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  1. So, I thought that I would paint the unit were my testmodel came from.

    But for the last 3 evenings I thought I would like to paint my first "Frostdragon" for this project. Here is the result.




  2. Hey Everyone!  Adepticon officially kicks off today and everyone is eagerly anticipating the famous Games Workshop Reveal Show happening later tonight.  I am bummed to be missing it once again, but sadly there are only so many vacation days in the work year, but I will be taking a look at all the great reveals early in the morning before I begin my drive out to Chicago with my friend Sean.  Before all that fun I need to catch up on all the hobby I have had happening over the past week.

    With my army and display board painted and ready for Adepticon, I was able to finish my final prep for the Malign Portents Coalescence Global event that took place this past Saturday.  The last bit I really had to finish was the one item I kept putting off, but with the help of my lovely wife, I was able to finish all the Pylons as part of the event pack for my tables.  They were built to be temporary, but if you printed these out on cardstock and in color they could prove to be some great entry level terrain so be sure to check it out.


    I also celebrated a birthday this past week and I was gifted with some Daughters of Khaine (also money to spend on Daughters of Khaine) by way of models and dice.  I plan to eventually get a second set of Melusai and Khinerai so I can build both options for some post-Adepticon Hobby.  I was also gifted some of the excellent Daughters of Khaine themed dice and I love the design and look of them and I took them to try them out at Coalescence over the weekend.


    I must say the dice roll exceptionally well and much to the dismay of one of my opponents they managed to roll a six for every single priority roll.  The downside to the dice with my Witch Aelf army is I was unable to roll all my attacks from a single unit at once due to the large size.  I tried throughout the day and while I managed to finish my games easily under two hours the flow of rolling was odd and I want to make sure to be as clean and quick on my rolls as possible so I will be using my old Dark Elf Dice for the bulk of my rolls.  Thankfully, my friends, Andrea and Dan gave me some great ideas on Twitter to use the bigger dice for Heros, priority rolls, spells, and prayers and I plan to do just that!


    Even though I am all set for Adepticon I just cannot put my paintbrush down and my excitement for Daughters of Khaine is not going away anytime soon.  I took time over the weekend to paint up my third Avatar of Khaine.  It was a quick model t paint and washes really work well to bring out the details.  The unit is a combat beast and I look forward to running two of these in a list one day in the future.


    If you are at Adepticon or driving out int eh next day or so I hope you have safe travels and be sure to come say hello if you see me wandering around the halls.  I cannot wait for the event and be sure to follow me on Twitter to see all the coverage from my perspective as the days go on.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

    Chuck Moore

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  3. TwiceIfILikeIt
    Latest Entry

    Haven't gotten much painting in lately, but did a little and wanted to share the red red theater curtains.  I think it's starting to come together.




  4. She was done mainly by airbrushing. Her skin is Vallejo Model Air Skin Tone over Vallejo Game Air Barbarian flesh, washed with Reikland Fleshshade, then a thinned burst of VMA Skin tone followed by a thinned (and targtted) wash of Druchii violet.

    Her golden pieces are are Vallejo Metalics Copper and Gold. Based with Copper, highlighted with a 50:50 mix, then a final edge highlight (with airbrush) of Gold. These paints are an absolute dream. Stop using GW metalics and get these.

    Her boots and gloves are a mix of Vallejo model wash grey, nuln oil, abaddon black and incubi darkness. Her hair is the same mix but with more green (so that when she becomes the Shadow Queen the hair and snakes resemble one another).

    The fabric is Screamer Pink on the outside and Khorne Red on the inside. Both washed with Nuln Oil, Druchii Violet and highlighted with the original colour and edhge highlighted with Wazzdaka red and Slannesh Grey respectively. The Slaanesh grey was the tough bit. It needed significant clean-up and a targetted wash. I learned my lesson here - use a bigger brush!

    Her hair and cloth were the only bits not airbrush based and honestly I regret not doing that. It was becuase messed up the order in which I painted by starting with the metalics and then the skin - which is how I would hand brush (inside-out and all that) - but I should Have started with hair and cloth, then the metalics, then the skin.

    morathi 1.jpg

    morathi 2.jpg

    morathi back.jpg

    morathi side.jpg

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    'War in the North' rages on and the Forces of Titanspear muster to defend their territory from friend and foe alike.


    So ive avoided posting until I had something to show but now we are halfway through Month one of our little groups escalation collect-and-paint I have managed to paint up the bulk of my first batch. Needing to build a core for further expansion I went with 20 freeguild guard in 2 units, a general to command them, and an Archmage as the start of the Aelven part of the force.

    Month 1 - March 2018

    Freeguild General (100)
    - Stately War Banner
    Archmage (120)

    10 x Freeguild Guard (80)
    10 x Freeguild Guard (80)

    Total: 380 / 400

    So far my painting has produced 7 Freeguild to a good level, 7 to a basic level, 6 base coat.  My general has gone walkabout so he need found and ive just put together my Archmage.

    Here are the almost complete Freeguild Guard (with Tempest Lord Stormcast support), final highlights, shields and basing to go. Ive used Bretonnian models as they suit the theme of Tempest Eye and the Tempest Lords Stormcast (and i have them already).



    My Archmage is now assembled ready for primer. Obviously its a conversion, based on the Mistweaver model with a different head (Sister of the Watch) and arms (Doomfire warlocks, Sisters of Silence and Island-of-Blood Archmage staff). Pretty happy with it, cant wait to paint!









  5. Blogging hobby projects helps keep me motivated and any feedback/suggestions/criticisms  from the community is always useful for improving. This is my first foray into the Age of Sigmar. I've been following the lore since the End Times and really like the 2000AD and epic metal influences. I used to play Warriors of Chaos, but the idea of playing the einherjer under the guidance of Marvel's All-Father Thor was just too tempting.

    I went with the Hammers of Sigmar paintscheme. It's relatively straightforward and looks rather nice.



    These folks came from two Hammerstrike Brethren sets. I converted the Knight-Questor into a Lord-Celestant.

    rLbcq4Cm.jpg  O0X9Wrzm.jpg

    Sawed off the shield hand, added a pin, and test-fit with poster tac. I then replaced the poster tac with greenstuff. The hammer arm is from the Prosecutor sprue (I plan on giving them spears, because lightning spears, yes).


    Lord-Celestant Wilhelm BatsoniusA twice-forged champion of Azyr. His first death occurred when he called down seven thunders onto himself to kill a Herald of Slaanesh. Since his reforging, he has found the presence of a helmet to be claustrophobic.



    I think the fancy sword makes up for the lack of halo. The SCE remind me of Captain Marvel (the "Shazam!" one) in many ways so when I painted his cloak red I knew I wanted to name him after Billy Batson. Funnily enough it turns out William (Billy > Bill > Will > William) comes from Wilhelm, meaning "without helm."

    I'm using the second set of unit Primes for conversions into more heroes. The Liberator-Prime got chosen for Lord-Relictor duty and the Retributor-Prime for Lord-Castellan duty.


    Some plasticard and GS work for the relic box. It's hard to see in the picture, but the relic is a wrecked breastplate with "Sigmar" embossed on it, the hammer head, and the skull with halo. I plan on painting the skull as a skull in contrast to the rest which will be metallic. The two-handed hammer was the base for the lantern.

    nW2LMvum.jpg?1   52EMWK2m.jpg?1

    1hEYEA8m.jpg?1   O0Sib0lm.jpg?1

    The trick here is going to be painting the center area like it is glowing from the inside.

    8kEuIgfm.jpg?1   mL4D4XJm.jpg

    The L-R has a ribcage and spine thing going on in the back and the L-Cas's halberd is from the Prosecutor sprue.

  6. Greetings,

    So I have recently been working on a chaos army (chaos ogres) and have been converting up some demon weapons! They are really simple to do :)

    I though I would share this video with you guys if you want to do something similar!


  7. I completed the basecoat on the great unclean one with three colours- a light green called Dead Flesh, a dark green called.......Dark Green, and a bright pink/red for the wounds. pic.jpg.8d911ab27eb6d7d9dee486002e2848e8.jpg


    It looks very airbrushed right now, which is not a look I like, but hopefully some washes and detailing with a brush will help!

    I found consistency with this airbrush to be pretty difficult. I'll be painting with perfect coverage, nice smooth gradients of colour, and then a minute later it's all spotty! I've found putting some thinner into the pot first and then the paint, mixing it up and spraying through a bit seems to help with coverage. I was also painting at around 15psi which seems to have been too weak, so I'm now using 25psi.

  8. I was able to finish my heroes before the next game.  Both of them converted - Knight Azyros from prosecutor and Lord Relictor from liberator. I tried to make them both as similar as possible, so very simple conversions, nothing fancy. I also painted one Paladin Retributor - I have 8 points spare from last minor victory and I am not sure, should I get Paladin now, or collect renown and then take Relictor for 16 points.

    I must say Stormcast are surprisingly interesting to paint - simple, but with many possibilities to make it more challenging.




  9. Entombet
    Latest Entry

    Yesterday i had second battle with Fyreslayers preparing for next weekend turney, we played 2000 points. My army

    Infernal Guard Castellan (120)
    - Darkforged Weapon & Spiteshield
    - Artefact: Crown of Conquest
    Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer (100)
    Daemonsmith (100)
    - Darkforged Weapon
    Drazhoath The Ashen (320)
    30 x Infernal Guard Ironsworn (240)
    30 x Infernal Guard Ironsworn (240)
    10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)
    10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)
    Iron Daemon War Engine (180)
    Skullcracker War Engine (200)
    Magma Cannon (140)
    Magma Cannon (140)

    he had

    Runeson on magmadroth - obsidian coronet + exemplar of ancestor
    4x runesmiter
    2x 30 vulkite berzerkers - warpicks & slingshield
    1x 20 vulkite berzerkers - pair handed axe
    1x 30 auric hearthguard

    Some pictures from it






    Short story with list of my mistakes. He started with all units underground only big lizard on top, i deployed my skullcracker and castelan to far and they died in first turn of shooting of dig out hearguards and vulkites rest of the battle grinding with two of his units of beresrkers (wtf naked dwarfs with 4+save, 4+ ward, 2 attacks, rerolls and 20 points more expensive than ironsworn).

    To add to the list of the mistakes, in one turn i forgot about mystic shield on my ironsworn, rerolls 1 from bsb, i need to invest in some tokens.



  10. Hi guys,

    3 months into the year, and kinda failing at my attempts to make more blog posts. So I've decided to perhaps, focus my efforts on a new blog.

    I'm kinda passionate about a lot of the older races, and what can be done to make them more playable in the Age of Sigmar. Games Workshop gives plenty of love of course for those armies that have battletomes and the like, but there's a lot of armies out there that don't get that attention.

    So that's where I come in! I dabble a bit in creating my own rules, especially when bored at work or something (Shhhhh). I've posted some stuff in the past around the place, but I feel a blog is a good spot to write down my I guess 'designer thoughts' behind the custom rules I've made.


    To get started, I thought I'd do a nice an easy one, extra terrain rules!


    I made these rules a while back (and by made, I basically just borrowed terrain rules common across existing types). I feel that in Age of Sigmar, there's something missing with terrain. 

    Lots of people complain about the shooting phase and how oppressive it can be (Thanks Skyfires!), and I think part of that is that the core rules only really work of Area terrain. If you've got a building, or some kind of defensible obstacles on the field, well... if they can see you, they can shoot you and without any penalties either!

    And that's kinda lame! If I'm behind a wall, I should be able to use that wall for defense.

    Now this is where you go "Well, there are rules for Walls, go pull out that warscroll and use them" and my answer to that is "I shouldn't have to". The warscroll approach is great for units, but I feel it's not so great for Terrain. It's a struggle remembering your own warscrolls, what your enemies does, all the fancy allegiance abilities, and all that stuff, without having to remember 10~ additional warscrolls for the terrain on the battlefield at the time.

    Additionally, Games Workshop do not produce terrain warscrolls for terrain they haven't produce(d). A lot of clubs have their own custom selection of scenery they've built up over the years, ranging from forests, to swamps, to various building and more. What do I do if I have a swamp? Well, luckily the default rules are probably good enough, but then it feels like you're not interacting with the board in a more meaningful manner.


    So that's where the Mysterious Landscapes document I've tried to create comes in. You can basically boil down terrain to 4 types, area terrain, buildings, defensible terrain and rough terrain. Some pieces like Realmgates and the like I categorize as other, and you just use the regular terrain rules as best as you can. It's a 1 page document that details all the rules of the above as well as the Mysterious Terrain rules from the Age of Sigmar core rules. 

    The intent was, that it can be difficult to remember all the custom rules for the 10 or so different terrain pieces on the board, but if you just need to remember 1 page of details, then it's not quite so daunting. Being a 1 pager, it's easy to print off and have available for you in game.


    So that's the hope, let me know what you guys think, and hopefully more blog posts to follow on more rules I'm developing.

  11. IMG_0419.jpg.41a105c08682c62cf1ad0ffc01b6bf17.jpg

    These guys are quite fun to do. I have 20 now, and another ten that are base coated. The shields and weapons are taken from the Bonesplitterz kits. 

    Armor is just a couple of green spray paints and then chipped with silver paint and a sponge. I tend to just paint the rest of the models as quick as possible. The warrior models are old, but they have a certain chaotic charm to them, especially with halberds rather than hand weapons. 

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    Hey guys here is the latest version of the Knights of Breton for AoS fanmade battletome! Hope you Enjoy!


  12. The other day I was lucky enough to get a battle in with my mostly gitmob army.

    We were playing 1250pts and my list was:

    Gitmob shaman

    Troggoth hag - general, rock eye

    40 gitmob spearman

    60 gitmob archers

    spear chukka

    rock lobba

    5 wolves

    My friend was using the new death and he went with:

    Vampire - armed with an orb that provides an additional 6++


    wight king - axe

    40 skeleton spearmen

    20 grave guard

    10 black knights


    We rolled up scorched earth. I deployed in a large castle with my minions forming a thick wall around the troggoth hag. Off to my left was a multilevel ruined building that I was able to hide my shaman in out of sight and capping my far left objective was my wolves. I placed my artillery back from the frontline as I wasn't sure how fast the new black knights moved. I knew they used to be able to get a turn one charge in that bone legion battalion thing.

    My friend deployed centrally, hiding his wight king and necromancer out of line of sight from the artillery (he didnt realise the rock lobba doesn't need line of sight). His grave guard were placed on the far right to move up the flank.

    He game me first turn and I move my wolves forward, daisy chaining back a bit so I can still cap my objective, my spearman  move up on the right of the unit to get my far right objective and I move a few archers forward to cap my central objective. The spearchukka kills a black knight and the rock lobba's rock bounces off the vamps head. I also get mystick shield off with the troggoth hag on the spearman and inspire them. The gitmob shaman fails sneaky stabbing on the archers.

    In my friends turn he's able to bring the knight back, he also casts mystic shield on the black knights and uses the additional attack command ability on them. Everything moves up, with the wight king just failing to be in range the objective on his right (my left, across from my wolves).

    Turn 1 score 3-2 to the gitmob.

    Turn 2 priority goes to me (thankfully). I manage to get mystic shield off on the spearman and also inspire them and sneaky stabbing on the archers. I can see that the black knights will be in in his next turn, I was worried about the potential casualties since he goblins are pretty flimsy so move the spearman up a bit to ensure he can't get within 3 of my middle objective. I also manage to ramapge my wolves forward with the gitmob shaman. In my movement I run my wolves onto his right objective and hold my left objective with the shaman, I manage to kill 2 black knights with combined artillery and a few stray gitmob bow shots. At the end of the turn I burn his objective for 2

    His turn begins with mystic shield on the black knights and healing the two I killed back. He also gives the black knights an additional attack with the vamp command ability. He also manages van hels on the black knights. Everything moves forward again, except for the wight king who moves over to charge my wolves. Charge wise he manages to get the wight king into the wolves and the black knights into my spearman. He decides to activate the black knights first who after saves kill 26 goblins! I remove the goblins from combat with him meaning he won't technically be in combat, so isn't able to pile in and attack again with van hels, the wolves do 4 wounds to the wight king who in return kills one and they pass their bravery.

    Turn 2 score 8-3 to the gitmob

    We roll for priority and the gitmob manage to win it again!

    Things were looking good from a points view, but bleak on the battle front. I imagine this is going to be every game I play with this army haha. Anyways due to the way I removed casualties I wasn't able to shift my spearman into coherency, so they were stuck where they were. I inspire my archers and hag curse the black knights, I also get sneaky stabbin off on my 60 archers. The troll hag also rock eyes the black knights. Movement wise I move the archers up as far as possible towards the black knights staying out of 3, and then am able to shift the troggoth hag within range for her vomit attack, shooting starts with both artillery pieces going into the black knights and killing 1, troll hag kills another, gitmob archers kill 2 more. Not enough... I charge with the archers killing another 2 and losing about 5 or so in return.

    His turn begins with mystic shield being dispelled by the troll hag (forgot to use her d3 mortal on a 4+ when dispelling a spell), he arcane bolts a wolf off with the necromancer. He's able to heal back 4 black knights with a combination of grave sites, the hero within range and the hand of nagash 5+ thing.

    He moves the grave guard up and the along with the skeleton unit (daisy chaining back to keep his centre objective). Charge wise he gets the graveguard into my spearman holding my right objective and the vamp is able to get into the archers. In cc he picks the black knights to attack and rolls pretty average killing under 10. I next pick the spearman who kill a couple of graveguard, he goes with the wight king who kills another wolf, I do nothing to the wight king with the wolves thanks to the deathless save after he fails his armour saves! He then picks the graveguard who kill all the spearman bar 3 after battleshock. The archers manage to kill 2 black knights and cause a couple of wounds on the vamp who kills about 4-5 in return. He's not within 3 on the right to take my objective and also doesn't yet have the numbers to take my middle objective.

    Turn 3 score 10-4

    We roll for priority and this time the death get their double turn...

    He fails to get van hels off on the black knights, and arcane bolts another wolf off. He provides another attack to his graveguard, he doesn't move to take my far right objective for burning, but instead decides to move everything into the centre to try and table me (which is looking reallllll likely at this point haha). charge wise he manages to get his Necromancer into my gitmob shaman with a bit of a long charge and the graveguard into my goblin archers. we move into the combats and he chooses to activate the vampire lord first as he was surrounded and looking like he might die, he kills a few goblins, nothing too bad though. In return I kill a black knight (who were back to full), the vampire lord and 2 grave guard. He manages to bring me down to 34 goblins with his combined attacks. The wight king attacks and leaves only the wolf champ alive who is finally able to kill him!

    My last turn we discuss the battle and realise I'm going to win no matter what happens in the battle. After speed playing the last few turns the black knights end up taking the objective and burning it on the archers, I kill the necromancer on the left with artillery and arcane bolt and the troggoth hag takes my right objective

    Final score 11 - 8 - gitmob win

    He managed to kill:

    40 spearman, 60 archers

    I killed:

    vamp lord, necromancer, wight king

    We spoke about the game and unfortunately due to his army composition he was always at risk of having his objectives burned by my wolves. Having to hold his middle objective with 40 skeletons meant I was able to hold on and not get tabled in the mid game. He was also more timid then he needed to be with his heroes due to my artillery, in the end with the double deathless save he didn't have to even worry about the artillery with them only managing to kill the heavily injured necromancer. The black knights were a pain for me to deal with, with sneaky stabbin I can cause about 20 wounds with all my shooting after a 4+ sve, but the double deathless sve + regen options + mystic shield I had no chance of ever killing them haha.

    A fun game and I look forward to my next one! Which will be against the same friend, only he'll be using his wanderers. So will be good to see how long my characters last when faced with some decent long ranged shooting and re-deployment tricks.

    Crispen out!

  13. Heya friends!  As many know, this past weekend was the Holy Wars 2018 narrative event in the Chicago-area.  Holy Wars is the premier narrative hobby event in North America that miraculously balances the highest levels of hobby with the highest levels of competitive play.  This year was certainly no different.  I've posted some photos at the end of the page with stand out armies at this year's event.  Photos of @Holy Hammer Hern's beautiful tables can be found in my Holy Wars 2017 posts from last here (found here, here, and here). 

    Vince and I have done a lot of coverage thus far so I don't see a reason to repeat those details here.  On the drive home from the event, Vince and I covered each of our games in a blow by blow coverage over the course of two videos.  On Wednesday, we had Steve Herner (@Holy Hammer Hern), who is the creator and driver behind this event along with his club the Holy Hammers,  on to Warhammer Weekly where we talked all things Holy Wars and his experiences as a ringer for the event.  Finally, last night we @Rob Symes's Honest Wargamer show where we talked about the event and our experiences (Apologies to David Griffin for getting our score wrong on Rob's show; it was 14-6, not 20-0).  The links to all of this coverage can be found below:





    While I didn't perform as well in the games as I would have liked, I was honored with the Hobby Hammerist Award for a second year in a row.   I was super honored by it as there was such stiff competition at the event in the hobby categories.  



    Thanks for such a great weekend everyone who attended and participated!  Now enjoy a handful of the awesome looking armies that were present at the event!



  14. TheWilddog
    Latest Entry

    With the new Legions Of Nagash Battletome finally giving Death some love I have started the process of rebasing and finishing my Death army.  My first goal is to focus on getting both a Grand Host Of Nagash and a Legion of Sacrament list up and painted.  I have most of the cheap units painted (80 skeletons, 60 zombies, 10 Black Knights, 10 Dire Wolves) just need to get them rebased. I also have Nagash and Arkhan in the box ready to be built.

    My first step to getting this project going is converting a Mortis Engine.  I had an old Screaming Skull Catapult lying around from the End Times when I converted one up to go with my Vampire Counts stuff.  I loved the model so I decided to add some bits and turn it into a Mortis Engine.  So here is my first completed model for my Legions of Sacrament list.   

    2018-02-27 15.24.05.jpg

    2018-02-27 15.31.09.jpg

    2018-02-27 15.32.49.jpg

    2018-02-27 15.34.52.jpg

    2018-02-27 15.36.01.jpg

  15. I know she isn't part of this army, but after I painted the Nurgle Daemons as part of the Malign Portents Painting Contest, the Warqueen is part 2 (March, 3rd).

    I got her on February 16. because on February 10 she was sold and I didn't preorder her. So I painted her in the time between last weekend and yesterday.




  16. Hi guys,

    I painted my first stormcast in 2018.

    It's the Lord Ordinator. At the moment he isn't part of the Malign Portents painting contest, because I had chosen the warqueen (painted Start Collecting Nurgle Daemons in the first part).

    If I can take more than one miniature, I will try to get him in, too.



  17. Nacnudllah
    Latest Entry

    I've finished the third Efengie Campaign book.  These books are put together from the battleplans I use for the Age of Sigmar Game Days that I run more-or-less monthly at my FLGS.  In this one (as with the other two below) we've got five battleplans, a campaign system, and some fun little stories about what went down.  In the aftermath of the Coalescence War of the Ring, Sigmar's followers have been convinced of Efengie's strategic value.  Follow the story of Sigmar's invasion, interlopers from the grim darkness beyond the Eye of Terror, and an epic power struggle with Colossal Red, the Queen of the Monsters.


    In this book, I made some changes to the Clash of Empires battleplan framework.  The biggest change for anyone playing through the campaign book is that each battleplan now has two different battlefields with different secondary objectives.  This fits in really nicely with the campaign system since now the winner of each battle gets to choose the battlefield for the next one.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the book!

    Also, here are links to the first two books if you want to get the whole story so far.


  18. So inspired was i that i finished our converted wight king from yesterday and painted him20180221_132102.jpg.719174d3db6dcd2cdd83a95c2e1c2b73.jpg


    Not half bad right :)

  19. Just a quick update from me today, I just wanted to delve deeper into one of the additions to The Plains of Crystal Sands: The Screaming City.

    This was once a proud and noble city, hosting one of the only purely female stormhosts. However, when the Hooded Priest was awoken (a character I'll talk about later), all its residents were transformed into Nighthaunt spirits via the Curse of Tears, and the resident stormhost, into Banshees. The city gets its name from the periodic screaming and wailing of the banshees, and the animals and societies near the city have learned to fear the time of the Silver Moon, a deathly festival where the Nighthaunt are particularly potent.

    Thanks for looking!

  20. Much as I like nurglings (those fun loving little idiots) I'm not a massive fan of the current plastic kit; it looks like a group of tumblers trying to form a pyramid. So, armed with a pile of spare nurglings from the bits box, I decided to see how far it could be stretched. The three piles of nurglings can be easily extended out to be five by removing the third or first rows from some of the piles. y taking some of the spare individual nurglings dotted around you can make these each very different. The spare ones left make a couple of slightly sparser, but thematically entertaining bases, bring it up to 7 bases.


    The GUO kit and two more boxes of Plague Bearers mean there should be another couple of nurgling bases to come, with a couple of small dioramas already in my head. Just wondering how entertaining it would be to proxy most of a nurgle daemon army with lots and lots and lots of nurglings :D