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    Welcome All

    Thought I'd start with a brief background about me and Warhammer/AoS:

    • First taste of Warhammer Fantasy was around 1999
    • Always been a HUGE fan of the lore and the novels
    • Chaos has always been my favourite army (mortal armies in particular)
    • I have collected the books, novels and special characters for years - love the old chaos champions!
    • Never been involved in the scene, never owned , assembled, converted or painted an army (yes I am absolute theory boy)
    • Decided this year to build an army (FINALLY) & get involved in the scene along with my missus - managed to rope into it (Seraphon player)

    So in this blog I will be documenting my journey to own a full army and hopefully go to some tournaments.


  1. So time to get this blog going again.  I've been spending a lot of time recently thinking about what's needed to build a competitive army list.  These ideas are for any method of playing not comp specific.

    1.  A damage dealer

    Every list needs something that can be relied upon to go out there and kill enemy war scrolls - this can be a big monster, a killer combat unit, warp fire throwers, anything that can deal consistent damage.

    2.  Better make that at least two damage dealers.

    Redundancy is your friend. They are going to have big scary things as well - you'd better have a back up for when yours dies.

    3.  Scoring units

    What this looks like depends on what comp system/scenario you are playing. If it's a mix you'd better include some of each sorry needed.  After all you can't win if you can't score.  These can double with later options but best not do so with your damage dealers - you don't want to have to hold them back to score.  Ideally these will also be very survivable.

    4. Screening units

    Since you've got war scrolls that can kill or cripple enemy scrolls on the charge, you can bet your opponent has as well!!  In order to make sure you get the charge in you need units to hide behind to keep your big guys safe.

    5. Movement tricks

    In many of the scenarios you need to be able to cross the battlefield very quickly in order to claim objectives.  Summoning, fast flying units, cavalry all fill this role.

    6. Ranged threat

    Some form of ranged threat is needed in order help pick out protected synergy characters.  This most commonly takes the form of missile attacks, but spells and other abilities can serve the same use.


    These are just my thoughts, what do you all think?  Did I miss anything?

    Later I will post a death list based on these principles as an example.



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    Paul Buckler
    Latest Entry

    Ok so many moons ago, there were some awesome dwarf models called doomseekers.  Longbeards will remember them fondly I am sure. Well they had been sat gathering dust on my shelf for far too long, and when I saw the Hearthguard bezerkers, I thought maybe I had found a use for them.  So my project began. 


    I kit bashed some Vulkite Bezerkers along with the spares from my Auric Hearthguard to fill out the unit into 10 models.  They actually fitted in pretty well, no noticeable scale issues.

    I wanted a leader for my army and the Magmadroth is such a nice model I couldn't help myself, so a Runefather joined their ranks.  The kit is really good as I was also able to make a Rinesmiter and Runeson as well.

    Magmadroth (1).jpg   Magmadroth (2).JPG

    Slowly I built up a reasonable force adding 2 units of Vulkite Bezerkers, and 1 of each of the remaining characters, Grimwrath Bezerker, Runemaster and Battlesmith.  The quality and detail in these kits is amazing and i would recommend them to anyone.  Finally I wanted some variety so I added some converted prosecutors.  Simple head and weapon swaps made them easy to blend in, plus I had loads from various starter set swaps I had done when AOS was released.


    My army was really taking shape now, I just needed soem bases, and as you can see from the pictures, I chose an ice theme to contrast the orange slayers.  I got these from darkarts, they are actually lava bases, but painted with an ice effect they work pretty well I think

    .Fireslayer Army (3).jpgFireslayer Army (2).jpgFireslayer Army (4).jpgFireslayer Army (1).jpgFireslayer Army (5).jpg

    So thats my Fyreslayers, they kept me busy for 3 months, around 100 SCGT pool choices.  How have they done on the battlefield? Well in true slayer fashion they have died with honour!  Sometimes in victory, sometimes in defeat, I will pop back and write a batrep for a game soon so you can see them in action


  2. The second part of our AoS narrative campaign is now up! In this entry, we outline how our armies have begun, and begin with our first battle reports :) 


  3. Finally laid the rest of the floor and it's looking great!  It really finishes of the 'Is this a shed or a sauna?' look.  

    Also got the electrics in the shed finished.  They just need to be hooked up to the house, which will be done while I'm away at Warhammer Fest.


  4. Uberspoons
    Latest Entry

    Plaguebearer test piece done and happy enough that it looks ok, is quick and easy enough to replicate. Likely to get a little more finessed as I get more practice.


  5. Welcome to the second part of our list-tech series, wherein I explore the dark apertures of a mind so insidious, even the Lords of Chaos can’t come up with lists as broken as his. I refer of course to the mystical augur we know only as ‘Jim’.

    Jim comes up with thematic, non-legacy lists that we haven’t yet seen from the international tournament scene, or at least are not as prominent as we feel they could be.

    Last time we looked at a badass, Dragon-Riding ‘A(e)lfa Strike’ list. You can check out that post here.

    This week, Jim  gives us something far more sinister. Kneel, mortals, before Archaon Rotbringer.

    Archaon Rotbringer.jpg

    The Destroyer of Worlds is blessed by all the Dark Gods, often taking on their different aspects - including Nurgle.


    Archaon Rotbringer

    Archaon has been seen on the tournament circuit, but seldom, if ever, gets to a podium. Despite his intimidating stats, he is quite unwieldy, and can get taken out more often than is appropriate for a Destroyer of Worlds.

    This list will work probably better with small Archaon, but our goal is to find ways to make non-legacy warscroll lists viable. We think this is a great way to get value out of big Archaon.

    The basis for this combo is Archaon’s ability to trigger the Command Abilities for all Chaos Heroes nearby, and the fact that the effects of abilities can stack.

    It should be noted here that some tournaments add a house rule that stops abilities from stacking, so if you are looking at running this list, check the Player's Pack well beforehand!

    The List

    • Archaon - 700
    • Festus the Leechlord - 120
    • Harbinger of Decay - 140
    • Harbinger of Decay - 140
    • Harbinger of Decay - 140
    • Harbinger of Decay - 140
    • Chaos Marauders (x10) - 60
      • Mark of Nurgle
    • Putrid Blightkings (x5) - 180
    • Chaos Warriors (x10) - 180
      • Mark of Nurgle
    • Chaos Warshrine - 200

    Leaders: 6
    Battleline: 3
    Behemoths: 2
    Number of models: 32

    TOTAL POINTS: 2,000

    The Combos


    As a unit-heavy list, you have 10 deployments, and are unlikely to get the choice of first turn. This leaves you vulnerable to turn one alpha strikes, so deploy cautiously when up against alpha-strike lists by bubble-wrapping your heroes with the Marauders.

    Command Abilities

    Let’s crack straight into Command Abilities. Archaon’s Warlord Without Equal ability allows all other units in the army to immediately use their own command abilities. In order:


    1. Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6.
    2. A second Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model to within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6.
    3. A third Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6.
    4. A fourth Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6.

    Let us pause here to explain how this works. In AOS, there is no such thing as a ‘Ward Save’. Listed above are four separate abilities, each of which lets each model within range ignore all wounds suffered (after saves) on a 5 or 6.

    For example; Archaon is within 7” of all four Harbingers. Say he gets hit by an arrow, and fails his 2+ armour save (he has Mystic Shield on of course). Now he has four more chances to ignore the wound on a roll of 5 or 6 - once for each Morbid Vigour ability in affect.

    This means that after Archaon fails an armour save, 19%, or roughly one-in-five wounds are actually going through. Effectively you would have to inflict 100 wounds to him to take him down. If you do factor in his save, which even up against -2 rend is a 4+ with Mystic Shield - that is 200 wounds he can statistically absorb. Plus he gets the extra save against mortal wounds thanks to the Chaos Runeshield.

    The rotten cherry on top of this disease-ridden combo is the Chaos Warshrine, adding an extra save on a six thanks to Protection of the Dark Gods.

    The Chaos Warshrine could then activate, allowing all units within 16" to re-roll failed Wound rolls with the Favour of Nurgle.

    Festus can then heal D3 wounds on one of your models with his Delightful Brews, Splendid Restoratives.

    The Putrid Blightkings can also heal nearby units D3 wounds with their Virulent Discharge.

    Magic Spells

    If you need to make Archaon invulnerable, Mystic Shield goes on him.

    Festus' Curse of the Leper is a nice debuff that can make key heavily armoured opposing units softer and softer. This combos very well with the Putrid Blightkings, who need the extra help with their lack of rend.


    If you want to make the most of the protection combos, you need to keep your units pretty tightly grouped within range of the Harbingers. This is a disadvantage for when you have to divide your force for objective play, so you could divide the Harbingers between a few smaller pods if required.

    Marauders are a fantastic ‘chaff unit as they have Move 6, and can be very fast on the retreat, allowing you to block charges and then move on to contest objectives. As mentioned, they will not die in a hurry.


    None to speak of!


    There isn’t much to say here. The synergy of the list is that the Nurgle units will not die. All units benefit from the combat buff from the Warshrine, but again it's the protective synergies that are taking you the distance.

    Army Cost

    This is a bit more of an expensive army to put together using the correct models. Archaon is the single most expensive model in the game at the moment (though if you can obtain the small version that might be an option), and the Harbingers are Finecast direct order only models. You can get around this by maybe converting some Chaos Knights. As is, however, the RRP is £321.50, and you will have 10 Marauders and 6 Chaos Warriors left over from their boxes.

    Unit Substitution

    This list could work well with a variety of Nurgle units. Epidemius is a great choice - hide him in your backlines somewhere. You could drop a few Harbingers for some more mobile troops like Plague Drones if the confined nature of deployment is too restricting. The Glottkin could be useful to double the amount of wounds the Marauder chaff can take to 100. You can even run the small Archaon if you want to be even cheesier than Jim -  as long as he can trigger the Harbingers, you’re golden. Or at least a sickly shade of green (it’s Nurgle after all).

    The list would scale very well up to Warhost sized games.


    Once the heroes start dying, your synergies fall apart. The good news is, this is very hard to achieve.

    Tactical flexibility is a big issue. To maximse the synergy, your units must all be in close proximity, relinquishing a lot of battlefield control. One way around this is to split your army into two pods, sending two Harbingers with each.

    A well-timed Hand of Dust or Curse of Years will also bring tears to your eyes.

    On the Table

    Jim and I had a game play-testing this list. My army consisted of:

    • Nagash - 900
    • Wight King with Black Axe - 120
    • 5 Black Knights x 120
    • 20 Skeleton Warriors with Sword and Shield - 160
    • 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160
    • 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160
    • 20 Grave Guard with Great Blades - 320
    • Legion of Death Battalion - 60

    We played the Blood and Glory battleplan. It ended up being a poor example of how the Rotbringer army could play. Jim moved Archaon too far out of reach of the buffs. He charged some skeletons and fluffed all his dice rolls. I retreated my skeletons onto his objective, and charged him with my Grave Guard. Over the next few turns I was able to take him down, as he did not have the benefit of the Harbinger buffs. Plus his dice luck failed.

    I almost won the game, but missed a run roll with Nagash which would have allowed me to claim all four objectives. As a result, Nagash wasn’t involved in the game at all. Jim stayed in the game somehow, using his marauders and Harbingers to sneak through my army lines with canny use of retreats and piling in, and was able to snatch all four objectives by turn 5. An incredibly exciting and tactical game, which I’m still buzzing about, but not one that shows off the main synergies of Archaon Rotbringer!


    I am always keen to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please let me know your thoughts in the posts below. Can you think of any other counters? Would you be keen on giving the army a try?

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  6. Ben Johnson
    Latest Entry

    Hi all,

    Last weekend was the first big Warhammer Age of Sigmar event at the home of Warhammer! It was also live streamed on Twitch, me and @Ben played in round two, I'm sure he will be along to tell you all how it went ?

    I used the Knights of Azyr, a small model army but I have played it a lot and hoped to do well, four wind and a painting nomination put me 5th overall. 

    Lover the weekend I played ten games and learned so much about my list even after so many practice games. It still hates the mortal wound armies. 

    Here is my army laid out over the weekend.


    I was also keen to add more to the background of my Stormhost after the event, enjoy.


    And so once again it fell to Lord-Celestant Matthias Hammerstrike of the Knights Azyr, one of the first founding Stormhosts first cast into the mortal realms at the beginning of the Age of Sigmar. The responsibilities of leadership were great on Matthias, greater that even he could have imagined. He knew it would be difficult and that many a soul would need to be reforged once it was over. But the Warlords had to be overcome, Sigmar had asked for it to be so. 

    This was not Matthias first charge into the Mortal Realms, and by now he was a veteran of many a campaign. It was the Knights of Azyr that kept the Celestial Compass from the hands of the Three Eyed King deep in the heart of Gyran, and who had fought alongside the Hammers of Sigmar to drive back Khul and secure the Brimstone Pernintula. 

    With him strode the hulking frame of Lord-Castellant Roth Lightbourne, a huge man, even for a Stormcast Eternal. Long ago Roth had been the beloved leader of his people until the coming of Chaos, he saved as many as he could but he was just a man. Until Sigmar intervened saving Rathe and guiding him on a new path. Many a time Roth had been sound counsel to Matthias offering sage advice or a strong blade when necessary.

    Alongside the Chamber Command fought the Hevavanhost Extremis Chamber with units from both the Lightning and Thunderwave Echelon amongst the ranks. Long range support came in the form of units from Justicar Conclave the Heavenbolt Congress, the air will be filled with the light from hundreds of celestial arrows. 

    Onwards the Knights of Azry pushed not knowing who their first foe would be...

    It was the crazed followers of GorkaMorka that first they faced, the unorganised rabble threw themselves forward into range of the Heavenbolt Congress, one unit at a time they were destroyed but still that came. Chained Mangler Squigs came bounding forward with no thought other that destruction in there mind, awful creatures made worse for the Moonclan fungus brew that are forced to consume, each sip sending them more and more wild and crazy. 

    They were no match for the Sigmerite plate worn by the Thunderwave Echelon, with barely a scratch they emerged, all that remained of the Squigs were discarded chains and a foul smell in the air. Before the Knights of Azyr could savour the victory a dark cloud was visible of the horizon.

    The air grew hot as the Legion approached, a tingle of magic could also be felt seeping through the very ground that the twisted enemy approached on. As the Stormhost formed a battle line, harsh metal creations could be seen approaching, barely containing the daemons bound within. 

    Then without warning the very ground in front of Matthias erupted with a Bailwind Vortex shimmering with magical energy. Landing atop of the vortex came the leathery wings of Drazaroth the Ashen, his entire bode aflame with a fire that seemed to have a mind of its own. 

    The Stormcast fought bravely but the fire and the magic were too much even for them, many a soul would hear the ringing of the Anvil of Apotheosis that night. 

    One defeat cannot stop the army of order not with right on its side and Sigmerite armour on its back. 


  7. After playing a few games recently after a longer pause where there was no interest in AoS in my gaming group, I'm found myself fumbling with the allegiance cards.

    Dim lights, late at night and my eyesight is getting a bit worse every year (not because of parasites I hope), I needed to pick up the cards from the table if I wanted to read what this ability does again.

    After creating an expansion pack for the Space Marine Datacards (seriously, not even the Chapter Tactics on cards like in 7th?) which I matched with their size of 63x88 mm, I made a quick version of the recent Maggotkin of Nurgle cards in this format.

    Although it does take a lot more pages to print (8 cards per DIN A4 instead of 15), I could match the backside better with the battletome cover, because white font was now readable in this size without an outline.

    The font size of the abilities is now 8pt instead of 6pt, which should make them a whole lot more readable from a distance.


    I might be biased though, so what do you think about this?

    Alternative version?

    Replacement of the smaller cards?



  8. Tuesday I did some painting of the maw crusha and brutes since I knew I'd be busy in a few days so I'd have to work on them during the week.  Tried the yellow over white primer, four coats in I really don't like the coverage of yriel yellow. 

    Wednesday small d1 (for my flgs) trials of ironjawz.  Well I thought the fyreslayers were hurt in wound based keyword restricted games, well ironjawz are almost unplayable.  Severely disappointed in that. Megaboss needs six units of ironjawz for his waagh bonus which puts you in so many wounds that I'd use maw crusha over him. That's an issue. Second issue is no shooting with only having average saves. 

    So when I got home I played against my fyreslayer and then against my seraphon d1 list.  Fyreslayers were handed an easy victory due to all the shooting attacks they have. I even gave ironjawz sudden death.  I think the game lasted 2 or 2.5 rounds. 

    Against seraphon it wasn't even a game. They didn't even live to see a combat round ouch. Overall I have to say they were more than disappointing. I will need to look for other destruction units to see if I missed any buffs. Otherwise table then and hope match play fixes them

  9. I made a second Bucher conversion for my Gutbuster/Beastclaw army. I used Blood Bowl ogre. It is a little bit smaller than usual ogors, but not noticeably so, and has really nice dynamic pose. Gives some variety to otherwise quite similar and static ogors. 

    So I put Ironblaster ogor head on him and hands from regular Ogors. That required some greenstuffing and cutting, but it was easy enough and I hid the flaws with shoulder plates. Cauldron is also from Ironblaster/Scraplauncher kit, filled with bits. 

     All in all it was fun little conversion and Blood Bowl ogre suits well, I like the forward rushing pose and how he drags forth fresh meat for his cauldron. IMAG2785_1.jpg.f3c2178671116237d1f8e97d59262be5.jpgIMAG2784_1.jpg.8f7dc05cd873424f8d1a44e8e5eb51ed.jpgIMAG2783_1.jpg.145ddd704692efa86ba9ea022f2207eb.jpgIMAG2782_1.jpg.00ab95df48971528d3bffc7672b13cd8.jpgIMAG2781_1.jpg.a994c627bfc4b3d1c65dd5eb6af47f44.jpg


  10. I've only managed to get three Liberators and a squad of 5 Retributors done so far but slow and steady wins the race, right?

    1 Liberator and 1 Retributor finished.jpg

    Finished Retributors 1.jpg

    Finished Retributors and Liberators 850x485 49kb.jpg

    Single 1st painted Liberator.jpg

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    Recent Entries

    Du'Gall felt oddly naked. His hard bought passage from the realm of fire to Shyish seemed to have come at a slightly greater cost than anticipated, His normally gaudy armour was reduced to a dull and uninteresting grey . Still he held his trusty sword, by his side since long before the Axe-Father had deigned to notice him, and his second more impressive weapon. The polearm, even if it were a mundane weapon, would have been impressive. The handle was as tall as Du'Gall himself and atop it sat a blade as long as a normal shortsword and significantly wider. The weapon however was not mundane, the deference and reluctance that the Chaos Lord held it, suggested its true nature.

    I sense foes and Death here. A feast for Khorne.

    The voice echoed in Du'gall's head and his vision began to tighten and redden as it spoke, kindling his fury. He breathed deeply, controlling the rage brought on by the whisperings, no whispering was not the word. While to the outside world the voice was nothing but silence, inside Du'Gall's mind the voice of the demon trapped within the reaper blade roared, screamed begging to be unleashed on anyone near and to slake its perpetual thirst for carnage and blood. Had it been wielded by a weaker man perhaps the blade's perpetual demands for slaughter would have been accepted and indulged, but Du'Gall had defeated the very demon trapped within the blade in combat before and would not succumb to the bloodlust it brought about.

    Du'Gall realised he was not alone. Bulky warriors, wearing nothing but a few scraps of chain and fur bearing cleavers in their hands were approaching him. They were wary, some approaching with deference and one with obvious malice. The blood reaver swung his axe at Du'Gall's uncovered head roaring his intentions.

    "Now I, Glun, will be favoured by Khorne!"

    Du'Gall sighed as he shifted allowing the axe to skid off his plated shoulder. He threw a contemptuously casual jab with his left palm into Glun's sternum. Bone and cartilage shattered and Glun crumpled gurgling blood. Du'Gall looked to the other blood reavers, raising his eyebrow. They lowered their axes eyeing the corpse of their erstwhile comrade hungrily. As they began to carve Glun's body up arguing over who would get which cuts of meat, Du'Gall looked to see if any of his more trustworthy companions had survived the journey between the realms.


    Du'Gall's Blood Reavers were butchers before finding Khorne. As such, they take the dark feast seriously.

    A few of Du'Gall's steadfast warriors in black plate with their horned helms were visible retching or stumbling as they came to terms with the disorientation of their celestial travel. Du'Gall noticed a couple of them were looking with barely disguised hunger towards the bloodied mess that the blood reavers were making of Glun's body. Khorne's influence over them was becoming stronger. Some of the warriors however did not bother disguising their hunger, shouldering the Blood Reavers out of the way in order to claim some of the flesh themselves.  These warriors were larger than the others, their plate stained red and they had eschewed shields in order to allow themselves to move more freely and slaughter more. Du'Gall did not trust these blood warriors, he could not deny their efficacy as fighting men, however he found them unreliable. They took Khorne's gifts freely without thoughts for the future and the Khorne's path was the ruin of many a man who had claimed too much too quickly. Du'Gall's musings on his patron deity were cut short by a crack of thunder. He sniffed the air, catching the scent of sorcery and power. His reaper blade began to almost burn in his hand as it sensed the magic building in the air. Thunder boomed again as a bolt of lighting shot down leaving a figure in gleaming plate standing in a smouldering patch of grass.


    Next Time... A clash with the stormcast

  11. Regular opponent Tom came over for a game of Age of Sigmar. With the new Realmgate Wars book release, All-Gates, we decided to take a stab at one of the battleplan, Through the Breach.






    Tom had bought 2000 points of Dark Aelves (points from the new Handbook), and as I hadn't seen any leaks of the points myself we decided in true Age of Sigmar style to 'eye' roughly an equal force of Khorne.



    • Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (General)
    • 20 Bloodletters
    • 3 Bloodcrushers
    • 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
    • Mighty Lord of Khorne
    • Lord of Khorne on Jugganaut
    • Bloodsecrator
    • Slaughterpriest
    • Warshrine
    • 20 Bloodreavers
    • 10 Bloodwarriors
    • 3 Skullcrushers


    Dark Aelves:

    • Cauldron of Blood (General)
    • 30 Witch Aelves
    • 10 Doomfire Warlocks
    • Sorceress
    • 20 Executioners
    • 20 Darkshards
    • 5 Drakespawn Knights
    • Assassin



    The objective is for the attacker (the army that breached the wall), must have at least 3 units in the defenders deployment zone by the end of turn 6. The defenders win a major Victory if they can prevent this.
    The breaching side must set up within the small deployment area, any models that cannot can come on at the end of any subsequent movement phase.
    The breachers all get +1 to their Bravery, to symbolise their increased moral after breaching the wall, however they all get -1" movement to show their efforts have been exhausting.
    The defenders can re-roll all attack dice, to recreate the effect that they have become desperate to defend their home.


    I'm not going to write a huge battle report, but summarise some major points and share some of the photos.


    I was easily able to get the 3 units in to the defenders deployment zone by the end of Turn 4. In fact, I would have tabled Tom as he only had the Blood Cauldron left. 

    This is a fun scenario but really requires the defender to have a lot of units. You will struggle to defend if you have small elite squads.


    I'm not going to write a huge battle report, but summarise some major points and share some of the photos.
    I'm really enjoying playing with the Bloodreavers. Yes, they aren't very resilient but that are great fun! Large numbers, added with the Warshrine and the Bloodsecrator makes them very hard hitting and gives them at least some kind of save (6+ ignore damage from the Warshrine). I am painting up another 20 of them to use and will look at adding a squad of 5 Wrathmongers to give them yet another attack.
    My Blood Warriors didn't survive a single combat phase, but did exactly what was required of them. I threw them into the very scary Witch Aelf squad on my turn and picked them first to attack. When they inevitably died they got to attack again. They also managed a to make a few saves, and deal mortal wounds back. If you include battleshock phase, they killed 23 Witch Aelves, that were buffed and had a 5+ ward save from the Blood Cauldron. 
    The great thing about Khorne is their ability to shut down the magic phase. There are plenty of units that can unbind and a few that even get bonuses to the unbind roll. Flesh Hounds get +1 and the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster gets a +2 to unbind roll. I was able to deny the Doomfire Warlocks on many occasions.
    My Skullcrushers got bogged down by the Aelves easily, they really do need to be charging all the time to make use of the Mortal wounds. The Bloodcrushers were terrible, the 1 attack only from the Bloodletter on the top is a big let down, they barely did any damage. I can't see myself bringing them to tournament games.
    Dark Aelf Executioners were very good, sixes to hit explode in to 2 Mortal Wounds, they easily made short work of the 20 Bloodreavers and 20 Bloodletters I threw at them. Tom ran them in a group of 20, which is probably the way to go, they have a 4+ save and only 1 wound, running a sorceress behind them to give them Mystical Shield is a good idea too.
    I've played against the Witch Aelves before, and in large number they hit very hard with the Blood Cauldron nearby. In my last game against Tom they dealt a lot of damage to my Daemonettes, Keeper of Secrets and Soul Grinder before I could remove them.





























  12. Today we're going to talk about the strategies available to the enterprising Clan Pestilens player and the tricks and tools of the disease trade. Some of these aren't exactly unique to Pestilens, but all of them are useful to them.

    The Prayers of a Righteous Rat

    Did you know you can cast the damage prayer on the Plague Priest scroll without an actual target? It targets an area, not a unit. Interesting info, but not really useful right? Wrong. Spam this turn 1 with no valid target and go for a great plague, and select the Neverplague. The only excuse to not be spamming plague breath on empty spaces is of there's actual targets available or you already have the Neverplague.

    Weather the Storm

    So the enemy is unpacking his Beastclaw/Khorne/Daughters of Khaine. Our rats don't have a chance against such famous combat geared armies right? Wrong, they're as good as dead already. When the enemy is running an all charging minimum shooting list there is but one answer. Lines of single file plague monks across the edge of the deployment. Ideally 2 or 3 groups of 10, 6" gaps between them to stop the enemy squeezing past. Behind this line, 6" back (for safety) is a gigantic blob of plague monks. The first line will gey hit like an avalanche and they will almost certainly die. The enemy is now within range of a fully buffed, fully packed Plague Monk swarm. Chuck on some prayers of Wither on the enemy, move forward into range and charge (taking the Congregation of Filth will prevent double 1 rolls). Doesn't matter what they're running, they're dead.

    Conga Line of Death

    Never move your rats around in squares, this isn't fantasy battle. Squeeze as much use out of the rat squads as possible, form a long line and hold an objective while also screening for a priest and keeping an enemy tied up in a dud fight. Form circles around objectives, wrap monks around furnaces to prevent units with 1" range weapons bringing the furnace to battle. It's not dirty, it's alternative tactics.

    Discretion is the Better Part of Murder

    Retreat, it's the golden move no one ever uses to their advantage. Charge an enemy, then retreat around the side of them the next turn. Your enemy is likely to know he can't actually beat plague monks in a fight and won't charge them, so if you're already holding an objective don't charge off it. There isn't always a nees to fight. Know when to fight, and when to wait.

    Below are some pictures of silly rat movements that would win me the game. Doesn't matter if it looks stupid, as long as you win.



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    So today I had a lot of fun painting up my vampire to sit on her zombie dragon :D

    Need a good surname for her but I'm getting there. Then it'll be onto actually creating some background for my soulblight army. She's already going to have the nickname of 'the bat queen' for employing large use of her bat-like gargoyle followers (counts as fell-bat conversion, pic below) and of course regular bats (gonna have to get myself bat swarms just because they can be useful for protection)

    She will also have a horse mounted model that will be painted up later but I'm proud of how she's turned out. Good fun applying the blood too ;) obviously she's just a messy eater.






  13. Just been home in Ireland and did some adventuring in my parents loft...look what I found...

    And I obviously bought the SilverTower...




  14. Stylus
    Latest Entry

    Whatever he lacks in actual tabletop effectiveness, Good Ol' Slambo makes up for in nostalgia...


    It's a great little model, and nice and quick to paint. I went with bone-coloured armour, partly so he wouldn't be associated with any one single patron god, but also because it would really show up the blood spatter.


  15. (Year) End Times


    And what an incredible year it's been too. Such an exciting time to be in the hobby with surprises around every corner to excite & inspire. 


    I started the year with a now failed hobby goal to attend 12 events over the course of the year, beginning well after attending three between January - March. Then life got in the way and implemented a six month gap onto my hobby ambition. Oh well, resolutions & all that!


    Something I'm immensely proud of achieving this year though was the creation of the Hammerers, officially. I've wanted to run a gaming club no matter how modest for a long time, and can now look back on this year knowing that the dream was finally made a reality. The club has not only given me fantastic motivation to get hobby projects & terrain completed, but I've met a great group of guys to enjoy Age of Sigmar with. Miniature wargaming is expensive, & having a place where I get to game regularly gives me a sense of value for money in addition to the enjoyment and escapism from a stressful job. 

    Looking back, we've been very lucky at the club to be able to enjoy a huge amount of new product & involvement from Games Workshop. A month after the club started our regular games'nights, the General's Handbook was released. The matched play element of the Handbook really helped to boost attendance as players were able to discuss & decide on points limitations for their games through our Facebook page, fighting over a cleverly designed set of challenging battleplans. Personally, the Handbook was by far my best purchase of 2016, & we are hoping to explore the many other features and various campaigns it contains in the new year. 

    Another enriching experience for the club was the global Season of War campaign, which really helped get everyone immersed into Age of Sigmar. Not only did it inspire the Hammerers to ramp up their painting projects, we also hosted a huge battle on the last week of the campaign where all the chaos gods were represented, as well as the Stormcast, Ironjaws & even Nagash!


    The recent release of blood bowl will also make a grand appearance at the club soon, and work has  begun on our first ever league. There's also some discussions about a ladder campaign for Age of Sigmar too. 

    One thing I am sure we will all be doing more of in 2017 is attending events, in as larger number as possible. The narrative events held at warhammer world at the start of the year were a great introduction into the rich story of the new universe, and we also had a fantastic time at the South Coast Grand Tournament - the largest, and definitely the friendliest independent event I personally have ever attended. We were really proud to be at an event that went on to form the backbone of the General's Handbook.  


    We also attended the Honour & Glory event held by Solent Wargames. A one day matched play tournament that was won by our very own Hammerer Chris Goldsworthy & his devoted of Sigmar!


    Our last attended event of the year was the incredible Blood & Glory. Timed perfectly, the tournament really showcased the journey Age of Sigmar has been on throughout the year, and really showed off the competitive element of matched play spectacularly. This was the first event I'd attended that all the top players were involved with having missed out on the Warlords & Facehammer GT events earlier in the year. I learnt a lot about how to play the game that weekend!


    Games Workshop have been much more involved in the hobby community this year too, live streaming events, creating community pages & even a TV show! I was made up to see Rob Symes become the face of Warhammer TV after watching such a genuinely nice guy take home the SCGT & deliver one of the most hilarious podcast shows I think I'll ever hear! It really well demonstrates Games Workshops efforts to reconnect with us.

    The Grand Alliance community page also had a huge impact on membership for the club, in particular through their ingenious world map of clubs & players. I meet & talk to new players, returning rage quitters & die hard Warhammer fans constantly, growing not only our player base but also inter-club events too. The forum section also helps to iron out any rules questions that come up on club nights. 


    Now, at the end of the year thanks to the various events & club nights, I've achieved a Warhost of Death, Warhost of Flesh Eater Courts, a Battlehost of Nurgle & a Vanguard of Seraphon all fully painted! Think that's the most I've ever painted in a year!


    A fantastic journey in such a small amount of time. We are all very excited at the club for 2017 & all the new hobby it will bring, and I feel very fortunate to start the year with a well attended club to further pursue my passion for campaigns & narratives with.

     If your local, or attending an organised event in 2017, or even from another gaming club, get in touch. We are always looking for new players to battle against & often travel to get games in between club nights. 

    Happy new year!

  16. Recently, my hobby time has been taken up with painting models for other people. While this has been great for my bank balance, it has sapped a little of the enthusiasm I had previously for painting my own models from the Warhammer Quest game. I have been stuck on painting the Tzaangors for about a week and a half now - they sit beside me as I write this, daring me to continue their progress. So too does the Fyreslayer, standing atop his pedestal, naked save for a coat of Barbarian Flesh spray, a single wash of Flesh Wash ink and a stern expression of distaste.

    And this situation can only get worse. I start a new job on Monday, plus I have three new commissions about to come in (all for models from the Frostgrave range) so this means once again, all my spare hobby time will be going into other people's models. I can feel the heated glare coming from my To-Paint pile really starting to heat up now.

    Still left to paint are:

    • Fyreslayer
    • Tenebrael Shard
    • 6 Tzaangors
    • Gaunt Summoner
    • 8 Familiars
    • Ogroid Thaumaturge
    • 8 Grot Scuttlings
    • 2 Skaven Deathrunners

    But I'm not worried. This is giving me a chance to embrace the new approach and actually stick to my plan of not buying more models until these are all painted to a basic gaming standard (block colours, shade wash, simple basing). Meanwhile I can finish reading the Silver Tower novel (see my upcoming post about my AOS reading plan) and peruse through the Grand Alliance Chaos book while waiting patiently for the General's Handbook to be released.

    As for gaming - I'll be playing some Quest later today with my fiancee as we start a brand new campaign from the start now we have gotten to grips with the rules. I'm also hoping to start some regular gaming over at Warhammer World in the coming months, forcing myself to get out into the Realm-world and become more active in my old age. This will probably start with the upcoming AOS weekend in August - for which I have already bought my ticket.


    I'm even going to enter my first ever Golden Demon competition. I don't expect to win or even place,  but I do expect tp ush myself into doing something I've never done before and the success will be in achieving that simple goal.

    So the Changer Of Ways has truly had an effect on me, and the patience of the Silver Tower will be rewarded. In time.

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    Recent Entries

    So I thought that I would open this blog by sharing my recently-rebased Tomb Kings. I have not purchased any models directly for Age of Sigmar yet, instead doc using on rebasing my existing collections. With the new Grand Alliance books, I'm feeling keen on the idea of adding selected units from other factions to my 8th ed armies in order to make a cosmopolitan force for the new game. 


    The pictures (hopefully they show up correctly) represent about two thirds of my total collection for Death. I still have to rebase my Scorpion, Bone Giant, and some ninety infantry of various kinds, but this lot is more than enough to be getting on with I think!









  17. Foolishly, with only two hobby evenings to go until Blood and Glory, I've decided to make some new terrain!

    I bought an old copy of the Mouse Trap board game a while back, knowing I probably didn't have time to get it assembled and painted in time as well as finishing my army to a decent standard.

    I was right, but I'm going for it anyway. 

    Sorry for the rubbish photos. I'll take some better ones when I finish them tomorrow (fingers crossed!).