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About this blog

This is my blog to track and record what I have painted and will continue to paint as I work through various projects for my Age of Sigmar models. The first few entries were my old things from my WiP forum thread which will be deleted shortly. New stuff will go up as well of course! 

Entries in this blog


The Plan

Here you can see the original drawing I did and the image from the Blades of Khorne book that Inspired it. The first piece I wanted to was a Blood Altar of Khorne. 

IMG_0166.jpg.c4e38265ddfbe8afb910cb98dddbfc23.jpg IMG_0167.jpg.7c97adff660a152dbdddd477700c3471.jpg

Building the Alter Base

I've wanted to build a lava table for a while and running Warhammer Achievements has given me the option to do it. One of the centre piece items I wanted to build was a big alter that is dedicated to Khorne. I set out by cutting out some blue foam to make the main base and the steps. I angled the cuts and then went round the top with a craft knife to just rough up the edges and make it not too regular. I then drew out the base on hardboard and cut this to shape to match. 

Next I had to get a bit more technical. I drew out the Khorne symbol in 2D Design and then cut it out on the laser cutter. I did two parts so that I could have a recess that I planned to fill with some sort of blood effect. I cut these from Hardboard as well and then glued them together with PVA glue. I then attached this to the  blue foam with silicon glue as this glues better than using PVA. 

The next step was to run some filler around the edges and then add sand onto the base. 


I decorated the Khorne symbol using sticky half beads that you use to decorate cards. I bought them from Hobbycraft. I did find that they needed some superglue to hold to the hardboard though. I also used a hole punch to cut out all the small circles that I could use as rivets. I cut out squares of card and glued them on as steps. 

The altar model in the middle is from the Reaper Bones line, which was a nice find and it works well in the middle, 


I didn't know quite what to put round the edges, but I ended up using cocktail sticks and some dowel which i sanded into points. I then used hot glue to hold them in place, I felt like these finished off the alter quite nicely. 


Painting the Altar

I started off by painting the blue foam blue again! This was just to give it a good coat of something so I could spray paint the whole thing. I hadn't been happy with some of the previous Khorne stuff that I had painted, so I went with a tried and tested method. I spray painted the whole thing dark grey then light grey, then I sprayed a load of brown on the sandy bits followed by light brown. Once this dried I dry brushed the whole thing with white to detail it up. The Khorne symbol was based with Balthasar gold and then washed with purple. I used a sharpie pen to pick out the corners and lines as the terrain is so big this doesn't really matter about the quality of the highlights too much.


The spikes were painted black and then gloss coated. I did consider that they should have some skulls stuck on them, and I might go back and do this later. 

The blood was interesting to do. I used Mephiston red and then stippled on some purples and oranges and whites. I made sure that the bubbles were gloss coated too. Then I had to do the resin. I mixed some blood for the blood god into the resin which totally didn't work - I should have used Caroburg Crimson instead. However the pour went well and i waited a few hours and then swirled in the blood for the blood god which worked much better. 


Building the Realm Gate

The realm gate required quite a bit of chopping and cutting. I removed all of the swirly bits, and then had to chop up the gap in between the two halves to make space for some polypropylene sheet. Once this was glued in place ai assembled the realm gate as normal and then glued a few of the swirly bits back onto the bottom. I then had to assemble the Bull Demon (restic - yuck!) before slicing it up on the bandsaw. I then used super glue to glue it onto the polypro sheet. 


Painting the Realm Gate

Again  this was done with spray paints. I used the greys and browns first to do all the stone and the minotaur. I then blasted it with Mephiston Red to pick out the top parts of the demon.


This also oversprayed the stone with some red glow which looked effective. Once all this was done I swirled on some purple ink and then glossed the realm gate before quickly painting the Demon. Because its a terrain piece I didn't spend a whole heap of time. It was just quick base coats, a wash and a n extreme highlight on the reds and golds. 


Overall Finished Piece

In the end I am happy with how this has come out - its a nice playable piece of scenery that you can run figures over the top of. Combine this with some rules for sacrificing and becoming crazy fighters I think this should work well. 


Next up for this table will be the Fortress...









Table 1: The Endless Deserts

The first job I set myself was making some themed terrain for the project. I wanted a bunch of small scatter terrain pieces, so I had a quick root around in the bitz box cupboard to see what I could find. I came up with half an Arcane Ruins kit that the wife had bought me and a bunch of Battlefield terrain resin crystals. These, I decided, would do nicely

I glued all the bits of arcane ruins together so I had a selection of pillars and columns and then I went to work with a hack saw cutting them into fallen chunks. Some 3mm MDF soon followed fo the bases. I cut these on the bandsaw and rounded off all the edges with sandpaper. I have to admit now that my inspiration came from the White Dwarf that featured the Tomb King release. They had a really good article all about building Tomb King terrain, so I nicked a lot of ideas from that. 

Once I had cut up a lot of the terrain I glued it all down using a two part epoxy resin, and I glued the crystals to the bases as well with the same glue. I then started covering the base with wood filler to build up the ‘sand.’ Once dry this all got a good coating of PVA and was covered in different grades of grit and sand. Again, I left it to dry, then gave it the obligatory PVA and water mix all over the top to seal it all. The pieces all got sprayed black. 


The paint scheme was very simple. All the terrain was painted Chardanon Granite, dry-brushed grey, then given a light Bleached Bone dry-brush. The sand was done Calthan Brown, Vomit Brown, then a 50/50 Vomit Brown and white mix. Any detailing was done in Hawk Turquise, with the gold detailing picked out in Shining Gold. This was then washed with Agrax Earthshade. The crystals started out with Catachan Green and were highlighted up to Goblin Green then gloss varnished. All in all the painting took about an hour or so. That’s the one thing I love about Terrain – it’s very quick to do compared with miniature painting

Once these were done I took a quick trip to Pets at Home – supplier of fine miniature wargames terrain, and picked up an Egyptian statue of a cat and a sphinx. These would look very nice in my terrain collection, so I painted them up in the same scheme and based them. Boom! Jobs a good’n!

Here are some shots of the finished pieces. 




The lava pits were made from the old (and now annoyingly out of production) 40K craters set which I filled with filler and smoothed down. The bubbles are made from sticky half beads that you can get from Hobby Craft and the whole thing was painted red, orange and yellow and then gloss varnished. The big temple was made from blue foam just cut into squares and glued together with PVA and then just dry brushed. I used the laser cutter to make the hieroglyphics and the egyptian head was from aquarium terrain. The pillars were just cake pillars from M&S that I had to order. 


Here you can see the final table laid out and ready to be played on



This year at Blood and Glory @Ben has generously donated some space for me to run the latest iteration of Warhammer Achievements, a little tournament that I've run on a somewhat irregular basis due to the birth of my children. This will be the 5th running of the event and I really wanted to do something different so this year I've decided to take a leaflet of Steve Herner's boo and make terrain for all sixteen tables. I quite enjoy a bit of terrain building and when the mood hits its quite easy to get a lot done in a short space of time. Over the last week I have made some good progress on a number of different pieces that I want for some of the tables: 


These are the start of the floating waterfalls that you find in the Realm of Life. I made these from some clear 3mm acrylic that I line-bent and screwed down onto some 12mm MDF that I cut and shaped. Once done I then unscrewed the whole thing and spray painted the MDF blue. 


Still to do: I'm needing to make the water effects to run down the acrylic and pool at the bottom. I'm planning to use the Woodland Scenics water effects for this so that I can make the falls and then attach them. I'm still not sure how I'm going to edge the pools though, so that is the next problem that needs solving. 


This is finally the chance I've been looking for to finish this rather large mausoleum that I've had sitting around in the garage for a bit of time. I made it for some end times stuff years ago and never finished it. I attacked it with some spray cans this afternoon in an attempt to get some basic colours onto the piece, and then I can go in and start to pick out a few details just to finish it off. I have t say that once I got  a few more bits of colour on it its starting to look pretty sharp. 



These two pieces will be going on a table set up for Khorne. I found that the mats we are using aren't actually black with the lava. Instead its a kind of dark green so it needs a heavy green dry brush over the top, The craters took some time to repurpose them and fill in all the cracks and dints. I then bought some adhesive pearls from the paper craft section of Hobbycraft and superglued them down to represent lava bubbles. Once again the painting so far is all spray can work. I kept them black and dark grey, but I think the lighter grey will work a lot better. 




REALM OF LIFE - Nurgles Garden

I've always fancied doing a gurgle terrain set and this gives me a great excuse. The pits will be a key part of the rules as well so to represent how truly dangerous they are I got some reaper bones pox worm models and glued them into the centre. I have no idea how these will look when they are painted but they should certainly look menacing coming out of the swamps. 


I'll probably be positing a lot more terrain than models for the next few months which will be an interesting change of pace for me. 

If you have questions about what I've done feel free to post them here. 






This is just a quick work in progress post. I've decided I really want to get some more varied terrain for my games so I invested in some second hand craters off Ebay. They are quite damaged, but I have based them on some hardboard and I plan to go in and fix the gaps and holes with filler and play bark. Once undercoated I have a few ideas for different fillings. Three will be lave pits for a Realm of fire table, one will be a Nurgle Swamp and the other will be a Tzeentch themed piece of dangerous terrain. 




This was an older model that I had rebased but not painted, so I spent a few hours earlier this week getting him finished so that I could use him in some games. I still have a load of chariots that I need to do so they will have to get finished at some point soon as well. The conversion was not too complex - I took the wings from the High Elf Dragon kit and just stuck them onto the Slaughterbrute body. The whole model was spray painted silver and then the purple and green was airbrushed on and the mottling pattern was painted in. The model looks a lot better on the circular base as previously it looked a bit ridiculous perched on a 50mm square one!




I had this conversion knocking around my painting desk for a while as my Budget of Sigmar 2 Army got shelved as I worked on the Tzeentch army for the South Coast GT. I had always planned on it being the leader of the force. It is on a big 60mm base with the mystical rocks hanging around him. The conversion was done with the 40K Cult Mechanics hero and mixing it with Blight Kings parts. The most challenging part was drilling out the head to make the space for the Blightkings head. As I started painting it I was not very happy with where it was going which was why it never got finished earlier. However I was happy with how the overall scheme came out with a couple of provisos. The green rocks are probably too distracting and need to be smaller, but this is a change I am loathe to make because of the fact that they are metal and it would be a pain to do! The other is changing the colours of the tentacles under the model. The white is too bright and distracts from the rest of the model. I had some good feedback from Vince Venturella of Warhammer Weekly about changing them to a green, and I think he's right so that will be something that I will go back and sort out shortly. Otherwise I am pleased to get another Budget of Sigmar 2 model finished. 




The List:

This weekend just gone was the South Coast GT in Portsmouth in the UK and I was there with my Tzeentch Disciples (clearly the new powerhouse) so I thought I would give a quick rundown of how the army performed in the different games and what I thought of the list and the battalion. So first up I took 27 Skyfires and.....

Actually I didn't do this! 

Instead I based my list around the Omniscient Oracles battalion, which for those that don't know is Kairos and three more Lords of Change. The battalion gives you reroll 1's for hits, wounds, saves, as well as charging and running. The Lords of Change will hence forth be known ad the Red One, the Yellow One, the Green One, and Kairos. 

Originally I picked the list as I was inspired by @Ben Johnson and the 5 Star Drakes that he took last year and I wanted to be the one with the cool monster mash build. However Ben one upped me by taking five blood thirsters this year :(

Obviously this was the majority of the list, but it was rounded out with two 10's of marauders and 10 pink horrors which was the battlleline element, and then, because I had the points for it I was able to add in 6 sky fires and a tzangor shaman, just to add a little punch! 


Artefacts and Traits

I used the 27" Dispell as the command trait on my general (the red one) and this was brilliant. I often find that being in range to dispel is tricky playing AoS as a lot of the spell casters tend to sit towards the back, allowing them to buff their army whilst being safely outside dispel range. With the extra 9" range as well as +1 its quite easy with the Lord of Change to shut down an average magic phase. 

For Artefacts I took a Phantasmal Weapon on the green one so that I had an extra attack with the sword. This gave me some real punch and when needed I used the destiny dice to ensure something got hit when I had to clear things out. As my second artefact I took the Well of Arcane Might to give all my spell casters re roll 1's when in range of the yellow ones. This was mostly useful for some of the buff spells when I didn't want to use destiny dice to ensure that the spell would go off. for example getting an Arcane bolt off I only needed a 2 (with the +1 ability) so having the re roll 1's just mitigates that annoying roll of three or four. 


Destiny Dice

I used these a lot for ensuring spells went off.  3's and 4's were pretty much exclusively used for this. I tended to use 5's and 6's to ensure successful charges or armour saves when needed. as sometimes big rend or damage weapons (like Durthu) could really frustrate opponents if you save them on the destiny dice. 


Magical Output

The magical output from the army is quite frankly bonkers! However you have to be in range as the magic is pretty short range and there is no chance of sitting a LoC on a bale wind vortex. I spent the majority of the games having to make a decision about what to do in terms of sitting back and seeing what will happen or running forward to get into range. The army allowed me to take all the Lore of Change spells if I wanted to, although I swapped one out for the Destiny Dice shield from the Lore of Fate. If i ran the army again I would definitely not bother with this as I don't think I used it to any great effect as generally by the time I was really needing a boosted armour save I had used the majority of the destiny dice for damaging my opponent. 


The Games

Mike with the Blades of Khorne

Mike had put together a BoK list from the models he had available and I think was enjoying the experience of testing the new rules. We only made it through three turns, but as he moved towards me he suffered the full wrath of Tzeentch's magical output. The game looked like it was going to ending tie however, until I managed to move a Lord of Change into position to break through on one flank. In the end I had to make a 5" charge to get onto the objective and kill the hero there. However I failed the charge, and my Kairos dice had been used up earlier. Luckily I had another Lord of Change 10" away, and through blind luck I rolled the 11 to get in which gave me the minor win. I had managed to get my objective as well though, which pushed me to the major win. Some of the things I learnt was that with good dice rolling the Lord of Change with the sword could be a real monster as he killed a unit of thirty blood letters in a single round by himself through magic and combat. 


Chris with the Pheonix Council

Chris had borrowed Martin's Phoenix Legion army and worryingly for me it contained 3 units of 20 sword masters. We were playing the Silver Tower scenario which required units to be close to the silver tower. You could also put units into the tower so I knew I was going to struggle to win this. Chris ran forward to get into the tower early which meant I was able to put the full brunt of the magic, sky fire shooting and combat into a single sword master unit. Unsurprisingly I was able to smash through the unit and then move on to the next one. I was also able to focus enough magic onto the two dragons to bring them down as well. After three turns I had eliminated all of the Aaelf forces, but the Silver Tower decided to stay where it was for a turn meaning that despite the fact that I killed all of the opposing force I still lost on the scenario. I did manage to do my hidden agenda  though which pulled the game from a major loss to a minor loss. 

Jon with Sylvaneth

Jon is a fabulous hobbyists and he had a really stellar Gnarlroot Wargrove Sylvaneth army. As well as being a terrific painter Jon is a pretty stand out player, so this game came down to my superior mortal wound out put vs his better generalship. Jon pressed one flank hard and managed to make my general retreat off which gave him an early lead that looked like it was going to secure him the game, but as the game progressed I was able to push my army across to his objective, leaving models in woods as I went to stop him teleporting the tree lord ancient away from his objective. In turn four I was able to kill him off and secure the two points that pulled it back to a win to me. However Jon forgot about, or didn't see, some Kurnoth hunters that were behind a large piece of terrain and they could have had a big impact on the game, so although I got the win I don't feel like to was a true reflection of how the game could have gone. Hopefully we will get a chance for a rematch as I'm sure Jon feels like he could get a win against my force.  


Jay with Mixed Order

Mr Hopkinson turned up with a mixed order gunline that was really four hellstorm rocket batteries, a hurricanum on a balewind vortex and 'stuff.' He also had some really well 'themed' line of sight blocking terrain that he could sit  the rocket batteries behind as they don't need line of sight. All in all, I knew this was going to be a tough game. Fortunately Jay is a top dude to play, and we've known each other for quite a while so it was also going to be fun. In the end it turned into the best game of the weekend from a tactical perspective. The key error I made was not using a Destiny Dice to blast OxyOttll (or whatever he's called) turn one with Gateway (I rolled and failed to cast :( ), which allowed him to teleport round and score points all game.   I tried a cunning plan by burning my agenda to run a lord of change across the board and charge, but Jay burnt his to stop me. This was the right choice as I think had I gotten into his rocket battery I would have been able to secure the win. As it was Jay outscored me, the game went 5 turns and I came away with my second minor loss of the weekend.


Ian with Bonesplitterz

Ian is a bit of a character - he is one of the Cheltenham Warchiefs and plays a pure Bonesplitterz army with all the different Rukks, and lots of supporting magic. I've never played the army before so I had no real idea about what pieces needed to be removed and Ian played the game very well. I think he was excited to play a monster army so that he could go Big Game Hunting. Ian pushed forward hard with the Boar Boys which I took off over a couple of turns, but this allowed Ian to bring up the harder hitting parts of his army and begin surgically removing my army. I pushed forward piecemeal which wasn't the right tactic I think, and eventually the Kunnin Ruk got involved along with some Big Stabbas and they were able to clean up my army. I didn't achieve my agenda and Ian managed his which gave him the comprehensive 30-0 win.


Matt with Sylvaneth

I've known Matt for a few years now, but never had the pleasure of playing him so it was great to get a game in at the end of the tournament. Matt had the pretty standard Gnarlroot wargrove so I felt quite confident in this scenario as I had 5 heroes to his 3 and mine are generally tougher in the match up because of the mortal wound output and the fact that the Sky Fires can out range the Kurnoth Hunters. Also the scenario played into the hands of my army as I could stand all five heroes in the box and outscore Matt, which forced him to come forwards. In the end I'm not sure I played very well. I lost two Lords of Change as well as the Tzangor Shaman to a cheeky 11" charge from some Tree Revenants. However Matt and I did a lot of fighting in the centre of the board with all our units, and the Kurnoth Hunters with Scythes made a real mess of my Green Lord of change (the combat one)! Once again the mortal wound output from the magic dispatched a Treelord Ancient, Kurnoths and Durthu which gave me a big 30-0 to finish and propel me to the heady heights of 46th overall.  




This weekend is the South Coast GT and I have finally managed to complete all of the models for the Omniscient Oracles Battalion. 

It was a fun painting challenge and I developed quite a few cool tricks to help get through them in the time span and keep the models to an acceptable quality level. I used a lot of spray can work to get the base coats done and then dry brushed and washed a lot to get the variation in texture. I then went over the top with the brush to pick out specific details, but only in key areas. 

I discuss the techniques a lot more with Ben and Mark on Ep 153 of Bad Dice if you want more details. Link is here

As ever if you have any questions put them in the comments and I'l be happy to answer them!





For my South Coast Army I needed Kairos to lead my troops. Although he has lost the ability to change the turn roll he is still a good leader. Once again the model was a real joy to put together. I tried to keep the staff separate this time to make sure that the painting was a bit easier this time. I sprayed the model Macragge Blue, then used a baby blue spray paint and some white from a can to pick out the chest and heads. I used spray cans for the purple on the wings and also to do the feet. This gives some nice gradients if you are careful, and means that the base coat is quite effective strength away. All I had to then was wash areas and dry brush and then pick out all the sharp points. However the areas like the gold and the staff took a lot longer than I thought this time. I think I spent five or six hours picking these all out and finishing them off over the last week. 

I now have two more to do for my trip to Portsmouth so I've got to keep going. The next one I think will be mostly green and purple! 

If you have any comments or questions let me know below. 







First of the Lords of Change completed. I've got the lord of change finished that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. Couple of small conversions to change angles on the arms and neck, but otherwise its stock. Basecoating all done with spray cans which was a fun little experiment - just had to be careful when doing the purple on the wings and the legs. After that it's a lot of drybrush work. Some Sharpie highlighting too on the golds so that I could work away from the hobby desk. Base again is just playbark all drybrushed up and then some desert 🌵 diorama tufts added. Overall happy for a speedy (relatively speaking) job :)

The wings take a dry brush really well which is great, so you can layer on a lot of different colours to give the model a real Tzeentch feel without being too over the top. I was quite conscious about not making it too much of a rainbow model, so the palette is fairly limited to the red with a lot of purple and blue/teal for the details. I also didn't go round picking out too many of the gems etc as I need the models done (the best colour of all, or so i've heard!)












This is the current state of my Lord of Change, I have chosen a very different colour scheme that will match some of the details on the next lot of Marauders. I started with a Mephiston Red undercoat and then sprayed on the purple to the wing tips and the feet using a spray can rather than trying to blend it or worry about the airbrush. This made the initial base coat a lot faster to do. 


The details were dry brushed up with wild rider red and Kislev flesh on the red which works nicely as a top highlight. My intention was to go in and highlight the face carefully as this will be the stand out part of the mode. There doesn't seem to be any real benefit in terms of time vs quality achieved to highlight all the individual feathers, although I have gone round the wing tips with Palyd Which Flesh to give a nice bright highlight on the edges of the purple. 

I am currently working through the gold and the blue armour and I have been using the Duncan video to try and see how it turns out. I am currently pretty happy with the whole thing. The only thing that I am really not a fan of is trying to paint the tabard as the detail is quite flat and the complexity of the folds and position makes this a very tricky piece to paint with any real quality. Fortunately it is hidden away and will probably not be that visible on the final model when it is based. 

Overall I think this is a great model and its been a lot of fun to paint so far. 





To complete my Tzeentch army I have started putting together some Tzeentch magical terrain that will go along with it. To start with I have done a couple of large line of sight blocking pieces. I wanted something warped and un natural looking and I was fortunate enough to find a couple of fish tank items that I thought would work well. I didn't do anything much too them. I cut the bases from MDF and then glued the two pieces down using Mitrebond. I then used a lot of filler to go round the edges and blend the base and the rock together. Once dry I then sanded the base. 

To paint them I just used spray paints. I gave them a coat of macragge blue, then baby blue, then white. I tried to aim the second two sprays so they just catch the edges to try and vary the tones. 

Once these were done I used a brown spray and sprayed the sand. I'm not bothered about the brown going on to the blue as this just helps blend the two together. Once dry I used Agrellan Earth on the base pieces where the sand had missed. I washed this with Seraphin Sepia and then dry brushed the whole thing with Terminatus stone and a little Wrack White on to the blue areas.  IMG_0307.JPG.eb4ba8c75111fee8231acacc5ca8e19f.JPG



Earlier on I posted an image of the original Skyfire model I painted. I have finished the Shaman to go with them now as well. This was a super cool model to paint. Came together really quickly and I was really happy with it. I cut a few corners to speed up the painting so areas like the robes are just the undercoat with no touch ups, just a few edge highlights, and there are a lot of areas that are deliberately not painted (under the disc, underside of the robes etc. As this is a relatively quick gaming army I am trying not to get caught up on all the details, but I still want it to look neat and tidy. 

One of the things I did was to paint the disc in sections this time which was an awful lot faster and easier than trying to paint them once they were all glued together. 

I enjoyed using one of the Shattered Dominion Hero bases for it as well as I have a few still lying around. 

I am most pleased with the feathers on this guy. I think they came out really well and hopefully it can be utilised on the Lord of Change which is up next...











To fit into my budget of Sigmar army I had to do a conversion of some sort on this model. I chose to create my own Shrinemaster figure. I took some of the leftover parts of one of the Maggoth lords as the top half. I glued some plastic sprue inside the body to act as a support post. I then cut the Shrinemaster figure in half and glued the pillar to his waist. The Maggoth Lord top half was quite a bit wider so I had to green stuff some more skin around the join to merge them all together, but I am happy with the result.

For the painting I just used the usual Nurgle colour scheme of Greens and Purples. I was pleased with the metals on this as well. 

Once he was finished I just superglued him down. With hindsight I should have made him removable so that I could use different sorcerers on top, but that is a lesson for another day!  




For my Tzeentch force I need some foot troops. The cheapest battle line in the warriors army are Chaos Marauders at only 60 points for 10 models.

However there are a couple of problems. Firstly, the models are really old, very poorly posed and they have a whole load of annoying mould lines. Secondly they are very much of the Old World frozen north aesthetic with the cloaks and beards. All the new Tzeentch models have a very different feel to them. So what is the solution? Clearly to do a ridiculous amount of conversion work on foot troops no one will pay any attention too! I decided that the basis of the conversion would be a box of Kairic Acolytes. I also had 15 of the silver tower Acolytes which add some variation. 


The heads were taken from all the blood reavers that I had left over from the starter set that I haven't done anything with. I chose all the ones with helmets as I decided these guys would be trying to emulate the Acolytes by hiding their faces, but without the magic they had to settle for the normal versions. When I ran out of heads I started raising my bits box and was able to use some Maruader heads as well as taking a gamble that Space Marine heads would also look OK. 


Weapons and shields came from the Tzangor kit as well as the Marauder kit. 


Sticking everything together was pretty easy, but if you want to do this conversion then the neck needs some work as the acolyte heads kind of fit on the front. If you try and stick a normal head on then it looks down at the feet, so the neck area has to be cut and trimmed down, but its not overly complicated. 

Painting was the usual Tzeentch base coat of brown, and all the armour this time is blue. As ever edging all the gold is the really time consuming stuff, but I have got 10 done so far out of the 30 that i need. 

As always let me know what you think in the comments below.  



Sky Fires



I had planned on taking the Sylvaneth to the South Coast GT this year and doing a display board to compete against Mat Lyons and Stev Foote for the Coolest Army award. However a couple of things have scuppered that plan. Firstly my wife gave birth to our second child and, despite us purchasing a nice little SUV for transportation, there is no way that we can get a display board, two children, an army and and a pram. Therefore I decided I could do a new army! Its February right? SCGT isn't till April! Thats loads of time....


My list for the South Coast GT will hopefully be a Tzeentch army. I'm going to keep the exact build under wraps here for a bit (Sorry:ph34r:), but there were a few things I wanted to include. A lord of change is a must with the new model, and I also wanted to have some of the new Sky Fire models as everyone seems to be singing their praises. So I hopped onto the Element Games website and ordered a few boxes. 

Now for some advice - paint the discs in pieces before gluing them together! This would have been soooooooo much easier and would have given me a better  result. I'll know for next time if I decide to add some of the Tzangor Enlightened. The Tzangors themselves, although they look complicated, actually go together pretty well and paint up fairly easily. I kept all the gold parts straight gold to save time, and I also checked out Vince Venturella's speed painting guide for doing Tzangors (relatively) quickly

Here is the test model that I have done so far...


You'll notice that the disc is horrendously the wrong colour. I did the discs first and get the colour tone all wrong. These should have been much paler or a completely different colour all together. The purple and blue do not work complement each other at all. Otherwise I am a fan of what I have done so far and I'm looking at the getting the next two done this week at some point so keep your eyes peeled. 

Let me know what you think of them in the comments below. 




Like the rest of the Age of Sigmar community I was really enthused and excited by the new Disciples of Tzzeentch Battletome. I was lucky enough to get hold of some of the Kairic Acolytes which I painted up for my new force. A couple of things that I think are worth noting - the basing plans are to tie in with the rest of my Chaos force rather than having their own unique basing scheme. I'd love to have done a desert themed basing scheme for them as they have a really cool egyptian style look to them. 

The kit is great - you can make the models up pretty quick and they go together beautifully as you would expect. 


I used a really simple skin recipe of mourning brown spray, sandro dust spray and a wash of sepia or Reikland flesh shade. It gives quite a nice dark, sun kissed type of skin tone. As these are supposed to be quick I have really focussed on not going back in and adding extra detailing to the skin. I will try to spend the time on the characters and monsters in the list. The shields I kept separate so that I could quickly airbrush on the fade and get them done quickly. I find my airbrush to be a very fickle beast, but when it works it is a real time saver for this kind of effect


Once the skin was all done the detailing was finished and kept simple. I used a lot of bright blues combined with purples and whites. As you can probably imagine the biggest time sink on these models is doing the gold trim. There is absolutely no way that these can be speed painted. you have to take care to keep it neat. I have seen on the Warhammer TV that Duncan does the gold first and then paints in the panels, and I can see how that would work, but at the moment I'd rather keep the gold as the final stage. 





Cripes! I've just noticed my last post was the 9th January. Not exactly stellar blog updating here. Anyway, lets try and get you up to speed with whats been happening. First off I have some New Years Resolutions for 2017. Lets hope one of them wasn't update the blog regularly..

Rather than listing it all here I have done a fun little video instead which you can view. 

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think of the resolutions I have set and how many you think I can achieve! 



So this was the sum total of my painting for 2016 models wise. All in all I was a little disappointed that I hadn't done as much as I would have liked, but I did do four big monsters as well as Drycha, a Maggoth Lord and the Forest Dragon (not shown here) and that did account for a fair chunk of time at the start of the year in particular. 

I finished off the Chaos Army for the South Coast GT this year, but I didn't really finish the army to a cohesive standard due to some personal issues that came up, which was a shame. I had to do quite a bit or rebasing for this project. I still have a number of Chaos models which I still need to rebase. 

I finished off the Sylvaneth which was great so I have a full faction of these guys now. They were a lot of fun too do and picked up a couple of painting trophies at Alliance and the Leeds Last Stand later in the year, as well as getting a nomination at the Facehammer GT. I want to add a few more Kurnoth Hunters and some Spites and Tree Revenants, but I think this will be a project that I come back too as there are a lot more exciting things coming along this year  by the looks of things

My other big win was the amount of rebasing that I got through. I repurposed quite a lot of models from older armies during the year and I had a lot of fun with the new GW Bases, both the normal ones and the Hero bases. I used these for the Order army that I took to Blood and Glory that won the Judges Choice award. 

I tried my hand at Golden Demon this year for the first time as well, and managed to pick up two finalist pins. I was really pleased with that, but it really showed me that the single figure/competition painting is a completely new ball game. I'm not sure that I would enter again, but I'd certainly attend to see the models as its great looking at such fantastic models. 

Tournaments were the usual debacle, ranging from the disappointingly mediocre to the shockingly awful. However I always enjoy the social side of the events and meeting new players. I never have to worry about playing friends or people I know as they are all an awfully lot better than me at the game. I did have some excellent narrative games during the year though, including playing Steve Foote on the Saturday of the South Coast GT, and playing Mark Wildman in a terrific Everchosen vs Ironjaws/Orrruk game. 

Overall I feel like my AoS year has been good, if not spectacular, and I'm hoping that I can have a better year in 2017. I certainly hope to paint more, and I'd like to do a little better in some events, although I know that I won't be attending too many the year. If you want to see moe of my resolutions there is a video up on the Bad Dice YouTube page. 




I was able to find a bit of time on Christmas Eve to finish off this model. Glad its finally off the painting table and ready for some battles. 

The metals were quite challenging. When I've been submitting modes to the Google+ PMP community I have had a lot of feedback about improving the contrast in my golds, so I made an effort to try and do it here. I used GW Retributer Armor as a base that I shaded with Agrax Earthshade. I also used Nuln Oil in the deeper recesses as well. Once it all dried I  then went over all the raised areas with Liberator Armor, which is quite bright silvery metal paint. I mixed in a little bit of silver to do a first highlight and then used a Silver Sharpie pen to edge highlight all the sharp corners and edges. IMG_0238.jpg




The Warshrine!


I've been planning this Warshrine since last Christmas, so I've finally decided to try and get it finished. Originally I had planned to put it in my SCGT 2016 army, but I never managed to get it complete due to personal reasons and so it was left sitting on the painting table. Now that I am working on the Nurgle army I have decided to use it this time as part of my Budget of Sigmar Two Army. However I'd also like it to fit in to the Slaanesh army as well. I have tried to combine the two different basing schemes and also use lots of purple and green. I have reversed  the colour scheme from my Maggoth Lord so I have the green tongue and the purple skin rather than the green with a purple tongue. This should tie it in, but still keep it subtly different. The black teeth and claws will also keep it tied in. I can then magnetise the wizards to go on top of the Shrine. 


Plan is to get the rest of the gold finished tonight, although I can see it taking a while as there is a lot of it to paint! 




So I was continuing on with the floating islands when I had a bit of a disaster. I finished up the bottom pool with the resin pour, added in all the flock and foliage and was pretty much happy with it. I then decided it was time to start the top island which is when disaster struck.


I thought it was sealed up tight, but there were some gaps under the acrylic so the resin all poured down the perspex support into the bottom pool. This led to me to deciding a complete redesign is needed. When I went to unscrew the supports of course the resin had stuck it fairly solid so I have snapped and cracked the whole thing, which is a bit of a bummer. This is the first proper terrain problem I've had, but I have a few ideas about how to solve it. I'm going to need to dremel out the mess on the top section and I am going to cut a slot under the plywood and slide it under island. This way I should be able to do a thin resin pour on the top which I think will actually improve the appearance. Its just going to take a bit more time than I thought! 


Here is the mess that it made at the top where the perspex snapped off the resin. 


Here you can see how the Island looks fully painted. I'm pretty happy with this. 



Floating Islands!


Since I finished the Oak of Ages I decided I wanted two more large pieces to go on the table top. Inspired by this piece of art from the Realmgate Wars book I decided to try and create my own freestanding islands with waterfalls. I've been playing around with realistic water a lot so I think it will work well for  the waterfall, however its the constructional elements that will sell these pieces and whether or not I can successfully hide the supports. 


I started out with three basic components - some 15mm think MDF which I want to use to support the base. Thinking about it now I should have routed out the pool, but instead I am going to build that up with cork bark. It will give the pieces some height and may even work as a bit of a line of sight blocker which could be interesting. The top will be plywood with blue foam underneath so it is lightweight. The trick here will be not making the top section too heavy, so some artistic license will be needed. To join the two pieces together I have used 3mm perspex, glued together and then bent to create brackets which I have screwed to the two wooden pieces.



Each island is about 45-50cm high, so they are pretty sizeable. In the drawings the water pools off the edges of the islands, but I think to make it work I will have to have more of a pool at the top for he water to flow from. This will make the building easier. 


I ordered two aquarium ornaments to go on the top. Both needed cutting down to fit the space. I then glued them down using mitrebond. I'm now at a stage where I have filled all the gaps to make the pools watertight and I am going to sand the first one and add the details for the underside. Hopefully painting will not take too long. 






As you know I have been taking part in the Warhammer Weekly Budget of Sigmar 2 challenge. 

This month I had to assemble, convert and paint a unit and a hero. I cheated a bit with the hero and used my Nurgle Lord of Plagues conversion that I had already done. For this months unit though I used a Beast of Nurgle conversion that I had in mind for a while. It basically involved using the Plague Drones bodies and putting them on the ground. I removed the wings and rolled out some Green stuff to make tentacles for them instead. I also had to cut the bottom third of the bodies and switch them round. I think they looked pretty cool as conversions. Painting wise I sprayed them white, airbrushed on some greens and purples and then washed with Athonian Camoshade. I dint really do much more other than pick out the boils and details so they actually painted up pretty fast which was good, although I missed the somewhat flexible end of the month deadline due to rebasing units for Blood and Glory. Overall though I think these guys are a good addition to the growing Nurgle Army. 




After Blood and Glory last weekend I came home pumped up for some new and exciting Hobby challenges. The first thing I decided to do was create my very own Oak of Ages to be the centrepiece of a new set of Sylvaneth terrain. I've purchased a Grassy Plains 2 FAT mat and I realised I didn't have any 'green' terrain to go with it. So I started raiding the terrain bin.... 

A while ago I'd bought a big piece of Aquarium terrain to make a realm gate with, and I knew that my son had collected some twigs and sticks recently that were drying on the porch outside the house. With these as a basis I started gluing things together. I had an old 6" base from my free wood elf wood from 8th edition which was the perfect size for a base so I mitre bonded the tree stump down. I then Dremmelled some bits off half a realm gate to make it roughly fit the gap that was in the wooden piece. I added some random playbark to hide some of the gaps and then started applying cheap air dry clay to add texture. To make it look like bark I used a piece of playbark to texture it and push it into the gaps. This was much faster than using a sculpting tool. 


When the clay was dry I went over it all with watered down PVA as the clay doesn't always stick as well as you would like. The next job was to stick on some big sticks to the stump to start making the canopy. I just mitre bonded them in place, trying to find places that had gaps and grooves tap they fitted in to. 



Once these dried I used a pack of Woodland scenics tree armatures to make all the smaller branches. I just went round the tree drilling small holes in and pushing in the tree armatures. Once dry these need twisting and shaping. Even after this they don't look too realistic at this point, but hopefully foliage will help cover this up...

I then attacked the whole thing with spray cans. I just sprayed it in bursts with all sorts of browns, greys and whites and then dry brushed areas. I'm going to come back to add more detail later so I wasn't too worried about how this all looked. I just wanted it all blended together and all the air clay covered up. The only thing I tried to do was make sure that the realm gate part was lighter than the rest of the tree. 


All of my Sylvaneth have a lot of foliage and plants on them, so this was always going to be a very green, summery looking tree. I couldn't use my usual stuff though (Woodland Scenics fine foliage) as it is £17.00 a pack, and I'd need quite a bit for the tree, making it prohibitively expensive. Instead I ordered some wire wool. To start with I piled it on, but after some Twitter feed back from @Bishmeister and @Painted by G I teased it all out a lot more so that I ended up with a much more natural look. I then used an entire can go green spray paint to undercoat the wire wool. 

Before feedback: 


After Feedback:




When that was dry I went out into the garage, got a big mixing bowl and started making a bowl of tree flock, pretty much exhausting my clump foliage stocks! I used quite big clumps and a variety of sizes and textures. I then went round the tree a bit at a time covering it with spray glue and tipping  the clump foliage on. Once the whole tree was covered I gave it a good shake, turned it upside down and went over any patches that I had missed. Once I was happy I then sprinkled over some fine turf mix as well to even up the coverage and fill in any small gaps. 

Once this dried a bit I mixed water and PVA together and poured it into a spray bottle and generously coated the whole tree. This should make it fairly durable. I'll also add some matt varnish as well as I want to eliminate any shine from any PVA glue that has ended up on the tree itself.