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  1. Okay, I did a little building again for my maidenguard

    Actually I build 2x10 Maiden Defenders (didn't glured the Shields yet)


    A Handmaiden o Steed


    And 2 Maiden Chariots (not glued yet, because I brush the deers normally after shading)


    Even when not using the fan made Battletome it gives me more variation because the Maiden Defenders (Bleakswords) are Battleline and I can build an Order army with combined with the reavers.

  2. Here's the first map to be put into the Suneaters Battletome, now two Ages out of date but here is one region of Ghur during an Order occupation of previously Ogor territory designed to be displayed over a two page spread in the Battletome. In the centre we see the first tendrils of the Firestorm that accompanied the Suneaters rebirth along with the blasted deserts from which he emerged. 

    I will also be printing myself some warscroll cards this evening so here is the warscroll for every Suneater unit reduced to A5 size for handy use in games!





















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    “I am the way into the city of woe,
    I am the way into eternal pain,
    I am the way to go among the lost.

    Justice caused my high architect to move,
    Divine omnipotence created me,
    The highest wisdom, and the primal love.

    Before me there were no created things
    But those that last forever—as do I.
    Abandon all hope you who enter here.” 

     Dante Alighieri, Inferno

    Is it pretentious to begin a journal entry with a literary quote?  Perhaps, but it seems apt here.  This is not my first attempt at an online modelling diary, but hopefully it will be my first successful one. With success being measured in regular content and set goals being achieved. Not much to ask for is it?  This journal aims to be a record of my latest migration geographically, on a whole new bandwagon. A rambling tale of my travels into a new gaming community, through a new edition with a whole new army. Let's not abandon all hope...

    I am a life long wargamer.  I started the Hobby back in the glory days of 2nd edition 40k, Necromunda, Bloodbowl and square bases. Through the years I have jumped from system to system, faction to faction, made friends, lost them. I found love, built a new family, rebuilt an old one and have grown through all the troubles of life to hopefully be a better human. Through it all, games have provided a creative outlet, a meditative space for a innocent joy that you only knew as a child. This whimsical fantasy world where you leave behind the here and now and travel to spaces that only you know how to find.  Spaces where you laugh through your nose, suspend your disbelieve and explore the purely imaginative.  That is what I love about games.  But that is enough of that, for now... 

    So what filthy bandwagon are we riding?  Well change begets change, and the Changer of Ways has been beating at the edge of my reality.  And I have relented, following the way into the city of woe.  I wanted to jump into DoT since the Battletome dropped, the models are stunning, the colours a riot and they really do fit into the high fantasy setting of AoS easily, unlike my feather toting puffy pants enthusiasts.  But I was put off, mainly due to just how over the top they were rules wise.  I consider it very important to not only play for your own enjoyment but for your opponents as well.  And rolling up to an event with a wheel of cheddar always made me think twice.  Don't get me wrong, I like to play hard when I do but it is always more palatable for your opponent when it is the cheese less travelled.

    So Tzeentch.  When I think of Tzeentch I see bright colours, noise, wild shapes and impossible architecture.  Escher style illusions and Dali visions of time.  I see madness and it is glorious.  I feel that this imagery is captured really well in the current GW DoT range.  So the irony that as a hobbyist you do not have to be imaginative to capture this most imaginative of forces is not lost me.

    My test scheme for my horrors is below. The pink horror model from the Silvertower is such a lovely model. Simple, yet wild, the asymmetry is a riot. Love it.  As to the scheme I worked up from a white base, airbrushing first a deep purple and then working up to a light pink. This was then finished with a 2:1 pink:bone mix. I felt the bone just humbled the pink down, made it a bit more real.  Gold was done with Liquid Gold, which I will never use again, such a pain in the ******. Simple silver, kept dull and contrasting electric blues with the occasional orange splash.  It is  a typical GW scheme but it really works well. I'm very happy with how it turned out and the process was quite quick. Although the eyes need work, not enough going on there I think. 

    The marble base was my first attempt at green marble. It came up ok. I worked up from a black base with a range of greys finishing to white. I then applied a green glazes over the top with a gloss varnish finish.  It only occurred to me after the fact that I should have done the gloss first and then applied the glazes as you really need a smooth surface to glaze over.  Currently the base looks like it has a rough texture, because it does... So in future I will apply several coats of gloss to fill in the texture and hopefully that will achieve a more glassy texture.

    For my acolytes I wanted to capture the progression of mutation in the skin tone.  I started with a pale grey base and progressively worked up to a pallid flesh tone. I then added pink tones to the feet and a 'birth mark' style banding across the shoulder and back. I future I think will try and do this with more of a leopard print pattern and pink glazes rather than the using the airbrush.  My accuracy with 'the beast' is not that great yet and taping up is time consuming so I'll try and avoid that. I do like how he turned out however. I feel there is enough of a contrast with the daemon portion of the army but still enough uniformity to gel well with the army as a whole. 

    I will be attending a MOAB this year.  A long running event held in Sydney on the 29th September.  This sets a pretty punishing pace for me but I work well to deadlines, in fact I need deadlines.  My list is not yet set but from initial musings it will include...

    • The Cursling
    • Gaunt Summoner
    • Tzaangor Shaman
    • Ogroid Thaumaturge
    • 30 Tzaangor
    • 2 units of Acolytes
    • Enlightened on Discs
    • Skyfires
    • Summoned models

    I really want to find room for a Fatemaster, not commonly seen, his CA is rubbish but a fast cheap hero with a 2+/4++ the right relic and maybe some screamers to babysit him might play well in more than a few scenarios.  Considering the event is about 10 weeks away that puts me putting out at a unit a week, plus display board and practice games. Balls to the wall!

    If you got this far, thanks for the read. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back with updates as soon as models get churned out. 





  3. This blog by request, we'll be covering Stoneklaw's Gutstompas, an allegiance ability available in the Firestorm book. This isn't too undercover of a choice, it's popped up in the AOS 6 Nations tournament and it's gaining traction, so now would be the perfect time to hammer out a write up.

    Why Gutstompa's?

    So this allegiance's requirements are a lot less stringent than all the others. It basically allows all of the old warhammer fantasy Orks and Goblins, as well as the new Ironjawz and the Giant mixed in. So if you happened to build a Spiderfang army when the skirmish box came out, bought a lot of the Greenskinz Start Collecting or are jumping on the Moonclan HYPETRAIN and need something to transtition into once they nerf you into the floor, here is the place to be. Let's see what it offers.


    Confusion. What on earth are these strategems? What do they mean? Well think of these as two randomized allegiance abilities for your army (You had none beforehand and this costs nothing, so random is hardly a downside) that you roll for before each game. Here's a list of the stratagems.


    Some of these aren't amazing, and that's fair. Some of these are completely insane. ESPECIALLY considering the one that gives you a free unit back doesn't cost reinforcement points like it did when this was written. But how best to make a list that makes adequate use of these traits while not being directly tailored to them to compensate for randomosity? Let's take a swing.



    Allegiance: Stoneklaw's Gutstompas

    Orruk Warboss (140)
    - Great Waaagh Banner
    Grot Warboss (100)
    - Git Cuttas
    Arachnarok Spider With Grot Shaman (280)
    - General
    - Trait: Bellowing Tyrant

    40 x Orruks (280)
    - Pair of Choppas
    40 x Orruks (280)
    - Pair of Choppas
    60 x Moonclan Grots (360)
    - Stabbas & Moon Shields

    5 x Grot Spider Riders (100)
    5 x Grot Spider Riders (100)
    5 x Grot Spider Riders (100)

    War Machines
    Grot Spear Chukka (120)
    Grot Spear Chukka (120)

    Total: 1980 / 2000
    Extra Command Points: 0
    Allies: 0 / 400
    Wounds: 208
    Ok so I definitely went in with the Moonclan combo where you double the damage of a Moonclan unit, because it's good and I'd be a fool not to. Backing that up are two max size units of Orruks to form a decent shield wall while the spider riders and their Arachnarok swarm objectives and push elite infantry off them with their mortal wound output. The three characters synergize well with the unit options taken, and the two artillery choices are great at taking out enemy heroes (great for Duality of Death).
    Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see next.



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    A Burden Long-Borne

    Haggrax ached from the joints of his toes to the bond between his skull and neck. His precious burden had cooled his shoulders when he first hoisted the boulder across his leathered back, but lately it had become… a challenge. The elder rememberer of the Undissons had traversed alpine trails across Skaddi’s own range for well over four centuries and had padded his way from the tree-kin nurseries that grew mighty Sylvaneth guardians to the towering Ironwood kingdoms to the South. Images flickered alongside reality in his rummy eyes. Ethereal duardin shields repelled a torrent of misty bile launched from a tentacled demon itself being unmade by the sun beams penetrating the pine canopy. In other places, heroes forgotten to time nodded a greeting from where their fogged forms had settled on stump and stone. But lately, his visions were brighter. They were loud. At times his sight darkened all around the scene until he wasn't more than a frozen audience as skeletal figures tore unsuspecting duardin from the ancestor halls and into an empty darkness. Meanwhile the kinstone rocked and shook with what could only be described as a fever.

    Day and night glaucous, ghostly images of battered and beaten duardin overwhelmed his vision and screams clawed at his mind. “They say all livin’ creatures have a place in Allarielle’s gardens. Guess the dawi’s is luggin’ out skree from Skaddi’s tinkerin’ “ grumbled Haggrax aloud. He had lost reverence long ago for the minor-deity who served as neglectful patroness of his clan. Powerful, she might be, but there were many powerful beings in the realms. Whereas the Everqueen grew and trimmed her creations alongside the cycles of Ghyran, Skaddi was always seeking more. It was not enough to bless her worshippers with the senses of wild beasts, she had to visit them in their dreams until they thought themselves oracles. She was not satisfied with a mountain sanctuary, instead tasking the Undissons with turning it to a living temple. At least her greed proved her nature that of a duardin.

    The crackling energy speared down the back of his neck, through his lung and across his bowels before scattering its shocks across his right thigh. Dropping to one knee, Haggrax almost shrugged the menacing load from his shoulders and allowed it to fall to the ground in a rune-inscribed heap, but he dared not. This stone was nothing short of a messenger to those feasting in the heavenly halls on the unreachable side of the mountain. He had been tasked to bear it passage into a distant land where it would connect a seldom-rumored duardin prophet with his lost kin, and he would not be the rememberer his babes and rin told tales about for shirking his duties. “One foot in front’ah the next, aye ya overgrown pebble? Couple more days ‘til we’re at the gate.”


    ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***

    His students were overzealous the lot of them, but they weren’t witless. To see his prized pupil in weather-torn tatters, ranting about the manipulators of fate and Shyshian necromancers reaching out to all the realms, as though he understood the gravity of such things… Even the wise rememberer was left uneasy. Maybe the lad had consumed too much of his homebrew, but Haggrax feared the madness that gripped him had more celestial origins.

    Wide-set nostrils drew in a gust of unseasonably damp air and rejected it with a snort. Rains tonight, maybe before the sun had crept below the earth even. “Guess we dropped further’an I’d thought,” grumbled the greybeard with a voice rough as a landslide. “Gate oughta be half a day off now, jus’ low enough for the streams t’be babbling free of the cold…” His musings drifted off, unable to focus on anything but his mistrust in Skaddi. Why send him away now, and with an object of such power? Why fill the warrior-priest’s mind with apocalyptic images but not share any such fears with Haggrax? There had been one truth the wild-eyed warrior had stated though - Skaddi was lost. Whatever schemes were afoot in the background, she could not see nor comprehend them. What this meant for her most devout clan, he was not sure.

    His dreams now reeked of death, and left a sour film on his tongue when he awoke each morning. It was not the stale sort found in old tombs or which clung to the relics he studied as a youth. Rather this was the stench of spoiled meat, where the remnants of corpses cooked in steaming crags and crevices, unfound or unwanted by scavengers. With each bare stomp into the snow, Haggrax the Rememberer relished the freshness of snow between his toes. An age ago he had learned to control his own thoughts as he navigated the spiritual flood that visited him in his travels. But the stone never relented, never ceased. The crackling energies that scrambled across its surface had begun to leave searing marks not only on his skin but across the stone surface itself. Haggrax thought he even had noticed a small crack this morning. Hourly meditations had preserved his sanity thus far, but he was not sure the pain coursing through the kinstone wouldn’t overwhelm him eventually.

    Summiting the narrow path between the steep ridge sides, Haggrax was suddenly looking down at a barren ravene floor, something akin to a natural mineshaft amongst the mountains, only lit by what little sun reflected down from the snow above. The smell of sulfur was nearly erased by crisp winds fluttering snow through the taller pines of this altitude, but his veteran senses were not tricked. Tomorrow he would carry the stone into the realm of fire, though he couldn’t entirely explain why. The persistent crying out of the kinstone had not ceased, but he had noticed a shift in it’s demands and was attempting to shift his own plans to meet them. Whereas at first he recognized the faces of the Undissons crying out as the were dragged into the darkness, more and more Haggrax had been shown lands he had never visited and duardin he did not know. It was in the oddly familiar eyes of a beaten, naked dwarf curled in what must have been an underground cell that he understood his purpose.

    As it lost its connection to his clan’s ancestors, the stone had begun searching for others. If his mad student was to be believed, all of the living, wherever they might be, were under assault by the dead and the souls of those passed on were guaranteed no safe rest. The kinstone was showing him brethren separated by ages, possibly when the dark powers had overrun the realms. “An yer sure this is the job, huh? Y’want my old bones to carry you ‘round the realms to find all your friends,” Haggrax chided the vessel. Inside though, he felt a warmth spread from his center. He wouldn’t presume to understand the full purpose of this journey, but the salty mystic was grudgingly honored by the possible scope of this task.

    Resting the stone alongside a tall trunk, the elder took a deep breath of the cold mountain air. Tomorrow, he would walk into the fires, a land of peril where he hoped to find those the stone yearned for. “Hardly the escape Skaddi had planned,” he chuckled to himself, but she did not have Haggrax’s perspective of the ages after all. With a grunt, he drove his staff into the ground and smirked as vines and creepers erupted and swirled round themselves at his feet. But first he’d get some rest he thought as he nestled himself in to commune with his visions.


    Haggrax the Rememberer of Clan Undisson

    IMG_3917.JPG.388d7ef711e2519899b40335488fb9f3.JPG   IMG_3918.JPG.ef9367911e6d87cc7d4a1f1083a634a4.JPG   IMG_3916.JPG.785870d321120d99054dc661d5c53ccd.JPG

  4. Hedgehog39
    Latest Entry

    "Oi, whot's 'ee talkin' 'bout now?"

    Grushnak looked up at the distant figure of Da Whisper. Like usual, the shaman was twitching and staring off into the realmgate that formed the basis of the Snowboyz' camp. He would occasionally mumble something that was dutifully repeated and shouted across by Zig'rut.

    "Not sure, boss. Sumfink about beasts."

    Surlak frowned, then coughed up a wad of phlegm and spit it out a good twelve paces. Not his personal best, but respectable. With a satisfied grunt, he turned his attention to the multicolored firmament of stars above the tundra. It was a remarkably clear night, with only a few shadowy clouds overhead. 

    "Da 'chanter is sayin' dat Da Whisper knows when da gate is gonna open. It's gonna go to da realm of da beasts."

    Grushnak frowned and squinted at the boss.

    "So why'd ya ask me?"

    He was rewarded with a comradely thwack upside the head. Grushnak's skull was thick enough that the stars barely lasted a second before clearing.

    "Just wanted ta make sure I isn't goin' barmy. Get yer gear ready and get drillin'"

    Grushnak frowned but kept his mouth shut. The boss' plan sounded weird. Let the 'ardboyz go first? What kinda thinking was that? Still, he was only regrowing his tusks now, a week after the first time he'd brought his concerns up. With a snarl, he stood up and went about finding Gristle and his shield boyz. Taktiks, feh.


    Surlak's mob is a squad of brutes with a surprisingly thoughtful boss who is plagued with bouts of Finkin'. They work more closely than usual with the 'ardboyz of the warband and do some strange things like "Movin' in formashun" and "keepin' ranks". It is only be sheer stubborn belligerence and frequent stompings of the orruks that question him that Surlak maintains leadership of the mob.






  5. In the realm of Ghur, there is a ruined castle called Yarbrough, often shrouded in fog and rain. Nothing lives there anymore save the creatures of fen and moor, finding shelter from the elements within the ancient stone. When the wind blows, though, it carries the sounds of ancient horns with it, and when the sun shines it illuminates an inscription hidden in the walls- HmIAFD- that is, Hugh Macintosh and the Black Watch.

    Centuries ago, when the Age of Myth came crashing down, Tam Yarbrough was lord over Castle Yarbrough. His house had ruled the lands fairly and well for uncounted years, and he was rich and strong and well-loved. When news came of a marauding army of Orruks rampaging through the region, he wasted no time in rallying his retainers to war, marching proudly forth to the sound of drums and trumpets. A glittering host they were, a legion resplendent in the sun, going out to hold back the Greenskin storm just as their ancestors had held back the storms of Ghur.

    But this is not their story, nor is it Tam's. At the place known as Loch Haverforth the proud Yarbrough host met their match in the Orruk Warboss known as Tarlen the Evermighty, and it's said that the flowers on the lakeshore still grow red in their memory.

    Hugh MacIntosh was a strong, proud man, but no loyal soldier of Yarbrough was he. He was a bandit chief, having raided the rich and the poor of that land for many years and accomplished deeds of infamy before he found himself in Lord Tam's dungeons, awaiting the hangman's noose. When news came of Lord Tam's defeat, Castle Yarbrough was thrown into a panic. The Orruk host was marching inexorably towards them, and there was not enough strength to hold the walls against them. Tam's loyal retainers, the men he had left behind to defend the castle, lost heart and fled to meet their ends like fugitives or hunted animals. Hugh found himself a free man, released from his cell once again.

    He could have fled, or avenged himself upon the castle and its inhabitants for his imprisonment. Instead, he looked out upon the column of refugees that would fall victim to the Orruks, and his heart was strangely moved to pity. Gathering his boon companions around him, he declared that the end of the world had come upon them, and it was time for all true sons of Ghur to make their stand. Give him his pipes and a blade, he promised, and he would buy time for the women and children to escape. Wicked and dishonorable men they might be, but even the black-hearted must take their watch when it was demanded of them. Seven of them barricaded themselves in the keep and made ready for their doom.

    The Orruks were not long in coming, falling on the castle with a vengeance. Equal to their fury, though, were Hugh and his men, driving back the brutes with their two-handed swords every time they tried the tower. Still, it was not enough. One by one, Hugh's companions fell, until at the midnight hour only Hugh stood in the innermost keep, holding the last door. In the darkness, he played his pipes, their ghostly sounds echoing over the massed Orruk warhost and filling them with a primal dread. Had Boss Tarlen not been there, the horde might have abandoned their siege altogether. He bullied the Boyz into attacking, and as first light came they fell upon "da Lady from Hell" again.

    Hugh was filled with heavenly rage, and could not be moved- still, he was only one man, and he tired. And then came Boss Tarlen, twice the height of a man, armored in the stolen finery of the Realms. Hugh gave a final cry and leaped forth- and there his story ends.

    Only the Orruks remember his final stand, and what became of him. Still, it is telling that when Boss Tarlen was next seen, he boasted a scar from forehead to chin, and that he and his horde were forevermore afraid of the sound of pipes.


    The storytellers call Hugh MacIntosh  the Black Watchman, Warden of the Storm, the Lady from Hell, the Herald of Cacophony, Orruk-bane, the Seventeenth.

    Brother Hugh.jpg

    Brother Hugh 2.jpg

  6. What the Fortune Cookies Shown Me....

    UPDATE: I didn't mange to attend since life got in the way. So there will be no followup battle report.

    … I'm going to get my **** kicked so hard. The list that was submitted:

    Allegiance: Tzeentch
    Mortal Realm: Chamon

    Lord Of Change (380)
    - General
    - Trait: Incorporeal Form
    - Artefact: Argent Armour
    - Lore of Change: Tzeentch's Firestorm
    Tzaangor Shaman (180)
    - Lore of Fate: Glimpse the Future

    10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200)
    - Lore of Change: Fold Reality
    10 x Tzaangors (180)
    - 2x Pair of Savage Blade
    - 4x Savage Greatblade
    - 3x Savage Blade & Arcanite Shield

    Endless Spells
    Chronomantic Cogs (60)

    Total: 1000 / 1000
    Extra Command Points: 0
    Allies: 0 / 200
    Wounds: 50

    Tournament Format:

    TA (Totally Annihilated) clause is included. Major victory given if the opponent has no models left on the table. No other limits in army construction other than Matched Play one. Battle Realms  are in play. Nighthaunt and Stormcast Eternals battletome are in play.  Game rounds are already set and swiss pairing.
    14 players expected. 1 Ironjaw, 1 Seraphon, 1 Freeguild, 1 Nurgle, 1 Slyvaneth… to be fair, it could be anything since there's no painting requirement.  


    On My Painting Table:  But this wasn't part of the July Contract... 

    Game Round 1:  Duality of Death in the Realm of Shyish

    Game Plan:  This battle is going to straightforward. Run the Lord of Change forward on to the objective (with the command point) if I have to and sit on it. There's a good chance I'll finish deploying first with only 4 drops so I will try to go first. Shyish have a couple of amazing defensive spells, Unnatural Darkness casted on a 6 for -1 and Night's Touch for unmodifiable save.  In combination with Chromatic Cog, artefact of power and command trait, that's a re-rollable unmodifiable 4+ save and -3 to hit in combat. Repeat and Rinse. 
    Oh, remind myself that Soul Force Sacrifice exists. And realmscape rules... 

    Game Round 2:  Border War in the Realm of Chamon

    Game Plan:  Similarly to previous round by moving the Lord of Change forward to cap one of the middle objective. The Tzaangors and Shaman and going to play defence and horrors going to harass with the Lord of Change. Tough battleplan since I don't have the numbers to contest. I'll be a challenge if someone could throw bodies at me to outscore me. Not sure how it will play up and there's a lot of variables here but going to try summon in an Exalted Flamer and Blue Horrors to take their home objective. There are some offensive spells but my available spells are better.

    Game Round 3:  Focal Point in the Realm of Aqshy

    Game Plan:  KILL! MAIM! B-uuurn! Flaming green blue INFERNO tzaangor BLADES! The Lord of Change will spearhead the assault to claim skulls.. uhm .. for Tzeentch! Is it me or all these battleplans require fairly aggressive armies? As always keep up defensive spell and keep the shaman protected. I can't really take the middle point but I can make it costly for them to hold it. So keep the Shaman at home objective, move up the tzaangors with the Lord of Change and the pinks going to contest another objective. A smart opponent probably ignore the Lord of Change and clean up the rest of my army and they'll outscore me. If so, it might be best to throw the Pink horrors into the enemy lines early so that I have enough (blue and yellow) bodies to contest and hopefully wittle them down.   

    Game Round 4:  Starstrike in the Realm of Hysh

    Game Plan:  Have you heard of Banishment? 😎 

    Let's hope there's no Nagash around. My little bird going to have a tough time against the God of Death. 

    It doesn't hurt if I prepare a little bit for my upcoming tourney, I suppose.

  7. Hey all, I’m partaking a local narrative campaign and I finished my first short bit of fluff for it today. Thought I’d share with you all!


    A impossible fortress, at the heart of a crystal labyrinth. A tall, winged creature stared into a book that was open but not yet written. The gaze of the creature so intense, Zicottle watched his master at work. The lord of change was observing actions not yet acted upon play out. His master had been gifted the art of foresight by the eternal schemer, the daemon hoped one day by good service he would receive such gifts. If not, he would have to plan his own scheme and weave his own web of lies which would see him be granted them.



    As the thoughts of Zicottles overthrowing blossomed the book was snapped shut by Dukhin. His gaze turned to Zicottle, his stare revealing his ambitions and schemes. Dukhin almost showed a grin before he spoke “There is a war brewing, the thunder of Azyr has been cast down. The rat things hinder the soul hungry elves and Khornes blood hungry fools swell at the scene of it”. 


    Zicottle replied “Must we intervene, must we change the path of this war?”


    Dukhin waved his rod of sorcery before him, strands of fate like DNA left behind the rods swing. 


    “This is not the way, this is not how it is meant to appear. This must be changed, Zicottle”


    A warpflame roared in Zicottle’s immaterial body, a chance to prove him self as a worthy Herald of Tzeentch. He would do what must be done for his Master and for the architect of fate. He would his summon his legion and muster the tools that had sold there souls to Tzeentch local to the brewing war.


    A new plan sprung to mind in the heralds mind , a new route to ascension and to show his dedication to his lord.

  8. Something a little different this time, we're reaching out of the pestilent pond and talking about the model that literally made me want to play Skaven as an army (Pre AOS even), the dreaded lord of all Verminlords, Skreech the Verminking.

    Royal Introductions

    Skreech is the skaven named character that does a little bit of everything. He has a solid combat profile, he has a toolkit of abilities that let him recieve a small buff of yur choice each turn based on each skaven clan that switches up his utlity, and he's a spellcaster packing the infamous Dreaded Thirteenth Spell. He has a command ability that will be at least slightly useful no matter what type of skaven force you take and he's exceptionally reasonably costed at only 300pts.

    Boons of the Rat-King

    The reason to take Skreech in the old edition was his surprising kill capabilities in close combat and his unleashing the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell to chunck a unit for between 5 and 10 wounds on average. In this edition, said sell now summons free clanrats because I don't know, it wasn't strong enough before or something silly. He also went down in cost and contributes as a spellcaster to deal with the new Endless Spells. He no longer has to be the general to use his command ability, a relief considering he can't take a command trait or artifacts.

    Drawbacks of Monarchy

    I mean, Skreech's only reaal weaknesses are the same as all the other Verminlords. He only has 12 wounds and a 4+ save, which honestly isn't even awful. He can't take traits or artifacts being a named character, but given his comman ability isn't tethered to being the general that doesn't come into play.

    Beseeching the Lord

    Taking Skreech is a no brainer if you've made the call to not use Thanquol and Boneripper (don't use both, it's cool but its 700pts). The real dream however is not taking Skreech, taking a Screaming Bell and summoning him for free, then instantly using the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell to kill a bunch of enemy troops and throw down a line of Clanrats in front of Skreech to cover him from a charge. Mixed Skaven can awlays find a home for the Lord Skreech, do so often and without hesitation.


  9. AKING
    Latest Entry

    Welcome back!

    Here's the newest addition to Halfling force! He is as swift and furious as a gryphhound, and makes up for his size with unparalleled bravery and cockiness! Meet Sparkles the rooster!


    Sparkles will be attending local Coalescence event, along with Halfling Free Peoples army and a Steam Tank. Expect coverage of that event soon after!

    That's it for today! 

    Hope you like what I've got,

    Until next time!

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    So here's  a little Battleplan I devised for AOS Skirmish designed to be quick, fast, fun and to introduce people to AOS. It's all about a hint of narrative and I would encourage people to tell the story themselves. It involves a Witch Hunter, Marius Dire, and his retinue (Marius' et bird, an Aelf and a certain Stormcast Eternal (before she was famous) seeking to stop the nefarious activities of a Necromancer.


    Marius peered through the snowstorm as if he could stare it into submission. His cloak whipped around his frame in the howling gale and his companions huddled around the pitiful fire they had managed to light in the small shelter offered by the cave.

    His prey was near. He was sure of it. They must strike now to interrupt whatever dark purpose the necromancer intended.


    Place an objective in the centre of the board.

    Place the Necromancer in contact with the objective and then place 10 Skeletons anywhere within 9” of the Necromancer.

    The Order Heroes may be set up anywhere that is at least 12” away from any enemy model.

    Special Rules

    The elements themselves abhor the work of the Necromancer and rage against his will.

    At the start of each turn the player with priority roll a D6 and applies the result below:

    1. The snow fell fast...No model may run or move further than 4” in the Movement phase in this Round.

    2. And the wind blew wild...Subtract 1 from all rolls to hit with Shooting weapons this Round.

    3. “Hailstones you say? More like hailboulders”...Roll a D6 for every model in your force. On a Roll of a 1 it suffers a Mortal Wound.

    4-5. A brief respite...The skies are momentarily clear. No special effects apply.

    6. Until the bitter end...All models add 1 to their to hit and wound rolls this Round.


    The forces of Order win if they can kill the Necromancer before the end of the 5th Round.

    The forces of Death win if the Necromancer is alive and in contact with the objective at the end of the 5th Round or if all of the forces or Order are killed.

    The (homemade) warscrolls are attached.


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    More of my painted azgorh force20180616_151251.jpg.8c23bb7a7ff8f16873791781434148e2.jpg20180616_151203.jpg.42e4bbca8edf7e7d34516bd41b1bb14a.jpg20180616_150655.jpg.7b462ede8bb780cfc85ea1ac23d2e9b7.jpg

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    The North Island Convention, or NICon, was held this year in Napier, New Zealand. For many players NICon was the last tournament they would play in using the General's Handbook 2017 edition, and with the tournament organizer looking for a good narrative theme with unconventional battleplans most players took lists very different to what they would normally run. The battleplans were constructed by using the Open War cards Games Workshop produced earlier in the year, and they made for some very interesting matches with armies usually not favorable in the matchup prevailing over their opponents.


    • 1st Place - Fraser, Maggotkin of Nurgle
    • 2nd Place - Matt B, Legion of Blood
    • 3rd Place - Jesse, Clan Skryre
    • Best Painted - Matt W, Destruction Grand Alliance
    • Most Kill Points - Matt B, Legion of Blood
    • Best Sportsmanship - Lee, Sylvaneth

    Fraser came out ahead with his Maggotkin of Nurgle list, winning 5 out of 5 games. Matt came in close behind with his extremely elite death army (only 19 models) after killing almost every enemy army he faced completely, and Jesse following up in third with Clan Skryre and the iconic Gautfyre Skorch list. Best Painted was won by Matt W, recieving every single available vote except his own, a class act. Lee topped the Sportsmanship votes, while still managing to finish in the top half of the field defying the best sports pattern.

    The tournament was considered an overwhelming success for the community, particularly because while it was situated in Napier (3 hours drive from the capital city) and not a single Age of Sigmar player was based there, we still had a solid field with everyone that could making the trip. Everyone put in and got a place to say in nearby Havelock North so we had the whole field of players drinking till around 2am on the Saturday night of the weekend which made for an awesome tournament. The majrity of the players who competed in this event will be attending the Call to Arms tournament in the first weekend of August so it will be interesting to see how things go and where everyone finishes up.

    Full Tournament Results

    • 1st - Fraser, Maggotkin of Nurgle
    • 2nd - Matt B, Legion of Blood
    • 3rd - Jesse, Clan Skryre
    • 4th - Lee, Sylvaneth
    • 5th - Aiden, Clan Pestilens
    • 6th - Shaun T - Khorne
    • 7th - Brendan, Sylvaneth
    • 8th - Cameron, Seraphon
    • 9th - Shaun B, Stormcast Eternals
    • 10th - Nick, Ironjawz
    • 11th - Matt W, Destruction Grand Alliance
    • 12th - Seth, Destruction Grand Alliance



    Aiden - Clan Pestilens.pdf

    Brendan - Sylvaneth.pdf

    Cameron - Seraphon.pdf

    Fraser - Nurgle.pdf

    Jesse - Clan Skryre.pdf

    Lee - Sylvaneth.pdf

    Shaun T - Khorne.pdf

    Shaun B - Stormcast Eternals.pdf

    Matt W - Destruction.pdf

    Nick - Ironjawz.pdf

    Seth - Destruction.pdf

    Matt B - Legion of Blood.pdf

  10. Underwater scenery piece

    WP_20180524_21_03_51_Pro (2).jpg

  11. Been a while since I posted a blog entry, but nows a good time with the conclusion of AoS 1.0 rapidly approaching.

    For last 9 or so months, I have been rocking my Free Peoples army. AoS so far for me, has been about doing armies that I didn't get around to doing in older editions of Warhammer. First was my Chaos Undivided army, and after being a little frustrated about lack of shooting with that, next on the bucket list was the Free Peoples.

    I've dabbled with Humans before, back in 7th edition I started a small Empire army as well as a decent sized Dogs of War army, some of the models have even made it into my army today. So I definitely like the idea of your regular old humans standing together to fight against the horrors of the world (Whether for Sigmar or for gold and glory!).


    In total, to date I've painted up 2060 points of Free Peoples as well as 980 points of allies. So I've got a somewhat rounded collection, which has meant in the 3 tournaments I've played my Free Peoples I've played a different list each time. Each one slightly stronger than the last in my opinion.

    With my last AoS 1.0 tournament now behind me, and likely those games being the last under AoS 1.0, I thought now would be a good time to talk about the state of Free Peoples under AoS 1.0, as well as perhaps some initial thoughts about the future.


    In general I think Free Peoples lists tend to boil down into 2 types. The first is the mega company, a list that centres around a singular great company that tends to be maxxed out. This usually runs the Luminark to further protect the investment into those units. This in my opinion, is likely the stronger list as it tends to focus on the 3 best units in the Freeguild and once in the right place, you tend to have 3 units close by that you can use Hold the Line on.

    However, I have run instead a Double Company list. This list tends to have 2 smaller great companies, although my latest iteration had 1 larger one and 1 smaller one. This IMO allows me to spread out a bit more as I have more drops in my army. I've also bolstered my list with a smattering of allies, including a Hellstorm Rocket Battery, a Battlemage and a Knight Azyros.


    My Badgacon army, the last AoS 1.0 games played

    So for the most part, I'll talk to my experiences with the lists I've been running but also extrapolating that to Free Peoples as a whole.

    In a sort of TLDR, I'll say upfront that I think Free Peoples are at current, a purely Tier 2 list that while having some strong components, just has too many weaknesses and not enough options in particular areas to edge their way into Tier 1 (Not even talking about the S Tier armies that sit at the top of the meta). So let's just talk through some components of the army and why they're strong or not strong, and how it impacts the army as a whole.

    Freeguild General on Griffon - These guys are super good. I think the best armies have 2 of these in. It's super hard to squeeze in a 3rd one, but if you could, I think you would. They basically fulfil the role of both mobile tank and mobile damage due to being able to take a great weapon as well as a shield. This gives the only rend -2 in the army, and due to lack of mortal wounds available it makes these guys super important.


    MVP of the Free Peoples?

    Freeguild Guard  - Swordsmen rock. Combined with the current Indomitable, big units of Swordsmen are just super hard to lodge. I haven't had any experience with the others, but at a guess I'd say Halberdiers are probably alright as well. In general the Swordsmen see the most use because the damage in the army is more efficient coming from the other places, so it kinda edges out stuff like Halberdiers and Spearmen.

    Freeguild General, Handgunners, Crossbowmen - These guys are basically 'the thing' that makes Free Peoples semi competitive. Handgunners and Crossbowmen (assuming they're out of combat) basically double dip with the Freeguild Generals Hold the Line. Not only do you get the +1/+1, but the disadvantage of not moving is actually and advantage as these guys get to add +1 to hit or double tap. Combined with the Great Company rules of an additional shooting phase, the whole army really promotes using these guys to the most effectiveness.

    But I would also argue, it's one of the armies largest weaknesses as well. The best part of our army is basically the only part of the army that works at a top tier level, and it promotes such a static style of play (Commonly known as the "Free Peoples Gunline"). The issue is that being static is a huge disadvantage in AoS. Especially since we have almost no battalions, we can't dictate the pace of the game by deciding who goes first or second.

    A common occurence I've had when playing is I outdrop my opponents, but I'm given the first turn. This puts me in a super awkward position, do I move all my shooters up (losing my Crossbowmen double tap bonus) so I can get into a better position? or do I sit back and buff up, but then I'm not able to get myself onto objectives. The 2nd turn priority ends up being one of the biggest priority rolls in the game no matter what you do.

    In some ways, it's why recently I've been thinking that Crossbows may not actually be the way forwards. Because Crossbows basically have to be immobile to get their 2x shots, while Handgunners are able to move and still take advantage of their large unit size bonus (even if they're in combat as well!).

    Demigryphs, Outriders and Pistoliers - These guys just don't do their roles efficiently enough at the moment.  This doubles up with the fact our best synergy basically says "Stay still and get better!" and these guys are like "I want to run around a lot and make use of my high movement!". It's super sad to see Outriders and Pistoliers not get a price drop for AoS 2.0. Demigryphs I think just have the stigma attached that they used to be super good cavalry in prior editions, and now they rubber lance more often than not. I think at their new price point, if people can get over them and ignore their hitting, they might make useful mobile tanks.

    The Allegiance Abilities - The allegiance abilities in my opinion, are the biggest Free Peoples blessing and curse. It's a blessing because it's quite a strong ability for our shooting units. Ultimately, a free shooting phase where you know your stuff is going to be in range.

    However, I think it's the ultimate curse of the army as well. I would much rather that the Great Company rule was a warscroll battalion and we had another battle trait instead. The main reason is, it basically forces you to build your army in a static gunline way.

    The ability to charge as if it was the charge phase, just doesn't tend to be a very powerful ability in a game where players alternate activation of units in the combat phase. In prior editions, it was super useful to get a flank charge or have a chaff unit take the charge with your heavy hitter coming in swinging. It's just not as useful as an ability in Age of Sigmar in the same way that flank charging isn't necessarily as strong anymore either.

    So ultimately, the free shooting phase you can get, coupled with the efficiency of our shooting units and the hold the line ability promotes building a great company with a swordsmen frontline backed up by 2 shooting units. This basically promotes building the core of the army around at least a single great company. Which ultimately means a core portion of your army is encouraged to be immobile and a static gunline.

    And if you're not using the battle trait, there's not really much of a reason to be playing a Free Peoples allegiance over generic Order.


    Midway through the game... and the army has barely moved

    Just to finish up the summary of the army. One thing I will specifically say about the double company, and in particular my version is that I tend to have a weaker flank and a stronger flank. Double company encourages you to split your deployment into 2 because you want to keep your great company units nearby each other. What this means is if one flank crumbles, it tends to be hard to reclaim it because the army doesn't have enough mobility in it.


    The Future

    Now that AoS 2.0 is coming up, and some things have been leaked, here's some early thoughts on the army.

    I think sadly the army has only gotten weaker in AoS 2.0. None of the rule changes in particular benefit Free Peoples that much (or no more than any other army in the game). The army received some fairly minor points decreases on Demigryphs and Greatswords. To top it all off, the allegiance abilities are definitely nerfed in trying to prevent tailing back units to gain benefits (Something I certainly agree with, but makes them harder to use for sure).


    Overall, does the future look bleak? I don't think it really looks any different than before, a middle table army that dreams of glory days of a united Empire.

    I would love to see (Although, that ship has sailed in GHB2018 at least) a way to combine Collegiate Arcane and Ironweld Arsenal beyond the 400 points of allies while still keeping the Free Peoples allegiance abilities. I think a bit part of the reason why the army 'builds itself' currently is that the army basically boils down to a few different ways to do the same thing (output a bunch of low rend attacks). So of course, you choose the best tool for the job. 

    If there were more options available (Builds a more magic centric human army, build a more artillery focussed army, build a classic board and sword army, build a mobile army with stormcast allies) I think the army would certainly feel a lot fresher and interesting to collect.

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    _ Cleophus…


    His name sounded like thunder, but hushed and deep like a distant rumble of an incoming storm over the horizon. As his consciousness sought any kind of coherence, he remembered pain. Excruciating pain. Razor-edged metal coming down like a violent storm, each drop like a blade lacerating his flesh to the bones. And from each wound, rays of light found their way out, so many that even Gods would have to steer their eyes from.


    He remembered the light spreading out across realities in all directions, crossing dimensions and ethereal gateways, traveling far beyond reason and understanding. One could only imagine how vast eternity could be, but in an instant he felt every corner of this unfathomable place as he could touch them all with the tip of his fingers. He sensed only Aether around him. Nothing seemed to describe where he was, yet nothing described it so well. And for this was a place where time was no longer, he couldn't tell if it all happened in a split of a second or if it took eons to begin.


    This new place offered an endlessness of possibilities. He only had to choose and fate would be manifested. But one stood out from all as inevitable. He remembered no resistance while being drawn from the stasis he was in. And like a river that becomes a waterfall, all energy spread out in this expanse slowly converged and fell through a dark chasm on reality. 


    He could feel this energy force intertwining with his own and remembered experiencing lifetimes of different emotions, as if hundreds of thousands shared time and space with him. But as much diverse these feelings felt, they were taken over by the same dreadful and agonizing sensation as they were all drained into nothingness.


    _ Cleophus…


    This time he heard his name as a striking sound waved through silence, making every suspended particle oscillate. This inviting pulse echoed from the opposite side of oblivion, shaking the core of the expanse and everything in it. He hesitated for a new possibility presented itself, bringing with it a proposal of glorious life and honorable fate. Each pulse that followed reminded him of embedded atributes that once made him whole. Devotion. Duty. Sacrifice. He ceased moving. All of a sudden, a booming pulse, stronger than any other before, dissipated all doubt that remained as he finally joined the others following the rhythm of this holy parade.


    As they marched across the Aether, he felt a sudden pull preventing him to continue. The river must run its course. Whatever was the force that came from that void, it was resolute to not let anyone escape. He could sense others trying to resist, but many surrendered and were shredded into pieces. As he felt his essence beginning to shatter, he remembered words, sacred words. He dared to whisper one and immediately the brightest light flashed all around him. The pull ceased for a brief moment while the divine rhythm intensified as he recited word after word, thunder and lightning keeping them all safe as they moved again towards salvation. 


    Eternity gave way to urgency as the chasm turned into a colossal vortex giving a new boost to that ominous force, dragging inside not only the vital energy but the expanse itself. All reality was now crumbling and large pieces of this dreamlike landscape were sucked into oblivion. The pulse then hastened as if it was possible to avert this catastrophe  In the middle of this chaos he felt twisted, distorted. Nevertheless he kept chanting along with the divine drumming, trying to help the only thing he could recognize inside this madness.


    But then, darkness overwhelmed it all.


    His voice gave up as the last word came out as a gasp. Then his mind surrendered to unwilling thoughts - "Who am I to deny nature? Everything must pass. Life is brief and Death… Death is certain". But as his spirit was about to do the same, a final clang stroke him so hard that it became impossible for him not to yield to the will of the true God-King…




    He woke up in a somber room. Four monolithic columns were spread out in front of a massive closed door. Their capitals adorned with dragons fighting monsters on landscapes of ages untold. Their dark blue marbles were covered by thin golden veins in a wavelike pattern that reflected Sigendil's light that was coming in from a partially opened window next to the bed. It had handles in form of hammers and frames embellished with celestial motifs. aHe felt the cold breeze coming from it as it touched his skin and noticed he was not wearing his armor nor his Mortis Helm. It was an awkward feeling not wearing it, for these many years his helm became part of him and what he represented. He then felt uncomfortable, like he didn't belong, and despite the luxury of the room and comfort of the bed, all he desired was to return to the mountains.


    A knock on the door and his name was called again. "Come in", said the priest.


    Cleophus. Glad to see you again, my friend". He knew this voice. It was earnest and severe as one of the most disciplinarian Lord-Castellants should be in these dark days. But it was also serene in a way that could turn foes into friends and calm the most enraged of the hearts.  "Titus. Where are we? What happened?", asked Cleophus.


    "We are back in Azyrheim", said Lord Titus, "And you were… reforged."


    The word struck Cleophus like the sharpest blade. He took a deep breath and reached his mind for memories, anything lost would be a sign that part of his soul was missing. "I can't remember what happened! Titus, I can't…"


    "Calm down. It'll come to you. Pray for Sigmar all-mighty, for he'll protect and preserve". The Castellant has seen it happen before with other brothers in arms. He came closer to Cleophus, bringing a small satchel and a wineskin filled with a dark brandy wine brought by the Duardins of Barak-Th'uum. "Drink it", said Titus while opening the window. The Castellant could see the Sigendil star perfectly aligned with the Golden Palace of Sigmaron that towered over the city, a breathtaking sight for all of those who were not part of a barbarian host of Astral Templars. "I miss the mountains too, my friend".


    Cleophus took a sip of the brandy wine. It tasted good and strong. Then came a long and steady gulp. He let the drink flow and cover every inch of his tongue before swallowing, looking for answers on that bitter sweat drink. He raised his hand, placing it ponderously over his bald head, then proceeded to slowly move it from forehead to nape and back again, reciting in whispers each mystic word tattooed on it. With the tip of his fingers he could feel the bumps of an unrefined twin-tailed comet tattoo that went from his right temple to the back of his ear. He missed his Mortis helm more than ever.   


    A spark of an image came to his mind.


    A strange symmetric mark carved in a dark purple skin chest. But it was not a scar like any other, it was evil in its form and concept, a distinct shape that he knew so well. Khorne. The image became clearer and he could now fell a pungent stench that made his arm hair raise. He could see a wide muscled torso, then long arms with protuberant bones and hands that carry long and dangerous claws that could tear a man apart. Cleophus' hand swept the newly formed sweat from his head making it drip on the floor. The sound of each drop was unusually loud. Like steps, heavy steps. Every second that passed made them louder. And faster. Khorne. This imaginary beast started to advance in such pace, impossible to any creature that size. And it was coming right at him. He froze, unable to move...  "SIGMAAAAAAR!!!!


    As the enemy advanced into the Stormcast positions, all Liberators locked shields. There were still no Judicators, as their paint hasn't dried yet, but even so Lord-Castellant Titus knew there was no point in moving forward. The land was barren and covered by gray sand, a vast desert with no vegetation in sight. They could only see a small tower placed right on the center of the battlefield. He prepared a defensive formation with fifteen Liberators divided into three units. Bound to his master, Nestor was by Lord Titus' side, checking for any sign of threat around them, physical or ethereal. The Stormcast Eternal officer knew there was not enough men. He needed more points to achieve the unachievable.


    Like a comet coming down from the heavens, help came from another Realm. Crossing through a mystical gate that linked both tables, a Lord-Celestant from the Hallowed Knights arrived swiftly riding his Dracoth to join the Astral Templars. "Lord Titus, I see you have quite an assignment here today", said the newly arrived champion. "Yes, indeed", replied the Astral Templar grateful to have a skilled ally on his side. “Lead us to victory, Lord-Celestant!" The Castellant learned the ways of proper manners when a fellow Stormcast outside the barbarian Astral Templars was present and knew all about hierarchy, even though his wild nature was bound to his soul like the trophy bones were chained to his belt. Furthermore, this would be his first game ever.


    “I'm sure you are capable of this task, Lord-Castellant", shouted the Hallowed Knight patting his dracoth's head. "But I'll assist you with anything you need. For now, let me cover the left flank for you!" He rode his dracoth and found a place amongst the Liberators near a big fissure on the ground, with a slab of rusty metal over it like a bridge. A dark crimson liquid flowed at the bottom, it resembled blood but more viscous like thick oil, with bubbles popping every now and then liberating the most nauseating odor.


    Meanwhile, Cleophus rose from the ground and found himself between two units of Liberators. He felt the weight of his helm and touched it with his fingers. He noticed he was wearing his old gauntlets. "How am I in full armour?”, he wondered. His gauntlets had the bones of an Necromancer attached to them, an old friend turned into foe during the time of malign prophecies. He looked around and wondered if this was a dream. Or perhaps a memory. Was he in Azyr or on a battlefield in a unknown Realm? "I can smell the stench of the enemy", he thought. “But memories do not smell. And if I'm here, how can I remember the room…


    His thought was interrupted as the first clash came at the left flank, a unit of Bloodreavers came charging, eager to eat the flesh of those who stood in their way. The mounted Hallowed Knight motivated the Astral Templar infantry to hold the line as the enraged enemy threw their bodies recklessly against their shields. A mad laughter came from behind the throng and a warrior climbed on their backs and threw himself over the Stormcast line. Right before reaching the ground, the Bloodreaver was caught mid air by the jaws of the Dracoth and was savagely mauled to his death, torn apart limb by limb. The Lord-Celestant proceeded to attack, finding his way through the Liberators until reaching the enemy line. He took the life of each adversary on his path and raising his hammer he shouted "For Sigmar”, raising the morale as the Liberators around him cheered enthusiastically while holding the assault.


    At the right flank the enemy general advanced, followed by two strong units of Blood Warriors. Lord Titus knew this could be their weak point. 'Fall back 5 inches! Make an elbow with the other unit!". The Liberators knew what to do and followed his instructions precisely. He knew that if he kept his distance he could first finish the left threat and move all formation to the right before the Lord of Khorne and his men arrived. "All I needed was one unit of well trained archers" and wished The Hand had more time to spend on the Painting Hall.


    Every plan looks good on paper and the Liberators performed the formation retreat perfectly. But at the center, horror came as a Khorgorath was unleashed upon them, managing to find a breach between both shield walls. The creature came charging, unstoppable as a Thundertusk stampede. The center unit had just been held in place by part of the Bloodreavers horde, unable to close the gap. But before this beast could bring carnage into the Stormcast lines, Lord-Relictor Cleophus decided it was enough.


    Blocking the passage of the Khorgorath all by himself, Lord Cleophus held his reliquary staff as the creature charged at him. A crushing blow left the priest with only a wound left, but even so close to death he fought back and stood his ground. "You will not… take my head… foul beast…". Cleophus closed his eyes, the next Hero Phase couldn't come any faster.


    The enemy general reached the right flank quickly. The thirst for blood made the Khorne Hand speed him up, inconsequently charging into the Stormcast shield wall. But this haste move was not secured by his bodyguards, since both units failed miserably their charge rolls. The mighty Lord of Khorne was held in his place by Liberators, and as much damage he could make, he would suffer twice his share. "Lay low the tyraaaaaant!", shouted the Liberator-Prime to his men as they brought down their warhammers over the Champion of Chaos, making his bones break with a deafening sound.


    Lord Cleophus saw an opportunity that he could not miss. Knowing this sacrifice could take him out of the table he held his relic staff tightly and abjuring his healing prayer, the priest brought down a powerful Lightning Storm, taking the life out of Khorne's commander. "Sigmar…" Still holding his staff, the Lord-Relictor got on one knee feeling every muscle and bone ache. Sensing movement next to him, he remembered the Khorgorath. Dice were rolled…


    There was no strength in his arms to defend himself. All he could do was pray. In an instant all would be over. “Was this the way I...?” A powerful BOOM was heard. He was still alive! The Khorgorath fell after a massive blow of a bright silver Grandhammer. Liberator-Prime Alexus Maximus hit the beast right on the jaw, smashing it into pieces. The strike pushed the creature away from the priest and its gigantic body almost fell on top of other Liberators, who cheered their champion as they formed another shield wall closer to the right flank. Alexus reached for the priest's arm and helped him to get up. Cleophus noticed the Liberator-Prime was still carrying Azyrian prayer beads around his forearm. It was a gift he gave Alexus as he was promoted to Prime. Though his entire body ached, he smiled.


    He heard a scream coming from behind the shield wall, an enraged Blood Stoker was charging furiously towards the Alexus' unit after his beast was defeated. Vengeance foamed out of his mouth. With a single command, Alexus' Liberators responded by locking shields and preparing their warhammers. Meanwhile, the right flank was ready to engage one of the Blood Warriors units, but the other was out of reach, still advancing in the priest position. He raised himself and proceeded to chant a new prayer. The fight continued in the left flank. The Hallowed Knight and his beast were wrecking the enemy lines along with the Liberators. Many enemy units fled during battleshock, but the fight was far from over. It was time to consider moving the formation to help the other flank, but they were still far from reaching the center, let alone Lord Cleophus. Watchful as ever, Lord Titus pointed his Warding Lantern at his friend, who now faced a whole unit of Blood Warriors. Alone.


    The brutes engulfed him. Lord Cleophus was exhausted after the Lightning Prayer and still had only a wound left. But again, for the sake of victory and to protect his men, he decided to bring another Lightning Storm into Khorne's men. As they burned from inside, they made their last attack on him, a despicable skill only permitted by a mischievous Khorne warscroll. But the God-King protects those who serve him well and Cleophus miraculously managed to defend himself again and again. As the final blow hits the priest, a lucky save roll result of six healed one of his wound. “Bless you, Titus”, he murmured. But he knew in his heart it was still not enough.


    As the fight went on, Lord Titus shouted orders still pointing the lantern's celestial light to the Lord-Relictor. The enemy was enraged and insistently kept beating the priest. There was a tough decision to be made now. The Astral Templar was surrounded by Blood Warriors and if the Liberators came to help, the Khorne men would definitely unleash their final blows on him. But there was no other way and the Relictor knew it. “So be it”. As predicted, each felled enemy directed the final attacks at Lord Cleophus. The priest defended blow after blow and by Sigmar All-Mighty he rolled four sixes on the dice! None around the battlefield could believe this miracle! Blessed are the dice thrown by the hand of Sigmar, blessed is the one who fights unrestrained for His will!


    But to every miracle that blooms, a treacherous tragedy looms.


    Healed again, the Astral Templar priest kept his ground ferociously. His Relic Hammer circled around him, blazing lightnings from heavens and taking the lives of all who dared face him. But as much as he fought back, there were too many foes to defeat. A strike on his arm made his weapon fell. Another one on his back made his legs tremble and many of the sacred scrolls hanging from his armor were cut in half - ”Cleophus!”


    He kept swinging his reliquary, hitting the enemies and trying to keep them away from him. “Cleophus, get out of there!” Another blow on his shoulder and he could not hold his staff anymore. There were too many battle axes coming down on him like a furious storm, his sigmarite armor barely holding out the attacks. “Cleophus, get up!” All he could see were legs coming back and forth, unable to recognize friend or foe. This war dance made the dust rise from the ground making him cough. Another strike hit him hard on the neck, his Mortis Helm was thrown many feets away. A dark sweet liquid was expelled from his throat as he coughed, collapsing into the ground in midst of an explosion of light. 


    _ “Cleophus”…


    He heard his name once again, closer and soft.


    _ “Cleophus, rise up.”


    The priest was in the room again. He got up and sat on the bed, wet from his own vomit. “Crazy fool, what did you give me to drink?”, he said cleaning his mouth with his forearm, still dizzy from whatever happened to him. The Castellant reached for the wineskin on the ground and drank some of it. “Good, isn't it?” The priest stared at him. “Your new body is not used to this strong wine... yet. And I needed you... unguarded."


    _ “What is this foul smell?” asked Cleophus.


    _ "It's a piece of the Khorgorath's tooth. I took it after the battle.”


    _ "So it really happened. I really died…"


    _ "Yes. And brought back. As Sigmar whilst it. I thought this souvenir would speed up your memory." replied the Castellant - "Memories do not smell… but a smell can bring back memories.", thought the priest.


    _ "You can add it to your trophies", said the Castellant.


    _ "Give it to Alexus", Cleophus replied. "He deserves it more than I do”.


    The Castellant put the tooth back on the satchel and took another sip of the brandy wine. "They are calling you… The Stalwart".


    Cleophus didn't know what to say. Part of him was relieved to be alive again, but the fact that he was reforged still affected him in a way he couldn't explain. He remembered stories about the Excelsis knights during the Solstice, he saw the change in the eyes and hearts of many warriors reforged. Again, he felt uneasy.


    "You are still Cleophus, my friend". The Castellant voice comforted him. Lord Titus was holding the Mortis Helm facing the priest, who reluctantly reached for it. Holding it with both hands, he got up and crossed the room until he reached the window. He looked at the golden city and wondered how many more times he would be back in that room before his emotions got lost forever after many reforgings. He faced his helm again and slowly put it on. He felt whole.


    After a brief moment Titus put a hand on his shoulder. "We are all waiting for you, brother. It is time to head back to the mountains”.








    Hello. My name is Kako and if you reached this far, somehow my text was interesting enough. So… thank you! This is my first post at the Ghurian Chronicles, a tale-report of my Astral Templars.


    But wtf is a tale-report?


    Well, remember that miraculous save roll that kept your hero alive after your opponent's attack? Or that time you were losing but managed to turn the game to a win on the last tournament at your local store? And then you tried to tell your friends on your AoS whatsapp group and it looked… meh? So, I decided to turn my (sometimes) boring battle-reports into short stories!!! I think it would be a cool thing to make them more epic, specially if you read them with Jonathan Keeble's voice!












    This short story is very special because, as it is mentioned, it was really the first time I played a game of Age of Sigmar! A actually played once before, a quick skirmish, but this was the first time I've actually played against an opponent with my army. Well... part of it. I was lacking my Judicators because I hadn't finish their bases… I know… I'm a slow painter. A veeeeery slow painter.


    To complete the 1K points I needed for the games my friend Paulo, who was playing in the other table with his Hallowed Knights, lent me his Lord-Celestant on Dracoth... Hey, relax. Everything was under control. He had a Stardrake on his table... Even though I was completely lost with the rules, this was one of my favorite games ever, mainly because of Lord Cleophus' “return to life” bit, due to the Castellant's Warding Lantern ability (Bless you, Titus!). This was really something unbelievable and the reason that inspired me to write this story.


    When I wrote its first draft and posted it on my instagram (@astraltemplars), at the end I said that Lord Cleophus needed a surname that fitted his actions during the game and one of my followers suggested some, including the epithet “the Stalwart”. I loved it so much and decided to make it canon in this final version of the story - thanks @winningbacon!!!







    Lord-Relictor Cleophus and the Yan Campanella's Korgorath





    I really hope that you enjoyed and I'm looking forward to your feedback! If you feel that something was off, know that English is not my first language so… be gentle! Many more tale-reports and short stories will come and I already have another one almost done, a tale about a Judicator-Prime facing… nah… better not to give any spoiler!


    See you next time!



  12. So I got a bit distracted by Malign Portents muster and managed to paint and collect a small Ironjawz army.








    Now that distraction is out of the way it's back to the Overlords. Here's what's on my desk at the moment.







  13. Gorthor21
    Latest Entry

    I recently ordered a bunch or Orruk boys to add numbers my destruction army which has turned into a Greenskinz force though I’m thinking of adding in some gutbusters leadblechers and an ironblaster.  They are from the 6th edition starter set from way back when I started the hobby.  The nostalgia is real today!




  14. So i finished him!

    I started him halfway through working on my Glottkin, which I worked on entirely by hand, no airbrush. I think with massive models like this, the airbrush saves so much time and more importantly, gives a lot more consitency to the shading than doing it by hand! It's been a struggle with the Glottkin to get the same shading over the whole model, whereas with the GUO, it was done in 15 mins with an airbrush!




  15. TubmasterGeneral
    Latest Entry

    Sooo... That was Faster than I anticipated


    I got a little gung-ho this weekend. With only one day off I decided that I needed to get something done, and set out to try figuring out my army schemes. I think I have done that! 

    It started with Two models I have had forever. An old Vampire Countess model, and the newer (though still before round bases) Wight King. These models are so fantastic, and full of character. The old countess is a Metal model, and in the last few years of playing Infinity, I've learned a lot better how to prep and care for these metal minis. Unfortunately for myself, this was in the dark times. I'd built and painted this countess before I knew about filing, and real trimming, and heck, even before basing and priming, so I had some cleanup to do. I love this model to death, but I'd done a fair bit of damage to it over the years, and as such i knew it'd be the perfect "test model" for the death army. It went pretty well, and I was excited enough to strip my old wight king, and take a stab at him as well, to really nail down the palette before I moved on to skellies, and the mortarchs, and zombie dragon. (this stuff has been a grey tide for far too long) 

    I'm still not certain how I'm going to apply this to the skellies, but I'll be taking a stab at this, over the next week (I hope) on the buttload of mantic skeletons I have, and I'm hoping to perhaps work on the black knights and Hexwraiths and perhaps the spirit hosts over the week. we will see! 

    As for the stormcast, I went gangbusters, and got all of them coated in leadbelcher, washed black, and drybrushed Runfang steel, which will help me bust through a whole bunch of minis faster. I then decided to work on my  Retributors. I went with a sort of jade and cream look, and was inspired by a video I saw a while back to paint thier hammers in marble. I really enjoyed this effect and will certainly be continuing it throughout the army!

    now for the pictures! please excuse the phone camera pics, I'm pretty sure they aren't great, but they'll give somewhat of an idea of what was accomplished! 



    so. next week will be busy. I'll be at my sister's wedding, so I don't know how much time I will have to hobby. hopefully enough to get some more stuff moving! thanks for paying attention, anyone who has, and I'll see you next week!

  16. I finally finished painting my 2k list. Just in time for all the points to change in 2.0😁

    Heres the list:

    1 Enderinmaster

    2 Aether Khrmists

    3x10 Arkanauts

    9 Endrinriggers

    9 Skyeardens

    2 Frigates












  17. This story, not like the other stories was based on a Hinterlands testgame. The Knight Venator wasn't part of that game, but I made up the character here because the game went bad. I can't make the game from perspective of the Lord Celestant because he really died the way in the story do to a doubleturn in turn 2.

    Afterwards thinking, perhaps it would have been better, using a Knight Azyros instead of a Knight Venator because the Azyros doesn't have a Missile Weapon that could shoot every opponent from a distant.

    In the end, this is the mission I mentioned in "Yelena's first mission" and the point why Valten Blazenheart wasn't there.

    But still have fun.


    The first battle of the Blazenhearts


    Lucas flew his circles over the battlefield. It was the first mission of the Blazenhearts and the Knight Venator had agreed to explore the area for Valten Blazenheart from the air. During the briefing in Azyr it turned out that a warband of Khorgos Khuls Goretide was threateningly close to a refugee camp recently discovered by the Hammers of Sigmar. Sigmar had sent Valten Blazenheart along with him and a Thunderhead Brotherhood to the camp near the ruins of the former city of Magmadrom to intercept this group. Valten had instructed his Liberator Prime Beowulf to fortify the camp, but there was a risk that this attachment would not finish on time. For this reason, Valten had gathered a small group. Duncan, a Liberator from Beowulf's retinue, who, like his Prime, used a grandhammer as a weapon, had first reported his support to Lord Celestant. In addition, Jaina and Steve, two Liberators followed the other Liberator followers and Vladimir, a Judicator with his Crossbow.

    They wanted to slow down the advance to give the other more time.

    'Magmadrom must have been an impressive city in the past,' Lucas thought as he looked down at the ruins from the air. The city was crisscrossed with several channels through which a steady stream of lava flowed and as unbelievable as it seemed to areas in Aqshy, there seemed to have been a small forested facility in the city. The chirping of his Stareagles, which Lucas called 'Veronica', brought him out of his thoughts.

    "What did you see, Veronica?" He asked, scanning the area. Near the burned-out ruins of a commercial building he could see the first offshoots of the Bloodbound. Several Blood Warriors and Bloodreavers led by a Slaughterpriest made their way through the severely damaged ruins. "We have to tell the Lord Celestant," he said to Veronica, and made a turn. After a short flight, he could see the turquoise armor of his teammates between the rubble. Lucas dived and landed next to the Lord Celestant, dropping to his knees as he landed.

    "First offshoots of the Bloodbound are approaching," Lucas said, saluting. "The ruins and debris in the area, however, seem to slow them down."

    "Good," replied Valten. "That will give the others more time to fortify the camp. We will encounter them here. Men, take position in this area. Lucas, you will observe from above and if we fail you will fly back to Beowulf"

    "Are you sure I shouldn’t fight by your side, Lord Blazenheart?" Lucas asked, a little worried.

    Valten put his hand on his shoulder and said, "I know this mission is likely to be a suicide mission. Lucas, you are the highest ranking officer next to me. Should we be defeated you should lead the units here until I return. No matter what, do not fight. You have served me well as a scout. "

    "As you wish, Lord Blazenheart," Lucas said, rising again. He had tried to suppress the doubts he had about this task, but he had no intention of resisting the order.

    "Muhahaha, the false god sends us his henchmen!"

    The exclamation had still been deafening loud despite Luca's height. He could see Slaughterpriest and his people spotting Valten.

    "Do you think so?" Valten said quietly. "You have suppressed these lands long enough. We will stop you from continuing to shed the blood more innocently. "

    "Muhahaha, Khorne does not care whose blood flows as long as it flows," said the Slaughterpriest, letting his morning star crash into the nearest wall. "For Khorne, finish them". The Chaos pack tried to reduce the distance as fast as the terrain allowed.

    Valten faced the approaching group and summoned the hammers of his cloak and hurled them at Slaughterpriest. This bent through the impact. His helmet was cracked, revealing a scarred face.

    "Not bad," the slaughterpriest said as he wiped a trail of blood from his mouth that seemed to come from internal injury. "But now speak your last desperate prayer."

    Lucas could hear Slaughterpriest dark talking in a non mortal language.

    Valten Blazenheart writhed, steam seemed to rise from armor.

    "Lord Blazenheart, what is with you?" Duncan asked, approaching Valten.

    "Stay back," Valten said in pain before the body of the Lord Celestant burst in a fountain of boiling blood and his soul rose as blue light past Lucas towards Azyr.

    Lucas was shocked by the scene that had just happened. He was about to reach for his bow, but remembered his orders. The rest of the members were in shock too. "You'll pay for that!" Duncan shouted and ran with towards the Slaughterpriest, while Jaina tried to held off the accompanying Blood Warrior, by blocking the swing of his Goreglaive with her Shield.

    "Good! Your Rage is pleasing my master!" the Slaughterpriest said grinning while swinging his Wrathhammer.

    Meanwhile, Vladimir was in firing range and tried to support Jaina, but his bolts found no weakpoint in the Blood Warriors Armour.

    Duncans Hammer clashed with the Blade of the Slaughterpriest when both arrived in close combat. After dodging a mighty swing of the Wrathhammer, Duncan found a weakspot do to the Slaughterpriests Injuries and kicked Slaughterpriest off his feet with a mighty swing.

    "Wha ...?", the Slaughterpriest shouted surprised, when Duncans smashed his skull.

    "This was for our Lord Celestant", he said before focussed the Blood Warrior fighting with Jaina.

    Incited by the bloodshed, the Blood Warriors and Bloodreavers were not stopped by the loss of their priest and involved the remaining Stormcasts in close combat. 

    The Bloodreavers started to surround them. Jaina switched her focus to them after Duncan parried the Goreglaive with his Grandhammer. While she was able to kill some of the Bloodreavers, the Blood Warrior rammed Duncan, bringing him out of balance and than ripping his armour with the Goreglaive. Before Jaina could react she was slashed by the Blood Warriors backswing and sent back to Azyr.

    Steve felt stunned when he saw the two blue lights rising to the sky, that he reacted to slow and  fell after receiving several blows from the Meatripper Axes.

    Vladimir was the last one to hold the Bloodreavers, trying to fall back to keep some distance, but this wouldn't last long.

    Lucas hand was itching to intervene, so he could try to save Vladimir's life, but remembered his mission and that he wouldn't do much against this superiority. Lucas turned and flew as fast as his wings allowed back to the camp to deliver the bad news.



  18. Here is another story attempt. At first the story was planned with the Fleetmaster Delayar as protagonist, but I thought the landlady Thalia could be an interesting protagonist (mostly because she can have several customers to interact in her Tavern). It's a try to fit in some official GW stuff into the story as well as some bits of my own creations. (After I mix Frostaelfs, Fyreaelfs and Shadowaelfs in this story I wish I hadn't split the Projects into two.)

    Character Description Thalia


    Thalia is a 158 year old Frostaelf. Like all Frostaelfs, Thalia had a lilac skin and snow-white hair, but unlike most female members of her kind wore a long-skirt dress. She was a Witchaelf officer and a member of the Frozen Serpent Cult. Lastly, at the age of 85, she fought in the so-called Frostaelf Civil War between the cults of Frozen Serpent, the Frost Phoenix, and the Great Lion. There she lost one eye and her left leg in the fight beside her complete unit. Since that time she has been wearing a wood prothesis and an eye patch. Then she quits the service in the military and opened the tavern "Tipsy Snake" in Frost Port, a port city on the edge of the Blizzard Mountains.


    Delayar's Loss



    It was late at night in the Tavern "Tipsy Snake" and Thalia the landlady stood at the wash basin to rinse off some of the glasses that had come back from the guests. On this day, mainly Corsairs of the Fyreaelfen had been here who had land a few days ago in the small port city to sell goods and trapped beasts.

    Meanwhile Fleetmaster Delayar sat alone at the counter.

    Thalia glanced over at him as Delayar tapped his empty shot glass on the table.

    "Another witch's brew, Thalia," he said, slightly mumbling.

    Thalia sighed. "I think you have enough, Captain," she said, looking worried.

    "Do you really want to deny the wish of an old sailor?"

    "I'm not sure if the sea will be your dead or me. But as you wish, "she said, adding another shot glass.

    She had known Delayar for years. He often brought her food and drinks from his travels that were otherwise rare in Ulgu and was one of her more affable repeat customers. However, she had noticed over the years that his alcohol consumption had increased significantly lately.

    "Alcohol makes me forget the pain of losing."

    "Is it still the thing with your leg? You know, I know about this form of loss. "She lifted the hem of her skirt lightly, exposing a wooden prosthesis. "I have not told you the story yet, but I was an officer under Queen Faraine Dragonheart. Satras mother. 70 years ago, we fought a civil war against our own kind. The cult of Frozen Serpent against the cult of the Frost Phoenix and the Great Lion. The losses at that time were enormous until Faraine died with her bodyguard by assassination and her son Satras became king end the war. At that time I lost my leg and one eye and my entire retinue during combat. Since this had limited my fighting skills and I didn’t want to burden the others, I quit the army and opened this tavern."

    "A bad fate," Delayar finally replied. "The loss of the leg still hurts a bit and this blade prosthesis is sometimes a bit strange. But that's not it."

    Thalia looked at him in astonishment. "What is it then?"

    "If you want to know," he replied. "3 days ago we fished 3 of my corsairs out of the sea. They belonged to the crew of 'Swordfish', were completely cold and confused. I heard we lost the ships 'Swordfish' and 'Sea Devil'. About 400 good men, including one of my sons, have died. The survivors stammered something about Aelfen without eyes riding on eels and turtles."

    "Deepkin," Thalia breathed. "I've heard stories from them. Even the Duardin of the Kharadron Overlords various avoid skimming over questionable areas."

    "Damn them!", Delayar yelled and bashing his fist on the counter so all the shot glasses he clinked.

    "Captain!" Thalia shouted in alarm as she caught one of the glasses threatening to fall from the counter just in time.

    "For real! I’m Fleetmaster Delayar. The mentor of the Fyreaelf corsairs. Some Fyreslayer lodges still hold a grudge against me because I dared to hunt Magmadroths. Also some Fyreaelfen nobles would like to see me dead after my people have poached Blaze Lions. I've started a fight with Captain Gorb's Orruk pirates several times, ridden through the Bone Lake, always with Lady Gloriosa's ghost pirates on my neck, and I fought Gutrot Spume's underlings and never had serious losses that they could not fix, and now I lose two Ships and crew by some fish Aelfs? "

    Thalia took a deep breath. "You said yourself, the Fyreslayers against a grudge against you and also Aelfen your own kind are not good to talk to you. Maybe this action is a sign that you should not mess with anyone? "

    Delayar looked at the shot glass in front of him a little stunned.

    Thalia turns back to her harness. She would probably be able to leave work soon, because she did not expect the new guests came.

    After a long break, Delayar said. "You also fought against your own kind."

    Thalia chuckled dryly. "I followed orders and paid my price. Physically as well as mentally. You have made your enemies knowledgeable. "

    When she did not get an answer from Delayar, she turned to face him, saying he had fallen asleep during that time.

    "Well, the last witch brew was probably too much," she said softly to herself.

    The bell on the door rang and Thalia looked over.

    A cloaked figure stood in the doorway.

    "Greetings, Thalia," said the newcomer. "I could have actually thought that the old sea dog is still here. Did you mix something into his drink?"

    "Rohann, what are you doing here at this late hour? I was about to close soon, "she looked down at Delayar and shook her head." No, the last liquor was probably too much."

    Rohann removed the hood. "I do not need anything, thanks. My informants have bad news."

    "The chaos groups of Vincent von Drachenheim? "Thalia asked dryly.

    "Yes, his main force has reached the capital, but several warbands are approaching the city." "How long until they arrive here?"

    "If they maintain the speed, a few days."

    Thalia reached for the shelf and took two shot glasses

    "Thalia?", Rohann asked in astonishment.

    "He's going to the house," Thalia replied, tipping down her shot. "After all that I lost, I came here to start my life anew, not wanting to be part of a war anymore."

    "I didn’t mean to unsettle you, Thalia.

    The city is under the protection of the cult of the Frozen Serpent and the Assassin Guilds of the Shadow Aelfs are still there. We will protect the inhabitants", Rohann said smiling and tilted the shot down.

    "Thank you Rohann. Says, can you please me? "

    "What do you want? "Rohann wondered

    "Can you take the old captain to one of the rooms?" She asked, trying to put on a seductive smile. "I would do it myself, but with my wooden prosthesis it is hardly possible. Should he pay his bill tomorrow?"

    Rohann grinned. "Because it's you."