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Come learn a few tricks from the worst in the business. With over 10 years hobby experience I should have won something by now :P

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Seraphon list idea

Hi Guys,

So I'm working on getting something finished for a tournament next month. I was originally going to take spiderfang grots, but with work and uni I'm not able to find the time to paint them to the standard I want. So I've decided to finish a serphon army I started at the end of 8th edition. 

In 8th edition I used to like playing with Gor-Rok and sticking him in a unit of Saurus to soak up some of the dmg from enemy heroes. I wanted to continue doing something similar in AOS, so decided to go with the sunclaw starhost. The battallion seems pretty good value for what it offers. You're getting rend -1 on your celestite weapons and an additional attack with your jaws/shields. You also gain dmg 2 when attacking chaos daemons with the celestite weapons. So its a considerable buff to the average saurus warrior.  Not to mention you're getting an additional artefact due to taking a battalion and fulfilling the battleline requirement for 2k points.


With my core chosen I decided to try and work in some buff elements for the saurus. I decided to take a slann for his ability to cast 3 spells a turn, skink starpriest for the +1 to hit buff and an old blood on foot for the re-rolls of a 1 to wound for nearby saurus. 

I then decided to add a bastilidon with solar engine for some range support and an engine of the gods. I still had 300pts left over and was thinking of taking a carnosaur or something similar, but I've got my carnosaur kitted out as an oldblood so will go with a normal steg instead. The list currently looks like this:

Slann Starmaster - 260pts
Old blood on foot - great weapon - 100pts
Skink starpriest - 100pts

Sunclaw starhost - 80pts
Sunblood - 120pts - General
30 Saurus - 300pts
10 Saurus - 100pts
10 Saurus - 100pts

Bastilidon - Solar Engine - 300pts
Engine of the gods - 240pts
Stegadon - sunfire thrower - 260pts

The idea is you throw all the buffs on the 30 man saurus unit and send them in to try and wreck something. They potentially have 4 attacks ech. 2 hitting on 2s, re-rolling and wounding on 4s re-rolling 1s and another 2 hitting on 3s re-rolling and wounding on 4s re-rolling 1s. Even if for some reason the saurus fail you still have some decent monsters in the list to help carry you to a minor victory.

I predict the list will lose to a dedicated shooting or combat list as its more of a take all comers list. In those cases I'd be hoping to win on scenario or fighting for a minor victory/loss.

Let me know what you guys think, I've only ever played one game with seraphon and in that I lasered off my opponents whole army by buffing the bastilidon. So it wasn't really a good gauge on how the army actually performs.

I'll post some painting progress stuff shortly.




Hi Guys!


So I recently went to a one day 2k tournament (yesterday actually). The event had 20 players with 2 of those being rank 6 and 15 in Australia and another one, a few wins away from being best Iron Jawz in OZ. So pretty tough competition for my first ever 2k point AOS games.

Onto my list! I decided to take gutbusters backed up by a frostlord on stonehorn. I was going to run all gutbusters, but real life got in the way of me painting all the gutbusters I needed.


Tyrant - General, bellowing Tyrant


Bruiser BSB

Frostlord on stonehorn - battle brew

4*3 ogors with full command

6 iron guts

3 gorgers 


The idea behind the list is that you buff the frostlord and Ironguts and send them in. Bulls lurk in the back field catching and holding objectives, Tyrant and BSB move into the midfield for banner and bellowing tyrant support. The Tyrant can also help hold enemies trying to get past and kill the squishy ogors.


Onto the matches!

First match I came up against a nurgle chaos list. Blood and glory was the scenario. From memory he had:

Daemon prince with wings

Great unclean one

Gutrot spume

A dude riding a circle mouthed beast with scythe

30 plague bearers

10 blight kings

3 plague drones

Now that I think about it, he may have accidentally cheated as he deployed the plague bearers in one block when they should have been in 2. In our match it didn't make much difference.

The main winning factor in this match was miasma which he cast with the dude riding the circle mouthed beast. My Opponent played the spell causing D3+1 mortal wounds every phase to my stonehorn, when he was only meant to be doing that if he caused a wound on the stonehorn. As a consequence the stonehorn went down quickly and the ironguts weren't able to carry me to a win. My opponent one a minor victory on VPs. Gorgers in this match were very useful and at one point nearly won me the game by capturing his left hand objective.

A quick picture of deployment (Sorry about the poor quality, had to hurry due to round timers in use)


Minor Loss Ogors


My next round I came up against a death player playing the take and hold scenario, he hadn't played match play before and was running Nagash. He stuck Nagash down across from my stonehorn on the 12 inch line and I did warn him that I could potentially be in turn one and might kill him, but he wasn't worried about it. So he gave me the first turn and I charged Nagash causing 14 wounds. In his turn he ran his characters in, did 5 wounds to me, failed most of his spells and in return I killed Nagash. He quit the game and tournament at this point. I got a cool pic though before he did:


This was a game where I felt the stonehorn killed a lot of potential fun for me and my opponent. Having said that, I'm sure Nagash would have walked all over an all gutbuster list, so I don't feel too bad for the guy :P.

Major Victory Ogors!


In my third match I versed my friend who is also a death player. He runs a bone rattle formation. His list from memory is:

bonerattle formation

Wight king with black axe - cloak, redfury

40 skeletons with spears

30 grave guard with great weapons

2 * 10 skeletons with shield and sword

10 black knights


Outside of the formation


screaming skull catapult


Arkhan the black


We were playing border war. I deployed centrally, stone horn and iron guts on the 12 inch line with my other ogor characters hiding behind. The units of bulls were on either flank hoping to nab a couple of points. He elects to go first and pumps his black knights up for a first turn charge into the iron guts and stonehorn. Killing 3 ironguts and no dmg on the stonehorn, in retaliation I wipe the black knights. He manages 3 points this turn with 1 point for his home objective and captures the right hand side objective.

In my turn I buff the stone horn and charge into his 40 man skeleton unit, the rest of my units move forward. My gorgers come onto my right flank to try and take the objective he is holding with 10 skeletons with shields. In combat I take both 2 point objectives and wipe the 40 man skeleton unit with the stonehorn. Scoring 5 points.

His next turn he moves his grave guard to try and kill my gorgers and 3 man ogor unit holding the objective that was previously held by his 10 man skeleton unit.

He does some shooting, teleports his lord over to my 2 3 man ogor units holding the left hand 2 point objective and also flies Arkhan over there. He fails a charge with Arkhan, and gets his graveguard into my ogors and gorgers and the wight king into one of the 3 man ogor units.

Due to terrain and the size of the graveguard unit, he can't get as many as he would like into CC and only manages to kill 2 ogors and 1 gorger, losing 2 in return. The lord kills to ogors (one from running) and takes 2 wounds (would have been 4, but he halves the wounds taken due to some special armour). He manages to get 3 points this turn.

I get the priority in the next turn and run the stonehorn over to kill the graveguard, the ironguts move up to kill the necrotect and the catapult, the butcher gets ready to charge Arkhan and my tyrant also moves to charge into the graveguard. I activate "Down to the ironguts" due to an ogor fleeing.

I make all my charges. I choose to go the ogor fighting his lord as I knew he would be dead if I didn't, managing to get him down to 1 wound remaining. He activates the graveguard killing my Tyrant and finishing the ogors off and leaving one gorger with 1 wound remaining. The stonehorn wipes the graveguard. His necrotect kills one of my ironguts (he only had 2 wounds remaining). I activate my butcher and do nothing and Arkhan responds by killing me outright. The ironguts kill the catapult and necrotect. This turn I score 5 points again.

In his turn he moves Arkhan over for a charge on my bulls holding the 2 point objective. He fails both charges with the wight king and Arkhan on double 1s leaving that objective in my control. In CC the ironguts finish up the catapult crew capturing his own objective. He scores no points this turn and he concedes at this point.


Major victory Ogors!


I ended the tournament tie 4th with a bunch of other people. The tournament organiser then used a magic system where you were awarded points based on how well your opponents did. Since my opponents hadn't done so well I didn't place. Overall I was happy though with my performance at the tournament.

The list is fun to play and fairly straight forward. It can be flimsy if you can't lock your opponent into their deployment zone with the stonehorn, ironguts and gorgers. I found that you do pretty much everytime lock them in their deployment zone with those 3 units though. Gorgers are surprisingly hard to remove with 15 wounds and bravery 8 for a 3 man unit. The bruiser BSB only got in range once of both the gorgers and stone horn and my last match and man he was worth it in that case, but most of the time he's too slow to be useful.

This will be the final outing for the stonehorn for a while now though. He's been fun and is mostly reliable. I'm just looking to move away from the guy who always has him on the board.

My star unit other then the stonehorn was the gorgers. I've run a 2 man unit and it wasn't very good, but 3 was much better. They're strong enough to roll over most backfield objective holders and the ogor bulls are fast enough to help them capture objectives if you need 5 or more models. People also seem to over commit to take them off, moving a large portion of their armies over to counter the gorgers which is what you want with this army, cause as soon as they realise they just need to get into your backfield to win, you're toast haha.

Thanks for reading!

Next tournament should be next month. I'll be busting out a pure spiderfang army (if I can paint it in time :)):

Spiderfang venom mob battalion - 100pts

2 * arak with shrine - 560pts

1 * arak with web flinger - 280pts

1* big boss - 100pts

3 * 15 spider riders with full command - 900pts

60pts left for triumph roll

Drops: 1







Hi Guys!

So I have a tournament coming up on the 22nd of this month. I did previously purchase a forest goblin spider rider army, but I'm not sold on the scheme and don't really want to take something that doesn't look any good.


So looking at my collection I saw that I had Galrauch and a bunch of random beastmen and thought they would do fine. Here is a shot of my WIP Galrauch (excuse the bathroom shot, was the only light in the house due to bad weather).



I got inspiration for him from this artwork

galrauch_from_whf_hero__s_call_by_sandara-d4gzpgb (1).jpg

So with my Dragon picked I started to look at other stuff and thought rats might be cool and would probably look pretty sick next to beastmen.

The tournament is using 1750 points with 2k level monsters, heroes and artillery. So I'll be taking advantage of more heroes, here is my list:



Wargor with BSB

Screaming Bell


20 clanrats with spears

20 clanrats with swords

30 Gor with double hand weapons

poison wind mortar

warpfire thrower

6 giant rats (had the points spare :))


2 chaos gargants 


So the idea behind my poorly put together list is Galrauch flies forward and tries to kill synergistic characters with his breath attack and magic. My giants can guard objectives or attempt to weaken enemy strongholds, Skaven try and hold the backfield, Gor come in after galrauch with the beast characters and the skyre gun support to attempt to kill something.

As you can see a full proof plan! I'll post updates on how terrible it went and also some paint progress pics!

Stay tuned!

Crispy out








So I managed to get in a practice game the other day.

The list I used was:

Big boss on Gigantic spider - General - Ravager.

Frostlord on stonehorn

Gitmob shaman

araknarok with Spider shrine

10 spider riders

5 spider riders

20 gitmob grots with bows

20 gitmob grots with bows


His list from memory:

Wightlord with black axe



10 skeleton swordsman * 2

20 graveguard with great weapons

30 skeletons with spears

5 black knights

2 skull catapults

Death rattle formation


We played the take and hold mission.


So my opponent was able to deploy first due to the formation and chose to go first. He placed his catapults in the middle of the board, forcing me to deploy my spiders on the far flanks to avoid taking dmg in the first turn. He loaded his right flank heavily with 30 skeleton spearman and the 20 grave guard, his other flank composed of the swordsman and the black knights.


I placed my stonelord down facing off against the skeleton spearman and graveguard, supported by my 10 man spider fang unit. my gitmob grots hung around my centre objective with the little gitmob shaman right on the back board edge. On my left I setup my 5 spider riders and big boss just out of range of his catapults with the araknarok setup on the 12inch line and within range of mystic shield for the stonelord. I knew that in order to have a chance of winning my stonehorn would need to wipe either the spearman or the graveguard.

In my opponents turn everything moves forward using the death rattle formations free move, he then moves normally and had his catapults within range of my 10 man spider unit. Killing 6 of them with a combination of wounds and battle shock... OUCH!

In my turn I buff the stonelord with mystic shield and one swig of battle brew and get the first turn charge off into my friends skeleton spearman. I didn't realise my friend had cleverly setup a wedge and absently moved the stonelord into the tip of the wedge, when I could have moved into a better position with the charge roll I managed. As a result I could only remove 5 skeletons and took 4 wounds in return. 

My opponent gets the next turn with 5 skeletons coming back to life thanks to his banner. He positions his black knights and wight king in position to charge my araknarok. His Necromancer casts van hels on his grave guard who also position themselves for a charge into my stonelord. Shooting saw 8 wounds being caused on my araknarok. The black knights manage to make it into the Araknarok, along with the wight king. In combat the graveguard only manage to push through 2 wounds with their first round of attacks on my stonelord who in return wipes the squad. The black knights manage to cause a wound on the araknarok in return the araknarok causes one wound on the wight king who does the same back in return.

The skeletons manage to get the stonelord down to 5 wounds with their attacks.

In my turn I shuffle everyone forward, pushing one unit of gitmob grots close enough to fire some support shots into the araknarok combat. I buff this same unit with the gitmob shamans spell giving them +1 to wound and rend -1. the stonelord takes a drink and the goblin big boss activates his command ability and stands behind his 5 meat shields(spider riders on the left flank), the other now 4 man unit of spider riders move up to take some pot shots at the necrotect. In shooting I manage to kill 3 black knights with the gitmob grots and cause a wound on the necrotect.

In combat the araknarok does nothing and is brought down in return. The stonelord kills the skeletons suffering another wound bringing him down to 4 wounds.

In the turn roll off I manage to get the double turn. I pop my command ability, fail to cast the git mob shaman spell, drink the battle brew and destruction my spiders forward with the big boss on spider in support. The 4 man unit gets into position to attempt a charge at the necotect.

In the shooting phase I cause a wound on the wight king, bringing him down to 3 remaining. I charge my 5 man spider unit into his remaining black knights and wight king. The stonelord charges the crewmen for the catapults, the 4 man spider unit fails to charge. In combat the 5 spider riders are wiped after doing nothing in return. The catapult crew are wiped by the stonelord.

My friend at this point pulls back his forces to try and kill the stonelord. He charges one of his 10 man skeleton units into my remaining 4 spider riders from the 10 man unit. In combat we each cause a few wounds to each other and stick. He also causes 3 mortal wounds with a bolt on the stonelord, bringing him down to 1 wound.

We roll for the turn and I manage to get it.

I drink my battle brew and send the stonelord into the wight king and necromancer. I also move one unit of gitmob grots up to pepper the 10 man skeleton unit picking on my remaining spider riders. In CC the stonelord wipes the wight king and the necromancer. The skeletons and spiders do nothing to each other and we call it at that point with neither of us able to get a major.

Minor Victory to destruction thanks to frostlord on stonehorn haha.


I made an error in this game pushing the Araknarok forward like I did. I just wanted to see what they could do and the dmg they can take. I had a feeling he might be a bit squishy and I was right haha.

I'm tempted to not take the frostlord on stonehorn to the tournament at the end of this month. He's very good and reliable, but sometimes when he rolls well he takes a little bit of fun out of it for my opponent. So I may instead substitute him for a troll hag! Will see how I feel and whether I want to win or not :P




Rise of the Spider

Hey guys!


So there is a tournament coming up the day before Christmas that I am considering going to. I recently managed to purchase a bunch of spider riders and stuff so I'm thinking the list will be:

Goblin big boss on giant spider - General (Considering Ravager to ensure the stonehorn gets in turn one)

Frostlord on stonehorn - Battle Brew

Araknarok with spider shrine

Git mob Grot shaman


10 Spider riders - full command

5 spider riders - full command

20 gitmob grots with champ and banner - Battle line

20 gitmob grots with champ and banner - Battle line


The rounding out the list I'll throw in either 5 squigs, snotling pump wagon or Ork boar chariot :).


The list will function a lot like my Ogre army. Where I will pump one unit up and throw it at the enemy. The bombs in this list are the stonehorn, 10 spider riders and if I'm desperate the Araknarok. In my experience once the enemy has dealt with the stonehorn they tend to be pretty maimed, especially at the 1500pts level. So if things are going well for me, the spiders will be enough to take out whatever key units the other army has.


The other units in the army are there for morale support and grabbing objectives. The little grot shaman obviously makes one unit of gitmob grots 'OK' if he get his spell off, otherwise they tend to be rubbish at 20. Most of the time you can expect them to kill like one guy a turn haha.

I'll get some painting progress pics up soon! I was cleaning my airbrush the other day and misplaced the tip... So just waiting on getting another.


Crispy out!



Hi Guys,

So I went to a little one day event today and took my ogres, I was constrained with time so the painting on them is about table top standard. That being said I'm pretty happy with how they look, especially my butcher who I gave a little more love to then the rest of the army:




So the one day tournament was going to have 3 rounds, but the organiser was a no show at the store so one of the guys was a sporting chap and ran it for the store. Unfortunately due to lost time we could only fit in two rounds haha.


First round I drew a death army, his army from memory:

Vampire with wings - sword of summoning


mortis engine

terrorgheist (that he summoned)

10 ghouls

40 skeletons with spears, full command

10 skeletons with shields and sword

2 batswarms

5 hexwraiths


My list was

Frostlord on stonehorn - battlebrew

Tyrant - bellowing Tyrant


Bruiser BSB

4*3 ogors with ironfists and full command

2 gorgers


We played the take and hold mission. Since He deployed first he started his first turn by shuffling forward and cast van hels on the big block of 40 skeles.

There was a little confusion around summoning the terrorgheist as in the AOS app there are two entries, he swapped his sword to the book that gives him -1 to hit, but then later found that he could summon the terrorgheist. Unfortunately due to the confusion around it and me not knowing much about death he then proceeded to run the vamp lord with both artifacts. Was an honest mistake on his part, but ended up being pretty game changing.


In my turn I buff the stone horn and send him into the skeletons, Due to a bad rampaging destroyer roll he's just out of range on my bruiser BSB. In combat I only kill 15 skeletons, which is super low for this model when its buffed the way I had buffed him. I realise at that moment that I just totally forgot to roll with the modifiers, so in retaliation he takes 144 skeleton attacks and after all is said and done has 5 wounds left.


We roll off and luckily I get the double turn, I drink the battle brew and sling a unit of ogors into his ghouls that he had been advancing with on my left flank supported by his hexwraiths, I also remember my gorgers and place them on his right flank in the corner with the idea of trying to beat his little 10 man skele unit on his home objective later in the game.

I also cast the maw on his big unit of skeletons and manage to kill one, the tyrant also launches himself at the mortis engine that he had garrisoned in a building for a 2+ save... in combat I remember the buffs on the stonehorn and almost wipe the skeletons, he has like 6 left that do 24 attacks or something and manages to get a wound through on me.

The tyrant manages to cause a few wounds to the mortis engine, but then takes 3 from being donked on the head by the wizard...

in his turn the mortis does the big bubble mortal wound thing and along with bolt kills the stonehorn, the vampire lord charges into my tyrant and his hex wraiths charge into a unit of 3 bulls. In combat the hexwraiths kill my bulls with battleshock (lost the last guy) and we do 2 in return. The tyrant misses the vamp cause I am at -2 to hit (thanks to the book he doesn't have haha) and the little bats.

From here its all down hill for me, the gorgers manage to kill his skeletons at his home objective, but I needed 5 models to capture and by the time I realised I could have won he had summoned a terrorgheist into my lines (shouldn't have happened if he had the book) and locked down all my ogors/blocked them from making their way across the field.

I did manage to kill the terrorgheist but he then killed me down to just my butcher who wasn't within 6 of my objective and the two gorgers sitting on his, but unable to capture haha. His Vamp had also been doing a number on my bulls and my bruiser BSB since I was hitting on 6s (due to the book he shouldn't have had haha)

Major victory vamps!


My second game was blood and glory and I was facing a khorne army.

His army from memory:

Wrath of khorne Bloodthirster - armed with the chaos runeblade

Mighty khorne lord - Crown of command

Blood secrator

blood stoker

30 bloodreavers with full command

20 blood letters

khorne cannon

3 bloodcrushers

5 khorne warriors


he had the starter battalion as well


I deployed first so got the first turn. I had setup my 3 ogre characters along with one unit of 3 ogres to my left on one of my objectives with the stonehorn right on the 12 inch line. my right flank was made up of my 3 units of ogres and I planned to bring my gorgers on as close to his objective as possible. 

His right flank facing off against my stonehorn and friends was composed of the blood crushers, khorne warriors, bloodstoker, mightylord of khorne and the blood thirster. In the middle he had his blood secrator and his bloodreavers and on his left flank he had his khorne cannon and bloodletters.

 I announced I wanted to reenact that artwork in the  beastclaw book where the frost lord is taking on a bloodthirster. My opponent had obligingly stuck him on the 12 inch line across from the stonehorn. My hero phase I bellowed at the stonehorn, he drank his brew, I also tried for mystic shield on him, but failed to cast it.

everyone did the destruction shuffle with the stonehorn getting a 5, then in the movement phase he rolled a 6 on the run and moved within 3 inches of the bloodthirster. My gorgers popped up on my right hand blank 9 away from his cannon. My opponent was pretty surprised with the speed of the stonehorn, I did warn him before the game begun that the dude was quick and very killy, but he felt confident his thirster would live... I knew otherwise :D.

I promptly charged in and killed the thirster, didn't even need to roll for my hooves or kicks haha. 

My opponent was thrown off by this, but figured I needed to be sent back into the warp and brought his mighty lord of khorne and khorgarath over to say hello. he stoked his bloodcrushers and sped towards my characters holding the objective on my left. His bloodreavers moved towards my 3 units of ogres holding my right hand objective supported by the bloodsecrator. The blood letters ran over to kill my gorgers.

In the charge phase the mightylord of khorne made it in, but the khorgarath failed and his bloodletters made it in to the now lone gorger cause one had died to his cannon.

In combat his lord of khorne got one hit through on the stonehorn... I suddenly felt worried haha. I attacked his blood letters killing 4 with some decent rolling from the gorger, he does 2 mortal wounds to me and nothing else. He wasn't able to get too many on me due to a bad charge range roll even with the pile in.

The stonehorn smacks the mighty lord of khorne off the table, he then picks up his dice and like a ****** holds it for ages telling me how I die on a 5+ haha. luckily for me he rolls a one! Sucka.

He wins the priority roll for a double turn and promptly moves the khorgarath within 3 of the stone horn, the bloodreavers move towards one of the three ogre units on my right hand flank and the bloodcrushers move into position to charge my tyrant on the left flank. Its at this point I realise he can win the game if these combats go well for him. He just needs to kill the Tyrant and get his warriors within range of my objective on the left and kill the unit of three bulls on the right.

In the fights he decides to use the khorgarath first. So far the stonehorn has taken 4 wounds, 3 from this dudes little bone shooting attack and 1 from the mighty lord of khorne. He whiffs all his attacks and nothing happens. I then pick my bulls to go who are fighting the blood reavers and kill 12... No save is pretty brutal haha. He then goes with his bloodcrushers and takes 4 wounds from my tyrant. The gorger goes next killing 6! blood letters who in return bring him down to his last wound. The tyrant kills a bloodcrusher and I was able to pile in with the butcher who takes 2 wounds from another. The stonehorn pulverizes the khorgarath.

In my turn I plant my bsb banner, drink my battle brew, bellow at myself(the tyrant) and move the stonehorn towards his warriors holding the objective on his right flank. I also move 3 bulls on my right hand flank to support the gorger against the bloodletters.

Charges go off and I make it into the warriors of khorne and the bloodletters. In combat I decide to go with the ogres against the blood reavers and kill them off. He then picks the warriors of khorne to go against the stonehorn and does a few wounds to me. I then go with the gorger who smacks down a few blood letters who in turn finish him off and do a few wounds to my ogres. I then select my tyrant to go and he wipes the bloodcrushers. the ogres then go and wipe the bloodletters and the stonehorn does the same with the warriors of khorne (only just) who then go again and take me down to 5 wounds remaining.

We roll for priority and I manage to win it and move all my stuff onto his objectives and claim them for the major victory.

Major victory: Ogors

I had two good games, pity we couldn't get the third one in haha. I ended up coming tie 2nd which was nice and I think I may have even had a chance of winning the tournament if the first game had played out right with me remembering my buffs, but oh well I'll get that guy next time!

The army itself is fun to play. It feels pretty flimsy though and really relies on the stonehorn doing well. You also rely on killing the opponent off a lot in number based objective scenarios like blood and glory. I feel that my opponent might have done better if he aimed to wipe my flimsy right hand flank composed of 9 ogors and 2 gorgers, might have been a different game completely.

I'll be going to another tournament at the end of January, but will be posting painting updates. Next on the painting table is a direwolf and bat heavy undead army. I bought it ages ago with the idea of a strigoi ghoul king living in a crypt in a forest surrounded by bats and wolves, I hadn't read the small print on direwolves and bats at the time that said they didn't count as core so the army was never played haha. I've since purchased some mantic zombies to fix that.

Anyways thanks for reading!



Hey guys,


So there is a tournament coming up this month (mentioned it in my previous post). They changed the points from 1000pts to 1500pts so I've decided not to take a tamurkhan led monster army as previously planned. apart from Tamurkhan not being the best I just didn't feel very enthused about the army. So instead I decided to dust off my ogors and started putting some paint on them (pictures to come).


The list I decided to go with is:

Frostlord on stonehorn



Bruiser BSB

4*3 ogor units with iron fists and hand weapons - full command

2 gorgers


So the idea behind the list is to "throw one unit at the enemy at a time, the idea being to keep that unit within range of the bruiser BSB. My units can't really weather any punishment so I'm not aiming on having more than one combat going at a time.

The two gorgers are basically on there so I can threaten someones backfield. I've found that they're garbage so don't expect too much from them, but people do tend to over commit to killing them.


Frostlord whilst under the influence of the bruiser BSB is pretty damn brutal. I plan on sticking the battle brew on him so his and the stonehorns attacks will be causing mortal wounds on a 5+ in addition to any other dmg they cause. In testing he reliably dishes out about 26 wounds worth of dmg when not too injured.

I'll post up some pics shortly and also do some battle reports as well after the tournament which is on the 20th :).


Here are some WIP shots of my stonehorn





The mini monstrous horde

Hi guys!

So looks like there might be a tournament coming up in November. So I started blocking in some colours for my next 1000pt list:


I was originally going to take moonclan, but not sure I'm good enough with the flow of the turns yet to move 140+ models fast enough for a tournament. So instead I'm thinking:


Shaggoth (the general) Thinking chaos rune blade and lord of war (to stick on Tamurkhan, make that monstrous bulk pretty scary)

2*10 plague bearers for battleline

3 plague toads

The army is probably rubbish, but on the plus side I get to move a large toad dragon around the place :D

Crispen out.



Vanguard trolls

Hey there dear reader!

Grab a seat and get ready to be blown away by tactical genius. Beginning of this month I managed to get myself to a small one day event in Sydney.

Going into the event I knew the points would be 1k and that we'd be playing:

Take and hold

blood and glory


Originally I was going to come to the tournament with a Galrauch led beastmen list. unfortunately 2 days before the tournament my galrauch still hadn't arrived so I had to switch to a troll army and decided to take:

Troll hag

3 river troggoths

3 sourbreath troggoths

20 gitmob grots - banner, boss, bows

20 gitmob grots - banner, boss, bows

So in two days I was able to get most of the models painted to a very basic tabletop standard:14875034_10154550763734462_137607185_n.jpg:

I went for a swamp style and to compliment that look I decided to use the Hobbit goblins as my gitmob. They require more work with modelling on bows etc, but I think they look pretty cool.

The trek to the place took me 3 hours and when I arrived I was told there were 7 players and that one would need to have a bye to begin with. I volunteered cause I was wrecked after travelling that far haha. I was promptly told it would be random and instead I was matched up against a woodelf themed undead army:


So his list from memory was:

vamp lord - he took the power that increases the deathless save to 5+, he also had wings

2 units of 5 blood knights

1 unit of 5 hex wraiths

10 zombies

10 zombies

The scenario was take and hold. I mobbed 20 goblins around my objective with my trolls setup behind them. The other 20 goblins I sent forward to see what blood knights do. I've never versed them before and it turns out they make goblins explode haha. All 20 are charged in his turn one and are wiped out.

I win priority and send my troll hag off to beat up his hex wraiths, figuring that she could kill them in one go with her vomit attack and close combat attacks.

I then send my river trolls and sourbreath trolls over to try and hold off the 2 units of blood knights and vamp threatening my objective. It turns out that hex wraiths ignore rend and my troll hag ends up tied in combat with them. My trolls roll fairly badly and only manage to kill 2 blood knights from one unit after shooting and sending in the sourbreaths.

in his turn he kills my sourbreaths with a counter charge from a second blood knight unit and one of the two knights I killed comes back to life. The troll hag finishes up the hex wraiths.

I win priority again and decide that the vamp lord just makes blood knights too strong and spit on him and kill him with the troll hag. I shift the river trolls in an attempt to stop these blood knights from taking my objective.

In his turn they charge and kill both the river trolls and the 20 man goblin unit, at this point the blood knights are back at full strength. I think the game is over, but it turns out the troll hag has been masterfully placed (on purpose of course...) to contest my objective. So over the next few turns she beats up blood knights finishing one unit off. The game ends and we go to victory points which he wins on by 20pts. game one Loss for the trolls!

Game two I didn't get a chance to get a picture of his army, but it was a poor showing for the trolls. He had from memory:

Verminlord deceiver


3 warpfire stormfiends

20 clanrats

10 clan rats

this one was the 4 objectives need to be captured to win. I knew going in that I needed to kill sayl. He wins first deployment and places Sayl. I mindlessly setup my troll hag opposite, even though there was a rock formation completely hiding sayl from me and a choke point that my base size coupled with my other trolls wouldn't be able to get through. He wins first turn and places 10 clan rats forward using Sayl's fly move. I shift forward a bit and blow them up. Turns out the verminlord deceiver has this spell where he can just appear anywhere he likes, he pops up behind my troll hag, sayl flies the stormfiends forward and they toast the troll hag. From then on out the army falls apart and he wins a major victory, the game finishing with a heroic charge from 20 gobbos into his clanrats hoping to either tie them up or wipe them (neither happens, they just die haha).

For the third round I'm given that bye I asked for at the start of the day haha. Turns out it counted as a minor win, so I end the day on 2 losses and a minor win :P. I also win best painted, I think mainly cause my army was themed and everyone likes the old sloppy ******.

1st place was a bone splitters force, from memory it had:

1 warboss

2-3 shamans

30 Archers

2* 10 spearman (one unit may have been 20, not sure)

2nd place was a deathrattle formation, from memory:

wight king - cloak of shadows

5 black knights

10 grave guard

20 skeletons

10 skeletons

outside of the formation

skull catapult


all in all was a fun day and I enjoyed the troll army. Even though I didn't win, when my bellow at one unit of trolls and battlebrew combo went off it was glorious to see the dmg the vomit dishes out.

I'm thinking for the next one I might bring:

Troll Hag

3 river trolls

20 gitmob grots

30 choppa and shield orruks with full command

One last shot of the glorious losers:


Thanks for reading, hopefully the troll sagas will return shortly :).

Crispen out




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