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  1. The Realms at War narrative event is coming up fast, and we’ve been watching the WIP progress of some players with their leviathans created especially for this event.

    Today, with 7 days left until RAW17, we’re going to feature WIP pics of 7 leviathans by 7 different players… in no particular order.

    This winner of last year’s coolest army, Bishmeister, is creating a rogue idol for his Forest Moonclan army:img_9466.jpg?w=1000

    The winner of both best Aspirant and best Legend from RAW16, Alexander  Nygaård, is building this Leviathan:


    Chris Tomlin:


    Ollie Fox:


    Jonathan Pyke:




    HobbyHammer! We thought we had secured a picture of his Glottkin in progress, but it turns out his leviathan is not the Glottkin but this beast instead:


    We’ll post more pictures in the coming days as we count down to the start of RAW17!

    And for more information about the event we recommend you check out the thread on TGA: http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/5582-events-uk-raw17-realms-at-war-2-leviathans-monsterous-arena-rules-added/

  2. Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to start a new article series about lessons in life but applying them to our hobby of Miniature Wargaming.  As we mature in our lives we discover little bits of knowledge that we carry with us through our time here on earth.  Some simple while others grander in nature.  Often times we are taught these lessons by a Parent, Close friend, and sometimes through hindsight.  What I find interesting about these lessons is how they can help someone improve their quality of life if the lesson is applied correctly and how they can be applied to every part of one's life.  This includes Miniature Wargaming.

    What can The Terminator tell us about success in Miniature Wargaming?

    Today I wish to discuss the lesson on having a goal to give you purpose and having the vision to see the goal to end will make you successful in this hobby.  While I feel everyone knows the benefits of having a goal to a lesser extent I find that they still continue their hobby journey with no substantial goals.  If they do have a goal it is often very short term.  Above you might be confused by the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Vision, Goals, and Success methods he utilizes in his Career from Bodybuilding, Acting, and now Governing are universal and I hope to relate them to you here through the language of Miniature Wargaming. 

    A goal is simply defined as "The result or achievement toward which effort is directed".  I would ask you, my reader, to take a moment and write down your Hobby and/or Wargaming Goal.  You may have a few goals or more goals than you find capable of being accomplished.  Now that you have your goals written down separate them into long-term and short-term and ask yourself some of the following questions.  Does your short-term hobby goal help me achieve my long-term hobby goal?  Do you have one key long-term goal for the hobby or many? Which hobby goals give you a sense of purpose for what you are doing and which do not (if any)?  Based on your hobby goals, what is your purpose?

    I have done this exercise myself and wish to share it as an example to help with the understanding of what I feel is a necessary part of Wargaming, Hobby, as well as life, having goals.

    Long-Term Goal(s):
    Unify the U.S. Age of Sigmar Community without Homogenizing
    Put out content beneficial for the Age of Sigmar Community
    Create lasting friendships with hobbyists within the community around the world

    Short-Term Goal(s):
    Paint to a higher standard on my next army project
    Complete Final Version of U.S. AoS Modular T.O/Player Pack with U.S. AoS Community Group
    Add Models to Khorne Army
    Add Models to Stormcast Army
    Add Models to Sylvaneth Army
    Play Aelves as primary army (return to my first love in Warhammer)

    The difference between long-term and short-term goals are down to the individual creating the goals, but often times spending a bit of time critically thinking into each goal will sometimes cause a shift of a goal from one camp to another.  For example Completing the U.S. AoS Modular Pack was a long-term goal for me months ago, but as I thought about it more and more I saw it move to a short-term goal this is in part due to the nature of my long-term goals and some comparison between the two categories.  A long-term goal for a new hobbyist might be "Have a fully painted 2000pt army".  There is nothing wrong with this at all as it is a great goal, but over time it is good to know that having another painted army might shift to short-term or even off your goal list entirely.

    Over time you might see goals disappear or change as you mature within the hobby and become more confident and begin taking deeper and deeper steps in Wargaming.  If you look above at my list I have noted about adding models to my forces and improving my painting skills, but I don't list anything about painting an army to completion.  A few years ago it would have been top of my list, but where I am at within my hobby journey I have painted numerous armies.  The concept of painting the army I am working on is so natural now that it is not a goal anymore.  It is just part of my hobby, if I begin a new army I will paint it so I have no need to list it as a goal.  The point is to not be afraid to reexamine and readjust your goals as you journey through the hobby.

     You might look at my long-term goals and say "Can you ever complete those?  Why set a goal that might be unreachable?"  My response is "Are you ever done with an army?  Do you feel that competition model is ever good enough?" I feel setting easily obtainable goals is missing the point, at least for the long-term goals.  Now I feel they need to be reasonable and obtainable, but they need to push you outside of that comfort zone so you are always reaching for more.  In every aspect of my life, I utilize goals like this, whether it is in my professional life, home life, lifting at the gym, or in my hobby journey as they give me purpose in what I am doing.

    All goals give purpose no matter long-term or short-term or if they are easily attainable or not easily attainable which is the underlying point that can be missed by those who not regularly set or examine their goals.  Without purpose, you will be aimless and it will be near impossible to get very far in your hobby journey without a purpose.  That desire to achieve your goals is what will drive you forward and continually push you to do better than the last time and continually set higher and higher goals for yourself which will, in turn, push you even more.  It is a self-serving circle if you treat it as such and it is entirely for your own benefit to do so.  If you are a regular reader and thank you if you are, I believe you get a sense of my purpose in putting out posts regularly and to the schedule, I put forth.  Imagine if I had no real goal and therefore no purpose or drive to writing my blog, I doubt you would read regularly or at all as I wouldn't have the drive to give you something worth reading.  Early on I will admit I didn't know my purpose, but over time I set a goal for my blog and it has helped me ever since and I hope it comes across to you, the reader, as well.

    So at this point, you have set goals and found your purpose with those goals.  So how do you begin achieving those goals?  The easy answer is to just do it and don't waste a minute in achieving the goals you have set for yourself, but even this will set you up to fail.  You need to visualize your goals, ingrain them into you by imagining them to keep focused on working toward them.  If your goal is to have a fully painted army (we will use this goal for the remainder of the article) then imagine that army painted whether you are working on it or out at the movie.  See yourself playing with it on the table and displaying it on a shelf in your room or house.  Perhaps put a few of the finished pieces as a phone or computer wallpaper so you keep seeing it in your mind.  This visualization will continue to inspire you after that first spark of inspiration fades and will help you continue on when you hit some of the low points working toward your goal.  In our example you might not be achieving the exact result you are after or find your color choices are off, but having that inspiration through visualization will help you push on and work through any issue.

    Be sure to always give yourself a deadline that gives you a sense of urgency.  Be it an upcoming event, game, or a date of your choosing.  Without this sword above your head you can lose sight and despite you visualization of your goal you may become aimless and lose interest and fail at your goal.  Not that failure is a bad thing, but failure without giving it your all should make you mad.  Mad that you didn't put everything you had to succeed at your goal.  If you are going to fail, fail giving it all you have so you can still hold your head high.

    The key, especially through the low times while working toward your goal is to keep doing.  To continue with our example don't ever quit painting your army if you set time aside to paint.  It is so easy to blow it off because you are tired or just don't feel like it at the moment, but the slope gets steep fast and each session is easier and easier to brush off.  The goal is gone and you visualize it less and less and the inspiration is gone.  If you set a goal keep up with working toward it.  Attack the goal and eventually, you will fall in love with the process of achieving that goal.  There are two good sources of external inspiration to help keep you motivated as well.  The first is those who support your visualized goal and offer encouragement.  The second and what I find to be a very good source are those who might feel you cannot accomplish your goal because it is too lofty or unreachable.  Proving this group wrong is great motivation, it lights your fire to not only achieve your goal but surpass it.  While I admit we have a good community with supportive folks you will still find those who might not be convinced that you can achieve your goal as you see it and while they are still supportive overall you can take the bit of doubt to fuel your hobby drive.

    The goal of having a painted army requires different tasks that hobbyists can find mundane or tedious.  Sometimes they outrightly hate part of the process.  In our example goal let's look at the painting as this is typically the part people dislike the most or do not enjoy, but through your goal and visualization of the goal, you will begin to enjoy painting.  I am not saying there won't be boring or tedious times during the process, but they won't be an issue because you will find happiness in moving toward completion of your goal the more you do and as such falling love with the process, even if that includes painting.  This is important as by developing a love for the process of completing your goal you remove another barrier to actually working on your goal and remove excuses that keep you from the goal you are visualizing.  While visualizing your goal is tremendously important you must also keep in mind how to track your smaller wins, or goals within the goal if you will.  With our example completing a unit or hero can be considered a small win and they reinforce that you are on your way to achieving your goal of a painted army.  If you can, look for these small victories often to keep the inspiration going strong.

    As we explored above goals will change as we move toward them from time to time.  You might find that as you are just about finished painting your army that your goal is now expanding the army or perhaps learning to play it to a high level.  They key here is that your hobby journey may start with a simple goal of painting an army, but it will evolve and the vision of that army will change.  Simply put, the journey does not end.  You have accomplished your original goal, but what has really happened is that you have gone that much deeper on your hobby journey and your goal has grown, your vision changed to be outside easy reach once again and hopefully, you still have the inspiration to chase it and grow alongside the journey.  There is always another step, there is always a way to do something better, there is always more to accomplish if you want it bad enough and can visualize yourself achieving your goals.

    As you begin to see the next step as your goals change and grow to keep in mind that simply visualizing your goal is part of achieving the goal, but is not the actual action in achieving your goal.  Seeing that painted army in your head is key, but to achieve it you actually need to paint.  There can be a very uplifting feeling when you visualize your achieved goal, but do not let that feeling reward you, in the same way, that actually finishing the army will have on you.  Look at New Years Resolutions as a source for this false reward.  Each year millions of people resolve to finally get in shape and hit the gyms.  They do for a while, but they did not vision the result properly or they might have let the satisfaction they received by visualizing their ideal body alongside the encouragement from friends and family to work toward this goal be all they needed.  They stop going to the gym every day and eventually stop entirely and the cycle repeats the following year.  The reward should come from the actual accomplishment of your goal which should then inspire you to go after that next step.  You painted your army to completion, be satisfied with the completion, but look to go podium at a local tournament before you ever finish the last brush stroke.

    Continue to set your bar higher, move that goal farther as you progress.  You are capable of more than you realize and one day you will realize that you have become the hobbyist you are visualizing yourself as right now.  Even then there will be more work ahead, more goals to reach, but you can do it if you set the goal, visualize the goal, fall in love with the process of achieving your goal, and never be satisfied after you accomplish your goal, stay hungry.

    Until next week, Happy Hobbying.

    View the full article

  3. Join us tonight as we discuss all you need to know about competing in a tournament. The tournament scene in Australia and around the world has really amped up with Age of Sigmar so now is a great time to get in the know! Want to see more? SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our channel to always be kept up to date with our latest content!




  4. Greetings,

    Today I shall focus my attention on the final list I want to have available to me my 1250pt list. Again like my 1000pt list it’s not exactly what I want but it is the models I have painted at the moment.  And I do not play with unpainted models!




    Aspiring Deathbringer – General: Command Traits: Great Destroyer - (Bloodaxe and Wrath Hammer)


    Daemon Prince - Deamonic Axe, Wings. Artefacts: Daemon Weapon.

    Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne



    40 x Chaos Marauders – Axes and Shields. Mark of Khorne.

    5 x Blood Warriors – Goreaxes and gorefists

    20 – Bloodletters

    Bullgors – Twin Axes

    10 x Chaos Warhounds



    I plan on running this list using the Chaos Allegiance, as until I hit the 1500pt level the Khorne one provides little benefit.

    So currently this is the same as my 1000pt list with the edition of a block of 20 Bloodletters. These along with the Bloodmaster gives me a second unit to aggressively score objectives with.  But it does leave me with 30pts left over..

    I have to the end of the year to get guys painted so I could add 30 Blood Reavers, or any of the other hero’s from the AOS starter box!

     What would you add?

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    Recent Entries

    The first force I've begun was Dr Nicklestein and his experiments in the realm of metal.

    Dr Nicklestein was a good, if eccentric, Doctor living near the city of Havenbrook.

    One day his wife took ill with with a wasting disease, in his frantic attempts to cure her he slowly descended into madness, his experiments becoming more deranged in his desperation to save her. It was all for naught as his wife died in his arms. 

    Loseing her destroyed what little sanity he had left and he began practicing necromancy alongside his "science".

     He now seeks more "material" to continue his experiments and bring his beloved back to life. But the people of havenbrook are beginning to notice..


  5. Skeekrit
    Latest Entry

    This weekend I have a short break away from painting and preparing for RAW17 and WA5 as I am in Cambridge for a small 1 day warmaster tournament.

    But before then, I have to add a bit of meat to my Hunter and Leviathan background.


    The Red Gobbo looked out at the sky before him, as his ship accelerated towards the Kharadon Overlord city of Barak Saghon. At least he assumed that was where the ship was headed. As he was a prisoner, and the cursed Duardin were in command of the ship he had limited power over his direction of travel. He was certain that once he arrived at Barak Saghon he would be 'questioned' by the Duardin in order to find out where his base, and his goblins, orcs, and giants were based. Under his command they had caused much chaos and destruction and the Red Gobbo was certain that the Kharadon's meant to stop him.

    He had to escape, but with limited time, a guarded room, and acres of sky below him his opportunities were severely limited. Still, no benefit in panicing. He sat down on the floor, closed his eyes and began concentrating on an image. A monster appeared in his mind's eye. 10 limbs stretching towards him and a powerful beak crunching down on his bones as he was crushed, sliced and swallowed by the beast.

    The Red Gobbo opened his eyes, sweat slightly obscuring his vision, and waited.

    Suddenly the ship stopped moving, and he was thrown into the wall of his make-shift cell. Within seconds cold crisp air was coming through the place where the wall was, and he could see three red tentacles stretching towards him. Smiling he walked towards them and let them take him in it's deadly grasp.

    The Kraken - more accurately the Sky-Kraken - flew away from the Duardin leaving their ship to either get home or crash. The Red Gobbo perched on it's chitin back, a single tentacle wrapped around his waist to help him keep his balance, the Kraken's air pockets slow releasing to allow it to descend. He was heading back to his mob. But he would need to hide for a while as he re-built the strenghth of his warband. He would need to change, and nothing spoke of change more than a new outfit... blue would be perfect. The Duardin would never think to look for him amongst an army of blue greenskinz!


  6. Alright alright alright, finally another hobby update. 

    To be quite honest not a lot got done during the last week, but it was not completely fruitless. I cleaned some of the gaps in larger models and finished the chicken combs and wattles on demigryphs and a griffon.  


    Also, I do not quite have the lore of my army yet, but I do know one thing for sure, and that's that they absolutely despise grots, especially the moonclan type. Thus, I'm planning to sculpt a dead grot on every base of a hero from this army. I also considered adding some to unit champions and will definetely have quite a few on a display board, but that's far in the future. 


    That's it for this week's hobby update. What do you guys think? I would be happy to hear any feedback, criticism, or ideas for the army since it's definetely a WIP!

    Hope you like what I've got,

    Until next time!

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    Hi guys!

    With all the stuff lately about the Free Cities, such as those from the Firestorm campaign box, or about making our own cities, I started to think about a setting for my Order armies. I must say that I really love the idea of several races (humans, aelf, duardins, etc.) coexisting in a same army under the banner of their Free City.

    So I cooked my own Free City: Port Stellis.

    What is Port Stellis?

    It is a harbour city located on the Coast of Fleeting Hopes, in one of the thirteen domains of Ulgu.
    The Coast of Fleeting Hopes is a very dark region: the night lasts half of the year while the day is bleak and gray during the other half.

    Port Stellis was originally an aelf corsair campment but it developped fast to become a fully fortified city thanks to human, duardin and aelf settlers. To this day, Port Stellis has become the home of nearly 100.000 people (humans, aelves, duardins and stormcast eternals) and the number is growing.

    The city and the surrounding region possess many special and uniques features which make it a strategic place for the Order alliance.

    What factions are there in Port Stellis?

    Here is a list of some of the main Order factions in Port Stellis at the present time (more may come when the city gets bigger):

    • Collegiate Arcane
    • Dispossessed
    • Free Peoples
    • Order Serpentis
    • Scourge Privateers
    • Stormcast Eternals

    The others Order Factions are not necessarily absent from Port Stellis, but they don't have enough people present in the city to be considered as "real factions".

    Now, let's see the special features of Port Stellis!

    The Star Ocean Gate and the Scourge Privateers

    The primary feature of Port Stellis is that there is a huge Realmgate situated in the middle of the city bay. Its leads indirectly to the realm of Azyr. Since this gate is on the very surface of the water, a ship or a boat is required to pass through it. However crossing it is particularly dangerous because before you can arrive in Azyr, you need to sail through a mysterious interspace which separates the realms of shadows and heavens: the Star Ocean.

    The Star Ocean is a magnificent and breathtaking vision: a starry night sky, without any cloud or any light pollution, and a perfectly still ocean which reflects the sky just like a mirror. When a boat passes through the gate and enters the Star Ocean, it is exactly as if it were floating through the cosmos. It is all quiet and silent with scintillating stars everywhere and beautiful clouds of interstellar dust. However the Star Ocean is seemingly infinite and thus dangerous: if a captain goes astray or simply doesn't know how to follow the secret path hidden in the stars, then there is no way back home. The ship will get lost and wander forever...

    To this day, only the aelfs corsairs of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes know the path through the Star Ocean and to the realmgate at the other side. And even if they know the way, they still need the blessing of Sigmar to open the gate to Azyr. Note that those aelves worship Sigmar under the aspect of Silmaris, God of Cosmos, Lord of storms and Guardian of the Star Ocean. 
    Since the corsairs are the only sailors who can travel from Port Stellis to Azyr and thus transport passengers and/or merchandises, they have a huge importance in the city and they are one of the most influential factions. Among them, Captain Naritha Blackbird is the most powerful of all: she commands nearly all the aelf corsairs of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes.

    The Scintillating Mines and the duardins miners

    Half a day's walk from Port Stellis are the Scintillating Mines. They are a network of underground galleries in which duardin miners extract precious gems called clariæ . It is an iridescent gemstone that emit a scintillating light, like a little star.

    Clariæ gems are Port Stellis's first export merchandise but there are also a lot of jewelers in the city who specialize themselves in carving those gems and craft beautiful jewels out of them. The wizards of the Astromancer Guild are also very interested by those gemstones and they are actively studying them since they believe they may have magical properties.

    The duardins of the Miners' Syndicate pride themselves on providing the city's primary source of wealth (the gemstones) and thus they have a lot of influence in Port Stellis. Although they wish they could do business without the aelf corsairs, they need them to export their gems in Azyr.  The Miners' Syndicate is led by Barik De Bier, the richest duardin in town, who wears clariæ rings on each of his nine fingers. Rumors say that he became incredibly rich during his youth when he found a melon-sized gemstone while digging in the mine's deepest tunnels.

    The Stormkeep of the Stellar Champions

    A garrison of Stormcast Eternals is present in Port Stellis. They are the Stellar Champions, one of Sigmar's stormhosts. Their most striking feature is their dark armors adorned with stars. Their leader is the noble Lord Aquilor Andras Silverblade.
    The Stellar Champions' mission is not only to protect Port Stellis and keept it clean from chaos corruption, but also to chart the region of the Coast of Fleeting Hopes and hunt the strange wild monsters who may become a threat should they get close to the city. Sometimes they are accompanied by the aelf corsairs who are always interested in hunting and capturing monsters.

    The Order Serpentis

    A detachment of the Order Serpentis is posted in Port Stellis. The knights are led by Sicath Somberheart, an old white haired dreadlord who aspires to take back his lost fiefdom from the hands of Chaos barbarians. When the Age of Chaos came, he had no choice but to flee with his soldiers in Azyrheim because the  enemies were too numerous. But after several centuries he will finally have his revenge... In fact his lands are only a week's walk from the Port Stellis. So far his soldiers have been training and defending the city along with the regular army, waiting for the day they will be fully ready. New drakespawn riders regularly come through the Star Ocean Gate to join Sicath's cause and pledge fealty to him.

    Sicath has the secret support of a few sorceresses of the Darkling Covens who are also waiting to take back their own lands in Ulgu. If Sicath is succeessful in his quest then they too will move in Ulgu and go to war with their chaotic enemies.

    The Astromancer Guild

    Port Stellis is the home of the renowned Astromancer Guild. It is a college of wizards who seek to master the magic of heavens (although a minority of them choose to learn the magic of shadows instead). The Guild is led by the grand master Caius Lorentius, a very stern scholar who possesses his own Celestial Hurricanum.


    That's it for now. I will write more about the Coast of Fleeting Hopes and its strange inhabitants later.

    Here is a stormcast on which I tested a color scheme for my Stellar Champions Stormhost.







    When the real army will come, I will probably do a few minor tweaks in the color scheme (like painting the halo around the helm in a different color, perhaps silver) but the idea is there. The vanguard stormcast from the blightwar set will be painted like that.

    Meanwhile I ordered a gaming mat which will represent the typical terrain around Port Stellis and in the Coast of Fleeting Hopes:


    I can't wait for it to be delivered at my home!

  7. The Huntress and Her Hounds:

    She always had an oddness to her, or at least that’s what the old maids said. Svala “Haresbreath” Snorrisdottir couldn't care less. Small in girth for a warrior-rin, the battle-axe and stiff plate of her father’s charges never felt natural. But Snorri Saggasson was not the type to have an untrained daughter. Instead, he taught her to hunt with a crossbow, hatchet, and other woodland tools. What she lacked in heft, Svala made up for in fluid precision and calculating accuracy. The daughter of Snorri, granddaughter of Saggaas might never join her father’s famed shieldwall, but she did her clan proud nonetheless, besting countless would-be challengers in the sparring ring. Even old grim face, Norgrim Proudsong, had rested his hand on her shoulder once while praising her father for his prodigious talents as a trainer of Karakigrom warriors.


    Svala "Haresbreath" Snorrisdottir, Veteran Ranger and Champion of the Karakigrom 


    ...Not that any of that mattered much to the Haresbreath. In the tradition of her clan, Svala had taken to ranging and exploring the wilds of Azyr. Her successes in tracking beasts and capturing them alive for sale in the markets lead Svala to be entrusted with the young king’s own missions. She scouted mountain passes, deep canyon trails, and even underground roads that few knew existed. Whereas most rangers lived on the fringe of society, the young rin was granted her own patrol of quarrelers just in time to join the vanguard on Rungi’s march from the Celestial Realms. Two-weeks ago today King Rungi had entrusted her yet again, his orders simple and to the point - “Clear the path, young sister,” directed the king. “Find a route into the mountains, leave markers for the throng to follow, and if you can do so safely, establish a valley camp from which we can evaluate the surrounding peaks.”

    Sounded so simple. How wrong she was.

    Wolf howls had been heard, and the potential for a greenskin raiding party to be nearby was very real, though if they were they’d remained out of sight since their first attempt at the gate. Disciplined as they were, her rangers could not survive long if a greenskin force of any real size found them. But tonight, with the sun setting on the 14th day of marching and now solidly in the upper foothills, only a lone, aged wolf had been found. About to roll over and catch some rare sleep by the fire before her watch began, a glint from the sun’s last rays rebounding off a sharp metal edge caught her eye. It was a fleeting image, but one she had trained herself to recognize.

    Half of the troop fanned out and settled into paired teams, back-to-back to prevent an ambush. The Haresbreath was bracketed by her remaining team as she stood still as stone, ears searching for signs of movement. A twig snapped. Further ahead, a misstep followed by the whooshing of a sinking leg through snow. Whoever had been watching was now fleeing. With a raised point they were aimed. A brisk chop of her hand signaled to the first wave of bolts into the brush. Red feathered bolts sped between trees at knee level. The howl of pain told Svala that at least one had reached their target. As they closed on the location of the noise, the rangers were disappointed to see that in place of a body was a trail of footprints and blood. More shocking still was the bolt. It's tip, though expectedly bloody from having punctured it's target, was bent and missing a sizable chip as though it had struck armor rather than flesh. Odd for a scout.

    They followed the trail, always in formation as Svala insisted. Whereas other ranger patrols operated as loose collections of hunters, or even independent warbands alongside the force, Svala had trained those in her charge to operate in tight formations. This concentrated their shots and made them harder to isolate and pick off. The Haresbreath’s “Hounds,” as they’d become known, were the king’s favored unit to hunt down key targets within a threatening force. And hunt they did in the first days since emerging into Chamon. This evening’s prey was becoming even more curious… The Hounds found that they’d reached the edge of the treeline, and though the brittle pines with their sharp, greyish needles only provided mediocre cover, it was much appreciated as they trail-blazed through this unknown land. The veteran ranger looked out at patchy grass and rocky outcroppings that gave way sharply to narrow ravines. These channels expanded outwards like a maze between the foothills, and from what she could see, they extended right up to the now clearly visible base of the mountain range she had been searching for. The whole scene reeked of grot ambushes and trickery.

    Living up to her title, the Haresbreath alone crept down the rocky face into the ravine, silent and virtually undetectable. Following the bloody drippings, she noticed signs that the rock faces had been disturbed. Though there were no open passages or tunnels, she suspected that this network of outcroppings and gulleys was quite intentional. Sure enough, the bloody trail ended suddenly with a right turn seemingly into the hillside. Running her hands over several of the great boulders she settled on a crack. Ever so gently Svala rolled the cover-stone from in front of the humid burrow. Svala crept slowly into the crack in the mountain. Every so often she would halt, slide forward, and slit the throat or snap the neck of a snotling lookout.

    After killing 5 of the wretches, the passage had widened. There were steps leading more sharply downward than before and an orange glow faintly rising up from the depths. The ranger continued on, the sound of ritualistic drumming growing, until the drums were drowned out by a snarling, snapping, gnashing frenzy. Svala knew this was as far as she could descend and still hope to see the sun’s rays again. The smell of blood was insulting their nostrils and she had begun to sweat from the oppressive, stagnant air in the tunnel.

    “Something was building, probably alerted by the scout they had failed to capture,” thought the ranger. She only had a limited force, and based on the ruckus below they were greatly outnumbered... Perhaps she could capitalize on the overzealous nature of greenskins and their reckless love of the chase. Chuckling at the blasphemy of her own plan, Svala poured her personal tankard of especially potent ale all over the cave walls as she backed out of passageway. This was not the sort of ale swigged at by freeguild knights, corsair sailors, or other of the softer folk who might develop a taste for dwarfish refreshment, but instead a homebrew used by generations of her ranging kin to burn away the freeze of particularly harsh mountain storms. Svala hacked free brush from outside the entrance and toss it on top off the piled snotling bodies for kindling, using a small tinder and flint to spark a fire on some strips of bark. Finally she wrapped the burning material around a specially prepared bolt.

    Svala noticed that the drumming had stopped. She lowered into a squat facing back into the deep, rotated and aimed down towards the rising glow. She had been raised on stories of  Saggaas and his older brother Norgrim facing down beasts of myth. Snorri had taught her to slow her heartbeat, center her weight, and think about her form as she squeezed the trigger by tightening her grip rather than clumsily pulling on it. Just as the first grot paused on the stairs, pointed, and turned backwards to scream in excitement, the bolt hit him center chest, bottle of musky oil shattering from the impact and rags lighting the entire creature in flames. Svala could hear his death screams but did not see them as she had already begun resealing entrance and hastily bracing it shut.

    From the pounding and screaming echoing behind her as she scampered back up to the stone ledge where her rangers awaited, she knew her trap had held. The greenskins were roasting in their den, their panic thwarting eachothers’ attempts to escape the fire. The Hounds aimed downward at the door as smoke poured from otherwise invisible seams. Eventually the screams were less man and more beast, but even these died down. Replacing them was a deep, rumbling growl so powerful it could be heard over the crackling flames.

    An enormous thud sharpened the senses of the rangers. A second thud was paired with a roar and the sound of splintering. Instead of a third thud there was an explosion of embers and burning wreckage as the giant cave squig burst from the tunnel, charred skin having scraped off over much of its body. Bolts sunk into the raw, exposed flesh. But Svala also noted how these same thick bolts clanged off the shining protrusions scattered over the beast’s back. This unnatural armor wouldn’t be enough to save it though. Her Hounds were taking their toll. The squig closed on their cliffside rampart but fell just at it managed to scrabble up the side and over the edge.

    The young veteran gave the creature a shove with her boot, crossbow aimed in case the monster rose again, but it did not. She had heard rumors of squigs growing to this size but had never seen one herself. It was a fascinating, if unsettling prey. The skin around these scales, if that was what they were, was freshly grown and in some places had yet to heal from where the metalic growths had pushed up through it’s back. The Haresbreath cut a large tusk from the lower jaw of the great squig and tore loose one of the large scales. As she secured them in her pack as evidence of their findings, she noted a ring of crooked moons carved into it but said nothing. She rarely did after all. The huntress silently took to the trail again, and her Hounds followed, this time covering their tracks as they retreated back into the tree-cover.

    IMG_2930.JPG.e5dc71068f3082bf5c568a3b39baee4a.JPG   IMG_2933.JPG.6b61362ff677c4abbbb3153cf81e0789.JPG

    IMG_2931.JPG.7784bc7596710282365b6ad6eeb63445.JPG   IMG_2932.JPG.e303e13bff9b6d0a798041ece37b2b29.JPG

    The Huntress' Hounds, Ranger Unit of the Karakigrom


  8. So after Kairos's defeat at the hands of colour coded Bloodletter Spam and 21 Skyfires - there was only one possible solution! A bigger summoning pool!

    The new list jacks it up to 780 points. I keep the Fatesworn Warband. Nemo the Ogroid steps up to replace the role filled by the Sorc on Manticore. The Curseling is General.

    Allegiance: Tzeentch


    Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch (140)

    - General
    - Command Trait : Magical Supremacy - Lore of Fate : Shield of Fate

    Ogroid Thaumaturge (160)

    - Artefact : Paradoxical Shield
    - Lore of Fate : Treacherous Bond

    Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (120)

    - Artefact : Souldraught
    - Lore of Change : Arcane Transformation

    Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160)

    - Runestaff
    - Steed
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch
    - Lore of Fate : Glimpse the Future

    The Blue Scribes (120)

    - Lore of Change : Tzeentch's Firestorm


    5 x Chaos Warriors (90)

    -Hand Weapons
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch

    10 x Chaos Marauders (60)

    -Axes & Shields
    - Damned Icon
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch

    10 x Chaos Marauders (60)

    -Axes & Shields
    - Damned Icon
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch

    1 x Chaos Spawn (50)

    1 x Chaos Chariots (80)

    -War flails
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch

    1 x Chaos Chariots (80)

    -War flails
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch

    Fatesworn Warband (100)

    Reinforcement Points (780)

    Total: 2000 / 2000
    Allies: 0 / 400
    Leaders: 5/6 Battlelines: 5 (3+) Behemoths: 0/4 Artillery: 0/4


    Per the FAQ the Marauders have both Banners and per the GHB the Maras cannot be units of 9 for the 6++ as Battleline cannot be under minimum size.

    The Bloodletters are right at the bottom of the summoning pool. They have been joined by the Exalted Greater Daemons of Tzeentch and Nurgle along with a Sword wielding LoC.   

    Off to Warhammer World now for some practice games.

    Ben Savva is also heading up from the South London Legion with a beautifully converted Ad Mech Skryre army.

  9. wanderingrogue
    Latest Entry

    Got this guy done this week - lovely model


    pain in the butt to pain those  tatooes tho!

    Also got a game in vs the infamous Mark Wildman - it did not go well.

    I have a feeling that going from a hyper aggressive Overlord army to a very defensive chaos list is going to cause some mental clashing of gears :/


  10. Liberator Prime Stoneham cleaned the ichor from his warhammer and counted his troops: half a dozen Liberators, a couple of Judicators, and Judicator Prime Sparrowclaw. The assault on Marrowpeak had been successful, but at great cost: scorch marks revealed where lightning had burst the faithful back to Azyrheim, and the bodies of broken bloodbound lay heaped around each crater.

    “Sparrowclaw, get everyone together. We need to find a realmgate to take us back to the musterhalls.” The Judicator Prime nodded, and called orders to the remaining Hallowed Knights. 

    The route to the realmgate would take them through Candlefane Vale. The thought filled Stoneham with something close to dead. He muttered a quick prayer and twisted his hammer in his hand.

    “Sigmar protect us.”


    The Duke Mauvaises Graines surveyed his estate. He could see workers toiling in the gloom, sowing crops for the changing season. Bitter winds swept through the fields, carrying with it the ever-present howl of nighthaunt.

    “A storm’s coming, sire,” croaked Morrlyn. The seer consulted a pocket dial, watching its green pin spin slowly counterwise.

    “Something the matter, old man?”

    “I’m not sure sire. There’s copper on the air. Blood and thunder.”

    Lightning cracked. Storms were rare this deep in the Candlefane Vale. When they came they could be brutal, washing hamlets from existence and driving ancient creatures from the barrows. He looked back out at the men in the field, and felt a fatherly tug in his heart. He called into the keep, “Riverblood!” 

    Out from the chamber stepped a colossal warrior. Lord Riverblood was the head of Mauvaises Graines' knightly order, and the Duke’s equerry.

    “Sire, can I be of service?”

    “Sound the alarm bell. I want the freemen in from the fields. And form up hunting parties – I want to make sure we’re ready if some foul leviathan crosses the vale.”

    “As you wish.”

    From the rear of the castle, an animal cry went up. The smells in the air had drawn the attention of the Duke’s menagerie, and they began to bay at the sky.

    “Care to take a walk, Morrlyn?”


    Further down the valley, thunder rumbled. The Hallowed Knights paused at the crest of a great barrow, sighting stars to get a fix on the realmgate.

    “To have Voss’s Prosecutors with us now,” muttered Sparrowclaw, “Or even Otford’s lantern to see by.”

    “Have faith, friend.” Stoneham clapped the Judicator’s shoulder, “We’ll see the halls of Azyrheim by tomorrow’s night, I swear it.”

    “Movement!” The shout came from Jentar, a Liberator at the crest of the mound. She gestured to a glimmer some hundred yards off. Gaunt shapes loped across the fields, led by brute in rusty plate.

    “Form up!" Stoneham bellowed, "Liberators to the front, Judicators behind. Don’t attack until the last second: for all we know they could be the faithful.”

    “Hah!” Sparrowclaw laughed, “Better to place your faith in gods than miracles.”

    Beneath his silver mask, Stoneham smiled.


    The Duke halted as he saw the glimmering shape on the hill ahead. Riverblood had taken his knights rimward, while he, Morrlyn and the house guard made for the Marrowpeak pass. 

    In another flash, he saw it: a lightning beetle. Twenty legs tottered, supporting a silver-blue shell glistened in the starlight. Its mandibles clacked together, in some crude approximation of language, shouting at his men.

    “Steady yourselves, men of Shyish. These things spit electricity and have hides as thick as steel. But, if you can, spare its life. Remember – it, like you, is merely afraid.”

    Morrlyn cast him a withering look, “Is the menagerie not full enough, sire?”

    The Duke ignored the old man, and drew his blade. “Form on me, faithful of Candlefane!”

    Lightning flashed.


    So, with RAW17 just around the corner I figured it was time to paste my hunter and leviathan's backstory. The Duke of Mauvaises Graines is my hunter, a noble warrior and benevolent lord of the Candlefane Vale... sort of...


    The Duke's my ghoul king, converted from an Orruk brute with leftover bits from a Crypt Haunter kit. He'll be my hunter for the event, seeking to expand his menagerie. He'll be supported by Morrlyn – a necromancer/old Mordheim dreg – and an array of ghouls and gals. Riverblood will be the Court's general, heading up an Abbatoir. 


    I kept the Ironjawz theme for his conversion, kitbashing the weapons from a Morghast as cleavers. He made his debut at Blackout a few weeks ago, and was impressively sniped off the table in the first turn of three of my games. These noble warriors will be defending the Vale from beastly intrusions.

    Knowing I'd be taking a court to RAW, I got in all kinds of knots about what Leviathan to make. I wanted it to be a metaphor, playing into the delusions the Flesh Eater Courts are known for. Initially I thought about having some sort of large spirit host, the souls of the court, doubling as a monster they wanted to capture. I also thought about having a mirror-tree, in which the court see the monsters they are reflected back at themselves. I then thought about getting some sort of noble stag and making it a hunting party... but I couldn't find the right kind of thing for that.

    I then listened to the recent Hardcore History about the romans and celtic tribes, and started thinking 'Man, what would the court see those formations as?' The thought was still with me while I read Plague Garden, and I thought there might be something in the whole 'locking shields' vibe of Stormcast chambers.


    I'll be honest, I hoped the models would be knit together more tightly than the sculpts allow, but I still like the idea. To the Stormcast, acting as one body is the best way to wield the strength of every warrior in the chamber – to be the anvil or the hammer. But to a ghoul king? That's just a great shiny creature with way too many legs and sharp bits.

    Anyway, four weeks to go and I think everything's together. Just down to list selection now. Might blog about that in a week or so. 

  11. Frederick Holtz grew up in the shadow of Sigmar himself. The son of a nameless courtesan in the courts of Azyr, he was raised as a ward of the State in the prestigious Starhammer Academy, not far from the high palaces of Azyrheim. Starhammer was where the elite future soldiers of the God-King were raised, and in the course of his upbringing Holtz had the chance to see Sigmar three times when the deity came to speak to the students about their duties as the leaders of tomorrow's wars. He passed all his tests with flying colors, and seemed poised to take a place as a petty officer in the school's own military regiment, the Starhammer Guard- at the last moment, though, his request was refused, and he returned to the general pool of graduates.  Holtz spent a night alternating between fear and confusion, unable to understand why he had been passed over in favor of lesser students and wondering what his future might be now that his constant goal had been taken away.

    The next morning, a man came to see him. Missing an eye and three fingers, scarred and limping, he was clearly a veteran of hundreds of encounters. He introduced himself to Holtz as Templar-Captain Gregory MacDonald. He was the one who had pulled strings to have Holtz denied entry to the Guard, he explained. Though prestigious, the Starhammers were no place for a man of Holtz's talent and acuity. Instead, MacDonald offered Holtz a place in his retinue.
    Over the next decade, Holtz would earn his rank as a full Templar fighting enemies all across the Mortal Realms, rooting out corruption and heresy behind the lines and crushing monsters that threatened Sigmar's nascent domain. When MacDonald retired, Holtz took up the mantle of Templar-Captain in his stead, and after his destruction of the Ghoul-Triarchs of Ghyran and their cult received a promotion- from Azyrheim itself- elevating him to the rank of Templar-Marshal. In this capacity, Holtz had a regiment of his own to command, and it amused him as he began to poach graduates of his old academy from the Starhammers to fill his own ranks.
    Then, the Steelglass crusade was called in Chamon against a fragment of the clockwork legions of ancient Cypria. Suspecting Chaos corruption among the metal men, Holtz attached his regiment to the crusade, seeking to destroy whatever taint existed among the ruins. It was some of the hardest fighting that the Templar-Marshal had ever encountered. The enemy seemed to have planned for their every move, every stratagem, and his soldiers were often thrown into combats that would tax ten times their number.  Holtz was unsurprised when evidence of Tzeentchi corruption was found among the clock-men and in the ruins of the great libraries they fought among, though he was perplexed as to why it was never his men who did the finding.
    As the Crusade reached its apogee, it approached one of the last great intact libraries of the ancient Cyprians. Its leadership called for the total destruction of the library to ensure the removal of all taint from the region. The night before the offensive was to begin, however, Holtz had a dream of a great beast buried under the library, thrashing against its chains. Waking suddenly, he was gripped by a horrible suspicion. His tomes confirmed that Cypria had waged long wars against Tzeentch at the time of the fall of the realms, serving as one of the Changer's most stalwart foes. Why, then, would there be evidence of taint among their defeated enemies?
    Rousing his men, he sent a messenger to the crusader lords asking them to delay their attack until he had had a chance to discern the library's true nature. A reconnaissance in force showed that much of the interior of the library was covered in warding runes, seals against the demonic. Holtz's pulse quickened as he sensed the malevolent presence lurking under its floor. The library was a prison for a powerful daemon, and if it was destroyed... At that moment shells from the crusade's artillery began to fall among the regiment. The attack had begun.
    Almost from the moment they left that place, Holtz's troops found themselves under attack- not by the Cyprian legions, but by the crusade's own forces. Advancing to the trenchline surrounding the library-mountain, Holtz found that his soldiers had been declared traitors by the crusade's leadership and ordered to be killed on sight. With the power of his oration and his reputation, Holtz convinced the gunners at the front lines to stand down and allow his men to pass.
    The artillery park was more difficult. It was commanded by the Bluefeathers, the personal regiment of General Kraft of the crusader lords. Here, the Templars had to fight doggedly, disabling the artillery pieces one by one. When he captured the Bluefeather commander, General Kraft's son-in-law, Holtz knew the truth. Heinrich Kraft bore the secret mark of Tzeentch on him. Steeling himself, Holtz and his soldiers attacked towards crusade headquarters. At first, the Templars faced human soldiers of the generals and lords' personal guards- but as they pressed closer to the command chamber, these became twisted by the power of Chaos, and their attacks sorcerous and strange.
    The command tent itself held the final horror- every general of the Crusade, their eyes lit by a strange blue glow, hands crackling with arcane lightning. At their head was General Kraft, whose visage had begun to twist into that of a daemon. He laughed when he saw Holtz. The Templar-General had failed, he said, and now he would erase one of the legacies of ancient Cypria and deal a blow to the plans of Sigmar the Deceiver. On the contrary, Holtz replied. He had stymied Kraft's aims. The library could not be destroyed now that the guns and soldiers of the army no longer obeyed the General, and Kraft and all of his conspirators would die.
    At this, his men opened fire, tearing the General and his fellows to shreds with a hail of gunshot- but Kraft alone did not fall. Holtz misunderstood Tzeentch's aim, he said. True, the daemon might stay imprisoned, but its clockwork wardens were destroyed... and so were Holtz and his regiment.  At this, the tent and its surroundings exploded in blue fire, consuming Holtz and most of his soldiers. In the aftermath, the Steelglass crusade came to a halt, as the survivors limped back to friendly bases and regrouped, bereft of leadership.
    Still, Holtz had done a great service for the forces of Order, preventing the release of a daemon-prince and the opening of a portal to the Realm of Chaos, and exposing the treachery of high-ranking officers in the armies of Azyrheim. For this, he saw Sigmar again, as he was reforged into an incarnate vessel of the God-King's mighty will and released into the world again to do battle in His name. Indeed, Sigmar had a special assignment for him- Holtz would join the Death Watch as an unflinching agent of the God-King, and there keep watch over his fellows even as he was responsible for rooting out evil in the Mortal Realms.
    Surprisingly, Lord Celestant Steelios did not object to this- indeed, he's said to have laughed for hours when he heard about who was being assigned to his command. It has been almost a decade since that day, and Holtz continues his watch- ever ready, ever vigilant, ever eager in his war against the enemies of Sigmar.
    The storytellers call Brother Holtz the Black Templar, Sigmar's Fire, the Holy Warrior, the Watchful, the Eyes of Azyr, the Sixteenth.
  12. Just like the major sky ports, the leaders of Elgi-Bar also interpret the Kharadron Code to reflect thier own way of warfare and trade. 

    When batteling with an army from Elgi-Bar, they follow the Code in the following ways: 


    Defend your territory - Your units doesn´t need to make any battleshock tests while being in thier own territory.


    Trust to your guns - Your units add 1 to thier Bravery as long as there are no enemy units within 3" of them


    Heed to your instincts - Once per battle after the first battleround, instead of rolling for whom gets the initiative, you can take the first turn that battleround. 


    Master monster hunters - Add -1 to all weapons rend characteristic when your units is attacking a unit with the MONSTER keyword. 

    Artifact of power

    Ancestral gromril chainmail - Cared for since the days before founding Elgi-Bar, this extra layer of armour protects its bearer from all but the most mortal blows on the cost of some mobility. The bearer of the Ancestral gromril chainmail must lower its Move characteristic with 1 and counts as 2 models while embarked upon a SKYVESSEL. When making save rolls for the bearer of the Ancestral gromril chainmail, ignore the enemy´s Rend characteristic unless it is -3 or better. 

    (These rules are not made for matched play, solely for my own amusement and with narrative in mind). 

  13. So it's been a month since the Generals Handbook 2017 came out. I gave an initial battle report in my last blog entry, and now on the eve of my 3 week holiday, I figure now is as good a time as any to write down some further thoughts.

    Since my initial battle, I've managed to get in another 3 games. 2 of them were using the Matched Play scenarios, while the other one used the Open War cards. 

    I've been using the following Free Peoples list during these outings:


    Freeguild General on Griffon - Armour of Meteoric Iron

    Freeguild General w Sigmarite Weapon and Pistol - General- Indomitable

    Freeguild GEneral w Sigmarite Weapon, Shield and Stately War Banner

    20x Freeguild Guard

    30x Freeguild Xbows

    20x Freeguild Handgunners

    10x Freeguild Greatswords

    3x Demigryph Knights

    5x Freeguild Pistoliers

    2x Cannon

    Gryph Hound


    Game 1 - Sylvaneth - Battle for the Pass

    The first of the 3 games was Battle for the Pass vs Sylvaneth. The Sylvaneth player dumped a Wyldwood on what would ultimately be my objective , and being an army with battalions outdropped my army easily (Either way he would've out dropped me).


    Deployment finished

    Overall this game went pretty smoothly for me, as my opponent deployed pretty far back (Given we needed to reach objectives in the mid-field). His Tree-Revenants went after my cannon, but bounced off the crew and were shot down by the cannon in return (Due to being locked in combat, couldn't move into range of something better). By the end of my turn 1, I already had control of both side objectives and was ahead on points.


    The Freeguild Guard race up to get control of the objective, while on the far side the Pistoliers do the same

    Ultimately it took too long for my opponent to get up to the side objectives. I had left a Gryph Hound and Greatswords back to prevent my opponent teleporting onto the Wyldwoods on my side of the board, so the Sylvaneth had no easy way to catch up on points. Eventually Durthu did get into the fight, smashed aside the Freeguild Guard, Demigryphs and Handgunners before being bought down.


    Durthu about to smash the Demigryphs, but on the far side the Griffon has dispatched of the Scythe Hunters

    The counter-attack was ultimately far too late. Durthu was felled by combined firepower, while the Ancient did finally control the objective the Freeguild General on Griffon had managed to demolish the rest of the army and even stole control of the enemy objective on the last turn. While the Freeguilds took heavy losses towards the end of the game, it was a resounding victory overall.


    The Ancient takes the side objective, but in the background the Griffon is busy gobbling down a Branchwych

    Game 2 - Wanderers - Open War

    The second game (played the same day) was against a Wanderers army. The Open War cards I remember was that we had diagonal deployment, the objective was to kill as many enemy models as possible (doubling that number if you slew the enemy general). I believe the twist may have been one army has to finish deployment first, and gets first turn unless a 1 is rolled. My opponent got choice of board edge, and got a lot of mystical terrain. Coupled with the Wanderers ability to teleport around at will, this made the game quite difficult.


    Deployment finished, the Wanderers appear to be on one side...

    My opponent got the first turn, rolled a bunch on his mystical terrain, and then both units of Glade Guard and the Nomad Prince teleported towards my main army, and took off a bunch of my Freeguild Crossbowmen. Wild Riders appeared in the backline to go after the Cannons, but thankfully failed their charge. I think both spells failed on the Eternal Guard.

    In my turn, all I could do is move forwards to get into range. I think the Handgunners went after one of the Waywatchers (may not have bee in range of the Glade Guard), while the Crossbowmen took some shots at some of the Glade Guard. Both Cannons I believe fired at the Eternal Guard and took some off. In combat, the Griffon ate one of the Waywatchers, while the Demigryph Knights killed 2 of the Wild Riders.


    Crossbowmen heavily depleted, but initiative could swing the game

    The rest of the game is pretty hazy. The Wild Riders basically spent most of the game going after the Cannons, failing charges, and all that. The Greatswords ultimately finished them off, but got lost in the sea of dead models. The Eternal Guard were so heavily depleted by the initial attack by the Griffon and Cannons they were basically out of the game for the rest of the battle. I believe the Nomad Prince and at least one unit of the Glade Guard (the one that hadn't taken casualties) teleported back over to take some shots at the Griffon. The Griffon had a chance to get into the Glade Guard and Prince, but ultimately failed to kill the Spellweaver in one turn so didn't have the opportunity to charge them.


    The Freeguild General on Griffon failed to take out the Spellweaver, so was locked in combat for another turn

    Ultimately, a lot of mistakes cost me the game, but getting reckless with my General was the worst one. The game was pretty even, but I decided to use him and  my Demigryph Knights to go after the enemy when they teleported back over to my side of the battle. This ultimately cost me the battle as the General was slain my a Glade Guard model, and even with the combined might of all my shooting, I couldn't take out the enemy General in return (The -1 to hit was pretty tough). My General on Griffon was eventually laid low by reflected mortal wounds off the Eternal Guard also (If it seriously mattered, I would not have done this but I knew it didn't matter by that time).

    Game 3 - Sylvaneth - Knife to the Heart

    Last game I've played (and the last for a while :() was once again against a Sylvaneth army. We originally rolled up Scorched Earth, but decided to re-roll it since we had both already played that scenario. I won the roll off for deciding territory, and decided that I would take the side with the Arcane and Damned terrain, letting my opponent having the Mystical and Deadly. He had placed a Wyldwood base somewhat close to my deployment area pre-game, and I knew that he would be looking to alpha strike due to his Ancient having the Moonstone of Hidden Ways.


    Deployment finished, Durthu, 2x3 Kurnoth Hunters, 10x Spite Revenants all waiting to come out from the Wyldwoods

    Right from this turn 1, he summoned a new wyldwood with the Branchwych, buffer up the Treelord Ancient, and then teleported everything. The Ancient and Tree Revenants appeared behind my lines (With the Revenants only just being outside 10" from the Gryph Hound). The stuff coming out of the Wyldwoods  appeared from the front. Unfortunately for the Sylvaneth though, the Ancient missed with his ranged attack, Durthu wasn't in range of the Handgunners. The Treelord and one unit of the Hunters managed to get in a charge, with the Hunters taking a lot of firepower from the Great Company to lose a Hunter before even fighting. A fairly lacklustre round of combat saw the Ancient only being able to kill a single Pistolier, while the Hunters killed some of the Freeguild Guard (including a few running due to battleshock), another Hunter was bought low.


    The Freeguild Forces get off quite easily given the army of Trees bearing down on them

    In return, the Free Peoples line held and blew the Ancient out of the game. The Handgunners even got to split their fire between the Ancient and the Tree Revenants with more fleeing due to battleshock. A devestating turn of events, even Durthu took a wound from the cannons.


    A good portion of the army gone already

    Ultimately there's not a huge amount more to talk about in this game. The Greatswords were killed by Durthu and the Tree Revenants, but the combined firepower of the Free Peoples was too much. One of the cannons even managed to roll 2 sixes for damage against Durthu when he had a single wound remaining! (If only it was the first turn!). The Freeguild General on Griffon got into the backline and deleted all the Dryads in a single turn, and that was about it.


    So those are summaries of the games I've played so far. I think it's important to note, that it has only been a month, and we don't exactly play every week, so people are still trying things out. My opponent in the last game wanted to see how the Moonstone worked, and I think alpha striking his Treelord turn 1 was not exactly the best game plan. But here are some thoughts I have

    Freeguild General on Griffon

    This guy has done work for me every game. Sometimes he whiffs a round though, but it's going to happen from time to time of course. He is amazingly tough as well, but I haven't come up against many armies with mortal wounds yet.

    20x Handgunners

    At some point I think I'm going to have to either make another 10 of these guys, or build up command for another unit. I've only gotten away with them being in 20's due to either my opponents not understanding their strength, or getting extremely lucky in my last game.

    Gryph Hound

    I'm still not sure I actually like this guy or not. His warning cry abilitiy has never gone off, even though I've played 3 armies which actually have 'teleporters'. My opponents will just make sure to put them further than 10" away. I guess in a way, this is fine, as it gives me a pretty critical turn to retaliate. Think I'm going to have to play around a bit more with him, my army is 1960 points so if I did drop the hound, that's another 10 Freeguild Guard I could fit in.

    Demigryph Knights

    They just... never seem to do damage. They're alright with tankiness, but without any buffs (The only one I can give being Hold the Line), they just can't deal any damage. Dunno, my gut feeling is that ultimately they'll be cut from the list unless I'm making a Freeguild Regiment. I feel I'd rather the utility of something like Pistoliers or Outriders, but for now, being painted they'll be sticking around. Maybe the Cavalry Halberds will be better? Perhaps I just have this thought of how Lances should work (Go in and blitz away half a unit) and they're just never going to be able to do that.

    That's about it for now. Obviously not a huge amount of experience yet, but when I'm back from my holiday, there'll be our first GHB 2017 tournament two weeks later. Should be a good work out for the Free Peoples (But getting everything painted in time is going to be trouble!).

  14. This is probably my favourite shot - I feel like facing this bunch would be pretty scary...


    The recipe for these dryads was pretty straightforward. After priming, the bulk of it is the wood, and if you do this before anything else you can be quick and messy.

    Dryad Bark all over (except for the loin cloths, skeleton, etc), then Baneblade Brown on any surfaces that would catch light from above (zenithal lighting). Then a highlight of Karak Stone on the lightest/sharpest edges. Then a wash of Agrax Earthshade all over; then a highlight of Rakarth Flesh. And to catch the light and really bring out the forms, a super-light highlight of Stormhost Silver sparingly.

    The eyes are just Mephiston Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet and a glaze of Bloodletter.

    The greens (leaves/loincloths and also the same recipe for drybrushing the base) is Castellan Green followed by Loren Forest working outwards. Then highlights of Elysian Green followed by Ogryn Camo. And finally a glaze of Lamenters Yellow really changes the last highlight (Ogryn Camo) and makes it really fresh.

    That's about it - it's possible to paint the whole unit to a decent standard in just a few hours in this way, with only a bit of extra time for details on stones/skeletons, etc.

  15. 59c040fe632d0_Table1TheSerpentsLair.jpg.957d03afffe010a7947711028a5bb9b9.jpg

    For each table at Warhammer Achievements I want to have a map on each table that shows the scenery rules and the secondary objective for that table. Here is the first example that I have put together. To set it up I laid out a board on the living room floor and then stood on the chair with a selfie stick to get the aerial shot. After that it was just a case of importing into photoshop and adding in all the rules and fancy graphics stuff to make it look professional. Hopefully the players will appreciate the work! 






  16. We interviewed one of the NEOs involved with Coalescence. He's also one of the masterminds behind the REALMS AT WAR which is running a second huge narrative event later this year, October 27-29, in Cambridge, U.K. And they still have a few spaces remaining! RAW17

    How did you become a NEO?

    I played Warhammer 40k in my early teens but followed the usual trend by dropping out of the hobby around the age of 16 to play more sports and video games.  Almost 20 years later, I wasn't playing as much sport as I had previously and I decided that I wanted to start a new hobby.   I have always been a big fan of the sci-fi and fantasy genres so I thought I would have a go at Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB).  That was around four and a half years ago and is one of the best decisions of my life!

    I was really lucky to meet a group of similarly aged local WFB players who called themselves EATBATS (East Anglian Tabletop Battle And Tournament Squad!) and after they took me to my first tournament, my interest in the hobby soared even more!  I really enjoy playing with people I haven't played before so I find tournaments or events are so much fun.

    A short time before the release of Age of Sigmar (AoS), a narrative event called The Mingvitationals was held in Bristol by Ming Lee and a few of the EATBATS crew, including myself, managed to get places.  It was my first experience at a narrative event and to date, it is still the most enjoyable weekend of hobbying I have ever had!  Non-standard armies everywhere (do you remember the netlisting??), custom made scenarios with hidden secondary objectives and a mix of singles and doubles games!  Awesome fun.

    When Age of Sigmar dropped, the majority of EATBATS jumped straight in and we immediately fell in love with it!  The freedom to customise your army opened up so many possibilities to everyone.  For me, this simple change meant that it really felt as though my army was now truly my own and I started to work up a background for it including stories for each of the characters and units.

    Another of the EATBATS crew, Mark 'Mitzy' Mitzman, had been in contact with Ming about putting on an AoS  narrative event and in late spring in 2016, I joined with Ming, Mitzy and Steve Foote to become EATMingsFoote.  Between us we created the Realms at War 'Legends' event (RAW16) which was held in Cambridge in November 2016.

    RAW16 was the first narrative event in the UK and our 40 attendees brought their armies plus an Aspirant who, over the course of the weekend, gained new attributes, equipment and skills to eventually become a Legend.  All of the players created custom built minis for both their Aspirant and their Legend which was amazing!  We also encouraged lots of customisation of armies, display boards and a background for each army.

    As part of our player pack, we had collated all of the background stories the players had submitted for their armies and bound them into a booklet which we designed as an ancient manuscript. - this was one of my favourite parts of the event, but I suspect that most people would talk about the RAW16 terrain.  There is too much to describe but its safe to say that these were some of the most themed tables ever in the UK scene.  If you'd like to have a look at the tables, please visit http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/6718-realms-at-war-legends-raw16/

    It was definitely after RAW16 that I felt I could be called a Narrative Event Organiser (NEO).  It was an awesome experience and even though I didn't get to play in the event, seeing all the attendees having such a fantastic time was incredible. We were really pleased with how the event went and we are currently planning RAW17 which is suffixed 'Leviathans'.  Something big is coming soon!!

    After RAW16, EATMingsFoote and the Hobbyhammer team were invited by Games Workshop (GW) to spend a weekend at Warhammer World and discuss our hopes and visions for narrative gaming in AoS. It was another incredible experience and I can definitely say that the future of narrative gaming is safe in GW's hands!

    Can you tell us about your local group?

    While there are a couple of wargaming clubs in the local area, most of the EATSBATS have young families or other commitments which means that there is no guarantee of us getting to a regular club night. However, we are all lucky enough to have properties which are big enough to get a gaming table set up in, be it on the kitchen table or in a dedicated room, so we game round each others houses.

    During our games we often take photos and post them to our whatsapp group so everyone can get involved and enjoy the action.  We also have irregular 'big' game nights where we put whatever we want on the table, roll dice and drink some beers (yes, we are all over eighteen!).  These games are usually very lax on rules and high on laughs - usually for failed charges or whiffed attacks but the biggest guffaws are when one player decides to attack one of their teams mate!  It's kind of like a game of Triumph and Treachery but with very little triumph and a lot of treachery!!

    We also occasionally skype whilst we are painting which is a great way of socialising plus you are getting your army or terrain finished at the same time!

    I do really enjoy building terrain so when I'm not painting or playing with my army, I'll be making some scenery whether it's for my table at home or for RAW.  I find that mixing up the hobby is a great way of keeping interest high.  There is nothing worse than having to paint twenty minis all from the same unit in one go!

    Being in the UK, there are a lot of events going on throughout the year and generally they're within a four hour drive.  I can get to some awesome events in Norwich or Colchester in a little over an hour though plus  central London is only an hour and half away!

    When we go to local events, we tend to go to those put on by small independent stores although I do enjoy SCGT each year (yes, I also enjoyed matched play events too!).  I'm really looking forward to Hobbyhammer's narrative event in February next year and need to start thinking about what army I'm going to take - will we see some aelves soon???

    Why is narrative gaming important to you?

    I've always been a fan of creative writing so seeing people produce background stories for their armies is the part of narrative play which I enjoy the most.  It really brings an army to life to me and gives them a purpose for doing what they do.  The ultimate aim is for a player to control the army to follow it's theme and make decisions based on what it 'would' do rather than what it 'should' do.  What do I mean by this?  Well, an easy example is a Bloodbound army would charge at an enemy to appease Khorne's desire for blood and skulls even if the alternative option of staying put to hold an objective would gain Victory Points.

    For me, when a player users their army in this manner, that's when narrative play comes into its element.  My good friend Mitzy always likes to describe his games as 'directing a film' so he will play his army to make the most cinematic moments possible.  This can create utterly incredible scenes as unlikely things seem to happen more often than not!!

    Another fantastic thing about RAW16 was seeing all of the effort that all of the attendees had put into their armies.  Not only did each army have custom made Aspirants and Legends, but most players built and painted completely new armies just for the event often involving rarely seen units or using a single theme - Paul Buckler brought an all flying Order army which was based on clouds!! It looked superb!

    Hopefully, RAW16 inspired people (and not only those who attended) to try their hand at customising minis, creating back story for their armies, building some interesting terrain for their games or simply naming their General!

    What tips do you have to share with other NEOs?

    My top tip for new NEOs would be 'keep it simple'.  Narrative play doesn't need to be complex; indeed if it is too complex, the game will suffer.  A couple of custom rules can completely change how a game plays.

    In my opinion, the ultimate aim of narrative play is to change the mind set of the players from 'win-at-all-cost' to 'what would be most fun?'!  Encouraging people to make those backstories for their armies also generates a stronger psychological bond between the player and their army and I think that when that happens, more narrative style decisions will be made during the game.

    It's also important to remember that not every player is going to enjoy narrative play.  I feel that I'm really lucky because I very much enjoy all three styles of AoS play (narrative, open and matched) but I know that's not the same for everyone. The hobby has room for all different types of play so if there is a style that's not for you, that's fine!  Play the game you enjoy and encourage others to play the game that they enjoy - there is no competition between the styles!

    I really hope that more people will try narrative play and if they try it, I think most would like it.  I'll leave you with a quote from my friend Steve which I think truly sums up the narrative style succinctly and should be fully embraced in every narrative game - 'it's not how you win the game but how you lose the game'.

    Thanks, Jimbo! You can see more of the games he plays on Twitter  @jimbo9jimbo

    And check out RAW17 and get your ticket before they're all gone!



  17. My first fully built unit is my Grundstock Thunderers.


    These guys were a rough kitbash from the 40k poxwalker models and the weapon components from the Thunderers set.  I think they have a bit of a Davy Jones crew feel to them with all the tentacles and bits.


    I still have most of the rifles remaining so will hopefully get round to building 4 more at a future point. Since the GH2017 has made the rifles a good choice I am just weighing up wether I want to do the remaining as my pox guys or add them to a different race.






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    Target list (1000 Points)

    1 Aether-Khemist

    10 Arkanaut Company

    10 Arkanaut Company

    Arkanaut Frigate

    6 Endrinriggers 

    3 Skywardens


    So Far I have 3 Endrinriggers, an Endrinmaster, and a couple Grundstock Thunderers painted. Enough for some skirmish, but probably only the Endrinriggers would be in my 1K list.




  18. Hi all!

    Check out my unboxing of the newly re-released Orruk Rogue Idol! I'm really happy they are producing these again and can't wait to paint mine up for my ironjawz as an ally for 2000 point games :)