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About this blog

Just a couple of Australian/Kiwi guys talkin hobby and getting you involved with your community. New, competitions, guests from the community and help with your hobby, it's all crackin on at AUSHAMMER!

Entries in this blog


Last night marked the last show of the year for Brynley and Ryan. Join them as they do a cast like none done before, a special edition with one hell of a bomb shell for next year! review the year gone, go over news and events and generally talk ****** and thanks all of you who make this possible, our viewers and friends!

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Gav Thorpe:


Tonight Brynley and Ryan go over current events and upcoming stuff before getting into part 2 of The Secret Life of a T.O with 2 very special guests - Emma and Michael Basc from Objective Secured in Perth!

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AUSHAMMER have released 2 new Tutorials for the beginner/intermediate hobbyist. How to make a cheap and long lasting WET PALETTE and how to paint the awesome Stormcast Eternals JUDICATOR. Like what you see? The LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to always know when we release new content and support your hobby community!




Tonight Ryan and Brynley go over current and future events, show off some of you, the communities, most recent hobby achievements and go over how life as a new Tournament Organizer can be and some of the troubles and positive experiences you can expect as a T.O entering the scene. Like what you see? The LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to always know when we release new content and support your hobby community!



Join us tonight as we discuss all you need to know about competing in a tournament. The tournament scene in Australia and around the world has really amped up with Age of Sigmar so now is a great time to get in the know! Want to see more? SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our channel to always be kept up to date with our latest content!




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