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About this blog

A project log for a Forces of Chaos warband. I'm starting off with beasts and monsters, and whatever else catches my eye.

Entries in this blog



Whatever he lacks in actual tabletop effectiveness, Good Ol' Slambo makes up for in nostalgia...


It's a great little model, and nice and quick to paint. I went with bone-coloured armour, partly so he wouldn't be associated with any one single patron god, but also because it would really show up the blood spatter.



Last weekend, I took a selection of my chaos forces for a round-robin tournament of games. Here's an overview, the links go to the full reports.

Half the players were new to Age of Sigmar, so to keep it fun, the 1000pt lists were written as deliberately soft (although tell that to the guy who brought the Mourngul!), and we skipped Allegiance traits and extra abilities/items.


I took a selection of what I fancied: Tzaangor for punch, Chaos Warriors for securing objectives, Gor to overwhelm objectives, and a Chimera to spit out mortal wounds.

  • Ogroid Thaumaturge - General
  • Beastlord - Man-render Great Axe
  • 20 x Gors - Two Gor-Blades
  • 10 x Tzaangors - Pair of Savage Blades (4), Savage Greatblade (3), Savage Blade & Arcanite Shield (3)
  • 10 x Chaos Warriors - Hand Weapon & Shield - Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch
  • Behemoths
  • Chimera

Game 1: Take And Hold vs Nurgle Rotbringers


In the first battle, I take on Tzeentch's arch-enemy, Nurgle: Bolad Rotspawned, two units of Putrid Blightkings and a Chaos Lord on Manticore who just loves chomping on big monsters like the Chimera.


Game 2: Blood And Glory vs Stormcast Eternals


Half the points in this army were spend on Dracoth cavalry - Fulminators and Concussors (the models used were Dragon Ogres - there was a lightning theme going on) and they tended to bulldoze through anything they hit. I had to play this one for the objectives, because I wasn't optimistic about a straight fight.


Game 3: Escalation vs Ironjawz


I'm playing my own Ironjawz army in this one - I'd just finished painting one and I loaned it out for the weekend (it did pretty well - maybe I picked the wrong army). Ironjawz seem to do well in Escalation since their battleline units, which come on first, are a lot better than mine.


Game 4: Border War vs Stormcast Eternals


More Stormcast! This army was essentially the Starter Box one (so at least there was only one Dracoth to face. I had the advantage of massively outnumbering the golden guys, so I could flood all of the objectives.


Game 5: Gifts From The Heavens vs Nighthaunt


Yikes. An entire army of Nighthaunt, let by the 'orrible Mourngul. In model terms, they are only a third the side of my army, so if I can just knock off a couple, I should make it difficult for them to hold objectives (although I have no idea how to stop that damn Mourngul)...


All in all, a fun weekend. Some wins, some loses, and a good run-out for my troops. The Ogroid impressed me particularly, and I'd love to try a 20-strong Tzaangor unit.


The Paranoid Ogroid

Time for another character for my chaos army. This one nicely blurs the line between sorcerer and beastman,,,


The Ogroid Thaumaturge! Mainstay of The Silver Tower and Tzeentch Arcanites (he wouldn't look bad as the magic support in a Warherd army either...)

I was quite happy with the wet blending on his skin, although I could quite happily never have to paint another one of his eldritch sigils.


I'm not sure how I feel about his 'looking over the shoulder' pose. It's nice to have a different sculpt to 'looking straight ahead', but there doesn't seem to be a single, best angle to view him from (hence all the photos), and I think he works best in three-dimensions.


He's off to command a mixed Chaos force in a five-game tournament this weekend, so I hope his sigils are fully-charged!


(actually four heads, if you count the one on the tail)


It's the Chimera! He seemed to be a stalwart of 8th Ed Chaos armies, but I haven't seen him about in many battle reports. I think monsters are suffering from lack of synergy - it would be nice to see them buffed by a beastmaster-type, like a Great Bray Shaman or a Bloodstoker.


Nonetheless, I'm slowly building a menagerie of chaos beasties, so this puppy gets to join the Cockatrice in the zoo.


I was either going to paint this one unified colour, to blend together the disparate parts - or just lean into the crazy colour scheme and chuck a rainbow at it. :-)


It's mostly been monsters and beasts for my Chaos army so far, but I'm spreading my net into Slaves to Darkness (you can blame the Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness box - I *may* have a Start Collecting! box problem).


I'm kick off with a small unit of Chaos Warriors - an old sculpt, but still iconic to me. I went with yellow to keep them unaligned (and once you discount all the patron gods, there isn't much left in the colour palette!)



These guys hit the tables this weekend. I'm trying them with a mix of other chaos stuff - nothing faction-specific, just a big chaotic mess, so we'll see how they perform.



For the next instalment, I've taken a break from Tzeentch to finish up my Gorechosen quartet.


They're a really solid set of characters, and the game is great bit of mindless fun (I'm wondering how it will compare to the other quick-playing, arena-based, low-model count, Shadespire).


They're certainly enough to tempt me into getting some more Bloodbound for them (the Slaughterpriest needs to sacrifice something!).


The Exalted Deathbringer has made a few appearances in regular AoS battles too, and he is pretty lethal (the Skullgouger is brilliant when fending off large numbers of low-rend attacks).


And my personal favourite: the Skullgrinder. Nothing says AoS quite like a burning anvil on a chain. :-)

Time to get some more Blades of Khorne and stock up on the red paint!


Next up for the Tzeentch faction are the Tzaangor. I love the idea of these variant beastmen (it would be great to get some plastic kit Khornegor, Pestigor and ... Slaaneshgor?) and these particular ones are my favourite Tzeentch models.




I went for the 'standard' colours of The Cult of The Transient Form - there's lots of colour options, but I think gold+turquoise is pretty Tzeentch.


The Silver Tower Tzaangors come in two identical sets of three, but it didn't seem right for anything of Tzeentch to look the same, to I took out my clippers for the next set.




These are fairly tricky kits to convert - you get some odd pieces during assembly, so it's more involved that just switching around the arms or heads. But I think I did a decent enough job.


So that was the Silver Tower set done, but to play them in Age of Sigmar, I needed a minimum of 10, not to mention some command options.

To keep them matched to the others, I got four more Silver Tower Tzaangor and converted them into Brayhorn, Icon Bearer, Mutant and Twistbray.





So that's the full ten, and they are awash with details. The armor, skin, feathers, claws, beaks, icons, weapons - most of the character models I've painted didn't require as much work as each individual Tzaangor.

That said, I really like the way they've come out, they were a lot of fun to paint (and if they took longer, I guess the fun was stretched out, so why am I complaining?). They're pretty effective on the battlefield too - the poor Besitgor have been replaced as the elite beastman unit.


More Arcanites to follow!


Bird-headed Magister

It's been a while since I revisited this army, but the release of the Tzeentch battletome has inspired me into adding more units. I liked the mention in the fluff that Tzaangor will brand chaos monsters like Cockatrice and Jabberslythe with their own marks (shame you can't do that in the game)

So to get me started: a Tzeentch Magister with his head swapped for a Tzaangor (the severed head that comes with the Darkoath Chieftain)


The hunched posture and the claw-feet work well with the new head (even if he does look a bit like a weedy Tzaangor or a dismounted Shaman). But it adds a bit more magic to the warband!


All change!


The second and final AoS game of the weekend (we moved on to X-Wing after that) continued the story from the Pre-Emptive Strike scenario

The newly-arrived Bloodthirster relived Morghur of command (considering he'd made such a mess of stopping the invasion) and gathered all the chaos beasts together to stop the Stormcasts from breaking out of their foothold.

There were a lot more Stormcast to content with than the first scenario, and a Celestant-Prime waiting in the heavens (actually that tower) to lend reinforcement. Fortunately, now there was one greater daemon on the table, Morghur had his eyes on summoning another...

The scenario was Breakthrough, and the full report is here: http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/woffboot-x-stormcast-vs-chaos-alliance.html



A few weeks ago, I sent my Beasts army to fight against a freshly-undercoated Stormcast force.

We started off with the Pre-Emptive Strike scenario - a Lord-Relictor leading a vanguard of Prosecutors to secure a Realmgate and bring the rest of the legion through. Before they can get far, the Beasts get their scent and battle is joined!

To add a bit more spice we decided that, if the Lord-Relictor's summoning roll ever failed on a '1', it would accidentally bring through a Greater Daemon (picked at random, swapping sides at random - and able to summon more daemons!).

Full report here: http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/woffboot-x-stormcast-vs-chaos-beasts.html



I could use a few more characters in this beastly army. I'm not crazy about the Doombull model, but I did like the idea of a 'monstrous infantry' scale character to push them around.

So behold - the Doomboar!


It's a Mierce Miniatures model - "Broga, the Wereofor Thegn" to be precise, and it was a dream to paint. If you've not used the company before: the models are resin, generally compatible with Warhammer stuff, and priced at Forge World level (which is why I've only started with one of them).

So now my Skin Wolves have some company in the big infantry section (although it would make for a very weird fairy tale)




I wasn't planning on adding any more Gor to this army - but when I saw these 40 on sale at a super-bargain price, I couldn't resist.


I normally buy second-hand models to strip/respray them, but these were surprisingly well done. Mostly base coats and a bit of wash, but all neat and well-applied. It just needed some more washing, new round bases and the details added.









The last thing was the banner - freehand isn't my strength, and I think my 'gor horns' look more like a love heart. ¬¬


So that's 40 Gor ready to go - let's see those Anarchy & Mayhem rolls!



For my next unit, I wanted some animal variety in my Beasts army, so that ruled out anything goat-based. Time for the piggies!


I wasn't keen on the 'Pumba'-style Razogor, but I love the new plastic orc boar boys. After remounting all my old savage orcs with new steeds, I still had a couple of models left over.


Not much in the way of conversion - just a few extra Gor horns and some spikes made from savage orc flint weapons.


I added a couple of arrows in this one, just to show how tough they are.


And here they are, ready to wee wee wee, all the way home!


And now... Morghur!

The Shadowgrave, Master of Skulls, The Corrupter, Semi-Finalist in Strictly Come Dancing ... he has many titles.

I've now finished painting my Morghur conversion (and now I'm really tempted to rumoured Alarielle, since the Wood Elf Queen was his arch-nemesis in the Old World).


Unlike the usual blood-spattered snow, I used some Typhus Corrosion to represent the corruption seeping out of him.

Another unit coming up soon! (if anyone's wondering how I'm managing to bang them out so fast, I've have a number of projects at 80-90% completion for a while, and I'm now having to rush them to readiness for a weekend of gaming)


Spawn To Be Wild!

I've painted up my three spawn conversions, and ended up styling them along the lines of the ruinous powers:

Extra blood for the Khorne Spawn:


Extra drool for the Nurgle Spawn


And extra ... eyeball? ,,, for the Tzenntch Spawn


So here are my trio: Blinkin, Winkin and Nod.



Spawn Free!

WIP report this time - I wanted to add Morghur, Master of Skulls to the brayherd, but I wasn't keen on the metal model.

This is what I managed with a few spare bits and some greenstuff:


And since the reason to take Morghur is so he can mutate your own troops into Chaos Spawn, I had a go at slapping some of them together too.





Time to bulk out the Chaos monsters with some expendable infantry. I do like these Gor sculpts - it's nice to have them displayed on rounds, rather than lost in a horde formation.




They look formidable, but I reckon I'll need more of them, with a few brayherd characters, if I want to unlock their potential.


This is the start of a project log for Chaos beasties. I can thank Age of Sigmar for finally getting me started on these - there were always a few Chaos models that caught my eye, but I couldn't commit to a whole army just to paint them (and now I can ... slowly)

To begin with, the Cockatrice. I love the sculpt (although it does prove quite squashy on the battlefield)