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  1. Hi guys,

    I painted my first stormcast in 2018.

    It's the Lord Ordinator. At the moment he isn't part of the Malign Portents painting contest, because I had chosen the warqueen (painted Start Collecting Nurgle Daemons in the first part).

    If I can take more than one miniature, I will try to get him in, too.



  2. Nacnudllah
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    I've finished the third Efengie Campaign book.  These books are put together from the battleplans I use for the Age of Sigmar Game Days that I run more-or-less monthly at my FLGS.  In this one (as with the other two below) we've got five battleplans, a campaign system, and some fun little stories about what went down.  In the aftermath of the Coalescence War of the Ring, Sigmar's followers have been convinced of Efengie's strategic value.  Follow the story of Sigmar's invasion, interlopers from the grim darkness beyond the Eye of Terror, and an epic power struggle with Colossal Red, the Queen of the Monsters.


    In this book, I made some changes to the Clash of Empires battleplan framework.  The biggest change for anyone playing through the campaign book is that each battleplan now has two different battlefields with different secondary objectives.  This fits in really nicely with the campaign system since now the winner of each battle gets to choose the battlefield for the next one.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the book!

    Also, here are links to the first two books if you want to get the whole story so far.


  3. So inspired was i that i finished our converted wight king from yesterday and painted him20180221_132102.jpg.719174d3db6dcd2cdd83a95c2e1c2b73.jpg


    Not half bad right :)

  4. Much as I like nurglings (those fun loving little idiots) I'm not a massive fan of the current plastic kit; it looks like a group of tumblers trying to form a pyramid. So, armed with a pile of spare nurglings from the bits box, I decided to see how far it could be stretched. The three piles of nurglings can be easily extended out to be five by removing the third or first rows from some of the piles. y taking some of the spare individual nurglings dotted around you can make these each very different. The spare ones left make a couple of slightly sparser, but thematically entertaining bases, bring it up to 7 bases.


    The GUO kit and two more boxes of Plague Bearers mean there should be another couple of nurgling bases to come, with a couple of small dioramas already in my head. Just wondering how entertaining it would be to proxy most of a nurgle daemon army with lots and lots and lots of nurglings :D


  5. The Red Gobbo approached a round building, knowing that danger, death and possible glory awaited. Fortunately the Sky Kraken could break the walls, and free the evil within allowing the Red Gobbo the glory which was surely his...

    In the distance he could see an alter, a large shrine to the glory of Godhood, and knew that he had to reach this to achieve his destiny. But much lay in the way, and he could not gain the shrine on his own. His followers would have be with him and for that they must go through the horrors, devils and mammoths in the way. However suceed his must and so he set off. Spotting purple in the distance and the sound of hooves the Red Gobbo knew that his troops must brace for impact. Taking his position at the rear he watched as the purple wave approached him.

    The followers of Slaanesh were upon his forces before he knew it, their preternatural speed ensuring they reached the Red Gobbo's bodyguard before they could react. The first Grots fell to the blades and hooves but others stepped forward desperately stabbing and kills the riders of Slaanesh. However the Red Gobbo could see his troops wavering and so he called on the Sky Kraken which came down and picked up the Red Gobbo in a careful tentacle ... transporting him to another of his groups of his Grots.. a group facing a horde of Mammoths.

    The Red Gobbo looked back at his initial force and watched it disintegrate without his guileful and superb leadership. But he had to get through the Mammoths and to do so he would need the Kraken to fight... and fight it did!

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    First things to be painted. I kept the knights off the horses to make them easier to paint and mixed in grave guard parts to give the two units a unified look

  6. In a time where dark omens speaks of terrible fates and the dead rises to heed the call of the great Necromancer, one can not be too careful. Sky-custodian Harkin Demriksson has returned to his home port of Elgi-Bar, after a long employment  for Barak-Urbaz sky-fleets. With the rest of his sky-wardens they act as one more defence to Elgi-Bars sky-fleets flagship Karak-Dahendra. 

    But valour and steel alone can't ward off the destructive forces of magic. Branching out thier businiess, the Rereksfjiord company now offer the eldrich services of  Fildredd Decken. Fildredd is a battlemage of gold who has studied the Kharadron's research on the properties of Aether-gold to bolster his own spells effectivness in manipulating the winds of Chamon. In battle Fildredd is a flexible asset, able to both strengthen and heal damaged skyvessels. Should the situation call for it, Fildredd joins the sky-artillery by adding his arcane bolts to batter Elgi-Bar's enemies from afar. 

    A unit of sky wardens, led in the same fashion as the 2nd arkanaut company by Harkin who forsakes the protection of a beardguard to better feel the wind in his whiskers. Alchemist Fildredd on the other hand, has adopted the common costume to wear a mask into battle.  


  7. Randolph Carter
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    Gaius Publius had served in the Sixth Legion for almost three decades when the end came.

    He was known to his comrades as the Wolf, and it was rumored that in his infancy he had suckled at the breast of a she-wolf and raised himself out in the bitter hinterlands of Illyria. Certainly, he bore the pelt of a massive grey beast he'd slain with his bare hands during the Ghur campaigns, thus proving himself worthy and winning the honor of carrying the Legion's standard into battle. Hard bit and unflinching, he was the best scout and tracker in the Sixth, and he would boast in all the Legions. Thus, he was out on patrol when the end finally came.

    Unsurpassed he might have been, but even he could not have eyes everywhere, and those who might have been able to see the Ungors creeping through the forest failed in their sworn duty. The first he learned of the Sixth's plight was when he heard the desperate rallying cries of its horns, and saw the smoke rising over its encampment.

    Hurrying back, he found the Legion already destroyed, taken completely by surprise and slaughtered in its tents. There was nothing he could do but watch as beasts and cultists picked among the ruins. Worst was when he saw the Legion's precious standard clutched in the unclean hands of a Bray-Shaman, a trophy of victory.

    When at last the herd moved on to new targets he ventured into the field of ashes that remained- only to stumble over a relic of the Legion, a golden horn stamped with a VI and an image of an eagle in flight. This was a sign, he decided, a directive from the gods. The standard of the Sixth would fly again, and this trumpet would sound in victory before he would abandon his war against the beasts of the forest.

    For four long years he stalked the horned ones across the forests and fields of Ghur. He became known to them as the Hunting Wolf, the Red Hunger, for he fought with a cruel savagery and the bravery of a man who has nothing left to lose. As he fought he saw the provinces and cities of Illyria falling into ruin before the onrushing tide of Chaos, but this did not dissuade him. His honor was greater than to one people or empire- he had sworn himself before the heavens themselves, and he would die before he would lay down his sword.

    This faith kept his mind safe from the whispering temptations of the Dark Gods, but his body still suffered as the taint that was overcoming the Realms overtook him. His once-mighty limbs began to wither and tremble, and his eyes grew dimmer as he suffered from plague and malnutrition. If he could not fulfill his oath soon, he would die with honor unsatisfied, and though he did not fear the end he was afraid of that shame. Thus it was that he prepared his last desperate assault against the herd that had massacred the Sixth so long ago, now swollen to immense size.  He knew where the Shaman kept his tent and his trophies- all he had to do was live to liberate them.

    In the dark of the night, he prepared his tools- fire and confusion. The tinder-dry forest was prepared to burn, and he waited until the wind had shifted towards the camp before he struck a flame. Almost faster than thought the new inferno spread, burning brands soaring to land among the bray-herd. As the beasts panicked he blew the old horn of the Sixth, three blasts loud enough to wake the dead. Many among the enemy believed they were under attack, and in their alarm slew one another, even as the forest burned around them- and into this confusion strode the Wolf.  Slaying all in his path, he cut his way to the trophy-tent, seizing the standard and planting it defiantly before him. This done, he called out a challenge to the shaman to come and face the wrath of the Sixth Legion, the blood of ancient Herculia.

    The enemy answered, swollen by the power of his fell magics into a great three-headed chimeric beast, but Gaius Publius only laughed.  He had slain a wolf once, to win his honor, and that had been with his bare hands. Now he had a sword, honor redoubled, and no fear of death.   He danced with the beast beneath a fiery sky, parrying and weaving and biding his time- and he soon saw his moment. His enemy feared to be slain, and flinched when the fire grew too close- but he had long consigned himself to an honorable death of his own making.

    He set the wolf-pelt on his back alight, and plunged towards the shaman, a blazing wraith of legend- and it flinched back, afraid to strike, and in that moment its end was upon it. He struck again and again, Illyrian steel drawing tainted blood, until it fell dead at his feet, a mere wretch of a creature once more. And as the flames grew closer he laughed in his victory, and just as he was about to be consumed he sounded the horn of the Sixth again, to let heaven know of Gaius Publius' approach so that they might open their gates for the Wolf of Illyria.


    The storytellers call Brother Gaius the Hunter, the Wolf-Skinned, the Untiring, the Survivor, the Sixth, the Wolf in the Night, the Flame of Wrath, the Sword of Vengeance, the Herald, the Sworn Companion, the Beast of Illyria, the Last Legionary, the Oathbound, the Shadow.

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    Last Tuesday I played my first two games using the AoS (skirmish) rules, and it got me inspired to work on my Warband. The plan is to spend some extra time building and painting them, and than using them as characters or unit leaders in the army I'm rebuilding.

    So I started piecing the first two guys together over the past two days, using bits I had laying around in my bitzbox. They still need some filling and minor greenstuff work, but I like how they are coming together.

    Warband Leader:


    My first idea was to build a dreadlord on foot, but he has a bit of 'mage' like feel to him, so tomorrow I'll probably take of his head, and replace it with a hood like the model below. Rules wise I'm thinking of using him as a Loremaster. It seems like a well rounded leader for a warband, and I might aswell start embracing the new alliances :)

    (Dreadspear) Lordling:


    The shield isn't attached yet as I still need to fill out the sleeves a bit more, and I'llprobably  shorten the top bottom killy end of the spear a bit and add the lengthen the other end a bit.

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    Just hitting up with my review of my five games at the first heat last month!!

    My list was:


    Tyrant, leader, nothing left standing and battered talisman

    Butcher and a cauldron

    Huskard on Thundertusk


    6 Leadbelchers

    6 Leadbelchers

    3 Leadbelchers






    40 grots

    20 grots

    So game one I played a Death army (see pic) which like mine was a "non optimal" list and it was Total Conquest so I was extremely glad to see my opponent knew the measurements as that map is a mindfuck to look at!!! His list had a vampire on a terrorgheist, arkhan, mortis engine, wolves, and a few varities of crypt ghouls/flayers. So he gave me first turn and I rushed up onto three objectives with my unbreakable grots standing heroically in front of his beautifully painted army to go up 3-0 and effectively did nothing else with most of shooting out of range. His turn was a solid indicator on how the rest of the game would go dice wise with Arkhan curse of years lifting a full belchers unit and then him getting the double turn had me on the backfoot from there on in. Highlight for the rest of the game was a terrorgheist on one wound rolling trip 6 against my thundertusk to whack 18 mortal wounds into him!!! I could say that he got his major win because of crazy dice but I can't help but feeling that him outplaying me was also a factor!! major loss against but cracking game


    Game two was scorched earth against a kroak on a balewind list (or 100 summoning points as its technically called) with ripperdactyls, some saurus guard, astrolith bearer and bastiladons. Essentially turn one for both of us was our 40 man units running at each other in a battle that would decide the fate of the realm!!!!! actually it had no bearing on the game whatsoever except for his skinks killed two more grots in four turns than grots killed skinks so the moral victory was his! The game essentially came down to the gorger and grots razing two objectives and his ripperdactyls and batsiladon razing one of mine. While he killed more of my stuff than I did his, I managed to get the minor so was going into round three 1-1.



    So game 3 was knife to heart against a Murderhost list that the lad painted in the two weeks before the event to an unbelievable standard, two bloodthirsters (one whip, one soon to be soul destroying axe), herald on jugger, some flesh hounds, horde of bloodletters, two smaller squads, two cannons and I think two jugger units. Really wish I'd gotten some pics of it as it was gorgeous but game three you're tired and just want to have food a few beers. So he murderhosted up the board turn one and smashed into my grot line nearly wiping both grot units with the horde and some juggers with a cannon buddy, while giving my leadbelchers on one flank enough room to pile into the cannon and punch it in the face. My turn one I countered wiping his horde, some juggers and throwing a snowball into his general (in hindsight should have hit the other one). I got the double turn and was able to put him on the backfoot removing most of his chaff units and then overplayed it by pushing forward with some leadbelchers and a gorger to his objective. If I had been smarter I would have played for the minor but thats just not me!!! Essentially the next three turns were us beating the heads of each other before his bloodthirster, with the axe of no mates, made a clutch roll of four sixes and exploded my butcher, two scraplaunchers and three leadbelchers to swing it from a minor to me to a devastating major to him :D Probably the best crack game I've ever had!!

    So then going into day two I had one major win and two major losses but three great games

    Game 4 was against an ironjaws list in Gift from the Heavens, he had Gordrakk, warchanter, grot shaman, twenty ardboys, two units of three pigs and a unit of six as well as two spear chukkas. He gave me the first turn so as not to waste his hero phase 15" move so I moved the grot line beyond halfway and camped, his turn one he charged pigs into me wherever he could triggering a double attack after my smaller unit was wiped. I was able to pile in and with leadbelchers and grots wipe out a smaller pig units securing a flank for the game essentially. The gorger had popped up and made gordrakk chase him so that he couldn't abuse the spear chukkas, who neutered my thundertusk very efficiently. I won the turn two priority and took it  which was big as my belchers opened up into his big pig unit taking them out of the game with his anti-clutch roll of a six on battleshock taking them down to one guy (he should have ran too but I forgot the bellower ability). We both had our objectives fall in safe corners where the other effectively couldn't get too. We both did nothing effective till his double turn bottom of 4/start of 5 where he got Gordrakk into the fight and smashed up my tyrant/scraplauncher and smaller leadbelchers unit. The ardboys then encircled the centre objective with the game essentially coming down to him being up by eight points with me needing to make a 9" charge with the leadbelchers into his ardboys (which they did, anything less would have pulled gordrakk in) and promptly bet seven layers of shite off them for the win. We talked about it after and we both reckon had gordrakk gone a different way with his turn 5 charge he would have had it, sound lad and another great game.

    This put me on 2-2 going into round 5 with qualification on the line

    So round 5 was against a gent playing skyborne slayers in Battle for the Pass. I deployed as defensively as I could with him taking turn one, dropping and shoving twenty paladins into my face, one unit had anti shooting swords and the other maces as well as ten libs. His two venators whiffed against my thundertusk and my grot line held for the most part. In my turn my leadbelchers whiffed just as much against his prosecutors although a snowball did lift his staunch defender general, the prosecutors took a level of shifting that my list wasn't capable of sadly. I got the double turn but he had my hedged in well enough that I couldn't threaten the centre objectives so he was going to be scoring nicely while his prosecutors maced my thundertusk up good and proper!!! We called the game halfway through turn 3 with me having killed sword paladins, some libs and his leader while the rest of his list looked menacingly at my single surviving model.....a tyrant ruling nothing :D

    So I finished the tournament going 2-3 and having played against three new armies which was worth the trip alone!! The English hobby scene is humbling with the standard being enough to have since made me repaint/base my entire army!!

    As an aside you might be thinking I didn't learn any of my opponents names but not knowing how willing people are to be discussed on such forums nameless they shall remain. Hope you enjoyed the read and talk soon











  8. So today I’m talking about ripperdactyls, I have been using them quite a lot in my games. Mainly because with the formation it forces your opponent to bunch up, as they can drop really close the only thing I’ve noticed is 3 is enough. I have found 6 to be too unwieldy when dropping from the sky, (also I believe that you need a unit of them on the table at the start of the game to benefit from the toads ability.) 

    they do shred light troops though, good horde killers too.93C8AE5C-0956-4095-A329-6F952760AAD0.jpeg.d5fa17243f9dfd1e0c3ea831a1635e2c.jpeg


  9. A little while ago. I played in a 7-person, tournament in a nearby hobby store. It was a lot of fun, and I did pretty well, given that it was my first time using Overlords in a full size game. I finished 2-1 (with by far the most VP of anyone). A strange mix of armies, aside from me there was one other Zilphin list, two Blood Knight heavy Soulblights, 2 Tzench, and one flesh-eater courts. Here was my list:

    ·         Skyport: Barak Zilphin, Addional Footnote – Re-roll one charge

    ·         Enderinmaster – General w/Fleetmaster

    ·         2x Khemists – one with the Earburster

    ·         3x10 Arkanauts – One unit with each of the special weapons

    ·         9 Endrinriggers – 2 Grappels, 1 Skyhook

    ·         6 SKywardens – 1 Drill Cannon

    ·         40 Dispossessed Warriors – 2 Handed Weapons, Shields, 2x Banners

    ·         Runelord


    Game 1

    Opponent’s List: 3 units of 10 Blood Knights, 1 Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon. He had the bloodline that gave all the nights +2” move and fly.

    Scenario: Scorched earth

    Deployment: He dropped one unit of knights on each of the outside objectives, and the third unit and dragon near the middle. I put my warriors and the runelord on by left objectives, the Arkanauts with skypikes on the middle, and the Arkanauts with the volley guns on the right along side my ship loaded up with everything else. Since he had fewer drops, and I put down the ship last, I didn’t use the Fleetmaster ability.

    Summary: He took first turn and basically just moved everything forward. The frigate used its hero phase move and everyone jumped out. Shooting did a handful of wounds to the dragon and to his right knights. Easy charges for the riggers and Enderinmaster into those same knights. They actually survived the combat and rolled a 1 for battleshock, so there was one knight left after my turn. I won the roll for turn 2 and took it. Shooting took out the last knight and took the dragon down to just a couple wounds before the skywardens finished him off in combat. The Frigate moved up and burned one of his objectives. At his point he was already down 8-0 on VPs and had only 2 units left, so the game was mostly over. He charged into my left and center objectives. The Arkanauts in the center got wiped, and the warriors got battleshocked down to 5 or 6 left. He burned the center objective and left the other. He won turn 3. The knights on the center tried to combo charge my two units of Arkanauts on the right objective. I think he needed a 7 or 8 on the charge to get both units, but he rolled just short, and only got one of them. He deleted them, (and the remaining warriors on the other side) but I still had more models near the right objective. In my half of the turn I took out the knights on the right side with shooting and an endrinrigger charge. The wardens and frigate moved up to his center objective, and the runelord charged the flank of his last unit of knights. Since he could only get two knights into range, he lived and held them up. We danced around objectives for the last couple turns, and I won by a pretty wide margin.

    MVP: The Endrinmaster charged into one of the Blood Knight blocks on turn 1 with my Endrinriggers. He supercharged his harness, and all 3 of his attacks got through. It was huge, because my riggers had some pretty bad rolls that round.

    What I could have done better:

    ·         Activation order of combats! When he charged in round 2, he activated his knights fighting the warriors first, and after taking so many of my guys off the board, I totally forgot about the Arkanauts fighting the other combat, and just activated my remaining warriors to strike back.

    ·         I should have re-arranged the warriors so that when they were charged by the Blood Knights, the Knights couldn’t get within 3” of the objective.

    ·         I also should have arranged my two Arkanauts that were on my right objective to be a little further apart, while keeping as many models on the objective as possible, in order to make it harder for him to get both in one charge.

    Game 2

    Opponent’s List: Sort of similar to the list I played in game 1. 2 Vampire Lords on horses, 1 unit of 10 Blood Knights, 1 unit of 15 Blood Knights, 3 Vargiests, and one unit of 30 Skeletons with Spears. His bloodline gave him re-rolls of 1 to hit on the charge or something like that.

    Scenario: Starstrike

    Deployment: I put my skypike and volley gun Arkanauts spread out to my left, the warriors and runelord slightly to the right of center, and ended up dropping my loaded-up ship on the right. He spread out his army basically in a line on the 12” line. From my left to right it was smaller knights, vampire, skeletons, vampire, bigger knights, with the vargiests behind the skeletons.

    Summary: I gave him first run, and he pushed most of his army forward, with the vargiests flying over the skeletons. I used my hero phase ship move and everyone disembarked. I put basically everything that was in range into the big knight unit, and through the combination of shooting, charges and battleshock, wiped out all 45 wounds of blood knights in exchange for one Khemist and a few skyriggers. He probably should have kept that big unit wrapped in the skeletons until at least one of the stars came down. The center star landed on my right, which was where the majority of my stuff was. He won turn 2, and put his vargiests into my Endrinmaster, and skeletons and one lord into my riggers and wardens. Due to the unit size and buffs from his vampires the skeletons were at 4 attacks each, so he rolled 76 dice even though he only got 19 of them into combat. Unfortunately, 4’s to hit and wound, and saves of 4 meant that he only got another four or so balloons. The 10-man knight unit also charged my skypike Arkanauts and wiped them out. In my turn, I ground through a bunch more of the skeletons and took out the lord and vargiests through shooting and combat. The stars fell on the middle of his side, and on the right of mine, which were again really good spots for me. All he had left was one vampire and his 10 knights, so things were in good shape with me already on or near all the objectives. I moved to sit on all the objectives, and tried to pin his knight unit with my nearby arkanuats, but they were wiped out anyway.  I positioned the warriors to block him of from getting his knights to his nearest objective, and scored my 9 points. He moved his knights towards the objective on my side of the board but failed a long charge. He won turn 4, and charged the knights into the warriors. Same as what happened the first game, they took a bunch of casualties, but stayed on the board, and because of positioning prevented him from scoring the objective. The Dwarf banner that halves the number of models that flee due to battleshock is great on a big unit. In my turn they got wiped out so I only scored 2 objectives, but I took out his remaining vampire. We called it there since I was up 17-0.

    MVP: The Endrinriggers crushed it this game. They did the bulk of the work in taking out the big Blood Knight unit on turn 1 (700+ points) as well as the skeletons, and one of the vampire lords.

    What I could have done better:

    ·         Again, activation order of combats! I forgot about that same skypike unit in turn 2!

    ·         There wasn’t any point in trying to take a few wounds off the blood knights. When my Arkanauts over there finally got one, he just popped it back on in his next hero phase and used the placement to get the whole unit in range of his hero for buffs.

    ·         I should have tried to maneuver the left side Arkanauts so that they were in better position if a star came down over there. It didn’t happen, but I wasn’t in a good place to claim any objectives over there. At the least they could have made it tougher for him to get a turn 2 charge.

    Game 3

    Opponent’s List: This was the other Zilphin list. He had an Ironclad, 3x10 Arkanauts all with skyhooks, 2 Khemists, an Admiral, 9 Endrinriggers with 2 Grapnels, and 12 Skywardens with 4 Drill Cannons and 4 Volley Guns. This was the only game where I remembered to take a picture.

    Scenario: Duality of Death

    Deployment: I put the warriors across from the left objective with the Enderinmaster and Runelord in the middle of the unit. The skyhooks and skypikes went with one khemist across from the right objective. He put one unit of Arkanauts across from each objective, and loaded everyone else in the Ironclad. We both had fleetmaster, but he won the dice off, so I had to pick first. I deployed off the board, because I if I didn’t I worried he could surround my frigate on turn 1. He put his on the board near the right objective.

    Summary: He took first turn. The ironclad hero-moved up and dropped everyone except for the admiral up on the right objective, and then ran towards the left. Shooting took off my skypike Arkanauts and chemist and did a couple wounds to the runelord and Endrinmaster. The riggers grappeled across the board and charged my warriors, knocking them down to about 14 or so left by the end of the turn. In my turn I dropped the frigate in where I could fit everything on the left side of the board. Everyone disembarked, and I shot off his left side Arkanauts and a few of his endrinriggers. My riggers tried to grapple into the middle of the board, but both missed, and then both them and the skyriggers failed their long charges. His riggers and my warriors + Endrinmaster each did a little damage to each other. I won turn 2 and at this point probably needed a big turn to get back in it, since he scored an objective and I didn’t. My frigate and party all pushed inwards from the left, with the frigate getting on the objective. Shooting took out the rest of his riggers and did a handful of wounds to his ironclad. I tried to grapnel the endrinriggers over to his side of the board to either charge the Khemist he had holding his objective or his big block of shooty skywardens, but they missed again. My wardens then charged his ironclad and a couple got blown up by his mines, but they did a couple more wounds. In his turn he finished off the wardens, shot my skyhook Arkanauts down to just 2 left (they had been taking pot shots at his Khemist on the objective), shot off some of the Endrinriggers and took out my Enderinmaster. The admiral also bailed out of his ironclad. He won the turn 3 roll and the admiral charged my riggers. Shooting took them down to 2 left, and he did 8 or so wounds to my frigate. In my turn I killed his admiral with the riggers and shot down his ironclad, but the score was 6-3 him and I really didn’t have any way to get to his objective and do any real damage. He won the turn 4 roll and we called it.

    MVP: My Frigate held the left objective and did a lot of the work shooting down his ironclad.

    What I could have done better:

    ·         I should have put my Khemist that deployed on the board more than 28” away from his skyhook Arkanauts.

    ·         I should have dropped my ship closer to the left objective. I wouldn’t have had room to unload everything, but I think I could have put a hero on the objective, to claim it turn 1.

    ·         Or, even better would have been to deploy my frigate in the middle of the dwarf warriors in such a way that he couldn’t charge it. Then I could hero phase move away and drop everyone, getting a hero on the left objective and at least having options for much easier charges with the endrinriggers even if they miss with the grapnels.

    ·         I shouldn’t have focused so much fire into his riggers. Without the chemist buff it would be fine for them and the warriors to just grind away at each other for a few turns off the objectives.

    ·         This game was a tough fight and I made some mistakes. His list seemed more optimized than mine, but if I had won the fleetmaster roll and had better luck with the grapnels I would have been right in it.

    Overall Thoughts on my list

    ·         Skypikes seem useless on 10 man units of Arkanauts. Almost anything that is strong in combat and will just wipe out the unit if it goes first, and you probably don’t want to charge with them anyway. Even if you do get to go you probably only get 2 or 3 wounds extra. Might as well just get volley guns or skyhooks for more shots.

    ·         The big warrior block well as an ally. It got charged by units that hit really hard in every game and thanks to the banner (halve the number that flee from battleshock) they always stuck around for at least one turn.

    ·         Probably worth it to take a 3rd grapnel on the Endrinriggers. That third one should only matter for one out of every 8 shots, but when you don’t get any fours it can really hurt (Game 3).

    ·         When grapnels work they are awesome. Just gives you so much mobility. I’d like one more unit of grapnel riggers.

    ·         Overall, I think my list was solid. I don’t know that I would change that much about it except for cleaning up the weapon selection (which is odd partly because I started my overlords as a skirmish force). Next step is to drop the Runelord in exchange for 3 more wardens.


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     Repetition is Key

    My goal is to get as many games as I can in from now until the End of March were I will be traveling to AdeptiCon for the Age of Sigmar Team tournament as well as the the Age of Sigmar Singles Championships held in the suburbs of Chicago 

     This weekend with my Kharadron Overlords. I did not change up my list from LVO as I wanted to jump right into playing this weekend. 

    Saturday afternoon was my first game against Nagash and his Deadly friends. 

    *MY LIST INFO*…..

    Kharadron Overlords

    skyport: Zilfin

    additional footnote: there’s no trading with some people 

    Aether-khemist- General, fleetmaster

    Aether-khemist- Aethershock Earbuster


    10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks

    10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks

    10 Arkanaut Company- 3 light sky hooks

    9 Endrinriggers- 3 grapples

    9 sky wardens- 3 drill cannons, 3 Aethermatic Volly Guns

    3 sky wardens- 1 drill cannon, 1 Aethermatic Volly gun

    Ironclad- main gun: Aethermatic Volley Cannon, Aetherspheric Endrinds

    His list Info:


    Arkhan the Black

    10 Skeleton warriors

    10 zombies

    10 zombies

    and 680 points  for summoning 

    We played Knife to the heart and I took top of first turn because I knew if Nagash was able to get spells off it was not going to be fun.

    top of turn one

    Hero phase

    I dropped a unit of Ark. Co. off so the Iroclad could get his full move. Next I did the once per game free move with the Ironclad and moved 8 inches up and disembarked the rest of my force that was still riding in the Ironclad.

    I used the Three Khemest to buff up the drill cannons, light sky hooks in one unit, and the torpedoes on the Ironclad.

    after that I used the flagship ability to give the ironclad an extra 3 inches on his  guns for shooting. 

    lastly I gave inspiring presence to the Endrinriggers

    movement was normal I wanted to get the Endrinriggers up the board and everyone else in range to shoot the heck out of Nagash.

    shooting phase was just that I shot Nagash down to one wound and a unit of skeletons down to two models 

    great charging rolls for the Endrinriggers and off they went to finish Nagash off in high fashion.

    his turn one 

    hero phase

    he  did some summoning and brought on a two man unit of  Morghast Archai and a two man unit of Morghast Harbingers.

    moved his units up a little and charge a unit of Ark. Co. with Morghast Harbingers with an eleven inch charge(dice rolled super cold on that one)

    in combat he almost takes out the whole unit of Ark. Co. and I just barily saved a few guys from running off the board. 

    that's about it for the death turn 

    now to priority roll

    Death gets the double turn.

    hero phase he used the rest of his points and summoned a 10 man unit of black knights. then finishes off the what was left of the ark. co. with a spell causing wounds

    freeing up the unit of Morghast Harbingers 

    movement he headed right for the Sky wardens with the Morghast Harbingers

    and moved the black knights over at the Endrinriggers who were still in combat.

    after combat and battleshock I had 2 drill cannon sky Wardens left.

    My turn two I buff up two units of Ark. Co. light sky hooks and the two drill cannons left

    moved up the field with my army slowly to his side of the board

    I shoot and kill both units of Morghasts off the table with the unit of skeletons as well. 

    Endrinriggers are still locked in combat with the two units of zombies and they are just not rolling hot.

    Turn 3 priority roll

    hero phase and the normal buffs for weapons from the khemests

    Kharadron wins priority and gets the double turn. I move in and shot Arkhan the Black off the table 

    I charged into the black knights that had charged the Endrinriggers before with the Iron clad and took them out fully in the fight phase

    he just now had two units of Zombies left

    his turn was swinging on my ironclad and nothing hit 

    Turn 4 we rolled for priority and Kharadron Overlords wins the priority

    before the hero phase he concedes the game and it was a win for KO!  


    Lessons Learned from this game

    -Even though the game when smooth for me I think I need to be a little more careful on how I place my Sky Wardens look for the Range sweet spot.

    -don't send in the Endrinriggers unless they are buffed with the Khemest buff. 

    What do you think?  Tell me in the comments below. 







  10. IMG_0576-e1517446101760-225x300.jpg?resi
    Los Vegas is always fun, with the shows, restaurants, attractions and of course the drinking and gambling.  For us though the thing that brought us to the town was Warhammer.  
    Over a thousand hobbyists and players visited the convention hall to see, talk, and play their favorite tabletop games.  For me that was Warhammer, Age of Sigmar.

    Battles in a mythical flavored world where the gods walk amongst men and send their chosen to fight for control of the realms.  From Azyr the reforged of the God-King Sigmar and the old races of the lost golden age, have come out to pacify the other mortal realms.  The dead and their Lord Nagash march out from Shyish.  Raveging hoards of Destruction wander the realms looking for battle.  Last the chosen champions of the Dark Gods gathered their forces from the mortal realms and blink in demonic forces from the realm of chaos.  

    How did it go? There was a huge number of players for AoS this year.  We had people from around the country, and even from around the world, come to play in our two events.

    The Doubles Event

    IMG_1515.jpg?resize=300%2C225There was an amazing doubles event with a narrative theme.  It drew 22 teams for a total of 44 players.  They played in 3 rounds, using modified Narrative Battleplans.  It was gaming fun with a story of two different forces coming together.  The goal in the end was to bring reinforcements their into the Realm of Aqshy (Fire).  

    The teams fiercely battled to gain dominance over the Ardor Plains by build an alliance with another force.  Once forged they scoured the land looking for clues in the ruins of an ancient culture to find out how to open the silent realmgates in this barren area.  As they looked the earth itself spewed forth molten rock in the unsteady plateau.  Finally leading to a desperate struggle to open the Realmgate    

    In the end the Wobbly Modelers (Bill Souza and Michael Vagenos) took the win.  The Phalanx of Olympus took Best Hobbyist, and We Slay Dragons as Renaissance Man.  However two buddies got to play three games together and that makes them all winners, in my book.

    The AoS Champions Event

    On Saturday and Sunday we had the main event of the ITC AoS season, the The Warhammer:Age of Sigmar Champions event.  Contenders played four games on Saturday in a true test of skill and stamina.  That’s 2.5 hours Times 4 rounds for 10 hours of games played.  I was tired just watching them.

    Tzeentch had a strong showing, of course and many tried their hand at piloting the new Nurgle. The Stormcast were also present in good number.  For a complete list of who brought what look up the event on the BCP App

    After seven grueling rounds the field settled down to the eight top players.  As predicted 3 of the 8 were Disciples of Tzeentch, generaled by Joe Krier, James Thomas, and Tony Moore.  The other armies were Oliver Gandouet with mixed Order, William Soehaili with Fyreslayers and allied Kharadron Overlords, Sam Valdez with his Bonesplitterz, Bill Souza with Nurgle list heavy on plague monks, and finally Andrew Standiferd with Stormcast, Vanguard Wing.  


    When the dust settled Andrew Standiferd stood alone, undefeated.  Out of 93 players he wasthe only one Not to lose a game.  James Thomas was in second, with Tony Moore in third.  Declaring himself, Tony Moore from the UK scene, as the international bridesmaid after his third place position.  Andrew Standiferd is the back to back winner of the LVO AoS event.  I know James and Andrew played their respective lists over and over again.  I’m sure Tony has done the same.



    Chad Graham’s Order army won Best Hobbyist (to the left).  It has an amazing Alarielle model with several Frost Phoenixes painted in stunning blues. Mike Scaletti with a tenth place standing and a stunning Khorne monster and Judger list took Renaissance Man (to the right).

    With LVO now behind us it is time for all of us AoS players to think on our new lists for the season to come.  Again, after a year long season, we will meet at the LVO.  There hobbyist and generals will square off for the top positions.  Some in our own factions or sub factions.  Others reaching for the overall top positions and team standings.  With every event like this one, it’s my fervent hope that it brings more people into the hobby and strengthens our overall community.  This game has several majors now in the United States and I was happy to be part of it.

    —Scott Reed—Losing the realm, world, or galaxy, one battle at a time.

    View the full article

  11. So I finally put my brush to paint (been about almost 2 years) and started working on my Astral Templars. First time using a Large base brush from GW and have to say that it will take some getting used to. Previously I have used Small and Medium brushes to base , though I have to say it does get the job done a lot quicker using the large base brush , but I feel I miss some of the finer hidden parts using the larger brush (if that makes any sense ) again going to take some getting used to. Also I'm thinking after I finish these 3, sub assembly is going to be where it's at , as I will say some parts were challenging as a fully built model.


    I'm going off the Warhammer TV guide and based my Liberator using Screamer Pink. Now as the week goes on to finish the other two and get to giving them a wash.





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    Hi Guys!

    I figured I would post some pics of my first Witch Elf I painted up as  a test model.  I absolutely loved painting this fig! The sculpt was awesome, super clean and dynamic posing! This is the first female model I have ever painted and would love to hear some feedback as this will be the army that I begin painting up this year for the tournament circuit.  I plan on keeping everything to this standard as I have set a personal goal to win a best painted award at a GT sized event this year. I apologize for the low image quality the camera on my phone is total ******. 






  12. Dave Fraser
    Latest Entry

    So like virtually everyone else I've been working on Nurgle.

    First up was a couple of trees, yeah I'll need a bunch more, but it was a starter for 10 to get me going, I don't want to overbuy on them.

    Following on from that I started with adding Rotigus to my existing Nurgle stuff.  This model is a joy to paint.  You can do it with a basecoate & wash and it will look pretty decent, you can then spend as much time as you want pushing the shadows & highlights further and get all the cool effects you want, picking out details and basically doing fun stuff with the model.




  13. I’m excited by the new frequent FAQ schedule published at LVO and the rapid Errata after each Battletome. The Nurgle Battletome is very good incidentally (and not a lot needs clarifying there). It's worth emphasising that the previous FAQs accompanying the GHB 2017 were excellent, with plenty of welcome changes and responsiveness to the Community. Frequent FAQs will help refresh the meta fresh and can sometimes breathe life into long forgotten Warscrolls or even whole armies. 

    Here are my hopes for the FAQ. Much of this is informed by recent tournament results, playing a lot of different armies at recent events and the experience and theory hammering of the South London Legion (and perhaps the occasional WhatsApp message in a mere handful of chatrooms).

    Previous nerfs have hit them hard (3 Kurnoth Hunters or 14 wounds of Pusgoyles or 3 Skyfires and 20 points....); and every new faction since they emerged has been either a direct hammer blow (DoT mortal woundage) or has stolen their thunder (KO and Raptors outshooting Kurnoth Hunters with -2 rend and better buffs and now Nurgle...). Hopefully they will get a new genetic hero or new unit at some point in the next year or so, but some buffs via the FAQ could revive the trees in the interim. Their near disappearance from the tournament scene and meta is worrying.
    Alarielle’s Amphorae is ambiguous as to when it functions (both players’ hero phases or just one). The summoning option would actually be useable if it works in both phases. She’s not efficient at present for her cost. Ultimately the way to beat Alarielle is to focus fire and kill her in one turn or chaff her up - extra healing would not affect this principle in a negative way.
    Drycha would benefit from an FAQ allowing her to choose her weapon in the first Hero Phase irrevocably (I’ve just realised that Battlemages cannot choose spells on setup as the wording is the same as Chaos Marks - thanks Tom!). 
    Amend the buff providing for extra shots if the unit is 20+ models. This is the heart of the problem with “Ork Sniperz” - my pet hate as the most implausible, fun destroying* and most overpowered unit in the game (Skyfires plus Shaman having been nerfed sufficiently). This is a 50% Damage buff which would be on the high side for a melee unit, let alone a ranged unit. 
    The list is still overperforming at tournaments (e.g. at Heat One).
    *At least when KO Table you in 40 mins, the Kharadron Code stipulates taking you to the bar for consolation. I’ve had to aggressively help my opponent roll dice (e.g. coming round to their side of the table and rolling their dice for saves when I’m entitled to make them count and use my dice) to get 5 turns done vs 90 Arrers (my opponent was great even if his army was boredom personified filth).
    They are still the best army in the game (even though they are the very limited in the number of viable strategies - it's really down to preference as to more or fewer Riggers vs Skywardens). They make most Tzeentch lists into 90%-10% losses for the Tzeentch player for a start. They are frequently responsible for 40 minute tablings against a variety of armies. It's worth emphaising that the nerf to Thunderers is essentially irrelevant balance wise - the army may even have become stronger as a result as the 2 drop list is in such a sweet spot (and the 1 drop option is still there) - especially since Tzeentch armies are classically 3 drops - Changehost, Gaunt Summoner, Kairos/Skyfires for example.
    It will be interesting to see whether KO are nerfed. They are a glass cannon balanced on a slender reed - even a small tweak to how Zilfin works could have big unintended consequences. Buffing other Sky Fleets (except Urbaz) would be welcome, but would not compensate for the problem that a surrounded ship turn one is usually game over (especially if the ship cannot even retreat out of the ring of death) and generally opponent going first is pretty terrible for KO in terms of zoning off or killing squishy 5+ save models with Bravery 6.
    Fleetmaster might get nerfed or replaced as its main purpose seems to be to deceive and frustrate (or even troll) your opponent. I cannot see this kind of activity winning KO players many friends or garnering any sympathy.
    The Tzeentch army has a bit of an image problem. It's still the most complicated army, with the most complicated rules and the most movement tricks.  However, Tzeentch is emphatically not the best army any more:
    • It's very predictable in terms of the lists.
    • The armies are generally glass cannons with some critical points of failure like the Gaunt Summoner or the Lord of Change of the Changehost.
    • The army is generally reliant on going first, but is generally at a 3 drop minimum without making some sacrifices.
    • As good as the Gaunt Summoner is - he barely scratches 30 Arrerboyz or 30 Tzaangor. Sometimes units of 20 are preferable as this mitigates the Battleshock aspect (e.g. 20 Ardboyz may be less badly hurt than 30 - similar for 20 Dryads). He is dead turn one against many one drop opponents and obviously easy to kill in general.
    • Points increases have removed flexibility while not doing anything to make things like Flamers or Arcanite Battalions or Acolytes viable in tournaments.  KO
    • Wisely the rules limit their allies (e.g. to prevent the Changeling casting Nurgle spells), but this doesn't bode well for their ability to respond to changes in the meta (this also hurts Sylvaneth).
    • This has meant that many people who don't play Tzeentch themselves haven't fully digested the page of FAQs and errata specific to Tzeentch in the previous FAQ. The nerfs are numerous and some of them are very substantial. With hindsight allowing DD to be used for D6 mortal wounds (which didn't last very long) was a mistake and made people hate Tzeentch a lot.
    • KO Clown Car is a 90%-10% hard counter.
    The Changehost is a lot weaker than it was (you cannot cast a spell with the Changeling before he swaps or cast a spell onto the Lord of Change before he swaps, as both swaps happen in the start of the hero phase subphase), You can no longer summon a Balewind with one wizard, cast a spell with it and then swap another wizard  onto it and have it cast another spell within a single turn.  Furthermore, the distance to where you can swap is now limited to 9" away from the first swapped model, so that prevents 30 Brimstones from immediately getting in the way.
    As predicted about a month after the DoT book came out (when people were realising that the melee damage of Skyfires was off the charts), Skyfires have poisoned peoples minds towards Tzeentch (oh look the Magic based army has the game's best melee unit by far and it moves 16" and is deceptively durable).
    DD are also a mechanic that can inflame hatred as sometimes you roll a load of sixes. However, sometimes you lose the game on the DD roll, [spoilers] like I did against Craig Namvar at Heat One (not having a single 5 is devastating, in that game I would have won without a shadow of a doubt if I'd had a single 6):
    Some Tzeentch players did themselves no favours in the long run by ignoring the obvious purpose of the first amendment to the Balewind (to stop monsters getting on top of the Balewind), by taking advantage of the unfortunately narrow way in which this prohibition had been drafted (that monsters didn't know the spell summon the Balewind rather than being unable to be be set up on one in any way (the new position after the last FAQ)). This also allowed Nagash and Arkhan to ride the Balewind, which clearly wasn't the intention behind the change.
    Split is the lifeblood of Tzeentch, it is the best rule in the army by far. It has already been nerfed significantly (and this nerf is very poorly understood). Several other posters on TGA were unaware of the nerfs. It appears to be the case that if you wipe the unit of 10 Pinks out within a single hero, shooting or combat phase (note that it doesn't work at all in the charge phase), then the Tzeentch player has to either split immediately or not at all (whereas if you lost 4 models, you could wait until the end of said phase and then decide whether to split and create up to 8 Blues). This is a significant nerf as it means that you can clear out Horrors much more quickly as one unit can wipe the Pinks, then a second unit can wipe the Blues and another can wipe the Brimstones all within a single phase (particularly in the shooting phase for obvious reasons). This gives the Tzeentch player an interesting and challenging decision to make as to whether it's even worth splitting. 
    People usually lose badly to split (when they shoot a unit of Pinks that they were planning to charge and then find that they cannot charge it). They usually only make this mistake once or twice. I played against a 90  Tzaangor player at Heat One who  hadn't realised the implications of Split - he did some throwaway Brimstone shooting into my Pinks (which he didn't have to do) and this should have cost him the game. He ultimately recovered and I lose two initiative rolls in a row.
    Any additional nerf to Split would be be actively bad for balance. It is an iconic ability and the rule accurately represents the lore of what is happening. Not allowing splitting within 3" of the enemy is the worst balance suggestion I've heard in a year.
    The top up to 10 models only FAQ was sensible and very much appreciated. 
    I've hated this unit since day one (the models are ace). I'm converting mine to Enlightened having never used them in an AoS game. The ludicrous melee damage (think Neo in the Matrix) is both poisonous to balance and jarring from a narrative perspective. Making them better at shooting but vastly weaker in melee would be one option.
    On reflection and having seen how they underperformed in recent events, the combined nerf to the Skyfire cost and the Shaman may mean that they are reasonably balanced. On the other hand, if something in Tzeentch has to be nerfed, then make it Skyfires.
    The Balewind Vortex
    It has already been nerfed several times.
    One of the worst possible changes would be a points increase, as this would reduce list flexibility even more and would mean that other armies like Nurgle (and even Ironjawz) would not have the option of trying their luck in using a Balewind. The Balewind would become the exclusive preserve of Tzeentch.
    Removing the push away mechanic removes a tactical option (what was called Nudging the Beetle in the days when Sylvaneth were more prevalent) and has been used to good effect by Byron and others; and creates issues as to what to do with the models.
    I would have no problem with units (or just flying units) being able to charge the Wizard on top of the Balewind if people are determined to nerf it. This would still preserve its offensive abilities, but would make the Wizard even more of a sitting duck. 
    Fundamentally spells have bad ranges in AoS compared to shooting (very few extend above 18" (= 2 x 9" for Lore reasons presumably) and many below this), which sits strangely given that in 40K you can move (very fast if you have a Jump Pack or wings) and then cast spells! This is most painful for debuff spells, which are fighting an uphill battle against buff spells and automatic buffs (Warchanter, command abilities, Lord Castellant). Debuffs should reward a player for taking them and act as a guard against Deathstars and stacked up mega heroes. The Balewind goes some way to redress the balance. Lobbing D6 mortal wound spells can result in a string of derpy 1s and 2s of damage just as Raptors occasionally roll 1s to hit. I remain convinced that shooting is the bigger danger to balance (although I'm not keen on changes to the core mechanics there - rather vigilance about new shooting units - "how about a Battleline unit with a 24" range weapon which has -2 rend - I know let's give it a buff against heroes and monsters too".
    Small buffs to Tzeentch?
    • One nice change would be to adjust the Hosts Duplicitous requirements to keyword LORD OF CHANGE (so that Kairos can be the second Lord of Change in that Battalion) - this would provide another option. Removing the requirement that it include 3 Horror Heroes would also help. I doubt whether the Changehost itself would ever broaden out to keyword LORD OF CHANGE, but you never know.
    • Keyword LORD OF CHANGE would also be good for the underused Exalted Conflagration (along with removal of the huge minimum requirement of 6 Exalted Flamers (720 points) and a clarification that the rules work on the FLAMER keyword). 
    • Another positive change would be if the Ogroid could go into the Arcanite Cabal Battalion. He is a cool model, I've only ever seen my own one in lists/events. 
    • All of the minimum size unit requirements for the Arcanite Battalions would need to disappear. At the moment, these are narrative Battalions essentially, which is a shame - again the Acolytes are brilliant models, but rarely seen. 
    • Bringing the Warchanter and the Command Ability of the Cabbage/Megaboss in line with other buffs that last until your next hero phase would be a small buff.
    • Ironsunz working on a 2+ instead of a 3+ would be great and might help push them up to the bottom end of Tier One.
    • Strength from Victory is discussed below. No-one objected at Heat One (which I discussed with opponents) to playing it as suggested.
    • Pig impact damage could be buffed of course.
    Strength from Victory and Triple Headed Monstrosity
    This relates to these two abilities which trigger if a particular weapon slays one or more models.
    This wording sits uneasily with how melee attacks work in the game. While dice for different weapons of the same hero (e.g. the Mighty Fists, Smasha and Kunnin’ or the Heads, Slayer of Kings and Tails) are rolled sequentially, for all purposes they take place simultaneously (e.g. you measure all ranges and allocate all attacks before rolling any dice and casualties are removed only after all attacks have been resolved - so sensibly casualty removal from weapon one doesn’t pull a second weapon out of range and if the target reacts when damaged or slain, then this doesn’t happen until all the attacks have been done). 

    Furthermore the defending player does damage allocation after the total damage has been added up.
    Hence, if multiple weapons caused damage to a target model and that model died, it’s difficult to say that a particular weapon slew the model; and so it’s hard to say whether the buff is triggered.
    Having discussed this on the TGA forum and at our club, it doesn’t seem reasonable for the defending player to misallocate wounds to the target model so that (say) the Fists caused the final wound - this is artificial and would make these abilities significantly weaker. Nor is it sensible for the Gordrakk/Megaboss/Archaon player to roll one attack at a time (as it is entitled to do) to ensure that the last wound comes off from a particular weapon - this is an time sink. The practical solution we came up with is to say that if the relevant weapon (Smasha, Kunnin’ or Three Heads) contributed at least one point of damage to the model during the overall attack; and the model is slain during that overall attack, then the buff is triggered. People on TGA acknowledged the issue and seemed happy with this solution.
    For Gordrakk a further point would be that only one of Smasha or Kunnin’ would get the buff (from a given slain model - not both weapons!), so if both of them contributed at least one point of damage, then roll a dice to determine which one gets the buff randomly.
    For completeness, the same point arises for other Warscrolls.
    Specific FAQs suggested by the South London Legion
    Q: Is a unit set up using Wandering Wend does it have to deploy more than 9” from any models?
    A: ?
    Commentary. The Wandering Wend rule modifies another rule (Realm Wanderers) so it may inherit the 9” restriction from that rule or it may be intended to be self-contained. I suspect that the more aggressive interpretations of this rule are going to be curbed in the FAQ based on recent tournament rulings.
    Q: If a rule sets up a unit and says that this is its move for the movement phase or counts for its move for the movement phase is it both a setup and a move and so subject to the 3” rule?
    A: No. Any set up rule is a set up and never also a move and never subject to the 3”.
    Commentary. The initial FAQ (which defines set ups and moves) drew a bright line between set ups and moves, which was great as it simplified the rules for new players and was so clear. A recent FAQ that clarified that a setup is not a retreat (unless it specifies otherwise i.e. it says this counts as a retreat) was another step in the right direction.
    However, in between there has been a lot of argument over whether certain rules (which are obviously set up rules in nature - i.e. models appear on the table for the first time or are taken off and set up in a completely new position) are or are not moves as well. Much of this was motivated by trying to tone down the Warrior Brotherhood (which was understandable). 
    However to explain to these distinctions to a someone and particularly a new player is rarely practical and could provoke more argument/discussion as the distinctions look arbitrary - there are distinctions between Lightning Chariot (not a move), Astral Compass (could be a move), Vexillor (not a move) and all Summoning spells (not a move) for example. Given that Warrior Brotherhood has been nerfed, there is a small impact on balance from making such a change. For example - Hammerstrike Force (even when given the benefit of the doubt - treated not a move) is not overpowered. 
    As you'll appreciate, this isn’t an issue for the Vanguard Wing - as the wording is a pure set up. I’ve previously suggested a modest nerf to this combo - just bring the unit cap back down to 20 Liberators (still a formidable 40 wounds, but fewer Grand Hammers). This is strongly preferable to rewriting the scroll or changing the mechanics of setting up models. Alternatively, just increase the cost of the Battalion by (say) 60 points.
    Some combination of nerfs is on the cards for Vanguard Wing. Personally I would try to maintain the pure setup rule for this Battalion, but nerf the other aspects of it. Vanguard Wing should remain an option but not the only option!
    Q: Drycha has a choice between Squirmlings and Flitterfuries. This isn’t specified as a weapon choice in Scrollbuilder, so you cannot select in on your list. Can she select this when you set her up rather than before the Battle on the list?
    A: Yes
    See above. 
    Commentary: Drycha is a named character - from a Lore perspective she could decide to fill herself with the respective Squirmlings or Flitterfuries with an eye to the next battle. 
    From a balance perspective Drycha is on the weak side without this flexibility - she is a good horde killer with Squirmlings but that ability is very weak against non-hordes - Stormcast that aren't using Vanguard Wing, most Tzeentch armies (lots of units of 10 models - maybe the odd unit of 20 Blues), KO, many Ironjawz lists, Beastclaw etc.. 
    The buff to Flitterfuries was welcome (not affecting herself/friendly models), but it is worth nothing if Drycha can only be taken with Squirmlings for an entire tournament (which is what you would be forced to do if you took her in a list and had to pick).
    Her cost of 280 is on the high side without this flexibility - bearing in mind that she is potentially costing you an artefact (as her non-named "equivalents" the TLA or Spirit of Durthu could take an artefact, Sylvaneth have spectacular artefacts that go very well on those two heroes; and Sylvaneth rarely have the points to take 3 heroes and Drycha following earlier point increases). 
    Disciples of Tzeentch 
    Page 81 Arcane Suggestion - Drop Your Weapons and Turn Around
    Change to: 
    ‘Until your next hero phase, subtract 1 from hit and wound rolls for that unit.’
    ‘Until your next hero phase, subtract 1 from save rolls for the unit.’
    I suspect this one isn’t getting changed and will remain useless (or to be generous - an incredibly situational gamble). It was a costly waste at Heat One for me - the worst thing in my list - I took it as a partial answer to Vanguard Wing. Rightly - I’ve never seen other Tzeentch players take it for competitive lists. Nurgle have a near copy of this spell, which lasts until the start of the next hero phase as normal.
    In general, debuffs are at a significant disadvantage to buffs as buffs can or will be in range turn one, whereas debuffs are not. For this reason debuffs need to be stronger than buffs to make them viable. For example Festus’s -1 to armour debuff is for the rest of the game or the Daemonsmith’s debuff is a -2 to hit (so double the typical buff) and has extra range.
    All other equivalent debuffs and most buffs (except the Warchanter) last until your next hero phase. A debuff to enemy hit and wound rolls for your turn only is of limited value as it is only relevant to melee attacks (in general) and you could just not charge into that unit instead or retreat out of combat. It cannot debuff shooting which is the often the key thing you need to debuff (Skyfires, Arrer Boyz, Kharadron Overlords).
    Furthermore the casting value of 7 is high for a debuff (Hand of Glory is on a 5 and featured in Byron Orde’s list which has just won the GT Finals and other recent events).
    Finally the spell has a random effect and so cannot be relied upon. 
    As a result, this spell is scarcely seen in lists even though Tzeentch are a popular choice. Tzeentch’s other debuff - Scintillating Simulacra - is very strong but extremely expensive requiring you to take a somewhat redundant second Lord of Change and an expensive second Battalion. It barely fits in 2,000 Points.
    The proposed changes would bring this spell back into line with other debuff spells and it should find some use on the table.
    (5) Measure to unit
    Change the following rules so that they affect units within the specified distance rather than models within the specified distance.
    • Cauldron of Blood - Blood Shield
    • Chaos Warshrine - Protection of the Dark Gods
    • Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars - Slop
    • Aether Khemist - Atmospheric Isolation
    • Grots - Netters
    In addition Blood Shield no longer stacks with itself. Change to “any DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE units from your army within the range from any Cauldrons of Blood are granted protection....” The Harbinger's 5++ ward save bubble should not stack with itself either to fend off the most boring Nurgle list possible.
    Commentary: The overwhelming majority of rules in AoS target units rather than models (both by default and for good reason) - only a handful of rules truly need to be measure to model (the likes of Hand of Dust, Cavernous Jaws, Stuff in Bag).
    Many of the rules listed above create a problem insofar as saves/Ward saves are rolled on a unit not model-by-model basis and damage is allocated by the owning player after all attacks were made. For example if only some of the models in a unit have a ward save, then it is not clear whether you can roll at all nor is it clear whether you have to remove models that were within range. People have had to use house rules or use hand waving to resolve this. While sone of these would be buffs to the abilities, these are not unreasonable. People don't take the Khemist for Atmospheric Isolation - it's an ancillary debuff; and the Bloodshield buff is coupled to a nerf to stop it stacking (the triple 5++ Ward Save is one of the most boring lists since the invincible Settra, 4 Tomb Heralds and Heinrich Kemmler - which was (rightly) nerfed severely).
    Other rules simply create a time sink in the flow of the game as players have to micromanage the positioning of models and then count models and roll hit rolls or saves separately. They also create an issue as to whether to remind a player as to the distance of the buff in question at the time or capitalise on forgetfulness/sloppiness. For example I’ve measured 3” from a model to keep mine out of range of a debuff (explaining that I was doing so) only for my opponent to tell me afterwards that it’s a 6” debuff when I started rolling hit rolls. That was not against a club mate I’m pleased to say.
    Noting some recent new Warscrolls, it’s worth saying that “if all models are within X” rules are probably better than “only models within” auras.
    Archaon and the Lord Celestant on Stardrake
    Few people would be upset if an errata tweaked these Warscrolls to give them -2 rend on Dorghar's claws (not the Slayer of Kings) and the Stardrake's melee attack. Archaon does seem steep at 700. The LCoSD will be significantly less useful for his cost if the Vanguard Wing is nerfed. Their melee attacks (even taking into account their special rules) are pretty underwhelming for such awesome models. We know Nagash isn't getting a better melee profile, which is also a shame. Gordrakk remains the one demigod who actually lives up to his reputation in terms of melee damage. Alarielle on a good day can do good work.
  14. Continued from the previous entry Borne to the Battlefield

    Lightning struck all around Du'Gall's warband as Stormcast began to materialise. Du'Gall's did not have the numbers to face a full stormhost but it seemed that their arrival was as disorganised as his own. This however did not stop them from attacking his warriors. A gryph hound used its beak to tear the throat out of a blood reaver, who fell, spitting gore. Liberators and Du'Galls chaos warriors fought, hurling blows against each others shields. Du'Gall let his reaper blade split a Liberators helm. The demon within revelled in the slaughter.

    Worthy foes! A shame the hammer god will not allow their skulls to take their rightful place on Khorne's throne.

    Du'Gall tried to keep focus as the blood haze began to cloud his mind.  The demon weapon allowed him to stand against almost any foe but was insatiable, always demanding more slaughter no matter the cost. Du'Gall did not allow the weapon to take control, asserting his will and surveying the small force of Stormcasts that had materialised amongst his forces. They were gold armoured, liberators for the most part, with shields of solid sigmarite and strong hammers that they wielded with skill and finesse. With the liberators were colourful gryph hounds, the beaked hounds were darting in to nip at his reavers and warriors. Du'Gall did not lament the loss of his reavers they were bogging down the stormcast with their berserk attacks while his black armoured chaos warriors gathered around him.


    The black armoured warriors of chaos, bear the favours of their gods, Occasionally these favours did far more harm than good

    A clear noble voice rang out from among the Stormcast.

    "Rally brothers! Come together while I serve as a beacon for the rest of the host!"

    The warrior wore gold plate and bore a warhammer, like his brethren, but his skull mask and bone filled banner set him apart as their leader. Du'Gall signalled to his chaos warriors.

    "Engage the liberators, keep them away from their priest while i take his skull," His warriors moved to obey, forming a short shield wall as they closed with the liberators who did the same and the two walls met, blows stifled by the reduced space and shields.

    Du'Gall edged past the entwined shield walls, straight towards the Lord Relictor.

    "Oh Sigmar!" The skull masked stormcast cried "Let your lighting cleanse this filth!" He raised his reliquary, lighting flaring around it as he gathered his power. Du'Gall spat at the obvious display of magic and charged. He rammed his shoulder into the Stormcast disrupting his preparations and the lighting fizzled out. The stormcast swung with his hammer and caught Du'Gall in the side. The plate buckled and the Chaos Lord felt his side bruise instantly.

    Du'Gall backed away and circled trusting to the greater reach of his reaper blade and he finally let the blade free. No more strategy was required only combat. The demon blade keened in his hand carving through the air, as he threw a series of rapid thrusts at the lord relictor. The relictor took them on his armour, bulling in and roaring as he swung his hammer high bringing it down in an overhand blow. Du'Gall dropped the reaper blade and stepped into the swing of the hammer, blunting its force as lighting crackled from its head. With one hand he gripped the handle of the hammer, the holy weapon fizzing and crackling in protest as with the other he drew his trusty sword, and hacked into the back of the relictors knee. The sword blade bit through the chainmail and cleaved tendons and the relictors leg buckled as he grunted in pain. Du'Gall rammed the guard into the relictor's chin before swinging it around and back hard into the relictor's skull mask. The sigmarite mask was torn away and the unnaturally square features of the the relictor were bloodied.

    Again the relictor tried to call upon the lightning of his patron god, but Du'Gall rammed the cross guard into his jaw and while the relictor spat teeth and reeled, Du'Gall picked up his discarded reaper blade. He lifted the point under the Stormcast's chin holding against the Demon blades desire to gut the Relictor there and then.

    "Why are you here? What does your god hope to find in this realm of death?"

    The relictor's response was to spit a gobbet of blood onto Du'Gall's cuirass. The chaos lord chuckled before thrusting the blade into the stormcast's neck and through his spine. As the relictor's head rolled free of his shoulders he dizzolved into blinding lightning and Du'Gall turned to assist his beleaguered Chaos Warriors. The stormcast would hold their tongues, it was only fair that he remove them from their heads.


    Du'Gall Lord of Chaos

    With the rest of the stormcast returned to Azyr and the Gryph hounds slain. Du'Gall gathered what he could find of his horde.

    "This realm of death holds the secret to the end of the path to glory. Others covet it and will seek to stop us. They will feel the might of those blessed by Khorne. We were strong enough to survive the age of chaos, not shut up in their realm with their coward god, but out amongst the slaughter and death. We shall be rewarded and none shall stop me from claiming what I seek,"

    If his men knew what he meant by and end to the path many would have tried to slay him there and then, but as things were they cheered and set out, searching for any other members of the warband, lost in the realm of death

    Next time.. The dead deal with intruders

  15. Join Ryan and Brynley as they review their 2017 with a montage featuring all of you! Our friends and supporters, clubs, casters and content creators! Keep an eye out for one SUPER BIG reveal for 2018 too!


  16. Today we're going to talk about the strategies available to the enterprising Clan Pestilens player and the tricks and tools of the disease trade. Some of these aren't exactly unique to Pestilens, but all of them are useful to them.

    The Prayers of a Righteous Rat

    Did you know you can cast the damage prayer on the Plague Priest scroll without an actual target? It targets an area, not a unit. Interesting info, but not really useful right? Wrong. Spam this turn 1 with no valid target and go for a great plague, and select the Neverplague. The only excuse to not be spamming plague breath on empty spaces is of there's actual targets available or you already have the Neverplague.

    Weather the Storm

    So the enemy is unpacking his Beastclaw/Khorne/Daughters of Khaine. Our rats don't have a chance against such famous combat geared armies right? Wrong, they're as good as dead already. When the enemy is running an all charging minimum shooting list there is but one answer. Lines of single file plague monks across the edge of the deployment. Ideally 2 or 3 groups of 10, 6" gaps between them to stop the enemy squeezing past. Behind this line, 6" back (for safety) is a gigantic blob of plague monks. The first line will gey hit like an avalanche and they will almost certainly die. The enemy is now within range of a fully buffed, fully packed Plague Monk swarm. Chuck on some prayers of Wither on the enemy, move forward into range and charge (taking the Congregation of Filth will prevent double 1 rolls). Doesn't matter what they're running, they're dead.

    Conga Line of Death

    Never move your rats around in squares, this isn't fantasy battle. Squeeze as much use out of the rat squads as possible, form a long line and hold an objective while also screening for a priest and keeping an enemy tied up in a dud fight. Form circles around objectives, wrap monks around furnaces to prevent units with 1" range weapons bringing the furnace to battle. It's not dirty, it's alternative tactics.

    Discretion is the Better Part of Murder

    Retreat, it's the golden move no one ever uses to their advantage. Charge an enemy, then retreat around the side of them the next turn. Your enemy is likely to know he can't actually beat plague monks in a fight and won't charge them, so if you're already holding an objective don't charge off it. There isn't always a nees to fight. Know when to fight, and when to wait.

    Below are some pictures of silly rat movements that would win me the game. Doesn't matter if it looks stupid, as long as you win.



  17. I've made a bit of progress over the break. Lots of painting time. Am trying to get my Necromunda gangs painted up as well.


    Here's my finished Khemist. I put a bit more detail into the honeycomb of his hazmat suit (rather than the dark brown for the others). Lots of fun with the different metallics.




    Here's my second Arkanaut company all finished:



    And then I decided to get a few shots of the whole army to date. I like how it all feels together.  Still got another 3 Endrinriggers to complete, then it's time to build the massive Ironclad kit.