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  1. One of the more recent additions to my Halfling Army was the STEAM TANK! However, not the GW one, but rather a scrap-build one from various bits and garbage in my possession. My reasoning was that first, it's a nice model but way too expensive; second, I would have to do a ton of conversion work anyway to fit the halfling theme. So here it is ladies and gents, the terrifying Steam Engine of the Moot!



  2. Well last week i hawe some spare time, so i visited GW shop to perhaps "watch" some games, as i dont hawe my minis painted and few years after i stoped playing with aper proxies and unpainted minis i thinked it's good idea to watch some real gameplay. And as i was wathing i started to think how to expand my starter and start collecting forces and heh this is a result. ****** you credit card :P.



  3. Hey hey,

    The last of my Beastmen monsters!

    I've been steadily working on a Warherd army until the internet told me the Warherd is kind of bad, so now I don't know what the hell to do.  I'm trying to keep motivated to finish off the last two 3bull bullgor units, but its kind of hard.

    When I made the army I was like "zomg im gonna win so many games," and now I'm like "I want Beastclaw Raiders."

    I always pick the wrong team!

    Anyway, here he is!

    If you saw my cygor, I was pretty unhappy with him.  This dude I'm pretty happy with.  My favorite part is his cute hooves.  I think I did those well.  I tried doing the horns similarly, but they kind of look not as good.  Ah well, he's done. -.-






  4. Last weekend was my first AoS tournament. There were 16 players (I think), double elimination-style, 1000pts, in a games shop in a Chinatown basement.

    It was good fun, even though I only managed to get three games in.


    I brought High Elves. I brought a list I had never played before. I've only ever played AoS with two close friends, and thought I was ready for the tournament, but I was on a losing streak right before army lists were due to be submitted. I panicked and went with something new.

    I took an Eldritch Council army list:

    • Archmage on Dragon
    • Loremaster
    • Archmage
    • Swordmasters
    • Swordmasters 

    The idea was to buff the hell out of the dragon with Hand of Glory, Mystic Shield, Elemental Shield etc, and use it for offence, while the swordmasters take and defend objectives. The day of the tournament, I was following along with Warlords and saw that someone took an Eldritch Council list at a tournament of that level, so it couldn't be too bad.

    The first game, I lost. Horrifically.

    I must have been paralised by the stench of Nurgle's rot. It was Take and Hold and my opponent had Clans Pestilins. I had the first turn but didn't pounce, instead deciding to let them advance. It was a mistake. That army had so many rules, so many spells and abilities that make those little rats bite hard. 

    I'm not even sure what happened. My elves didn't stand a chance. The dragon was surrounded and fell. As did everyone else.


    It was fun though.

    I was determined to regroup for the next game. It was Three Places of Power. Heroes need to hold objectives. He brought Death and only one hero, Mannfred. I had three heroes, and a plan.

    He went first and advanced. I went: arcane bolt to Mannfred, Hand of Glory on my dragon. Archmage and Loremaster moved towards objectives. One unit of swordmasters blocked a city street, keeping my wizards safe from approaching zombies. The other unit ran towards one flank of Mannfred. And the dragon flew in towards the other flank. Fire breath on Mannfred and then the charge. The next turn his necrosphinx made short work of my dragon, but the dragon had successfully held the now badly wounded Mannfred up. I went next and before he could run, the swordmasters moved in and killed him. I already had victory points on the board, and with no heroes, my opponent had no way of scoring. It was a short game, but exciting.



    My last game was against Beastclaw Raiders. The game was Blood and Glory and he only had about 10 models, so I thought I could perhaps out maneuver him to objectives. It started really well too. I played aggressively with the dragon, taking out Yhetees and Beastriders with no issue. The dragon eventually fell, but that was okay. It was the rest of my army vs his hero. I just had to kill him, or at least stay alive until the fifth battleround and control at least two objectives. Easy, right?


    Well, it wasn't easy. His big bad beastie charged up and down the board, taking out my units one at a time. My archmage was the last to fall. No one could stay hidden or take its charge and we were quickly removed from the board. Game over.

    It was a really fun, fast paced day. The games were swift and everyone friendly.

    I am used to playing Ellyrian Reavers, Bolt Throwers and Dragon Nobles, but enjoyed the Eldritch Council list.

    I think the Archmage might have been a waste of points. With only 1000pts, there isn't many saves to cover with his Elemental Shield. Taking the Archmage on Dragon was excessive too, the tome and casting two spells was not needed, and neither was his spell Drain Magic. The cheaper Drakeseer would have been sufficient. But the points saved don't quite add up to another unit of Swordmasters, so there isn't much flexibility with the list.

    Next time, I think I'd go a little different, but keeping the units that worked. Drakeseer (340) and Loremaster (100) because that Hand of Glory spell on a dragon is deadly.  Ellyrian Reavers (160pts) for missile weapons and maneuverability, spearmen (80) to cheaply fill the other battleine slot. Swordmasters (200) because they were pretty good. And a Blot Thrower (120), mostly because I really enjoy blasting things from a distance.

    Still not sure how High Elves can stand a chance against those Pestilins rats or that Beastclaw thing. Any ideas?

    [Photos via the Age of 6ixmar tournament organiser on Facebook]

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    With this entry, I'll talk a bit about the fluff I have in mind for my army, as well as potential color schemes. 

    I've been eyeing the different Bloodbound warbands and their color schemes in the battletome, and there are a few I'm pretty fond of. I think a mix of color is more interesting than the solid red and brass of the Goretide, which is a pretty classic depiction of Khorne-aligned armies. The Iron Horde is a radical departure from the usual red/black/brass, and the 'Eavy Metal team has done a great job of making them different, but still recognizably bloodthirsty Khorne worshipers. I also like the Skullfiend Tribe; the predominately black armor, with red helmets and accents, is striking. 

    However, I want to build my own army, with my own fluff, so any scheme I come up with will be a derivative of these, instead of a copy. The basis for my warband is as follows:

    The Paladins of Kharneth are something of an oddity among Bloodbound warbands. Whereas the Goretide and Skullfiend Tribe may gnash their teeth and throw themselves at the enemy with reckless abandon, the Paladins of Kharneth carry themselves with a grim restraint. When they march, they do so in ordered drill, with seldom an utterance, save for the commands of their champions and Bloodstokers. Although Khorne demands blood from his followers, their way is not that of wanton slaughter. On the eve of battle, the Paladins of Kharneth muster in silence. As they stare down their enemies, their Bloodsecrators chant liturgies of hate and their Slaughterpriests execute prisoners in bloody rituals to discern the tide of battle. They march forth in organized ranks, baring down on their foes,  a wall of brass and steel. Only when the battle lines are joined do the Paladins bellow their contempt, and tear their axes into flesh.

    To an onlooker, the Paladins of Kharneth appear to be well-disciplined and restrained; especially for Bloodbound. In truth, every warrior harbors the same callous fury  as his counterpart in another warband. The Paladins burn with the urge to kill, maim and slaughter the same as all others who pledge allegiance to Khorne. However, it is their way to suppress these compulsions until the very last moment. The Paladins lock away their rage until they clash with the enemy, and unleash their hate tenfold. Theirs is a grueling lifestyle, in which the rigors of suppressing their anger fill their minds with images of violence and their vision turns red.

    The Paladins of Kharneth are not led by a singular lord, although they do follow a similar Gorechosen hierarchy as other Bloodbound. Instead, they follow the word of Mel'kanor, a Bloodthirster of the Third Host. Much like the Paladins themselves, he is an enigmatic Bloodthirster, embodying more so the spirit of martial prowess, guile and generalship than mindless bloodletting. Nevertheless, he is still a greater daemon of Khorne, and his wrath is infectious, stirring the Paladins to greater heights of butchery. Mel'kanor's sponsorship of the Paladins comes both as a source of gratification and irritation to the Blood God: There is no doubt that their many campaigns have contributed to Khorne's mountain of skulls and rivers of blood, but the methods of the greater daemon and his mortal "project" are unorthodox. Mel'kanor has a habit of evading his master's fury, only to reappear with offerings and deeds so great they are impossible not to reward. Therefore, his place among the hierarchy of Khorne's Bloodthirsters is assured. Whereas the Axes of Skarbrand tear after their fallen patron's leftovers, the Paladins of Kharneth slaughter with a purpose, doing the Blood God's will as Mel'kanor's clergymen.

    The origins of the Paladins of Kharneth can be traced to the warband known as Lord Khuldrak's Reapers. They were once one in the same, however a division in leadership saw the warband tear itself in two. Proud and self-assured, Lord Khuldrak refused to fight under the command of the Everchosen. Furious, Archaon sent riders of the Varanguard to punish his insolence and make an example of the warband. Ezdas, Exalted Deathbringer of Lord Khuldrak's Gorechosen, thought it unwise to disobey Archaon; he had conferred with the warband's Slaughterpriests, who saw it as Khorne's will to join the Everchosen's assault on the Realms. When the Varanguard came to reap vengeance, Ezdas and a cadre of loyal warriors turned on their lord. Broken and near death at the end of the battle, Khuldrak was dragged back to Archaon, his warband divided. Ezdas fell in the slaughter, leaving his remnants leaderless. They fought under the Everchosen for a number of campaigns, before they were claimed by Mel'kanor, seeking a foothold in the Mortal Realms. Under his leadership and doctrine, the Reapers forged themselves anew.

    The Paladins of Kharneth retain the colors of their old warband, donning blackened plate, trimmed in bronze. Their numbers swell as they conquer weaker Bloodbound, and many variations of their colors can be seen. All Paladins, however, have the icon of the warband branded or tattooed somewhere on their body. This rune resembles a primitive depiction of a Bloodthirster; no doubt an homage to the greater daemon that commands them. 



  5. So month 2 comes to a close, and we've had our first casualty! Jon has dropped out, realising he would not be able to complete the second month in a row, and having lost all motivation (despite our group bullying motivating him senseless) he has invoked the £50 buy out clause in order to avoid all further fines. He has assured us he will try and get SOME painting done, but we will have to see!

    Gordrakk, Fist of Gork

    So here he is! Finished, based, completed. No fine for me this month! Apologies for the photography, I am terrible at it.


    Gordrakk Front.jpgGordrakk Front 2.jpgGordrakk side 1.jpg

    Gordrakk side 2.jpgGordrakk Front Close.jpgGordrakk Back Close.jpg


    I am really happy with how he turned out. I'm certainly not the best painter, and this guy certainly came with his challenges. The base for me is the real game changer here. My old basing scheme was very flat and boring, and was done with the painted model already glued to the base, meaning I was limited to what I could do without messing up my model. Having the base and model done separately gave me more options with the base, and I could add the rocks and have it a little more interesting.

    I had exactly the same issues with Troll Slayer orange on Gordrakk as I did on the Maw-Krusha, so future models will not feature it as it's just a pain to use! I really like how the black on his shoulders turned out, as it was a way of painting black I hadnt used before, but I will continue to use it on the rest of the army as the challenge moves forwards.

    As promised in my last post, here is a list of all the paints used to paint this model, in case you like certain parts of the scheme and want to try them yourself. All colours are GW colours.

    Format - Area - Base, Wash (if used), Layer, Highlight (if used)


    Underbelly & Wings - Death World Forest, Athonian Camoshade, Nurgling Green, Ogryn Camo
    Darker Flesh - Castellan Green, Agrax Earthshade, Loren Forest, Straken Green
    Teeth & Spines - Rakarth Flesh, Seraphim Sepia, Ushabti Bone
    Silver Metal - Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, Ironbreaker, Runefang Steel
    Leather Straps - Rhinox Hide, Gorthor Brown
    Orange Armour - Troll Slayer Orange, Fuegan Orange, Fire Dragon Bright, Runefang Steel (Weathering/Chipping)

    Gordrakk, Fist of Gork

    Flesh - Warboss Green, Athonian Camoshade, Warboss Green, Skarsnik Green
    Orange Armour - Jokaero Orange, Fuegan Orange, Troll Slayer Orange, Fire Dragon Bright, Runefang Steel (Weathering/Chipping)
    Black Armour - Stegadon Scale Green, Nuln Oil, Skavenblight Dinge, Dawnstone, Runefang Steel (Weathering/Chipping)
    Teeth & Bone - Rakarth Flesh, Seraphim Sepia, Ushabti Bone
    Silver Metal - Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, Ironbreaker, Runefang Steel
    Dark Leather Straps - Rhinox Hide, Agrax Earthshade, Gorthor Brown
    Light leather Straps - Zandri Dust, Agrax Eartheshade, Ushabti Bone
    Wood - Dryad Bark, Agrax Earthshade, Gorthor Brown


    Main body of base - Agrellan Earth, Agrax Earthshade, Karak Stone, Screaming Skull, White Scar
    Rocks - Karak Stone, Screaming Skull, White Scar
    Flock - Citadel Dead Grass


    So there we have it, month 2 finished, 700 points of beast, which means I'm not behind in the overall challenge from doing nothing in month 1! 

    Next months commitment is 5 Brutes and a Weirdnob Shaman, giving me 1000pts of painted Ironjawz by the end of September!

    Thanks for reading :) 

  6. Took a bit of a break from... well... everything but now that Im back I set to work trying to work over a paint theme for my kurnoth hunters.


    Really wanted to set this mini apart from the others. He has been the last man standing in several battles. In 3 different battles he has killed the general.

    Once as he was the last man on a hill he launched an arrow through some trees killing the general.

    Second time he was also the last man standing on a hill when he got charged by a Freeguild General with a -3 great weapon. He withstood most of the wounds and was left with one. He brought the general down to 1 as well. Then using the stomp ability smashed him in the face killing him.



    Fh8wQHn - Imgur.jpg

    mszd5CG - Imgur.jpg

    zqd4JUe - Imgur.jpg

  7. As someone mentioned in my last entry, I need to learn how to use photo bucket or something similar once I get a little more free time and some actual models painted instead of the mess that is my hobby room/bedroom.  But I wanted to sit down and make a list of goals and rules I hope to accomplish and follow to make a real change in my hobby attitude.

    1.  Get rid of all Warhammer 40,000 modles, aside from a few unique exceptions.  I have not played 40k since 3rd edition and truly have no love for the game.  

    2. Down size armies from Warhammer Fantasy  models I am never going to use. i.e. What am I going to do with 300 clan rats, 200 night goblins with spears, 100 chaos warriors, 100 skinks with short bows (can't even use short bows anymore) etc. I have been playing and collecting for over 20 years so the list goes on and on. 

    3. Do not buy any new models, unless said models are purchased with money gained from rules 1 or 2.

    4. Paint, paint, paint! I will attempt to put in at least a single hour in every night.  If I miss, I will make it up.

    5. Explore new avenues in the hobby.  By this I mean to try out different lines of paint.  I have been using GW paints exclusively this entire time.  I also need to branch away from doing every base with cork.  I would like to use up an extensive bit box with conversions.  I want to become better at using green stuff.  And lastly, break out that airbrush I have had buried in the closet for I don't how long.

    6. I want to get back into the local scene and play some games.  I have been absent since AoS came out and need to play more.  Working 60+ hours a week doesn't help but if I can play D&D once every 2 weeks I should be able to do the same with AoS.

    7.  When possible I would like to keep bases either 1", 2", 3", 4", etc. circles to use in both AoS and D&D.  More bang for the buck so to speak.

    For now I feel this sets some firm guidelines that I can adhere to.  Soon I will post pictures of my progress.  There is no rhyme or reason to my line up and I am the kind of painter who needs to work on multiple projects at once.  So upcoming I have 3 dragon ogres, Greasus Goldtooth, 20 Blood Reavers, an Aspiring Deathbringer, 10 Savage Orcs, and a Ral Partha Great Bear that I want to get painted.  


  8. The first delivery of models arrived and everything is now built and some of it primed. 32 Dryads, 3 Kurnoth Hunters, 1 Branchwych and 1 Treeman Ancient.
     The dryads was fairly easy to assemble and the last 4 went from sprue to base in 23 minutes. I timed it. The Treeman was a lot of fun to build and it was nice to just build it according to the instructions. The biggest hassle have been the Kurnoths. Magnetizing options for scythes and bows meant a lot of drilling and a lot of magnets. If anyone is thinking about it pay extra attention to the second hunter as he shares his upper arm between the two weapon options where as the other two have different arm sets entirely. So all magnets goes in the shoulder joint except one where it has to be at the elbow. Live and learn ey?

    Oh, and check the polarity before you glue people! Always!

    Pictures! In the end you will see two test color schemes that I did, the goal is something that looks like GoT Wierwood Sylvaneth. And to a decent gaming standard, quick and efficient, they have to be ready the last of september! C&C are always welcome.





  9. To start the campaign, I have chosen Order Free People and therefore chose my war band from these Path to Glory tables. Below is the beginning of my story in the campaign. The story of Règgio and The Wolves of Ghur.




    It had been a year or so since the war to defend the city of Greywater Fastness , the war which had seen the death of the King of Bretonni and ruler of House Houghton. The kingdoms were in ruin, the Kings only son Paladin Hènry was also killed in the finally days pushing away an insurance of Khorne Daemons from the edges of the city of Carcassonne leaving no true heir to the throne other than the Black Knight who was still missing from a time long before these cities of Order had sprung up.




    A new King was needed to unite the people once again, stories were being told of the location of the Black Knight, one who could lead the Kingdom to prosperity once again. The time had come to find him and crown him and his house once again.


    In the depths of the Forests surrounding Cartha, Règgio stood around a camp with a few of his trusted men by his side. He was one who did not belong to a house, like his brothers in arms. They were nomads wandering the Realms in search of something greater. He like a few others had been blessed with sipping from the Grail, but instead of returning home to lead with the countrymen, their quest was to search the Realms for clues of their past. They had heard tales of a powerful substance that allowed the bearer to whatever information they wanted to know. It was only known as 'Dark Crystals', their location, scattered in every part of every Realm. 


    This is where we are now. Many aspiring champions, lords, questers and the likes had heard of the same, but each had heard of its powers being used for different things. An aspiring Deathbringer from Aqshy had heard the power of The Dark Crystals  could be used to ascend him straight to daemonhood. A Nomad Prince from Ghyran heard the Crystals power could be used to bring their forest King Orion back from the void. A Doomseeker Fyreslayer heard that if you crack open a crystal, Ur-Gold will forever pour out from it. A Beastclaw Hunter had heard, the crystals have the power to banish the winter forever. They couldn't all be right? Could they. 


    The search for the crystals had begun, the Age of Realm Hoppers was here.


    Règgio O'ùghton and The Wolves of Ghur


    Règgio, the Nomad Lord, Leader of the war band. His search for the Dark Crystals has started in the realm he and his people

    are most familiar with, Ghur. he once belonged to House Houghton, he was a nephew of the late King. He begun his

    quest for the Grail before the great war, a great story in itself. But now his search for information has brought

    him down this path. He must gain followers for the road ahead is long. 



    The Paladin of Cartha, a noble prince of the grail, entrusted with holding aloft the banner of the lady. Règgio's brother in blood, Franc.




    His Men at Arms, previous followers of House Hulks will follow Règgio to the end. Trusted militia 

     armed with Long Pikes and Shields.



    Règgio's fellow Grail Knights, the same that left all those years ago on the same questing campaigns. They will

    never leave their Lords side and will fight to the death in honour of the Lady.




    The Knights of the Realm, all champions in their own right, fought for their Kingdom in the Season of War.

    The saw Règgio on the battlefields, they saw the passion in his eyes and blessings of the lady in his every swing

    of blade. From that moment they vowed to follow Règgio to the end,



    Nomads of the Forests of Cartha, the Pegasus Knights joined the Lord to find the blessing of the lady in the own right.


    And so the first quest has begun, they will travel to the Verdigris Plains in Chamon as this is where it is told the power of the crystals focuses.



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    Here is my Harbinger well dismounted since his mount which is a palanquin of Nurgle  I kinda misplaced somehwere and can't find it which sucks. The Palanquin is done so it can be used for a multitude of my other Nurgle minis I have both 40k and AOS so the Harbinger can just fit in it quite easily (as I originally made it for a 40k Sorcerer)


    He was made using a Chaos Sorcerer Lord with a head swap from the Blight King set (also where the shield on his back came from too) Has a Plague Bearer sword and Scythe which I nicked from a Cairn Wraith

    IMG_1808 (1).JPG



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    So the gf is assembling some Skaven from an old Island of Blood set to try out AoS. 

    Thought I'd whip some paint on the characters to help her get started. 

    This one is a bit sloppy but speed was the goal :) 

    I also found a neat little surprise in a box. Something I forgot I had. Pics of that soon... ;)


  10. Another friendly multiplayer day. This time it was three of us playing - Stormcast, Tzeentch and Nurgle. We used the Triumph and Treachery  rules for the first time. Battleplan was holding the centre of the board - blood and glory, I think. 

    We played without battleline restrictions.

    Here are some photos from the day. Next time I'll make notes and write a full battle report.








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    G'day guys

    After having struggled to find any time to paint during the second part of this week I finally found some around Sunday afternoon.  So I decided I would try something that I had never managed before. To paint a miniature in one sitting. 

    Originally I had planned on painting my unit of Decimators next but having seen Lohke's awesome Darkoath Chieftain I was inspired to paint up my own Silver Tower model. The Knight-Questor.

    The model is great fun to paint. Enjoyed it even though I got carried away whilst building him and forgot to paint him in sub-assemblies. So the decision to leave the inside of the cloak white wasn't purely aesthetical. 


    Since I was restricted to poor lighting and my phone camera the other pictures I took of the back were blurry I discovered once back at my PC so decided against uploading those. The cloak is red though just like the leather straps. Kept the inside of it white, felt like a bit too much red if I hadn't.

    Still undecided about the bases but I made a new test one and it turned out alright I think. Might actually get to finish all the bases soon enough.

    Anyway, that's about it really. Hopefully I'll have some more time to paint this upcoming week. Looking forward to having a unit of Decimators on the table.

    Until next time,





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    In a while I will be moving to a new house, it was our dream since I have meet my wife, funny thing that your dreams change once you meet a woman :)
    We will have a son so I am planning to have lots of time at night. Any way in our old apartment we had no space for  gaming table but now my wife agreed to have one in the basement. So I am planning to have the best gaming table ever, but I have no idea what theme it should be, how to do it and what with. I would love for it to be modular and spectacular. I wish to use lights, fog from led ultrasonic thingis ect.
    I am collecting Orruks, Ironjaws for AoS, and have a 2500pts 8ed Skaven, also a small Chaos Dwarf warband for Mordheim but I am planning to expand it in to proper AoS force once I win the lottery.
    Any Ideas? Suggestions? Links? Tutorials?

    Oooo this blog for 2 months will be no photos as all of my miniatures are in the boxes that are somewhere as the house is renovated.

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    Since my first post I have been able to finish the bases on my next set of models. These Liberators have been done for a while but required a bit of sprucing up with another layer of Liberator Gold and a their bases painted. This unit of Liberators are led by a Prime named Sulla that has held the line admirably in several key battles. Get them in cover holding objectives and they can be hard as nails. Not very deadly but a good line unit. When I get my next unit of liberators, Grand hammers will be in this unit's future,  






    To help out the Fists Obsidian and provide sage advice to the Lord Celestant, they are accompanied by Cato, a grumpy and old fashioned wizard of the Collegiate Arcane. He is miffed because for the time being he has had to leave his Hurricanum in Azyrheim. (It will a while before he won't have to walk anywhere).  



    Yesterday, my friends, my girlfriend and I went down to our local shops and played several games from the Generals Handbook. Each of us taking a hero and a unit to try and capture a central objective, and cause the most kills. I took my Lord Celestant on Dracoth (Overkill I know but as he was newly painted and untested in battle since being finished an exception was made) and a unit of 5 Judicators (To be posted sometime in September). Arrayed against me were a force of High Elves (A Prince with Bow and a unit of ten swordsmasters) , another force of High Elves ( A prince with blade and a unit of 5 Silver Helms) and a force of chaos (A Bloodsecrator leading a unit of ten Chaos warriors with two hand weapons.) 

    It was the first time I had used Judicators and I am definitely a fan. The battle was close and ended with Chaos and High Elves (Force 2) struggling for the objective and the failed charge by my Judicators and poor showing or my general leaving me out of the running for the Win. What was even better was it was only the High Elf player's second game and she stung us on both objectives by tactically retreating her Silver Helms to the Objective just in the nick of time. Her prince also lanced his way through a unit to Chaos warriors and his enchanted shield kept him from being overwhelmed. It was awesome that someone so new to the game could enjoy it with our group and even come out on top. 

    The second game was unfortunately cut short due to the store closing but ended in a victory for Chaos, Man Flamers of Tzeench are scary. Wiping out entire units with their damaging shots and mortal wounds...

    Anyway thanks for listening to my ramble and I'll have another blog post up shortly. Cheers! 








  11. Thank you all for the emails requesting information, it's ace to see so many of you wanting to work for Games Workshop.

    Can I just ask you, if you are applying directly through the website, could you quote #TGA in your application? So I know where you came from :)



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    When the Tales of Gamer was first introduced  I jumped straight in. I knew that I was going to build a Sylvaneth army.

    I had just picked up some Ironjaws and had started getting into AOS. But the annunciation of the Sylvaneth made my go and leave the Ironjaws for later.

    My goal is to have 1000 GH point worth of models finished by the end of the year. Hopefully I will also have played in a Path to Glory campaign and participated in an upcoming tournament.

    But first here is my great cunning plan:


    Tree-Revenants 22.5 £  

    Branchwych 14 £

    Total 36.5 £


    Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient 25  £

    Sylvaneth Dryads 25  £

    Total 50


    Kurnoth Hunters 35 £  

    Kurnoth Hunters 35 £

    Total 70 £


    Sylvaneth Dryads 25 £


    Durthu 25 £


    Catch up.

    Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £


    Basing and Flocking

    Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £

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    Had my first game with the Fyreslayers last night. I had them combined with my Stormcast for a 2000 point game against a lot of Skaven, 213 wounds of Skaven. I knew I could not win as it was the scenario in the Generals Handbook where the more models you have near an objective you capture it. His units were huge. Did that stop the forces of Order? Nope! I may not have won on points but I did slay a lot of Skaven!

    My List;

    Auric Runefather on Magmadroth (320)
    Grimwrath Berzerker (100)
    Auric Runesmiter (100)
    Lord Castellant (100)

    Auric Hearthguard x 15 (300)
    Vulkite Berzerkers x 20 (320)
    Paladin Retributors x 10 (440)
    Judicators x 5 (160)
    Judicators x 5 (160)

    Total: 2000/2000

    So I cant remember what happended in each turn but it was very informative. The Runefather with a combined effort of some Hearth Guard wiped out 40 Plague Monks (Battle shock helped too :)).

    I was amazed at the Runefather the D6 Mortal Wounds breath the blood and the tail along with the Hearthguard shooting was immense combined with his own melee and the Magmadroths melee. I look forward to unleashing him again!

    Hearthguard were great. Especially when they were charged by Clan Rats that were attacking them and a unit of Judicators and were in range of Storm Vermin that were being held up by the Grimwrath. Threw my Axes into the Clan Rats then fired 30 Magmabolts into the horrible Storm Vermin.

    The Grimwrath into two rounds of combat and got his extra pile twice but he was slain by the Storm Vermin but he took a lot out. I gave him the weapon that adds an extra -1 rend to his axe :). Still undecided on what the Grimwrath is suited to. The rules seem to suggest he is best used when he is clearly out numbered.Any tips you guys have would be great!

    Unfortunately my Vulkites and Runesmiter did not make it into the game until turn three when and there was no way of me winning. Although the "ward save" was great 9 wounds went through, only 2 died. Then they hit back with 36 attacks. My opponents face was great when i said "re rolling 
    failed hits!"

    Next time i might tunnel the Hearthguard and have the Vulkites ready to go from turn one. My plan is to get a Battlesmith and 10 extra Vulkites and slowly move to a Mono Fyreslayer army.

    Next time I play I think I'll add my Heraldor instead of the Castellant, it will take the points up to 2020 but my gaming group is pretty good with stuff like that.

    The Rets and Judicators did the usual shooty, shooty, mortal woundy business. We dont care about those shiny Lightening Men.

    "Grimnir tests us with pain and rewards us with fire!"


    Thanks to Tom Landy for a fun game!


    Thanks for reading!

  12. My first two crypt horrors roughly done, need some more green stuff to tidy up also looking at doing green stuff chain mail to make them look more knightly and bearing relics and icons of their realm.







    Hi all! I wrote a Getting Started in the Age of Sigmar page a while ago and recieved some very positive feedback. In an effort to keep lowering that barrier to entry and help new guys out, I've written an overview and review of each and every Start Collecting box.  If you have opinions about teh boxes, hop on the blog and leave a comment. I'll update teh page right away! My site is ad free, I do this just because I love the community and want it t grow Thank you all for your support and happy wargaming

    Start Collecting Boxes Contents and Review

  14. I colored outside the lines a little bit with my commitment to buy only one model per paycheck.

    What can I say? I found a great deal on eBay and "saved" a few bucks?

    Anyway, no one cares about that. A Maggoth Lord is a big investment and I really only have theories about how each one plays. I put together a survey so you can weigh in which Lord is the best. Two categories, one filth, one hobby.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Bryan C
    Latest Entry

    I have had a long held fascination with Slaanesh but have never got around to doing a Slaaneshi army.

    After getting my Alpha Legion Eternal Stormcast list to where I wanted it to be I took the plunge and picked up the bones of a Slaaneshi army from some fellow gamers that had no use for it.

    Slaanesh has always been about speed, manipulation and a boat load of attacks that have some element of armour piercing to them, this is all true in age of sigmar so it felt like I was coming from a comfortable place. I reviewed all of the warscrolls that are slaanesh only or can be marked slaanesh and decided I really liked the Daemon Cohort of Slaanesh formation. 

    This formation is centred on masses of daemonettes backed up by a Keeper of Secrets (Or Deamon Prince of Slaanesh), a herald of Slaanesh and then a unit of either, seekers of Slaanesh, fiends of Slaanesh or Slaanesh daemon chariots. It gives every unit plus one to its movement thus further pushing the inbuilt speed of the units to insane levels and has a healing mechanism when enemy units fail battleshock tests - although I always forget this.

    So my initial list built on this formation is

    Keeper of Secrets - 280 

    Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot - 160

    30 Daemonettes - 360

    10 Daemonettes - 120

    10 Daemonettes - 120

    10 Seekers of Slaanesh -240

    Daemon Cohort of Slaanesh- 40

    Total - 1320

    This gives a solid combat unit in the large Daemonettes, 2 objective grabbers in the small units of Daemonettes, a fast alpha strike / pinning unit in the seekers, a solid combat unit / caster / buffer in the keeper and a unit destroyer / Saurus Guard killer in the Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot.

    What the list now lacked was some ranged firepower, some heavy hitters and some tank units. Thankfully for only 280 points a piece Soulgrinders with the Mark of Slaaensh fulfill this role perfectly so I added a pair of them to take me to 1880.

    This left me with 120 points - enough for either 10 Daemonettes or 5 seekers, I Italy I went with upping the size of these elder unit from 10 to 15, but after some games have found that the 10 Daemonettes are more useful either kept in reserve for summoning onto objectives or in the list to boost one of the units from a 10 to a 20.

    Having played 1 practice game (a loss) and 3 tournament games with it (2 minor and 1 major victory) I am happy with its performance so far - just still learning how to get the most out of it.

    Will post a game overview later on but wanted to get this rolling.

  15. Hi Guys,

    With the release of The Generals Handbook I thought it was a perfect time to start a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar army.


    I had started swapping out the bases on my Nurgle Daemons but that just is not the same is it.


    I was thumbing through the Handbook trying to point out stuff I alread have and decide what to do when, like many of you I saw the Beastclaw Raider section.  Having always been a big fan of the Stonehorn and  Hunter Models I thought why not, I only have to wait an couple of weeks.


    So, here it is August 6th, and I picked up an Icewind Assault box, a box of Mournfang Cavalry and an extra Stonehorn.  I have 2 extra packs of Frost Sabers on the way as well.  That should give me a good amount of stuff to be working on.

    I am organising a Warhammer: AoS matched play day on August 27th where we will be meeting up, playing 1000 point games and having a prize for best paineted so 21 days to get my stuff done and see how I do.

    Thanks for reading all and I would love it if you followed my progress on my Vlog too!
    My New Army




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    Deep from within the caves of Ghur, an oddboy of exponential power emerges from the shadows. Dedicating his service to Gordrakk, Gurrbog fortells a great destiny to Gordrakk and the Blakkmoonz Warclan. One of power, fear, and annihilation.  Madboy Gurrbog is more than just a Weirdnob, he is an absolute madboy!