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About this blog

Hey there,

So I, Lightbox, often like to build and paint things and show everyone my wonderful works in progress and swear that I will one day finish them.

Well time for me to swear again! Umm swear that I'll finish projects I mean. So that's what this blog will be! My projects as well as my attempts to play games with lists which will even include lovely pictures (though not the pictures of me crying when I inevitably lose)


Hope you enjoy reading and thanks for stopping by!


Entries in this blog


So I have a busy week ahead of me!


I've got a 3v3 game organised next week of order versus khorne. We will have myself and my freeguild along with Dan & his Pheonix Temple & Chris and his freeguild. It's going to be a tough game and we're likely going to have to try and win it through cunning, attrition and a boat load of shooting!


So what I have available so far, in various stages of painting:

10 gunners

10 guard w/ sword and shield

10 guard w/ militia weapons

1 freeguild general on foot

3 demigryph knights

1 cannon (albeit lacking in dwarven crew)


What I plan to finish building this week:

1 general on griffon

10 greatswords (mostly done just need to do a couple heads. They're a jaguar warrior conversion so take time to build but should be quick to paint)

20 guard (I hate building the guardsmen so this will hurt)

10 crossbowmen


Possibly 1 luminark depending on how many points I have left as it would be nice to have something to buff my teammates. Also a 30" range gun will be nice for upsetting bloodsecrators.


I'm going to be detailing my progress on the blog and also brainstorming some lists. Should be good fun!


I do love my freeguild but they are a pain to get built and painted sometimes xD At least the demigryphs were fun when I did them. Also note to self: Buy some rocket batteries at some point... and make an engineer.



So today was an epic clash between my disciples of tzeentch and my friend Dan's vicious mixed elf army! His elves are all linked by a firey colour scheme and pheonixes hence the name fire elves.


My tzeentch are instead linked by the fact they all refuse to die. I may be bad at killing but at least I hold out well :D

For our scenario we had to try and hold both objectives with no enemy models near them to win.

It was a super fun and close game with lots hinging on lucky (and unlucky) dice rolls. I tried out 6 skyfire and oh boy is it much better than 3! Though had difficulty displacing dans eternal guard and his phoenix tore through my warpfire dragon. I had a lot of units hold on well though and my 20 tzaangors took MVP for me for just holding their corner for practically the whole game! fending off dragon knights, bleaksword and a hydra!

I made a lot of mistakes and forgot some things as it's been a while since my tzeentch force came out to play. As usual they did really well at holding their ground and a few tricks allowed me to keep some of his units locked in combat to keep my objective safe. I also played some of my units a bit poorly, although they did well my tzaangors were locked in a corner all game and my warpfire dragon drawing the attention of a phoenix and his guard really hurt. He should have instead launched forward to mess with the eternal guard on Dan's objective. I also didn't use my destiny dice enough which was very silly of me. It's a powerful mechanic and I need to utilise it better.

Unfortunately I forgot to take notes for a full batrep so I shall remember for next time but it was nice to get more playtime with my tzeentch and tzaangors and they definitely remain a firm favourite for me. So many attacks! 

Next steps with the army (besides painting) are gonna be test out horrors some more as extra shooting and cheap wounds could be useful and see about maybe a second tzaangor squad. I also need to really practice different things with them and nail down a good list mixing the DoT and STD units. Regardless I'm constantly learning new things and really got to see my strengths and weaknesses today.


Below are a couple of late game pics (apologies for my lack of paint, it pains me too). And sorry for this odd and sparse recount! Better to remind me to write it down next time! Regardless it was a fun clash and ended in a draw. I shall have to organise a rematch sometime and do a proper writeup.


Me and dan will join forces next week for a 3v3 vs khorne where my order boys will come out for a spin. I'll try and get notes and a batrep for that!




So as anyone who knows me will know I often hop between projects a lot ans I'm awful and getting painting finished. But I'm trying to change that.


My golden horde topic over on painting and modelling shows some of my more recent conversions which I need to get painted up, along with my daughters of khaine melusai.


Though recently I've mostly been working on my dark eldar for 40k and pretty happy with my archon. I think my skills are really improving!!







So finally finished (besides her base) the horse mounted version of my vampiric big boss Cassia. Still not sure on a full name though I'm sure I'll think of something! (Any ideas do let me know!)


And of course it wouldn't be Cassia if she wasn't covered in the blood of her victims... She will be getting her inaugural games in tomorrow as we practice for our path to glory firestorm campaign and I will try to post some battle reports here. Hopefully with pictures though most will be unpainted alas... (Sorry, it's a long process!)


Anyway here she is in all her gory glory!





So we're back today with more dynamic death... Deatherizers (okay I'm bad at alliteration) because after painting dragon Cassia the only logical step is to paint her up some blood knight bodyguards right? (10 of these buggers to do...) And of course a neigh neigh horsey riding version of Cassia because I don't always want a dragon riding general... Especially not for our upcoming path to glory / firestorm campaign where the general must be the same in each game! (But I'm totally allowed to field her as a vamp lord or lord on dragon)


As you can see this random mounted vampire lady I made a while back works well for cassia (just ignore the slightly smaller nose... Necromantic vampire magic for you...) And you may have noticed this well dressed Cassia doesn't have her dinner all down her :o well have no fear, once she's finisher I will go mad with the blood technical paint and make her suitably red ;)


I'm planning to go ethereal looking with the horsies hence the green for cassias horse and the grey initial coat for a bloodknight. You also get to see Cassia's progression over the course of this evening. 


(Alsowhat you can't see is one knight has a broken lance... Budget cuts and all... I might try and fix it later but tbh he is easier to transport like this)







So today I had a lot of fun painting up my vampire to sit on her zombie dragon :D

Need a good surname for her but I'm getting there. Then it'll be onto actually creating some background for my soulblight army. She's already going to have the nickname of 'the bat queen' for employing large use of her bat-like gargoyle followers (counts as fell-bat conversion, pic below) and of course regular bats (gonna have to get myself bat swarms just because they can be useful for protection)

She will also have a horse mounted model that will be painted up later but I'm proud of how she's turned out. Good fun applying the blood too ;) obviously she's just a messy eater.






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