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About this blog

I'm collecting some Kharadron Overlords

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Lord Panther

Here's a bit of what I've been up to. Endrinmaster is coming along nicely. Washes are all done so no it's just highlighting. I've finished putting the Thunderers together and done the first section of the Frigate. It's such a great kit to play with. 



Lord Panther

Here's my completed Endrinriggers. Quite like these guys so have already purchased another 3, will probably equip with a grapnel and 2 more rivet guys. 


I've made a start on my Endrinmaster and had just started assembling my thunderers. Was a bit confused considering the new changes to the wars till about how best to equip them but have settled for the full mix of weapons. Will probably do just the rifles for the next 5. 









Lord Panther

Managed to get 3 games of Skirmish in this arvo, my first ever of AoS.  A mate was playing Fyreslayers, those Grimwraiths can really mess things up. Came away with 2 wins, the second one I tabled him, despite him turning that massive hill pictured into a volcano with most of my warband on it.


Lord Panther

I've made a start to the Endrinriggers, pre-shade stage. I quite like the balance, keeping the majority navy with the cream accent. I'm going to use the nuln oil gloss on the blue armour just to give them a bit more polish than the normal troops.