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About this blog

Simply, a Place to discuss my adventures in Age of Sigmar; including thoughts, theories, hobby, gaming and maybe more.

Entries in this blog


Random Thoughts and a Game!

I find myself on my day off running errands and driving around listing to various AOS Podcasts talking about various subjects, From Scrubby and Wells educated discussions about Adepticon Prep, to my first time listening to Age of Sigbrah and getting the feeling that they are long time friends and a few beers in. I love how diverse the whole community is and how each can cover the same topic but from a different perspective and it feels totally new.  So i played a game the other day. with my seraphon Army. it was a different list than I usually run or have really been thinking about but i was just viewing warscrolls and battalions and something struck me as playable.  so the Battalion requires that i take 3 units of Saurus knights, and 1 Saurus scar vet on either carnosaur or cold one. i chose to go with the carnosaur for the bigger damage dealer as well as more survivable. the Battalion gives the Saurus knights +3 to run and charge rolls, and one the charge the knights with spears inflict a mortal wound on a wound roll of 6+. So due to the knights own warscroll ability when aremed with spears they cause a mortal wound on a roll of 6+ to wound. So the knights on the charge do 2 mortal wounds on a would roll of 6+, not too bad, though... that never happened in the game  the old blood on the carnosaur is great, his command ability buffs himself and the 2 scar-vets and the phenix stone makes sure he survives as long as he can. the other three heroes the Starseer, the Slann, and the Engine of the Gods. are all there to buff the Engine and give me the greatest chance at an extra turn. if you dont know the Engine of the God in the hero phase rolls 3 dice and then you consult a chart, if you roll an 18+ you get an extra turn. this can cause a double turn, or a triple turn or all kinds of craziness. having the Slann within 10" inches of the Engine lets you roll 4 dice and pick the 3 highest. while the Starseer does 2 things, it allows you to have up to 6 single die re-rolls, as well he has a spell that you cast on the engine that allows it to once per phase adjust the result of a roll up or down by one. So with this combo, i need 2 6's and a 5 on four dice, with re-rolls. still a low probability, but i think its worth the risk. this was set up, we were playing boarder war, so 4 objectives with points gained each round. I had to proxy 5 saurus knights over on the left. but with the rest of my army i went with a centered core but it leaned to the right. i did this so that my opponent who had khorne Blood bound, with some varanguard would spread out and i could pick and choose which units to charge and take out.  He had 2 units of 5 Blood warriors on the far flanks, 2 units of 5 skull reapers, in the center, the Varanguard on the right flank, heroes in the back field and a war alter, oh and a unit of 20 Blood reavers to the left. He went first and moved up cautiously. He buffed a couple of units and planted one of his 2 blood secrater heros.  My turn 1, buffed the Engine and rolls d6 mortal wounds on a target within 25 inches. i shot his general a khone hero on juggernaught. rolled a 6. so i was up to a good start. i moved everything forward. grabbed the objective on the left with 5 knights. grabbed the objective on the right with a unit of 10 kights, and blocked off as best as i could the varanguard from the rest of my army. my Engine team stayed behind. and i charged with the 2 carnosaurs the scar-vet cold one and failed with the second unit of 10 knights. the scarvet carnosaur, popped his potion and ate the enemy commander. and killed 1 skull reaper then my general went and he killed the rest of the units, me and my opponent both forgot that when you kill the skull reapers they do mortal wounds, so i got out of there unscathed. We rolled for turn and i got the double.  my turn 2. buffed up the engine, rolled d6 mortal wounds again, and put 5 wounds onto, i think the second unit of skull reapers. left my unit of 5 holding the left. secured my holding on the right. and moved to charge everything else. my engine team moved up slightly. but didnt do much. combat came, i charged the war alter and a hero. due to terrain and whatnot that is all i could hit but it allowed me to take his objective so i scored 9 points in my turn 2. i ended up eating the alter hurting 1 blood banner.  My opponents 2. planted second banner. the varanguard charged a unit of knights. the blood warriors on the left charged my unit of 5 knights. the second unit of reapers chared my scarvet on carnosaur. and it was mostly a melee of blood and death. he did little damage to the 5 man unit. and the varanguard flopped and only killed 2 knights. 3 reapers killed my scar vet carnosaur. that was sad. this picture was taken right before that. i got the roll for turn 3 and took it. i buffed the engine and rolled a 6 and 3 1's i used my only 3 re-rolls on the 3 1's and got another 6 and a 5 and BOOM! extra turn. long story short i took his and mine for 5 extra points, then i took my extra turn and was about to score another set of points and my opponent conceded.  it was a hard fought battle and we found out i had cheated. i was using 4+ saves on my knights when i should have been using 5+ saves. it was a dumb mistake and i fell bad. but it happens. i am just a little bummed because i really wanted to see how this list functioned against a hard khorne matchup. so another playtest will need to happen. but along this line i thought of another list along a similar train of thought. the concept is the same except for the Engine +team. so no extra turns. but i think the initial punch is the same, but the longevity with the 2 extra monsters can carry me though. let me know what you think.      




Post 1

So I was listening to Ben Curry's Daily Podcast the other day and he highly suggested to start a blog on TGA so i took his advice and Boom! Here I am. My name is   Anthony and i love Warhammer. I began my relationship with GW between 2003-2004 with 40k 3rd edition. perhaps a year later i moved into Warhammer Fantasy. and never left. as for 40k i stopped playing after 4th ed. I Loved the Old World and and everything in it the history, and lore. playing 7th and 8th edition through he End Times was amazing. i think the End Times books are some of the best stories i have ever read. the friends and memories i made during those times are wonderful, I had friends who were in my wedding party when i got married who i met through playing games of Warhammer. so if anyone was to ask me why Warhammer, i would say it is because i have met people who have become friends, and those friends have turned into family.  Then the Old World ended and Age of Sigmar came and i thought it was cool, i gave it a shot and i liked it. but without points it was hard to balance games. then with the dropping of the Handbook it seemed like most people have given AOS a second or third try which is good, because i  think it is the best game available. i play as much as i can, which used to be about 1 game a week, and now, i am lucky to get 1 game a month. i think that is also why i wanted to do a blog, i just want to talk about Warhammer because its fun. Since i have been collecting for close to 15 years now, i have a few armies. My first Fantasy army was Lizardmen, they have always been near and dear to my heart. Love their aztec theme, and their Lore, and their play style fit into what i wanted to do at that time. they have had several new books since then and have transformed into the Seraphon, which are difficult to play and i have not used them a ton in AOS. I have recently come back to them, and am trying to find an interesting list to use that is different, yet fun and competitive.  In future posts i hope to go over lists and build and games for all of my armies. After My Lizards, i Went for a very different Army. I went for A Night Goblin (now Moonclan) army. In the California Bay Area this is the Army i am most known for. tey are my Smurf Army. i loves these guys, Before in 7th and 8th i always felt like i had a relatively low chance of winning each game, but now in AOS i have a very strong chance every single game. i have been collecting these guys for years now, and i still only have about 150-200 painted. and another 800 or so in mostly non-primered plastic. but i have PAPA smurf, Gargamel, his Cat/Mangler Azreal and a few other things here and there. they are always a ton of fun to play. After them i have my Tomb Kings (not Pictured) they are not really painted or anything, they are barley table top level if that. So once they are more painted i will put pictures up.  My Newest fully functional army are StormCast. these guys are awesome they are fun to play and i like their style both ascetically and play wise. though their new book + abilities change how they feel to me, but i think i just need to play with them a few more times to figure it out. I painted mine in the Anvils of the HeldenHammer scheme, before the new book came out. so i did it before it was cool haha. Finally my latest project is a slow build army of blood bound. I love the units and the rules, but i can never quite get over the Chaos Fluff, i just gives me the Creeps. So i decided to do my own fluff for these guys, i am calling them The Army Of The Redeemed. So going along with the story of Torglug who became Tornius, this is a blood bound army who all became Redeemed and now fight for Sigmar. I thought about it and the StormCast bring with them the storm of Sigmar. so my guys will bring the Hurricane and the cleansing Rain to wash away the stain of Chaos. With them i wanted to gloss them over in such a way that they looked wet as if it was raining while the battle was being fought.  let me know what you think in the comments, and i hope you guys have liked what you see and i hope to get to know some of you in the future. i hope and plan to post with thoughts and ideas and whatnot along with hobby progress and games with regularity, what exactly that is i am not sure haha. So for now Goodbye all.



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