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About this blog

The murderfists wear armour of black and bone. To prove their worth in battle, they tear the hearts from their foes, coating their arms up to the elbow with fresh gore and smearing marks of devotion across their flesh.

Entries in this blog


Army List

100 Skulltake:
080 Bloodstoker
140 5 skullreapers (daemon blades)
140 5 skullreapers (daemon blades)
240 3 khorgorath

080 Bloodmarked warband:
080 Aspiring deathbringer (general)
140 Skullreapers‎ (daemon blades)
100 Scyla
080 Skullgrinder
120 Bloodsecrator
120 Bloodsecrator
240 40 bloodreavers (Reaver blades)
240 40 bloodreavers (Meat Stripper)
100 5 bloodwarriors (goreglaives)
192 wounds 2000 points