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About this blog

After I started a Thread with similar name, but not sure if I could share my tales there. I will start a blog here for my project for my own Celestial Vindicators Chamber called the 'Blazenhearts'.

This Blog will contain Pictures of Models as well as Charakterdescriptions and Tales of the Army.

In the case of characterdescriptions and tales, I will add the characternames or headings of the tale into the tagsection, so you will find them when I refer to another story.

To get you some history about my project:

My first Stormcast Eternals Models I bought in the time of October 2016 (to get the storypart that was in the starting box)

The real start of bying miniatures started about December 2016 to January 2017

Never liked the Hammers of Sigmar colortheme at first I thought about Hallowed Knights but changed my mind after they are the "posterboys" of AoS Novels after the Hammers of Sigmar (but have still 5 of them). Then I tried several other colors (Astral Templars, some own Stormhost where I thought about colors similar to Dark Angels or Deathwing). It was the idea about the dark angels that brought me the idea with the title "Order Through Vengeance" because of the Title of the 40ks starting box and needed a name to start a communityproject after nearly 6 years I postet no pictures of my miniatures. After I didn't liked the painting results I thought about making Celestial Vindicators but started painting them with Thousand Sons Blue + Ahriman Blue instead of the normally used Macragge Blue + Sotek Green or Stegadon Scale Green + Sotek Green.

Start of my painting Project was in February 2017 after I got moderator in another forum and could copy posts there to get some structure.

Until easter (about 2 month) I painted about 50 miniatures (als exept my Judicatress Prime Yelena Stormheart). Then my motivation started to fail and got killed after reading the All-Gates Story part of the Celestial Vindicators and my Models had the markings of the Bladestorms (Purple Plumes).

After painting some other stuff I started painting again my first new SE Model (Yelena Stormheart) and thought about repainting the Plumes to make them my own chamber. This happens an July 12, 2017 and so my Chamber of the 'Blazenhearts' was born. In end june 2017 I started my first characterdescription, this was also for Yelena Stormheart.

Here is my actual modellist:

Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber (6700 Punkte)

Battalion Hammerstrike Force (Weiß) (1040 Punkte)
5 x Paladin Retributors (220)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
5 x Paladin Decimators (200)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
5 x Paladin Protectors (200)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
6 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (200)
- 2x Stormsurge Tridents

Battalion Hammerstrike Force (Schwarz) (840 Punkte)
5 x Paladin Retributors (220)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
5 x Paladin Protectors (200)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
6 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers (200)
- 2x Grandblades
- Shields

Battalion Hammerstrike Force (Purple) (840 Punkte)
5 x Paladin Retributors (220)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
5 x Paladin Decimators (200)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
6 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers (200)
- 2x Grandhammers

Battalion Thunderhead Brotherhood (Purple) (1100 Punkte)
10 x Liberators (200)
- Warhammer & Shield
- 2x Grandhammers
10 x Liberators (200)
- Warhammers
- 2x Grandhammers

10 x Liberators (Prime Beowulf) (200)
- Warhammers
- 2x Grandhammers
5 x Judicators (160)
- Skybolt Bows
- 1x Shockbolt Bows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline
5 x Judicators (160)
- Boltstorm Crossbows
- 1x Thunderbolt Crossbows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline

Battalion Thunderhead Brotherhood (Weiß) (1100 Punkte)
10 x Liberators (Prime Samuel Stormclaw) (200)
- Warblade & Shield
- 2x Grandblades
10 x Liberators (Prime Riko Stormclaw) (200)
- Warblade & Shield
- 2x Grandblades
10 x Liberators (200)
- Warblades
- 2x Grandblades

5 x Judicators (Prime Yelena Stormheart) (160)
- Skybolt Bows
- 1x Shockbolt Bows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline

5 x Judicators (160)
- Boltstorm Crossbows
- 1x Thunderbolt Crossbows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline

Battalion Lords of the Storm (1280 Punkte)
Valten Blazenheart (100)
Victor Brightsoul (100)
Morbius (80)

Lord-Veritant (120)
Knight-Heraldor (120)

Knight-Heraldor (120)
Knight-Vexillor (140)
- Meteoric Standard
Knight-Vexillor (140)
- Meteoric Standard

4 x Gryph-Hound (160)

Sonstige Einheiten (260 Punkte)
Knight-Questor (100)
4 x Gryph-Hound (160)

Extremis Chamber (1180 Punkte)
Sonstige Einheiten (1180 Punkte)
Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (220)
- Tempestos Hammer & Thundershield
Drakesworn Templar (500)
- Storm Lance

2 x Tempestors (220)
2 x Fulminators (240)

Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber (3050 Punkte)
Helden (520 Punkte)
Lord-Aquilor (200)
Knight-Venator (120)

Knight-Venator (120)
Knight-Azyros (80)

Vanguard Angelos Conclave (1480 Punkte)
10 x Vanguard-Hunters (5/5) (280)
- Shockhand Axe
- Astraler Kompass

- Stormcast Eternals Battleline (Lord Aquilor General)
10 x Vanguard-Hunters (280)
- Storm Sabre
- Astraler Kompass

- Stormcast Eternals Battleline (Lord Aquilor General)
10 x Vanguard-Hunters (280)
- Storm Sabre
- Astraler Kompass

- Stormcast Eternals Battleline (Lord Aquilor General)

3 x Vanguard-Palladors (220)
- Starstrike Javelin
3 x Vanguard-Palladors (220)
- Shock Handaxe

Vanguard Justicar Conclave (810 Punkte)
3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (Prime Ramir) (180)
3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180)
3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows (160)

3 x Aetherwings (60)
3 x Aetherwings (60)
3 x Aetherwings (60)

Gesamtpunkte: 10930 Punkte

Entries in this blog


Hi guys,

I painted my first stormcast in 2018.

It's the Lord Ordinator. At the moment he isn't part of the Malign Portents painting contest, because I had chosen the warqueen (painted Start Collecting Nurgle Daemons in the first part).

If I can take more than one miniature, I will try to get him in, too.




So, after quite some time I really should post something

I made another story for Yelena, but this time it's more like a prequel.

This should be the first time Yelena woke up after getting reforged.

I know, this story is a little different in comparison to the rare parts that were mentioned in background (like the reforging of Torglug who became Tornus or the Reforging of Vandus Hammerhand), but just have fun.

(if something of the wording is a little of, like the other stories it is translated from german, and to speed the process a little up, letting google making the main translation, while correcting some parts afterwards


Reforged, a new life



"Uh, what happened to me?" The young woman wondered as she slowly came to herself. Everything in her head was spinning, and when she opened her eyes, she felt blinded and at first only blurred. As her eyes cleared, she realized that this place wasn’t familiar to her. She was in a small room with bare walls. Several candles burned in candle holders that were attached to the wall. She lay in a rather simple bed with white sheets, which was still in a much better condition than her own bed had been with the Order. As she sat up slowly, she noticed pain in her whole body. She felt like she had gone through hell literally. As she looked down, she noticed she was dressed in a sleeveless turquoise robe with the symbol of a two-tailed comet embroidered with gold thread. "Isn’t that the sign of Sigmar?", The young woman thought in surprise. Still slightly dazed, she examined her body. She had changed. Her body was more muscular than she remembered and she had the feeling that she was taller as well. In addition to the stronger muscles she saw small scars, she never had seen before. "What happened to me?" She wondered aloud.

"As I see you coming to you," a calm voice said from the door.

"What?", The young woman startled from her thoughts and looked to the door. A tall figure in turquoise armor, with white shoulder armor and gold decorations stood in the doorway. His face was hidden behind a skull-shaped mask. "Who ... who are you and where am I? Am I dead? "The young woman asked. The sight of the figure frightened her. She had never seen such a figure before.

"Dead?" The figure asked in a calm, analytical voice. "Well, let's say you’re not dead anymore. You really were dead for a long time. But our god Sigmar saved your soul and gave you new life. To introduce myself first. My name is Morbius. I’m Lord Relictor of the Celestial Vindicators. We belong to a group called Stormcast Eternals. How are you feeling?"

"My whole body hurts and feels tense."

"This is normal after the first reforging. You'll feel better and stronger soon”, Morbius said calmly.

"What do I mean by reforging?"

"All in good time. What do you remember from the time before you woke up here? "

The young woman tried to collect her thoughts. "My name ... my name is Yelena Stormheart. I’m a novice of the yellow rose. The monastery of the order was attacked by ratmen. The last thing I can remember is fighting against them. "

"Can you tell me something about the Order, Mrs. Stormheart?"

"The Order devoted itself to the worship of the Everqueen Alarielle."

"Oh, you were a worshipper Alarielles?"

"Yes," said Yelena, looking questioningly at Morbius, but couldn’t see through the skull mask and his calm voice how she should assess his reaction. "Is that a problem for you?"

"No, Alarielle was an important ally in Sigmar's Pantheon. But we have not heard anything for centuries. "

"Alarielle is a living person?" Yelena asked, puzzled.

"Of course, she's lives in Ghyran. However, during the Age of Chaos, she has retreated to a secret place. Sigmar is also alive and reigning from this palace. "

Yelena could hardly believe what she heard. Although she had heard stories from the myths during her studies, she had assumed they were stories and myths.

"May I ask you something, Lord Morbius?"

"What do you want?" Morbius replied.

"What happened to the spectral monastery?"

"Unfortunately, I do not have much information about the monastery, except that it was destroyed centuries ago. Maybe our acolytes in libraries have a scroll about it.

Yelena's eyes widened. She took a hand over her mouth and shook her head in disbelief before asking, "Centuries ago? That means, everyone I knew is probably dead? "

"Quite possible. But I have no information what happened to your friends. "

Yelena did not know what to say when she thought of everyone she had known. She had lost everything. They felt close to tears.

Morbius put his armored hand on her shoulder: "I can understand how you feel. We have all lost many  friends in the last few centuries. The forces of chaos have occupied large parts of the empires, desecrating places, killing people, duardin and aelfes alike who could not be converted by them. You have to be strong for what is to come! Do you still have questions before I have to leave you for now? "Even though his voice is calm and partial feeling cold, compassion was still felt. Yelena looked into the skull mask's eyes: "Where am I? You say something about a palace."

"This is Sigmar's palace in Azyr, the last sanctuary for the peoples of order. Blessed be Sigmar that he could prevent the conquest of Azyr. But we will soon recover the realms of chaos. I will leave you now. You will also receive your armor tomorrow and fight for Sigmar and all the peoples of order. The maids will help you buckle it on. They will then escort you to the Judicator Temple, where your training will begin." Morbius turned and left the room. Yelena's thoughts flickered. "I had been dead for centuries? And now should I, a faithful of Alarielles, fight for Sigmar? "Several hours passed while Yelena tried to handle her losses before she decided to get up and learn about her new surroundings. She slipped in a pair of sandals that stood in front of her bed. She felt a bit shaky on her feet in relation to the time she didn’t had walked and went to the door to possibly get some more information about her new life.

Actually I don't know if there is a follow up with her training, because I don't know how Stormcast Eternal training would look like.


So, they waited for over a month (started painting them end of July), but I just finished the judicator retinue that's led by Yelena Stormheart.

So here they are:




Another thing. I bought Blightwar today, (but I think I will have more use for the daemons than the stormcast models).

It's just sad that Neave Blacktalon is a named character and she is actually bound to the "Hammers of Sigmar" (I  don't like the golden colortheme of the Stormcast Eternals posterboys). I really hope GW will make a Knight-Zephyros Warscroll soon, so I can use the model for my Celestial Vindicators).

Don't like the Idea of using the warscroll "count as" for my Vindicators.



On Friday I made a my actual third game of Age of Sigmar with the Battle of Heroes Event in GW-Wiesbaden.

I wrote a little introductionstory before posting this the first time:


The Blazenhearts had fought for months in Eloni for the local citizens and armys to get them some rest. Doring a patrol, the lords of the Storm experienced through reconnaissance, that troops of the bloodbound got close to multiple places of power to corrupt them. Against the objections of Victor Brightsoul, the Lord Castellant, to wait for the rest of the chamber, Valten Blazenheart the Lord Celestant conforms, after the sighted troops were a small warband. Valten knew that they have to act quickly, so chaos could not determine in the region.

Actually it was some sort of introductiongame because my it was the first game for my opponent. After he only has "normalsized" models I didn't use my Drakesworn Templar, so it was a 500 Point Game with 5 Heroes. So my army looked like this:

Victor Brightsoul (100)

Knight-Venator (120)

Morbius (80)

Valten Blazenheart (100)

Total: 500/ 500

The army of my opponent contained the following models:

Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer (80)

Exalted Deathbringer (80)
- Ruinous Axe & Skullgouger

Bloodstoker (80)

Bloodsecrator (120)

Mighty Lord Of Khorne (140)

Total: 500/500


At first I thought the shop would have a scenario for that event, but after should compromise to a Battleplan. To keep it simple we used "Three Places of Power", because it fits nicely to the event after heroes should hold objectives.

I hope I didn't make an mistake that the marker is controlled by a hero until is is killed or left the 3" range of the marker.

The battlefield was 48"x48", and we still used 3 markers so each marker were 12" away to each other instead of 18".

So here was the battlefield (seen from my side of the table)


Sadly some of my pictures have a bad quality, because I made them with my smartphone and didn't wanted to waste to much time.

Set-up of Stormcast Eternals:

Knight Questor positioned next to the right wood

Lord Relictor right from the magical water.

Lord Celestant left of the magical water, next to the tower

Lord Castellant between the left wood and the tower and the Knight Venator next behind the Lord Castellant


Set-Up Chaos:

Blood Stoker right to the ruinwalls

Mighty Lord of Khorne and Bloodsecrator behind the mausoleum

Exalted Deathbringer and Aspiring Deathbringer positioned behind the wood in the enemy territorium.


I didn't read that the player that finished first could choose who has initiative we rolled the Initiative (after both armies did have the same number of units I think it was alright so).

The first initiative goes to Chaos:

Chaos Turn 1:

Blood Stoker Wipped the Mighty Lord of Khorne

in the Movement Phase all models exept the the Bloodsecrator ran to the markers. The Bloodsecrator moved right behind the mausoleum. the Blood Stoker conquered the right marker, the Mighty Lord of Khorne the middle marker and the Aspiring Deathbringer conquered the left marker

3 : 0 points for Chaos


Stormcast Eternals Turn 1:

Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant

The Lord Relictor moved into the wood. Lord Castellant and Knight Venator move near the left marker. The Lord Celestant moved closer to the two Deathbringers. The Knight Questor moved closer to the Blood Stoker but falied it's charge later this round.

The Knight Questor shoots at the Aspiring Deathbringer and makes 3 wounds. The Lord Celestant uses his Sigmarite Warcloak, generating 4 hammers and killed the Aspiring Deathbringer. After that he charged Exalted Deathbringer and wounded him once but got 2 wounds (even with the lanterns effect).

After my units were not near enough to the marker I didn't get any points that round. So it's still 3 : 0 for chaos



Ini roll round 2: Stormcast Eternals win

Stormcast Eternals Turn 2:

Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant. The Lord Relictor used the storm to heal the Lord Celestant.

The Lord Castellant moved to the left marker to conquer it. The Lord Quetor moved closer to the Blood Stoker.

The Knight Venator moved forward to get free sight to the Mighy Lord of Khorne (more aesthetical than really needed)

He shoots at the mighty lord, but failed to wound him.

The Lord Celestant generated another four hammers and damaed the Mighty Lord with them.

The Knight Questor charged the Blood Stoker. I activated the Knight Questor first, because I thought the Lord Celestant would will survive with the 2+ Save with the lanterns effect and made three wounds at the Blood Stoker.

After it was the first game for my opponent I gave him the advise, he should attack with his Deathbringer first, after the Lord Celestant hadn't attacked yet and nothing would attack the Blood Stoker in that round. The Deathbringer failed to make damage to the Lord Celestant (because he blocked all damage). The Lord Celestant didn't make damage either because the Deathbringer blocked everything.

The Blood Stoker was able to make one damage to the Knight Questor.

After conquering the left marker the score was 3 : 1 for Chaos.



Chaos Turn 2

The Bloodsecrator used his portal of Skulls to for the Rage of Khorne Ability.

The Mighty Lord stayes at the marker to "corrupt" it further.

In the combat phase, the Lord Celestant makes 3 Damage to the Deathbringer, all other models fail to make damage.

After the Blood Stoker is still controlling the right marker and the Mighty Lord controlling the middle one he generates 4 pointes. So the score is 7 : 1 for chaos.


Ini Roll Turn 3: Chaos wins.

Chaos Turn 3

The Bloodsecrator used his portal of Skulls to for the Rage of Khorne Ability. Blood Stoker Wipped the Mighty Lord of Khorne.

Mighty Lord of Khorne moved closer to the Knight Questor to charge him and makes 2 damage with his axe.

Knight Questor tries zu kill the Blood Stoker but fails.

The Deathbringer makes 2 damage to the Lord Celestant but gets killed after this in return.

The ability of the Axe failed to kill the Knight Questor

The Blood Stoker generates another 3 points. So the score is 10 : 1 now.


Stormcast Eternals Turn 3

Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant. The Lord Relictor used the storm to heal the Lord Celestant.

The Lord Celestant moved to the middle marker, the Lord Castellant moved closer to the marker and the Knight Venator moves within 8" of the Bloodsecrator.

 The Knight Venator tries to shoot at the Mighty Lord and sends its eagle to the Blood Stoker, but both fail.

The Lord Celestant generates another 4 hammers sends 2 to the Mighty Lord and 2 to the Blood Stoker and killes the Mighty Lord but failes to kill the Blood Stoker.

The Knight Venator tries to charge the Bloodsecrator but failed with a 6.

In Combat Phase the Knight Questor killes at least the Blood Stoker and got controll to the right marker.

After the Lord Celestant and Lord Questor got control to the middle and right marker and generating 1 point each and the Lord Castellant still controlling the left marker generating 2 points it's still 10 : 5 for chaos.

Ini Roll for Round 4: Stormcast Eternals win (this is the last round)

Stormcast Eternals Turn 4

Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Knight Venator. The Lord Relictor moved forward after he had nothing to do. The Knight Venator moved within 3,5" to the Bloodsecrator, shoots at him which makes 2 damage and charged him with a roll of 3.

While piling in he moved around the Bloodsecrator (because he only has to move closer to the closest model at the end of piling in, so he is in the 9" bubble of the Lord Celestant).

Neighter the Knight Venator nor the Bloodsecrator made damage in combat.

The Knight Questor and Lord Celestant generate another 2 Points by holding the marker and the Lord Castellant another 3. So this is the first time in the game that the Stormcasts have more points with 10 : 12 for Chaos.



At this point the game ends after the Bloodsecrator is unable to make any points and is locked in combat.


So it was a win for the stormcast eternals at the end.

I know that a win against a veteran is more satisfying, but the game was fun and after I was 3 turns in the back that makes me sweat. If I hadn't slain the Deathbringer in chaos turn 3 or my Lord Questor would have slain during the game the game would have another ending.

Perhaps the Chaos Army would have more power by having a slaughterpriest, after he could create mortal wounds and would have pressurize my Stormcast Eternals perhaps more but I didn't made the list.

I don't know if the Mighty Lord should have attacked in turn 2 or generate 3 points by staying at the marker so I would have enough points in round 5 at best.


I painted 4 Models in time of last sunday to Thursday for a event that was called "Heldengemosche" (let's call it "battle of heroes"), the plan was about 1000 points consisting up to 6 heroes

I painted these three in about 8-9 hours (wednesday 18:00 to Thursday 3:00

Knight Questor



Knight Venator



Lord Relictor (I will call Morbius)



The three days before I painted my biggest model for Stormcast Eternals. 

Drakesworn Templar




So my plan for the event was the following army

Drakesworn Templar (500)
- Storm Lance

Knight-Questor (100)

Victor Brightsoul (100)

Knight-Venator (120)

Morbius (80)

Valten Blazenheart (100)

Total: 1000/ 1000

So the complete warband would look like this:



I made a painting session about 5 to 6 hours to paint that guy on sunday, but couldn't finished him that day because the base wasn't ready.

Today I brushed the base with Karak Stone to finish him.

Have fun with my Lord Aquilor






I'm actually writing further parts of my background (mostly from Yelenas standpoint) and I'm struggeling with one point after I think I miss some information about Stormcast Eternals. I don't know where to post it, after this forum doesn't have a loresection, so I use my blog for this.

I have thought about, that some Stormcasts had come to my own continent (not through a realmgate) and now where trapped there until opening a gate to Azyr or dieing in combat. And they found surviving humans.

After we know, that Stormcast Eternals are modified humans (not ghosts in armour like the Thousand Sons in 40k) there is the point what a stormcast would wear as clothes, when not fighting in combat. I don't think that they wear there armour 24/7 (if there is something like constant time in AoS). We have read that stormcasts were fighting for days, weeks or more at the same battlefield, but even when they are nearly immortal they should have to eat and sleep  some time (and I don't think that sleeping inside the armour is that confortable) and have to do some body hygiene (if they don't want to smell like worshippers of nurgle after some time).

Do they wear tunics, dresses or shirt and trousers? Is there some point of background I didn't know, after mostly reading Battletomes?

Another point is, what do Stormcasts Eternals wear underneath there armour. I think the only thing we know is, that they have those black cloth or rubber? parts beween there armourplates (mostly visible in the kneepart), so they can move. But I don't know if this is they parts are connected to the armour itself or if they are wearing some sort of bodysuit. It would be a little strange if the warrior would completely naked when stripping of the armourplates.


Perhaps somebody could help me with my questions. It would help me with my writing.


Here are my first two tales for my chamber. Both take place when Ionus Cryptborn arrived with a dozend Stormhosts to support Vandus Hammerhand and Thostos Bladestorm on the mission to recapture Ghal Maraz in the Book 'Quest for Ghal Maraz'.

I wrote this story in two parts (used about 2 hours to write 'Departure to ordeal' yesterday and translated it today for this blog).

Have fun ;)

Reunion of Sisters



Yelena was nervous as she grabbed her Shockbolt Bow. Her Thunderhead Brotherhood was chosen to support Thostos Bladestorm and Vandus Hammerhand by the recapture of Ghal Maraz in the Eldritch Fortress. She had done excellent in training, but this time it was the first real approach of her new powers as a Stormcast Eternal. Because of her plait, which she weared despite her shaved head, since she was a sister of the yellow rose order, she decides herself against wearing the usual helmet with facemask. She left her quarter and ran through the hallway to gather her retinue, when she passed some Liberators. She stopped abruptly when she heard a  female voice calling her name behind her. Yelena turned arround, her sight fixing the only Liberatress of the group. First she didn’t know that to say. Her subconscious had recognized the voice, but that was from a time hundreds of years ago. ‘Was this possible?’, she thoughts with a astonished look. Her opponent sensed the confusion in Yelenas countenance and grasp her helmet. ‘So, we were both chosen by Sigmar when the monastery was attacked by the Skaven”, she said while removing her helmet.

‘Verena!’, said Yelena a little stunned, when she saw the pale, freckled face of her former friend. ‘I thought for hundred of years, that I was the only survivor’

‘I thought the same”, said Verena back, while sharing a hug after all this time. ‘While the training I had mostly to do with the other Liberators.’

‘Listen Verena. I’m glad to see you again, but our conversations has to wait for another time. The Thunderhead Brotherhood I’m assigned to is dispatched to the Eldritch Fortress to support Thostos Bladestorm and Vandus Hammerhand by the recapture of Ghal Maraz.’

‘We got that order, too’, replied Verena.

In this moment Yelena realized that Verena weared the same white Tabard, like her. ‘So, we are assigned to the same Brotherhood. Then we should hurry. Our brothers and sisters need us down in the Eldritch Fortress’, said Yelena while her voice has some force of her rang as Prime.

Verena put her helmet back on, before she replied: ‘Yes sister, we are paying back, what chaos had done to the inhabitants of the realms for hundreds of years.’ With a last clasp of hands they continued their way. Yelena had meanwhile forgot her nervousness, after knowing, that she would fight together with a familiar soul from old times.

to be continued...




Departure to ordeal



It didn’t take a long for Yelena to gather her retinue. At that moment her unit did consist of five members. When she glanced around, to see how many of the units had markings of the Blazenhearts she noticed that only fourty of her brotherhood were ready. These consist three retinues of Liberators and a second retinue of Judicators. Verena was assigned to Riko Stormclaws retinue, one of the two Stormclaw brothers. After Valten Blazenheart, their Lord-Celestant was at another mission, Lord Castellant Victor Brightsoul would lead them in their first mission. As she gazed over again she saw several other stormhosts including the Hammers of Sigmar and Anvils of the Heldenhammer. Then she saw Ionus Cryptborn, the Lord Relictor of the Hammers of Sigmar as he stepped in front of the Stromhosts. ‘Brothers and Sisters. The Situation is critical. Several brothers had fallen in there mission in Chamon and came back to Azyr. However our Lord Celestants Vandus Hammerhand and Thostos Bladestorm are near their goal to reach the hammer, but are close before the point to get isolated from their retinues! To make things worse, Kairos Fateweaver prepares a ritual to bring Ghal Maraz into the realm of Chaos. We are running out of time and have to act immediately! Our mission will not fail and we will regain Ghal Maraz! FOR SIGMAR!’

Thousands of Voices joined in and raised their fists to salute.

Minutes later Sigmar through the stormhosts as meteors down to Chamon. With a hard impact, they landet in the inner courtyard of the Eldritch Fortress. Parts of the walls collapsed by the impact. Yelena tried to orientate herself shortly, before the grabbed her bow. She saw Vandus Hammerhand on his dracoth and then the first Chaos Warriors between her and him.

She tried to judge the distance as Victor gave the command to charge: ‘Liberators, advance! Judicators, give them shooting support!’, that was her signal. She gave her retinue order to target the Chaos Warriors which blocked the way to Vandus Hammerhand and bend her bow. In the time of seconds she found her target let down a rain of arrows, whereby multiple chaos warriors collapsed. Her shot followed volleyshots of her retinue and quarrels of the other Judicators. Riko and Samuels retinue advanced and involved the closest chaos warriors into close combat. In this moment Ionus Cryptborn and his subordinated units marched ahead to reach Vandus. First troops of chaos had overcome their confusion caused by the new arrivals and started to charge, while Horrors and Flamers of Tzeentech let rain fire upon the Stormhosts. Yelena shots volley after volley until she heard a shout from her retinue: ‘Judicatress Yelena! Watch out!’ In that moment she was pushed aside, as a member of her retinue was struck by warpflames instead of her. He collapsed by breathing hard before he raised back to Azyr as blue light. ‘We will see us again”, said Yelena partly sad and frustrated after she realized, that he has sacrificed himself to save her because she was to focused on her targets, got back on her feet and targeted the Flamer that had caught her nearly. He screamed in a high pitched voice, when he dematerialized after spiked with multiple arrows. Additional blue lights raised to Azyr, but Vandus, Thostos and Ionus could advance further. In this moment the ground started to quake and parts of the fortress started to raise, though the main part of retinues were cut off. It was too late for the retinues of her chamber to get up there and so there was only the hope, that the retinues that had reached the rising part of the fortress could succeed in their mission. “Cause as much damage as you can!”, shouted Yelena, while her own unit contained only two other Judicators and she gained control over three of the other Judicators after their prime had fallen. In the distance , she saw Riko’s retinue, that had only four members left. Verena was in combat with a Chaos warrior, while two other warriors closed the distance to her from behind. “No, you will not do that!”, said Yelena, more to herself and target them. Another volley fell both warriors. Verena decapitated the warrior she was engaged to and realized the fallen warriors behind her, with arrows sticking in there backs. With a salute she thanked Yelena and turned her attention to the next Warrior.

They were all getting nervous because they couldn’t be part of the main goal. Then a scream, coming from two throats let all warriors to pause for a moment. “What happened up there?”, ask one Judicator of her retinue. Yelena was clueless for a moment, then she noticed the disturbance between the daemons. There would only be one conclusion for that scream. Kairos Fateweaver had fallen. Chaos troops around her started to retreat. Then Vandus Hammerhand stood on the parapet of the fortress. The Hammer in his hand wasn’t Heldensen but instead Ghal Maraz. All Stormcast Eternals raised their weapons and shouted of delight. Today they gained an important victory.




So, here are my first characterdescription to give parts of my characters some background. I wrote these in german and translated them for this blog in english. Hope I didn't make much disspellings and grammatical errors. I think there could be some controverial points about some things, but I think there would be a possiblitiy in AoS. And even Stormcast Eternals couldn't be flawless ^_^ The three Liberator Primes have there models, but these are not painted yet.

Judicator Prime, Yelena Stormheart


Before her reforging, Yelena was a sister of the yellow rose order. The order had build multiple monasteries, sanctified to Allarielle, in Eloni, a continent of the realm Ghyran. Yelena was assigned to the spectral monastery, which was build next to the spectral gate, a Realmgate in the realm Hysh where several aelfish brothers and sisters did came from. Next to their studies, Yelena had chosen the path as a ranger and mastered the art of archery for hunting in this context. When her monastery was attacked by skaven, she warned her brothers and sisters and fought against the hordes. Despite the situation seemed hopeless, she fought heroic, shooting dozens of skaven until she hadn’t no arrows left and was ready to die with her hunting dagger in her hand, when Sigmar called her to Azyr. Because of her arts with the bow, she was reforged as a Judicator and assigned to the Celestial Vindicators. Through her good results with the bow  in training, she earned the right using a Shockbolt bow and accomplished the rang of a Prime. By chance she found out that another sister of order, sister Verena was also saved by Sigmar and reforged as a Liberator. Until today both cultivate their friendship, which they had back than in the order. When there Thunderhead Brotherhood was sent to the Scabrous Sprawl, she recognized the parasite engine, that had the shape of the mole rat, which she had seen in the distance when her monastery was attacked and she aimed to commit vengeance for her dead brothers and sisters.


Vanguard Raptor Prime, Ramir


Before he was reforged Ramir was a Gunmaster in the guildsity Mithrilrfels, in the realm of Chamon. One quarter of Mithrilfels was built into the mountain by the Duardin, which could be assured by a massive twenty metre high door and get access to there mine shafts, while the remaining of the city range over multiple square kilometers of land and was assured by massive walls. The city got her renown by trading armour, weapons and war engines made by the Ironweld Arsenal. Many citys in the continent Eloni were there most important costumers, which through the Mithrilgate outside of the city. Ramir lived there since he was a apprentice and turned out as a gifted weapon builder and excellent marksman, whereas his favorite gun was a Long Rifle. To test his weapons he had gone hunting several times, where he was supported by his tamed falcon he called “Caroline”. Nobody had thought, that an enemy force would dare to attack the city. Then came the age of chaos. Through the city was besieged by Slaves of Darkness, daemons of Tzeentch and skaven artillery and they were cut of the Mithrilgate, came skaven of clan skryre with the help of their warp-grinders into the city and sabotaged the defences. After Ramir has shot three Stormfiends with his long Rifle and killed dozens of acolytes and weaponteams with his pistols for three days he was out of ammonition, cause multiple ammo dumps exploded by skaven sabotage. To survive longer Ramir was forced to used his Long Rifle as a club. The Duardin had abandoned the outskirts of the city and sealed off the montainpart, whereby the retreat to the mountain was cut off. During surviving two further days of besiegement and slaying two dozens ratsmen with Carolines help, he was confronted by another unit of Stormfiends. He was sure, that he would die that day, but decides to die fighting. In that moment he was called from the battlefield by Sigmar and Reforged as a Vanguard Raptor of the Celestial Vindicators. Through his excellent performance as marksman with the Long Rifle, Ramir got entrusted with a Longstrike Crossbow and was got an Aetherwing to his side which he called ‘Caroline’ after his old comrade, when he was promoted to primestatus. Besides his hatred against the skaven, Ramir had developed a grudge against the Duardin, for forsaking the rest of the city.


Liberator Prime, Samuel und Riko Stormclaw


Samuel and Rike had grown up as the sons of the chieftain of the stormclaw clan, a warriorclan in Ghur. There heraldic symbol was a stormtiger, a 5 metre high creature that rides on the winds and his roar causes storms. Tales suggests, that the first chieftain of the clan had slain one of those beasts and the first blades of the clan were crafted by the teeth of the beast. Due to the tradition both learned fast, like all other boys, how to handle a sword. Samuel, the older of both brothers was more calm and focused while Riko was often guided by his wild nature. Both achieved the arts of mastering the two-handed sword whereby Samuel achieved it four years before his brother because of his calm nature and was promoted to the rank of a Greatswords Champion inside the clan. Together they fought back several rival clans, but it was the encounter with the Greywolf Clan, that should change everything. It was a hard blow for both to see, when Beowulf, the chieftain of the Greywolf Clan, slayed their father in duel with his warhammer. Samuel ran in blind rage to Beowulf and entangled him into a duel. It was the first time in Rikos life, that the saw Samuel in that state of rage. When his shock dissolved, he ran to his brother to support him in combat, since Samuel wouldn’t survive this alone after their father had failed the duel and both combatants had shown some cuts and bruises. The Battle felt like hours, as the booming of drums and stomping of feet let the fighters pause the battle for a moment. All warriors knew which meaning the sounds had. An Ironjaws Warclan got attention of the battle noises. Both clans were exhausted by the battle against each other, but the imminent arrival of the Ironjaws let them forgot there rivalry for a moment. As the Orruks arrived, they cause a bloodbath between both clans. At the end only Samuel, Riko and Beowulf were standing in a triangle back to back and achieved it to fight back several Brutes and Ardboys. Near to exhaustion and just before collapsing Sigmar saved and reforged them. Both brothers were assigned the Liberators and chose a Grandblade as there weapon. Samuel got Prime of the so called ‘White Shields’, a unit of Liberators that wear white instead of torquoise shields in dependence to the Stormclaw Clan as a trademark while Riko’s unit is armed with two Warblades to fit his wilder nature.

To their surprise both noticed, that Beowulf was also reforged as a Liberator and became Prime of a unit. Everytime Samuel and Beowulf got close to each other, Riko had the feeling, that his brother would mentally transform into a beast and he or members of Samuels retinue had to hold him back. In such moments it felt like both brothers had swapped their behaviors, as Riko in contrast to his brother had resigned with the fact that the feud wouldn’t bring there father back and his hatred more apply to the Orruks who slaughters both clans.



Liberator Prime, Beowulf


Beowulf was the chieftain of the Greywolf clan. Tales inside the clan claim, that Beowulfs mother was a werewolf, what would explain his fangs and his wild nature, but nobody knows whether these stories are true. Its only known, that the clan founds him inside the steppe and received him to the clan. In the age of 16 years, he got into a dispute with the chieftain in that process he slayed the chieftain and took his place. From that moment Beowulf was fears inside his clan and from rivaling clans. He ruled his clan with iron hand until he was about 35 years old and encountered the Stormclaw clan, what would change everything. Beowulf had gathered his clan to attack the camp of the Stormclaws. With the howling of wild wulfs they charged the camp. Beowulf slayed everyone who got in his way and involved the chieftain into a duel. After multiple contacts between two handed sword and warhammer he overwhelmed his opponent and slayed him by crushing his skull with his warhammer. He just had shouldered his hammer, when he heard an outcry behind him and parried the blade of a jung Greatswords Champion with the shaft of his hammer, in the last moment. Beowulf could see the burning fire of hatred in the eyes of his opponent and recognized his face as one of the sons of the chieftain. He was surprised about the wild combat style for a moment, but composed oneself quick and continued the battle. His enemy incited his own wolfish instincts. Both took bloody wounds from the battle, when another warrior of the Greatswords engaged the battle and he had to defend against two. The battle felt like eternity, but all warriors paused for a moment, as the booming of drums and stomping of feet got louder. Beowulf knew that they got into massive trouble. An Ironjaws Warclan got attention of the battle noises. Both clans were exhausted by the battle against each other, but the imminent arrival of the Ironjaws let them forgot there rivalry for a moment. As the Orruks arrived, they cause a bloodbath between both clans. At the end only Samuel, Riko and Beowulf were standing in a triangle back to back and achieved it to fight back several Brutes and Ardboys. Near to exhaustion and just before collapsing Sigmar saved and reforged them. Beowulf was reforged as a Liberator and chose a Grandhammer as his weapon. Because of his postition as chieftain and his wild combat style he raised into the rang of a Prime. After he noticed, that both sons of the Stormclaw Clan were reforged, too, he tried to avoid the confrontation with them. They were rivals and he had never thought, that they would ever fight side by side. While every confrontation, Samuel had to be restrain by his brother or members of his retinue, so he didn’t charge at him. Beowulf felt compunction since he first met Samuel after the reforging. He wanted to leave his old life behind, but he didn’t know how he could do this.



At first, here are the pictures again I postet in the other thread to get a base for this

Lord Celestant on Dracoth




Lord-Celestant (Valten Blazenheart)



Lord Castellant (Victor Brightsoul)



Lord Heraldor 1




Liberator 1



Liberators 2



Judicators 1



Judicator Prime (Yelena Stormheart)



Retributors 1



Decimators 1



Vanguard Hunters 1



Vanguard Raptors 1 (Prime Ramir with Caroline)




Aetherwing 1