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  1. Hi Guys!


    So I recently went to a one day 2k tournament (yesterday actually). The event had 20 players with 2 of those being rank 6 and 15 in Australia and another one, a few wins away from being best Iron Jawz in OZ. So pretty tough competition for my first ever 2k point AOS games.

    Onto my list! I decided to take gutbusters backed up by a frostlord on stonehorn. I was going to run all gutbusters, but real life got in the way of me painting all the gutbusters I needed.


    Tyrant - General, bellowing Tyrant


    Bruiser BSB

    Frostlord on stonehorn - battle brew

    4*3 ogors with full command

    6 iron guts

    3 gorgers 


    The idea behind the list is that you buff the frostlord and Ironguts and send them in. Bulls lurk in the back field catching and holding objectives, Tyrant and BSB move into the midfield for banner and bellowing tyrant support. The Tyrant can also help hold enemies trying to get past and kill the squishy ogors.


    Onto the matches!

    First match I came up against a nurgle chaos list. Blood and glory was the scenario. From memory he had:

    Daemon prince with wings

    Great unclean one

    Gutrot spume

    A dude riding a circle mouthed beast with scythe

    30 plague bearers

    10 blight kings

    3 plague drones

    Now that I think about it, he may have accidentally cheated as he deployed the plague bearers in one block when they should have been in 2. In our match it didn't make much difference.

    The main winning factor in this match was miasma which he cast with the dude riding the circle mouthed beast. My Opponent played the spell causing D3+1 mortal wounds every phase to my stonehorn, when he was only meant to be doing that if he caused a wound on the stonehorn. As a consequence the stonehorn went down quickly and the ironguts weren't able to carry me to a win. My opponent one a minor victory on VPs. Gorgers in this match were very useful and at one point nearly won me the game by capturing his left hand objective.

    A quick picture of deployment (Sorry about the poor quality, had to hurry due to round timers in use)


    Minor Loss Ogors


    My next round I came up against a death player playing the take and hold scenario, he hadn't played match play before and was running Nagash. He stuck Nagash down across from my stonehorn on the 12 inch line and I did warn him that I could potentially be in turn one and might kill him, but he wasn't worried about it. So he gave me the first turn and I charged Nagash causing 14 wounds. In his turn he ran his characters in, did 5 wounds to me, failed most of his spells and in return I killed Nagash. He quit the game and tournament at this point. I got a cool pic though before he did:


    This was a game where I felt the stonehorn killed a lot of potential fun for me and my opponent. Having said that, I'm sure Nagash would have walked all over an all gutbuster list, so I don't feel too bad for the guy :P.

    Major Victory Ogors!


    In my third match I versed my friend who is also a death player. He runs a bone rattle formation. His list from memory is:

    bonerattle formation

    Wight king with black axe - cloak, redfury

    40 skeletons with spears

    30 grave guard with great weapons

    2 * 10 skeletons with shield and sword

    10 black knights


    Outside of the formation


    screaming skull catapult


    Arkhan the black


    We were playing border war. I deployed centrally, stone horn and iron guts on the 12 inch line with my other ogor characters hiding behind. The units of bulls were on either flank hoping to nab a couple of points. He elects to go first and pumps his black knights up for a first turn charge into the iron guts and stonehorn. Killing 3 ironguts and no dmg on the stonehorn, in retaliation I wipe the black knights. He manages 3 points this turn with 1 point for his home objective and captures the right hand side objective.

    In my turn I buff the stone horn and charge into his 40 man skeleton unit, the rest of my units move forward. My gorgers come onto my right flank to try and take the objective he is holding with 10 skeletons with shields. In combat I take both 2 point objectives and wipe the 40 man skeleton unit with the stonehorn. Scoring 5 points.

    His next turn he moves his grave guard to try and kill my gorgers and 3 man ogor unit holding the objective that was previously held by his 10 man skeleton unit.

    He does some shooting, teleports his lord over to my 2 3 man ogor units holding the left hand 2 point objective and also flies Arkhan over there. He fails a charge with Arkhan, and gets his graveguard into my ogors and gorgers and the wight king into one of the 3 man ogor units.

    Due to terrain and the size of the graveguard unit, he can't get as many as he would like into CC and only manages to kill 2 ogors and 1 gorger, losing 2 in return. The lord kills to ogors (one from running) and takes 2 wounds (would have been 4, but he halves the wounds taken due to some special armour). He manages to get 3 points this turn.

    I get the priority in the next turn and run the stonehorn over to kill the graveguard, the ironguts move up to kill the necrotect and the catapult, the butcher gets ready to charge Arkhan and my tyrant also moves to charge into the graveguard. I activate "Down to the ironguts" due to an ogor fleeing.

    I make all my charges. I choose to go the ogor fighting his lord as I knew he would be dead if I didn't, managing to get him down to 1 wound remaining. He activates the graveguard killing my Tyrant and finishing the ogors off and leaving one gorger with 1 wound remaining. The stonehorn wipes the graveguard. His necrotect kills one of my ironguts (he only had 2 wounds remaining). I activate my butcher and do nothing and Arkhan responds by killing me outright. The ironguts kill the catapult and necrotect. This turn I score 5 points again.

    In his turn he moves Arkhan over for a charge on my bulls holding the 2 point objective. He fails both charges with the wight king and Arkhan on double 1s leaving that objective in my control. In CC the ironguts finish up the catapult crew capturing his own objective. He scores no points this turn and he concedes at this point.


    Major victory Ogors!


    I ended the tournament tie 4th with a bunch of other people. The tournament organiser then used a magic system where you were awarded points based on how well your opponents did. Since my opponents hadn't done so well I didn't place. Overall I was happy though with my performance at the tournament.

    The list is fun to play and fairly straight forward. It can be flimsy if you can't lock your opponent into their deployment zone with the stonehorn, ironguts and gorgers. I found that you do pretty much everytime lock them in their deployment zone with those 3 units though. Gorgers are surprisingly hard to remove with 15 wounds and bravery 8 for a 3 man unit. The bruiser BSB only got in range once of both the gorgers and stone horn and my last match and man he was worth it in that case, but most of the time he's too slow to be useful.

    This will be the final outing for the stonehorn for a while now though. He's been fun and is mostly reliable. I'm just looking to move away from the guy who always has him on the board.

    My star unit other then the stonehorn was the gorgers. I've run a 2 man unit and it wasn't very good, but 3 was much better. They're strong enough to roll over most backfield objective holders and the ogor bulls are fast enough to help them capture objectives if you need 5 or more models. People also seem to over commit to take them off, moving a large portion of their armies over to counter the gorgers which is what you want with this army, cause as soon as they realise they just need to get into your backfield to win, you're toast haha.

    Thanks for reading!

    Next tournament should be next month. I'll be busting out a pure spiderfang army (if I can paint it in time :)):

    Spiderfang venom mob battalion - 100pts

    2 * arak with shrine - 560pts

    1 * arak with web flinger - 280pts

    1* big boss - 100pts

    3 * 15 spider riders with full command - 900pts

    60pts left for triumph roll

    Drops: 1






  2. Kzar2011
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    Cultist (Batleline)


    Devoted (Battleline)


    Sybarite Cavalry


    Blade Dancers (might need to be increased to 200)


    Cult Sorceress


    Cult Sorceress on Dark Pegasus




    Highborn on Corrupted Dragon


    Effigy of Excess




    Corrupted House of Zanthel


    Souleater Coven


    Gladiators of New Naggarond


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    Max Molay
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    I started playing Warhammer back in the days of 8th edition, with my first army being Dark Elves. After playing for 6 months, I felt like I had a good understanding of 8th edition. Soon afterwards, the first book of the End Times hit (Nagash). I felt like my painting was improving, however its proberly still not the best you've seen :D. When book 3, Khaine arrived, was ecstatic, I've always wanted an excuse to use some other pointy ears on the table. By this time we had a solid 10 players at the school who where all getting the hang of the game, we meet most Saturdays to play games, and have had a fair few laughs while playing. I began to listen to the Bad Dice Podcast, listening to the guys talking about their Warhammer experiences was a real eye opener, and the show was great background noise for painting. Listening to Ben (one of the Hosts of the Show) Talking about his Dark Elves helped me reveal my inner filth. I painted a Malikith conversion (Riding a Carmine Dragon). 

    After entering my local armies on parade with my Elven host ( Including 3 Phoenixes ) and getting a silver, I began to think about a new army ....

    Age of Sigmar dropped after i had been playing for about 2 years, after painting about 5000 points of "Host of The Eternity King" I was discussing a new army with friends at school. I wanted a non-horde army because of *cough* Laziness *cough* and I hate painting Cav ( After a tormenting experience trying a paint 1200pts of Brettonians). I eventually started to think about an 8th edition list that I had written as a joke at the time, but it started to grow on me. The list was a follows...

    Nagash 1000

    9 Tomb Kings Chariots: FC, Banner of Swiftness: 540

    Terrorgheist, Rancid Maw: 235

    Terrorghiest: 225


    This army would be easily transferable to The Age Of Sigmar (bear in mind this was during the first few months of AOS, Aka The Age of Rage). Our school club to this day remains split, with all of us able to play both game systems. After looking at costs and Tomb Kings being unfortunately scrapped by GW, the list went through several evolutions and now looks like this, (8th Edition format)

    Nagash 1000

    5 Tomb King Chariots: FC, Banner of Swiftness: 320

    10 Skeleton Archers: Light Armour: FC: 100

    5 Skeleton Horsemen: Light Armour, FC

    Terrorghiest: Rancid Maw, Infested: 250

    Mortis Engine 240


    I wanted to snow base the army, and this was made all the easier by GW bringing out the Vallalhan Blizzard paint (Im already on my 3rd large pot ^_^) I was inspired to do so by seeing Ben Curry's Dark Elf Army. So i started to build the Army, I already had a Terrorghiest and a mortis engine, 3 of The chariots came from an old Battalion box, the other two came from Warhammer World in Nottingham ( Best School Trip ever !!). Again, I already had some Skeleton Archers ( a gift from a VC player). So it began, Painting a new army after years of Adventures with the Elven Folk. Hopefully you guys will enjoy looking at all the progress of the painting. Let me know if there is anything i can improve on. 

  3. 2017 Kicked off with Valleycon in the greater Wellington area, a large mixed system gaming convention with everything from Historical, FOW, Bolt Action through to Infinity Wars, Warmachine, LOTR, and of course AOS. Wellington is split into two wargaming clubs, one with a more historical focus and one with a more modern/younger patronship. Valleycon is the large annual event for the former. There were around 120 players there which is the largest it's ever been I think.

    AOS was well represented with 22 players, making it the largest AOS tournament to date in NZ I think, with some guys making the trek all the way down from Auckland to the current capital of Age of Sigmar in NZ. Timothy Lind aka @Tronhammer NZ and @Primez were involved in organising things and the excellent local GW Wellington manager Nathan Smith supplied some terrain from his private collection. The boards looked great and it was a really well organised day of gaming.

    A more detailed report can be found here

    In the end I took a mixed Skaven force with Skyre and Pestilens and lost every single game and came last. I won't bother going into the reasons why or posting any long bat reps, suffice to say I sucked really really badly and it was a frustrating weekend. I had fun though and got to play some games and get involved which is good enough for me.

    I have a curse currently at the larger events where I cannot break my duck, I still haven't won a game yet in the larger competitive tournaments, and this was the 3rd 20+ one I have attended so far. I took some photos though so at least I managed something useful! BCR won in the end, with Sylvaneth and STE placing high also.





    Second tournament of the year was OTT organised again by Timothy Lind @Tronhammer NZ and was a little bit different and special. It was a no restrictions narrative event, with no allegiance or battlefield role restrictions. Games were standard scenarios from the GHB but with extra narrative layers added.

    This event is a regular on the calendar and is held by the Hamilton Immortals Wargaming Club who are a great club based just south of Auckland. We had about 10 people attend over the course of the wknd ranging from the reigning NZ champ right through to new players playing their first games . It was a great laid back weekend of gaming.  James Page, reigning NZ No.1 and Hamilton Immortal club member achieved a perfect score of 5 Majors and 2k kill points for all 5 games with his Tomb Kings army, the first time that's been done in NZ by anybody. I managed to steal a 2nd place somewhat undeservedly, and got some painting awards too which was a nice touch.



    Next tournament is Equinox in Auckland in March, then I'm flying back to the UK to visit my family for 3 months and will be going to GT heat 2 @ WHW and SCGT in April,

    Will keep using the pure Pestilens allegiance. I'm up to over 40 games now with them, since last May/June, almost a year and still enjoying it, I just find the games are hard to complete in the allotted time because you have such a large army, so I am currently looking at ways of streamlining my play whilst still playing to the maximum ability.

    We have a good group growing in Wellington and are thinking about starting a club night soon.

    A slow grow grass roots league started recently too in Welly with 20 or so players organising games around each others houses.

    I am also organising a small weekend event in August which I will blog, at the Call to Arms weekender in Wellington.


































































  4. The Following Pictures are current pictures of the warbands you will see in my stories. Most are currently WIPs and the pictures will be updated as they are painted. The "Lost Souls of Sigmar," the protaganists of our story are the creations of myself, Mrmattywoodz. The Ironjawz known as "The Dicks of Gork (or possibly Mork)" were painted by my brother Chopstick15. The beautifully painted Fyreslayers "The Berserker-gang of Ersatz Eightfold, the Runefather of karak long lost," are owned and painted by Tyromancer.  "Snicket's Clawpack," are owned and painted by Kyle261.





  5. Chapter 4 –


    The hull of the boat cut effortlessly through the glistening water as it carried Wjolnir further along the coast line. On the horizon, the sun was beginning to rise and was soaking everything it touched with a peach glow. Any other time this would have lifted his spirits and brought back memories of his childhood summers, spent fishing for small trout in the villages river. Today however it just irritated him. It was a painful reminder of a pleasure he would soon have taken from him by his impending death. The only escape from the plague was death and anything else was just delaying the inevitable. That was if the Tornburgh mercenaries didn’t catch up with him first and put him to the sword. Despondency crept in and he considered putting himself out of his misery while he still had control of his destiny. The thought was a brief fleeting one that held no real bearing on him. He was far too much of a coward to make such a bold move. No, he would wait out his fate and spend his final days lamenting his luck and the cruel humour of the gods. No doubt when the time came for him to shuffle off this mortal coil he would cry and soil himself, making sure he had no dignity to take with him to the beyond. An unexpected giggle burst from his throat as the ridiculous image flashed through his mind’s eye. He idly wiped away tears that had been forming in his tired eyes with the back of his rough filthy hand and let a small grin escape from his chapped lips. He gripped the wheel and pulled it hard toward land.

    Along the shore was a coniferous forest that dominated the landscape. The great green expanse was thickly packed and would allow him to travel inland without being seen. He knew of several small hamlets where he could live out his days in relative comfort on the coin he had saved throughout his career in the black market, keeping him in wine and women until he eventually succumbed to the rot in his body. He ran the boat at a relative speed into the shallows and the bottom of the vessel ran aground in the rocks, screeching to a halt. Usually this would have angered Wjolnir however he would never captain the boat again and resented the idea of it serving anyone else after him. A fickle thought perhaps but he had spent so long aboard the ship in his years that it felt like part of his very being, to have anyone else at the wheel would feel like adultery. Opening the thick framed timber door to the cabin he began to collect any belongings he thought he may need. Into a small leather knap sack he carefully packed a thick blanket, dried meats, his ancient tinder kit, a change of clothes and the remainder of his coin. He slid out of his fur jacket, carelessly dropping it in a pile at his feet. Over the top of his hauberk he buttoned up a white travelling shirt and slid a heavy woollen, hooded poncho over his head. The oversized hood covered his face and gave him the appearance of a peasant, a look that he hoped would prevent anyone attempting to relieve him of his belongings. He slung the knapsack over his good shoulder and stooped to pick up a rough iron axe with a hickory handle. The axe head was ground heavier on one side to allow the axe to be used for carving timber, however this would not hinder its use in felling a tree or scaring off would be attackers. With his belongings in check he sighed and made his way off his beloved boat. He vaulted the hull and landed with a splash in waist deep water. The shock of the cold water stole his breath and for a moment he could do nothing but exhale in short, sharp breaths as his body adjusted to the temperature. As his breath returned he started to wade toward the forest. His feet sank gently into the sandy, gravel strewn shore, making the walk harder than he had anticipated. By the time he had reached the boundary of the wood he felt drained. The forest looked far more imposing than it had done from the beach and he was beginning to question if entering it was such a good idea. After a small pause to get his breath back he threw caution to the wind and strode into the woodland as confidently as he could.

    What seemed like hours had passed as he stumbled over fallen trees and forced himself through tightly packed gorse hedges. He had managed to scratch himself on the short thorns above his eyes and the sweat from his brow was stinging as it mingled with the wounds. He paused for a moment to take a pull from his flask and felt a sense of tranquillity wash over him as he soaked in the natural atmosphere. Little light made it through the thick canopy and it lent the forest a supernatural quality. He slid the heavy knapsack from his shoulder to the floor and sat down with his back against a great pine tree. He laid his hand axe by his side and helped himself to a strip of the dried beef from his provisions. Its texture was that of rough leather however he was used to the less than pleasurable rations he had carried with him on his travels. He sat in the dim light chewing the meat and scanning the surrounding area for any movement. A thick layer of moss covered the floor here and he could hear nothing but the evening bird song and the occasional rustle of the forests denizens. He rested his eyes and allowed himself to drift off, planning to continue his journey after a small nap.

    In his dream, he was running from an unknown assailant through a boggy marsh, each step propelling him through the damp darkness toward a clearing ahead. A droning buzzing noise filled his ears overwhelming his senses, blocking out all other noise. It felt as if it was coming from within his mind instead of around him. Swarms of flies encircled him and darted at his face. He wildly flailed his arms trying to swot them away as he ran. The clearing was closer. He was almost there. He broke through the tree line and the swarm of flies dissipated in the light. He turned his head to see his attacker and saw a wave of shadow rushing toward him. Everything the shadow touched within the marsh shrivelled into an empty husk of itself. Trees collapsed under their own weight as rotten timber gave way, animals and birds decomposed in an instant and the very earth became logged with mould and fungal growth. His foot gave way underneath him as he slipped in the clearing and he fell face first into the wet moss. He panicked and tried to raise himself from the wet floor but found mould and filth growing at an alarming rate over his limbs, pinning him to the ground. He looked up in desperation and saw the ground before him erupt, earth and filth showered over him as a gargantuan figure rose from the crater. The figure was comprised of a huge mound of blubbery flesh that rose higher than the highest tree. The sheer bulk of the creature was impossible to comprehend and it moved in a way that didn’t seem physically possible. Its skin was mottled with pus filled boils, scars wounds and open sores that created a mosaic of pain. Its face was comprised of a long grinning mouth beneath dark pitted eyes that pierced into his very soul and showed a flicker of evil sentience that no man should ever see.  Its sour breath reeked of death, decay and faecal matter. The creatures great gut split open and swarms of giggling creatures burst forth dancing and frolicking in the beast’s entrails and bodily fluids, gnawing on his flesh and tearing through his milky yellow fat. Wjolnir retched and spilled the contents of his stomach into the dirt. The great being’s mouth parted revealing worm filled teeth etched with dark lines and stained as brown as earth. It spoke a single word and Wjolnir’s bladder failed him.  


    He awoke with a start and reached instinctively for his axe. He was dripping with sweat and his trousers were soaked with bitter smelling urine. The realisation that it had been a dream crept in and he began to relax as the shame of his ‘accident’ settled in. He reached into his knapsack for a change of clothes and cursed under his breath, was there no end to the torment he must endure? As he was rummaging through his belongings he caught site of a figure out of the corner of his eye. He rose sharply and raised his axe at the unknown person. In front of him, sitting cross legged on mound of moss was a tiny humanoid figure, draped in old torn robes giggling to itself. The face was obscured from his view by the things hood however the skin that was exposed was pitted, pale and translucent. The thin frame of the creature was withered and feeble. It altogether seemed sickly and weak however something primal within him screamed to turn and flee. “Explain yourself or I will sever your head from your body!” he shouted at the thing. It began giggling in a gurgling manner and pointed a thin emaciated finger at him, its hood slipping, exposing a sunken warped face that resembled skin stretched too loosely over a large drum. It spoke with a voice that seemed to come from within rather than from the creature’s mouth. “You have been chosen Master Wjolnir, I have come to aid your transcendence on behalf of the father”. The creatures gurgling laughter reached a crescendo of madness and Wjolnir’s blood ran cold.



  6. Knight Argrave is the leader of the Knights of Argrave, a Fimirach Fianna from Spitewood Fens. Their faction has no Meargh Matriarch and so they are unable to replenish their numbers. At most, 200 Fimirach live in the fens and so any death is a great loss. Fortunately, Fimir are among the hardest creatures to slay, even surpassing Trolls in their ability to regenerate.

    Argrave is clad in spell-forged bronze armor and wields the signature Baleglyph Maul of the Fimm warriors. He also carries a sword from a fallen Tree Revenant on his belt. A magical Gnoblar named Bentnose accompanies him often, especially on his frequent raiding parties to gather supplies. This little Grot wishes to one day be a Knight like his master and so Argrave has given him the chance to prove himself worthy.

    Of all the Fimir of Spitewood and among all Fimir kind, Argrave is one of the most intelligent. He has many trade agreements in place, such as with the human citizens of Little Ballahast to the south. In exchange for protection from the nearby Savage Orruks, the humans supply Argrave with metals that are acquired in their regular trades with other townships. The presence of the Fimir is also handy in that it wards off any Witchunters that may come snooping. One of the reasons Argrave refuses to raid Little Ballahast is so that it acts as a fallback plan, just in case supplies run low in the future...

    The area of Ghur where the lands of Spitewood cover is relatively peaceful in contrast to the rest of the Realm of Beasts and so there are the odd, civilized, human settlements. Little Ballahast is able to trade with the citizens of Ghyran through a realm-rift located in the eastern sea, a shard of a realm gate.

    Unlike his appearance suggests, Argrave does not enjoy killing but he is sure not to impose his morals or conscience on his fellow knights lest they falter. He stopped enjoying it millennia ago yet he does what he must.


    -Argrave is many thousands of years old.

    -He hangs a lantern from the stag's antlers that adorn his helmet to lure those lost in the fog to him with the false sense of security.

    -He has survived being 90% decapitated by an Ogor.

    -Argrave strangled that Ogor.

    -Argrave has traveled as far as Chamon and Aqshy where he tamed Cinderquake.

    -He has many human and inhuman acquaintances.

    -He is the only Fimir to frequent human taverns.

    -In Aqshy, Argrave once glimpsed Archaon the Everchosen in the skies. Fortunately his magical fog made his presence undetectable to the chaos lord.

    -Argrave once won a pub brawl against 8 men and a horse. They were very xenophobic.

    -Argrave likes baths.

    -Argrave has eaten the odd human.

    -The brother of the Ogor that nearly killed him, Skall, is now his trusted treasurer. Skall doesn't care that Argrave strangled his brother to death.



    Knight Argrave of Spitewood Fens:

    Age: Born sometime in the Age of Myth. Virtually ageless.

    Height: Between 6 and 8 feet depending on how hunched he is. (10 feet if he stands up straight but this hurts his back).

    Weight: 280kg

    Likes: Carving effigies out of Sylvaneth, human/ dwarven ale, late night patrols.

    Dislikes: Having to raid settlements, the sun.

    Weapons: Baleglyph Maul, Sylvaneth Sword, his hooked tail.

    Pets: Cinderquake the Magma Dragon.

    Home: Argrave's Last Hold, northern Spitewood Fens.

  7. Chapter 3 – Escape


    He trembled with rage and his breath came in short angry bursts.  His shirt had been ripped off in the confrontation and he was now squatted, bare chested, over the corpse of the headless man. The small alley resembled a slaughterhouse, blood had pooled beneath the dead body and bits of brain and skull littered the area. Wjolnir had not avoided the bodily debris and was covered in what was left of the bandit’s face. His fists throbbed and ached from pummelling the bloody mass of flesh underneath him and as the adrenaline left his system he became more aware of that pain. His hands darted to his infected shoulder as he remembered his stab wound, however when he inspected it he could only feel mottled flesh and the tumorous tissue of his affliction. He had not imagined the wound, for blood and milky pus still clotted and dried on his chest. He thought that the infection had spread further up his neck but couldn’t be sure without a mirror. Gods, what had come over him! He had never considered himself a violent man and this, this was far outside of his morale capabilities. A sudden sense of shame overwhelmed him and he scrambled to his feet off the desecrated body. A cloying sense of fear creeped in like a cold breeze and his head swam with the realisation of how fucked he really was. He couldn’t stay in the settlement now, someone would have heard the commotion and the thugs that passed for the town guard were probably already alerted. True, these bandits probably wouldn’t be missed by many but no one wants a killer around while they sleep. Wjolnir bent down and retrieved his coin purse from the first bandit’s fingers. They were colder than fingers ought to be and had already begun to stiffen. He pocketed his coin and fled toward the docks.

    Wjolnir fumbled with the knots that bound his vessel to the mooring post, his usually deft fingers failing him in his panic. His vessel was nothing more than a small sailing boat with a cabin on the rear of its deck. It had no name painted into the hull and no fancy etching or paint work. In the smuggling trade, it had paid to be inconspicuous when travelling and he thanked the gods for that foresight now. Gripping a long wooden pole from within the boat he pushed away from the dock and began to punt the boat towards the flow of the water way. The sail raised easily in the steady evening breeze and began to carry him away from the town. He left the boat to its own devices momentarily while he nipped into the cabin and retrieved a flask of fresh water, a chainmail hauberk and a fur lined coat. He rinsed the filth of the attack from himself with the water and took a long gulp from the flask. The water was cool and made his teeth ache intensely for a moment before dulling away. The chainmail hauberk proved far colder than the water however its metallic rings felt almost soothing against the rotting flesh of his tainted shoulder. Finally, he slipped the coat around his aching body and stepped back on to the deck and the glistening moonlight. The boat had veered toward the bank slightly so he grabbed the wheel behind the mast and corrected its course. From the deck of the boat he could see torchlight at the docks behind him. Judging by the number of torches he could see it appeared that this was not the early rising fishermen attending their vessels. Pulling a tightly would cord above him he dropped the main sail fully and aimed for the ocean. He had no location in mind, however anywhere but here sounded fine to him at that moment.

  8. Hey Guys!


    I just put out my latest video showcasing the Warchanter and how I painted it! I’m really happy with the results I got for the time I put into it.

    The Ironjawz Warchanter is a model I didn’t rate very highly at all when I first saw it, but now I have had time to sit down, build and paint it I genuinely feel it is a massively under-rated model with loads of character.

    It may not be the biggest or the craziest model ever produced but I really like it for what it is.

    Thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it! C&C always welcome and give me your thoughts on the sculpt!

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    Really excited about this project. I've been playing a lot of Frostgrave and Kill-Team and this is kind of a combination of both!! 
    So here's the beginning of my Khorne warband. 

    1st: BloodletterIMG_1181.JPG.52cc6fbc9b095e4ac889ddd4ec2f340b.JPG

    2nd: Chaos Chosen

    3rd: Skullreaper

    4th: My Warband Leader. Khato the God of War!!


    More to come!

  9. So I've been brainstorming an idea for how to put on an online narrative campaign, and by George, I think I've got it.

    The Word of the Day here is "Narrative":


    So here's the idea:

    1. Begin with a timeline for events (Let's say a week). At the start of the week (Thursday, for funsies) we know the condition in which our internet world stands (What locations exist and who controls what, etc).

    2. We go about our week on a regular gaming basis. We play games, etc.

    3. During the week, lets say before or on "Tuesday", we (and by "we" I mean everyone) post a narrative story, involving a battle we fought over the weekend, tying it to this narrative universe (even if the battle at that time was set elsewhere)

    4. After all of the stories are "in" on Tuesday, we vote for our favorite story on Wednesday. Whatever story wins the most votes is however the setting changes.

    5. It's Thursday, and therefore the beginning of the next week. Something has changed and our narrative has progressed.

    Nothing is set in stone, and I'd like to hear whether the community at large would be interested in participating or not. Here's a few more thoughts to maintain some balance:

    A. Ideally 6-8 areas in any realm or region set in the AoS universe. (I like 7.)

    B. Either begin with voting on the best narrative that describes the areas in the realm/region, or begin with the Top 7 (or however many) stories that involve winning a battle and claiming an area.

    C. Factions: Order, Chaos, Death, and Destruction. Because of the relative size mismatches of Order and Chaos in comparison, any force can can declare for either the Death or Destruction faction. Just justify it in narrative. (No, Order can't fight for Chaos and vice-versa)

    D. No single Author's submission can win in back to back weeks. (This should be a community project, not one brilliant writer's masterpiece)

    E. No Area can be fought over in back to back weeks. (If Order takes the "Dark Tower", the next week's fight may not also take place at the "Dark Tower")

    F. A single faction CAN win back to back, but it can't three-peat. (They can't be everywhere at once)

    G. Alternatively (this would override Rules D-F), we could intermingle the Top X stories (thinking X=3) that occur in different locations into one round of the story.

    In the end, I can only suggest a Community Project, get input from the community on how to start. Then start it, and hope for community participation.

  10. Rungi
    Latest Entry

    A King Emerges:


    At first the mystical light of the gate towering ahead hurt Rungi's eyes. It reminded him of when they had emerged from their underground slums in full force, and he had to remind himself not to squint in the light of the sun. A king does not squint, after all. If only Rungi could grow accustomed to his title and role as easy as to daylight. Surrounded by the greatest duardin champions he knew, and rank upon rank of their hardened warriors whose beards easily matched his own, the young king often felt more like the impulsive babe who was so frequently swatted to the floor by warriors without patience for a child's playful challenges. But he was no longer a child, nor a reckless beardling. He had spent decades rebuilding his clan in secret, reforging ancient alliances, and now he lead them to war. The weight of the clan's fate sat heavy on his shoulders. Rungi made sure that as he rode forward on his great mount, his gaze clearly communicated their resolve to any of the clusters of Devoted militia or Liberator patrols milling about. His people could not afford any hesitation in their zealous march. There would be enough to fear in the days to come.


    A lone figure strode into the path of the throng. He was nearly two-head taller than an average man and armored from head to toe. Rungi knew those eyes. Growing up in the shadows of their celestial city, Rungi had learned to suppress his rage at the condescending tone of the Azyerites, so quick as they were to forget their heritage. He had learned to live under the gaze of the thunder god’s soldiers and the air of disgust they emanated when their patrols took them through Reclaimed-duardin craftguild sectors. But the pale, unblinking glow that radiated a challenge from behind the Retributor’s otherwise stoic mask; that gaze was far too familiar and no longer something he would tolerate.


    Looking down from his mounted seat atop the great spirit-bear Rungi smiled and broke his stare with the defiant Stormcast. Scanning to his left and right, the young King saw his brothers in their radiant blues and crisp whites. Looking still further, he could see their brother-clans, dark-bearded in pelts and paler blues or redbearded in rich greens and oiled leathers. There were so many who had not survived to see this day. Rungi could not shake the sense of debt he owed to clans he had never even encountered. He hoped to one day find them and welcome them as brothers in his great hall.


    “Your papers, dwarf,” called the golden-clad warrior. “We are at war, or maybe you haven’t heard. You must possess written orders from Sigmar to pass through this gateway.”

    “I require no-one’s permission to enter my homelands. We share a common foe, and seek to avenge a most-grevious grudge. Your storm god will thank us when we’re finished.” Rungi tensed the muscles in his jaw to hide his amusement at the chuckles echoing from the throng. The stormcast was less amused.

    “Your papers, or you do not pass,” he declared in opposition. Lighting began to crackle around the head of his warhammer. Other stormcast who had previously been less eager to involve themselves in the face of this sudden and overwhelming host began to inch forward and into the throng’s path.

    “The Vengeful Throng will not be stopped, not by demon legion nor celestial one. Step aside guardian, or be met with dwarven steel.”


    At these words the stormcast eternal’s entire figure glittered with storm energy. He strode forward, steps turning to a trot, shoulders turning and hammer hefted backwards to strike. Just as the gargantuan warrior broke into a run and tensed to unload his hammerblow at the defiant duardin king, a lone hammerer broke the line. “Not today,” roared the walnut-bearded protector. The oafish Retributor tried to shift his weight and unloaded on this new target, but he could not bring the path of his hammer low enough to strike the ducking dwarf. The hammerer though exploded from his crouch to deliver an upward strike that caught the off-balanced stormcast under his jaw, knocking him clear off his feet and tearing the helm from his now bloodied face.



    Darbli Doorcarver -  King's bodyguard, childhood comrade, and a salty b*****d always in the mood for a good dust-up...


    Just before the fallen’s eyes closed and he erupted in a flash of lightning, Rungi recognized the fool. He was part of a market patrol he had frequently encountered as a beardling, one that enjoyed the favors of many of the Azyrite nobility and thus had absorbed many of their same attitudes towards Reclaimed such as himself. Defiantly, Rungi stared down at the Liberators who had previously stepped forward, wondering how many had also taunted or dismissed him and his kin when their clan was at it’s lowest. Their shoulders slumped as they stepped aside.

    The throng marched through the massive Realmgate. They would do the reclaiming from here on out.




    King Rungi Roreksson, Revenger of the Karakigrom mounted on Karugromthi, Living Ancestor Spirit


    IMG_2499.JPG.6562fc08df3d3b393981f4dfceb07a9a.JPG  589ecc7681a29_BearFaceZoom.jpeg.b49d3948daeb41db94978c3e23c22c31.jpeg  IMG_2498.JPG.7969f23994d0e28160a4d7ac27ccc6d5.JPG  

  11. Hello everyone!  I wanted to start a sub-series focused on building a community around Miniature War Gaming (particularly Age of Sigmar) by sharing my experiences.  My hope is to speak with other community members during this series, and share ideas to use with local gaming groups.  Part one of this series will focus on developing your local scene.  I will explore connecting a personal gaming group to a larger scene in future articles.


    Before I dive in I want to preface the article a bit.  I had written an article about building the community, but after some friendly and honest critique, I saw how generic and boring the article was to read.  Instead, I am bringing you a fresher and much more personal experience, my experience to be exact, of the challenges in developing a local scene.  Please enjoy.

    At the end of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition, my local scene was falling apart.  My friend that was leading it all at the time was out of steam.  The dropping of Age of Sigmar took what little wind he had in his sails away.  I can't blame him either, as he had been playing for over 20 years in the Old World.  Within a few years, the scene went from tournaments of 24 attendants and up to just him and myself showing up.  Thankfully he has returned to the scene and is playing games somewhat more regularly, but he is no longer leading the group.


    I decided to take up the reins and try to regrow the scene shortly after.  I debated with myself “why I had chosen to lead the local scene?”  I found my answer after a bit of thinking.  I truly love this hobby and this game, and I didn't want to see it die in my local area.  So I began taking steps to rebuild.  I began showing up to play and teach Age of Sigmar to anyone who would try, but it was weeks until I managed to get anyone to throw dice with me in a game of Age of Sigmar.  I won't lie in the fact that it was very rough and heartbreaking at times.  My best advice is to never give up and keep showing up to play.  You may not get a game in every night, but eventually, you will be playing consistently with a small group.

    Over time I had a few small groups of people playing regular games and it felt rewarding, but I faced a new challenge.  These small groups played only 15 minutes apart from one another, but no matter what I did they simply would not communicate and to this day they still are separate entities with the only connecting being myself as the consistent Age of Sigmar player who leads the scenes.  This has been immensely frustrating, to be honest.  I have tried to set one-day tournaments with prize support, narrative events, and even simple open games days to get everyone together.  Nothing so far has worked, but I have not given up on it happening yet.  I hope to ultimately bring these groups together and get them playing with my consistent group (a scene I happily play with but have no part in leading) of game buddies that are a bit farther away.  I do not know if this will ever happen, but I continue trying.


    There have been very exciting times within the groups that made then take leaps and bounds in a positive direction.  The first was the release of the Generals Handbook.  Many players who were on the fence were finally convinced, as they now had an easier way to set up a game with other players.  Those players who held off for so long found themselves with points and small local groups within reach to begin playing with and we welcomed them with open arms.  Shortly afterward, we had The Season of War, which we all had something to play for in capturing our perspective cities in order to change the future of the narrative.  It was a fun and exciting time.  As scenes grow, more and more types of players will join in.   Occasionally, however, you will attract people who can be harmful to a local scene.  This is a topic I am going to save that for the next installment of my "Building a Community" series.

    I hope my honesty won't keep anyone from stepping up to lead their local scene.  It is a very tough and can be thankless work, but if you are doing it for the right reasons (love of the game and hobby), then the happiness you will experience as positive growth happens will outweigh any of the drawbacks.


    Feel free to follow me on Twitter and until Next Time Happy Hobbying!

    Edited by @Grudgegamer on Twitter

    View the full article

  12. Dave Fraser
    Latest Entry

    FLGS running a slow grow and was planning on running death for it and painted up these guys. 


    Now having a wobble though so might be switching to chaos. 


  13. ******
    Latest Entry

    Fully assembled, primed and ready for the painting que

    ..except Scyla who requires some green stuff




  14. Welcome to the first Legacy of Ink and Blood entry.

    Posed shot during match set-up:  Warriors of Chaos enter the Blood Forest.

       Terrain from the Fanticide Range by Architects of war / Alien dungeon (R.I.P.)


    Scenario Setting:

    The Realm of Life is steadily growing poisoned, tainted with the blight of Chaos and their troops who revel in miasma and disease.

    Vast black shardes of volcanic rock have jutted from the despoiled lands once lush with green.  Many portions of the majestic forest have withered and

    fell to decay.  Once a haven for the Nobler races, their people now wage war at the borders attempting to stifle the majority of the approaching armies.

    It is on the borders of Ghyran, in a key strategic location, where rival factions of the same evil ilk collide.


    Battle Report 1:  Watchtower Scenario

    Chaos Grand Alliance

    Clans Pestilens vs. Clans Verminus

    Realm:  Ghyran, the Realm of Life

    Matched play points per side:  800

    After several practice games using Stormcast Eternals and a smattering of different Aelves and Khorne units, my friend Phil and I felt well versed in the rules of AoS.  It  was time to begin our consecutive ongoing battles.

    Phil's army consisted of primarily Clans Verminus Battle line units, but included Rat Ogres and others from various Skaven hordes.  Since any units under a Grand Alliance are playable in an Age of Sigmar army, he was able to field the points despite having a rather modest collection for our first encounter.  Despite being unde 1k, we followed the guidelines of the Generals Handbook for a Vanguard sized game.

    These smelly beasts were led by a Skaven warlord as well as a Wizard.  A Doomwheel accepted the role of his main heavy-hitter in the fight.

    My Pestilens chaos force was led by Epidemius, and consisted of Plague Bearers x 10, chaos Warriors x 20, some Hounds and the like.  A giant gargaunt, intoxicated and unpainted, led my way.

    The watchtower Scenario is in the first Age of sigmar  hardcover book.  Phil was the Guardian with his Skaven infesting the objective

    with a unit of Clan Rats.  In this case, the watchtower simply was replaced with a suitable piece of forest ground, affording removable trees for aesthetics.

    My Pestilens were the invaders.  My objective was to eradicate and clear the woods, including using the Lure Them Out command ability to ensure success.

    We agreed ahead of time to end the game at the end of turn 4, as Age of Sigmar is a scenario based system and this would prevent a war of attrition.  Whoever had the most models within the objective terrain would constitute the victor.  As you will see reading on, this simple stipulation coupled with unique the command ability for each force produced a very climactic ending.

    Round One:

    As the Guardian, Phil placed an entire unit of Clan Rats in the objective to hold it firm.  We missed in the instructions that he

    also could of included a Hero as well.  While the back-placement kept him safe, make a note for your matches, as increased

    muscle up front is an important option for the defender.  This was compensated, however, by the fact that he placed both of his separate

    Battleline units into one large group.  We both made numerous rookie errors during this first battle, and they seemed to only enhance the fun!


    He opted as the guardian to take the first turn, and began advancing his troops to reinforce the woods.  This was an important time for his placement,

    and he chose well, being able to see where I had positioned my forces on the opposite edge of the 4' x 6' table.



    For my deploy, Epidemius and accompanying Warriors of Chaos took the center, storming toward the skittering eyes of

    the defending rodents.  On the left flank was the Gargaunt, and to the far right you can see my Chaos Hounds advancing

    with intent to engage the Doom Wheel and prevent it from supporting the central battle.  With a move of 10" and a guaranteed

    run of another 6", they made impressive headway with that intent.



    This careful positioning and advancement adequately reflects the beginning of the battle.  More to follow soon as these mutually repulsive armies clash in the second round!

    also forthcoming is a bit of fluff and backstory about our Hero's and their loyal troops.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Recent Entries

    So this is what I have painted so far. Basing is obviously to come. I could lie and say i was waiting until i was finished so that it would be unifying, but frankly I have no idea what I want to do for it yet, so bare they stay. I have three Hunters and a Treelord Ancient left to paint, then it is on to my stormcast, test conversion for the paladins has also been included, pretty pleased with how it turned out. CC very welcome along with good basing ideas.








  15. If you've stumbled onto this blog after plumbing the depths of the TGA community, welcome! You've tried the best, now try the rest!

    Little background for you before we get started. I've been actively involved in the hobby for the past 15 years. I first got hooked in on the Lord of the Rings back when the two towers was first released. Some of you might remember the fortnightly magazine series that came with the figures and paints - I learned a huge amount of my early hobby skills from those, and only ventured into my local GW after maybe two years of painting my burgeoning collection. Fast forward and I've now tried my hand at every game system and most armies for each. My main focus had revolved around 40k for a number of years. I fell out of love with Warhammer fantasy after the shift to 8th edition - I found the size of armies too daunting a task to paint, and my focus would always have been of a more painterly interest. However, the more free form of AOS drew me right back in. I dusted off my old empire armies, picked up where i'd left off on my elves (new and improved with vitamin A!) and dived right back in. Thankfully the game has gone from strength to strength in my local scene, so I've now got a reason to get my painting projects completed and onto the table. Which is where this blog comes in

    Last year I managed to start and fully paint a small flesh eater court force. This year, as part of my hobby resolutions, I want to expand that out to a full 2000 point force, with a view to taking it along to the Age of Sigmar 6 Nations in June as part of the Republic of Ireland Team. So to aid me in that, I'll be trying to keep an up to date blog with all my progress, stories of my games, and any other relevant hobby goodness I find relevant or diverting. 


    A lot of my projects will start off after I latch onto a theme, or I'm intrigued by a story, and the background of the flesh eaters really grabbed my attention. I loved the idea that these "noble knights" were really slobbering mangy monsters. Picture a ghoul trying to curtsey, and you're on the right track for the ideas swirling around in my head. I also loved the idea of a really viscious swarm of monsters charging across the tabletop, similar to how vampires have been shown in things like Van Helsing or the zombies in World War Z. So I began to think what would make these horrible ghouls and monsters even creepier?

    Put them in clown masks of course!


    The eventual end point of the force would be based on a court of Neferata's admirers and courtiers (or so they would believe). However, the only way she would tolerate their loathsome "affections" is if they hid their hideous faces behind stylised masks. So with that theme in mind, all the heroes within my force have their faces hidden behind venetian style masks. 

    The most recent part I've managed to complete for the force is the terrorgheist - a model I'd always wanted to build and paint, but never had the cause to. 


    While i'm not sure I'd want to build another one, I'm really happy with how the beast turned out, and I'm now planning a conversion for the zombie dragon that my Crypt Lord will ride - I must be a glutton for punishment!

    I think that will suffice for now. As I say I'll try my best to stick with one project at a time - My hobby resolution this year is to finish more stuff than I start. 

    What could possibly go wrong?



  16. Daemonic reinforcements have arrived to the corrupted spires of the Mireguard, with still more on the way.  Joining the ranks of the Horned Legion are the maliciously adorable Nurgle Chaos Furies (kitbashed) and the pustulant plague bearer horde.



    Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks.  More is on the way in the coming weeks as well!

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    Recent Entries

    In this last article, we discuss how you can maximise your deployment in Age of Sigmar.

    I discuss what the threat range is, how you can adapt to your opponents drops, how to deal with teleport army and a lot more.

    Read the article here:

    Have a great day!!!

  17. Sooooo then..... this happened!...


    As we are all aware the awesome new lord of change mini is close to release now, and as soon as the first leaked pics hit the interwebs I was in love. My dastardly work colleague Martin decided to use this as an oppertunity to bully me into another age of sigmar project as I rather lost momentum on my last one sadly, and to be honest it didint take too much bullying.

    Ive had a pretty big Tzeentch daemon army sat in boxes for years now and they have always been one of my first wargaming loves ever since flicking through my brothers copy of the lost and and damned when I was little, so I have decided to dust them off and try to get back into gaming via Martins narative campaign ideas.


    Couple of Horrors I painted 10 or so years ago!



    The first step to this is to actually paint stuff though!

    Being a commission painter by trade you wouldnt think this would be a big issue, but oddly I dont think I have had a painted army of my own for about 10+ years, so who knows how far I'll get with this one. Hopefully blogging and such will give me more motivation to do my own hobby instead of everyone elses!


    So every new army needs a leader, and with the lord of change not being released yet, plus the fact that it would probably stall my painting straight away if I tried to paint one first I've gone for the sensible option of a Herald instead. I wasnt actually keen on this model at first, he was just a left over from a burning chariot kit however hes grown on me a lot over the years. I decided to try to paint a little out of my usualy grungy dank earthy painting zone with plenty of bright rich colours, although my bad habits and comfort techniques quickly snuck in and desaturated things quite a bit. Still happy with the final results though.


    More coming soon hopefully! I've got some stuff thats already finished but if I drop all the pics at once then I'll have to actually paint new things instead of doing work!


    -Hotdrop Gary




  18. I played a battle tonight using my Narrative Battleplan "Stuff of Legends".  We rolled up about the most boring thing we could have, so I'll have to do a little work to make sure that things aren't boring, but even so it was a pretty fun battle.  On the Victory Conditions table, we rolled up "Monument" for the Objective, which is what made it a bit dull.  I had Flesh-eater Courts and got "Command" for my motivation while my brother brought Beastmen and appropriately got "Ruin".  We brough artefacts and since I picked the Cursed Book, I decided that my heroes had read the book and were trying to use the Dark Magic TM of Dreadstone Blight to reanimate Uncle Ivan's deceased wife, the Ghoul Queen.

    Slide1.JPG   Slide2.JPG   Slide3.JPG

    We also picked the Ashlands Time of War from Godbeasts.  Fortunately, my local game store has a nice selection of battlemats, so we were fighting over LAVA!


    I was glad we chose a large central objective because it helped break up the big battle in the middle that would have otherwise ensued.  We ended up having a Bullgor fight on one side of the Dreadstone Blight, and a Bestigor fight on the other side.


    Uncle Ivan is on the Terrorgeist, commanding the Dreadstone Blight.  Rurkar Festigor (Beastlord) is on the other side smashing the building to pieces.


    The Bestigors were determined to bring the tower down.  Sadly, in the end, the Brayherds were completely tabled.  We ended with 5 Victory Dice for the Flesh-eater Courts and 4 for the Brayherds.  After rolling, Uncle Ivan managed to resurrect his dead wife, for whom I will now have to find a suitable model.


    The Bestigors after they met Crypt Horrors (also got Death Shrieked by a Terrorgeist).

    I look forward to trying out the battleplan again.  The most cinematic moment the battleplan created was on the first turn when I offered my brother a Victory Dice to sacrifice Skreet the Warlock Engineer to the Pyroclasm (it's an Ashstorm thing).  The reason Skreet is not pictured is because it killed him :( poor little rat.  However, I think that the low number of available Victory Dice applied downward pressure on our level of interest in awarding them to eachother.





  19. Last year was great. I painted up a full army, I attended my first and second tournament ever. GW decided to ditch the old persona and began the great process of renewal. My commission painting company grew in clients and painters, all in all things are good.

    I played more games last year than the past three, but still not nearly enough (there's never enough gaming).

    After my last tournament I was a little burned out. I cant stress enough I really enjoyed the events I went to and will definitely will be looking to attend some events again in 2017.  Matched play is a great way to play and for many fellow gamers/hobbyists it covers all their needs. for me though I found I enjoyed the events and the social aspect of meeting new people, but there's still a little bit missing.

    I'm a creative person. I love coming up with and reading the background and stories, and really just solely playing matched play games for me is limiting what I want to achieve with my gaming.

    So new year has come and with it a new project. My goal for the year to come is to definitely start exploring the narrative side of the game. I've recruited and reforged a few anti Aos friends to do a simple slow grow path to glory/1000pts. in the next few weeks i'm going to attempt a small campaign write up, and hopefully fingers crossed my friends will stay focused enough to get some games in.

    My first project for the year is Sylvaneth. I did technically start this last year, but you can forgive me for having a little break. I wanted to push the standard of this project to something as high as I could without it becoming too detailed and unobtainable. I have been quite strict in what I plan to paint so not to get distracted or overwhelmed.

    My project is as follows

    20 dryads two x ten with slightly different schemes

    five Tree Revenants


    Treelord Ancient

    Three Kurnoth Hunters


    Four Sylvaneth wyldwoods  

    As always many thanks for reading,  comments and questions are always welcome.

    until next time.


    Now for some pics of what I've completed already.