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  1. Took a bit of a break from... well... everything but now that Im back I set to work trying to work over a paint theme for my kurnoth hunters.


    Really wanted to set this mini apart from the others. He has been the last man standing in several battles. In 3 different battles he has killed the general.

    Once as he was the last man on a hill he launched an arrow through some trees killing the general.

    Second time he was also the last man standing on a hill when he got charged by a Freeguild General with a -3 great weapon. He withstood most of the wounds and was left with one. He brought the general down to 1 as well. Then using the stomp ability smashed him in the face killing him.



    Fh8wQHn - Imgur.jpg

    mszd5CG - Imgur.jpg

    zqd4JUe - Imgur.jpg

  2. As someone mentioned in my last entry, I need to learn how to use photo bucket or something similar once I get a little more free time and some actual models painted instead of the mess that is my hobby room/bedroom.  But I wanted to sit down and make a list of goals and rules I hope to accomplish and follow to make a real change in my hobby attitude.

    1.  Get rid of all Warhammer 40,000 modles, aside from a few unique exceptions.  I have not played 40k since 3rd edition and truly have no love for the game.  

    2. Down size armies from Warhammer Fantasy  models I am never going to use. i.e. What am I going to do with 300 clan rats, 200 night goblins with spears, 100 chaos warriors, 100 skinks with short bows (can't even use short bows anymore) etc. I have been playing and collecting for over 20 years so the list goes on and on. 

    3. Do not buy any new models, unless said models are purchased with money gained from rules 1 or 2.

    4. Paint, paint, paint! I will attempt to put in at least a single hour in every night.  If I miss, I will make it up.

    5. Explore new avenues in the hobby.  By this I mean to try out different lines of paint.  I have been using GW paints exclusively this entire time.  I also need to branch away from doing every base with cork.  I would like to use up an extensive bit box with conversions.  I want to become better at using green stuff.  And lastly, break out that airbrush I have had buried in the closet for I don't how long.

    6. I want to get back into the local scene and play some games.  I have been absent since AoS came out and need to play more.  Working 60+ hours a week doesn't help but if I can play D&D once every 2 weeks I should be able to do the same with AoS.

    7.  When possible I would like to keep bases either 1", 2", 3", 4", etc. circles to use in both AoS and D&D.  More bang for the buck so to speak.

    For now I feel this sets some firm guidelines that I can adhere to.  Soon I will post pictures of my progress.  There is no rhyme or reason to my line up and I am the kind of painter who needs to work on multiple projects at once.  So upcoming I have 3 dragon ogres, Greasus Goldtooth, 20 Blood Reavers, an Aspiring Deathbringer, 10 Savage Orcs, and a Ral Partha Great Bear that I want to get painted.  


  3. The first delivery of models arrived and everything is now built and some of it primed. 32 Dryads, 3 Kurnoth Hunters, 1 Branchwych and 1 Treeman Ancient.
     The dryads was fairly easy to assemble and the last 4 went from sprue to base in 23 minutes. I timed it. The Treeman was a lot of fun to build and it was nice to just build it according to the instructions. The biggest hassle have been the Kurnoths. Magnetizing options for scythes and bows meant a lot of drilling and a lot of magnets. If anyone is thinking about it pay extra attention to the second hunter as he shares his upper arm between the two weapon options where as the other two have different arm sets entirely. So all magnets goes in the shoulder joint except one where it has to be at the elbow. Live and learn ey?

    Oh, and check the polarity before you glue people! Always!

    Pictures! In the end you will see two test color schemes that I did, the goal is something that looks like GoT Wierwood Sylvaneth. And to a decent gaming standard, quick and efficient, they have to be ready the last of september! C&C are always welcome.





  4. To start the campaign, I have chosen Order Free People and therefore chose my war band from these Path to Glory tables. Below is the beginning of my story in the campaign. The story of Règgio and The Wolves of Ghur.




    It had been a year or so since the war to defend the city of Greywater Fastness , the war which had seen the death of the King of Bretonni and ruler of House Houghton. The kingdoms were in ruin, the Kings only son Paladin Hènry was also killed in the finally days pushing away an insurance of Khorne Daemons from the edges of the city of Carcassonne leaving no true heir to the throne other than the Black Knight who was still missing from a time long before these cities of Order had sprung up.




    A new King was needed to unite the people once again, stories were being told of the location of the Black Knight, one who could lead the Kingdom to prosperity once again. The time had come to find him and crown him and his house once again.


    In the depths of the Forests surrounding Cartha, Règgio stood around a camp with a few of his trusted men by his side. He was one who did not belong to a house, like his brothers in arms. They were nomads wandering the Realms in search of something greater. He like a few others had been blessed with sipping from the Grail, but instead of returning home to lead with the countrymen, their quest was to search the Realms for clues of their past. They had heard tales of a powerful substance that allowed the bearer to whatever information they wanted to know. It was only known as 'Dark Crystals', their location, scattered in every part of every Realm. 


    This is where we are now. Many aspiring champions, lords, questers and the likes had heard of the same, but each had heard of its powers being used for different things. An aspiring Deathbringer from Aqshy had heard the power of The Dark Crystals  could be used to ascend him straight to daemonhood. A Nomad Prince from Ghyran heard the Crystals power could be used to bring their forest King Orion back from the void. A Doomseeker Fyreslayer heard that if you crack open a crystal, Ur-Gold will forever pour out from it. A Beastclaw Hunter had heard, the crystals have the power to banish the winter forever. They couldn't all be right? Could they. 


    The search for the crystals had begun, the Age of Realm Hoppers was here.


    Règgio O'ùghton and The Wolves of Ghur


    Règgio, the Nomad Lord, Leader of the war band. His search for the Dark Crystals has started in the realm he and his people

    are most familiar with, Ghur. he once belonged to House Houghton, he was a nephew of the late King. He begun his

    quest for the Grail before the great war, a great story in itself. But now his search for information has brought

    him down this path. He must gain followers for the road ahead is long. 



    The Paladin of Cartha, a noble prince of the grail, entrusted with holding aloft the banner of the lady. Règgio's brother in blood, Franc.




    His Men at Arms, previous followers of House Hulks will follow Règgio to the end. Trusted militia 

     armed with Long Pikes and Shields.



    Règgio's fellow Grail Knights, the same that left all those years ago on the same questing campaigns. They will

    never leave their Lords side and will fight to the death in honour of the Lady.




    The Knights of the Realm, all champions in their own right, fought for their Kingdom in the Season of War.

    The saw Règgio on the battlefields, they saw the passion in his eyes and blessings of the lady in his every swing

    of blade. From that moment they vowed to follow Règgio to the end,



    Nomads of the Forests of Cartha, the Pegasus Knights joined the Lord to find the blessing of the lady in the own right.


    And so the first quest has begun, they will travel to the Verdigris Plains in Chamon as this is where it is told the power of the crystals focuses.



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    Here is my Harbinger well dismounted since his mount which is a palanquin of Nurgle  I kinda misplaced somehwere and can't find it which sucks. The Palanquin is done so it can be used for a multitude of my other Nurgle minis I have both 40k and AOS so the Harbinger can just fit in it quite easily (as I originally made it for a 40k Sorcerer)


    He was made using a Chaos Sorcerer Lord with a head swap from the Blight King set (also where the shield on his back came from too) Has a Plague Bearer sword and Scythe which I nicked from a Cairn Wraith

    IMG_1808 (1).JPG



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    So the gf is assembling some Skaven from an old Island of Blood set to try out AoS. 

    Thought I'd whip some paint on the characters to help her get started. 

    This one is a bit sloppy but speed was the goal :) 

    I also found a neat little surprise in a box. Something I forgot I had. Pics of that soon... ;)


  5. Another friendly multiplayer day. This time it was three of us playing - Stormcast, Tzeentch and Nurgle. We used the Triumph and Treachery  rules for the first time. Battleplan was holding the centre of the board - blood and glory, I think. 

    We played without battleline restrictions.

    Here are some photos from the day. Next time I'll make notes and write a full battle report.








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    G'day guys

    After having struggled to find any time to paint during the second part of this week I finally found some around Sunday afternoon.  So I decided I would try something that I had never managed before. To paint a miniature in one sitting. 

    Originally I had planned on painting my unit of Decimators next but having seen Lohke's awesome Darkoath Chieftain I was inspired to paint up my own Silver Tower model. The Knight-Questor.

    The model is great fun to paint. Enjoyed it even though I got carried away whilst building him and forgot to paint him in sub-assemblies. So the decision to leave the inside of the cloak white wasn't purely aesthetical. 


    Since I was restricted to poor lighting and my phone camera the other pictures I took of the back were blurry I discovered once back at my PC so decided against uploading those. The cloak is red though just like the leather straps. Kept the inside of it white, felt like a bit too much red if I hadn't.

    Still undecided about the bases but I made a new test one and it turned out alright I think. Might actually get to finish all the bases soon enough.

    Anyway, that's about it really. Hopefully I'll have some more time to paint this upcoming week. Looking forward to having a unit of Decimators on the table.

    Until next time,





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    Since my first post I have been able to finish the bases on my next set of models. These Liberators have been done for a while but required a bit of sprucing up with another layer of Liberator Gold and a their bases painted. This unit of Liberators are led by a Prime named Sulla that has held the line admirably in several key battles. Get them in cover holding objectives and they can be hard as nails. Not very deadly but a good line unit. When I get my next unit of liberators, Grand hammers will be in this unit's future,  






    To help out the Fists Obsidian and provide sage advice to the Lord Celestant, they are accompanied by Cato, a grumpy and old fashioned wizard of the Collegiate Arcane. He is miffed because for the time being he has had to leave his Hurricanum in Azyrheim. (It will a while before he won't have to walk anywhere).  



    Yesterday, my friends, my girlfriend and I went down to our local shops and played several games from the Generals Handbook. Each of us taking a hero and a unit to try and capture a central objective, and cause the most kills. I took my Lord Celestant on Dracoth (Overkill I know but as he was newly painted and untested in battle since being finished an exception was made) and a unit of 5 Judicators (To be posted sometime in September). Arrayed against me were a force of High Elves (A Prince with Bow and a unit of ten swordsmasters) , another force of High Elves ( A prince with blade and a unit of 5 Silver Helms) and a force of chaos (A Bloodsecrator leading a unit of ten Chaos warriors with two hand weapons.) 

    It was the first time I had used Judicators and I am definitely a fan. The battle was close and ended with Chaos and High Elves (Force 2) struggling for the objective and the failed charge by my Judicators and poor showing or my general leaving me out of the running for the Win. What was even better was it was only the High Elf player's second game and she stung us on both objectives by tactically retreating her Silver Helms to the Objective just in the nick of time. Her prince also lanced his way through a unit to Chaos warriors and his enchanted shield kept him from being overwhelmed. It was awesome that someone so new to the game could enjoy it with our group and even come out on top. 

    The second game was unfortunately cut short due to the store closing but ended in a victory for Chaos, Man Flamers of Tzeench are scary. Wiping out entire units with their damaging shots and mortal wounds...

    Anyway thanks for listening to my ramble and I'll have another blog post up shortly. Cheers! 








  6. Thank you all for the emails requesting information, it's ace to see so many of you wanting to work for Games Workshop.

    Can I just ask you, if you are applying directly through the website, could you quote #TGA in your application? So I know where you came from :)



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    When the Tales of Gamer was first introduced  I jumped straight in. I knew that I was going to build a Sylvaneth army.

    I had just picked up some Ironjaws and had started getting into AOS. But the annunciation of the Sylvaneth made my go and leave the Ironjaws for later.

    My goal is to have 1000 GH point worth of models finished by the end of the year. Hopefully I will also have played in a Path to Glory campaign and participated in an upcoming tournament.

    But first here is my great cunning plan:


    Tree-Revenants 22.5 £  

    Branchwych 14 £

    Total 36.5 £


    Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient 25  £

    Sylvaneth Dryads 25  £

    Total 50


    Kurnoth Hunters 35 £  

    Kurnoth Hunters 35 £

    Total 70 £


    Sylvaneth Dryads 25 £


    Durthu 25 £


    Catch up.

    Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £


    Basing and Flocking

    Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £

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    Had my first game with the Fyreslayers last night. I had them combined with my Stormcast for a 2000 point game against a lot of Skaven, 213 wounds of Skaven. I knew I could not win as it was the scenario in the Generals Handbook where the more models you have near an objective you capture it. His units were huge. Did that stop the forces of Order? Nope! I may not have won on points but I did slay a lot of Skaven!

    My List;

    Auric Runefather on Magmadroth (320)
    Grimwrath Berzerker (100)
    Auric Runesmiter (100)
    Lord Castellant (100)

    Auric Hearthguard x 15 (300)
    Vulkite Berzerkers x 20 (320)
    Paladin Retributors x 10 (440)
    Judicators x 5 (160)
    Judicators x 5 (160)

    Total: 2000/2000

    So I cant remember what happended in each turn but it was very informative. The Runefather with a combined effort of some Hearth Guard wiped out 40 Plague Monks (Battle shock helped too :)).

    I was amazed at the Runefather the D6 Mortal Wounds breath the blood and the tail along with the Hearthguard shooting was immense combined with his own melee and the Magmadroths melee. I look forward to unleashing him again!

    Hearthguard were great. Especially when they were charged by Clan Rats that were attacking them and a unit of Judicators and were in range of Storm Vermin that were being held up by the Grimwrath. Threw my Axes into the Clan Rats then fired 30 Magmabolts into the horrible Storm Vermin.

    The Grimwrath into two rounds of combat and got his extra pile twice but he was slain by the Storm Vermin but he took a lot out. I gave him the weapon that adds an extra -1 rend to his axe :). Still undecided on what the Grimwrath is suited to. The rules seem to suggest he is best used when he is clearly out numbered.Any tips you guys have would be great!

    Unfortunately my Vulkites and Runesmiter did not make it into the game until turn three when and there was no way of me winning. Although the "ward save" was great 9 wounds went through, only 2 died. Then they hit back with 36 attacks. My opponents face was great when i said "re rolling 
    failed hits!"

    Next time i might tunnel the Hearthguard and have the Vulkites ready to go from turn one. My plan is to get a Battlesmith and 10 extra Vulkites and slowly move to a Mono Fyreslayer army.

    Next time I play I think I'll add my Heraldor instead of the Castellant, it will take the points up to 2020 but my gaming group is pretty good with stuff like that.

    The Rets and Judicators did the usual shooty, shooty, mortal woundy business. We dont care about those shiny Lightening Men.

    "Grimnir tests us with pain and rewards us with fire!"


    Thanks to Tom Landy for a fun game!


    Thanks for reading!

  7. My first two crypt horrors roughly done, need some more green stuff to tidy up also looking at doing green stuff chain mail to make them look more knightly and bearing relics and icons of their realm.







    Hi all! I wrote a Getting Started in the Age of Sigmar page a while ago and recieved some very positive feedback. In an effort to keep lowering that barrier to entry and help new guys out, I've written an overview and review of each and every Start Collecting box.  If you have opinions about teh boxes, hop on the blog and leave a comment. I'll update teh page right away! My site is ad free, I do this just because I love the community and want it t grow Thank you all for your support and happy wargaming

    Start Collecting Boxes Contents and Review

  9. I colored outside the lines a little bit with my commitment to buy only one model per paycheck.

    What can I say? I found a great deal on eBay and "saved" a few bucks?

    Anyway, no one cares about that. A Maggoth Lord is a big investment and I really only have theories about how each one plays. I put together a survey so you can weigh in which Lord is the best. Two categories, one filth, one hobby.

    Let me know what you think.

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    I have had a long held fascination with Slaanesh but have never got around to doing a Slaaneshi army.

    After getting my Alpha Legion Eternal Stormcast list to where I wanted it to be I took the plunge and picked up the bones of a Slaaneshi army from some fellow gamers that had no use for it.

    Slaanesh has always been about speed, manipulation and a boat load of attacks that have some element of armour piercing to them, this is all true in age of sigmar so it felt like I was coming from a comfortable place. I reviewed all of the warscrolls that are slaanesh only or can be marked slaanesh and decided I really liked the Daemon Cohort of Slaanesh formation. 

    This formation is centred on masses of daemonettes backed up by a Keeper of Secrets (Or Deamon Prince of Slaanesh), a herald of Slaanesh and then a unit of either, seekers of Slaanesh, fiends of Slaanesh or Slaanesh daemon chariots. It gives every unit plus one to its movement thus further pushing the inbuilt speed of the units to insane levels and has a healing mechanism when enemy units fail battleshock tests - although I always forget this.

    So my initial list built on this formation is

    Keeper of Secrets - 280 

    Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot - 160

    30 Daemonettes - 360

    10 Daemonettes - 120

    10 Daemonettes - 120

    10 Seekers of Slaanesh -240

    Daemon Cohort of Slaanesh- 40

    Total - 1320

    This gives a solid combat unit in the large Daemonettes, 2 objective grabbers in the small units of Daemonettes, a fast alpha strike / pinning unit in the seekers, a solid combat unit / caster / buffer in the keeper and a unit destroyer / Saurus Guard killer in the Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot.

    What the list now lacked was some ranged firepower, some heavy hitters and some tank units. Thankfully for only 280 points a piece Soulgrinders with the Mark of Slaaensh fulfill this role perfectly so I added a pair of them to take me to 1880.

    This left me with 120 points - enough for either 10 Daemonettes or 5 seekers, I Italy I went with upping the size of these elder unit from 10 to 15, but after some games have found that the 10 Daemonettes are more useful either kept in reserve for summoning onto objectives or in the list to boost one of the units from a 10 to a 20.

    Having played 1 practice game (a loss) and 3 tournament games with it (2 minor and 1 major victory) I am happy with its performance so far - just still learning how to get the most out of it.

    Will post a game overview later on but wanted to get this rolling.

  10. Hi Guys,

    With the release of The Generals Handbook I thought it was a perfect time to start a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar army.


    I had started swapping out the bases on my Nurgle Daemons but that just is not the same is it.


    I was thumbing through the Handbook trying to point out stuff I alread have and decide what to do when, like many of you I saw the Beastclaw Raider section.  Having always been a big fan of the Stonehorn and  Hunter Models I thought why not, I only have to wait an couple of weeks.


    So, here it is August 6th, and I picked up an Icewind Assault box, a box of Mournfang Cavalry and an extra Stonehorn.  I have 2 extra packs of Frost Sabers on the way as well.  That should give me a good amount of stuff to be working on.

    I am organising a Warhammer: AoS matched play day on August 27th where we will be meeting up, playing 1000 point games and having a prize for best paineted so 21 days to get my stuff done and see how I do.

    Thanks for reading all and I would love it if you followed my progress on my Vlog too!
    My New Army





    As promised in the last entry, the update to the army this time is a Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith from Forgeworld.

    Forgeworld has done a great job with their Chaos Dwarf characters, they've kept the core elements from the previous ranges - the scale mail, curly beard, tusks, bull imagery - but updated it to fit in with the modern GW aesthetic. This also means that they fit in pretty well with the Chaos Dwarf ranges of the past.

    A side by side comparison certainly demonstrates the advances in casting techniques over the years, but they are still recognizable as belonging to the same army, despite a 20+ year age difference.13886873_10210098724967912_9444957581632


    Now the other question is which rules to use? Do i use the Legion of Azgorth ruleset from Forgeworld, or counts-as rules, using them with the Slaves to Darkness warcrolls? Both have pro's and cons. 

    In the games i've played so far, the Legion rules aren't as good as the standard chaos. Ironsworn just feel like worse versions of Chaos Warriors. They're cheaper true, but they have also lost the survivability of the Warriors.  Also the miniatures i'm using don't look like Ironsworn any more than they do Chaos Warriors. There's also the matter of the Hellcannon. If i use the Legion rules as written, no Hellcannon as it's not a Legion unit, which means Ironsworn cease to be battleline.

    But on the other side of things, Chaos Dwarfs are Chaos Dwarfs, so really i should be using the Chaos Dwarf rules, right?

    Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Until next time i remain your FLGS

    Al@Ad Hoc Games

  12. So time to get this blog going again.  I've been spending a lot of time recently thinking about what's needed to build a competitive army list.  These ideas are for any method of playing not comp specific.

    1.  A damage dealer

    Every list needs something that can be relied upon to go out there and kill enemy war scrolls - this can be a big monster, a killer combat unit, warp fire throwers, anything that can deal consistent damage.

    2.  Better make that at least two damage dealers.

    Redundancy is your friend. They are going to have big scary things as well - you'd better have a back up for when yours dies.

    3.  Scoring units

    What this looks like depends on what comp system/scenario you are playing. If it's a mix you'd better include some of each sorry needed.  After all you can't win if you can't score.  These can double with later options but best not do so with your damage dealers - you don't want to have to hold them back to score.  Ideally these will also be very survivable.

    4. Screening units

    Since you've got war scrolls that can kill or cripple enemy scrolls on the charge, you can bet your opponent has as well!!  In order to make sure you get the charge in you need units to hide behind to keep your big guys safe.

    5. Movement tricks

    In many of the scenarios you need to be able to cross the battlefield very quickly in order to claim objectives.  Summoning, fast flying units, cavalry all fill this role.

    6. Ranged threat

    Some form of ranged threat is needed in order help pick out protected synergy characters.  This most commonly takes the form of missile attacks, but spells and other abilities can serve the same use.


    These are just my thoughts, what do you all think?  Did I miss anything?

    Later I will post a death list based on these principles as an example.



  13. Ok so i promised some battle reports from the tribe, so here is the first.


    Played vs TK last night, teh game was from the generals handbook, using teh metor strike scenario (number 6)

    He had (from memory)


    3 Chariots

    6 Snake Knights


    10 Tomb Guard

    2x10 Tomb Skeletons

    Lich Priest

    2 x Catapult

    Turn 1, He elected that I went first.  I jostled my forces around, planting the banner, shielding my Doombull, and making it so anything he charged would mean 2 other units piled in.  Only the giant pushed forwards towards his Chariots.

    He in return shuffled mostly, both of us preparing for the comet Strike.

    Turn 2 I won priority, coment landed centre section So I was easily claiming.  Pushed a Ghorgon and Bullgor forwards and the giant, moved the rest up a bit keeping close together to help if he charges.  Charged the Ghorgon, killed 10 tomb guard.  Bullgor killed crew from one catapult. Giant charged chariots not much died but I held them up.

    Comet landed centre board for him as well, so a reasonable claim for him.  He moved his knights back to deal with the bullgor, rather than push at me.  Settra charged the Doombull, he should have killed it easily but failed,  a mighty swing of his great axe later=1 dead settra.  Necorsphinx charges 1 Ghorgon, another set of fubbed attacks later, 10 wounds.  Pile in from Ghorgon next door did a mighty 21 Wounds! Halved to 11, but enough to basically secure its death next go.

    Turn 3 I got priority again, and cleaned up, taking out the second catapult crew, the snake knights got hit by 2 units of bullgor and taken down to 2 models, Necrosphinx died.  We pretty much called game here as I was gonna get both objectives next Turn for the straight win.

    Brutal game, took about an hour, a LOT of stuff died on both sides.  He lost it when Settra nd Sphinx flubbed their attacks.  Had they taken down the Doombull and Ghorgon he would have won.  Tribe is insanely hitty but zero saves.

    We rematched straight away and he won turn 3 that game, his attacks were on fire this game.  Snake knights are ridiculous, one of the best units Death has.



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    Hi everyone.  Warhammer Quest Silver Tower has brought me back to the hobby after many years.  In the past I have been a Chaos collector (and occasional player), though my first love were the lizards (which is the last time I seriously tried painting).  Since then it has been Cult of Slaanesh, Chaos Daemons and Skaven, though all largely unpainted.  So here's my first batch painted, and its Tzeentch Daemons + Arcanites vs a lone warpriest and his hound.  Someone's not making it home tonight!  Apologies for the poor photography.





  14. The Goreblade Warband

    And here we are, the other half of the starter set. I admit, in my days as a WHFB player, I never really "got" Chaos. Sure, the sculpts were cool, and even with my mediocre painting ability I could make them look decent on the table, but something about wanting to see the world burn never really resonated with me. I hate to say, but that hasn't changed in Age of Sigmar. 

    It might be the lore side of things -- or, having devoured every bit of the stuff from the Black Library available, I should say that it's definitely the lore side of things. Even Call of Archaon, which I genuinely enjoyed, just made me want the followers of the Dark Gods to die even more. I don't have this problem with Death or Destruction (even if Nagash is a backstabbing ******...) 

    All that baggage aside, though, I cannot deny the effectiveness of Chaos armies on the table. If anything, I appreciate them more for it, as they provide a worthy challenge for my preferred champions of Order. With that in mind, let's take a look at the first battalion of Chaos: the Goreblade Warband. 

    Screen-Shot-2015-09-22-at-7.25.58-PM.jpgKHORNE BLOODBOUNDAoS Khorne Bloodbound EPUB Tablet Cover.jpg

    Goreblade Warband

    Mighty Lord of Khorne



    1 Unit of Blood Warriors

    1 Unit of Blood Reavers

    1 Khorgorath



    The Lore:

    This is a narrative battalion, drawn from the starter set, or, if you prefer, from the pages of The Gates of Azyr. It represents the forces of Khorgos Khul, Mighty Lord of Khorne, tyrant of the Brimstone Peninsula in Aqshy, where Lord Vandus Hammerhand struck the first blow of the Realmgate Wars. According to the novel, the hordes were without count, but on the hand that same novel labels Vandus' Thunderstrike Brotherhood at 10,000, so a grain of salt might be required. 

    In either case, the functional lore for the Goreblade Warband is simple -- a chieftain of Khorne worshiping savages leads his men, including his shaman / standard bearer (Bloodsecrator), a horrific monster (Khorgorath) and its tamer (the Bloodstoker.) 



    Each unit of this battalion has a specific battlefield purpose. To best utilize the Goreblade Warband, a good general needs to understand those roles and either utilize them or take advantage of the threat they generate to manipulate the enemy out of properly utilizing their army. 

               The Mighty Lord of Khorne: General (obviously), Champion
                                   Use this general to hunt down those large, multi-wound enemies your lesser units are too afraid to fight, because if he                                          wounds someone and they survive, his Reality Splitting Axe means that there's a 33% chance that they'll end up being                                          sucked into the Realm of Chaos. Considering his 3+ to both hit and wound and -1 rend, the chances of landing at least one                                    wound is pretty decent; D3 damage means against normal enemies the ability will probably be wasted as it is. Run him into                                a Lord-Celestant, though, and there is a fairly decent chance that with a couple of turns of fighting that shiny little hero will                                end up fading away into an eternity of suffering. The Flesh Hound also provides an infinite number of unbinding                                                    opportunities, which is neat, and, if that weren't enough, the Gorelord Command Ability gives 3 units within 24" a better                                        chance of landing a long charge. That last bit synergizes particularly well with the Batallion's Blood Rivals ability, which                                        allows units in the battalion to re-roll failed charges if another unit from the batallion has already succeeded in a charge of                                their own.

               The Bloodsecrator: Buffing Platform
                                   Let's get this out of the way: a Bloodsecrator is useless on his own. If you are relying on a Bloodsecrator to fight for himself,                                  you're doing it wrong. Using this guy effectively means parking him in the middle of your army, out of combat, and opening                                  the Portal of Skulls. Immunity to Battleshock for all Khorne units within 18", and all those units get an additional +1 attack                                  to boot. The only downside is that the Bloodsecrator doesn't get to move, which means that unless he is attacked there will                                be no combat, hence why you shouldn't be wasting this guy fighting -- doing so would make it so that the portal remains                                    closed, and that's a huge waste of potential.  

               The Bloodstoker: Support melee
                                   His whip is insurance for those long charges, which stacks well with the Mighty Lord's Gorelord and the battalion's Blood                                      Rivals abilities. Because he is one of the few units in this battalion with a ranged attack and gains no real advantage on the                                charge beyond initiative (which is less significant in this case than in others given his 5 wounds), it makes more sense to get                                in close, take a few cracks with the whip, and then pile into whatever combat his earlier encouragement forced. The 12"                                        range on Whipped to Fury does mean that the Bloodstoker will be in the thick of things, so it's best to make sure he never                                    ends up too exposed. Lore says to use stick him with the Khorgorath-- tactics says that's a decent plan. The fact that that                                      same ability also cause re-rolls on 1's to wound also stacks nicely -- that means that each of the Khorgorath's 5 attacks goes                                from 67% to wound to somewhere around 75%. 

                The Khorgorath: Hammer
                                   If ever there was an example of a hammer unit, it is the Khorgorath. Sure, it can shoot, but only 6", and let's be honest, with                                  5 3+ 3+ -1 attacks, you want this monster in close combat. If he kills a model, he heals a wound, and if you inflict any                                            wounds (and you will) then every other enemy unit within 12" loses 1 bravery in that turn's Battleshock Phase. In                                                    conjunction with the Bloodstoker, that means this unit has a pretty decent chance of wiping a unit (and thus triggering the                                  battalions special +1 attacks clause). 

                The Blood Warriors: Anvil
                                   2 wounds, 4+ save, an ability that punishes enemies when they make a save, and an ability that punishes those same                                            enemies when they don't. No doubt about it -- that is an anvil unit. Stick them where your opponent doesn't want them, and                                then leave them there. Their 2 attacks aren't great, (3+ to hit, 4+ to wound) but with support from the Bloodsecrator, which                                    you should definitely be taking advantage of, that goes up to 3 attacks, and on turns where the Khorgorath finishes off a                                      unit or one of your Bloodreaver units is wiped out, that's 4. 

                 The Bloodreavers: Chaff, Flanking
                                   Bloodreavers are an interesting unit. On one hand, they have no save and their bravery is pretty much nonexistent: if they                                    end up in combat they won't last long. In dying, they'll help out the rest of the army by adding an attack for the rest of the                                    turn, so that's something, but they'll still be dead. When within 12" of a deployed Bloodsecrator though, this unit is an                                          absolute monster -- for a full 10 model unit that's 21 attacks. 21. Sure, those attacks are 4+ to hit, 4+ to wound, and no                                          rend, but still, 21 attacks in one turn.          


    Overall, the cornerstones of this battalion are extra attacks and charge assuredness. 

    Charge assuredness: 

    Blood Rivals -- Re-roll charge rolls for units in this battalion if another unit from the battalion has already made a successful charge this turn. 

    in conjunction with... Gorelord (3 units roll 3D6 and choose highest 2 numbers on charge roll) and Whipped to Fury (3" increase to a unit within 12"). For Bloodreavers, the hornblower can also add 1 to run and charge rolls.

    Extra Attacks:

    Khorne Care not...: If a unit is wiped out, battalion units get an extra attack.


    Sample Strategy

    Deployment -- The key to this unit is the Bloodsecrator. With his 18" Portal of Skulls, he can define the use of Bloodreavers and Blood Warriors. Make sure he is in the center of the army from the start. Put the Khorgorath and Bloodstoker on one flank, and the Mighty Lord of Khorne on the other. 

    Opening Moves: Close the gap fast. Run everyone forward, use Gorelord ability on the Reavers and Warriors and Whipped to Fury on the Khorgorath. Spread the line out to maximize coverage, but don't over extend, because the Bloodreavers will get wiped out by missile units and, so weakened, end up crushed by an early charge. Find the scariest enemy unit and charge the Blood Warriors into it. Attack the flanks with the Bloodreavers. 

    Development: Once the Bloodreavers and Blood Warriors are engaged, open the Portal of Skulls, whip the Khorgorath into a frenzy, and hunt down the enemy general with the Might Lord of Khorne. The Khorgorath will do what it does best, the Blood Warriors will hold the line, and the Bloodreavers will die in droves. 




    Minimum Points (Matched Play): 700

    Cost: $165 (Starter Set)

    Models: 29  











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    • 279

    Recent Entries

    So this feels like it's been  a productive few weeks, i'm behind schedule but an army is starting to form.

     This week I've been able to paint a unit of Liberators to accompany the Retributors I already had finished, and a Lord Relictor so I have my first hero to lead the army in to battle.  Next up is going to be a second unit of Liberators, or possibly some Judicators (I'll ramble about them in a second), then i'll work on finishing off the rest of my starter box, before treating myself to something from the expansion set.


     I've played 4 games now since season of war started, and I've managed to claim 3 victories for the forces of Order, all using an alliance of Freeguild, Devoted Of Sigmar and Stormcast Eternals.  In all my opening games I've found my Stormcast units where great at holding up tougher enemy units and my Freeguild could swoop in and claim objectives.  In my most recent game I was massively hurt by magic, mortal wounds and range, thus the need for Judicators, I think it's probably true to say my army was more spread out than it should have been too, also....

    ...When including a Lord Celestant in your army, don't pay for a Celestant Prime, cheating your way out of 140 points and realise mid-game, it was pretty funny to realise though.


     Also from the games I've played so far, I can't stress the importance of one character, my Gryphhound, "Beaky", or has he has more recently been known; Ser Beaky The Brave, Beaky's new found notoriety has came about after he snuck in to the enemy deployment zone in my first campaign game and won me the game, and earlier this week against the forces of death, he wounded the fell sorcerer Arkhan The Black before retreating to the sanctity of a nearby ruin, he then survived a barrage of magical attacks from the Necromancer and a round of combat with a unit of Morghasts before drawing the enemy army out of position to allow another win for order, this has seen Beaky included in a lot more games!


    But in summary, it's gonna be more battleline next, more Liberators, some Judicators, and then some Prosecutors before topping it all off with the Lord Celestant.


    I have about 7 weeks until I head down to Warhammer World, whilst i'm happy with the rate i'm finishing units, I still feel like I need to paint faster, I think a hobby holiday could be in order to muster the forces of Azyr!


    Lord Relictor.jpg


  15. Hey boys and girls, sorry for the lack of content, but it's turning out to be a busy summer for me. However I have recently managed to finish some more stuff for my ironjawz, a unit of 10 dual wielding 'Ard Boyz with Boss, Flag, and Drum, and a Weirdnob. Here's a family PortraitNob and Boyz.jpg

    As of now all bases in the force are bare until I can decide exactly how I want to do them, but other than that I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out, with the possible exception of the Weirdnob's smoke. I'm not totally sure how I could do that any better and I welcome any kind of input on how I can perfect that effect.

    Asides from painting and despite my running all over the state, I did manage to fit in my 1st pointed game of AoS with my old VC Ghouls as a Flesh Eater Court vs my brother's new Sylvaneth. The Lists were:

    My FeC

    1x Ghoul King on Terrorgeist

    1x Crypt Infernal

    2 units of 3x Crypt Horrors

    1 unit of 20x Ghouls


    His Sylvaneth

    1x Treeman Ancient

    1x Branchwych

    1 unit of 20x Dryads

    1 unit of 5x Revenants

    1 unit of Kurnoth Hunters w/ Scythes


    I wont do a full play by play, but I will say I got canned, some highlights are:

    • Forest walking revenants jump to a unit of Horrors just to get slaughtered
    • My ghouls get charged by Hunters, Dryads, and Wych and get wiped to a man
    • Terrorgeist has sore throat and sucessfully screams noone
    • Kurnoths with scythes are monsters killing a unit of Horrors, 12 ghouls, and 2 horrors from other unit
    • Ancient's abundence of d6 damage attacks really causes a bad day against the Ghoul King's 4+ save

    and with that I wrap up another update, hopefully I'll be posting again soon as I'm prepping to paint a unit of Brutes as soon as I'm done this post, and I intend on finishing them by the week's end.

    See Y'all Soon,


  16. Regular opponent Tom came over for a game of Age of Sigmar. With the new Realmgate Wars book release, All-Gates, we decided to take a stab at one of the battleplan, Through the Breach.






    Tom had bought 2000 points of Dark Aelves (points from the new Handbook), and as I hadn't seen any leaks of the points myself we decided in true Age of Sigmar style to 'eye' roughly an equal force of Khorne.



    • Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (General)
    • 20 Bloodletters
    • 3 Bloodcrushers
    • 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
    • Mighty Lord of Khorne
    • Lord of Khorne on Jugganaut
    • Bloodsecrator
    • Slaughterpriest
    • Warshrine
    • 20 Bloodreavers
    • 10 Bloodwarriors
    • 3 Skullcrushers


    Dark Aelves:

    • Cauldron of Blood (General)
    • 30 Witch Aelves
    • 10 Doomfire Warlocks
    • Sorceress
    • 20 Executioners
    • 20 Darkshards
    • 5 Drakespawn Knights
    • Assassin



    The objective is for the attacker (the army that breached the wall), must have at least 3 units in the defenders deployment zone by the end of turn 6. The defenders win a major Victory if they can prevent this.
    The breaching side must set up within the small deployment area, any models that cannot can come on at the end of any subsequent movement phase.
    The breachers all get +1 to their Bravery, to symbolise their increased moral after breaching the wall, however they all get -1" movement to show their efforts have been exhausting.
    The defenders can re-roll all attack dice, to recreate the effect that they have become desperate to defend their home.


    I'm not going to write a huge battle report, but summarise some major points and share some of the photos.


    I was easily able to get the 3 units in to the defenders deployment zone by the end of Turn 4. In fact, I would have tabled Tom as he only had the Blood Cauldron left. 

    This is a fun scenario but really requires the defender to have a lot of units. You will struggle to defend if you have small elite squads.


    I'm not going to write a huge battle report, but summarise some major points and share some of the photos.
    I'm really enjoying playing with the Bloodreavers. Yes, they aren't very resilient but that are great fun! Large numbers, added with the Warshrine and the Bloodsecrator makes them very hard hitting and gives them at least some kind of save (6+ ignore damage from the Warshrine). I am painting up another 20 of them to use and will look at adding a squad of 5 Wrathmongers to give them yet another attack.
    My Blood Warriors didn't survive a single combat phase, but did exactly what was required of them. I threw them into the very scary Witch Aelf squad on my turn and picked them first to attack. When they inevitably died they got to attack again. They also managed a to make a few saves, and deal mortal wounds back. If you include battleshock phase, they killed 23 Witch Aelves, that were buffed and had a 5+ ward save from the Blood Cauldron. 
    The great thing about Khorne is their ability to shut down the magic phase. There are plenty of units that can unbind and a few that even get bonuses to the unbind roll. Flesh Hounds get +1 and the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster gets a +2 to unbind roll. I was able to deny the Doomfire Warlocks on many occasions.
    My Skullcrushers got bogged down by the Aelves easily, they really do need to be charging all the time to make use of the Mortal wounds. The Bloodcrushers were terrible, the 1 attack only from the Bloodletter on the top is a big let down, they barely did any damage. I can't see myself bringing them to tournament games.
    Dark Aelf Executioners were very good, sixes to hit explode in to 2 Mortal Wounds, they easily made short work of the 20 Bloodreavers and 20 Bloodletters I threw at them. Tom ran them in a group of 20, which is probably the way to go, they have a 4+ save and only 1 wound, running a sorceress behind them to give them Mystical Shield is a good idea too.
    I've played against the Witch Aelves before, and in large number they hit very hard with the Blood Cauldron nearby. In my last game against Tom they dealt a lot of damage to my Daemonettes, Keeper of Secrets and Soul Grinder before I could remove them.