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  1. I painted Skaven and Ironjawz for Back to Back tournaments this month. Loved it, nothing like a deadline to get the finished product done. Of course I always see more things I can do and fix once the pics are complete :)


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    Hey, all! Sorry to keep you waiting, I know you've been captivated with bated breath!

    Really though, with school, life, Order and Destruction all going on, I haven't been making as much progress as I'd like. Perfect world would have 100-hour days..

    Anywho, I acquired a windfall of some precious Tomb Kings skellies for cheap, so I HAD to make some Screaming Skull Catapults!

    One bitz order, some balsa wood, and a night of construction later, I present my ghetto-pults!


    I still want to rough up the wood, add some details and get them on bases, but the main chunk of the builds are done!

  3. So, here is the final draft for the 'Right of Conquest' map campaign. The play testing has been going well. The campaign feels balanced and tactical. The latest revision adds a number of new actions which can be carried out during the resource phase, and tones down the numbers of troops that can be raised in a season. The wording of the 'battle phase' paragraph has been tidied up, hopefully to make it all a bit clearer. 

    Enjoy, and thanks for the positive feedback.











    Right of Conquest 1.4.pdf

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    When Sigmar started last summer I decided to try and do small forces of about 4-6 warscrolls for multiple armies across all the alliances. So far I have managed a stormcast,  bloodbound, sylvaneth, wanderers, high elves, moonclan-still plenty to go. Loved doing this and I intend to wage war against the mountain of plastic I have in various stages from boxed and sealed to half painted. 


    The intention is to stick with destruction until the new year, but do not be surprised to see a chaos, order and death page pop up relatively soon.


    I have included my first mixed destruction force aswell as a megaboss on mawcrusha below before pics of my built mini-forces that I will be painting up next, some are bigger than others, I hope to get the hunter, yetees and sabre tusks done up by the end of next week before working on some of the mounts, I also have some brutes and moonclan to add.

    I tend to be more of a collector and painter but do intend to play at some point and get to some tournaments next year.








  4. This was a little listing experiment that I started that I think everyone else may have thought of before. I’ll cover Order for now and probably do the other Grand Alliances down the road. But it’s always fun to speculate:

    Start Collecting Boxes usually have the same following things:

    -          At least one full unit of Battleline, maybe a little more models but never two (usually close to 1.5)

    -          If the army has access to a cavalry unit, it will be a part of the box.

    -          If the army has access to a chariot, it will be a part of the box.

    -          If the army has a behemoth model, it will be a part of the box (if there are two building option, the more flavorful option is chosen, which is usually also the lower points cost)

    -          The box will contain one leader. (only the Flesh-Eaters Court has been different). If there is a new hero available, it will be the choice.

    -          For factions made entirely of new units, point cost will be roughly 400-500 points and the low end of the number of models (10-15)

    Some Boxes will have issues and are likely to come out as something other than a SC Box. I’d summarize these as the Infantry Box (20-30 infantry sized models), and the Behemoths Box (3-4 behemoths).  I’ll explain why there are other restriction for cost saving boxes for each faction:

    Collegiate Arcane: Big Units Box. There currently is no Battleline and at least three behemoths.

    Darkling Covens: Infantry Box. There are too many infantry choices in this army to make an appealing box.

    Daughters of Khaine:10 Witch Aelves, 5 Doomfire Warlocks, Cauldron of Blood. The biggest reason this box hasn’t been produced is just how much savings this box provides. It’s somewhere over $75.

    Devoted of Sigmar: War Altar of Sigmar, 16 Flagellants, Excelsior Warpriest. This is a very good opportunity to pick up the Warpriest outside of the Silver Tower box.

    Dispossessed: Infantry Box. No behemohs, no cavalry.

    Eldritch Council: Other Box. No cavalry or other interesting model.

    Extremis Chambers: Behemoths Box. There isn’t any battleline either

    Free Peoples: 10 Freeguild Guard, 5 Freeguild Outriders/Pistoliers, Freeguild General on Griffon. There may be room for Demigryph Knights instead, but I think the dual build of the Outriders/Pistoliers makes it the best option. Alternatively, Infantry Box.

    Fyreslayers: 10 Vulkite Berzerkers, 1 Runefather or Runemaster, 5 Respective Hearthguard. The boxes already released won’t be bought after this box drops.

    Ironweld Arsenal: Behemoths Box. But think a lot of Artillery instead.

    Lion Rangers: Other Box. There are currently not enough units to know where this is going to go.

    Order Draconis: Other Box. Suffers from a lack of a 10 man infantry unit.

    Order Serpentis: Other Box. See Order Draconis

    Phoenix Temple: Annointed, 10 Phoenix Guard, Flamespyre/Frostheart Phoenix. A well put together box.

    Scourge Privateers: 10 Black Ark Corsairs, 1 Black Ark Fleetmaster, Scourgerunner Chariot, Kharibdyss. I feel this box is a little crowded with two models of size, but I think the Hydra/Kharibdyss is a worthy enough kit for a SC box.

    Seraphon: Already out. Other than the oversized units (12 Warriors and 6 Guard) this is a perfect box.

    Shadowblades: Other Box. This whole army doesn’t bring enough to the table to make a useful box.

    Stormcast Eternals: Already Out. Maybe one of the biggest stumbles is only 2 Retributors instead of the full 5.

    Swifthawk Agents: 10 Shadow Warriors, 1 Chariot, 1 Skywarden. This suffers somewhat the same as a number of the other factions, somewhere between Scourge Privateers and Order Draconis/Serpentis

    Sylvaneth: Already out. I would have like to see Tree-Revenants instead of the extra 6 dryads, but I think this is one of the better boxes out there.

    Wanderers: 12 Glade Guard, 5 Wild Riders/Sisters of the Thorn, 1 Leader (Spellweaver is my choice heresofar). There are quite a few good additions here that tempt me away from saying Infantry Box.

    Comment below on what you like, where you think I went wrong, and have a Super Happy Time!


  5. It's been a while sadly, so busy in non hobby life!

    My latest efforts have been to get a couple more blood reavers finished, my mighty lord of Khorne completed and purchased Gorechosen for yet more awesome models!

    IMG_1201.JPGIMG_1233.JPGNot a great deal I know but some progress! 

    Ive also assembled 10 blood warriors to join the ranks of the bloodbound.

    So my current plan for the rest of the year is me trying to be realistic. Finish 20 blood reavers, Bloodstoker and 10 blood warriors.

    Should be possible but we'll see as I got a little distracted by the listening to the hallowed Knights quest to find Nagash audio books.

    And this happened...IMG_1272.JPGOnly the faithful then...

    Be back soon I hope :)

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    Tries to go for an inverted skin tone on my alarielle. The look I'm going for is like Galadriel in LOTR movie when she describes what she'll be like with the ring...any tips for further progress is appreciated



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    Here is my work in progress on one of the furnaces for my list. I'll be doing the same techniques on both. 

    I began by with white primer, then dusted the bottom with necrotic flesh primer. 

    This helped set a mild green/yellow tone to the model. Then next step, I began doing the smoke elements by wet blending skull white, stone grey and matte black. 

    Next I used plague shader to set my initial green shade. 

    Then I re did the smoke elements and the chain with Claymore Blade, then began working in FW Light Green ink. 

    Did a little more touch ups then painted the difficult section of the furnace with claymore blade. Then washed it all with caroburg Crimson. 

    Finally, I let it all dry. Dry rushed ryza rust and finally nihilakh oxide to finalize the rusted look. 

    Tell me what y'all think!









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    Here some pictures from my latest finished project, a Greenskinz 1500pt army I prepared in the past 2 months for my local GW Armies on Parade.

    Main design cues were Iron age / Conan the barbarian mixed with wasteland wanderers (i.e. Mad Max). Also, the army palette is a sort of gamble on using brown as the main color in order to make the green of the skin pop more.

    Background wise:

    The Brain-Scorched Whaaagh is a collection of tribes who got lost in the middle of an extremely arid wasteland in the realm of Ghur. Nobody in the Whaaagh even remembers why, or how, they got there or for how long they wandered among those barren plains. The orruks spend their endless days worshipping the sun, which is all they can see most of the time, anyways. The heat has fried their gray matter so much, that they have taken the sun as the only thing that matters fighting over.

    In their journeys across the wasteland, they often end up fighting other greenskinz tribes, that get crushed or converted to the ever growing sun-worshipping ranks. Within the Whaaagh, however, the different mobs have all very different opinions on what the Sun true nature is: some say is Gork's blazing shield, others believe it to be the flaming boar that the Green God rides across the skies. During daytime, when the Whaaagh is on the move, the disagreements are normally settled on the spot, with a quick headbutting contest between the mob respective champions... till sundown. At dusk, while starts sun sinking under the horizon, the day's loot gets amassed and giant scraps of rock, metal and enemy corpses get lit in a massive pyre to the Green Gods. With no more enemies to be fought, the orc mobs start arguing again... a thrown Snotling, a spit too close to one's face, and the argument quickly degenerates in a brawl, lasting the whole night, till the sun rises again, and engulfs the orcs in a stupor which stops all squabbles on the spot. It is then, that the giant pile of rocks comes to life, just as the first sun rays touches it.

    The orcs start chanting around the massive walking idol and start following it as it threads towards a new fight. And it is a new day in the Brainscorcha Wasteland.












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    In the past I have tried to get into the hobby that I use to love to play as a teenage kid. Some attempts have been more successful than others. Three years ago I managed to paint up a sizeable high elf army. I enjoy painting and wanted to do a good job. It took a year to paint and by the time I got near it's completion my interest waned and real life took hold.  The large of rules and time everything took wasn't compatible with my lifestyle and short attention span.

    If you want you can check out my old painting blog over at Bad Dice forums: 



    I was excited to hear about the launch of AOS. Firstly, the 4 page rules and "dumbed down" game play sounded appealing. I liked the idea of everyone starting out together, levelling the playing field a little. However I never got around to sticking my toe in. What spare hobby time I did have was spent painting the odd miniature here and there but never anything AOS. 

    It wasn't till last month when away for a short break in Cornwall I popped into their local GW store. I would normally keep away from stores a few years back for fear of the pushing selling staff; however my recently experiences have actually been really positive. We had a good chat with the staff there (I think his name was John?), the Mrs showed an interest and picked out a few models she likes and kindly brought me the AOS start box .

    This time I thought I would try and approach things a little differently than my last foray into hobbying. I tweeted in hope of finding local players who fancied a game and a beer, luckily this was re-tweeted out by a few people in the community with big followings and have now arranged to hook up with a few local players. We have agreed to meet and play a few smallish skirmish games so we can get playing and build up a little at a time. I also popped into my local GW store in Bath and had a great chat to Robin. He has pointed me in the direction of a local club as well as inviting me down for his Thursdays game night at sore.  My plan is to drop by both in the coming months. 


    I am planning on getting the Stormcast from the starter set painted quickly so I can play straight away. Whilst doing this, it allows me time to get to find out more about the story and decide what army I would like to a better standard. I have got myself the handbook, the war storm novel and the getting started book (which was surprisingly good, as well as excellent value). I am well on my way to doing this.

    This week I have have got 8 liberators and one Prosecutor finished. The Mrs really liked the "Hammer Angel" model, so that was the first one to hit the desk. I have also bumped out one base colour & wash on the 3 Retributors and the 2 Liberator-Primes and my plan is to finish these for the end of the week. Again not my finest work but it will get me playing and enjoying other parts of the hobby. I have started on the base and hope to have that finished this week .... if the filler ever dries. 


    If you have any helpful hints or advice about getting back into the hobby I would love to hear it. And if you live local please feel free to get in touch, it would be great hearing from you. 







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    Good Afternoon! I wanted to get this down so I basically commit myself to it. As the title and description says. 7 armies in one year. Easy....

    My first task will be of course picking the 7 armies I want to do. Over the past couple of days, I have created a 1000 point army for every faction in AoS so far. You can find the link to this below,

    1000pt Army Lists for every faction

    I then went onto looking back through them and creating a shortlist, this took the list down to 17 armies which are as follows.

    • Daemons of Khorne
    • DeathLords
    • Deathrattle
    • Khorne Bloodbound
    • Nurgle Rotbringers
    • Beastclaw Raiders
    • Devoted of Sigmar
    • Eldritch Council
    • Fyreslayers
    • Greenskinz
    • Gutbusters
    • Order Draconis
    • Phoenix Temple
    • Shadowblades
    • Spiderfang Grots
    • Stormcast Eternals
    • Sylvaneth

    From this list, I looked at what models I already own in some way or another. So this then put the following at the top of the shortlist

    • Deathlords
    • Khorne Bloodbound
    • Stormcast
    • Fyreslayers
    • Sylvaneth

    I already have a Stormcast Army, so ill discount that one, I have as well already painted everything in the DeathLords list apart from Archai so for new project sake, ill remove that. A done a poll on Twitter for the public to pick my first project and Phoenix Temple came out on top, so ill add that one in which puts me on 4.

    So 3 more... I think another Chaos and 2 Destruction armies would be nice. I like the look of Gutbusters and Spiderfang, I also like the look of Nurgle Rotbringers. With that in mind. My list is, but not in any kind of order. (And of course subject to new releases that tickle my monkey.)

    • Phoenix Temple
    • Khorne Bloodbound
    • Fyreslayers
    • Sylvaneth
    • Gutbusters
    • Spiderfang
    • Nurgle Rotbringers

    Wish me luck! 


  6. I've been working on some modelling and sculpting and conversion. These are two models I'm particularly proud of: a mounted wight king and the leader of my grave guard. The wight king started as a black knight model, but with a shield from the grave guard kit, a head from the skeleton warrior kit, a morningstar from the ancient skeleton regiment box, and a pimp collar that's partly third party "wolf pelts" and partly greenstuff. The grave guard is a bog-standard grave guard, but with the ax rather than the generic "great weapon" to distinguish him from his "men" and a head from the skeleton regiment box.

    I really like those horned heads. I'm going to end up using all of them. I wonder if I could learn how to make a cast of them...


  7. So I finally got round to opening up the boxes of bases I have laying around and start to work on them. The first idea is to keep them fairly dull in colour, or should I say tone, seeing as the red and gold is quite bright on the model itself. 


    So airbrush them grey, that's a good start. Then I quickly realised having 2 kinds of grey on the base was above my skill level/effort to achieve on a short time scale so a second colour was required. Dark Browns just didn't seem right in general and I am using black for sundry parts on the models and so I finally thought a tan colour might work.


    Finally I wanted a metal that would again be dull and so had to spend a fair amount of time shaking some metallic colours which hadn't been used in a long while/ever. Some brass scorpion with a nuln oil wash. 


    Ive done it, I think it's ok but I will have to look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes. The bases are pretty cool though. 




  8. Northern California resident Sameer Patel has entered into our Tale of Gamers with his "a la carte" Ironjawz, a pseudo starter box assembled from some new Ironjawz models and some OOP metals. 



  9. To get the ball rolling I've decided to take a 1000 point list to a little tournament in a spa this weekend. I've had 4 weeks to get this done whilst also trying to balance a new addition to the family . This has been a lesson in speed painting though the results are very satisfactory.

    The colour scheme was chosen by my three year old on a trip to Warhammer World and I really like the effect. Consultation fee of one Elsa doll has been paid!

    So the list is as follows:

    Vampire Lord

    10 Skeletons with ancient blades and shields.

    10 Skeletons with ancient blades and shields.

    3 Spirit Hosts

    Mortis Engine


    This has mostly been put together from starter boxes with the Mourngal quick to paint and getting 400 points finished fast (bit much at 1000 points but the tournament is meant to be smash your mate then take a tip in the hot tub before the next round 👍).

    I also want to start to get a feel for the army. Having played Stormcast for a year I went from relatively clueless at SCGT  placing 87th to 6th at Warlords. For me nothing beats practice and total immersion in your list to fine tune things and learn the strengths and limitations.

    The pictures show progress so far. Just the Mortis Engine to go! 

    As I wander through my experience with Death I'll post up all my musings and results along with all the background for my growing legion. First practice game this afternoon!








  10. This is Slaughterpriest-freebie from White Dwarf. The model didn’t come in the Silver Tower boxed game, but there are rules for him to use in Silver Tower in White Dwarf, so I guess he counts to show in this blog…
    The reason I painted him as soon as I got him is because I wanted to enter him in the Slaughterpriest painting competition in the forum section of this site…

    A fine gentleman like this needs a fitting name. So please let me introduce you to mister KONOK CINDERMIGHT!

    This is how I painted him:

    STEP 1:

    - Brown primer, applied with airbrush

    STEP 2:

    • Skin: base coat of Bugman’s glow (3 heavily diluted layers)
    • Sword, cloth and metal parts: diluted base coat of Abaddon Black

    Konok 01.jpg


    STEP 3: Loincloth and pants

    • base coat of Abaddon Black
    • several thin layers going from Vallejo German Grey tot Vallejo Neutral Grey
    • wash of Nuln oil
    • Highlight of Vallejo Neutral Grey

    Konok 03.jpg

    STEP 4: Skin

    • base coat of Bugman’s glow
    • 3:1 wash of Lahmian medium and Reikland fleshshade
    • several thin layers going from Bugman’s glow over Cadian fleshtone to Kislev Flesh

    Konok 04.jpg

    STEP 5: Red armour panels and helmet

    • base coat of Khorne red
    • Nuln oil wash
    • layers of Khorne red, Evil Sunz scarlet and Wildrider red
    • glaze of Bloodletter
    • controlled shade of Carroburg crimson

    Konok 07.jpg

    STEP 6: bronze

    • base coat of Retributor armour
    • 2 washes of Agrax earth shade
    • controlled layer of Hashut Copper

    Konok 08.jpg

    STEP 6: Hot weapon and blackened skin

    • base coat of white
    • drybrush of golden yellow
    • layers of Khorne red, Evil Sunz scarlet and Wildrider red
    • glaze of Bloodletter
    • layer of Abaddon Black

    Konok 10.jpg

    Konok 11.jpg


    I based him with the same lava-theme as all my AOS - Silver Tower models. With this one, it works very well!

    Here he is completed:

    Konok front.jpg

    Konok back.jpg


    Here is a 360° view of Konok:



    And finally some shameless plugging: I entered him in the Slaughterpriest painting contest and I would very much appreciate it if you would vote for me. You can do this here:

    The rest of the awesome entries can be found here:






  11. Some of the work in progress pictures of my Great Unclean One which was about 99% finished for Warlords!

    So I started by building the majority of the model and the cut off the tentacle whip arm and positioned it on the rear of the model to be his new tail. I cut away a large amount of the top of the model and then filled the body with pieces of scrap cork so the repositioned spikes on top would have something to attach to.



    I then filled in the top of the model with some older less workable greenstuff. Made an arm out of greenstuff so I could place the newly created plasticard sword in position so I could get a feel for how the overall model would look.


    I then sculpted the top of the model and a new arm over the top of the placeholder arm in the previous image. I used loads of glass microbeads to add more details and make it more "nurgley".


    Once all the sculpted was done I sprayed the model black and then white from above to see where all the shading would go.


    I then airbrushed down the first base coats of green and some purple in thin layers around the sore areas.


    Followed by hours upon hours of painting the blisters in 3 layers and then going back and glossing them all.


    As you can see in the image above I went very yellow on them with a glaze, which I didn't like so went back and painted them all over again...


    The gloss parts were added on the base and are still drying in the pic below




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    My first ideas for custom warscrolls:

    • Warlock apprentice: 4 wound character. Warplock hellbard. Not a wizard, but can dispell one spell per round as a wizard.
    • Mechanical rats: Melee unit. Wolfsize rat robots. Bases on the warscroll of Direwolves
    • Warp Golems: Melee unit. Size between clanrat and rat ogre. 2 or 3 wounds. Not a killer but decent in combat.

    More to come.

  12. Hey everyone!!

    Sorry for the delay on updates been really busy with work and life. In the mean time I've managed to get a few games in with my 1000pt Khorne army to great success (only losing to iron jaws)! I haven't been able to get much painting in sadly but this week is shaping up to be a good one for hobbying. I managed to get 30 bloodletters primed red and the skin finished on 8/10 reavers(I somehow missed the other 2 lol)

    ill be back at the end of the week hopefully with 30 complete bloodletters and the 10 reavers done. With any luck I'll have started work on my bloodsecrators





  13. I made a post in the forum thread recently, that I felt really articulated my own fascination with the fluff side of the Age of Sigmar and the Mortal Realms in which it is set.  So I thought I'd rework it a bit, and put it up on my blog as well.  Let's be honest, I'm in a bit of hobby slump at the moment (I've been playing too much WoW), so at the moment, my thoughts are all I have to offer the community at large.  

    What follows is an edited version of my original post.  So, if you've read that post already, I apologize if it is slightly redundant.


    As Age of Sigmar grows and progresses, what I'd really like to see if for it to remain a fluid setting.  One of the major issues I had with WHFB was how stagnant the world was...  Don't get me wrong, I like 40k, and until recently, it's been pretty stagnant too.  I had other issues with The Old World as well, but I'm not going to go into that now.  I know it has it's adherents, and I have no interest in stepping on their fun.  Anyway, In AoS I'd like to see major characters rise and fall, factions shift over time, and maybe even changes to the Grand Alliances.  A living setting would benefit the game greatly, and so far, that seems to me that this is what GW is doing anyway.  I mean we've already seen a Nurgle general go over to the Stormcast, and we can only begin to hypothesize what the end result of multiple reforging will be on the Stormcast.  It seems each reforging also purifies the soul of the Stormcast who goes through it.  By that I mean, that their core trait, whatever that may be, begins to dominate their personality.  The things that may have moderated that, their previous memories, become harder and harder to access, and what's remains is their core, or perhaps their soul.  Be it for good or bad.  

    I feel like one of the defining characteristics of the setting is the feeling of potential and vastness.  There is no indication of how big individual realms are.  It appears in the fluff, that each realm may even contain multiple planets (or maybe even entire star systems), and they certainly contain any number of pocket realms.  In any case, what we do know is that the realms are vast, and even an individual realm can encompass a multitude of different takes on the realms theme.

    Ultimately, that makes me feel like there can be any number of factions/races/organizations/etc. that could exist in the realms, and that even though a specific faction, such as Sylvaneth seem to have a 'home' Realm, Ghyran, there could be any number of versions of Sylvaneth living in all of the realms, and taking on the aspects of that realm.  Personally, If i did Sylvaneth, they would come from Shysh, and lean toward the end of the life cycle in appearance.  I've already considered modeling an undead Treelord, though I'm uncertain what warscroll I'd apply to it or how to create a balanced custom warscroll for use in friendly play.  I feel like all of the factions that are a part of AoS add to the feeling of vastness in the realms.  They could be from anywhere, each could be used to create many different sub-sub factions.  This makes modeling and painting possibilities endless.  You want your Sylvaneth to have blue, orange, or plaid bark...  Ok!  (Any plaid Sylvaneth inspired by this line must include bagpipes in some way.) Go for it! It's possible.  Zombie Gargants! Why the hell not!  

    To me, the themes and feel of AoS comes from conflict. The Grand Alliances, realms, factions, races, etc. just provide the framework in which the conflicts take place.  GA's representing various 'truths or forces' within existence/or mortal life, that are all present in our own lives, with the moral values removed.  Order, Chaos, Death, Destruction.  Each could be good or evil, depending on how they are moderated, but none of them are good or evil in their purest forms.  Although, personally, if I were to have formed the Grand Alliances myself, I may have only gone with Order and Chaos.  To me Death and Destruction, though they are my two favorite GA's, would fit better as aspects of both Order and Chaos.  As they are now, I feel that Death could really be Order carried out to it's ultimate failing, but it also fits well with Chaos as death most certainly can be random in it's application.  Killing those who should not die, and allowing to live those whose time should have been up many years (centuries, millenia...) ago.  Destruction is the same imo.  Destruction on behalf of Order would be the razing of incongruous growth or natural formations, to make way for the pure.  For Chaos, it's just a part of the cycle.  Chaos is so many things.  Good and bad.  Without chaos, there is no change, nothing new.  Things are built, and as a part of Chaos, destroyed.  No reason needed.  So much like concepts of Good and Evil, Death and Destruction fit neatly into Order and Chaos.

    This in fact, has been at the root of one of my pet theories regarding the Tomb Kings.  That they will return, but rather than as a part of GA Death, which is ruled by Settra's Arch Enemy, they will return as a part of Order.  What are the Tomb Kings, if not orderly?  Everything and everyone has their place in the Tomb Kings world.

    At the end of the day, I think we all (if somewhat pridefully) are here because we hope to participate and have an impact on this community.  For my part, I would love it if this post becomes a bit the philosophy behind the game and how we all (especially GW) approach it, but I also don't want to fool myself into believing that I am some genius who knows exactly what AoS should be, or how everyone should play it.  So, if you find yourself reading this, let me know what you think...  What do you like? Have I said anything that would ruin the game for you?  Does any of this resonate with the way you see our game?

    In them meantime, this is all Head Cannon. ;)

    Here is the thread where the original post appeared, in case you are interested.

    Repairing the Lore

  14. Only one unit done this week, I've been slowed down by having to put together a board for armies on parade. So here are my skin wolves made from crypt horrors with fenrisian wolf heads. This is the first time I've worked on matting areas down with lahmian medium after the model gets my usual gloss spray to get a matt/gloss contrast. Here I've focused on the fur.



    And here's my blast from the past. A unit of ogre conversions, using the spare heads from some other crypt horrors/flayers. The banner is not speed painted. I'm running these guys in game as blightkings.


    Thanks for stopping by!

  15. TheUnknownPainter
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    Finished my GUO, and really happy with it. First off I would like to thank Dan from the Tales of Sigmar Podcast for his help. He has been fantastic as always when I need a hobby kick up the ****** and this army wouldn't have happened without him. More specifically this model.

    I started with the base colours of my Plague Lord but soon discovered that the sculpt was way too realistic and detailed for the cartoon style and colour I had chosen. As with most my painting its a very organic process that I make up as I go along, so I decided that my mortal units would have the purple skin tone and the Daemon units would just be generally more rotten.








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    Hey Party People!

    I am LOVING AoS! Over the past couple weeks I've had a great time playing with my "Raiders of OOP" Fimir Undead Army (I'll post pictures later). But, after some thinking I decided I wanted to work on something a little more modern and colorful. And for some reason I always end up buying new models that end up sitting in my closet, forever unpainted (go figure, huh?). Now that I think about it, I do have a pretty serious case of #hobbywobble.

    Enter Tzeentch! The Lord of no longer Changing my hobby mind will soon take over my painting table. After seeing all of the great Silver Tower models in person I went to my favorite eBay store, Black Dagger Games, and picked up the following for the beginnings of my warband:

    Ogroid Thrumatage

    10x Blue (Pink) Horrors

    3x Flamers of Tzeentch

    I'll post up some pictures once I have things in hand and built. So, in the meantime, enjoy some sweet John Blanche art. Until next time!





  16. Ben Johnson
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    Hi all,

    Last weekend was the first big Warhammer Age of Sigmar event at the home of Warhammer! It was also live streamed on Twitch, me and @Ben played in round two, I'm sure he will be along to tell you all how it went 😉

    I used the Knights of Azyr, a small model army but I have played it a lot and hoped to do well, four wind and a painting nomination put me 5th overall. 

    Lover the weekend I played ten games and learned so much about my list even after so many practice games. It still hates the mortal wound armies. 

    Here is my army laid out over the weekend.


    I was also keen to add more to the background of my Stormhost after the event, enjoy.


    And so once again it fell to Lord-Celestant Matthias Hammerstrike of the Knights Azyr, one of the first founding Stormhosts first cast into the mortal realms at the beginning of the Age of Sigmar. The responsibilities of leadership were great on Matthias, greater that even he could have imagined. He knew it would be difficult and that many a soul would need to be reforged once it was over. But the Warlords had to be overcome, Sigmar had asked for it to be so. 

    This was not Matthias first charge into the Mortal Realms, and by now he was a veteran of many a campaign. It was the Knights of Azyr that kept the Celestial Compass from the hands of the Three Eyed King deep in the heart of Gyran, and who had fought alongside the Hammers of Sigmar to drive back Khul and secure the Brimstone Pernintula. 

    With him strode the hulking frame of Lord-Castellant Roth Lightbourne, a huge man, even for a Stormcast Eternal. Long ago Roth had been the beloved leader of his people until the coming of Chaos, he saved as many as he could but he was just a man. Until Sigmar intervened saving Rathe and guiding him on a new path. Many a time Roth had been sound counsel to Matthias offering sage advice or a strong blade when necessary.

    Alongside the Chamber Command fought the Hevavanhost Extremis Chamber with units from both the Lightning and Thunderwave Echelon amongst the ranks. Long range support came in the form of units from Justicar Conclave the Heavenbolt Congress, the air will be filled with the light from hundreds of celestial arrows. 

    Onwards the Knights of Azry pushed not knowing who their first foe would be...

    It was the crazed followers of GorkaMorka that first they faced, the unorganised rabble threw themselves forward into range of the Heavenbolt Congress, one unit at a time they were destroyed but still that came. Chained Mangler Squigs came bounding forward with no thought other that destruction in there mind, awful creatures made worse for the Moonclan fungus brew that are forced to consume, each sip sending them more and more wild and crazy. 

    They were no match for the Sigmerite plate worn by the Thunderwave Echelon, with barely a scratch they emerged, all that remained of the Squigs were discarded chains and a foul smell in the air. Before the Knights of Azyr could savour the victory a dark cloud was visible of the horizon.

    The air grew hot as the Legion approached, a tingle of magic could also be felt seeping through the very ground that the twisted enemy approached on. As the Stormhost formed a battle line, harsh metal creations could be seen approaching, barely containing the daemons bound within. 

    Then without warning the very ground in front of Matthias erupted with a Bailwind Vortex shimmering with magical energy. Landing atop of the vortex came the leathery wings of Drazaroth the Ashen, his entire bode aflame with a fire that seemed to have a mind of its own. 

    The Stormcast fought bravely but the fire and the magic were too much even for them, many a soul would hear the ringing of the Anvil of Apotheosis that night. 

    One defeat cannot stop the army of order not with right on its side and Sigmerite armour on its back. 


  17. I finally have some "real" update here!

    Well, my browser actually deleted my previous message, and it was kind of long.. so I'll shorten it this time :)

    I finished my 10x2 Saurus Warriors, worth 200 points! The pictures below shows the last color applied on them. I was bored at the end, therefore I left the cloth-thing behind the shield just base green, no highlight. I don't actually know how to name it in English, neither I do in Italian to be honest..

    Anyway, it was a long way to completion. It is not so easy to see from this picture, but the bones took so much time. It was the first time for me trying to blend from ushabti bone to white scar, and I'm quite surprised from the result.


    Maybe I'll come back on them again once everything else is done, to highlight a bit the green.

    Right after those, I moved to paint a salamander - I only took few pictures of the process, but I recall the paint I used should anybody be interested :P


    My blending skills sucks, therefore I will leave the red-thing as it is for now, I'll catch up it later when I had the time to practice a bit more. The idea is to shade it from red to yellow, but the few try I did gave me really bad results..

    Now I'm focusing myself on a unit of 3 terradon riders - I still have to find the riders, actually, but that's another story! :P


    I would like to keep the body gray, but I'm not sure how it will contrast with the yellow scales; so I'm thinking to leave the scales as they are on the wings, and change the color on the body.

    Regarding the wings, I still need to highlight them. As of now, there's only a red basecoat with an orange layer, and a red shade.


    Thanks for reading! As always, any suggestion and comment are really appreciated!