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  1. Welcome to the second part of our list-tech series, wherein I explore the dark apertures of a mind so insidious, even the Lords of Chaos can’t come up with lists as broken as his. I refer of course to the mystical augur we know only as ‘Jim’.

    Jim comes up with thematic, non-legacy lists that we haven’t yet seen from the international tournament scene, or at least are not as prominent as we feel they could be.

    Last time we looked at a badass, Dragon-Riding ‘A(e)lfa Strike’ list. You can check out that post here.

    This week, Jim  gives us something far more sinister. Kneel, mortals, before Archaon Rotbringer.

    Archaon Rotbringer.jpg

    The Destroyer of Worlds is blessed by all the Dark Gods, often taking on their different aspects - including Nurgle.


    Archaon Rotbringer

    Archaon has been seen on the tournament circuit, but seldom, if ever, gets to a podium. Despite his intimidating stats, he is quite unwieldy, and can get taken out more often than is appropriate for a Destroyer of Worlds.

    This list will work probably better with small Archaon, but our goal is to find ways to make non-legacy warscroll lists viable. We think this is a great way to get value out of big Archaon.

    The basis for this combo is Archaon’s ability to trigger the Command Abilities for all Chaos Heroes nearby, and the fact that the effects of abilities can stack.

    It should be noted here that some tournaments add a house rule that stops abilities from stacking, so if you are looking at running this list, check the Player's Pack well beforehand!

    The List

    • Archaon - 700
    • Festus the Leechlord - 120
    • Harbinger of Decay - 140
    • Harbinger of Decay - 140
    • Harbinger of Decay - 140
    • Harbinger of Decay - 140
    • Chaos Marauders (x10) - 60
      • Mark of Nurgle
    • Putrid Blightkings (x5) - 180
    • Chaos Warriors (x10) - 180
      • Mark of Nurgle
    • Chaos Warshrine - 200

    Leaders: 6
    Battleline: 3
    Behemoths: 2
    Number of models: 32

    TOTAL POINTS: 2,000

    The Combos


    As a unit-heavy list, you have 10 deployments, and are unlikely to get the choice of first turn. This leaves you vulnerable to turn one alpha strikes, so deploy cautiously when up against alpha-strike lists by bubble-wrapping your heroes with the Marauders.

    Command Abilities

    Let’s crack straight into Command Abilities. Archaon’s Warlord Without Equal ability allows all other units in the army to immediately use their own command abilities. In order:


    1. Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6.
    2. A second Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model to within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6.
    3. A third Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6.
    4. A fourth Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6.

    Let us pause here to explain how this works. In AOS, there is no such thing as a ‘Ward Save’. Listed above are four separate abilities, each of which lets each model within range ignore all wounds suffered (after saves) on a 5 or 6.

    For example; Archaon is within 7” of all four Harbingers. Say he gets hit by an arrow, and fails his 2+ armour save (he has Mystic Shield on of course). Now he has four more chances to ignore the wound on a roll of 5 or 6 - once for each Morbid Vigour ability in affect.

    This means that after Archaon fails an armour save, 19%, or roughly one-in-five wounds are actually going through. Effectively you would have to inflict 100 wounds to him to take him down. If you do factor in his save, which even up against -2 rend is a 4+ with Mystic Shield - that is 200 wounds he can statistically absorb. Plus he gets the extra save against mortal wounds thanks to the Chaos Runeshield.

    The rotten cherry on top of this disease-ridden combo is the Chaos Warshrine, adding an extra save on a six thanks to Protection of the Dark Gods.

    The Chaos Warshrine could then activate, allowing all units within 16" to re-roll failed Wound rolls with the Favour of Nurgle.

    Festus can then heal D3 wounds on one of your models with his Delightful Brews, Splendid Restoratives.

    The Putrid Blightkings can also heal nearby units D3 wounds with their Virulent Discharge.

    Magic Spells

    If you need to make Archaon invulnerable, Mystic Shield goes on him.

    Festus' Curse of the Leper is a nice debuff that can make key heavily armoured opposing units softer and softer. This combos very well with the Putrid Blightkings, who need the extra help with their lack of rend.


    If you want to make the most of the protection combos, you need to keep your units pretty tightly grouped within range of the Harbingers. This is a disadvantage for when you have to divide your force for objective play, so you could divide the Harbingers between a few smaller pods if required.

    Marauders are a fantastic ‘chaff unit as they have Move 6, and can be very fast on the retreat, allowing you to block charges and then move on to contest objectives. As mentioned, they will not die in a hurry.


    None to speak of!


    There isn’t much to say here. The synergy of the list is that the Nurgle units will not die. All units benefit from the combat buff from the Warshrine, but again it's the protective synergies that are taking you the distance.

    Army Cost

    This is a bit more of an expensive army to put together using the correct models. Archaon is the single most expensive model in the game at the moment (though if you can obtain the small version that might be an option), and the Harbingers are Finecast direct order only models. You can get around this by maybe converting some Chaos Knights. As is, however, the RRP is £321.50, and you will have 10 Marauders and 6 Chaos Warriors left over from their boxes.

    Unit Substitution

    This list could work well with a variety of Nurgle units. Epidemius is a great choice - hide him in your backlines somewhere. You could drop a few Harbingers for some more mobile troops like Plague Drones if the confined nature of deployment is too restricting. The Glottkin could be useful to double the amount of wounds the Marauder chaff can take to 100. You can even run the small Archaon if you want to be even cheesier than Jim -  as long as he can trigger the Harbingers, you’re golden. Or at least a sickly shade of green (it’s Nurgle after all).

    The list would scale very well up to Warhost sized games.


    Once the heroes start dying, your synergies fall apart. The good news is, this is very hard to achieve.

    Tactical flexibility is a big issue. To maximse the synergy, your units must all be in close proximity, relinquishing a lot of battlefield control. One way around this is to split your army into two pods, sending two Harbingers with each.

    A well-timed Hand of Dust or Curse of Years will also bring tears to your eyes.

    On the Table

    Jim and I had a game play-testing this list. My army consisted of:

    • Nagash - 900
    • Wight King with Black Axe - 120
    • 5 Black Knights x 120
    • 20 Skeleton Warriors with Sword and Shield - 160
    • 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160
    • 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160
    • 20 Grave Guard with Great Blades - 320
    • Legion of Death Battalion - 60

    We played the Blood and Glory battleplan. It ended up being a poor example of how the Rotbringer army could play. Jim moved Archaon too far out of reach of the buffs. He charged some skeletons and fluffed all his dice rolls. I retreated my skeletons onto his objective, and charged him with my Grave Guard. Over the next few turns I was able to take him down, as he did not have the benefit of the Harbinger buffs. Plus his dice luck failed.

    I almost won the game, but missed a run roll with Nagash which would have allowed me to claim all four objectives. As a result, Nagash wasn’t involved in the game at all. Jim stayed in the game somehow, using his marauders and Harbingers to sneak through my army lines with canny use of retreats and piling in, and was able to snatch all four objectives by turn 5. An incredibly exciting and tactical game, which I’m still buzzing about, but not one that shows off the main synergies of Archaon Rotbringer!


    I am always keen to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please let me know your thoughts in the posts below. Can you think of any other counters? Would you be keen on giving the army a try?

  2. When I first heard about Age of Sigmar, I was skeptical.  It had been some 15 years since I last played a Games Workshop game (circa 3rd edition 40k) and while I never had much of an attachment to the Warhammer Fantasy world, the fact it was just destroyed and replaced with something else was a little weird.  After I gave it more thought and saw how streamlined (NOTE: This is not the same thing as "dumbed down" which is a common anti-AOS retort I've seen) it was, and the fact there were no points, I had a revelation:  Finally, there was the style of game that I had long since wanted, being able to buy a force, and add things to it as you went along and just use them next game, without fiddling around with points to fit them in.  The idea that I could decide after a game, you know I really want to add a unit of Retributors, and then just buy them and assemble them and next game just set them down with my force, was great.  I had long lamented the concept that you needed an X point list to start playing, it's discouraging to new players who need to spend a large amount of money just to get started and to those starting new armies because you can't start small when everyone is playing 2,000 point games; my experience has been that if you aren't playing the same points everyone else is it's very hard to get a game in because people would rather play at their preferred points level than bring the points down to entertain a new/expanding player.  In fact this very thing stopped me from getting back to Warhammer several years prior, because I didn't want to immediately start playing at 2,000 points or whatever the preferred points was just to start getting a game, and the impression I got was that people did not prefer to want to play at lower points.

    As I read reviews, I saw more and more people slam the game for the "lack of balance", seemingly ignoring the fact that you were supposed to A) Not be a ****** and try to game the system and B) Have a chat with your opponent to decide what made sense.  Still, I saw lots of posts laughing about how one could do something stupid like field 10 Nagashes or 16 cannons or other unrealistic things that never would happen, forgetting again that if someone tried that, they would likely not even get a full game as anyone setting up against it would call them out, likely not play, and worse that person would then get a reputation as "that guy" to be avoided since they try to game the system.

    When The General's Handbook was announced, and the world rejoiced.  Points, finally!  The game is "complete" now.  It will be balanced.  And I felt a lump in my throat, because I knew what that meant: That any other way to play is now dead and buried.  Points, once introduced to the game, will consume any other style and become the default way of playing.  Communicating with your opponent goes out the window, because you no longer need to; the points are the only communication you need.  When The General's Handbook finally came out, and not everything had points, that fear grew larger, because it meant anything without points might as well not exist.  And that proved to be true:  Those nice battalions in the Start Collecting boxes, or the larger boxed armies, or the new (Christmas 2016) battleforces?  They don't exist, because they have no points.  Grombrindal, the legendary White Dwarf himself, has zero reason to be bought by most players because he has no points, so you can't use him, and GW has stated that not everything is intended for all three playstyles, which as a result means they won't be used at all.  As I feared, Matched Play quickly subsumed everything else to become the only way to play Age of Sigmar.  The General's Handbook might as well have started on page 98 (that's the section where Matched Play begins).

    My problem with this is twofold:  First, Matched Play is one of the styles to play, not the only style.  It's clearly intended for tournament type events where you need something to balance and can't reasonably chat with your opponent.  Yet here we are, I would wager, where the vast majority of games have boiled down to two questions:

    1. How many points?
    2. Which of the six Pitched Battle scenarios will we use?

    Everything else may as well not even be there because god forbid a scenario require deployment other than the standard.  All those interesting Battleplans from the various campaign books and Battletomes might as well not exist anymore, because they aren't roughly even Pitched Battles with roughly even Matched Play army construction.  The game goes from being wildly varied to droll and boring, with most of the options gutted because nobody wants to take the time and effort to be responsible hobbyists.

    But wait, you say.  We need points.  Otherwise nothing will stop someone from fielding nothing but the most powerful units.  Except yes, things will.  Someone who does that is going to face the same problem that someone doing the hypothetical "ten Nagash" list is going to face, that is they will be labeled a ******, refused a game and then get a bad reputation around the group until either they are forced out or learn to play nicely.  

    Warhammer, perhaps more than any other wargame, is a social game.  There is an implied agreement to not game the rules.  There is an implied agreement to not try to out cheese one another.  A little communication goes a long way, and could still go a long way.  There is no reason other than not wanting to bother with talking anyone beyond asking points that Matched Play is now, for many people, the only way to play.

    Perhaps the biggest issue with Matched Play is what it implies.  You see, before Matched Play , the onus was on the player.  If you saw someone who tried to game the system by taking only the best units, or infinite summoning, or the hypthetical ten Nagashes, or any other boogeyman situation, you knew they were a ****** who had zero regard for their opponents and only cared about themselves.  With points though, you can still in many cases field very powerful units, even game the system in other ways, because the points aren't balanced across the board (look at any hypothetical power list), except now the player can pretend they aren't really a ******, that they're playing by the rules so there's nothing wrong or that the rules are to blam.  Communication, responsibility and accountability take a backseat because there's a fallback that absolves the player from any of those things.

    Note I'm not at all saying Matched Play is bad.  I'm saying that Matched Play being the default way to play is bad, not because of what it is but because it cuts out a large swathe of the game, for fear of hypothetical situations that never actually happened and likely will never happen except with the rudest of players who literally don't care about anything other than saying they won a game, and it's just as likely those players wouldn't play Warhammer because of all its flaws as a competitive game.  Matched Play is perfectly fine, dare i say it necessary, for tournaments, and I'm glad it exists.  I just dislike that Matched Play has become, for many of us, the only way to play Age of Sigmar and anything that isn't Matched Play no longer has a place in the game.

    In short, I feel that Matched Play should remain an option for Age of Sigmar, not the option.  There is IMHO more fun to be had by using Open Play and actually communicating and not being a ****** than there is just throwing down with a 2,000 point list and pretending that it's somehow balanced because it has 3+ Battleline units, 0-6 Leaders, 0-4 Behemoths and 0-4 Artillery.  Plus, this puts the onus back on the player to play responsibly.  And as a result the game will be better off.

    Keep Matched Play where it belongs: The domain of tournaments and structured leagues.  For everything else, show some responsibility towards an enjoyable game.

  3. After a restless 2 days march, Arabor's legion of the dead reached their old capitol - Horehuson. Once a proud city of around 10.000 inhabitants, you could now only see some remains of fortified buildings made of stone, which endured the attack of the bloodhound during the Age of Chaos.

    Those inhabitants, who could not escape the initial, surprising attack had faced a cruel fate, with their flesh teared from their bones alive, and then all of the remains being fed to the Juggernauts and Korgoraths.

    With these grim memories in his mind, Arabor speeded up the approach to the city. Soon the bloodhound had realised their appearance and horns gave alarming sounds, ordering the troops to defend their new home.


    Surprisingly Arabor could only identify some regular battleline troops taking position in the outer defence ring of the city, but he could not see any elite units bolstering the defenders strength. 

    Additionally the overall defence seemed to be organised by a blood stoker, also not the highest of the bloodhound officers.

    Nevertheless, with nothing else then revenge in mind, Arabor ordered a charge on all flanks, with fierce close combats starting around the central gate and the remains of the city walls, soon. Skeleton sword & spearmen faced Bloodreavers and Warriors, the center was attacked by Arabor and his personal grave guard.


    Slowly the deathrattle horde was pushing back the enemy step by step, ready to establish a first beachhead within the outer defence line of the city, when suddenly new horns could be heard!

    Surprisingly, they did not sound from within the city but from the death rattle's back, where no one paid attention to during the charge. A raiding party of Skullcrushsers, Horsemen and Korgoraths was returning to the city and now charing the death rattle in its back.


    No panic could be triggered within the undead ranks but being now outnumbered and surrounded, the skeleton ranks slowly started to crumble. 


    Arabor tried to sense if he could find urgently needed reinforcements within the grounds of Horehuson, but no dead bodies could be found - all victims of the bloodhound in the past were fed to the beasts of the horde.

    But there was something else - not within the ground which Arabor scanned up until now. Within the dark shadow of the city ruins, a lurking dark presence was watching the battle. At night, when clouds would cover the stars and moon above the silent valleys it had haunted careless Bloodreavers who dared to roam the streets of Horehuson alone, causing terror in their bloodthirsty souls.

    The more Arabor focused on this presence, the more familiar it appeared to him, until suddenly painful memories from the past filled his mind, when he realised whom he had discovered.

    Quickly he strengthened his control over Worm and with the united witchcraft of the two wizards, he pulled the dark presence completely into this reality. Out of the sudden, creatures of green and white light materialised within the old royal tower, their eyes filled with fire of lust for total revenge.


    Arabor had summoned the spirits of the slain inhabitants of Horehuson and now as they were unleashed, they charged with loud screams into the battle against their tormentors from the past. 

    The Nighthaunt charge was led by Athelwyn, Arabors beloved wife, who became one of the first casualties, when she organised the defence of the capitol against the surprising attack of the Bloodhound cavalry. Also of her, no bones remained but her spirit refused to leave this place and her husband and now she has returned in form of a Banshee.

    The ethereal creatures easily passed walls, enemies and friendly troops and attacked the bloodhound cavalry, which slowly grinded through the back ranks of the death rattle horde. Spectral scythes and daggers penetrated the thick armour of the juggernauts and within minutes the tide was turned towards the armies of the dead, erasing the remaining bloodhound quickly.


    Athelwyn took care of the Bloodstoker on her own. Remembering how he tortured her in her previous life, her dagger took care that his end now was as slowly and painful as hers had been.


    Within half an hour, the Bloodhound was butchered in all parts of the city, but Arabor realised quickly, that this was not the main body of the army. From Athelwyn he learned that the main army had moved out 2 weeks ago for a big raid in another region. They had headed towards the realm gate of Aremberg, which was also the most important escape route of the free people of the singing valley, when their exodus after the Bloodhound invasion started in the Age of Chaos.

    With hate and revenge being the dominant feelings which endured over the centuries, Arabaor and Athelwyn had not much to talk about when they met after the battle. Too many feelings and memories where simply lost during their stay in the in-between-world so they quickly ordered their joined forces towards the road to Aremberg, determined to hunt down the Bloodhound so their souls can finally find some peace.


  4. Clueless
    Latest Entry

    Orion - WIP #1

    It's been some time since my last post. Currently, I am visiting the US and hence haven't been able to make any progress on the 'Woods of Warhammer'. At least buying Warhammer is cheaper here. I'll be sure to get some on the way home.
    Before I left I dug up an old 'Orion, King of the Woods' model. It took some time to take the paint off it but I am glad that I did.
    With this model I'm aiming towards a fading/dying feel. As Orion is born in spring and dies in winter I wanted to portray the transition between seasons, specifically summer and autumn.
    Here you can see the first few workings on his body. The other parts are to be completed when I get back to Australia.










    Check out my blog: http://woodsofwarhammer.blogspot.com.au/

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    Recent Entries

    I'm doing a blueish theme as I couldn't decide on slaanesh or tzeentch so i picked a light blue as a happy medium. 

    First step after priming is base coat the metal areas pure white.1116161455.jpg

    Next step is to apply blue glaze to all the white parts. 1116161510a.jpg1116161509b.jpg

    Next I apply a green wash over the blue after it has dried.I forgot to take a picture of this step but it basically turns into a deep green when the green wash dries over the blue. 


    Next step is to take ice blue and dry brush it on the raised areas. 1116161722b.jpg1116161722a.jpg


    All and all its a pretty easy process. And on the warriors of chaos it's most of The model. Then you just go back and highlight the skulls and whatnot and you have an easy tabletop standard. 1118161518.jpg

  5. Foolishly, with only two hobby evenings to go until Blood and Glory, I've decided to make some new terrain!

    I bought an old copy of the Mouse Trap board game a while back, knowing I probably didn't have time to get it assembled and painted in time as well as finishing my army to a decent standard.

    I was right, but I'm going for it anyway. 

    Sorry for the rubbish photos. I'll take some better ones when I finish them tomorrow (fingers crossed!). 


  6. Effective immediately! Go download!

    Image logo PNG.png

    I am immensely proud to say that the new update to Battletome: The End Times is finally released. It has been a labour of love, and an effort to keep improving the project as times move on. This is the first major update, and what an update it is.


    From the beginning, I've thought of making this tome into a campaign. After some experiences of running them in my local club, I had an epiphany. Playing long campaigns is hard. Life gets in the way! Campaigns with multiple people are the same. Though they're great fun, coordinating that many people is difficult. It requires a lot of work from a DM, and the chances of it falling apart before the end are high. After looking through the General's Handbook, I realised that I've seen the tree campaign somewhere before. The original End Times books had a campaign system which was exactly what I was looking for. 2 players, short, but with plenty of variety. It even had a solid first campaign in the Doom of Belegar. Sadly this system came to late for anyone to use it during 8th edition. But it now lives on through BT: The End Times.


    Each campaign is between 3-6 games long, the perfect length for a full weekend of gaming, or spread out over a few game days at the club. They each follow a specific story as well. Instead of just being each of the book's battleplans sequencially, each battleplan has been carefully selected to best fit the background of the events. Many cover events that didn't get their own battleplans at all. Rather than make new ones, pre-existing ones have been used. Most are from this very tome, but some are from the original AoS book or the General's Handbook. This creates a lot of variety, as well as allowing me to fit every battle to the story. There campaigns provided tell 5 very different stories, each from their own book of the End Times. The Rise of Nagash covers Mannfred and Arkhan's efforts to ressurect Nagash, and their many obstacles on that path. The Tentacle Lord's Conquest follows Gutrot Spume's efforts to ransack the Empire and besiege Altdorf. In The Return, Malekith once more sets foot upon Ulthuan. We go underground as the Doom of Belegar tells the final tale of Karak Eight Peaks. Lastly we have Death and Plague, the story of how Isabella prevented Nagash' rise to godhood.


    In addition to these, there have been many minor changes across the book. Most of these are useability updates, spelling checks or minor corrections. It even includes a content table! The tome should be better to use than ever. Each of the minor tomes have been upgraded as well, for those who prefer more edible chunks of the tome at a time. I really hope you guys enjoy it! It's for everyone to play and enjoy exactly the way you want to play your games.





    (Small note on downloading, you will need to be a member of TGA to download this file)

  7. Hi guys!

    I finally managed to finish the conversion on my chariot! It took me forever and it involved a lot of kitbashing, repositioning and green stuffing, but in the end I am quite happy with the result.

    Again, the idea is to convey a Bronze Age feel with this piece, inspired by Achilles chariot in the Iliad.

    I will start painting it as soon as I can but it will probably take me ages to finish it knowing my average speed.

    Bits come from the HE chariot sprue, white lions, phoenix guards and WE glade riders (the horses). I always liked the concept of HE chariots but the original plastic kit did not age well, too many chunky and clumsy bits like the reins and the static poses of the crew. With this conversion I tried to update the kit by adding a bit more movement and action to the characters. 

    New reins and harness were converted using thin plasticard strips and I did not attached them to the horses yet to grant me more freedom while painting.

    Let me know if you have any comment/suggestion.





  8. Scenario:

    Blood and glory (claiming a major victory rendered 15-5 in tournament points but the mission had been altered so that it was enough to control 3 of the four objectives to win a major victory). The tournament score was then modified -/+ 5 due to the difference in point cost for killed units. The end score could be anything between 20-0 and 0-20 in tournament points. 


    Anders army:

    Anders is a nice guy that I've encountered before in a smaller tournament. His 2000p army consisted of: Lord Celestant on Drakoth, lord Castellant, lord Relictor, knight Vexillor, 2 Concussiors, 3x5 Judicators, 2x5 Liberators, 10 Retributors,

    My army can be seen in the first post of this blog.


    Pre-game thoughts: 

    I absolutely love playing against Stormcast! It is often fun games with plenty of bloodshed on both sides. But to be honest, I have yet to lose a game against a Stormcast army. The key when battling Stormcast is handling the incoming teleports, often in the form of 10 armour-smashing Retributors. But Sylvaneth have many tools to handle the threat. My goal was to snipe the Vexillor before any teleportation were made. That is easier said than done. Vexillors have a good save and most generals like to place them in cover or unseen behind terrain. But with some help from the forest I was hoping to take the banner bearer out.

    I got one acorn and the Verdant blessing spell so producing forests wouldn't be a problem in this game.


    Terrain (described from my side of the board as always): 

    At the left side of his deployment were a building with some small area terrain just next to it. At the center of his deployment was a large cemetery acting as an area terrain. At the right side of his deployment was a tall but not that large stone pillar (impassible). The center of the board had, just as in my second game, a large and tall stone formation (impassible). I placed my free Wyldwood just to the right of it. In my deployment zone I had a relatively large area terrain to my left and a ruin at my right side with nothing but barren land between them. 


    Anders deployment from left to right: Concussiors (just by the building), Judicators, Liberators (in the central area terrain), Relictor (with liberators), judicators, lord on Drakoth, liberators, judicators, Castellant (behind the stone pillar), Vexillor (same), Retributors (near the board edge to the right)

    My deployment: Branchwych alone to the left and the major part of the army in a half circle at the center with the intention of dropping a wood in my deployment zone. The 10 dryads were kept in the shadows and not deployed and the tree-revenants were placed at the far right side.


    The battle begins:

    As I deployed the whole army at once I decided the terms of the turns and choose to go first (do you see the pattern). I created a Wyldwood in my deployment zone and another one at the left side of the battlefield close to the building in his deployment zone. I then redeployed all my troops besides the branchwych and loremaster by walking the spirit path. The Treelord Ancient, The Spirit of Durthu and the Kurnoth hunters with scythes were deployed in that order into the free forest just right of the middle center of the board as close to the enemy as possible. Both the Kurnoth hunters and the Treelord Ancient got a 6 on their spirit path roll and could move even closer to the enemy. I then put the 2 units of Kurnoth hunters behind the other troops at the same forest. Before the teleportations the loremaster managed to buff Durthu with hand of glory. The Tree-revenants were placed at the right side of his deployment zone just by the board edge behind his troops to threaten the Vexillor and Castellant. The unit of 20 dryads were redeployed at the newly made forest to the left.

    By placing the Kurnoth hunters with bows in the forest I had dramatically changed their line of fire. Thanks to the new angle I could target the no longer hidden Vexillor in the shooting phase. The arrows from the two units was just enough to slay him and, as a consequence, the Retributors were now stranded at the far right and had to rely on their not to impressive move of 4" to close the gap. The Spirit of Durthu and the Ancient proceeded to shoot down the Celestant on Drakoth thanks to the rerolls granted by the hand of glory spell. 

    I charged with both Treemen, the hunters with schytes and the dryads to the left. All but the dryads made the charge. The Ancient engaged the Judicators in the middle and killed a few of them. The hunters attacked the Judicators to the right and the Spirit of Durthu killed the lord Celestant on foot. The Tree-revenants failed to engage the lord Castellant.

    After that amazing first round my opponent retaliated. He charged the Ancient with his Concussiors and some liberators. He then charged the hunters with the other group of liberators. All his remaining shooting went into the hunters and in combination with the other attacks they were down to one guy. The Concussiors severely wounded the Ancient that was saved by having a mystic shield. The Retributors charged and killed the revenants (but this put them even more isolated to the right). 

    My opponent then got the double turn and the Retributors ran closer to my troops. The hunters with scythes were now down to one wound.
    The Concussiors finished of the Treelord Ancient. 


    In my second turn I moved the big unit of dryads from the left forest to engage the enemy but did retain my bonus for being near the forest by stretching out the unit and retaining a few of them close by the forest. I then teleported the two units of Kurnoth Hunters with bows to the same forest. Unfortunately one of the units rolled a 1 and couldn´t shoot in the following shooting phase.


    The Branchwych moved to control the objective at my left quarter of the board. The smaller unit of dryads abandoned their forest and run closer to the ruins at the right side of my deployment zone claiming another objective. The Loremaster moved closer to the action in the middle.


    In the shooting phase the Spirit of Durthu shot at the Retributors killing 2 of them. The Kurnoth hunters severely wounded the remaining Concussior. The Dryads then charged the enemies in the area terrain at the center of my opponents deployments zone killing the Concussior and a Liberator. Durthu killed the remaining Judicators. The Kurnoth Hunter with scythe was eventually killed.


    I´m not totally sure who won the role off for the third round but he eventually charged the Spirit of Durthu with the Retributors. The Treelord survived the onslaught thanks to his sturdy Oaken armour and killed a few Stormcasts in return. The Retributors later were decimated by combined bowfire even though they were protected by the light of the Lord Castellants lantern.


    End game:

    By the end of the forth battleround I had put the last Retributor to the ground and nailed the Lord Castellant with some arrows and roots. All Liberators were dead. My opponent was tabled and I used the last turn to seize the last objective. I now controlled all objectives and the major victory. The game ended in a 19-1 win in my favor and that was the end of gameday one.

    Killing the Vexillor proved to be just as important to my gameplan as I had hoped for. The big unit of Retributors spended several battlerounds to get into the heat where they belong and they were not able to pick their fight. I had plenty of time picking the other units of.

    The TO:s presented the matchups for the next day’s first game and I was more than happy to see that my next opponent ws another Stormcast player ;)

  9. Had an evening to myself and thought I'd play a bit of solohammer, as a break from just painting recently. I didn't have time enough to have a go at the first End Times scenario so I thought I'd wind the clock back and just play out an idea based on a previous campaign I ran a few years back, set in an area of the Grey Mountains bordering Nuln to the north and Parravon/Athel Loren to the south, called Hag Pass.

    After defeating a previous vampiric incursion in the Pass -an uneasy peace has held for a year. But slowly a number of the watchtowers on the upper slopes of the Bretonnian border hve fallen silent. A mounted patrol drawn from members of the Dukes household is dispatched to investigate, only to discover undead forces have made the watchtower their own. While Sir Astreuys Skylance swiftly put the foul beasts to the sword, they were not quick enough to catch the vampiric fiend that led them, one that Parravon thought defeated...IMG_3180.JPG




  10. Welcome to my Legion of Azgorh blog.

    I have chosen Legion of Azgorh for my next army project mainly because I like the models but I would also like to try to make it competitive so I can take the army to tournaments and win some games.

    In this blog I will post VIP of my painting, battle reports and some random thoughts on Legion of Azgorh strategy and tactics. This will be a slow blog, I might play my first battle with painted models next autumn. But if you like Legion of Azgorh click follow and bear with me. :)

    I like to start with building a list and then build the army. Then I play it and that probably leads me to change the list and build and new army and then I repeat. So here in my first post I will try to explain my thoughts around the list I am currently building. Please leave some comments that you think of it, but keep in mind that my goal is not to win at all cost. I am trying to make a competitive list that feels and plays like a Legion of Azgorh army and can win some games, so comments like keep the war machines and switch the core for Blood Bound or Skaven and add Kairos will not help me. ;)

    Here is my break down of the Legion of Azgorh:

    On the plus side

    • ·         They have great Forgeworld models.

    • ·         They have good survivable war machines that are competitive prices compared to similar war machines, the Magma Cannon compared to the Warp Lightning Cannon and the Dreadquake Mortar compared to the Plagueclaw Catapult.

    • ·         Their battle line units are strong compared to similarly priced battle line units, for example I think Infernal Guard Ironsworn > Duardin Warriors and Infernal Guard Fireglaves > Freeguild Handgunners etc.

    On the minus side

    • ·         They have expensive Forgeworld models.

    • ·         They have almost no synergy and the ones they got are weak.

    • ·         To unlock their battle line units you have to play a pure Legion of Azgorh army.

    • ·         Most of the army is slow and you don’t have much to mitigate this, like for example Fyreslayer magmic tunneling.

    This leads me to want to build and army:

    • ·         that have at least 3 war machines.

    • ·         that tries to make use of the Legion of Azgorh battle line units.

    • ·         that tries to include some fast Legion of Azgorh units.

    I think the best war machine in the army is the Magma Cannon by far. I also like the Dreadquake Mortar model so I would like to include it. Even if the Dreadquake isn’t as good as the Magma Cannon I think the price is ok compared to a Plagueclaw and I think the threat of landing 4D6 wounds on the opponent’s death star unit might be very useful in game even if it never happens. My hope is that it will disrupt his plans and make him put too much effort in trying to destroy the Dreadquake hiding in my backfield.

    Regarding the Legion of Azgorh battle line I think the more the better but mainly because it is the most boring part to paint and I would like to try some different stuff and play a bit more aggressive I will start with 20 Ironsworns and 30 Fireglaves (probably in two units, 20 and 10).

    Next part is to try to make the army a bit faster. I am not a fan of neither the Bull Centaur models nor their rules so I will focus on other options.

    I kind of like the K’adaai Fireborns on paper (and I love their models), they are very situational but they can fly and they only cost 100pt. I think they have good value in this army to try to threaten objectives in the opponent’s deployment zone and get rid of shaft units.

    I don’t really think the Iron Daemon is worth 200pt but for me it composes the essence of a Legion of Azgorh army so I really would like to try to make it work in the army. I will try it and I am thinking of using it aggressively since it can be fast and it does have 11 wounds and 4+ save.

    The last part is Drazhoath. I can’t really justify that he costs 380pt! but his speed and that he is a semi-survivable hero might fill some gaps in a Legion of Azgorh army when it comes to the General’s handbook matched play missions. He can fly and try to grab some late game objectives and he is useful in three places of power. I will start with using him and maybe later switching him for more troops if it doesn’t work out.

    So here is the army list planning to build:


    Drazhoath the Ashen



    Infernal Guard Castellan









    Infernal Guard Ironsworn



    Infernal Guard Fireglaives



    Infernal Guard Fireglaives



    K'Daai Fireborn



    Dreadquake Mortar



    Magma Cannon



    Magma Cannon



    Iron Daemon






    And later if I skip Drazhoath it will probably look like this:


    Infernal Guard Castellan



    Bull Centaur Taur'uk









    Infernal Guard Ironsworn



    Infernal Guard Fireglaives



    Infernal Guard Fireglaives



    K'Daai Fireborn



    Dreadquake Mortar



    Magma Cannon



    Magma Cannon






    Iron Daemon






    So what do you think of my lists?

    In my next post I will post some VIP pictures for my Infernal Guard Ironsworn so you can see the color scheme I am planning to use and tell me what you think of it.

  11. I started working on this conversion today.  I was too excited to not assemble him immediately.  I also regret this immediately.  

    His name is Morkhead.  I added a skull mask and two extra pieces of cloth.  This is Morkhead after the first yellow glaze.  I'll build up the yellow and do a layer then highlight.  I think I will paint the skull and smoke green to show his proximity to gorkamorka and the waaagh.  But he may look like a greenbay packer.



  12. Hello guys,

    I have finally finished my Runefather. This was a real interesting thing to paint, and I admit I cut a few corners to get it done but I'm still super happy with the end result.





    The base I think came out particularly well. The icicles are made of melted flying stands, trimmed and hit with a gloss varnish.

    Finally, here is the entire painted army as it currently stands! Hope you enjoy:


  13. First attempt painting anything with red/daemonic flesh. Pretty happy with how it has turned out, really, but the armour panels ended up a bit low contrast in comparison.







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    Overview – The Jotenbergs’, mountain-heralds of the coming of season in Ghyran, are being corrupted by the forces of the Chaos God Nurgle.  Rarely seen and few in number, most have been defiled by Rotbringers, however, some still remain. From Azyr, the Celestial Realm, Sigmar sends the lithe host of Virion the Cleanser, and the stalwart ‘Stone-Hearts’ Warrior Chamber of the Lions of Sigmar to ensure no more of these beings fall, or the Realm of Life would surely suffer. Awaiting them is the dark Grublethrex the Vile, the Fly-blown Prophet of Nurgle and his plague-ridden forces. Indeed, the battles ahead of them are to decide the fate of the Jade Kingdoms and beyond.


    ‘Stone-Hearts’ Warrior Chamber, Lions of Sigmar –

    Marius Stone-Heart – Lord-Celestant

    Surdak – Dracoth

    Jarin Duskwalker – Lord-Relictor

    Volker Witch-Bane – Lord-Veritant

    Marmidex – Gryph-Hound

    Artus – Liberator-Prime

    Litian – Liberator-Prime

    Jurgan – Retributor-Prime

    Kyras – Prosecutor-Prime

    Karlas – Judicator-Prime


    Lurdof’s Ironweld Company –

    Lurdof – Steam Tank Commander


    Virion’s Unseen Host –

    Virion the Cleanser – Skywarden

    Zortan – Shadow-Walker

    Ebac – Shadow-Walker

    Sorhec – Shadow-Walker



    Grublethrex’s Rotbringers –

    Grublethrex the Vile, Fly-blown Prophet of Nurgle – Lord of Plagues

    Bubex the Rotten – Blightlord

    Globule – Aspiring Champion

    Urgal the Disgusting - Sorcerer


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    ~ Chapter One ~  

    Athos looked upon the field of battle. Around him, his forces made ready for first-contact with the enemy. Across the broken landscape, dotted with withered trees, long drained of life by the recent incursion of Nurgle’s corruption, were gathered a multitude of orruks. Bonesplitterz, these particular brutes named themselves, though Athos cared little what names they chose for themselves. He cared not the name of his enemy – only their death concerned him. 

    War-horns blared to life from within the rudimentary formations of the orruks, dozens all at once. The horde started to chant and roar broken-speech challenges to their opponents, taunting them to action. Throughout their midst, Athos could see the shapes of hulking warlords barking orders at the smaller brethren that surrounded them. There were others as well – sorcerers – judging by their dress; all feathers and special ornaments of bone and wood that the orruks reserved only for their shamans. 

    They’ll prove a more difficult challenge, Athos thought. A far greater one than all the rest of their ilk combined. The Stormcast were the greatest warriors of Sigmar’s hosts, each and every one of their kind a warrior of unparalleled skill, stamina, and strength…but strength of arms could only do so much against a foe who wielded the chaotic power of raw magic, the ability to rip chunks of Earth from the ground, or else twist the fabric of nature to their destructive will. 

    “The orruks are out in number this morning.” It was Calanius, the Lord-Relictor of their force. He had come to stand beside Athos to survey the enemy before battle was joined. In his right hand, the Relictor carried his prized banner, decorated with gothic depictions of a Stormcast soul’s returning to their God-King's embrace. 

    “They’ll die all the same, few or many, it matters not,” Athos replied. “It’s their sorcerers that worry me. I count a dozen at least, though there’s almost surely more of them skulking about.” 

    “We’ll handle it,” Calanius told him matter of factly. “We always do.” 

    We do, Athos merely thought, because we cannot die. If we fail, we’ll merely come back again. That is our gift, and in other ways, our curse.

    Though not all resented the immortality bestowed upon the Stormcast by their God, some were…less enthusiastic. Athos had had a family once, a loving wife and daughter, though he could remember little of them now. Their faces were blurry images in his mind's eye, and their voices were muffled echoes. Athos wondered how much longer it would be before those lingering thoughts faded as well. How much longer would it be before he forgot them entirely? He wondered if he would ever see them again. A lifetime ago, death had offered the promise of reunion, no matter what came, but now… 

    “The orruks are moving, Lord-Castellant." Calanius's voice, calling him back to the present. “We should begin," the Lord-Relictor then told him as Athos returned to the present. 

    He saw the orruks then, a seething tide of green flesh and bone-weapons, and all of it pouring directly towards the forward lines of the Stormcast formations. Athos clenched one steel gauntlet around the hilt of the warhammer he carried. He pulled the weapon loose from the bonds on his back and raised it high for all around him to see. The weapon's steel-head glinted with the sunlight of the new morning.

     “Aye,” Athos spoke. “By Sigmar’s grace, let us bring swift death to these foul beasts.” 



    A cold intelligence watched the storm of battle rage. Over a burning fire, the Gaunt-Summoner, One of the Nine, chanted eldritch words of power. The words of his God. His prayers were answered, and foul power poured from the flames. His minions danced and flayed their limbs about the ritual, chanting in a variety of alien tongues. Their devotion, their energy, their very life-force, gave power to the ritual. 

    From far away, the Gaunt-Summonder heard the warhorns of the orruks, and he knew the time had come. From within his robing he produced an old book, wrapped in the skin of flayed man. As his elongated fingers opened it, the cries of a thousand damned souls screamed from within its pages. He cackled, knowing each of the voice's many names. In his freehand, the Seventh of the Nine raised a dagger, its twin-faces etched with ancient runes chiseled by the talon of Tzeentch itself.

    The wailing of the damned grew louder. The Gaunt-Summoner hissed through multiple rows of fanged teeth, and then he plunged the dagger down, directly into the pages of the book. The world shuddered. It was begun.





    The starting locations for the Stormcast and Bonesplitterz forces. Meanwhile, the Gaunt-Summoner and his cult perform an unholy ritual, unbeknownst to either force.  



    The Stormcast forces advance, splitting their forces into three prongs. Priority switches to the savage orruks, who gleefully bellow as they surge forward.



    The orruks rush forward and charge headlong into their hated foes. After a fierce round of combat, the smaller unit of Liberators are wiped out to a man by the Bonesplitterz boar riders. All across the front, bodies begin to pile. In the heavens above, the sky trembles. 



    Just as it appears the Stormcast will be overrun, the surrounding woods break, and a swarm of Sylvaneth pour forth from the shadows of Ghyran's foliage - directly into the already engaged Bonesplitterz!




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    I submitted a couple entries for this painting comp, but never posted WIP here. Neither scored more than a vote or two but it got me painting my Nurgle models again, so I'm calling it a win.




  14. I painted Skaven and Ironjawz for Back to Back tournaments this month. Loved it, nothing like a deadline to get the finished product done. Of course I always see more things I can do and fix once the pics are complete :)


  15. Undead4Life
    Latest Entry

    Hey, all! Sorry to keep you waiting, I know you've been captivated with bated breath!

    Really though, with school, life, Order and Destruction all going on, I haven't been making as much progress as I'd like. Perfect world would have 100-hour days..

    Anywho, I acquired a windfall of some precious Tomb Kings skellies for cheap, so I HAD to make some Screaming Skull Catapults!

    One bitz order, some balsa wood, and a night of construction later, I present my ghetto-pults!


    I still want to rough up the wood, add some details and get them on bases, but the main chunk of the builds are done!

  16. So, here is the final draft for the 'Right of Conquest' map campaign. The play testing has been going well. The campaign feels balanced and tactical. The latest revision adds a number of new actions which can be carried out during the resource phase, and tones down the numbers of troops that can be raised in a season. The wording of the 'battle phase' paragraph has been tidied up, hopefully to make it all a bit clearer. 

    Enjoy, and thanks for the positive feedback.











    Right of Conquest 1.4.pdf

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    When Sigmar started last summer I decided to try and do small forces of about 4-6 warscrolls for multiple armies across all the alliances. So far I have managed a stormcast,  bloodbound, sylvaneth, wanderers, high elves, moonclan-still plenty to go. Loved doing this and I intend to wage war against the mountain of plastic I have in various stages from boxed and sealed to half painted. 


    The intention is to stick with destruction until the new year, but do not be surprised to see a chaos, order and death page pop up relatively soon.


    I have included my first mixed destruction force aswell as a megaboss on mawcrusha below before pics of my built mini-forces that I will be painting up next, some are bigger than others, I hope to get the hunter, yetees and sabre tusks done up by the end of next week before working on some of the mounts, I also have some brutes and moonclan to add.

    I tend to be more of a collector and painter but do intend to play at some point and get to some tournaments next year.








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    Tries to go for an inverted skin tone on my alarielle. The look I'm going for is like Galadriel in LOTR movie when she describes what she'll be like with the ring...any tips for further progress is appreciated



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    Here is my work in progress on one of the furnaces for my list. I'll be doing the same techniques on both. 

    I began by with white primer, then dusted the bottom with necrotic flesh primer. 

    This helped set a mild green/yellow tone to the model. Then next step, I began doing the smoke elements by wet blending skull white, stone grey and matte black. 

    Next I used plague shader to set my initial green shade. 

    Then I re did the smoke elements and the chain with Claymore Blade, then began working in FW Light Green ink. 

    Did a little more touch ups then painted the difficult section of the furnace with claymore blade. Then washed it all with caroburg Crimson. 

    Finally, I let it all dry. Dry rushed ryza rust and finally nihilakh oxide to finalize the rusted look. 

    Tell me what y'all think!