepticon Prep is coming along if you are attending this year.

Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

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Morathi, The Hag Sorceress of Ghrond, Mother of Malekith (Malerion), first of The Hag Queens, Second Wife of Aenarion The Defender and The First Pheonix King, and now The Shadow Queen.  In The World That Was she was a driving force in most events dealing connected to the Elf Races and believed to be second in power only to her Son Malekith (Malerion) within the Dark Elf Society, but this could be argued as she was more adept at manipulating behind the scenes, including manipulating her son.  Let's dive in and find out more about who Morathi was and hopefully get some insight about who Morathi is now in The Mortal Realms.  I aim to hit the highlights and offer my personal views on who she was as a character, but opinions vary and I am sure there will be some history for the character I miss or gloss over.  Morathi is an exciting character and I encourage everyone to look into her story for yourself and hopefully, this article can act as a primer to get you started.

Morathi has always been an integral part of the Warhammer Fantasy universe from The World That Was and now she promises to remain a major player in The Mortal Realms.  Her origin remains a mystery as her first mention and appearance was her rescue by Aenarion after he defeated a roaming Slaaneshi Chaos Warband who had captured her and other elves.  Aenarion was captivated by her beauty and the rescue of Morathi can be viewed as accidental but is more likely fate, but was it the will of Slaanesh or something else creating this fate will remain unknown.
At this time Khaine already had a grip on Aenarion's heart as he had already drawn Widowmaker, The Sword of Khaine.  This made it all too easy for Morathi to push him further down a dark path.  For all her manipulation of Aenarion, I believe she truly loved him just as much as she loved power.  Perhaps if Khaine did not have a hold of Aenarion we would have seen a drastically different history.  Ultimately, the duo would not last as Caledor Dragontamer, an adamant opponent to Morathi, enacted his plan to save The World That Was during the Second Chaos Invasion despite Aenerions belief that nothing could be done to stop Chaos from winning the war.  Perhaps this belief was from the influence of Khaine, but could also have been under the influence of Morathi as well.  Either way, Aenarion left his second wife despite her pleas and seductions to defend his old friend as he created The Great Vortex.
Morathi felt spurned and betrayed.  She might have believed she could keep her and Aenarion safe by working with Slaanesh, but Aenarions righteous side won out in his moral dilemma between saving the world or to stay with Morathi.  Aenarion and Caledor would succeed and Aenarion would perish after returning Widowmaker to its hidden altar. Morathi's focused shifted to ensuring her and Aenarions son Malekith (Malerion) would succeed him as the next Pheonix King and secretly harbor hatred an even deeper hatred toward Caledor as she began her long plan tear apart his great work that took Aenarion from her.
Causing insult to injury Malektih (Malerion) was not selected as the next Pheonix King, but he did not protest as Morathi had done.  Bel Shannar who was chosen would also take Aenarion's Daughter from his first marriage as his wife causing Morathi to lose her title as Queen.  As her son ventured away from their homeland to the colonies she set to work corrupting Ulthuan with her hidden Cults of Pleasure.  It acted as her network and her power base as higher ranking elf nobles joined arguing that it gave her more power than The Pheonix King himself.
Morathi and her schemes would be found out either by luck or by her own design.  Malektih (Malerion) who had grown significantly as a person, diplomat, and leader while being away from her returned to bring her to justice.  She was captured by her son with the threat of death hanging over her head.  Morthai used her supernatural ability to appeal to her son that she was truly repentant and to be spared her inevitable death sentence.  Malektih (Malerion) pleaded on her behalf to The Pheonix Throne and was she was spared, but placed under permanent house arrest in Malekith's (Malerion) care due to his prestige and recognition earned while away.
This only allowed her to be closer to her son and allowed her to begin manipulating him as she had Aenarion.  She convinced him that he was destined to be the true Pheonix King and it was his by birthright.  She recreated her Cults of Pleasure to help her son rise to the throne all the while she would be the real power behind him.  
One dreadful and bloody day they enacted their plan killing Bel Shannar and framing him as a member of the Pleasure Cults.  Malekith (Malerion) and he followers would kill off the remaining Nobles against his bid to become Pheonix King at the Shrine of Asuryan before he stepped into the Flame of Asuryan as his father did in order to follow his path.  Malekith (Malerion) despite being the chosen of Asuryan to replace his father would throw himself out of the fire a heartbeat too soon leaving him a charred husk.  Morathi rushed to his side and poured her Shadow Magic into him to keep him, and her last true connection to Aenarion, alive.  She had his Armour of Midnight created with The Anvil of Vaul by one of Vaul's priests she had turned to their cause to keep her son alive.  
Morathi's plan to rule the elves was no longer secret and the Schism of the Elves began that ended with The Great Sundering causing Morathi and those faithful to her and her son to flee north taking with them large pieces of their province of Nagarythe with them using her dark magic to create the original Black Arks.  They would settle in the frozen land of Naggaroth and be known as The Dark Elves or Druchii in their own tongue.  It was from here she would continue her plots and manipulation to make her son The Phoenix King and destroy Caledors vortex.
For 5000 years she taught her son and subtly lea Druchii society, subtly, while continuing to affect the course of elven history through her schemes.  Her son's power only remained due to her continued support when he faltered.  It was Morathi who taught Ariel the Dark Arts, bringing it to the Wood Elves, in exchange for her life after her schemes killed Ariels Sister and once wife to Malekith.   Through this, she planted a small enchantment on Ariel's soul to be used when needed proving her superiority in the subtlest of ways.  It was Morathi who gave The Cult of Khaine the first Cauldron of Blood, gifted by Khaine himself supposedly, that she uses to bath in blood to remain eternally beautiful.  A spell she has only ever kept to herself.




Her constant struggles seemed to make her an evil witch with nothing but a lust for power and revenge.  However, her pursuit was always toward Aenarion and his namesake.  In a battle where the legendary Tyrion battled her forces, she saw him as Aenarion reborn.  To her credit, Tyrion is described as looking almost entirely like Aenarion and even wears his armor and enchanted blade Sunfury.  In the battle, she was defeated, but not after appearing before Tyrion and surprising him with a kiss to her lover reborn.  Perhaps this was a ploy to escape, but I feel it is her defining character.  She still loved and sacrificed all for Aenarion at this time.
The End Times or Rhana Dandra saw lines between the three separate races of elves begin to blur.  The cycle repeated and the elf heroes each became avatars reliving the great drama that played out before with their gods.  Tyrion was revealed as Khaines Avatar and Morathi was revealed to be the living avatar of Hekarti, elven goddess of conjuration and Dark Magic.  Households would split and it was revealed her son was indeed the True Pheonix King.  However, over the course of The End Times, she would see Tyrion draw Widowmaker and she would become his lover and fall back into her manipulative ways dragging him further down the path of darkness all the while feeling Aenarion had returned to her.  Her son was Pheonix King, but that wasn't what she had wanted all along.  She wanted Aenarion back and revenge on Caledor who she felt caused his death and spurning.  In a final climactic battle on The Isle of the Dead, location of The Great Vortex that would end The Final elven civil war.  
Caledor was still alive, in a fashion, within The Great Vortex casting his spell for eternity to keep Chaos at bay.  Aenarion had returned to her so all that was left was for her to take her vengeance and destroy the great work.  Fatefully, Caledor was working with Teclis, Tyrion's Twin Brother, to pull out the winds of Magic from the vortex to place them within elven heroes and create the Incarnates in hopes to defeat Archaon and his plans.  Nagash had already done this upon his rebirth with the Wind of Death cementing it within the land where he began to absorb its power.
As the two mages worked to complete their task as the epic battle between Tyrion and Malektih's (Malerion) and their forces raged Morathi appeared to take her vengeance.  Teclis and Caledor strived to complete their work, but some of the Winds of Magic escaped as they broke apart the spell as she attacked Teclis.  They were was able to maintain a grasp on a few and direct The Wind of Life into Alarielle, the Wind of Shadow into Malekith (Malerion), and Teclis held The Wind of Light within his staff.  The vortex crumbles and Slaanesh sensing a banquet of elven souls appeared overhead to feast.  Caledor clung to Morathi has she clawed at his face to escape while Slaanesh consumed them both before vanishing.  Ulthuan would sink, Tyrion would die, for a time, and Morathi would vanish.  Later, the Slaaneshi Daemon Dechala The Denied One appears in front of Malektih (Malerion) throwing Morathi's staff, Heartrender, at his feet claiming she was Slaanesh's now.  She was then immediately slain by Tyrion reborn as The Avatar of Light.
Morathi was gone and The World That Was was destroyed, save its core.  We enter into The Mortal Realms where our first mention oh Morathi is in the very first book released where she is surrounded by Shadow Daemons in a glade located within The Realm of Shadow.  She was flesh and blood but changed and it was her who helped Malerion find physical form once more.  They joined Sigmars Pantheon and established order within the realms.  
We now know, due to the recent teaser videos that she helped set up civilization in The Mortal Realms after "slithering" her way out of Slannesh's belly and before the god of pleasure and excess was captured by the aelves.  She leads The Daughters of Khaine despite her knowing Khaine is dead, but is the religion a front or hopes to rebirth the god?  Time will tell.  Morathi stated that she has taken on the form of her tormentor and if we look toward Dechala we know this to be a half snake, half aelf woman.  It is also possible that if he was the avatar of Hekarti she might have multiple arms in this true form, much like the god she represented in The End Times.  She will remain a major player in The Age of Sigmar and as a character with such a rich and deep history, it is a great joy to see them giving her character credit and the care it deserves.
There is a lot about Morathi's past not in this article, but I tried to hit the major points I felt important to her character.  I scoured all the resource material I had available be it Battletome, novel, White Dwarf, or short stories, but if elves are involved then Morathi will have a tie or mention in the story.  She was a defining character for all of Aelven history and will prove to be one going forward.  I hope this article has given you more insight into who she was and what she might be currently.  If there was a favorite part of her history I missed or glossed over please let us know in the comments.
Until next time, Happy Hobbying.
Chuck Moore


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Hey Everyone!  It has been a very busy weekend for Age of Sigmar with four large events going on and a plethora of news being dropped.  I wanted to take a moment at the very start to congratulate the 2018 North American nominees for Warhammer Heroes.  This award is a fantastic idea and those chosen from the multitude of submitted nominees should be very proud of their efforts, but those who were nominated and not on this list should also be just as proud that their effort is being and is having a positive effect on your community.  This award seems as if it will happen somewhat regularly per the article so if your nominee isn't on the list then be sure to submit them again during the next Warhammer Heroes Award.


I always love receiving packages in the mail and this Hobby really helps satisfy that feeling.  This week I received the rest of my Calvary and Monster bases for my "Great Aelven Rebasing Project" and some custom objective markers also arrived ready to be used in some games this week.  They are also a great way for some shameless self-plugs of my blog if I play someone new.






I have my Malign Portents Start Collecting box almost completed as well.  I was hoping to get it done this weekend, but it didn't happen so my effort is entirely put toward finishing it as soon as possible.  I am really wanting to dive back in and finish my Daughters of Khaine well in advance of Adepticon and it is really making me try to finish my Slaves to Darkness quickly to a nice tabletop standard.  It is a very begrudging type of motivation, but it is motivation nonetheless.  Although I cannot stay away from my Aelves for long as I dove into my bits bin to make another unit of Sisters of Slaughter to add to my force later one.
I managed a few 1000pt games for a learning league at one of my local games shops as well.  I am playing around with various lists of Daughters of Khaine and while the Witch Aelves with their Cauldron continues to perform exceptionally well the rest of the army melted quickly, but they were fun games and this league is helping me learn more about my army in preparation for Adepticon.

One of the exciting pieces of news was the official FAQ schedule we now have for Age of Sigmar.  I am sure it is a relief for T.O.'s knowing when big changes are likely to drop and to Games Workshop's credit, they wasted no time in updating the FAQ's on Monday directly after a lot of major events wrapped up.  Be sure to go check out the updates so you are up with the changes.
As you might have expected, my favorite announcement was all the great model reveals for the upcoming Daughters of Khaine Battletome.  I cannot find a single model doesn't scream "Paint me!" and I plan to do just that.  It is unknown when the book and models will drop, but if it comes out before Adepticon, and is valid for use at the event, I will be having some hard decisions to make, but it is not decisions I would be to upset over having to make.  Check out the reveal video as well as some screen captures of the models below.
On top of all this excitement, we will be able to preorder the new Malign Portents book, new faction Heroes, as well as some fun accessories as we begin our battles in Shyish and the return of some nice scenery.  It will be a week of hard budgeting and hard decisions, but I know the Book will be a must for me and perhaps that new combat gauge would go well with it!  Age of Sigmar is beginning to move quickly again and I am excited for what is to come.  

A final item I wish to announce today is I am happy to announce that I have been selected as the T.O. for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament as well as the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Doubles Event at the upcoming 2018 NOVA Open Convention.  It is an honor to be given this opportunity and the work has already begun with the passionate people at NOVA Open.  Expect more information int he coming weeks, but keep an eye out for Registration happening on March 1st to guarantee yourself a spot at the events.
Until Friday, Happy Hobbying.
Chuck Moore


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Why Do We Hobby?

Hey Everyone.  To wrap up The Realm Gate's birthday week I wanted to propose a question to all of you as well as offer my answer to this simple question.  Before I do, however, I want to give a shout out to Vince over at Warhammer Weekly who proposed a similar question in his Topic of The Week series recently, albeit a bit more focused.  Go check out his channel if you haven't already as it is my favorite Youtube channel around this Hobby and well worth your time.  The question I wish to put forth is "Why do we Hobby?" or "Why do you Hobby?".  It is a strange thing we all do and for a community to form around, but yet we all hold a very close attachment to it all and cannot imagine our lives without it.


Before I begin to answer the question myself I want to define what I mean by Hobby.  My definition of Hobby is "Anything you do in relation or because of Wargaming".  This can be games, painting, list building, Blogging, YouTube videos, Podcasts, large community projects, or anything else that fits the definition.  For some people, the Hobby defines us, while with others we define out Hobby and it is fascinating how we can be so vastly different regarding why we Hobby, but be more unified as a community because of it.

There are many reasons why someone would choose to Hobby.  Some want to compete at the top tables at large events, some wish to paint thematic armies and tell stories.  There are those who are about winning trophies whether it is through games or painting.  I imagine there are some who are just trying to be well-known in the community, although I believe this as a driving goal is a poor reason.  Those who are well-known painters or competitors on the table are well-known because their goal was to be the best painter or become the best player they could.  If you are unsure of what your goal is I suggest checking out my old article series "Life Lessons and Wargaming".

It may also be good to touch on the concept that motivation does not mean amount of time put into the Hobby.  While those who are highly motivated might indeed take on multiple projects at once, but that doesn't mean the person painting a single model for a painting competition is any less motivated.  Humans are very different creatures and while there are those like myself who enjoy multitasking and feel highly motivated to work on multiple projects.  There are those who are just as motivated, if not more so that focus on a single task or project.  It is a grey area, but when you can see how motivated someone is through their passion in this Hobby.

So why do I Hobby?  When I proposed the idea to myself it initially felt intangible and to broad and open to properly put into words, but the more I thought about it the more I was able to cement the idea and bring it to the ground.  The answer for me is that I hobby for myself and my wellbeing.  It is the same reason I lift weights and go to the gym daily.  It sounds a bit odd comparing two vastly different hobbies and cultures, but the comparison works for me.

Talking in the various chats I am a part of as well as Twitter interaction brings me great joy throughout my day and a welcome distraction to the stresses or work and life.  When I build lists and theory craft with others really fulfills my need to problem solve and the enjoyment that process brings.  Painting is a therapeutic escape where the world disappears as I move paint around a model.  The various community projects energize me as I work with fantastic people and great friends knowing we are looking to offer positive impact to the community as a whole and help Age of Sigmar grow.  I cannot forget gaming in all of this as it is the culmination of our efforts where we get to enjoy meeting and playing people.  Doing this Hobby for myself and my wellbeing has really allowed me to identify with the game and the positive impact it can have.

While the improvement of my wellbeing is what I feel the major part of why I do this Hobby I know there are other reasons as well mixed in such as wanting to help the community grow, make new friends, etc...  That is okay as I know over time my reason may adapt and change as is natural.  So why do you Hobby?  I would be excited to hear in the comments below and see what discussions form from the question.  Perhaps, by doing that you will help others discover why they hobby.

Until Next Week, Happy Hobbying.

Chuck Moore

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Hey Everyone!  I hope your week has full of Hobby and if you are traveling to L.V.O., WaaaghpacaThe Sheffield Slaughter or any other of the great events going on this weekend may your travels be swift and your games be glorious!  Today my Blog turns two years old today.  It is very satisfying to see how far I have come over these years and I am very excited for how far I could go in the future.  Last year at this time I truly began providing consistent posts twice a week and I focused on expanding my posts to a minimum of one thousand words and I hope to do even more in the year to come.


As you could predict I am continuing my Daughters of Khaine army for Adepticon this year.  I have been making great progress on them, but I still have work ahead of me with the Gold, Eyes, Washing, and Highlights to finish up all the infantry.  However, there is still time before the big show and I am committed to finishing them all to the nicest standard I am able to do.  I am giving some thought to my Display board as well and the idea of a large Cauldron of Blood is a simple and effective one, but due to a recent teaser video, I might be changing that idea up a bit.






An Age of Sigmar League has begun at one of my local gaming stores and in order to prepare for Adepticon, I am playing my Daughters of Khaine.  The League is for 1000pt games using scenarios from the Generals Handbook 2017.  I have only managed one game in the league, but I took the win over a mixed Skaven Chaos list.  I have yet to face a Tzeentch or a Shooting list with my Daughters, but I feel very confident against other combat armies.  Win or lose this is still a really fun army to field and play.

While I do have a lot more to do for Adepticon I am also still working on my Malign Portents Start Collecting Box for the painting competition on February 10th.  My army of choice is Slaves to Darkness that I originally planned to add to my Khorne army.  However, While I held my Mephiston Red a sudden bit of inspiration hit me and I devoted this army to Slaanesh and have worked out a paint scheme I wish to try out.  I am working to have these all done by the end of this week if possible so I can devote all my time to my Daughters of Khaine.

Speaking of the Daughters of Khaine we had an amazing teaser dropped yesterday and if you haven't yet go check it out.  I have managed to get lucky by being very far ahead with my Adepticon Army so when these finally drop I plan to get playing with it immediately. I am hoping that we see a few new models to go along with the current range and the pictures below seem to indicate that this could be the case.  I am also eagerly awaiting to see if we get a new Morathi model as she is the focus and narrator of the latest teaser.  If it is along the line of the Alarielle model we are in for a treat!




I hope your excitement is high for all these great teasers and it inspires your hobby to keep moving forward!  After the teaser I am more motivated to finish my Daughters of Khaine then I was when I began the project and I can't wait to field it when it is completed.  Be sure to keep an eye out for some big news from Games Workshop this weekend as well as there will be another Reveal seminar happening at L.V.O. in just a few days.  Not to mention all the great live streaming of Warhammer going on this weekend as well.
I also wish tot hank you all for joining me on my journey for these past two years.  Our hobby has the best community out there and that fact you take the time to read my weekly posts is very humbling.  Thank you all.
Until Friday, Happy Hobbying
Chuck Moore


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Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about that still, somewhat, controversial topic of rebasing your models to round and oval bases in Age of Sigmar. If you have been following my blog for the past year or so you would have seen me accepting the move to round bases, but refusing to rebase any old armies.  You would have also seen my reversal of opinion as I began my Aelf rebasing project that is still ongoing currently.  Today I wanted to dive into this topic about why I feel the community needs to begin working toward having round bases as a requirement for Age of Sigmar.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar has been out for a few years now and the community has never been better for hobbyists and gamers alike.  The community is growing with new and returning players and we are seeing a wide variety of armies out on the scene from these groups.  While it is still not officially mandated that Age of Sigmar is a game played with round bases it has become the general standard as more and more kits are being repackaged with round bases.  It is also standard to see events at the Local, Regional, and National levels stating that players measure from base to base during the game.  These are pointing toward a move to fully round based armies in the near future.

While newer players are coming into the game and putting their model son round bases a lot of the returning players still have old armies on squares.  I am not suggesting we turn players away at our local clubs because they wish to try out Age of Sigmar, but only have an old Army on Square bases.  I would encourage those players, as they find themselves enjoying the game, to look into rebasing their old army or begin a new army using the appropriate round bases.

National level events are, or most likely will be, requiring the appropriate round bases at their events and it is likely that the Regional level events will be soon to follow.  This puts the burden on the Local level to help prepare players and their armies for the higher levels of play.  This isn't anything new for the Local level as it has always been a place to learn your army, improve your skills, and prepare for the larger events as far as gameplay and list building.  This level must now also help encourage players to base their armies on rounds.

In my Local scene, I have been working to support the players in rebasing older armies to round bases.  It was not a quick process and it wasn't until I decided to rebase all of my old models that it truly became a priority to my hobby and allowed me to honestly help other players to join me in rebasing.  A lot of my local scene saw how much fun Adepticon was last year and are planning to go for the first time or return there after a gaming break and this has been a great final push to embolden everyone to go to round bases.

As our community grows we are always looking to invite new players into our game systems and supporting the use of round bases as the standard will only help us grow even more.  Seeing a game played between two armies with one of Square bases and the other on rounds appears disjointed as opposed to two armies on the same type of base.  It also takes away the odd feeling of measuring between two different shapes of bases and allows a better uniformity to knowing how far you need to charge, shoot, pile in, etc...  While it is possible to play with the two shapes of bases it is much simpler if you know your opponents will be bringing the model footprints you are expecting based on what we see from the more prevalent Regional and National levels of play.


To be fair there are a few hurdles and arguments about rebasing, but they are often not what you might be expecting, but they do have workarounds.  The first argument I hear is that it is a pain to rebase and it isn't as hard as one expects.  Rebasing goes quite quickly as models which were glued to bases with the use of plastic glue easily come off with a pair of snips and a bit of patience.  If someone used plastic glue then you just need to snip around the feet leaving a bit of the old base and gluing that directly onto the new round base.

Another concern is the cost of buying new round bases.  If you are looking to buy resin bases or official Citadel Bases then I would agree with the high cost of buying new bases.  If you have a small elite army then it isn't much to swallow.  However, if you are like me and looking to rebase hundreds of models then you need the cheapest option possible.  If you look online at hobby supply sellers or on eBay you can find bases made very cheaply in either a thinner plastic or MDF that often come in very large quantities.  The downside is they often have a lengthy shipping time as they cross international lines and customs checks, but if you need to pinch pennies it is the best way to do it.

The biggest hurdle that doesn't have an easy answer to point toward is what base sizes should be used?  While some of the older kits have been repackaged with round bases we still have kits on shelves that are supplied with square bases.  There is a great community tool over on TGA that lists out the old models and their appropriate base size, but it is far from complete.  What is the solution?  While it would be great to see an official document that lists the base sizes for models from Games Workshop it is unlikely we will see it, at least in the near future.  Perhaps we could see it in a future Generals Handbook, but for now, it falls to us as a community help the new and returning players find the appropriate base size.  Thankfully a lot of this can be done with common sense as a lot of square bases have associated round or oval bases close to their size.  You can also look at other units which are similar that may have an updated base.  For example, the repackaged Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting Box has a 120x92mm base for the chariot.  I would say it is safe to assume that all chariots would be based on the same size.

There are tools out there to help with moving from square to round bases as well.  Very soon The U.S. AoS Community group will be releasing their Modular Pack and within it is items such as a base conversion guide to help as part of one of the many modules.  Keep an eye out here as we are nearly done with the final stages of the pack and more info will be coming shortly.  For now here is a preview of this specific part of the module.


With positive support and encouragement, we can begin to see the use of round bases as the community standard at all levels of play int he near future.  While we do this we should also encourage Games Workshop to repackage as many of the old kits as they are able to help the newer players come in on the proper footing as well.  While I know not everyone will agree with a push such as this it is a big part of the health and growth of our game and community and it is already in process of happening, it just requires a bit more pushing from the community to make it a reality.  If you do disagree I hope that perhaps one day you will change your mind on rebasing as I have over this past year.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments and until next week.

Happy Hobbying!

~Chuck Moore

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Hey Everyone!  The snow and the cold are still very prevalent in my part of the world creating a very cold hobby area for me, but there are projects to complete.  Thankfully I was able to gain respite outside of my basement to watch The Grand Tournament Heat 1 for Age of Sigmar this past weekend.  A nice cup of coffee and a day of streamed games while my hobby area warmed up is the best kind of weekend to have when there are ice and snow covering the outside like a Beastclaw Raider invasion.


When my Hobby space finally warmed up and I was able to move to my basement I finally got to begin using a wonderful gift I received a few months ago.  Many people will cringe, but I never used a wet palette before as I I would just thin the paints on some Citadel Palette Pad if not just pulling from the paint pots themselves.  I am always working to improve my hobby and go outside my comfort zone and forcing myself to finally begin using this tool fit both those categories for me and I have come to discover how much I enjoy this tool and cannot understand why I took so long to begin using one.  I highly suggest picking one up to make your hobby life easier.


My Adepticon Army is coming along nicely as well as I managed to complete a lot of the color blocking on my four units of Witch Aelves.  They currently have Hair Color, some of the armor, and squad markings all done and I plan to finish up the leather and metal armor by the end of this week.  I am very happy to be so far along with this project as I am.  I expected to be struggling to paint so many models, but I have been able to get back into the groove of "assembly line army painting".  It feels like a form of meditation when I am knocking out model after model doing the same part over and over again.


It is not just Daughters of Khaine filling my Hobby time as I have rebased a few more Aelves to round bases as well as managing to prime and base my Slaves to Darkness for the Malign Portents Painting Competition coming up on February 10th as well as working toward my #Hobby500.  They have announced the awards for the event at official local Warhammer and Games Workshop locations and while they are not anything much I am enjoying how my local community has gathered around participating as an excuse to jump fully into whats to come and start new armies.  The community gathering should be great at my local Warhammer store and to me, that is the best part of events such as these.  Having fun talking about Warhammer is what I look forward to the most, but that doesn't mean I won't put forth my effort to win out against my community.


In an unexpected turn of events, one of my local game stores has seen more and more players take interest in Age of Sigmar and willing to lay down their bolters for a while and battle it out in The Mortal Realms.  The best part is that a local player has organized it which means I can play and fight it out to try and win as opposed to when I run events and I do not count myself for any placing despite games I play.  The league is a bit of a learning league and as such we are playing at 1000pts which is a great way for me to test my half of my Age of Sigmar Adepticon Team Event list that I will be bringing to battle alongside Michael and his mighty Skavenm Horde!


I hope you are having a Hobby filled week and are staying warm if you are in the area of the Everwinter.  If you are participating in the Malign Portantins Painting Competiiton let me know in the comments so I can check out how your Start Collecting Box is coming along!  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

- Chuck Moore

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Hey Everyone!  Today I am happy to bring you another interview with Dan Moyes who is a member of The Rend 4 Age of Sigmar Club.  You might recognize Dan from my Weekly Hobby Update posts as he was the gentleman who was pushing me to Hobby as much as I did over the past few months.  Dan is local to Colorado but met Neil at Adepticon last year which is how he joined the club.  It was fun getting to know Dan better through some friendly competition and soon we will be sharing a drink at Adepticon together as we recount the tales of our recent Hobby rivalry.

Chuck: "Dan, how did you get into the Hobby?"


Dan: "I was a long time Warhammer 40k player (going back to Rogue Trader days in fact).  My small gaming group of a few friends would play 40k on a regular basis.  Age of Sigmar came out and we picked up the starter set and gave it a go.  We immediately liked the faster play, having rules in one place and the thematics of medieval style soldiers and monsters fighting over strange lands.  I was always a fan of fantasy, but the requirement for large blocks of infantry was always a turn off in terms of financial costs and the time sink of getting all those models ready for the tabletop.  Sigmar seemed to offer the medieval/fantasy flavor on a smaller skirmish level which was a big attraction to many 40k players like myself."
Chuck: "What do you currently have on your Hobby table and what are you planning for the future?"


Dan: "Currently more Seraphon and some Stormcast that have needed paint for forever.  I do have various miniatures from other game systems that I would like to get painted as well.  During the Rend 4 Hobby Hero competition, I did complete all the basic heroes (and Tzeentch heroes) that came with Silver Tower and would like to get the rest of the miniatures painted up as well as include some exotic adversaries for a future season.  My son, who is 10, will be attending Adepticon with me this year and playing Sigmar teams with me and is entered into the Sigmar youngbloods competition.  I have some last bits of a Seraphon army to get tabletop ready for those events."
Chuck: "What is one of your favorite memories of this hobby?"


Dan: "For me, the allure of AoS is those games that come down to the wire and hinge on one last dice roll (or several last dice rolls) that decide the fate of the game.  One that I remember fondly in our group was the remaining Seraphon had the last Khorne model, a Bloodsecrator surrounded, in cover, on the objective, and unwounded bottom of turn 5.  The Secrator was rocking a crazy save and was eventually whittled down to his last wound with nothing left to strike except for the Kroxigor jaw attacks (that are usually uneventful).  Jaws like a Steel Trap was triggered (6 on wound) that causes a dice off between them and their victim. Final dice off for the game (Khorne would be tabled and lose the objective to boot), Khorne rolls….a 2…Seraphon roll…..a 3! And cause one mortal wound, the last wound, thus winning the game.  It doesn’t really get much closer than that.
            I also have great memories of my first Adepticon trip.  My friend and I basically on a whim decided to go last year and booked at the last moment.  The events that still had slots at the time were mostly Sigmar (and we both decided against any 40k events).  The AoS crowd was pretty laid back and fun and I learned a lot about the game since I was pretty much the FNG at that point.  We played AoS until we puked doing Vanguard, Teams, and Championship all that weekend.  I actually got matched up against my buddy in round 3 of the Championship which was unexpected.  We also got paired up with Ben Johnson and Robin Cruddace in round 3 of teams which was a complete surprise (and we were thoroughly crushed)."
Chuck: "How do you balance Hobby, Work, and Family?"


Dan: "It was tough up until recently.  I had been on 12-hour shifts at work with an irregular schedule, so I was always tired and worn out.  Hobbying was my balance to Work and Family since I tended to de-stress whilst painting and planning my next build, color scheme etc…  My kids always like to see what I am up to at my paint station."
Chuck: "What is your favorite part of this hobby?"


Dan: "For me it is the painting and converting and coming up with new techniques for miniatures.  I enjoy spotting items at stores that I can quickly identify for a terrain project or basing material.  You never know what may crop up."
Chuck: "What is your least favorite part of this hobby?"


Dan: "Probably assembly.  Many times I am rushed to get models on the table and things get put together quickly.  Later on, when I go back to paint I have to spend the time to get things fixed before I paint."
Chuck: "We recently battled it out over the Hobby Hero award as part of The Rend 4 club's winter event season.  What can you share about your experience?"


Dan: "It was exhausting I had retaken the lead after doing my hobby board and was determined to keep you beat down in points till the end.  By the end of the season, I had perfected knocking out models to a tabletop standard in as little time as possible.  That did give me new confidence in being able to compete large projects quickly.  During the season I managed to complete a Flesh Eater Courts and Seraphon army and have a good chunk of a Slaanesh army complete.  I also put a dent in the Silver Tower set which the family loves to play.  We both cracked 300 points which is basically a 2k army worth of stuff a month for the last 6 months!"
Chuck: "The competition really pushed us both to squeeze out as much Hobby time as possible.  What tips can you share about painting plenty of models within a short time frame?"


Dan: "Plan ahead both your time and models that you want to tackle.  Plan ahead a color scheme and keep it simple, 3 colors (primary, secondary, tertiary).  After all the planning, execute until it is done!  If you can make hobbying a part of your routine then that is even better.  I started to set aside some time almost every night to get at least a few things done.  An airbrush which is a big expense in many people's hobby budget will save you loads of time.  I use mine mostly for base coating and for some effects."
Chuck: "You recently began a small Facebook page dedicated to producing armies quickly and to nice tabletop quality.  What can you tell me about the page?"


Dan: "There are a gajillion painting pages out there that you can get techniques and tips from.  For me, it seems that many people get bogged down in the psychology and motivation of getting their armies on the table and cannot see the forest for the trees.  That is what I want to focus on, the psychology of hobbying.  The recent competition helped me overcome some of those hurdles and I would like to return some of the knowledge to the community.  We can also talk about the challenges of getting younger kids into the hobby since I have started down that path with my son so far and my daughter has shown interest as well.  Come over to GOML (Get Off My Lawn) Painting and join in."
Chuck: "While the Rend 4 Club is located in Northeast Ohio you are based in Colorado.  What type of Age of Sigmar and 40k scenes do you have out that way?"


Dan: "I am wholly unqualified to answer that since I typically just game with a few friends and we like to game in what I call a “friendly competitive” environment.  We try to not cheese it up too much with lists and be “that guy” during games.  We game at each other’s houses and we are fortunate to be able to have all the additional items that come with the hobby when you home game (game tables, terrain, game mats).  We have played at our LFGS before but it is overrun with Magic."
Chuck: "If there is any way someone might be able to reach out to you for a game in your local area?"


Dan: "My group is looking for additional players that share a similar game mindset and people that are looking to learn the game or get better in a low-stress setting.  We are very laid back and will be joking and messing around the whole time having fun.  We cannot game every day as work/life balance is decidedly more towards work but we try to fit in a game night once or twice a month.  If you are looking for a game just send me a message on Facebook and introduce yourself."
I hope you enjoyed today's Player Spotlight with Dan.  If you live in Colorado be sure to reach out to him about meeting up to play some games!

Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

~Chuck Moore


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Hey Everyone!  Malign Portents is finally getting underway as we see bits and teasers being put out here and there.  I am very excited for what it is bringing to Age of Sigmar and if you haven't taken the time to dive into every part of the website I highly suggest you do so as soon as you can.  There is a lot of great bits of information for the Malign Portents and for the Age of Sigmar setting as a whole.  To kick off this new chapter Games Workshop is running events to help players get an army prepared for the coming Age of Darkness.  On February 10th local Games Workshop and Warhammer Stores will have an event with prizes around buying, building, and painting up a Start Collecting! box.  While I really enjoy the new Lord-Ordinator and plan to pick him up the Darkoath Warqueen has really captured my attention so I plan to paint up some SLaves to Darkness to go alongside my Blades of Khorne for the event.


While myself and others at my local club, Ligonier Legion, are preparing new projects we also just wrapped up a three-month Firestorm league with a 2000pt three-game tournament.  The weather kept a few of the regulars away sadly, but those who were able to make the journey out had a great day of fun and competitive Age of Sigmar.

I created three awards for the event using some Age of Sigmar art and my basic photo editing skills to award "Best Painted", "Tournament Champion", and "Hero of Firestorm".  The "Hero of Firestorm" was for the top players of the league as a whole while "Tournament Champion" was for the player who won the one-day event.  I wanted to give players that were unable to make previous league days something they could try to win to join in on the fun.


Due to an odd number of players during round 1 I was able to play as the ringer to get some practice in with my Daughters of Khaine.  While I was playing the ringer I didn't hold back entirely and I was very impressed with how the Army did on the table and I look forward to playing many more games as I prepare for Adepticon.

Round 2 saw a late participant braving the cold arrive so I stepped out the event as the ringer and back into the T.O. Role.  The games went very smoothly with very little questions which allowed me to prime my army during the course of the day as well.  It was great to see the club having such a good time while getting some needed Hobby in.


At the end of the day, we saw great games that were very close and a very tight finish for the top awards.  Luis (left) walked away with "Hero of Firestorm" as well as "Best Painted" while Cole (right) took the "Tournament Champion" in a very close finish.  Congratulations to the both of them and to everyone who played in the event.  The club saw some great games and a lot of new models getting painted and as such everyone should be proud!


I have had some good progress on my two current Hobby Projects in the past few days.  The bits and bases arrived allowing me to begin priming my Daughters of Khaine and my Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting! set I am painting for Malign Portents is fully built and it should be warm enough for me to prime in the next day or so.  A total of 144 models to paint in the coming month alongside many other community-driven projects I am pushing to wrap up as well.  It promises to be a very busy month for Hobby, but the prospect of it all is not unwelcome.


With painting finally beginning on my Daughters of Khaine I wanted to share my Cauldron of Blood that will represent my General on the board.  I wanted the final piece to be all Games Workshop models but wanted to be different from the standard statue of Khaine that is on my other two Cauldrons of Blood.  Calling back to The End Times I decided to put a statue of Tyrion as "The Avatar of Khaine" and I am quite pleased with the result.


You might recall the last few weeks I Hobbying as much as possible to win the "Hobby Hero" award as part of The Rend 4 Club's Winter event season.  As I previously announced I did manage to take the win in a very tough Hobby battle with a gentleman Dan M, who I have interviewed for this Friday's post, and Neil L. has updated the Trophy with the season winners and I am very happy to say that Roger, Mike, and myself are all from the Pittsburgh area and members of Steel City Sigmar.  Pittsburgh swept the cup this year and we always enjoy taking toys away from those living in Ohio.  All in good fun however as the next season has already begun and I sit woefully behind once again.


I am very excited to be running the Spring Coalescence event for my local club once again and have begun working on the awards for the event to build up the hype in the coming months.  Everyone is very excited to see what the event will entail as more is released.  If you wish to run the event and join the many groups running this Global One Day Narrative event be sure to sign up to be emailed all the latest information.

Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

~Chuck Moore

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Hey Everyone! It is hard to believe, but a new Event year is finally upon us.  Great events such as L.V.O. and Waaagh! Paca will be taking place this month, but sadly I am unable to attend either of these excellent wargaming events.  My focus is turned toward March where we will see a Coalescence event followed directly by Adepticon 2018.  I plan to post monthly updates about my hobby, games, and other preparations for Adepticon this year.  I did a similar article series last year for both Adepticon and Nova Open that I very much enjoyed writing and sharing.  These events are great ways for the community to connect for a long weekend of shared comradery and I hope my excitement comes through as you follow my Road to Adepticon 2018.  Today I want to talk a bit about my choice in my army and how its progress is coming along.


A little while ago I began to think about the army I wanted to use for the 2018 event year.  I had decided to take a break from my Stormcast Eternals, which I had been playing since the release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, but wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do next.  I managed to fill my Hobby time well with my recent Khorne Army inspired by a small slow grow league with a few friends.  Sadly that mini-campaign fell away, but the new Nurgle release has reignited the flame to do it again.

I had given a lot of consideration to adding units to my Khorne army in order to play them a bit more competitively this year.  While I will add to my Khorne this year I never envisioned the army as a competitive force.  I originally built it to be more thematic and casual in play.  Some recent events have shown me that it won't stand much of a chance in its current form so while I am not done with Khorne I decidedly easily that I won't be using them at any major events this year.


The upcoming Malign Portents for Age of Sigmar is promising a lot of love for Death and Nurgle, but neither of these has ever really grabbed me as armies I wish to play.  I am excited to see them on the table, but I knew that neither was going to be an army I could put my heart into for the coming year.  It's no secret that I have been one of the few eagerly anticipating the release of Aelves, in any form, over the past few years.  While it seems we will have to wait a bit longer for a release, which only promises the reveal to be even greater, I decided I did not have to wait to play Aelves again.  I have plenty of Aelves I am currently rebasing that I could have easily pulled from to make my army, but some of the fun in leading up to an event is seeing everyone create their armies and I wanted to make sure I was doing the same.

I originally looked at Darkling Covens or Wanderers as their recent Command Traits and Items in The Generals Handbook 2017 feel very powerful and could create a competitive force.  I built a few lists, but nothing really stuck with me as I made list after list.  Then I had the sliver of a thought in running Daughters of Khaine.  It started as a simple idea, but after talking to some community members on Twitter the concept really began to sink it's daggers in me and refused to let go.  To be honest, the only thing that held me back was the cost of the army, but the more I looked at it the more I gave up that excuse and decided Khaine's Daughters would be storming the Mortal Realms this year!


Oddly enough, once I decided on Daughters of Khaine and list building began I began moving away from using a list that is highly tuned toward competition play.  With some help on Twitter I had built a few very tuned lists, but the more I looked the more I wanted to take something a bit more fun and perhaps crazy.  I decided to forgo a few options so I could fit in 120 Witch Aelves as the idea was too great to not do.  I know there has been some Daughters of Khaine armies out on the scene, but I don't think anyone has been crazy enough to bring 120 of them so hopefully that counts for something.

Also before I get too far ahead of myself I have reached out to the T.O. of Adepticon to verify how he is going to rule on the potentially stacking 5+ saves and if the Cauldrons receive the save as well.  There is some odd wording that could allow it to be ruled either way.  Whatever their decision I am fine with as this army is much more out of doing it for fun and for the love of doing an army like this and not about pushing to win the event.  Overall I just want to make sure I practice and play the army at the event how the T.O. decides to prevent and "gotcha" or "bad feelings" at the table.

EDIT:  The T.O. has let me know that the Cauldrons will not be allowed to stack their 5+ save for Adepticon 2018 so my defensive capabilities go down, but my ability to spread out a bit goes up.  While I don't expect this to change my list much if at all, I will consider putting the Medusa on one of the cauldrons as I playtest.  Either way, it is good to have a quick ruling on the issue so I can prepare accordingly.


One last little detail I am planning to add in is the statue for the Cauldron who will be my General.  I wanted to add a small throwback to The End Times without theming the entire army around The World That Was.  I purchased a Tyrion model on eBay and it should be arriving soon and I cannot wait to see how it turns out.  It should be a subtle nod to the great story of Tyrion's Fall while allowing my opponent to clearly see which Cauldron is my General on the field of battle.

I cannot wait to get the army on the battlefield to begin playing here very soon and I will be sure to post up progress pictures and game recaps in my "Weekly Hobby Update" posts as well as on Twitter so feel free to keep an eye out for all of that fun very soon.


If you are attending Adepticon this year be sure to let me know in the comments below and what you are doing to prepare for the events.  Also, if you will be there feel free to come up and say "Hello" as meeting new people is one of the best parts of National events such as this and I will take any excuse to talk some Hobby.

Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

~Chuck Moore

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Happy New Year Everyone!  As we head back to work, and away from our Hobby tables, I hope the post-holiday blues don't keep you down for too long.  I am doing everything I can to keep my Hobby moving forward and not fall into a slump.  Thankfully I had a great year-end push with painting and gaming that has kept me really excited about my current projects going into the new year.

The year ended with two great games with some of my regular opponents.  Aleks continued to prove that my Khorne is no match for his Freepeople in another crushing defeat despite the initial momentum oh my army.  Later in the week, I played Jason at my local shop with his Flesh Eater Courts going up against my Khorne.  True to form the Flesh Eater Courts blunted my attack and it felt as if they would run over the rest of my army, but my Bloodthristers decided to step up to the task at hand and turned the tide.  Jason and I went into the bottom of Round 5 being tied on victory points.  I choose to run off the objectives, in fair play, to end a great game in a draw.  I couldn't ask for a better game to finish on for the year.


My brush continued to be busy this past week as well.  I finished up a few individual models as well as some units.  Aleves continue to be the theme on my hobby table, and that won't be changing anytime soon.  I did get to paint up the old Sigvald The Magnificent model as a gift for a friend that was a joy to paint.  I am happy to have finished up the last few models I planned to complete before diving into my army for Adepticon 2018.  


It has been a lot of fun having Aelves back on my Hobby table.  As I have said before I feel very comfortable painting them since I have done so many throughout the years.  While I sometimes get tired of painting the same thing over and over in other armies I never feel that way with my Aelves.  I feel very connected to the armies since I used them so often in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the idea of fielding them regularly again is exciting and I plan to continue adding more Aelves throughout the year.


I am happy to say that all of this Hobby and gaming was enough to take the Rend 4 club "Hobby Hero" award I have been striving for the past few weeks.  It was very tight all the way to the end and Dan, the gentlemen who came in second has pushed me to hobby more in these past few weeks then I felt I had all year.  He is a true warrior fighting against the grey and he has already put up some numbers for the clubs next "Hobby Hero" season.  I plan to have Dan on for a player spotlight in the near future as well so be sure to keep an eye out for the interview.


In some unexpected news, Coalescence is coming early this year!  Games Workshop has worked with some of the NEON team to create a fun one-day Global event in support of the upcoming Malign Portents for Age of Sigmar.  If you are curious there will still be the yearly summer Coalescence event on June 23rd to continue the story we began last year with the Godbeast Eristrat.  So we will have two great Global Narrative events this year and I cannot wait to run these for my local club.

It has been a great finish to the year I do not plan to rest on my laurels as I have plenty of Hobby still unfinished as I prepare for Adepticon, work to complete The U.S. AoS Modular Pack, and continue to improve this very blog.  I plan on participating in the #hobby500 on Twitter and finish a total of 500 models this year.  It is a daunting task, but one I am excited to make an attempt.  Let me know how your Hobby year ended and what you have planned going into 2018. 

Happy Hobbying!

-Chuck Moore

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Hey Everyone!  The year is coming to a close and a new year is about to arrive with abundant blessings from Papa Nurgle.  If you haven't seen the Nurgle reveals head over to the community site to check them out, especially the video from the Warhammer Community Team.  As typical at the end of another great Hobby year, I want to take a look back and make share my hopes for the year to come, but instead of focusing on releases I wanted to look at it all from a Community standpoint!


We came into the year in stride as a community.  We were growing and connecting more than I have ever seen and more and more people began putting out content for us all to enjoy.  We were secure in the knowledge we would receive a new Generals Handbook and we have some great releases like Blades of Khorne, Disciples of Tzeentch, and Kharadron Overlords to keep the meta constantly evolving on our tabletop.  While the release of The New Warhammer 40,000 did pull some players it hasn't done much to slow down the pace of our community and honestly the break-in Age of Sigmar releases was a good chance for us all to catch our breath as we readied ourselves for the coming year.

Locally, my club went through some changes as well over the past year.  We had lost the gentlemen who organized our events and we began to band together once again due to an illness.  A few people began to try and get some momentum again, but they tended to focus on only Warhammer 40,000.  Other games such as Age of Sigmar were stagnant despite the overall positivity and a large number of releases.  It motivated me to take the reins and organize the club.  While there were some who didn't like the changes I was trying to make or the direction I was trying to steer the club in I had supporters.  Those supporters were more often than not the younger players who are our future and their enthusiasm really kept me going.

My local club now has a great new venue, multiple club days each month that let us play all of our favorite game systems, and now new club shirts for us to wear when we all venture forth to events like Adepticon this March.   I am happy to say our club is working together better then we have before.  There is still plenty of room for improvement and the road ahead isn't any less difficult, but seeing this turnaround has been one of the most satisfying hobby accomplishments I have achieved to date.

New Banner for my local club

While I am excited about my local group it is hard not to be just as excited about all the positive changes going on elsewhere in the country as well.  We have seen multiple new(er) Regional level events in Midwest Meltdown, Nashcon, Renegade OpenSoCal Open, and Battleshock Bash to name a few.  I am sure there are some I missed but as Age of Sigmar grows more and more events keep popping up and the National events such as L.V.O., Adepticon, and Nova Open are seeing more and more players for Age of Sigmar each year.

We can't neglect that Narrative play is firmly part of the scene now as well.  Coalescence was a great success, we have seen the release of Battletome: End Times, other great narrative events such as R.A.W., Nova Open Narrative, and the upcoming R.O.E. and Adepticon Narrative are really solidifying Narrative play as one of the three pillars of Age of Sigmar just as much as Matched play has been for a while now.  They have begun stepping up their blog as well with more regular posting so be sure to check it out!

The greatest thing we have received this year is the chance for us, as a community, to recognize our Warhammer Heros.  We all have them in our lives and Games Workshop is giving us the tools to acknowledge them and their hard work all so we can enjoy this game to its fullest.  To be nominated by anyone is an honor as it lets your hero know their effort is having a positive effect on you, and your community.  There is still a few days left as of this post going up so if you haven't done so be sure to nominate your Warhammer Hero.


So such a great year behind us, what do we have to look forward to as a community?  We have already seen that Nurgle will be getting his own Battletome to put him on the same footing with Tzeentch and Khorne.  The Malign Portents clock is continuing to count down with a few reveals of the mighty champions we will be adding to our armies.  I suspect that Slaanesh and Aelves will see some sort of a return this year as well either in a new army or at the very least a bit more lore about what is going on with that plot line.

We also have even larger events to look forward to as well!  Adepticon and L.V.O. are reporting the biggest Warhammer Age of Sigmar turnout seen to date.  It is promising that more and more players will join our community over the next year as the popularity of the game continues to grow.  The Regional events will most likely be larger and even your local scene might see more fresh recruits or returning veterans to the roster.  Knowing that we will be receiving another Generals Handbook in 2018 as it is officially a yearly release will reinforce to newer and returning players how supported this game is and that Games Workshop wants to continually improve the game with the support of the community.

While we know that Games Workshop will continue to reach out to us and us reaching back to them to help grow and improve Age of Sigmar I want to talk about a project you can look forward to coming out shortly after the new year.  The U.S. AoS Community Modular Pack.  I and many other U.S. Age of Sigmar players, community supporters, community leaders, and content creators have been working together since an initial meeting with Games Workshop at Adepticon last year.  I am happy to say that the project is coming into the final stages and soon will be released.

Just some of the U.S. AoS Community Group

The pack is created by U.S. Age of Sigmar players for U.S. Age of Sigmar players.  That's not to say it doesn't have merit elsewhere in the world, but there are unique challenges that the U.S. faces with growing our community and where this game could grow that we hope to answer.  There will be more details to come soon, but the pack will break down into multiple modules such as sports, scenario selections, painting, and much more while focusing on the three levels of play we see here within the use due to our countries size being Local, Regional, and National so please look forward to it very soon.

Last, but not least we should take a moment to congratulate the Warhammer Community Team over at Games Workshop.  They have really stepped it up this year with their involvement directly with the community.  Creating great content int he form of Daily Painting Videos, fun release trailers, and openly talking to us through all forms of social media.  They keep setting the bar higher and higher and they keep reaching for me and I cannot wait to see what the year to come has to offer.


I hope everyone has had a similar great 2017 with Warhammer Age of Sigmar and that your hopes are even higher for an even better 2018.  I do want to take a moment to thank you,, my readers, readers for continuing to be my motivation to improve this blog and keep to the twice a week schedule.  I am very happy with how far along my blog has come over the past year and, but there is still parts I am looking to improve in the coming year.  I am happy with where the blog is, but I am not satisfied as my goal is to continue to improve for you and myself.  Let me know what you loved best about 2017 and what you might be hoping for in 2018. 

Happy New Year and as always, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  I hope your Holiday season is going well so far and that you have had a lot of hobby over the past week.  The year is quickly coming to an end and if you have been following my Hobby Update posts you know that I am in the running for the "Hobby Hero" award as part of the Rend 4's club event season.  It has been a very tight battle between me and gentlemen by the name of Dan who has pushed me to keep up with him as the deadline of Dec 31st. looms.  I am also very pleased that the new shirt for my local club, Ligonier Legion, arrived this past week and I cannot wait to wear it to the next club day!


As the Holidays decided I  was able to get a game in with Jason and his Nighthaunt army in Scorched Earth using my Khorne.  We both bet big on opposite flanks as the game began.  It seemed as if we would circle each other wiping out each other back lines, but thanks to my Blood Tithe abilities I was able to circle one of my Bloodthirsters to help stall his advance and securing the win.  It was fun to get a game in before the Holiday and it was a fun atmosphere as you can see by Evan, pictured sitting below, had a smile just watching the carnage.  Evan plans to start an Age of Sigmar league soon at the local store and I cannot wait to participate.


Games are only one of the ways to earn points for the "Hobby Hero" award.  The other and quickest way to earn points is by painting and while my brush has always been fast to get models to a tabletop standard it is not nearly as fast as an airbrush.  Dan, who I mentioned above, has been ahead of me for quite a while now by using his airbrush to knock out models fast and furious.  It has been great to complete all of these Aelf Heros, but despite this effort, I remained firmly in second after even these.


This leads me to my biggest push to take control of first in the competition.  After my game with Jason, I asked him if he would mind if I helped him out with painting his army.  Jason is well aware that I am trying to win Rend 4's Hobby Hero award and he had no complaints about an offer to paint the bulk of his army for free.  My competitive drive was in its highest gear at this point and directly after our game I drove home, grabbed a bit of food and drink and set to work.  Five Hours later, Jason, had his models painted and finally jumped to first place, but with a few days left I need to keep my foot on the gas to ensure I keep the lead.


I can't complete today's post without showing off a bit of the Christmas haul.  Thanks to my loving wife and great friends I received some great gifts and while some are still being shipped I am very humbled by how generous everyone was to me this past holiday.

Capture.JPG         20171222_212213.jpg

I hope your Holiday is going well and, unlike myself, have many days off to hobby until your heart is content.  If you received some great Warhammer gifts let us know in the comments.  Be sure to come back Friday as I look back at this past year and offer a few Warhammer and Hobby Wishes for the coming year.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!

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Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays!  Today I wanted to bring you something a bit different to hopefully bring a bit of festive cheer.  It is very much outside my comfort zone, but it was a nice exercise in writing for me and I hope it is a good read for you as well.  Grab some Cocoa and a plate of cookies as you read my take on a Classic Tale of "A Christmas Carol" set in our favorite place, Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  I present to you, A Sigmas Carol".


Part 1
Sigmar glared out the window of Sigmaron his mighty fortress, watching the mortals below in Azyrheim move about the city.  It had been almost seven years to the day since his return to The Mortal Realms and his war to recapture was still in its early stages.  Looking at the Mortals below, however, Sigmar would never be able to tell there were mighty battles being fought throughout The Mortal Realms.  Mortals and Demi-Gods alike where giving their lives to drive back Chaos, but below he saw Joy, Laughter, and Celebration, it irritated him.
"Humbug" Sigmar Growled with gritted teeth.  "How can they Celebrate while we sit on a knife edge for survival against the denizens of Chaos?"
Sigmar knew the Mortals were creating a new tradition in honor of the first Lighting Strikes of Stormcast Eternals setting foot in The Realm of Fire.  It was the eve of that mighty anniversary and one Sigmar saw as just another day with each passing year.  The Mortals, Aelf, Duradin, and Human, chose to honor the day, and those leading up to it, with an event they called Sigmas.  Sigmar didn't feel it was a good name at all, but it had stuck as the tradition began to take shape.  
The Mortals would feast, exchange simple gifts, sing songs, and decorate every bit of space they could for the holiday and all sense of work ceased for a few days despite the war effort and its demands.  As if on cue Sigmar heard a knock at the chambers might door.
Sigmar shook his head.  It would be the Grungni asking permission for his Duardin smiths to partake of the festivities.  Sigmar resisted this allowance every year prior.  He needed his Stormcasts Reforged and their weapons honed by Grungni's smiths.  War didn't end simply because of a silly holiday.
"Enter."  Sigmar bellowed, but the door was already opening as The Duradin Smith-God strode purposefully toward him.  Sigmar wasn't shocked by Grungni's forwardness, in fact, he very much liked this about him, but the sight of Grombrindal walking behind Grungni caught him off guard.
"You know why I am here Godling." Grungni said approaching Sigmar.  "You have said no every year prior, but this year I will have my way!"
Sigmar sighed.  "Without your smiths how will the army be reforged?  What battles might we lose by taking part in this ridiculous tradition the Mortals have created."
"They created it in your honor!"  Shouted Grombrindal before Grungni could stop him.
"I asked no such thing to be done.  I asked for their support in the War against Chaos, not for this distraction."  Sigmar responded cooly, tired of the played out argument.
Grungni stepped forward giving Grombrindal a sideways glance informing him to shut up.  "Godling, you were Mortal once and you held traditions that I found silly, but they meant a lot to you and your people.  Let them have this brief escape, they need it.  Besides your armies are doing well and the souls returning from the field of battle have slowed to a crawl."
Sigmar sighed once more knowing to continue to resist was fruitless, shrugging he gave finally gave in.  "Very well Grungni, let them have tonight and tomorrow off as the tradition has become."
Grungni smiled and began to leave, but Grombrindal held fast prompting Sigmar to raise an eyebrow inquisitively.  "Is there something else?"
Grombrindal shifted from one foot to another uncomfortably for a moment.  "Sigmar,  my feasting hall is open tonight and I want to extend the warmth of my Hearth to you.  Join us in celebration tonight."
Sigmar glared down at the Mighty Duradin  Gormbindal shared a lot in common with Sigmar being from The World That Was and once being Mortal before coming to Godhood.  However, their shared commonality would not persuade Sigmar.  "While I allow this ridiculous tradition to grow it does not mean I like it in any way.  Your offer is mighty, but I must refuse it as I hope to see this silliness become a memory in the future so we can focus on what matters.  Defeating Chaos is the only thing that should be on our minds."
Grombrindal scowled clenching his fists dangerously.  "Fine, do as you please."  Growled the Duradin as he stormed out.  
Sigmar saw a sadness in Grungni's eyes as the pair left, but it was no matter.  Defeating Chaos was all that mattered.  He turned back to the window as Celestial Snow began to fall.  There would be a storm this night.
As night fell on Azryheim Sigmar brooded over the war table in his chamber, plans forming in his mind in his War on Chaos.  A noise from behind caught Sigmars attention and he whirled around to face the unknown intruder but froze upon seeing who it was that stood before him.
"Forgive my intrusion."  Whispered the Ghost of Karl Franz.  The ghost stood there obviously weary.
"How are you here?  You died defending Altdorf millenniums ago as my spirit entered your Mortal form that fateful day."  Sigmar replied attempting to hide his shock.
"Just as you held on to the last remnant of our dead world so to did I cling to you and my old body.  I am of your lineage after all.  I have come to deliver a message."  The ghost said.
"What would that message be?"
"Tonight you will be visited by three spirits.  Heed their wisdom.  To not do so would mean victory for Chaos and the death of another world."
"I will win this war against Chaos have not doubt, my armies will prevail!"
"Have caution Might Sigmar.  No all battles are on physical and not all worlds lost can be clung to.  Heed their message to save us all."  The ghost of Karl Franz pleaded before fading away into the darkness.
Part 2
The hours passed and Sigmar let the conversation with his dead descendant pass from his mind.  A bell tolled from the city below and a sudden gust of wind blew open a large window in the Chamber scattering papers from his War table and letting Celestial Snow blow about the room.  Sigmar walked over to shut them back up but was stopped by the first messenger The Ghost of Karl Franz promised would come.
"And just who are you to make such a frigid entrance into my warm hall?"  Sigmar growled as he closed the window with a slam.
"Come now, you do not recognize me?  It has been years beyond counting since you thought of me, but I thought you would know me."  The messenger replied as two ghostly wolves appeared from behind the figure.
"Ulric?"  Sigmar said with awe.
"Whats left of me.  It is taking all my will to cling to this form after what that Aelf did, but I come to bring you a message and guide you as I once did when you worshipped me as a Mortal."  Ulric said flatly.  "Come, time is short for me to give you this message.  Take my hand."
Sigmar complied.  Still shocked to see his long-dead god before him.  As their hands touched the windows burst open once again letting the Celestial Snow envelop the pair.  Soon all Sigmar could see what the blind whiteness of the Celestial Snow.
Suddenly Sigmars Vision cleared and he was standing in the center of a bustling city.  Sigmar did not know the city well, but he knew which city he was in.
"Altdorf...but how?"  Sigmar gaped at the buildings all covered in fresh snow from the night below.
"You ask far too many questions Son of Bjorn."  Ulric replied.  "This is the past, before The End Times."
"Why bring me here?"
Ulric simply pointed toward a group of people gathered in the square.
The pair walked over to see why the group had gathered.  A royal wagon from the palace was handing out ale and roasted meat to the men and women, and small toy swords to the children.  Sigmar watched as two young boys played Knight and Orc.  They battled fiercely shouting the names of Sigmar and Reiksguard as they went about.  The child playing the Orc dropped his guard for a moment and took the wooden sword to the army causing a slight bruise to begin forming.  Sigmar knelt down to heal the wound instinctively, but as he reached for the child his arm passes through him.
"It is a vision Sigmar.  We cannot interact with this world."  Ulric instructed.
As Sigmar stood he was once again whisked away by Snow to discover he was in a new location.  Sigmar froze being overwhelmed by memories and emotions.  It was the home of his birth, The home of The Umberogen Tribe. Sigmar said nothing as he had no words for what he saw.  The one women he ever truly loved was walking past him singing to herself.  Ravenna was her name and due to a cruel twist of fate she was killed before Sigmars eyes in the past, but here she was whole and alive.
Sensing his thoughts Ulric spoke.  "It is well before her death."
Sigmar watched as she busied herself with her task.  She was wrapping different items in some simple cloth on a table outside her home.  Once complete she carried door to door offering them as a gift to celebrate the coming of winter.
"She celebrates a holiday Son of Bjorn.  Or is that a bit ridiculous?"  Ulric Mocked.
"I-I was unable to prevent her death."  Sigmar stammered.
"This isn't about death Sigmar, it's about life.  She the joy she spreads and how the gifts she freely gives is lifting the burdens of those around her.  There is still battles being fought, but this moment is what makes those battles worth the fight."  Ulric said.
Ravenna turned suddenly and for a moment appeared to lock eyes with Sigmar and offer a smile, but as she walked toward him she passed through him as if he was a spirit to who she was really looking at, her brother.
"Take me home spirit.  Your message is delivered."  Sigmar demanded not taking his eyes off Ravenna.
"So be it son of Bjorn."  Ulric stood still as snow whipped up around the pair to take them away.
Sigmar was alone in his chamber as the snow vanished from sight.  He sat down with his head in his mighty hands.
Part 3
Sigmar recovered himself quickly as the next hour or so passed, but he tensed as the bell tolled below once more.  He stared at the window waiting for the next messenger.  After a few moments, he let his body relax.  Perhaps his ordeal was over.  As he turned to go sit next to the roaring fire in his chamber he saw an unfamiliar Duradin standing by the fire.
"Are you the next messenger?  You seem more corporal then the others."  Sigmar questioned.
"Aye manling.  I am.  While I look whole I can assure you I am as dead as the others.  The name is Bugman."  The Duradin offered Sigmar a mug full of ale.
"My thanks."  Sigmar said taking the mug and quaffed a mouthful.  As he did the world began to spin
until all became blackness.  
When Sigmar awoke he was in a great hall where feasting and merriment filled the atmosphere.
"Welcome to Grombrindal's feasting hall,"  Bugman said as he sampled a bit of ale from a discarded mug spitting it out.  "Weak..."
Sigmar looked around to see all of Grungni's Smiths filling their bellies with Ale and Meat.  There was a roaring hearth and sat by it was Grombrindal looking as sour as ever.  He sipped on a mug staring into the fire.
"Why does he appear so Bugman?  What has caused him to be so isolated when surrounded by so many others?"  Sigmar asked.
"There is very few here who share his struggles and the one who could share his connection with has decided not to attend the feast,"  Bugman replied.
"It is me, isn't it?"  Sigmar said already knowing the answer.  This was no trip to the past, but the present happenings going on within his very realm.
Sigmar watched Grombrindal as he shut himself off from those around him becoming more and more irritated by the festivities around him.  Festivities he was trying to embrace.
"If the present course continues then this festival will die as you wish, but so will some of the spark that keeps all these Duradin going."  Bugman stated.
Sigmar kept staring at Grombrindal realizing for the first time how the stubborn old Duradin sought to connect with his past in any way he could and how Sigmar had been killing that past for The White Dwarf.
Bugman offered Sigmar another mug of Ale and without thought, Sigmar gulped another mouthful.  The world spun and Sigmar awoke back in his chamber with no sign of the Bugman other than a barrel of Ale labeled with XXXXX.
Part 4
Sigmar sat in silence waiting for the bell to toll from below once more and bring him the third and final messenger.  As the bell peeled its notes darkness enveloped the room that event the roaring fire could not push back.  A tall figure in black robes, wielding a scythe in one hand and an hourglass filled with ash in the other while a raven perched on his shoulder.
"You have come.  Let's get this over with Morr."  Sigmar said exhaling.
The spirit said nothing as he transported them through the darkness to their destination.  After an eternity of darkness, they stood in the streets of Azryheim.  People trudged through the snow filled streets hurrying to their destinations wearing grim faces and saying little if nothing to others they passed.  The air was filled with brooding that weighed heavy on Sigmar.  Celestial Snow fell from above, but its presence felt as if it was closing in on them.
"What has them in this state?  Have we lost the war is Chaos winning?"  Sigmar asked.
The spirit shook his head and pointed toward Sigmaron up above.  Mounted to the great fortress was four heads of the mightest daemons Sigmar had ever seen.  One representing each of the Chaos Gods.  Above them, all staked on the wall was the body of Archaon himself as dead as the others.
"Have we won?  Are we winning the war?  Why is everyone so sullen?  Show me someone who is happy about this I beg you!"  Sigmar pleaded.
The spirit complied and took them outside of Sigmars chamber in Sigmaron.  The door was open and Sigmar could see his future self-smiling as he overlooked the scene of people below, oblivious to their downturned mood.
"Does he not see that his people suffer despite these mighty victories?"  Sigmar asked.  "Who has sapped their joy?"
The spirit of Morr simply pointed at Sigmar, but not his future self, but at him directly.
"Me, but how?  Defeating Chaos is my goal and there should be cheering in the streets at all fo this!"  Sigmar shouted.
Morr wrapped them in darkness taking them to the great hall of reforging.  Before him, Sigmar saw the Smiths reforging Stormcast at a rate that would exhaust even his mighty form.  He strode out of the smithy to the chamber beyond he saw row after row of countless Stormcast reforged and ready for the next battle, but they were as machines.  Each one was entirely void of emotion and presence due to countless reforging.  On the far side of the hall, Sigmar saw a portal they were marching through directly to the realm of Chaos.  The Stormcast where throwing themselves unendingly at the Chaos Gods very Realms only to be sent back, reforged, and march forth to do the same again in what seemed like only minutes.  The cycle was unending and horrible to behold.
"How am I any better than them."  Sigmar whispered.  He was shocked that he had become that which he hated so much and his future self-appeared to be happy about it all.  Relishing in his victory, but taking the very heart from those he fought to save.
"I do not wish to see any more spirit!  Take me back!  Sigmar beggingly shouted.  The spirit did as he wished and Sigmar fell into darkness as he continued to shout to be free of this vision.
Part 5
Sigmar awoke sitting bolt upright with sweat running rivulets down his head.  He threw himself out of bed running to the window to see Celestial snow covering the city reflecting back the glow from Mallus.  He dressed and ran out of his chamber grabbing the Barrell Bugman had left him the night before.  He paused only as he saw Grungni ahead of him in one of the mighty halls.
"Grungni, what day is this?"  Sigmar asked.
"Much to your displeasure it is Sigmas Day.  I am off to talk Grombrindal out of his insane plan to launch a new campa-" Grungni said being cut off.
"Where is he?"  Sigmar demanded.
"Still in his Feasting Hall, I am told."  Grungni barely gave the answer before Sigmar set off.
"Have Sigmaron's entry chamber opened and invite all in for a drink, food, and merriment!"  Sigmar shouted back as he headed to Grombrindal's hall without knowing if he was heard or not.
Sigmar ran on still carrying the barrel until he came upon his target.  He took a few breaths and entered.  Before him, he saw Grombrindal, the Smiths, and countless other Duradin surrounds Grombrindal in full battle gear.
"What is the matter Sigmar?"  Grombrindal demanded.
Sigmar looked at the Duradin and smiled.  "It is Sigmas day and I have this ale.  I need friends to help me drink it if they are willing."
Grombrindal shifted uncomfortably as he did before, but this time he cracked a smile and let out a laugh and shouted.  "The campaign is off until that barrel is empty at the very least!  "Merry Sigmas one and all! "
The End
I hope you enjoyed my attempt at an Age of Sigmar Twist on a Holiday Classic.  Happy Holidays Everyone!  Until Next time, Happy Hobbying!


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Hey Everyone!  The year is almost over, but with the cold weather, that means the time for games and painting is in full force for most people.  My club has had some great attendance at our past few Club Days with everyone working on their armies and projects going into the Holiday season.  Most are anticipating having, even more, models to paint after Christmas so they are trying to wrap up what is on their table currently.  I am no exception and with the Rend 4's Hobby Hero award coming to a close in a few weeks I am working toward closing the gap between myself and the current leader.


This past weekend I ran the second event in my club, Ligonier Legion's, Age of Sigmar Firestorm Escalation League.  We had eleven people show up to play with everyone having painted additional models for their force.  Next month we will be wrapping up the campaign, but the excitement for Age fo Sigmar is very high for us right now so I need to begin planning what is next.


While I managed four Major Wins on Saturday with my Khorne running over all who came against me I was humbled a few days prior by my good friend, and regular opponent, Aleks as yet again he proves his Freepeople cannot lose to my Khorne.


My Hobby hasn't been just games, however, as my brush has been working overtime as I work on earning those Hobby Hero points.  I know have more Death Hags then I will ever need and have managed to paint up more Aelves in the past week then I have in the past year.  I am thrilled to be painting Aelves again and coming back to them feels comforting as they have always been my favorite aesthetic in Warhammer.


Continuing with the theme of Aelves I have officially received the last of my Adepticon 2018 army in the mail.  While I am still waiting on bases to arrive it is nice to have everything ready for the coming months of Hobby as I paint up 120 Witch Aelves.


Let me know how your Hobby is coming along and be sure to check back Friday for what will most likely be an article about Aelves.  Until then, Happy Hobbying!

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Hey Everyone!  Today I will be continuing my series on "Life Lessons and Wargaming".  The point of this article series is to look at the little lessons we learn throughout life and how we can apply these to our Wargaming hobby.  In today's article, I plan to talk about continuous improvement and wrap up my thoughts and hopefully persuade you to go after your goals and use all those lessons you have learned throughout life to help you become better hobbyist and gamer.  I might return to this series in the future, but today I will place a bookmark on it here.


It doesn't matter where you might be at in life or with your Hobby as long as you are walking the road toward improvement.  It is when you are sitting on the side of the road refusing to go anywhere that you truly fail.  Getting started is the key, but continuing to improve is how you open the door to your success.  Sometimes you find yourself stopping even if you don't realize it at first and you need to persevere to keep working toward your goals.

If you are the type of person who heads to the gym happily to lift iron and push your body to its limits then you might already see the correlations between this article series and the mentality prevalent within that type of atmosphere.  I wasn't one of those people, but I am now as I daily head to the gym for an hour or more.  The basic ideas learned in this atmosphere translates into other aspects of your life including your Hobby.

A little over a year and a half ago I was the perfect example of someone not working toward their goals simply sitting on the side of the road to success.  Sometimes I would have the motivation and move a bit down the road, but more often than not I was stagnant.  Even when I was moving toward my goals I always felt like more like a passenger than the driver.  While I won't go into the details just know that at some point I realized all of this and decided it was time to change and take the lead.  I don't want to come across that I was unhappy as it was the exact opposite.  I have a beautiful wife, lovely home, the greatest friends I could hope to have, but I wanted so much more.  A switch was beginning to turn on even though I didn't realize it at the time.

I say beginning to turn on because it wasn't some overnight change I experienced, but realization over a few months that while I was happy I wasn't satisfied.  I wanted so much more from myself out of this life then what I was currently getting.  I decided it was time to drive and stay ahead of the direction of my life in multiple ways, most of which I will leave out of this article, but a few of which were my Health and my Hobby.

I began to sort out that I was living in my comfort zone but going nowhere.  So as I headed to the gym and fell in love with placing myself outside my comfort zone to improve my body I also began to live outside my Hobby comfort zone.  I decided to paint an army with white as the primary color because white is a challenging color for me.  Instead of waiting for someone else to take the lead in some group projects I grabbed the rein myself.  It was hard and failure is very real, but it is worth it.

Now I feel confident painting with white as well as handling small and large projects, even multiple at a time.  I cannot say I am the best at either and the truth is that I am probably not, but I am better than I was and I want to be better than I am.  I have found happiness and motivation beyond where I was by reaching beyond myself and trying things that, perhaps, no one else has attempted before and even if I fail I know I tried and gave it everything I got.

I set goals regularly and put in my all to accomplish them because I have fallen in love with the process of doing the work and letting the results come.  I now live my life always happy, but never satisfied.  A year ago this way of living would be very alien as being happy should be the goal in and of itself, but while I felt happy where I was in the past it was only because I didn't come to learn what really makes me happy.  I am happiest when I am working to improve.  It has almost become an addiction as I eagerly look forward to my Hobby Fix, going to the gym, or working to improve me and my wife's life.  Being obsessed isn't a bad thing, but essential to keep yourself motivated to improving day after day in the way you wish to improve.

I wish I could say this was a road walked alone, but it very much isn't the case.  I haven't covered this much in this article series, but having a support group, tribe, club, family, or whatever you wish to call it is needed to stay fueled and motivated when you being to sputter.  At the gym, my friends are there to spot me and allow me to push more and more while encouraging me.  Likewise my wife, friends, and Family encourage my Hobby from my painting to my games, to my community projects, to this very blog you read.  They don't all necessarily know what it is all about, but they see my passion and obsession and know the joy it is bringing me.  My wife asks me how my games were after an event and will listen to the details of my battles earnestly.  My Mother will like every post from my Blogs Facebook page despite not knowing what I am saying most of the time.  My friends, both online and nearby, buy me paints and models while always being eager to take a look at their latest models I have painted and ask how my Hobby is going sincerely.  Without these support structures, there are times I might have quit.  Without them all, I couldn't become the best version of myself be it with my Health or my Hobby.

I have never been more fulfilled in my life as a whole, Health, Hobby, Family, and Friends as I am right now.  I credit this to my new found love of the process of hard work, goals, and continuous improvement.  I encourage everyone to take those hard steps down the road to improvement in their Hobby or any aspect of life.  It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go down that road, only that you keep moving and keep improving.  I believe anyone can do this and if you are working toward improvement share your journey with us and help motivate us on our journeys.  Our Community is in this together and by supporting each other our journeys we will improve the larger journey of our Hobby as a whole.  Don't ever give up.  Accomplish your goals.

Until next week, Happy Hobby.

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Happy Wednesday everyone.  The snow seems to finally be hitting the country around where  I live which means plenty of time to get some Hobby time.  My "Great Aelven Rebasing Project" has slowed down a bit as I am waiting for more bases I have ordered to arrive, but thankfully there is plenty of other Aelves needing my attention.  Not to mention the games that need to be played!


Recently I purchased some old metal Executioners and other various aelves and I felt it was time to get some paint on them as I make my final push toward winning the Hobby Hero Award for The Rend 4 Club's Hobby season.  I really like the old metal Executioners and they paint up rather quickly so a few hours saw twenty of them completed to tabletop standard.  I also built and primed the two Aelves released so long ago with The Silver Tower game.  I should have these painted up within a few days as well.


My club mate Matt B. gave me some Pheonix Temple Bits he had lying about from his brief time in Age of Sigmar.  Extra bits are always great and I there was enough to build a Caradryan/Anointed Hero on Foot.  After he was built I knew I had to immediately paint him up and I finally got to use my new Citadel Painting handle for it as well.  It felt great to hold and really kept my hand from fatiguing even slightly.  As you read in my recent post I had a tough showing at a recent one-day event so I thought painting up my Baelwind Vortex would make me feel a bit better and it certainly did the trick.  Hopefully, it can see me to some victories sooner rather than later.


I also took some time this week to work on updating my local club, Ligonier Legion Wargaming,  Facebook Page as well as work up a club shirt for us as well.  I put up a few initial ideas and received feedback that led to the final design below.  I placed my order and set up a group order for everyone as well.  A good number of us are attending Adepticon this year and hopefully, we can coordinate to all wear them on the same day as we support one another even though we will be playing in different events.


I was able to get a game in with my good friend Matt H. with my usual Stormcast list versus his, test, Party Boat list.  We played Duality of Death and due to smart tactics from Matt, despite poor shooting rolls, he pulled ahead to win the major by turn four.  Matt has been struggling with Kharadron Overlords for a while now, but he seems to be finding his feet and with the shooting potential I worry for the future of my Khorne Army in my local meta.


Hopefully, your Hobby is flowing and your dice are rolling to your heart's desire.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

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Happy Friday everyone!  Today I wanted to cover a recent one-day tournament I attended hosted by The Rend 4 Club based in Northeast Ohio.  The event was held at their local store, Battlegrounds, in Ravenna, Ohio*.  The store had an excellent set up with their product centralized between two separate rooms for Board and Card games on one side and Dedicated, specially built tables for Warhammer on the other.  The shop was about a three-hour drive from my home, but I was joined by my good friend Aleks for the trip and a day of great games as we represented our club, Ligonier Legion Wargaming.


If you read the recent interview with Neil you will know he organizes The Rend 4 Club as well as most of their events.  Neil really invested a lot of effort into his first Matched Play Tournament with Awards for Best in each Grand Alliance, Best Overall, Best Painted Model, and Favorite Opponent.  He even brought in the Club Trophy where he has the winners name, from select events throughout the year, engraved.  When Aleks and I walked in we were greeted by some familiar faces we know through the clubs Facebook group as well as everyone else we ran into as we settled in for a day of gaming.  While this was an Ohio clubs event we had great representation from the Pittsburgh area with Mike and Roger from Steel City Sigmar attending as well.  It was great to have locals to cheer on and talk tactics with as we attempted to invade the Ohio scene.  The atmosphere was great and the credit goes to all the players.  We all brought lists to be competitive but throughout the day it was evident that fun was everyone's goal.


Neil added a very nice touch with nameplates for each player and the club they are most associated with.  It really showed how different clubs can grow together and form a larger and more diverse scene to play Age of Sigmar.  I plan to use this idea for my events going forward.  The other great touch as one of the players traveling from farther away was how the local players brought in snacks and Neil had a basic lunch planned out as well.  Neil event tested out brief post-game interviews with the players after the first round and I really enjoyed participating and watching these on their Facebook page the day after.  All of this, as well as a club Shirt and Dice for the entry fee, made the event worth the drive.  Playing Age of Sigmar and meeting new players was the cherry on top of the day!  

While not the most competitive list I could have brought I had my heart set on taking Blades of Khorne to their first tournament and see how I faired.  I took the Gore Pilgrim's Battalion along with lots of bodies and Heros to capitalize on a few of the scenarios.  I felt confident early in my games, in part to my opponents fearing Skarbrand, but then would quickly watch my army melt before my very eyes.  I have dived into my Hobby Journal to review the game notes to hopefully improve in the future with the army.  We were using Scenarios from The Generals Handbook 2017 as well as some fun Secondary Objectives themed toward each army.


My first game was not a walk in the park as I faced Tzeentch being run by Tyler of The Rend 4 Club.  The scenario being used was Duality of Death and my higher Hero count gave me hope.  Tyler had an exceptionally painted army with beautiful blending and transitions.  My poor photo skills do not do it justice, but playing with two fully painted armies really took the game to a new level.  I began very aggressive and took priority at the top of the turn.  Sadly I would not win another priority roll in this game which really hurt.  I was able to stay in the game into the final rounds with some unfortunate casting rolls on Tyler's part and careful use of my Blood Tithes points, but losing the priority really kept me on the back foot after my initial push.  Tyler played cautions and it paid off as he was able to take the Major win in the final rounds.  He was a great opponent who made the game fun exciting and fun and I was very happy to have an opponent like him to begin my day win or lose.  Thankfully I was able to score my secondary to keep myself on the mid tables in the next round.


After judging for the best-painted model and some lunch we went in to round 2 and much to our surprise Aleks and I squared off in Battle for the Pass.  Aleks had brought his custom Free Peoples "Halfing" army.  Up to this point, my Khorne had never beaten his Free Peoples and sadly this day only continued his streak.  Once again I took priority in the first round and pushed very aggressively striking him hard and fast.  While up on points his shooting, as it typically does, began scything through my army with abandon.  While I had some poor dice rolls on my end the biggest was my failure once again to win any of the priority rolls seeing my windows of opportunity close quickly.  I admit there was a moment in this game I got a bit salty with my luck, but Aleks being the true friend he helped me get back on the right mindset to enjoy the game and my day.  Aleks took the Major win and held me from taking any of my secondaries promptly kicking me to the bottom tables.  It is always great to play Aleks and having him around to cheer me, along with the other Pittsburgh crew, was a blessing to help me through a rough day os losses.


The last game was using the Starstrike Scenario and I typically do well with this type of objective as my mindset is more adept and adapt and overcome then plan ahead so I was hoping to salvage part of my score with a win.  My opponent was Matt, who was bringing a strong Clan Skyre list.  While it felt odd I had a good feeling about having many more bodies on the board them him.  He openly joked that one of the requirements for playing the list was guilt for what it does.  His attitude was jovial and relaxed through the whole game and it was an enjoyable game.  Matt had the choice of priority for the first round and he offered it to me.  I stayed a bit cautious as I waited for the comets to fall and it was a mistake.  While I did have a few emphatic victories, like finally winning a priority roll, his shooting and dishing out of Mortal Wounds had taken out my protection and biggest combat threat in turn two.  Admittedly he bet heavy and put his force on one side of the board prior to any comets dropping as he tried to take me out as soon as he could.  His bet paid off as the comets fell right into his lap.  I managed to score my secondary again this game but winning the scenario slipped through my hands very early on.  Matt and I really got into the game as we cheered for each other and lamented each other's failures, but he had the Major win at the end.  While my third loss it was a great game to finish the day.


While my performance was poor I managed to stay out of dead last due to my secondaries.  Roger from Steel City Sigmar took the day and it was great to watch his results and cheer him on as he battled it out to take home the top spot for Pittsburgh.  Aleks managed to come away with Best in Order and it was great to see another win for our local area!  Everyone had a great attitude and it made for enjoyable games for all.


The painting award was also claimed by Mike from Steel City Sigmar, who you might remember I interviewed recently as well.  He puts in maximum effort into each model of his Stormcast Eternals army.  His Stardrake took the prize, but I am confident he could have out any model from his army to compete and still be very likely to have claimed the prize.  There was a lot of exceptional models on display for the award this day and it was a great line up as the judging happened.


The first event for The Rend 4 was wonderfully run with opponents I hope to play again sooner rather than later.  Congratulations to the winners and to Neil as well for organizing the event and getting the groups together for a day of merriment and Age of Sigmar.  Neil plans to have more events going forward including mixing up the formats to keep it fresh and fun.  After we gathered for a parting shot we headed over to grab a drink.  While my performance on the table was very poor it only made the drink with friends, both new and old, that much better.  it was great to have local friends there as well to cheer each other on chat with one another throughout the day.  Aleks and I parted for our three-hour trip home and chatted for a good portion of the drive about the fun we had, how I could improve my list and play, and excitement to Hobby and play even more!  Be sure to check out The Rend 4 Club's Facebook Page for even more pictures from the day.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying.


*As a fun side note that got me excited was that this town was full of Black Squirrels.  I am not sure why but these little critters really brightened my day as it was something I had never seen before.  I was informed they were everywhere and are a breed from England that was being studied and ultimately released by a local college.  If you are ever passing through Ravenna, Ohio keep eye out!


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Hey Everyone!  Welcome to my 100th blog post!  I don't know if that is an achievement or not, but it is fun to say nonetheless.  I have had plenty of Hobby over the past week and with the madness of the Holidays coming up I am doing my best to squeeze in as much time to complete all my projects while enjoying the fun with family and friends.  Also, Tomorrow is the last day to take The Big Community Survey put out by the Warhammer Community team.  It is a good chance to submit your feedback to Games Workshop and have a chance at a gift voucher as well.  Be sure to take a few minutes today if you can to complete the survey.


My "Great Alven Rebasing Project" is still in its infancy, but I have managed to rebase all my Dragons as well as every Infantry Hero I have in my collection.  I am still debating on exactly what my basing scheme will be, but just getting everything on rounds is a big step so I plan to rebase all of my Aelf Armies before I decide.  Chances are I will stick to a unified theme with pieces to match my Stormcast Eternals so I can easily play mixed order and have it look uniform.  The rest of my Bases should be coming in from my online purchases in the next few weeks and I hope to have everything on Rounds before the New Year.  After that is done I will be committing my hobby time to wrapping up some exciting community projects and painting my Adepticon army.


While rebasing has turned out to be more enjoyable than I originally thought I still need to keep paint flowing off y brush.  Thankfully I have a bunch of Aelves in need of some color and I finished priming them just the other night.  These will be done for Christmas so I can shift my Focus to the previously mentioned projects in the New Year and help me earn some more hobby points for a fun competition for The Rend 4 Club run by Neil who I interviewed recently.  The deadline is the end of the year and I am currently sitting in third and need to push hard to take the win.


I have also very excited to have my Aelf models be a part of Battletome: The End Times and I have been working to improve my photo quality and sending as many as I can over to Alexander to for review.  I am not sure what all of mine will end up in the book, but I am happy to have contributed even in a small way and I cannot wait for the final document to be released.  


Speaking of The Rend 4 Club.  They held their first one-day tournament this past Saturday and I was lucky enough to attend along with other great hobbyists for a fun day.  Neil and the store ran a great event and I plan to cover the day in depth with Fridays post so be sure to check back in a few days to see more*.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

*Spoiler: I didn't do well at all.

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Hey Everyone!  Today I will be continuing my series on "Life Lessons and Wargaming".  The point of this article series is to look at the little lessons we learn throughout life and how we can apply these to our Wargaming hobby.  In today's article, I will be exploring both the Success and Failure you will encounter while working toward your goal.  Expect to encounter both of these concepts as you grow and work towards your goals, but you must never let failure discourage you and never being afraid of success.

Even one of the greatest players of the NBA failed regularly

You might fail, but don't let that bother you all that much though.  Failing is part of life and we have all done it through our lives, usually in small and regular tasks.  While we accept these small moments of failure we typically don't take failing in larger goals and tasks as well as we do in the smaller ones.  However, in order to succeed we need to embrace our failure.  Failure is essential for us to grow and for us to gain knowledge to succeed.  Basically, when you are working toward a goal or task and fail you have learned one of the ways to not achieve that goal or task.

While failure is simply a step in the process of success it is often where most people simply give up believing that this single failure is the end.  They give up despite that fact knowledge has been gained and they are closer to succeeding in their goal or task.  Let's look at an example common in our hobby to explore success and failure a bit more.  You have set yourself the task of winning a gold medal at a painting competition.  This specific goal will alter based on if it is a Local Competition, a National Competition, or even a Global Competition, but the concepts are the same as the concepts are universal toward any goal you set for yourself in life.

There is a painting competition coming up in a few months or so and you set to work, or have been hard at work, on a piece for the competition.  You may have been painting for years or perhaps only a very short while, but you are pouring hours and hours into your piece using all the skills you have accumulated.  Now to get to the level where one feels comfortable in submitting a piece for judging would typically mean they have painted many figures to practice techniques and most likely are considered failures as they work to perfect the technique they are practicing.

However, they should not be considered failures as they each model, each brushstroke has helped to get the technique right that will be used in a competition piece.  I should take a moment to acknowledge the fact that I have never met a competition painter who views their models this way because they are viewed as a step in their process.  These are small steps in the process to our goal of winning a painting competition and are usually viewed as such, but how would not winning the competition be viewed?

It is likely that something that has had, potentially hundreds, of hours put into it would become a source of pride and attachment, which seems totally normal.  The piece is submitted at the painting competition and after a stressful time waiting the result is revealed.  The piece lost and it didn't even receive a finalist pin, which at a lot of higher level events is a win in and of itself.  You failed, there is no way to sugar coat the fact you failed at your goal.  There are two choices after your failure.  Give up on competition, or realize that your failure could be the catalyst for your future success.

The piece might have failed this competition and could possibly succeed in another competition.  What the piece has done is taught you what might not work for the competition, assuming you requested feedback and looked into the detail about the pieces that did win.  You only gained this knowledge by failing your goal, not by succeeding.  If you had won gold in your first competition you might not have asked how to improve and while you accomplished your goal you are ultimately failing at improving for the next event.

Don't be afraid to fail, embrace it when it happens.  I am not advising purposing failing as that is completely counterintuitive to success.  When you do fail, though, don't hide from it, be happy that you have taken another step toward the success of your goal.  Changing how your mind views failure will only help you on your way to succeeding your goals.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying.

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Happy Wednesday everyone!  We are fully into the Holiday season now and I hope you are finding plenty of time to work on your Hobby.  I finally began getting back into my Hobby grove last week and I am trying to kick it up a few levels this week to carry me through to the end of the year.  I am happy to say "The Great Aelven Rebasing Project" is in full swing!  Soon my Aelven forces will be marching to war in The Mortal Realms!


I decided to get things going with my rebasing by putting some recent acquisitions onto round bases.  While I don't have plans for a Darkling Covens army as of right now I am well on my way when that time comes.  I also took an evening to count all of my Aelf models that are being rebased during the cold winter months that are coming fast.  In total, I have 954 individual Aelf models and thanks to a bit of friendly encouragement, I will add more to ensure I have over 1000 Aelves by mid next year.

I am also very excited to be helping with Battletome: The End Times creator Alexander Nygård of Fjordhammer with some key battle pictures with my newly rebased Aelves.  Hopefully, my photo skills will do this project justice.


Outside of rebasing units for specific battles, I decided to rebase my Heros first.  I will be sticking with the expected sizes for the Heros but for the older named compendium Heros, I will be upping the size a bit just to give them the presence they deserve on the battlefield. While they will not be used as their older named representations they are still fantastic models that feel right being on slightly larger bases. 


With rebasing in full swing I finally got around to painting my Orion Model I have had for a while now.  While I am a bit sad that I never fielded him in The World That Was I am still happy I held on to him as he is a great looking model and it was great putting a brush on an Aelf model once again.


My last bit of Hobby has been purchasing all of the models I need for my Adepticon 2018 Army.  I have about half of what I need so far and in a few weeks, I will have the rest on my Hobby desk.  I plan to crack into that project before the end of December and I plan to do a small article series as the project comes together so expect a lot of With Aelves in the future.  Be sure to come back Friday as I continue my "Life Lessons and Wargaming" article series, until then, Happy Hobbying.

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