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About this blog

After seeing all of the amazing creations you amazing people have thought up for Dark Age of Sigmar, I decided to throw my hat in the ring!


Mixing my love of creative writing, dark fantasy, realism, and of course the DARK AGES, I'm hoping to make a few warbands that can be used for various game systems (AOS28, Mordheim, Frostgrave, Realm of Chaos), but predominantly Age of Sigmar.

Entries in this blog


Cult of Pleasure

Hello all, welcome to my first blog post! I got a little confused between this and a project log thread, but rest assured it'll all mostly be documented here. As the title says, I've started the steady decline into the seedy Cults of Pleasure that plague many a city. 


Ive uploaded several images of a colour scheme that I'm very much set on. Those miniatures however are for a 3rd edition/realm of chaos project. The final image, the bare plastic chap, will be the leader of my Dark Age of Sigmar warband. His colours will be pink and blue, again,  but I'm hoping to reproduce it in a less garish tone.


i have 10 spearmen to paint up before I tackle the character, but his skin shall be grey, and his hair shall be blonde, like all my elves! I hope you all enjoy the 'eye-candy' even though they're of iPhone quality!









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