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  1. Just a quick update to show the finished Treelord Ancient with the autumnal leaves/beard now in context.

    I'm quite pleased with the results, and this guy really stands out from the normal Treelord that's painted in nice, fresh Spring greens.

    Note on the cloth - this light blue colour is used to match in with Alarielle's dress, in case you were wondering why such a colour departure from the rest of the model :D

    Questions/comments/feedback welcome.

    Treelord Ancient.jpg

  2. Hey Everyone! There are only four more full weeks until Nova Open and my excitement is growing!  While this is not my first Major Wargaming event, Adepticon 2017 holds that title, it is my first Nova Open and the excitement isn't any less.  However, I have been much more relaxed about my preparations for the event.

    One of the best ways I found to prepare for a GT's is to listen to Podcasts and Videocasts discussing different armies that you are likely to see when attending these events.  Lately, there has been a number of great shows doing just that.  Tyler Emerson of Scurby & Wells discussed Tzeentch in his latest show with Rob Moar.  Vince and Tom of Warhammer Weekly had Andrea Schwandt on this past week discussing her first-hand experience with Kharadron Overlords. David and Alex from Garagehammer just put out an episode about Beastclaw Raiders that I plan on listening to this weekend.  I can also highly recommend you check out AoS Shorts by Dan S. which is a great quick way to tighten up your rules knowledge of the game.


    I was planning on taking a copy of my Adepticon Army.  It has been nice to not have any Hobby Crunch Leading up to the event, but a recent change to my list has created some work for me, but thankfully not much.  Beyond the addition of another unit to my Stormcast Eternals, I do have a short list of items to prepare as well.  It seems the Hobby Crunch can never truly be avoided.

    To round out my list for the Championship I need to purchase, build, and assemble a unit of five Protectors.  Thankfully they are one of my favorite units in the army so it won't be a chore of any sort, but I do need to make sure I have all the paint for the scheme on hand.  I do want to add a bit of customization to this unit to differentiate it from my current unit of Protectors so it will add a bit more time to the getting the unit done, but I think it will be well worth it.  I also plan to touch up my Display Board a bit as well, but thankfully it has been safely stored since I last used it at an event.


    During Adepticon this past March I ordered some custom Combat Gauges from 6squared Studios for this blog that I handed out to my opponents for some shameless self-promotion and give them a nice tool to use in their following games.  I plan to order them once again for Nova this year and the sooner I get on this the better.  I am working on having a true logo created currently, but sadly I do not believe it will be completed in time to put them on the Combat Gauges.  This is due to my failing at sorting out what I want exactly, but once it is completed you will see it here first!

    Currently, I am signed up for the Team event with my buddy Matt for Friday, which is also the day we arrive.  I am also competing in the Championship Saturday and Sunday, but thanks to Aaron Bostian I plan to add another event.  There is a narrative campaign going on all weekend and I plan to jump into the games on Friday Night for some Narrative Driven Gaming.

    The template for the Combat Gauge at Nova Open

    At Adepticon I went all out with a short story explaining the Lore of my Army as well as color copies of my List from the Azyr App with custom Images I took of my Army.  I plan to do the same for the Championship event, but the this is sounding more and more like it will be a last minute item to complete due to everything that needs to be done prior.

    As I do before any event I try to play as many games as possible with the Army to ensure I know what each unit does in order to keep my game moving as quickly and accurately as possible.  I felt as if my game hasn't been as clean or tight as it could be as of late.  Mostly due to my hobby time and energy being put into playing less and less.  I want to try to get at least two games in per week before the event.

    All done...almost...

    I am also painting my Khorne to possibly take to the NArrative event.  Currently, I have added 30 Bloodletters to my assumed total, but I will not truly count them unless they are based and I do not plan to base until the army is fully painted so it will be all or nothing on my end.  Either way, it is fun to have a little hobby crunch to keep motivated!  However, once I pick up the last box of Protectors I need they will move to top priority!

    I hope to see you at Nova Open if you are attending this year.  If you are hit me up on Twitter and we can chat hobby for a bit.  Have a great weekend and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

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  3. In the shadows of broken peaks, grim beings lie in wait,
    Carrion eaters, madmen, freaks, creeping beneath the gate

    - excerpt from "Songs and tales of the Mountains" by Armont de Carnesec

    So I've been slowly but surely working on my warband. I wanted to wait until everything was perfect but I think it's a good time to take a step back
    and show what I have so far, all very WIP of course. Most models are at 90%, I have some detail work to do one some of them, maybe go over the whole band to make sure they look coherent, and of course painting the bases.

    The Necromant

    I don't have a good name for this guy yet, he is the leader of my warband and a sorcerer devoted to the minor chaos god Moldek.
    The rest of the warband is the various followers he managed to gather around him, driven mad by his god.

    The Shell-daemon


    This guy is a demon of Moldek, hidden inside a shell, trapping anything he can inside it. I still have a bit of work on the tentacles and skin.

    The Deserter
    I just started base coating this one, he used to be a proud warrior until something on a battlefield broke him and he ran, and the parasitic influence of Moldek took hold of him as he hid deep in the forest.

    I am also working on some terrain, a Garden of Morr kit and some rocks. I want to have pine trees, but the bottle brush ones I bought look really cheap. I'm currently trying to cover one in flock, not sure if it's gonna work or not...


    Here is a shot of the full warband in its current state :



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    Hi pals, here's my first entry for this blog.

    For this "event" I want to show you one my favourite model: SLAMBO. 

    He embody all I love about Chaos Warriors.

    Hope you may like it.



    I kept a simple colour scheme, for this and all other chaos model of my army. Armours are deep black with no decorations, and the second color is an oxidized brass used only in some detail.

  4. So today I'm going to write about aesthetics and why the sub-faction break down was both a good and a bad thing for Age of Sigmar.


    Games Workshop at the beginning (and still is) in a tough spot when they decided to reboot the Warhammer Fantasy game. They wanted to create a world, where you could focus on a particular faction, or branch out and collect whatever you want. They wanted to create worlds where they could introduce new factions into the game, and wouldn't have to launch a huge product range at the same time just to put them up to par with the factions that had been out for 20 years. 

    So what did Games Workshop do? They took each significant idea, each aesethetic they had created for the old world Warhammer races, and created a faction out of it. No longer was there a combined Empire, but there were the Freeguilds, the militaristic might of the humans. There was the Devoted of Sigmar, those with unflinching faith in Sigmar. The Ironweld Arsenal, a combination of both Human and Duardin engineering. And there was the Collegiate Arcane, those Humans who spent their life dedicated to learning the ways of magic. No longer one combined human force, but a diverse range of Humans following their own ideals and goals. And in future, if Games Workshop wants to introduce a new faction of Humans, lets say some techno-wizards from Chamon, or Barbarians from Ghur, they can do so. Because they're not trying to fit in those factions with the existing Empire, they're just trying to fit another smaller faction into a part of the larger world.


    The Free Guilds aren't the core of the Humans now, they are now their own faction amongst many Humans

    A lot of people complain about how the Aelf factions turned out. Instead of the cohesive and larger factions from yesteryear, they've been split into a dozen tiny factions. For many, a hero and a few units if they're lucky. But I would actually argue, the bigger sin isn't that they were split up, but how they were split up. There's a big difference between creating a world, and transitioning an existing world. Unfortunately Games Workshop don't have a blank slate to work from, they have an existing model range that they still want to make money off of, but they need to transition those ranges into the new realms.

    And this is where the Aelves come in. I'll tackle the High and Dark Elves separately. For the most part, the Wood Elves transitioned over pretty easily, the Aelf side stayed as Wanderers, while the Tree folks went into the Sylvaneth. A good and easy divide between the two different aesthetics the old army shared.

    Let's tackle the High Elves first. They were actually split fine for the most part. Yep, you're gonna yell at me. You're going to say stuff like "But they've got these tiny little micro-factions, how am I supposed to build an army out of one of those!?". And the answer is, you shouldn't, not yet. You see, the High Elves actually had some pretty distinct but shared aesthetics within their armies. This largely came from Games Workshop promoting differences in how the different units looked due to coming from different regions of Ulthuan. Dragon Princes, don't look that similar to Swordmasters who again don't look that similar to White Lions. Sure, they're all Aelves, they all have tall helms, and they all wear scale mail. But there are notable differences also. Dragon Princes wear Dragon helms and their armour is embossed with dragons all over the place, White Lions wear lion cloaks draped over their bodies, and have shorter scale to allow them to move around more easily. Swordmasters are largely the more boring of the lot, as they just have plumes and large swords. But you see what I mean, differences in aesthetics.


    Similar though they may be, they are very clearly different

    So now we get back to, not yet. Games Workshop have sadly been lacking on the follow through. They can't magically bring out new models for everyone, but other than the initial 'promise' of expanding these factions, they haven't acted on it yet. So we have these sub-factions like the Order Draconis, Eldritch Council and Lion Rangers that have the glimmer of that gem in the rough. Will they turn into diamonds? I certainly hope so.

    So where have the High Elves gone wrong if the split was actually good for them? There are two things I would like to point out, one minor and one a bigger disaster.

    The first minor one, is the Dragon Noble (and slightly the Dragonlord). The Dragon Noble kit has the issue in that it was supposed to represent a High Elf Prince originally, one that could've been from one of Ulthuans many realms. So while there's some Dragon Iconography in the kit, there's plenty that's not. I mean, there's a Phoenix Banner in there, what do Phoenixe's have to do with Dragons? Much better in the apt named Phoenix Temple faction huh? And that's a problem when transferring these kits across, they don't mesh seamlessly. You've got Dragonlords riding around shooting bows, just because they're an option in the kit. 

    The second one is more of a tragedy, as there are lots of good models in the faction individually. I'm talking about the Swifthawk Agents. This faction is essentially a mish mash of everything else that they wanted to support in the game. You've got the Skycutter, cool model, makes sense they want to keep it around. Spireguard should've been recut already so they're not relying on the Spire of Dawn set, but sure, makes aesethetic sense with the Skycutter and Skywarden. But the rest of the faction? How do Shadow Warriors fit in with flying Sky Chariots? They're running around in the shadows. Why weren't they put into the Shadowblades instead? A faction that far better fits their aesthetic. The Reavers don't fit in with either the Spireguard nor the Shadow Warriors, only back in action due to the Spire of Dawn set again. And then you've got the worst offender of the lot, the simply named 'Chariots'. The only reason this kit is still around is because they want to use it for the Lion Chariot set. So hey, Swifthawk Agents are swift... lets just cram it in there.


    There's no place here for you my friend, but marketing says we need to keep you around

    It's a shamble of a faction, that has a super cool premise but at the end of the day it's this complete mish mash of Aesthetics. The only reason I can surmise they created this faction was they wanted to keep the Skycutter Chariot kit around, so built a hodge podge faction around it instead. Better to have retired some of these models and left them in the legacy Highborn faction.


    So that's the High Elf side of things done, so now, the Dark Elf side. The Dark Elves I think are fine, but they were split just one too many ways. There are some good splits, and some bad, so let's tackle the factions.

    The Daughters of Khaine, an examplar of a faction. They have a hugely distinct aesthetic due in part to basically being bare women. The only criticism I have is why put the Warlocks in this faction? The Daughters aren't exactly known for using magic. I guess because they're part naked? No, I think they would've been better off in the Darkling Covens.

    Next up, Scourge Privateers! Another great example of taking the Aesthetic and going with it. A faction that only has models in it that make sense. If I were to add anything, is that the War Hydra should belong to this faction, and not the Order Draconis. The handlers have the sea dragon cloaks that the Scourge Privateers are known for, the War Hydra looks pretty aquatic also due to sharing the kit with the Kharibdyss, a better match in my opinion.


    Examples of good splits, two factions that have a core identity

    Those two factions are the diamonds in the rough. A few more characters, a new unit or two, and they'd be great factions to collect and have strong aesthetics and thematic appeals to the players.

    So then where did the Dark Elf split go wrong? I'd argue by separating out the Darkling Covens, Order Serpentis and Shadowblades. A big part of this is aesthetic similarity between the troops of these factions. You've already got in game links between the Serpentis and Darkling Covens as the Sorceress' get Black Dragons from them (A thing so rare that they needed to create Drakespawn, but Sorceress' can just waltz in and ask for one huh?), but the problem is that the Drakespawn Knights armour, and the Darkling Covens infantry just don't look all that different. Then you've got the Charioteers on the Drakespawn Chariot also. Not only that, but again, you've got Charioteers using ranged weapons in a faction that shouldn't really have any. 


    Not so different, these two

    So personally, I feel that the Order Serpentis should just be a part of the Darkling Covens. Perhaps they could've changed the fluff, so each Coven is led by a Sorceress and a Coven Master. The faction then, would be much more cohesive due to the factions shared Aesthetics, and a much more diverse faction also. You wouldn't have the problem where they have no leaders with command abilities, or the faction is made up purely of infantry. These two, bridge the gap and make the faction that much more interesting and balanced.

    Lastly I briefly mentioned the Shadowblades. I don't really see them ever becoming a fully fledged faction. I think they could've just been merged into the Darkling Covens also, especially since the Dark Riders are similar to the Darkshards also. I also mentioned the Warlocks, it's a lot easier to keep the aesthetics tightened up if boxed sets only belong to a single faction. It also means you can market that boxed set for that particular faction. I mean, Shadow Warriors/Sisters of the Watch have this issue where they're in two different factions, so do you market the box for Wanderers or Swifthawk Agents? A lot easier if they just belong to a single faction.


    So then, why didn't they keep Darkling Covens, Order Serpentis and Shadowblades as part of one larger faction? The only two reasons I can think of is they thought that there was enough identity for them to forge their own path, but also they didn't necessarily want to make it 'too' easy for a player to transition their older armies. Yep, money huh. If we look at all the other 8th edition forces, they all got split into multiple factions also. Especially the core parts of each army were split across multiple factions. Ogre Kingtoms were split between Gutbuster and Beastclaw Raiders. Orcs and Goblins by each different aspect of Grots of Orruk. If you had an 8th edition army, you could run your existing collection as a Grand Alliance army with less synergy. But it made you think, do I take one aspect of my army, and expand that instead to make a more synergistic army?


    Overall, I appreciate what Games Workshop are trying to do. I just think they need to follow through on some of their ideas. Show us it's not just a hindrance to us (Where before, we could run a synergistic Highborn or Exiles army). I want to play an army full of Dragon Armoured Aelf Warriors, but I don't want to play with just Dragon Blades and Dragonlords. I want to create a Phoenix Temple force, but I could use some mini-Phoenixes! I love the Scourge Privateers, so where's their flying skyship? Tons of great ideas that are just waiting for some awesome models and a battletome to go with.


    As a parting thought, I'll leave you with this. Did Deathrattle kill off the Tomb Kings? In some respects, you could definitely make the Tomb Kings work in Age of Sigmar (Likely as 2 separate factions). You can even get rid of a bunch of old kits like the older Skeletons. But was the fact that there'd then be two factions largely composed of Skeletons a problem for Games Workshop?


    Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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    1.1 Motivation

    Do you want a job requiring probably hundeds of hours of work with no pay and the possibility of financial liabilities? Yes? Welcome new TO!

    The AoS calendar, at least in the UK, is jam-packed full of tournaments . So in full, in fact, that you could probably do 40 tournaments a year if you were stuffed full of cash, passionate about motorways… and were very, very single. People all over the UK - and beyond - give up their time and take on board sizable responsibilities to provide entertainment for others – often exposing themselves to wilds of social media, chippy comments and the risk of losing money.

    It’s not altruistic of course. TO’s volunteer their services within an environment they enjoy, for people they often know and to further a game they’re passionate about. The drive of ego can’t be denied, whether the unconscious motivation is testing one’s personal identity or winning plaudits from others –putting on bigger and better tournaments than the last one. Some TO’s may need an objective – something to aim for to drive them through life’s mundanaities . It’s not the money though. It would be more ‘profitable’, I dare say, to spend the equivalent hours walking the streets picking up loose change on the pavement. That’s not to say that some bigger tournaments won’t make a ‘profit’ but in almost any case I can recollect this is pumped back into making free content – the other side of the same coin and a right which can’t be denied.

    My own personal motivations are pretty varied. I’m not one for deep self-examination but on the top level:

    ·         I’ve always been a bit of an organiser; events, football teams, projects and governance – whether professional or for fun. Mostly this emanates from me wanting to take part in something which won’t happen unless I make it. I guess this is very a common motivation for TO’s.

    ·         My experiences of running club competitions (winning the annual club competition that I organised still gives me a drunken, self-satisfied feeling that’s difficult to recreate) and small one-dayers have been wholly positive. There’s a certain level of adrenaline which is mildly addictive.

    ·         It’s nice to collaborate. My best work is done in conjunction with others – it keeps that motivation going. I’m already enjoying the banter with the South London Legion gang.

    ·         I’m relatively time rich – by my own standards – though that time is spent rooted on the 05.43 from Eastbourne. I know that I need to make this time in some way valuable (other than to furnish my loving family with a lifestyle to which they have become accustomed!)  and not to just spend it with my face pressed up against a rain-flecked window wondering where it all went wrong. Long projects with quality resolutions. I’ve written 2 and ¾ books mildly well received books on trains – but talk about picking up loose change…

    ·         The London events issue. Peeps in the South East are pretty hard done by when it comes to events. High running costs and wariness of others as to the expensiveness of ‘down south’ keep them to a minimum (which I get, being a northerner). Unfortunate, you would say, as this is where most of the population lives. I kinda want to bust this myth, and so do the others.

    …and that’s me. Nothing too unusual or eye-opening in that. I expect large portions of this will resonate with other TO’s. I’ll keep this going focusing on more practical aspects, probably on a weekly basis.  It’s Monday morning, 06.48, and I’m one down - so that augers well.



  5. Okay guys, I finished my first unit off three units Prosecutors. If someone is wondering. I used the 40mm Bases first but thought whey would be to small and used 50mm Bases instead which should be Warmachinebases




  6. IMG_0830.jpg.9c02d99a83ee92f3e6d9c5a86706cdc6.jpg

    For the Realm of life table I wanted to add in a piece that called back to the Old World, so I thought that an Elven Waystone dedicated to Allarielle would be a nice way of doing this. It could be kept standing through the powers of the wanderers and have some magical effect that bolstered the Sylvaneths power.

    One of the challenges with making this from blue foam is keeping all the angles consistant. To solve this I b cut a rectangular block and then cut a wedge from a a second piece to make sure the angle would be consistent. Each time I made an angled cut along he long sides I kept the off cut and taped it back on so that I was always cutting from a rectangle. This meant that the shape would be consistent throughout.

    I cut the waystone and the square base together and joined these with cocktail sticks and silicon glue. I drew on a lot of the detail with a pencil to make the indented pattern and then glued on some half beads and the elven letters that I cut from a stencil. The top of the waystone was decorated with a small circular gourd that came from the lake town house kit from The Hobbit range.

    The Plinth was made from thin slices of blue foam that I laser cut. I was able to engrave on the stone shapes and runes which saved a lot of time. I had to play around with the power setting n the machine to get a good effect though. When this had finished I glued them all together onto a hardboard base. The edges were sanded and I cut the edges with a craft knife to roughen the stones appearance. I also cut some steps from cardboard that I could glue down.


    Painting was a quick job. First I gave the whole thing a coat of blue tester pot paint from B&Q before spraying it all with greys and browns. I did the waystone and the plinth separately. Then I drybrushed the whole thing with Wrack white and Terminatus Stone before spraying the half beads and the top gourd with a bright blue to create the OSL effect. Its a bit non specific, but it does the job. I then edge highlighted a lot of the stone work and drew on the cracks in the steps with a sharpie and white paint.



    The final step was to glue the whole piece together and add some flock, tufts and bushes.   

  7. Clue
    Latest Entry

    As mentioned I've been working on a squad of sisters of slaughter. I don't feel as if these guys are near my best work - but they look great at a distance. I also got a tad bored painting them; finding the skin tones tedious at times.

    I may have gone overboard with the gore but it does fit in with their lore. After all, these guys are meant to live to fight. Let me know what you guys think. :D

    Hope you all enjoy the progress updates! It really means a lot to share this army with the community.


    "The Sisters fight as they live, moment to moment, with every gut-spilling swipe and viper-quick slash going unplanned until the second it is unleashed."




  8. On July 8th and 9th the Southern Califonia Age of Sigmar community got its first (annual?) Dichammer Grand Tournament at At Ease Games. The event was put on by a local tournament organizer that goes by the name of Nick Dicehammer along with Scott Reed. They used matched play scenarios from The General’s Handbook along with secret agenda’s that must be picked prior to starting the game.IMG_0522.jpg?resize=300%2C225

    This was the first two day AoS tournament, that I am aware of, that was held at a local game store and not at a rented hall or part of a bigger convention in the Southern California area. I was watching the signups on both Best Coast Parings and Facebook and felt pretty confident that we were going to to get about 25-30 players. Unfortunately the actual number was 14. I am pretty sure there were a few factors that went into it: First the release of new 40K. This event was planned months ago and there was no way for the organizers to know the specific day of 40K’s release and impact. Second, I think it was hard for many members of the community to commit to 2 days of playing. As it was a new event and not part of an established tournament or convention players were skittish to commit and tell their loved ones, bosses, etc. they were going to play over the course of a couple of days.


    For those that did turn out I was amazed at the distance players were willing to travel and the quality of armies that were on display. We had bunch of guys from NorCal come done along with two members from the Phoenix area.

    For this tournament, and probably the foreseeable future, I used my Stormcast Eternals. My list theory was to use a Hammerstrike to aplha my opponent hopefully by turn two and make them make some tough deployment and movement decisions. My Thunderhead Brotherhood would hold objectives while my heroes buffed and redirected my opponent’s target priority. This is what I brought:

    Lord-Celestant (100)
    – General
    – Command Trait : Staunch Defender
    – Artefact : Mirrorshield
    Knight-Heraldor (120)
    – Artefact : Spellshield
    Lord-Relictor (80)
    – Prayer : Lightning Chariot
    Lord-Castellant (100)
    – Mystic Light : Lantern of the Tempest
    Knight-Azyros (80)
    5 x Liberators (100)
    – 1 x Grandhammers
    5 x Liberators (100)
    – 1 x Grandblades
    5 x Liberators (100)
    5 x Judicators (160)
    -Skybolt Bows
    – 1 x Shockbolt Bows
    5 x Judicators (160)
    -Skybolt Bows
    – 1 x Shockbolt Bows
    3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)
    5 x Paladin Retributors (220)
    – 2 x Starsoul Maces
    10 x Paladin Protectors (400)
    – 4 x Starsoul Maces
    Hammerstrike Force (120)
    Thunderhead Brotherhood (80)
    Total: 2000/ 2000
    Heroes: 5/6 Battlelines: 5 (3+) Behemoths: 0/4 Artillery: 0/4

    Day 1 I drew Justin Rusk and his Nighthaunt army for a game of Escalation. I’ve played Nighthaunt armies before and was aware that they ignore rend making my Paladin’s Starsoul Maces invaluable. Turn one I was able to roll on my Prosecutors and get both the Retributors and Protectors right in Justin’s center mass. I made a tactical error though by trying to sandwich them in the backfield and leaving my Protectors too far from the center of the table. For the first few turns I held two of the objectives but by turn 4 I was on the ropes. Turn 5IMG_0523.jpg?resize=300%2C225 I was in a position to tie or possible win the game by making a 3” charge with the Protectors I deployed too deeply but rolled snake eyes. This was one of many games that came down to the wire.


    The second game of the day was against Ben Cornelius’s Blades of Khorne fighting in a game of Three Places of Power. For this game I put everything I had in the Celestial Realm. I knew his army was able to move and charge into my deployment zone turn 1 if he wanted and figured I would be able to get 2 of the 3 objectives secured by the end of turn 2 or 3. As expected Ben moved his army forward having his 2 Bloodthirster each claim an objective and bubble wrapped a Skullmaster with 30 Bloodletters on the third. On the bottom of turn 1 I was able to get my whole army on the table (3+ per war scroll). I dropped my Protectors right in front of one of a Bloodthirsters and put my Retributors in a position to attack the Bloodletter bomb. The Thunderhead Brotherhood (which I had to roll in individually) went center on Ben’s half of the table. My Judicators made quick work of the Bloodsecrator and I opted to activate the Protectors to kill a Bloodthirster. The Bloodletters killed 3 of my Retributors leaving just two Starsoul Maces to mortal wound back. From that turn on I acted as a leaf blower working my way from my left flank to the right slowly grinding Ben’s army off the table and placing my heroes on the objectives. My downfall though was I was not able to shoot the Skullmaster off the table and could not get into close combat until the bottom of my turn 5. The Skullmaster scored 15 points for Ben and secure him the win. I got the moral victory by vanquishing every worshipper of Khorne and tabling Ben on the last dice roll of the game.

    My last game of day 1 was against Troy Salewske and his Disciples of Tzeentch. The games was Gift From the Heavens so once again I decided to put everything in the Celestial Realm.  My general idea was to drop the bulk of my army on my objective and get the Hammerstrike Force on Troy’s, having a single model from my army within 6” of his objective would disrupt his scoring. Troy deployed his army on his right flank. He bubble wrapped 3 Lords of Change and Kairos Fateweaver with Pink Horrors creating a devastating 18” threat bubble. Troy deferred turn 1 to me to see where I dropped. As a Stormcast player you don’t


    have a choice but to roll to see if your war scrolls come on, if I could have deferred I would have. Most of my army was rolled on one at a time and I put them center of my deployment zone so I could react to where the objective fell. Fortunately my Prosecutors failed their reserve roll and was able to keep my Hammerstrike Force in reserves. Troy then won the initiative and and deferred to me again. My objective came up on my right flank so I started turtling my army around it. My Prosecutors came in and I dropped my Paladins in right in the Pink Horror’s faces. I wiped two of the Pink Horror units but they became Blue Horrors then Brimfires. I knew my Paladins were toast but was hoping they could hold out during Troy’s turn to disrupt getting points. Hope failed. His objective crashed right in the middle of his daemons and a devastating magic and shooting phase wiped all my Paladins and Prosecutors. Then karma kicked in and I was slowly table dying a slow death getting tabled on turn 5.

    I realized how long this blog entry is getting so I am going to stop here and wrap things up this weekend with day 2 and my final thoughts of the event. Thanks for reading and I will get Part 2 out soon!

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  9. Arkanauts all done. Pretty happy with them but the colour scheme isn't going to translate directly to the more heavily armoured units so some experimentation is needed.

    FullSizeRender 3.jpg

    FullSizeRender 4.jpg

    FullSizeRender 5.jpg

  10. Battleplan: Acquisition (from the Kharadron Overlords Battletome)
    Match-up: Order vs. Legion of Azorgh

    On the burning plains of Aqshy, Hazim the Blooded and his loyal Fireglaives approached an ancient Zharr Goroth ruin.  He and his Daemonsmith, Dray the Alchemist, had been searching the ruins of an old empire for weeks, seeking enchanted artefacts and other treasures.  So far, they had turned up only a few... an enchanted weapon that Hazim had claimed for himself, and a sacred duardin relic that was in Dray's possession.

    As Hazim began to climb the steps into the ruin, he heard cries of battle behind him.  He looked back to their base camp, fortified on a nearby butte, just in time to see a trio of Judicators assault their gun-line.  They opened with a thunderous barrage of hammers, battering the artillerists, and then, with a valorous battle cry, charged the Dreadquake Mortar.


    He readied his weapons to fight and began to look around for more enemies.  Sure enough, his scouts had done a terrible job.  The ruins were filled with Stormcast Eternals, but what would they want with the wreckage of the Zharr Goroth?  There must be some reason for their presence.  The question would have to wait for the moment.  He cast Mystic Shield on his Fireglaive unit, as Dray had taught him, and prepared for battle.


    Meanwhile, from camp, Dray spied a unit of Retributors and their Lord Relictor marching out of a nearby crypt.  While the Magma Cannon sent the winged Prosecutors back to Azyr where they belonged, Dray ordered his Dreadquake Mortar and Deathshrieker Rocket Battery to rain down devastation on their position.  

    Lord Relictor Gladion Sunseeker did his best to heal the Retributors with his heavenly lightning, but the unit was nearly wiped out.  He and his one remaining ally marched forward, intent on joining the fray.


    The reason for the Stormcast's interest in Duardin artefacts became suddenly apparent.  Fleet Admiral Skragnir the Recalcitrant and his Arkanaut crew opened fire from the base of the butte, slaying the crew of the Magma Cannon with their Aethergold-powered weaponry.  Apparently, the forces of Barak-Thryng were at work this day, presumably attempting to reclaim the salvaged duardin heirlooms.


    The Liberators charged the Fireglaives, fighting for control of the ruin.  They slew a few, but the combination of Mystic Shield, Blackshard Armour, and the cover provided by the ruin itself rendered the duardin nigh impervious.  Not so, however, when the surviving Retributor charged in, his hammer crackling with critical energy.  He was furious at the destruction of his battle brothers.  With little regard for the Fireglaives entrenched position, he hurled mortal wounds in all directions until the duardin, and their fearless leader Hazim, were no more.  Gladion picked up Hazim's enchanted weapon, hung it on his belt, and continued the fight.  There was still a sacred relic to be reclaimed.

    DSC04764.JPG.6f51f79f96ff9ac6f17cf0a3845f5318.JPG   DSC04767.JPG.5636e8255bfaa12870a2055abf236b0a.JPG

    By the time Fleet Admiral Skragnir had climbed to the top of the butte, his Akanauts had been gunned down to a man.  They had acquitted themselves nobly, felling both the Magma Cannon, and the Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher, and nearly destroying the Dreadquake Mortar.  But the job that remained needed to be done right, so he would have to do it himself.  

    Though Dray's Blackshard Hammer nearly sundered Skragnir's plate armour and sent him back to the spirit in the sky, the Slave Ogor had been whipped too mercilessly during the battle and contributed nothing to the melee.  Skragnir set upon them with his Aethermatic Hammer, reassuring himself of his righteousness muttering under his breath "there's just no trading with some people".  


    His devastating hammer blows demolished the Dreadquake Mortar and sent Dray flying back off of the butte.  He looked on in shock, took one last puff of his pipe, and fell into the crackling lava below.  The sacred scroll he had been carrying drifted slowly to Gladion's feet.  Gladion collected it and gave a signal to Skragnir.  Then they began the long walk to rejoin their skyfleet.

    Crossposted from hive fleet charybdis.

  11. A change- not a brother or sister of the Death Watch, but a family of Freeguild. This is the chronicle of their most ancient history- in time, they will reappear in other stories.


    Long ago- before the Gates of Heaven were shut, before the Gods were disunited, before the taint of Chaos reappeared in the world, deep in the Age of Myth when the world still lay verdant and untrampled, there were two men.

    One, Lars of the Duns, was a refugee from far Arcadia, fleeing political violence in that ancient land. He led hundreds of his followers with him to a new home in the forest, under the flag of the sturdy steeds that had taken them thus far. There, he founded a new realm- the Empire of the Green Horse, whose kings traveled from one steading to another carrying their court with them. For many centuries they flourished, creating art and architecture both primitive and beautiful. They were the Green Kings, and under their tutelage the hills bloomed and flourished, and the valleys prospered and grew verdant. But they came to an end, as all things must.

    No one is quite sure of what brought the Kingdom of the Green Horse to its finish. Stories are told of wandering Gargants, Orruk invasions, pacts with malevolent sorcerers, or a waking dragon living under the hills.  Only the Knights of the Last Flower, who claim descent from that land, can say for sure, and they keep that knowledge locked away for reasons fathomable only to them. When the kingdom fell, though, the survivors fled away from those hills, leaving them to become wildlands and impenetrable forests. The refugees reached a land between two rivers instead- there, they met the descendants of the second man.

    Not so far away, in the marshes and wetlands that dot and snake through that land, Connor Marsh made his home. A fisherman, an explorer and a hunter, he plied his trade across the waters, spreading his nets and feeding his family and friends off their bounty. As his reach expanded, he led them to drive out the grots, troggoths and waking dead that also claimed that land. Sometimes, he would make war on other families and villages as well. More often, he would trade and ally, marrying his daughters to their sons and his sons to their daughters.

    By this, he became not only patriarch but lord, chief over a growing sphere of influence stretching across not just the marshes but the twin rivers that formed their borders. In time, his family and his domain would be named after the greater of these two rivers. They would become known as the Reiks.

    The first meeting between the people of the rivers and the survivors of the Green Horse was not salubrious. The refugees foraged on lands long claimed by the Reiks, and when confronted refused to bow before the local powers. Again and again, the Reiks would confront the newcomers, and soon blood was shed throughout the region. The locals had the ground and their boats, but the men and women of the Green Horse brought weapons of bronze, and their steeds besides.

    As the battle between the two grew more pitched, one man- Gunter Worlitzer- emerged as leader among the survivors, pushing deeper and deeper into Reik territory as the seasons turned. It was only with their backs to the river that gave them their name that the defenders were able to make a firm stand against his army, using a blend of what they knew and what they had learned throughout the long years of subjugation. Over the centuries, successive generations of Reiks and Worlitzers would cycle between bitter, wary truce and total war. Many were the times that the twin rivers ran red with the blood spilled by their shores. Only rarely were the two families- the two peoples- willing to set aside their hatreds of one another, when both were threatened by a greater outside enemy.
    The greatest of such incidents came with the advent of Warboss Goomba da Bonecrusha, known as the Mad Dok and whispered by some to be Boss of Bosses. He led a Waaagh! almost fifty thousand strong into the land between the rivers, slaughtering all he came across and setting what he could alight. Only after three weeks of smoke, fire, confusion and sacrifice, and the eleventh-hour arrival of the Knights of the Last Flower on the field, was the Mad Dok foiled at last.
    Part of the blood-cost paid included most of the leadership of both families, leaving each in new, inexperienced hands. For a time it looked like these would retreat to their fastnesses, to plot and plan the resumption of the war between them- until the Grandmaster of the Last Flower came forth. He scolded the survivors for their lack of empathy towards one another, for their willingness to see the rest of their families and their lands destroyed for the sake of an ancient grudge. It was, he hinted, exactly this sort of infighting that had brought about the fall of the Green Horse so many years ago. He would not stand to see it again.
    With his guidance a union was arranged between the de facto leaders of both families, overseen by the Knights. No longer would there be two factions between the rivers- forevermore it would be Reike-Woerlitz together.
    The ancient heraldry of House Reike-Woerlitz is the Horse and Rivers, and its motto is "We Prevail."
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    Hi guys, long lurker here but pretty new in AoS in general.

    My first real army was Ironjawz, but after quite some games and 2 tournaments, i see that actually, a full IJ isn't really effective in tournament (an expensive and quite useless shaman, no ranged, and melee sucks in general).

    So after some readings and as i like greenskins, i decided to build a full Bonesplitterz army for some reasons.

    First, no one plays them in Paris (oh yeah, i lie, a guy is playing them, but he doesn't do well) so they can create some surprises.

    Second and third, i love greenskins, so naked screaming orcs do have something, y'know xD

    And finally, i really enjoyed their fluff. Great waaghs roaming, looking for great beasts to free GorkaMorka's spirit (sorry for maniacs, i have to sum up a bit)


    After some brainstorming, i ended with this list in 2000 points.

    Allegiance: Bonesplitterz

    Maniak Weirdnob (100)
    Savage Big Boss (100) Ki'Zune
    - General
    - Granite Choppas 
    - Artefact: Dokk Juice 
    Wardokk (80)
    - Artefact: Big Wurrgog Mask 
    Wardokk (80)
    - Artefact: Big Wurrgog Mask 
    Wurrgog Prophet (140) Fo'Xiz

    10 x Savage Orruks (100)
    10 x Savage Orruks (100)
    10 x Savage Orruks (100)

    2 x Savage Big Stabbas (100)
    2 x Savage Big Stabbas (100)
    40 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (400)
    20 x Savage Orruk Morboys (240)
    10 x Savage Orruk Morboys (120)

    Bonegrinz Warclan (40)
    Kunnin' Rukk (60)
    Teef Rukk (40)
    Kop Rukk (100)

    Total: 2000/2000

    So you can see some holes in artefacts and general traits, that's because i have the french book, and i am lazy enough to not search the english names right now ;)

    Basically, 5 spells per turn, a kunnin'Rukk, 200+ HP on the table, one place on deployment. On the paper, it sounds good, we'll see where this is going.


    I started to buy, i have for now 2 shamans, and 40 guys glued. 60 more to buy and the last heroes.

    And i have to paint it all (and test it for sure) BEFORE the end of August, as we have a big tournament here in Paris. And i really believe in it. 

    Or maybe i may paint it all before testing it, so i'll have to stuck myself to play it :P

    Stay tuned for next entry, test of color scheme, and a bit of a fluff (because fluff does matter) !

  12. So I was fortunate enough to snap up a last minute ticket to Heat 3. As my DoT are about 1/3 painted (and I hadn't then settled on a list - I have now) and my KO were just a collection of unopened boxes - I was going to have to take an army for the second time to an event. I thought about taking a Fyreslayer plus Stormcast combo, but the news that Fyreslayers would be getting an allegiance pack made me pause.

    Instead I dug out my Skaven for Archaon's Furry Friends. After some practice games (I ultimately lost all 3 of these including to Bryan Carmichael's Host Duplicitous on the Friday before Heat 3), I tweaked the list, so that the cannonball units would be 40 Clanrats, 20 Stormvermin and 10 Stormvermin, rather than the original 40 Clanrats, 30 Clanrats and 30 Stormvermin. This made the army a bit less exposed to Battleshock; and retained 3 units that could still basically delete multiple enemy units using the buff stack of +2 attacks, reroll 1s, rend and double damage on 6+ to wound that had worked pretty well for me at The Warlords:

    This also left space for a very efficient 120 points of summoning for either a Balewind (to nudge forward a unit largely and snipe crew) or a Herald of Tzeentch, who could reliably pump out 5 mortal wounds on the turn it is summoned at 36" effective range. The hope was that this would give me an answer to Savage Orruk Big Bosses and the like.


  13. HI Guys here comes another project I really enjoyed working at.


    For this one I stated playing with the idea of having a skink priest that looked a little more savage so that it was my lore of beast caster in 8th edition. to make it clear that he was a beast caster I wanted to make some conversion so that he was casting the number 6 spell. Transformation of Kadon, in which the caster becomes your choice of monster.

    I wanted him to look like the spell was just beginning to cast, but making it clear where it was going, and that is where it all began.

    I first started by choosing the model that I liked, with was the skink priest atop the engine of the gods, with the bird skull as a helmet. Starting from a black primer, I focused on a lot on the contrast on the muscles as you can see below:



    I Continues doing this until all the skin was finished, adding some purple on the deepest recesses and white for the highlights. I also started experimenting with a little of NMM on some of the gold and painted the bulge in the neck orange to give a little of cool/warm contrast.


    Having finished this, I went for the marble staff, base coating with white and than playing with random patterns of grey and black to find something that somewhat resembled marble. Than I started the cloth and the pin holding it together, this one was a simple red with shades and basic highlighting an a little stripe of free hand. Finally I worked on the skull by base coating with off with and using shades and highlights to make it look how I wanted it. The last touch was to paint the gems, skull pin and eyes of a glowi  green to give that arcane feel to my priest.


    After this, the hard part was done and I had just to go and compleate the details.



    And now for the fun part. To make the spell I used some wire the head of the high elf dragon and a bunch of green stuff:


    After the sculpting was done I started painting it. the idea was to make it look like a fiery combocation that was rapidly shifting to arcane green flames and than materializing into flesh and bone. Fallowing this train of thought I went on to try and make it a reality.


    And after everything was said and done the spell looked like this:



    Put it all together and the finished piece is this one:



  14. We've started a new blog, and our first endeavor is to document various Coalescence events in both narrative and pictures.

    If you have photos and an overview of your local Coalescence event to share, please drop us a line, either here or by emailing





  15. Let's start with what they call a "money shot"


    I'm very pleased with how this turned out, it's crazy how well all three of these kits fit with some trimming. 
    My original intention was to use the Steam tank & the doomwheel, but after looking at the kits, and the dimensions of the cannon port at the front, I decided to chuck in a warp lightning cannon kit for good measure. 


    I started with the main chassis of the tank, putting it together as per the instructions, once I got it looking like a wheelbarrow, I then began to assemble the main body of the doomwheel. 
    due to some inspiration hitting me at just the wrong moment, and me just going with it, this is the earliest image I have of that step. 

    as you can see, I measured out and clipped enough of the central scaffold out to fit the counterweight from the Plagueclaw catapult\Warp lightning canon kit. the wheels themselves were assembled and then dry fitted (not glued) onto the central framework. the back flywheel was also removed. 
    Next came the cannon itself, the steam tank has a little bit of a cradle system where the cannon slots in, so I cut down the barrel of the cannon, and the barrel of the warp lightning cannon, chopped the back end from the central part of the warp lightning cannon and slotted and glued it all together. 
    Giving me something a little like this. 


    Honestly, this was one of the more fiddly bits on this model. 20170624_082027.jpg.e163e52f0c366900e591adcbe95918d2.jpg

    once dry, I attached it to the chassis. 
    I continued to build up the sides of the steam tank, before undercoating the inside and the cannon black.


    I started to add various embellishments from various Skaven sprues to the main body of the tank. 20170624_112758.jpg.4e9d3ebf864bd6b976200d70853229f7.jpg

    I created some green stuff cables and pipes using a Greenstuffworld greenstuff roller. 
    and started to patch up and add detail to the wheel and attached powersource. 


    The gun turret also had some modification, using the back end of the warp lightning gun I cut off earlier, the front end of a storm fiend's warpfire thrower. and a greenstuff pipe, I replaced the secondary gun, with a warpfire thrower. 

    at some point I replaced the little lightning bolt at the front of the doomwheel with one of the bits of the middle framework I snipped out partially to make it look a little more attached to the main body, and partially to give it another point of contact to actually attach it to the main body

    The sides of the doomwheel had the blades removed, and more embellishments were added (including the two warp lightning projectors from the front of the doomwheel.
     before I undercoated the whole thing. 

    After some thought, I decided that a heavy bronze, brass and warpstone scheme would suit it. 
    so I got to work 

    all of the warpstone was painted with a heavy edge highlight of green interference paint directly over the black, so it appears black until you turn it in the light, then as the light hits it shines green. I painted the centre part of the cannon in interference blue to give it a crackling electric appearance. 


    I attempted a little bit of a verdigris effect on some of the brass and copper bits, dulled the whole thing down with a was of agrax eathshard. 


    the chap on top was largely painted in the same metallics as the rest, his body was from one of the crew from the warp lightning cannon. his arms are from the stormvermin sprue, and his head was one of the pilot heads from the doomwheel kit.


    most of the wood on the model was basecoated in various browns and greens, given an agrax eathshade wash, then drybrushed with flayed one flesh. 
    the studs were then picked out in copper and silver. 


    The chap at the back was painted in the yellow of clan Skurvy. 
    and now I need to find a base long enough for this thing. 
    it can fit on a 120mm base if you don't mind the front and the back going over. 

    the turret still comes off, the inside is still visible, the back of the cannon is the same colour as the rest of it. 

    Start to finish, it took me around 5 days to complete. 
    Let me know what you think, I believe the warscroll for the rat tank is still in the downloads. 

  16. Varghulf's just got some touching up to do but so far i'm pretty happy with it. I was worried i'd made the wrong call on not doing his 'skin' the same tones as the vampire lords but i'm glad i didn't because i think it would of been far too bright on do much of a surface area it'd spoil the monochrome effect/limited colour palette. Also its another thing you can pick out about the vampire lord when they're next to each other. 





  17. Continuing my week of playing a ton of games, I go my first 8th Edition game against Dark Eldar. This may actually be my first game against Dark Eldar ever and they're looking extremely cool in the new edition. This was also a "revenge" game against a local player who smashed me pretty good with Necrons so I was hoping I could settle the score.

    You can check out the Battle Report below and I'm continuing to do my thoughts after the game in video format while working on production value as much as I can. Slow and steady. :]

    Episode 29: The Red Games Go Faster (Orks vs. Dark Eldar 2000 Points)

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    On Wednesday we had our first Skirmish campaign at work, which was great fun to get several small games in the same evening for a change.

    Terrain seemed important so i looked around and put together this quick project that I did over three evenings - mainly to allow for drying between each stage. The work each evening was quite small.

    Stage One

    Looking around I finished off a bottle of sparkling water and that seemed the perfect base for a kiln/chimney for a small workshop building. With a few pieces of foam card I roughly formed the shell of the building and stuck some thin wood pieces over the joins to hide the connections. I then piled up filler around the base and let it set overnight, I forgot to take photos at this stage.

    Stage Two

    I cut up a box into small square to use as roof tiles and bricks on the chimney and stuck them all over the correct places to give some form. I used the box folds to create the gutter looking areas. Greenstuff was used to create the thicker brick stucture at the top and add some sticky out bricks.


    Stage Three

    Once dried and after a quick cheeky spray, to create a more realistic finish I rubbed astrogranite debris over the 'bricks' so that it collected in the gaps between the squares to get a mortar look. And sand and glue mix would probably of worked too. BeastsAndBoats_04.jpg.faadde2651b37844ca0cd815952fe683.jpgBeastsAndBoats_05.jpg.d8e54abec4e8a550e2e40860a545293d.jpg

    Once that was dry - it was pretty fast i thin just splattered on some paint quick and built up some fast layers of drybrushed highlights. Gave that a few minutes to dry then started working washes over the model. the final touch was some flock and tufts...



    Final touches were a couple of random assets from the bits box. I hope that gives some ideas for quick and easy (and very cheap) terrain



  18. banshee1.jpg.5a621a002ec1db3092f057dd225bbdc3.jpg

    I did some greenstuff work on my Banshee last night. Mostly just filled the gap in her wait, and some gaps on her arms. I still have a bit of work to do on the hand holding the knife, and probably will round out the waist in a few places. I also still want to do the magical energy coming off of her outstretched hand.



    I'm also thinking about putting her on the base with the two banshees swarming around her, and use them to elevate her a bit, kind of like a mini Nagash. At the moment it looks odd, so I will mess around with it a bit more, maybe heat them up and see if I can bend them more.


    I also messed around and came up with a warscroll for her to use in narrative/friendly games. In Matched Play games she will just be a regular Banshee who's my general with the command ability that makes her a wizard. The black box on the warscroll will have a picture of the finished and painted model later on.

  19. Stylus
    Latest Entry

    Whatever he lacks in actual tabletop effectiveness, Good Ol' Slambo makes up for in nostalgia...


    It's a great little model, and nice and quick to paint. I went with bone-coloured armour, partly so he wouldn't be associated with any one single patron god, but also because it would really show up the blood spatter.


  20. Hey folks, Vince and I have finally went public on a community project we're working on for Warhammer Skirmish.  For those familiar with our AOS Mordheim we wrote back in 2015, this will be using much of the same content and bringing it forward to be compatible with AOS Skirmish.  Many of the subsystems/elements will be modular so that people can use what they want and ignore what they don't.  The first version will be rules and text as we'll be looking for play testing and feedback; a more refined version will come down the road.