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  1. "Wearing traditional arkanaut armour, the first company of Rereksfjiord are all proud and daring inviduals ready for anything the mortal realm can throw at them". 

    The six "ordinary" araknauts where all made from parts from the dwarf warriors and thunderers kit, where the red haired caption Todrich carries a special built volley gun made by glueing the small two-barreled pistol to the underside of the right handed one. 

    The 3 arkanauts carrying the special weapons where a blast to built.
    The first one was Krimnar, wielding the skypike. The pike is made from the thunderers standard, the axe head of a two-handed warrior axe glued to its underside and lastly the spear-head from a dragon blade lance. 
    Secondly was Wilfram, stoicly carrying the light sky hook. Keen eyes recognise this as the drill from the now missing dwarf miner kit. 
    Lastly was Durong´s aethermatic volley gun built. This one was tricky to assemble, the stock is the one used to make a cross bow (without the bow part). Around the stock 6 barrels from the champion handgun was glued around with a ring of green stuff holding the front together. Finally a shoulder plate from the longbeard/hammerer´s kit was glued over to onceal the chopped off baksides of the gun barrels. 

    Also satesfied with the colour scheme, I´m ready to invest in the official Khadron line of models where I hope this uniqe unit will be a fun addition. 

    Keep your eyes to the skies!




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    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole blogging thing, but I feel determined to bring my ideas to the wider world, and hopefully you guys will like them. To start, I have made a conversion of a character I made with AoS28 in mind, I call him the Storyteller!

    He's a travelling adventurer who helps the forces of Order wherever he finds them, despite the Order of Azyr trying to hunt him down for his extensive knowledge of the Age of Myth. In combat, he prefers to use his illusions do most of the action. Though, that doesn't mean he cant use a sword just as well. Far from it! He carries an ancient sword known as the Wanderer's Blade. 

    He was made by using mostly the Wizard kit from the Empire, with a Stormcast Eternal head with the halo cut off. I think he looks pretty good if i do say so myself, cant wait to get some paint on him..anyways, that's all for now. I'll try and get more to you guys and gals soon.

    Until then, This is Nash, signing off.

    The Storyteller.jpg

  2. After an adventure in Hinterlands Skirmish last week, I was pretty keen for some Age of Sigmar : Skirmish. Although, there are definitely some decisions I don't agree upon, I wanted to get into the book first hand and on the day.

    So this morning I rocked up at my Games Workshop basically first thing in the morning, to purchase my copy of Skirmish. I got the book, flipped past the fluff and got right down into the nitty gritties of the renown. The night before I had tossed up whether I wanted to bring my Freeguild with me, but in the end I decided to take my Slaves to Darkness. My store is going to start a campaign next week, starting off at 25 renown, but for today we could play what we want.

    So I built a quick and dirty 50 renown list, and ended up with the following:

    Chaos Lord - Inspiriational Fighter - Helm of Authority (Note, he's represented by the Chaos Chosen Champion in my games as my actual Lord's head fell off just before we started)

    2 Chaos Knights (Leader with Ensorcelled Weapon, other guy with Glaive)

    1 Marauder Horsemen with Javelin

    3 Chaos Warriors with Hand Weapon and Shields

    2 Marauders with Hand Weapons and Shield

    Since I can't take Chosen under these rules, I wanted 2 Chaos Knights for a bit of punch. Even though I usually run all mine with Glaives, I used the Ensorcelled Weapon on the champion as that's what the model has.

    Ended up playing 2 scenarios. The first one was Fragile Cargo against Stormcast Eternals. He had a list of Lord Celestant, 2 Retributors and 2 Prosecutors. My enemy would have the cargo, and after a change of mind, decided to put it on his faster Prosecutor as opposed to his slower Lord Celestant. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but he flew his Prosecutors up one flank while his melee went through the centre. In the end, I slew both Prosecutors, but they got far enough that when his Prosecutor carrying the cargo died, it ended up within my territory. This would mean unless I wiped him out, the best I could achieve was a draw. Luckily for me, I managed to whittle through one of his Retributors while my Chaos Lord finally made a charge and slew his Lord Celestant. In a more serious game, my opponent would've ran away his final Retributor but instead decided to see how much damage he could cause, which in the end was none before being taken out.

    I quite enjoyed the scenario, and it makes sure that you want to keep a flexible warband. 


    The second game I played against Seraphon. Her list included a Saurus Oldblood, 3 Saurus Warriors, 3 Saurus Guard and 2 Saurus Cavalry. We were playing the scenario Clash at Dawn, which involves random deployment. With a very minor amount of ranged shooting, and our deployments largely grouping up our members, it basically became a clash between our warbands with a few duking it out elsewhere on the board.

    My Chaos Lord had found himself close to enemy lines, so the first turn for me was largely getting him back to the warband.


    Back to safety, the warband converges on my Chaos Lord

    My opponent made some poor tactical choices, and charged her Cavalry in alone. Between my Lord and lucky rolling on my Chaos Knight, I finished off the two Knights easily which gave me a very strong footing in the game. The scenario objective was to essentially reduce the enemy warband to half models, where the game would end at the end of the battle round where this occurred as the warband would 'rout'. If both routed in the same turn, it was a draw, otherwise the player whose warband didn't rout got the victory. So being 2 kills up already for none in return was extraordinarily good.

    I also luckily won the role off for initiative, and mobbed her warband with my own. Given I had the momentum, I used both my Inspirational Fighter and my Helm of Authority to use Merciless Killer (The first re-rolls 1's to hit, the 2nd adds 1 to wound rolls). My Horseman picked off a Saurus Warrior, before my warband moved in for the kill.


    Thing's don't look pretty for the Seraphon

    And that was about all she wrote really. I killed the Saurus and Saurus Guard in this picture on my turn, and another Saurus Warrior which while taking a few wounds myself, routed her warband. In her turn, with so few models left, she couldn't manage to kill anything and the game ended.


    I honestly didn't find this scenario as interesting, as it basically ended up with our warbands grouping up and clashing, turning into a scrum which my Chaos were better suited to the task. The deployments rolls probably impacted this the most, as my opponent rolled 1's (A common theme) for a lot of her army, leading to a deployment which wasn't very spread out.


    Overall enjoyed the games. While I still dislike the choice not to point the finecast and metal models, it doesn't really impact the armies I have, but it definitely impacts what I would consider making for future warbands. While there are definitely places for 'Grand Alliance' style warbands, I think most people just want to run a warband of their faction. The restriction makes this extremely tough, but it seems to impact Destruction and Death the most. Those factions already have less models, but the fact that you can't run a Vampire or Ogor warband just doesn't make sense.


    I also think 25 renown is too low to start a campaign at. 30 would've been a better choice. Any 100 point hero in the game translates to 20 renown, which it's extremely tough to make an interesting warband with only 5 renown to spend on 2+ models. For example, if I wanted to stick to my Slaves to Darkness, I can take my Chaos Lord, a Warrior/Marauder Horsemen and a Marauder. That's my only choice unless I downgrade to the Darkoath Chieftain. Many suffer from this issue


    Other than that, the ruleset looks like it's pretty sweet for matched play. It doesn't have much in the way of progression other than your warband getting bigger, but in a matched play environment in some ways that's exactly what you want. You don't want to run a tournament and have someones warband crippled by death and injuries because they lost the first game.

    But I think the way the rules are structured, it's pretty perfect for a gaming afternoon amongst buddies, or a proper 1-day tournament which includes some variety of progression throughout.

  3. Hey Everyone! This past weekend my club held a very important event in place of its standard gaming days.  We had determined at our Town Meeting that our terrain was in need of a facelift and we committed to repairing, repainting, and if needed replacing terrain from our club collection.  I also committed to painting up all of my terrain so when I am running Age of Sigmar events such as Coalescence I can also bring a few extra tables of quality terrain as well.


    I went to this project with the mindset that if I am unwilling to paint my own terrain how could I possibly motivate others to fix up our community terrain?  While painting my own terrain was motivating for the club as we came up to the club terrain day it really began to stretch my endurance.  While some terrain like the new Games Workshop has a lot of fun little detail to spend some time on other proved to be monotonous with priming and dry brushing becoming the standard.  All that said it was educational going through the process on my own terrain.  

    I also spent time using a hot foam wire cutter and some sharp knives creating hills along the way.  I cannot express how easy these were to create and very friendly on the wallet as well.  If you are needing some simple terrain to get on your or your clubs table I can honestly say you could have a table full of line of sight blocking hills done to a decent standard in an afternoon. 


    Our local library which is our normal meeting location was completely booked through the month.  Thankfully we had another FLGS nearby with a lot of space who was willing to host us as we got to the task.  I picked up the clubs terrain early from our club FLGS and headed over to the hosting FLGS.  I arrived and one of our younger members Luke had already arrived and was eager to get going so we began unpacking and setting up shop.

    Over the next hour or so more and more club members became coming in to help out.  It was great to see every rally around a single task to improve the club as a whole.  There was a wide variety of hobbyists as well.  The hardcore gamers, the high-level painters, and the casual group all joined it.  The time really passed quickly as we all chatted hobby and upcoming releases.  It was a real bonding experience for those who were able to attend.


    I think the key detail of the day was who showed up to begin taking our club to the next level.  While it is worth noting that a few members who let me know there were schedule conflicts and they couldn't attend I noticed that those who showed up were the younger players.  I feel I was able to relay to them how important they are to the future of the club as it will be them leading it one day.  They are enthused about what I have been pushing with taking the club to a higher level and growing once again.  It wouldn't be possible without the support of the entire club, especially the younger players.

    The fruits of our labor paid off as we managed to repair and repaint all of the club terrain in about six hours of hard work.  It was great seeing the looks of accomplishment on everyone's face and the care with which everyone put the terrain away in its boxes to be transported back to our FLGS.  The club showed up and took ownership and they will see the fruits of their labor during our next game day when we play with the terrain.


    If your club is in needs to up their game tables I can recommend dedicating a single day to repairing and even building new terrain.  It is a great way for everyone to take ownership in the club as well as bond as a community.  If you do have a day like this coming up let me know as I would love to check out some pictures or offer any advice I can.  Follow me on Twitter if you would like to see pictures from the next club game day where we will begin using the freshly updated terrain.  Until next week Happy Hobbying!

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  4. So after a slight delay due to life, we'r back, a Khorgaroth has been almost completed, a squad of Knights are being finalized and a Blood Warrior is making progress. As well as a health amount of undead robots.


    The Khorgaroth has been lots of fun, so many different effects and textures, I've grown massively as a painter from working on him (i see this in my later works).  I've used my mobile for these shots, so they're not great. as always and C and Cs would be greatly appreciated

    WhatsApp Image 2017-05-22 at 6.20.54 PM (3).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2017-05-22 at 6.20.54 PM (4).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2017-05-22 at 6.20.54 PM (5).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2017-05-22 at 6.20.54 PM.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2017-05-26 at 9.00.27 AM.jpeg

  5. Here is my Tabletop Level Kharadron Overlords so far. I have a lot more to do, but I'm happy I had enough to put on a table.



  6. With AoS and particularity now with Skirmish coming out I feel that more dense terrain on the table = a more visual, tactical and thematic game.  

    I'd go as far as to say the current (May 2017) GW offerings are pretty bad for positioning units entirely within them to take advantage of the bonus save.  The Wild Wood for example, whilst large enough to place a unit within, actually doing so is so fiddly because of the trees branches that hook onto everything, (especially Dryads ironically).

    So with these things in mind I've started working on a set of naturalistic terrain that I can use for both AoS and 40k which is based around the idea of where sand stone columns have formed over thousands of years where rivers have carved away softer parts of the rock.  This sort of thing is seen across the globe in deserty/canyony areas but is quite bizarre looking and should fit the AoS aesthetic well, (could be any realm). This is my attempt at that...






    These formations were carved from insulation foam with a hot foam cutter rod type thingy with a twisting motion, then I gave them a good sanding with a flailing sanding drill attachment to make them nice and smooth.  I glued these to 6mm MDF bases with the smallest gaps about large enough for a 32mm based model to pass through (there are several areas where 60mm based dreadnought sized models can go).  Then using fine surface wall filler (NOT flexible filler) the rock formations were blended into the bases and a bit of surface undulation added here and there.  Then I sealed them with several coats of thinned PVA adding a bit of sand to the mix to get a bit of extra texture and durability in there.

    To make the terrain visually more interesting I wanted to use Agrellan Earth to give the dried cracked river bed look and to add a different texture to the terrain.  I imagined that in this region the water still comes and goes through these formations and dries out.  Eventually I'd like to complete a whole table that has a small central river remaining that has shrunk back leaving pools that have dried out as the water has drained away.

    The terrain was painted mostly with a mix of household emulsion (tester pots from Wilkos, UK) that I colour matched (by eye) to Agrellean Earth.  I roughly painted some dark grey onto the areas where I wanted a strong cracked earth effect, before applying lots of Agrellean Earth (not cheap :() and allowing to dry.

    I used a thinned down Agrax Earthshade to add definition to some of the grooves in the rock formations before giving the whole lot a light drybrush and adding tufts to finish off the pieces.  

    I have lots of skulls that I plan to dot around here and there to give the terrain a GW feel but overall whilst they were time consuming and not cheap to make I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out and plan to steadily make more.

  7. This year at Blood and Glory @Ben has generously donated some space for me to run the latest iteration of Warhammer Achievements, a little tournament that I've run on a somewhat irregular basis due to the birth of my children. This will be the 5th running of the event and I really wanted to do something different so this year I've decided to take a leaflet of Steve Herner's boo and make terrain for all sixteen tables. I quite enjoy a bit of terrain building and when the mood hits its quite easy to get a lot done in a short space of time. Over the last week I have made some good progress on a number of different pieces that I want for some of the tables: 


    These are the start of the floating waterfalls that you find in the Realm of Life. I made these from some clear 3mm acrylic that I line-bent and screwed down onto some 12mm MDF that I cut and shaped. Once done I then unscrewed the whole thing and spray painted the MDF blue. 


    Still to do: I'm needing to make the water effects to run down the acrylic and pool at the bottom. I'm planning to use the Woodland Scenics water effects for this so that I can make the falls and then attach them. I'm still not sure how I'm going to edge the pools though, so that is the next problem that needs solving. 


    This is finally the chance I've been looking for to finish this rather large mausoleum that I've had sitting around in the garage for a bit of time. I made it for some end times stuff years ago and never finished it. I attacked it with some spray cans this afternoon in an attempt to get some basic colours onto the piece, and then I can go in and start to pick out a few details just to finish it off. I have t say that once I got  a few more bits of colour on it its starting to look pretty sharp. 



    These two pieces will be going on a table set up for Khorne. I found that the mats we are using aren't actually black with the lava. Instead its a kind of dark green so it needs a heavy green dry brush over the top, The craters took some time to repurpose them and fill in all the cracks and dints. I then bought some adhesive pearls from the paper craft section of Hobbycraft and superglued them down to represent lava bubbles. Once again the painting so far is all spray can work. I kept them black and dark grey, but I think the lighter grey will work a lot better. 




    REALM OF LIFE - Nurgles Garden

    I've always fancied doing a gurgle terrain set and this gives me a great excuse. The pits will be a key part of the rules as well so to represent how truly dangerous they are I got some reaper bones pox worm models and glued them into the centre. I have no idea how these will look when they are painted but they should certainly look menacing coming out of the swamps. 


    I'll probably be positing a lot more terrain than models for the next few months which will be an interesting change of pace for me. 

    If you have questions about what I've done feel free to post them here. 




  8. Kovaks
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    It has been a few more washes, some edge highlighting and alot of pustules painted but I am almost done with the magoth, he still needs some final touches such as blood for the blood god and nurgles rot but I will have to wait till he has been varnished for those. Next up is getting Bloab done and stuck on. 





  9. I am kinda pumped about the new Skirmish book coming out. I have always loved small scale skirmish stuff and this fits my needs to a T. I think this will give me a chance also to dip my toe in the water with some factions I have yet to play and not spend a ton of money before hand. I really like the new battle mat that is being released with this stuff and can't wait to get my hands on the new book. I am hoping to generate some interest in AOS with these small skirmish games. What do you all think? What ideas do you have for Skirmish?

  10. Hey guys!


    So finally after trying to get to a tournament for the last few months I made it to one. The tournament was a one dayer and had an attendance of 32 players. Which is actually the second largest in Australia I believe. The largest AOS event I know of was 50 or so down in Canberra.


    I wanted to take a fun list with some of my cooler models and went with:

    Frostlord on stonehorn - Battle brew

    Troll hag - General, bellowing tyrant

    6 fellwater troggoths

    3 sour breath troggoths

    3*3 Ogor bulls with hand weapon and iron fist

    3 gorgers


    The idea behind the list is that you apply pressure with the gorgers and stonehorn and hopefully the second wave of troll hag and trolls can finish off the opponent. In practice most lists in the last few months have evolved to dish enough mortal wounds to kill a stonehorn dead turn one or two depending on who goes first, and obviously if they can do that then a troll hag is going to follow quickly behind!

    Here is a pic of my spruced up troll hag (she looks better in person I'm just bad with pictures)



    So with my newly finished trollhag backed up by her minions and trusty frostlord bodyguard I marched to my first table, table 1! *I made it! We're the greatest*

    My opponent for the first match was a great guy named Anthony. He was running a mixed order list that from memory comprised:

    Empire general on horse


    lore master

    10 hand gunners

    10 hand gunners

    30 swordsman (might have been 20)



    Carmine dragon

    2 units of 3 prosecutors with hammers

    We were playing the take and hold scenario.


    So right away I figured this was going to be a bad match up, there were a decent amount of mortal wound output models, shooting and buffing and healing magic in Anthony's list.


    Deployment wise I tried to bait down as many units as possible and then deployed my stonehorn across from the centre of resistance. The game started badly, with a few bad destruction moves from my stonehorn (1 for destruction and run) and then me just completely forgetting to move the stonehorn towards the dragon after clearing the way with troll vomit, a mistake that is deserving of a loss, this followed by a double turn ended in me getting tabled bar my gorgers who took 3 turns to beat down 3 prosecutors.

    Anthony secured my objective turn 3 with his buffed carmine dragon after killing 2 units of 3 ogors in combat and the other with a mix of hurricanum shooting and the dragons breath attack, which by the way is awesome against my army haha.

    I had a great game as Anthony was a great opponent, his army was beautifully painted and I got to spew on some things.

    Game 1: Major loss for the trolls and fatties


    Game 2 was on table 15 (Oh how the mighty have fallen :P)

    My opponent was a young guy called Jared again we were up against a mixed order army that comprised of:

    Skarvet on carno


    Celestant prime



    5 liberators

    5 liberators

    5 judicators

    5 paladin retributors

    10 saurus with shield and swords

    Our scenario was border war I believe its called (the one with 4 objectives to catch)

    I was able to again bait out Jared's drops and place my stonehorn across from his judicators and skarvet on carno. I've never versed stormcast, but have heard that judicators are bad so had no intention of letting them wreck my frail trolls.

    Turn one the stonehorn does what stonehorns do and took out the judicators and 3 of paladin retributors. In return Jared buffed his Sunblood and got it into my 3 man sourbreath unit and charged the skarvet into my stonehorn (I did say it was risky to him), with re-rolls from that starseer he severely damaged the stonehorn (I think he inflicted about 9 wounds after halving) in return the stonehorn took out the skarvet on carno. The sunblood killed 2 sourbreath (even after some insane too dumb to die rolls) I was close to having 2 sourbreath alive, but Jared was a b@st@rd and made me re-roll the last too dumb to die which resulted in him dead.

    In this game the pivotal model was Jared sunblood which ignores rend 2 and with his re-rolls and general good rolling was able to at one point hold all my trolls for 3 turns, allowing him to drop down the prime (who I forgot about) and secure all 4 objectives for a major victory (the prime with help from his hurricanum  and a double turn cleared off my 9 ogors guarding the objective).

    Jared played well and was also lucky enough to secure two double turns, which my army can't handle. The trolls rely on having a turn in between to heal up, but weren't able to do so at pivotal points resulting in heavy causalities and a dead troll hag.

    Game 2: major loss to the trolls and fatties


    Game 2 was on table 13, The trolls still climbing due to this tournament using the magic resistance mechanic to work out where people should be placed. Apparently my first two opponents were going well!

    I versed a fellow named Daniel with a mixed skaven list. Daniels army was pretty cool looking on the table. Had a nice battle line look to it when deployed and was well painted. His list from memory was:

    Pack master

    Skyre character with glaive, some sort of electric gauntlet and a mini flame thrower

    Skaven warlord

    3 * 5 skyre acolytes with poison wind globes

    4*10 clan rats with spears

    2 warp lightning cannons

    2*3 stormfiends with warpfire projectors

    8 jezzails

    Scenario: 3 places of power

    Daniel had a lot of drops, so I wasn't able to manipulate where he placed the lightning cannons, I also had tow large pieces of deadly scenery on either side of my army funneling me up the middle... Was looking more and more like a turkey shoot. I had some tanky characters so could try and catch the places of power, but one of the places was on deadly terrain and I didn't fancy losing my characters to it, the other two were being guarded by 6 storm fiends, 2 warp lightning cannons, 10 acolytes and 8 jezzails... Yikes! My battle plan I figured would have to be to assassinate Daniels flimsy characters with the troll hag's vomit and go for a minor loss/minor victory. Things started off well with a turn one charge, Daniel realised my stonehorn could attack his warplightning cannon and moved it back a few inches... I mentioned this to him and he said it was unintentional and he meant to have them back 2 inches from the line of clanrats shielding them. Since I was not playing on table one I didn't want to spoil an enjoyable game with semantics! Into the killing! Stonehorn killed 20 rats in return daniel got a double turn and killed the stonehorn and troll hag with shooting.... He rolled 3 ones for his warp lightning cannons... It was game over from there, the dream was dead. Daniel Also passed all his mystical rolls and quickly finished up what remained of my army over the course of 4 turns, we played on as there would have been nothing else to do and the game was fun. One sourbreath troggoth managed to kill 2 stormfiends and fight all 6 for 4 rounds of combat! My too dumb to die keeping him standing way longer then he should have, the fellwater troggoths were gunned down by jezzails and warp lightning cannons and the 9 ogors managed to kill the skyre character after 3 rounds of combat before also being shot dead.


    So no wins on the battlefield I did however win best painted, which I was super surpised with. There were some very well painted death armies there at least two of them I felt were better then my own, but people loved the trollhag which I suspect carried me over the line.

    I want to thank my opponents (should you read this :)) for 3 great games! I don't think the troggoths will be going out for another spin until they get a massive reduction in points or are made battleline for their faction. 200pts for what is effectively 3 ogors with a low rng shooting attack and rend -1 on their attacks is too steep to justify them. The army certainly would have been better though if I took my night gobbos as support, but I haven't rebased them or finished painting them yet... I also need a mangler squig.. Maybe I should get one with my winnings from best painted, we shall see.

    Anyways thanks for reading!

    Crispy out








  11. Horrors giggled as they emerged onto the abundant landscape of the Realm of Life. Trees adorned the rolling hills and an old fort, at one with the foliage emerging from it, sat ahead of them. 

    Carcarion, an Ogroid Thaumaturge of impressive width, lumbered through the gate behind them. He was accompanied by a willowy Gaunt Summoner, his name known only to himself. More troops of the Neverending Host of Change filed and flew from the rippling realmgateA chariot, complete with Gorebeast, rumbled forth with Skyfires on discs zipping through the air above it. Last to emerge, crackling with pent-up energy, came Stanza; Tzaangor Shamen and master of all his kind in the caves.

    The air was vital with magical charge. Something cataclysmic was imminent and it had brought more than Tzeench’s sons to the forest. In the distance Sylvaneth warriors and KharadronOverlords could be glimpsed through the trees.

    Arrows whistled into the Skyfires as the enemy moved forward, one burying itself to the hilt and whipping a Tzaangor from his floating monstrosity. Caracarion bellowed his rage and waved the host forward. The Skyfires returned fire and took down one of the Hunters in the distance. Behind them the wizards began to chant and draw upon the essence of magic that emanated from the abandoned fort.

    Suddenly a comet burned through the sky and crashed into the ground on the far left of the Order battlelineCarcarion could sense the magical potential of the artefact and the Overlords could smell Aether, a Khemist in their midst.

    There was little time to think. Skyhooks roared forth their vicious ordnance, splitting the Skyfires in two or smashing them to the ground. Soon only the Aviarch stood proud.

    Another comet crashed to the surface in a welter of charred wood. It narrowly missed the fort and the Horrors raced to claim it. Things were looking grim for the host though as the chariot charged forward, only to be thrown off course as wildwoods burst from the ground around it.

    All was not lost. The Gaunt Summoner chanted passages from his book and flames erupted amongst the Arknonauts ahead of him, half of their number succumbing to the heat which found every ******. Carcarion’s own flaming staff engulfed another company, reducing its numbers dramatically. 

    Reality folded and blinked and suddenly there were two more Skyfires hovering besides their Aviarch. They poured their fire into the Hunters stationed near the comet and charged forward to engage them while Stanza flew into the Arkhonauts in front of them.

    All was not won. The Arkhonauts pushed forward through the receding fires and levelled their weapons, the Khemist roaring them on. They first destroyed the Gaunt Summoner, his form returned to the Realm of Chaos, before sending the Horrors back from whence they came. Carcarion stood firm, casting a coruscating spell to increase his might. He first destroyed the Dryads facing him and then finished a unit of Arkhonautsclose behind with the aid of Stanza. Then he turned his attention to plundering the comet for its secrets. The Skyfireswere doing the same as they spent their lives finally finishing the Hunters. Stanza flew across and took the enemy’s comet for himself.

    Laden with new knowledge and the spoils of war the Tzeenchian heroes returned to the Cavern of Eternal Rebirth to oversee the regrowth of their companions. They left behind a landscape littered with the dead and barely a soul alive.

    This was the first outing for my Tzeenchian force. It was supposed to be doubles but my partner could not make the game. I just happened to have six Skyfires and a TzaangorShamen in my box which created another 500 points to play against James’ Kharadron and Sean’s Sylvaneth. It was a very relaxed affair with all of us learning our warscrolls and Sean having his first game of AOS.

    We played the ‘Gift From the Heavens’ battleplan from the General’s Handbook. I was impressed with the power of the Arkhonauts’ skyhooks and the Gaunt Summoner’s spell on a horde. The ability to fold reality with my Skyfires probably won me the game. A fun matchup, it is always entertaining to play when everyone is starting out with new armies. 

    Hobby wise my Horrors are done for the moment and will be revisited in the future. Next jobs will be to finish Carcarion, the Ogroid, and put base colours and shade on the chariot. This will more likely be a unit used as a painting project and for relaxed games because it is a bit disappointing in combat due to lack of rend. Having said that it did hold up a unit of Arkhonauts for two vital turns.


    Twitter: @ugluk1974

  12. Time for another character for my chaos army. This one nicely blurs the line between sorcerer and beastman,,,


    The Ogroid Thaumaturge! Mainstay of The Silver Tower and Tzeentch Arcanites (he wouldn't look bad as the magic support in a Warherd army either...)

    I was quite happy with the wet blending on his skin, although I could quite happily never have to paint another one of his eldritch sigils.


    I'm not sure how I feel about his 'looking over the shoulder' pose. It's nice to have a different sculpt to 'looking straight ahead', but there doesn't seem to be a single, best angle to view him from (hence all the photos), and I think he works best in three-dimensions.


    He's off to command a mixed Chaos force in a five-game tournament this weekend, so I hope his sigils are fully-charged!

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    Hello all, welcome to my first blog post! I got a little confused between this and a project log thread, but rest assured it'll all mostly be documented here. As the title says, I've started the steady decline into the seedy Cults of Pleasure that plague many a city. 


    Ive uploaded several images of a colour scheme that I'm very much set on. Those miniatures however are for a 3rd edition/realm of chaos project. The final image, the bare plastic chap, will be the leader of my Dark Age of Sigmar warband. His colours will be pink and blue, again,  but I'm hoping to reproduce it in a less garish tone.


    i have 10 spearmen to paint up before I tackle the character, but his skin shall be grey, and his hair shall be blonde, like all my elves! I hope you all enjoy the 'eye-candy' even though they're of iPhone quality!









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    Latest Entry

    So here we go gonna build up all these wonderful trees

    planning on building it to theveryone following:

    100 Dryads

    2 spirits of Durthu

    1 Treelord Ancient

    2 Treelords

    2 branch wraith

    2 branch wyches


    7 wyldwoods


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    My Beasts of Chaos army once was comprised of Beast Herds, Shaggoths and Chaos Ogres... but when the 7th Edition army book came out it removed those units from the army and so project warpig was started. I had a bunch of spare boar heads in my bits box at the time as the tuskgor chariots always came with alternate heads.

    These pigs needed a leader and aside from the shield, i also built my first full greenstuff model for the doompig. Unfortunately i never ran them much so never finished them off fully.

    With Age of Sigmar, i've ran them a few times and with devastating effect if they get into enemy lines. In honour of some of their most recent successes i've started to scratch build a piggy-mum (will count as a Ghorgon) to fill out the brood.







    Size Comparisons


    Next hobby tasks for these:

    So i'm rebasing all of these to rounds, i'm going to do some more conversion work on piggsy (the pig on the square base) to turn him into another standard bearer. I need to finish basing and painting the DoomPig and obviously there is still a lot of modelling to go to finish the mother pig off.

    Her arms are going to have large bladed weapons bound on, i need to add a cloak to her too, buckles and detailing to the straps, additional armour plates and then i'll see what else needs adding after that.

  13. Tim the Enchanter
    Latest Entry

    So after a month I have finished the get started stormcast eternal boxed set.

    I have had so much fun and satisfaction painting them up and can thoroughly recommend the range.

    My inspiration comes from listening to the hallowed Knights audio dramas and the tales of Tarsus and his mission to seek audience with Nagash!

    Its an awesome set and really gets me immersed into the background.

    This is very much just the beginning of these and I'll be adding plenty more narrative themed units to them as the army grows.

    So here we are, the beginnings of my Hallowed Knights :) 


    Alongside the warriors of Sigmar I also made a start on their unlikely ally who will 'help' them on their journey through the realm of shyish...


    more on this aristocrat coming soon...

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    Well my first post and I've already forgot the WIP shots :) I decided I really liked the Barak Nar colour schemes so I went pretty much with that other than the purple being slightly brighter.

    hope you all like her, C&C always welcome





  14. Game 3 was against the Bristol Big Uns.

    It was the third game of the day and against a Grot/Ironjawz force. However, my game had the distinction of being the only game of AoS that I didn't enjoy in any way. A truly dismal mixture of arguments about everything (whether Fanatics count as a drop when deployed for example), slow playing, chatting to a third party during the game to further slow things down and my opponent's ignorance of the basic stats of his general (movement 4 Megaboss).

    Ben got an 11-9 win, but James and Tom were defeated. I got a 16-4 victory.

    Sadly, this meant that our team lost 32-48 overall.

    I made a small error in deployment, such that Settra was out of range of the Tomb King, which made my turn one alpha strike less brutal. Nevertheless, the Necropolis Knights rocked up to 3" away from the Moonclan Grots in a spread out line. The Fanatics came out to play, but rolling a 2-2 for a charge meant that one died and his buddy didn't make it in, while the other Fanatic only pinned one snake. The first pile in smacked into his forces and did brutal damage. The second pile in added to the first.

    The counter attack was painful, following a double turn I went down to just one snake remaining. However, thanks to the 1" bases of the Grots surrounding the last Knight, I was able to reach over and restore a model behind the Grots (there was another argument about this) and then another 2 Knights popped up. I ultimately took down the Megaboss and was well into crushing his right flank. On the left his general and buddies made some progress. A unit of 10 Zombros managed to not die to the attacks from a Megaboss which tipped the major victory to me. Had we gotten five turns it might have been a tabling.

    16-4 to me and a disappointing 32-48 overall. I was completely shattered by this point.

  15. First unit completed for my Ironjawz army. Doing the big centrepiece first is, I assume, a bit backwards but I had a real burst of desire to paint it & it was just too fun not to keep going once I got the ball rolling!

    I basically just followed the excellent video tutorial on Warhammer TV for the krusha itself, so it's gonna look like everyone elses I'm afraid. Still the best thing I've ever painted and I'm really pumped to grind out the rest of the army now! As you can see the Ironjawz have deliberately let their armour get rusty as it provides excellent kamouflage for their kinda desert-y home.


  16. Most of my gaming life I have been involved in organising events and communities in our wonderful hobby. If there was something I wanted to do in gaming it was to create the best experiences possible for everyone. I just made it happen and I know lots of people out there are the same, volunteering all over the world, organising tournament and events with some even finding their way into professional events management. If  you fall into either of these categories or are simply interested in the turbulent world of running the events we all know and love, then this is the article for you.

    Tournament software is a proverbial mine field, with a vast swathe of programs and websites largely developed by people in it for the love of the hobby. People who do it because they love what we all love and saw a needed tool to run their events. Without people like these we may never have progressed past excel and the old pen and paper approach (also known as the dark era of Tournament Organising.)

    A few companies have their own products available for us all to use or have them in Beta (seemingly forever), with Wizards of the Coast having the most widely used individual platform by far. With the sheer volume of use it sees day to day for events, the Wizards of the Coast program gets a regular bashing and like most of the older programs, can seem very dated or basic, created with a rigid set of tools for their particular game. This is quickly apparent to anyone constantly hopping between programs as they desperately try to juggle multiple game events.

    Since opening JustPlay I have been exposed to all of these experiences and lots of other games which have no support in this area at all, which has put me on a constant quest to find the fabled program that works for me doing all the things a modern professional piece of tournament software should do. That constant search for the perfect program has led me to writing this piece and talking about what I finally came to as the seemingly perfect program of choice.

    Before I get to that though let's just establish exactly what it is we're looking for...

    What do we want from our tournament software?

    • Pair Swiss correctly (A RANDOM player on the same tournament points as you)
    • Sign up online
    • Submit your list in advance to the software
    • Generates displays of pairings, standings, sign ups and round times for your audio visual equipment
    • Online standings
    • View your pairings on your mobile device
    • RSS feed for people to follow your event online 
    • All your scoring and tie breakers in one place
    • No additional maths from you
    • Quick entry of results
    • Great service and support
    • Modern and professional UI

    And most importantly having it all for free! 

    Tabletop Tournaments  is the best piece of Tournament Software I have used by far, it has all the things that you want above and more, plus its simple and easy to use.


    Just some of the features that make this a great program

    Supported Games

    • A Game of Throne LCG
    • Android: Netrunner
    • D&D: Attack Wing
    • Epic Armageddon
    • Flames of War
    • Guild Ball
    • Kings of War
    • Star Wars: Armada
    • Star Wars: Imperial Assault
    • Star Wars: X-Wing
    • Star Wars: Destiny
    • Star Wars: The Card Game
    • Warhammer 40k: Conquest
    • Warmahordes
    • Age of Sigmar


    Age of Sigmar

    This is what brought me to take the time to write about this program after listening to Podcasts talking about software, hearing reports from players returning from events and hearing what people had to say. All of this inspired me to get in touch with Dennis and ask to get involved in adding AOS to the scoring system so we could start to shift all of our events across.


    First I looked at the scoring for the popular events currently happening the SCGT and GW Grand Tournaments so when you add your tournament you can see you have three options for scoring.


    Different Scoring Drop Down

    SCGT follows

    • Major Win 30 points Major Loss 0 points
    • Minor Win 20 Points Minor Loss 10 points
    • Draw 15 points

    GWGT follows

    • Major Win 20 points Major Loss 0 points
    • Minor Win 13 Points Minor Loss 7 points
    • Draw 10 points

    Will also added the very common

    • Major Win 20 points Major Loss 0 points
    • Minor Win 15 Points Minor Loss 5 points
    • Draw 10 points

    The best bit about all this is not adding the points manually, in example the players report John Smith gets a Major Win, Tabletop Tournament does the rest in auto filling the loses box and recording the 30-0 in the background, just click the save button and those results are locked in safe.


    Reporting is Quick and Easy

    It does not end there, we also have the tiebreaker set as total Warscroll Points killed so when reporting these results, you type in how many points each player got and again Tabletop Tournament does the rest in deciding tiebreakers in an easy to read fashion. 

    The final part is the ability to adjust a players Tournament Points at the end of the final round of Swiss, most commonly used for painting, modelling and list submission soft scores.


    Easy to Adjust for Soft Scores or Deductions! (finish painting the models next time)

    Swiss Pairings 

    This program is set to pair people by "true" Swiss i.e. Players on the same Tournament Points play another random player on the same points Tie Breakers should not be taken into account at this point. This is possibly the biggest point of contention or where I have struggled to get a clear answer. I have found that most events pair people on standings but call their event a Swiss Tournament I don't know if people just don't understand what Swiss is or if its just evolved to a more colloquial fashion from having to use excel to pair players and lacking the ability, maybe its intentional.

    Pairings, Standings and Timers

    If we're honest with ourselves, who posts paper pairings these days with projectors, flat screen TV's and Chromecast's etc being so cheap? We in the modern gaming world want quick ways to show our players their pairings and standings without 100+ people crammed around a pillar. This program has all this functionality available so you can cast a full screen clock, pairings, signed up players etc. to a big screen and its incredibly clear and easy to read.


    How the Pairings Display to Cast


    Clock for your Big Screens and Synced Online!


    All of the above is also on the web server giving players access to all this from their mobile device and even the timer is synced! I recently suggested Dennis to give the TO the ability to hide the standings so we can keep the suspense building up.

    Players can also register and submit their lists online in advance Text or Image, a simple copy paste from Warscroll Builder is what I requested, allowing me to have them all at hand and available to all players once the event begun. This is also brilliant for players who want to follow the event live, media coverage teams can have them at hand or link to them in Twitch Chat and those players who love digging though lists for the next big meta-game change have tons of data to consume!

    I also really love the RSS feed allowing you to follow the event and post useful updates like "Lunch Break Round 3 Begins at 1pm" or anything else you wish like spot prizes. You can do surveys like best painted on it where everyone votes and you can even link all your events as a series and log scores over the year and so much more!!

    I could go on, but I hope you all appreciate how amazing this program could be for you and your events. 

    Check out a recent AOS event I ran and have a nose about the event to see these features.

    I just wanted to take this chance to thank Dennis for the hard work he had done on this and hope that many more of us chose to use it for our events. I genuinely feel it helps in providing a better service for all our players and helping to bring your events up to a standard I feel all events can easily be at without paying through the nose for software.

    If its Age of Sigmar or any of the Fantasy Flight Games Events you are running I recommend you give this a go and feel free to let us know how you get on.

    Thanks for Reading


  17. Welcome back to another edition of our Community Player Spotlight series. This time around I am interviewing one of our top players, Tyler Hamil. Since it did not come up in the interview, I would like to congratulate him again for taking 2nd overall in last years ITC rankings. Enjoy!


    Name (Nickname): Tyler Patrick Hamil (SlickKid)

    Club: I have learned through the Age of Sigmar community that you don’t necessarily need to belong to just one club. I have become friends with players all over the world and consider anyone who plays or has an interest in playing Age of Sigmar already2-e1493948282265-225x300.jpg?resize=225% in the club as far as I’m concerned. I have been known to bounce from club to club every event, so who knows . . . I could be a Chupacabrah from the greater Los Angeles area or even a SoCal AoS member. But never a WSD member; those guys are butts. They slay my Dragons. Hahaha

    Home FLGS:  My interest in Age of Sigmar started at the GW Portola Plaza location in Mission Viejo the day AoS was released, but I really elevated an interest once I found out my beloved Bretonnians were in the General’s Handbook. Though, I have been known to roll dice at locations all over Southern California such as Comic Quest in Lake Forest, CA, the GW store in Tustin, CA or even Brookhurst Hobbies in Brookhurst, CA.

    Gaming Bio:  My best friend from 8th grade invited me over to play after school one day and showed me this magazine called the White Dwarf. I fell in love with everything Warhammer 40K especially, Imperial Guard back in 3rd Edition. He got me my first box of Catachan Fighters and invited back over to play after school. All I remember is that I got wrecked. Things haven’t changed since then. Hahaha

    In High School I attended Games Day put on by3.jpg?resize=300%2C225 GW and that was the year they released Sisters of Battle. I fell in love!!! So I packed up my Imperial Guard and solely played Sisters of Battle until the release of 7th Edition taking 6 years off from the hobby in between. After the drop of 7th Edition, I packed up the Sisters of Battle too. I was about to quit the hobby . . .

    Remember that rumor years ago that the entire Bretonnian and Beastmen lines were being discontinued??? Well . . . to my benefit, the year I graduated from grad school I picked up a Bretonnian collection pretty much for free and I fell in love again with the hobby again! I played a few months of Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition and continued to play them up to today with their latest and greatest update in Age of Sigmar!!!

    Why Age of Sigmar?:  Age of Sigmar offers a little something literally for everyone! Seriously, the cognitive effort it takes to build a list or better your appreciation for the aesthetic appeal in the hobby by painting or just sitting down, making new friends & family and rolling dice . . . these are all fantastic reasons. As someone with a fine art background, I grow to appreciate Age of Sigmar in that regard by seeing the sheer talent everyone has within them expressed through their armies. But my favorite thing about Age of Sigmar is the friendliness within the community – going to an event and playing with new friends and people from all over! 😉4.jpg?resize=300%2C225

    What is your favorite thing/experience?:  My favorite thing about the hobby is attending Age of Sigmar events big and small. It is an incredible opportunity to go and play against people you have never met, rolling some dice and gaining new friends through a game like Age of Sigmar.

    What army are you playing now?:  I have always been a Bretonnian player and always will be at heart, but I have taken a recent fancy in starting up the Order Draconis. What can I say? . . . I have a thing for all-cavalry based armies! 😉

    What are your future AoS plans?:  I plan to hold onto my Bretonnians and play with them from time to time – maybe even help out the community by building an unofficial Battletome for the noble Bretonnia! In the meantime, I will slowly build out my Order Draconis and Free Peoples armies.

    Anything else?:  If you ever happen to make it out to an event in Southern California area hit me up. It would be great to get a game in and roll dice! Hopefully, I see you all at SoCal Open in Del Mar, CA in October!

    View the full article