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  1. Hey everyone!  Happy Autumn Equinox!  Today I wanted to begin talking about my project and army plans for Armies on Parade 2017.  The date is already fast approaching, but I wanted to ensure I wrapped up my current Khorne army before diving into this one.  As of this post, there are Thirty-Two days before our parade week beings for Age of Sigmar.  On October 23rd Warhammer and Games Workshop stores across the globe will be full of amazing themed and painted Age of Sigmar Armies and I intend to be one of them while looking to earn a Gold place once again.  With the changes to Armies on Parade this year there are different paths for me to accomplish this as well.

    Teaser Poster for my Project

    Quite a long time ago, before the ending of The World that Was.  I had hoped to one day create an Autumn themed Wood Elf army.  Autumn is easily my favorite season due to all the festivals, and pumpkin flavored everything.  When I finally got to painting my Wood Elves I went a different route in order to allow mixing of the Elven races due to the End Times lists that could be created, but I put my Trees on hold as they were now Sylvaneth and for the past few years they have sat in my hobby room waiting to be painted, but other projects kept popping up I felt the need to do more.  Stormcast Eternals, Blades of Khorne, and finishing my newly named Aelven models.

    I have wrapped up my Khorne and was looking for a new project.  I decided to rebase my old Alef models on to rounds, but that is a very simple project despite the time it will take.  Then I saw Armies on Parade announced for 2017 on the Warhammer Community Website.  I immediately looked to my Khorne as it is freshly painted and painted to a higher level than other armies I own due to my improving skill.  However, I couldn't come up with a unique theme to a board for the army.  The color scheme is unique but beyond that, I haven't put created a narrative for the army.  Then I looked at my unpainted Sylvaneth, resigned to their fate of always being on the back burner and I decided I would paint them and find a fun and unique twist on the olf Autumn theme I wanted to do for so long.

    A glimpse into my Hobby Journal

    It was over coffee (Pumpkin Spice Latte if you were wondering) with my wife that the theme struck me and stuck.  We were talking about how much we enjoyed the Fall Harvest Festivals in our area as well as reminiscing about our early days on World of Warcraft and the fun Autumn Holiday events that went on within the game that we spent many hours enjoying over the years.  I thought why not theme my Sylvaneth around this?  So I set to task and drew up a plan and wrote out a list of what I would need.  I don't plan on any extreme or silly conversions on the models themselves, but I plan for tilled fields and Autumn Harvest for basing.

    Some Inspirational Art to help me plan

    I wanted to theme the board as a farm in the process of harvesting its crops in preparation for the upcoming festivals I have imagined within my own little slice of the Realm of Life.  I will incorporate my current model's int he army as well as three Citadel Woods as well.  With my plan laid out, I headed off to a local hardware store to pick up some great precut 2'x2' Foam boards as well as some miniature rustic farm tools and equipment from a local craft store.  I am sure there will be more added as the weeks go on, but I had enough to get started with my concept.

    Perhaps an Allarielle is needed to complete this project

    I plan to build and prime my models this weekend which shouldn't be much of a challenge as it is only around 1000pts in matched play.  I will prime with a darker brown and go over it with a reddish and lighter brown to help blend the Autumn Foilage that will be prevalent in the force as well.  It will still take quite a bit of effort, but I am up for the challenge.

    As I said earlier there have been some changes in Armies of Parade this year that add more award categories to the event.  The first large change is the separation between Age of Sigmar and 40k by having parade weeks separated by games.  My area is very 40k heavy and most of the armies last year were from that system.  That might have helped me stand out and achieve Gold last year, but I like that I will now be competing against other Age of Sigmar armies specifically this year.  They have also offered different categories to win.  Young Bloods, First Army, Monsters and Machines, Best Theme, Best Scenic Board, Best Painted are now all up for grabs and I believe it will add more diversity and participation.  I plan to contend for Best Theme and Best Scenic Board with my project this year and I am excited to really get stuck in with this project.

    Fun Fact:  I carve these same two pumpkin designs every year

    I will be posting continues progress here as well as on Twitter and plan to do a full post as the project comes to completion.  If you have a Games Workshop or Warhammer store nearby I highly suggest you participate this year.  Time is running short, but there is nothing like a deadline to complete a project.  If you are working on a display for Armies on Parade let me know as I would love to see what you are planning.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

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  2. 59c040fe632d0_Table1TheSerpentsLair.jpg.957d03afffe010a7947711028a5bb9b9.jpg

    For each table at Warhammer Achievements I want to have a map on each table that shows the scenery rules and the secondary objective for that table. Here is the first example that I have put together. To set it up I laid out a board on the living room floor and then stood on the chair with a selfie stick to get the aerial shot. After that it was just a case of importing into photoshop and adding in all the rules and fancy graphics stuff to make it look professional. Hopefully the players will appreciate the work! 



  3. We interviewed one of the NEOs involved with Coalescence. He's also one of the masterminds behind the REALMS AT WAR which is running a second huge narrative event later this year, October 27-29, in Cambridge, U.K. And they still have a few spaces remaining! RAW17

    How did you become a NEO?

    I played Warhammer 40k in my early teens but followed the usual trend by dropping out of the hobby around the age of 16 to play more sports and video games.  Almost 20 years later, I wasn't playing as much sport as I had previously and I decided that I wanted to start a new hobby.   I have always been a big fan of the sci-fi and fantasy genres so I thought I would have a go at Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB).  That was around four and a half years ago and is one of the best decisions of my life!

    I was really lucky to meet a group of similarly aged local WFB players who called themselves EATBATS (East Anglian Tabletop Battle And Tournament Squad!) and after they took me to my first tournament, my interest in the hobby soared even more!  I really enjoy playing with people I haven't played before so I find tournaments or events are so much fun.

    A short time before the release of Age of Sigmar (AoS), a narrative event called The Mingvitationals was held in Bristol by Ming Lee and a few of the EATBATS crew, including myself, managed to get places.  It was my first experience at a narrative event and to date, it is still the most enjoyable weekend of hobbying I have ever had!  Non-standard armies everywhere (do you remember the netlisting??), custom made scenarios with hidden secondary objectives and a mix of singles and doubles games!  Awesome fun.

    When Age of Sigmar dropped, the majority of EATBATS jumped straight in and we immediately fell in love with it!  The freedom to customise your army opened up so many possibilities to everyone.  For me, this simple change meant that it really felt as though my army was now truly my own and I started to work up a background for it including stories for each of the characters and units.

    Another of the EATBATS crew, Mark 'Mitzy' Mitzman, had been in contact with Ming about putting on an AoS  narrative event and in late spring in 2016, I joined with Ming, Mitzy and Steve Foote to become EATMingsFoote.  Between us we created the Realms at War 'Legends' event (RAW16) which was held in Cambridge in November 2016.

    RAW16 was the first narrative event in the UK and our 40 attendees brought their armies plus an Aspirant who, over the course of the weekend, gained new attributes, equipment and skills to eventually become a Legend.  All of the players created custom built minis for both their Aspirant and their Legend which was amazing!  We also encouraged lots of customisation of armies, display boards and a background for each army.

    As part of our player pack, we had collated all of the background stories the players had submitted for their armies and bound them into a booklet which we designed as an ancient manuscript. - this was one of my favourite parts of the event, but I suspect that most people would talk about the RAW16 terrain.  There is too much to describe but its safe to say that these were some of the most themed tables ever in the UK scene.  If you'd like to have a look at the tables, please visit http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/6718-realms-at-war-legends-raw16/

    It was definitely after RAW16 that I felt I could be called a Narrative Event Organiser (NEO).  It was an awesome experience and even though I didn't get to play in the event, seeing all the attendees having such a fantastic time was incredible. We were really pleased with how the event went and we are currently planning RAW17 which is suffixed 'Leviathans'.  Something big is coming soon!!

    After RAW16, EATMingsFoote and the Hobbyhammer team were invited by Games Workshop (GW) to spend a weekend at Warhammer World and discuss our hopes and visions for narrative gaming in AoS. It was another incredible experience and I can definitely say that the future of narrative gaming is safe in GW's hands!

    Can you tell us about your local group?

    While there are a couple of wargaming clubs in the local area, most of the EATSBATS have young families or other commitments which means that there is no guarantee of us getting to a regular club night. However, we are all lucky enough to have properties which are big enough to get a gaming table set up in, be it on the kitchen table or in a dedicated room, so we game round each others houses.

    During our games we often take photos and post them to our whatsapp group so everyone can get involved and enjoy the action.  We also have irregular 'big' game nights where we put whatever we want on the table, roll dice and drink some beers (yes, we are all over eighteen!).  These games are usually very lax on rules and high on laughs - usually for failed charges or whiffed attacks but the biggest guffaws are when one player decides to attack one of their teams mate!  It's kind of like a game of Triumph and Treachery but with very little triumph and a lot of treachery!!

    We also occasionally skype whilst we are painting which is a great way of socialising plus you are getting your army or terrain finished at the same time!

    I do really enjoy building terrain so when I'm not painting or playing with my army, I'll be making some scenery whether it's for my table at home or for RAW.  I find that mixing up the hobby is a great way of keeping interest high.  There is nothing worse than having to paint twenty minis all from the same unit in one go!

    Being in the UK, there are a lot of events going on throughout the year and generally they're within a four hour drive.  I can get to some awesome events in Norwich or Colchester in a little over an hour though plus  central London is only an hour and half away!

    When we go to local events, we tend to go to those put on by small independent stores although I do enjoy SCGT each year (yes, I also enjoyed matched play events too!).  I'm really looking forward to Hobbyhammer's narrative event in February next year and need to start thinking about what army I'm going to take - will we see some aelves soon???

    Why is narrative gaming important to you?

    I've always been a fan of creative writing so seeing people produce background stories for their armies is the part of narrative play which I enjoy the most.  It really brings an army to life to me and gives them a purpose for doing what they do.  The ultimate aim is for a player to control the army to follow it's theme and make decisions based on what it 'would' do rather than what it 'should' do.  What do I mean by this?  Well, an easy example is a Bloodbound army would charge at an enemy to appease Khorne's desire for blood and skulls even if the alternative option of staying put to hold an objective would gain Victory Points.

    For me, when a player users their army in this manner, that's when narrative play comes into its element.  My good friend Mitzy always likes to describe his games as 'directing a film' so he will play his army to make the most cinematic moments possible.  This can create utterly incredible scenes as unlikely things seem to happen more often than not!!

    Another fantastic thing about RAW16 was seeing all of the effort that all of the attendees had put into their armies.  Not only did each army have custom made Aspirants and Legends, but most players built and painted completely new armies just for the event often involving rarely seen units or using a single theme - Paul Buckler brought an all flying Order army which was based on clouds!! It looked superb!

    Hopefully, RAW16 inspired people (and not only those who attended) to try their hand at customising minis, creating back story for their armies, building some interesting terrain for their games or simply naming their General!

    What tips do you have to share with other NEOs?

    My top tip for new NEOs would be 'keep it simple'.  Narrative play doesn't need to be complex; indeed if it is too complex, the game will suffer.  A couple of custom rules can completely change how a game plays.

    In my opinion, the ultimate aim of narrative play is to change the mind set of the players from 'win-at-all-cost' to 'what would be most fun?'!  Encouraging people to make those backstories for their armies also generates a stronger psychological bond between the player and their army and I think that when that happens, more narrative style decisions will be made during the game.

    It's also important to remember that not every player is going to enjoy narrative play.  I feel that I'm really lucky because I very much enjoy all three styles of AoS play (narrative, open and matched) but I know that's not the same for everyone. The hobby has room for all different types of play so if there is a style that's not for you, that's fine!  Play the game you enjoy and encourage others to play the game that they enjoy - there is no competition between the styles!

    I really hope that more people will try narrative play and if they try it, I think most would like it.  I'll leave you with a quote from my friend Steve which I think truly sums up the narrative style succinctly and should be fully embraced in every narrative game - 'it's not how you win the game but how you lose the game'.

    Thanks, Jimbo! You can see more of the games he plays on Twitter  @jimbo9jimbo

    And check out RAW17 and get your ticket before they're all gone!



  4. I think it's always fun to look back over time and see how your hobby has progressed with practice, learning new techniques... and the influence of Duncan videos! With the most recent batch of pictures I took, I found some efforts from about seven years ago.

    To put this in perspective, I didn't progress beyond this stage until about 18 months ago (when I watched my first Duncan video to tackle Archaon) - and since then I've painted regularly. But the change between early and recent is quite significant, and I believe that anybody can achieve these results with time, patience, techniques and practice.

    Here's the first one - a before/after of a good old Dryad.





    Obviously, the key point here is just that the old picture is base coat only - but then I had no idea about washes, or highlights. I think the skeleton was a dark grey base with a light grey over the top to achieve the dark recess.

    It's interesting that you can barely make out any detail on the old model - hardly even see the face, or any real shape to the body.

    So the use of highlights and zenithal lighting style (ie top-down light source given more prominence) definitely helps here.





    The next one is probably even more stark. A Glade Guard - recently painted since GHB2017 (and painted over the old 'colour scheme') as they may become interesting for allies.




    Similar to the Dryad, all I had in the old days were about 10-12 paints, and no understanding of how to bring out the detail of a model.

    I had three units of 10 Glade Guard, and they were all green/brown, with red, yellow or blue hoods to differentiate the units.


    I think I'll enjoy painting over all that old stuff... but nice to have a record of how it's changed.





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  6. The Event

    I've consistently enjoyed @Chris Tomlin 's events and this was to be no exception. The laboratory doors under the South London Legion were sundered as five of us made the journey west to sunny Cardiff - Rob Bradley @leonardas , Alex Clark, Tom Lambert, Ben Savva and I. Two Tzeentch armies, Stormcast, Darkling Covens and Clan Skryre made quite a concoction.

    There were 80 odd opponents and we had the new GHB 2017 to sink our teeth into. I was happy as my list had actually gotten cheaper - Acolytes, Sorc on Manticore and Fatesworn, as well as some of my summoning options like Plague Toads. 20 Bloodletters had unfortunately gone up to 220. 

    We would be playing the new Battleplans. Talk of the forums and amongst us was about the horrific quadruple Warshrine stacking 4 5++ ward saves on 90 Bodies. Fortunately our fears proved to be somewhat overblown.

    Kairos and Fatesworn Friends

    Rather than going down the well-trodden paths of the Changehost and Skyfire Spam, I decided to blow the dust off that long-forgotten mechanic of summoning - which Tzeentch excel at.  I took a 390 summoning pool!

    Allegiance: Tzeentch
    Kairos Fateweaver (340)
    - Lore of Change : Arcane Transformation
    The Blue Scribes (120)
    - Lore of Change : Tzeentch's Firestorm
    Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (120)
    - Lore of Fate : Arcane Suggestion
    Ogroid Thaumaturge (160)
    - Artefact : Timeslip Pendant
    - Lore of Fate : Infusion Arcanum
    Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch (140)
    - Lore of Fate : Shield of Fate
    Chaos Sorcerer Lord On Manticore (200)
    - General
    - Command Trait : Illusionist
    - Artefact : Paradoxical Shield
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch
    - Lore of Fate : Treacherous Bond

    10 x Kairic Acolytes (100)
    10 x Chaos Marauders (60)
    -Axes & Shields
    - Damned Icon
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch
    10 x Chaos Marauders (60)
    -Axes & Shields
    - Damned Icon
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch
    1 x Chaos Chariots (80)
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch
    1 x Chaos Chariots (80)
    - Mark of Chaos : Tzeentch
    1 x Chaos Spawn (50)
    Fatesworn Warband (100)

    Total: 1610/ 2000 Points

    Leaders: 6/6 Battlelines: 5 (3+) Behemoths: 2/4 Artillery: 0/4

    Summoning Pool 390


    Fatesworn rend turns the mediocre Slaves to Derping into semi-decent combat units (they would have been better had I remembered that Marauders get +1 to hit on a 4+ and +1 to wound on a 6+ roll!). The requirement for 10 units is painful - I would much prefer smaller bigger units. 

    Chariots (despite @Leonardas 's objections - represent exceptional value at 80 points for 7 wounds (near the Liberator 10:1 ratio) - having models that only die if they take 7 wounds is really helpful. Also both chariots get to be champions.

    Significantly, Battleline units are not allowed to be under minimum size - which means I cannot get the Ward save on any of the units - this is a shame. Acolytes are and remain utter garbage - 1 attack, 4+ 4+ in both melee and ranged is terrible as is their armour save. I will swap them out for 5 Warriors in future.

    The particular combo my list relied on was between Kairos and the MantiSorc. The Mantisorc was very tanky - reroll saves of 1, 4, 5 and 6, then a 2+ save with Paradoxical Shield and Oracular Visions plus -1 to hit him with pew pew from Illusionist. He also carried around the Treacherous Bond spell for Kairos to know off him (like a waterboy). Kairos could also cast the Mantisorc's own spell - Wind of Chaos, which was a more random Infernal Gateway. The standard strategy was for someone (probably the Gaunt Summoner due to +1 to cast with Blot) to summon 3 Plague Toads. Kairos would then Treacherous Bond to them. Kairos would then thrown himself forward with a shoot me sign on his front and get in the way. Once it was my turn again, he would keep up Treacherous Bond and lash out with Wind of Chaos.

    I had hoped that the Ogroid would go down in cost, but he didn't - he remains useful as a source of -2 rend melee. He is a beatstick with Infusion Arcanum, but sadly the Windthief was nerfed into obliteration (thanks to Skyfire players - now we have two non-garbage artefacts down from 3) - it should have been amended to only work in our hero phase. I took the double pile in instead, which would be good if he survived a round of combat.

    Another theoretical combo was using Arcane Suggestion and Kairos's Oracle of Eternity to guarantee -1 armour save for my turn (it should plainly be until the next Battleround - it's a really bad spell in general due to the random effect).

    The Blue Scrubs were quintessential to this list and frankly any Tzeentch list (bar Skyfire Spam). Definitely the MVP.


    The other reason for taking Kairos is that after summoning 20 Bloodletter, he could near-guarantee that they make a successful charge with Oracle of Eternity, which was pretty sweet I thought.

    I'm glad to say I was way ahead of the pack on #ToadMeta. These are a chore to summon on an 11!

    More conventional options were Pinks and Blues, a Daemon Prince and a Herald of Tzeentch - who does the sniper role.


    Kairos and Fatesworn Buddies


    Daemon Buddies showed up out of nowhere


    Hobby-wise, this is my best painted army. I was pleased with how Kairos had turned out in particular with his actual clock face floating on 4 disks as a base; and the summoning out of magic water over my traditional lava bases seemed to work. It's certainly a riot of colour. The water effects do take a while and are painful when they go wrong #FloodASaurusRex. I'd used a combination of Glazing, Loaded Brush and Drybrushing on different models. Part way through the army I obtained Vellejo Metal Colours, which are truly a revelation.

    There are quite a few conversions other than Kairos - the MantiSorc is a greenstuffed amalgam of a Daemon Prince and a Gorebeast, the Chariots are a kitbash of the Burning Chariots and bits from regular Chariots. The Marauders all have weapon swaps and Tzeentch Shields.



  7. My first fully built unit is my Grundstock Thunderers.


    These guys were a rough kitbash from the 40k poxwalker models and the weapon components from the Thunderers set.  I think they have a bit of a Davy Jones crew feel to them with all the tentacles and bits.


    I still have most of the rifles remaining so will hopefully get round to building 4 more at a future point. Since the GH2017 has made the rifles a good choice I am just weighing up wether I want to do the remaining as my pox guys or add them to a different race.






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    Some Photos:

    An Ardboy in my army's colour scheme, complete with red fists, but with my 'old style' basing


    Goblin Warboss, who will command my forces in the 1,600 point games... not sure about his survivability though


    Some of the To-Do pile in no particular order. Gigantic Spider, 3 Ogors, and 10 Wolf Riders


    - Declan

  8. Target list (1000 Points)

    1 Aether-Khemist

    10 Arkanaut Company

    10 Arkanaut Company

    Arkanaut Frigate

    6 Endrinriggers 

    3 Skywardens


    So Far I have 3 Endrinriggers, an Endrinmaster, and a couple Grundstock Thunderers painted. Enough for some skirmish, but probably only the Endrinriggers would be in my 1K list.




  9. Hi all!

    Check out my unboxing of the newly re-released Orruk Rogue Idol! I'm really happy they are producing these again and can't wait to paint mine up for my ironjawz as an ally for 2000 point games :)

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    Long ago in the Age of Wonder the Bonespitterz that would become Da Big Blue Fist were just one clan among many that roamed the jungles of the Plane of Beasts in search of their monstrous prey.  This all changed when a great blue star fell from the Heavens and crashed into the jungle. The prophet of the clan saw the star fall and thought it might be either a sign from the gods or a great celestial beast to slay and led his Bonesplitterz to the site where the star touched down.  They arrived at a huge crater with a warhammer at its center, engulfed in magical blue flame.  Fearful at first, the prophet eventually leap into the crater and claimed the hammer in his hands.  When he did the magical flame washed over him filling him with a rush of magical energy and changing his hands to a deep azure blue.  On the spot the prophet rechristened the clan, Da Big Blue Fist.  The Fists began a rampage across the jungles of Ghur using the power of the hammer to defeat all who crossed their paths. However, as time passed the hammer began to exert a strange influence over the Bonesplitterz of the clan.  Gradually the boyz began to loss the the call of Gorkamorka in their hearts.  They slowly lost the driving need to chase their prey and test their worth against the beasts of Ghur.  At the same time the intellectual curiosity of the boyz grew by leaps and bounds. No longer did they grunt at each other with crude rudiments of speech.  Words came easily into their minds and soon the clan was filled with the constant chatter of intellectual discourse. This continued until one day the prophet stopped the roaming of the clan deep in the jungle and declared that Da Big Blue Fists were home.  There in the deep jungle they built a magnificent city out of stone cut from the nearby hills and enshrined the magical hammer in temple in the heart of that city. As time progressed the Fists gave up their warlike ways and turned to intellectual pursuits.  They made stone sculptures of exquisite beauty and learned to study the movements of the stars in search of the origins of the hammer that had so impacted their lives. They learned to cultivate the land around their city and create aqueducts to bring water from nearby lakes.  In less than a decade they had seemingly created a complex society from nothing. So they existed for centuries hidden in the depths of the jungle left to their contemplation of the universe and themselves.  Then almost 500 hundred years after they had found the mysterious hammer from the heavens, fate intervened again in the lives of the Fists.  Gorkamorka finally noticed the the fate of his wayward Bonesplitterz.  Looking down on the society they had created he screamed in rage.  Reaching forth his foot he brought it down upon the city of the Fists in a rain of destruction.  Their buildings were laid low.  Their fields were turned over.  What was left of the clan was scattered into the jungle.  Their sacred hammer itself was shattered in a storm of blue fire.  In the years that followed the Fists returned to their old savage ways.  They rededicated themselves to the hunt and the cunning and brutal ways of Gorkamorka.  However, they never completely forgot their past.  The prophets kept stories alive of the blue magic that fell from the sky and the power it brought.  So in an attempt to invoke that power the clan uses the blue blood of squigs to adorn themselves with blue tatoos, particularly their hands. Also, no matter their wanderings in search of prey they always return to the ruins of their great jungle city somehow unable to totally give up the memory of what they were.


    This is the back story for my Bonesplitterz Clan.  It covers the major modeling decisions I made while putting the army together.  I went with blue war paint to compliment the green skin tone. With my basing I went with a ruined jungle city theme. I greenstuffed tiled floors and cut up various lizardmen bits to give it a lost world feel.

    With this blog I hope to chronicle my completion of their painting and the battles we shall get into.  Right now I currently have painted:

    Savages                                               x10               

    Arrowboyz                                       x30         

    Maniac Boarboyz                         x10

    Big Stabbas                                       x8

    Savage Big Boss                             x1

    Maniac Weirdnob                        x1


    I am currently working on the Prophet (along with his custom Balewind Vortex) and my Wardokk. I will throw some pics up of them as I finish them up.  

    Thanks for looking all, I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of my hobby journey. 


    2017-09-08 17.52.04.jpg

    2017-09-08 18.14.06.jpg

    2017-09-08 18.03.48.jpg

    2017-09-08 17.58.47.jpg

    2017-09-08 18.07.54.jpg

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    It all started a couple of months ago, I dug out my old Battle for Skull Pass set and hit the town going to local shops to see if anyone in my town was playing AoS. Eventually I found a shop and the owner told me that they were starting a Path to Glory campaign. I got very excited, bought two boxes of Ironbreakers/Irondrakes, and I put them together in one night! At my first outing for Path to Glory I brought a list of : Warden King, Warriors, Thunderers, Cannon. I played 3 games my first day, lost all three horribly, but man I had a blast and I was hooked. I played against Fyreslayers, KO, and a nurgle list.  My cannon missed every shot it took, except for 3, which all got saved on a 6 (back to back agaisnt an Ironclad), hence my cannon crew now has a reputation at the game store of being far to sober for any Duardin, and therefore can not hit anything.  I played quite a few more games and the campaign finished up last week, I managed to make third place (even though I only won 3 games, my total record was 3/6, I just played more than anyone else and had 11 glory, to the winners 15).

    During that time I realized I had been sort of cheating, since I was using the downloadable Dwarf Compendium and not the warscrolls from the GA:O book! So in the compendium, it said the warden king could ride shield bearers, get 2 extra wounds and two extra attacks for free! So I bought an old dwarf battalion box that had been cracked open for a great price, and got out it of almost 20 models and an organ gun, and used it to give my warden king some trusty shield bearers.  I also "converted" two dwarfs into a rune lord and a cogsmith, making these guys my first kitbashes! 3liSrtP.jpg

    Either way, now I know that I didn't need to do it, but I am leaving him on his trusty shield bearers because I like the way it looks, even though it makes it him easier to see and blow up! I think now it's a good time to note, I am not a very good painter, I really only started a couple of months ago, but I am still proud of my little dwarfs.

    Since GHB 2017 came out I haven't been able to get them on the table yet, but this Saturday we're having a small tournament at the shop and I am bringing my entire army (I just barely have 1500 points) and I can't wait to play, but unfortunately I live right in the path of Irma and the tournament is down just to those staying in the area, afterwords I imagine we're gonna help out and finish boarding up the shop. Anyways here is the entire army I am taking:

    Leaders: Warden King, Runelord, Unforged, Cogsmith (400 pts)

    Batteline: 10 Longbeards x2, 10 warriors (320 pts)

    Others: 10 Irondrakes, 10 Ironbreakers, 10 Thunderers, 1 Cannon, 1 Organ Gun ( 780)


    (You might notice that one of those units of Long beards looks like it has some miners in it, it does, I am thinking of cutting off their pick axes and giving them axes so it's more indistinguishably but no one has had a problem with it, and I've already cleared it with the TO)


    My next hobby projects: First up I want to finish the Ironbreakers, I will probably has some time this weekend after Irma hits and I won't have much to do for a few days. Then I will do the longbeards, I've got on order another rune lord and some thunderers. Then I will begin my super project, which includes rebasing all of these dwarfs and have them standing on some round stone bases, then I will begin working on my big 4x2 Dwarf Fortress. A massive project I am planing to use it for siege battles and right now my plans include: A battlement carved into the mountain with a great gate, long hallways and rooms, and a throne room. I am really looking forward to tackling some terrain and stacking up my Duardin to defend it.

    I will hopefully be posting some post-battle reports this weekend after the tournament!

  10. Here is the first story my skavenclan. I know the my chars didn't really speak like skaven but I don't have an entire grammar collection of skaven. I think my clan has some feeling of a cult with a charismatic and feared prophet.

    And here comes the story. If someone finds errors, its nice to hear. And now, just have fun ;):

    One year before the Scabrous Sprawl campaign, the last betrayal


    Many clanrats were assembled in the meeting hall of Mole two. Nobody knew, why Skrekch, the Fangleader of the stormvermin had assembled them. It was suspicious that no members skryre akolytes or packmasters were arround. A moan went through the room, when multiple stromvermin carried a table to the plattform. Zrik Nightclaw, the warlord was strapped to the table and was bleeding through multiple dagger stabs. Strident giggling echoed through the hall and Skrekch strut with proudly swollen chest through the central corridore, with a halberd in his hand that definitely wasn’t the weapon of a stormvermin. Zrik crane his head and looked into Skrekchs eyes. “I should have known, that you would be my ruin, Skrekch”, he said husky and coughed blood. “Ratskit won’t let this pass”

    Skrekch laughed louder while hearing that. But instead of looking to Zrik he turned to the audience. “BROTHERS, I assembled you here to tell you that I will take control over the clan. We won’t be slaves of Arch Warlock Ratskit and Warlord Zrik anymore.”

    The moan in the call was getting stronger. A flew clanrats were mumbling. A Stormvermin named Sret, who didn’t followed Skrekch, piped up: “You can not take it with Ratskit.”

    Skrekch giggled again: “Oh really! Brothers, listen to me. Ratskit is dead. I rammed him my halberd in the back during the last battle. As evidence, I wear his halberd which I have captured on that day.

    Zrik, chuckled at this remark, coughing blood again. “You are a fool Skrekch. Ratskit is chosen by the horned rat. He is not easy to kill.”

    “You believe in the fable that Ratskit is invincible?”, ask Skrekch while beeing so clase to Zriks that her noses almost touched.

    “I was long enough in service unter Ratskit and saw multiple evadable assassinations. And each time he came back”, said Zrik grinning while in pain.

    “Then it will be time to end this life and save you from your suffering", Skrekch grinned and raised the halberd. At that moment the door to the assembly hall swung open. Three Warlock Engineers accompanied by two stormfiends with rating guns stormed the room. "What’s going on here?" One of the Warlock Engineers, named Qhiek Grimhunter, shouted. "We take control of the clan and Mole two," said Skrekch exuberantly. "As soon as Zrik is cleared out of the way, I'll take the highest position."

    The entire hall winced as a laughter that was quite dark for a Skaven was listened behind the Stormfiends. "Do you really believe, Skrekch, that I leave you my clan and my parasite machine so easily?"

    Skrekch's eyes widened as the Arch Warlock, which was believed to be dead, made its way past the Stormfiends. "You should be dead. I cut you, Ratskit, "Skrekch swallowed.

    "The last 5, who were no longer among us, also thought that," Ratkit chuckled.

    Qhiek leaned over to the Ratskit "Should we dispatch him?" Ratskits eye lenses focused Qhiek. "I'll do it myself, after Skrekch was kind enough to keep my halberd for my return." Ratskit set in motion. His movement was quicker than expected from his outer and his age. Skrekch held the halberd to the attack, but before he could hit, Ratskit had already reached him and grabbed him with his claw. "Too slow," Ratkit grinned as he burnt Skrekch to a breeze with a swarm of warpflame. Ratskits halberd and parts of Skrekch's armor crashed to the ground. He looked over at Zrik. "Zrik, my friend. You've looked healthier, when I saw you last time."

    Zrik coughed but did not say a word. Ratskit leaned down to pick up his halberd as the two Stormvermin who had brought the table to the attack, another from the audience. The noise of a Warlock gun sounded and one of the Stormvermin sank to the ground. Ratskit ducked away under the hit of the second Stormvermin and pushed with the halberd.

    The third was about to hit, but was interrupted in his attack as another Stormvermin parried the strike and slashed the traitor with his own halberd. Then he shouldered his weapon as he noticed that the Warlock Engineers were targeting him. "Lord, I knew nothing of the betrayal that Skrekch had planned, just like most of the others here." Ratskit focused his lenses on him. "What is your name, young rat?"

    "My name is Sret, Lord."

    "Sret, you know where your place is. I see potential in you. And I guess the Stormvermin need a new Fangleader, "Ratskit said, pointing the Warlock Engineers to finally lower their weapons.

    Sret's eyes widened in surprise. "Thank you Lord," he said and Salute before Arch Warlock. Ratskits' eyes wandered back to Zrik, who had become unconscious and called two Warlock Engineers to himself. "Reassemble him again. I still need him "

    The two Engineers shouldered their weapons and carried the table away. Then he turned to the crowd. "This assembly is dissolved. And let it be a lesson to you that betraying me leads to death! "


  11. So, they waited for over a month (started painting them end of July), but I just finished the judicator retinue that's led by Yelena Stormheart.

    So here they are:




    Another thing. I bought Blightwar today, (but I think I will have more use for the daemons than the stormcast models).

    It's just sad that Neave Blacktalon is a named character and she is actually bound to the "Hammers of Sigmar" (I  don't like the golden colortheme of the Stormcast Eternals posterboys). I really hope GW will make a Knight-Zephyros Warscroll soon, so I can use the model for my Celestial Vindicators).

    Don't like the Idea of using the warscroll "count as" for my Vindicators.


  12. All righty then. The Tribes joined in to protect eloni from the chaosforces.

    Hier are the first 20 painted Tribesmen that would be played as Freeguild Guard with Spears and Shields


    I didn't paint them in the standard like my Stormcasts, because it would take quite long and I think it would cause motivationproblems again.

    And there spiritual leader (there shaman or battlemage)




    Also I made my plan what I should paint to get my first 1000 points.

    So this is my plan:

    Battlemage (100)
    Sister Christina (100)
    Freeguild General
    - Great Weapon

    Rangers of the Yellow Rose I (100)
    10 x Freeguild Archers
    Rangers of the Yellow Rose II (100)
    10 x Freeguild Archers
    Warriors of the Yellow Rose (Sword + Shield) (160)
    20 x Freeguild Guard
    Tribesmen (Spear + Shield) (160)
    20 x Freeguild Guard
    Warriors of the Yellow Rose (Helebards) (80)
    10 x Freeguild Guard
    Paladins of the Yellow Rose (150)
    10 x Freeguild Greatswords
    - Free Peoples Battleline

    Total: 950/1000


    The green marked Units are already painted and shown here.

    The yellow units I already have started to paint some of the models but didn't finished any yet.

    The red ones are primed at best.

    So this means I have to paint another 50 miniatures to get to that point. Let's see how long that tooks.

  13. In August 2017, the Thunderstrike Brotherhood hosted RCGT2, a 2 day Age of Sigmar tournament with a 2,500 point limit.  There was a lot of uncertainty leading into the event as it was the first major event using a 2,500 point limit and happen to coincide with the end of the original General's Handbook. This is my story from the event;

    RCGT2 Player Pack


    Game #1, Benjamin James, Blades of Khorne, Border War


    Helmut von Hass, leader of Altdorf's Company of Honour, would start the RCGT2 campaign against the Blades of Khorne. Khorne's mighty general Benjamin would lead 3 mighty Bloodthursters, 3 hell cannons, and a thrall of bloodcrushers.  Helmut stared across the battlefield and knew that the key to victory would be to split the Bloodthursters, but knew it easier said than done.

    In a blood rage, the daemons of Khorne would charge across the battle field with haste. The majority of the daemons would take the flanks of the battlefield in an attempt to pin down the mortals, while the hellcannons pounded their opponents from a distance.  Helmut wish had come true and the Bloodthirsters would attempt to win favour from Khorne by acting independently, with one taking the left flank, another in the centre, and the last on the right flank,

    The Collegiate Arcane would respond by calling upon the winds of magic.  Cassandra Wagner, Roland Binder and Folan The Glorious would combine their powers to empower the Carmine Dragon before it took flight towards a Bloodthirster. With Lifesurge, Mystic Shield, and Hand of Glory enchanting the Dragon, the battlemages felt confident they had a chance of victory.

    The Freeguild Guard would use their ranks to shield the battlemages and embrace the charge. Helmut's handgunners would string out behind the lines of the battle tested Swordsmen to weaken their foe on the charge. 


    The Carmine Dragon would take to the skies and pick out the bloodcrushers and a Bloodthirster as it's first victim. With the guided Hand of Glory, would proceed to rip apart the bloodcrushers with its amethyst fangs and raking claws. The Bloodthirster initially didn't want to get involved, confident that the rampaging bloodcrushers would be able to take down a measly Dragon. How wrong Khorne's champion would be. 

    The Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage would eventually join the fight after the Carmine Dragon moved through the battle shocked bloodcrushers. The Carmine Dragon would win the initiative over the Bloodthirster and ultimately suffer the same fate.


    In the centre of the battlefield the Freeguild Guard would Hold The Line and embrace charge the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury. Arwin Fein would call upon the Storm of Shemtek to mortally wound the Greater Daemon, while the line of Handgunners did their best to cause additional wounds. 

    As the Bloodthirster attempted to bring down it's Mighty Axe of Khorne, the Frostheart Phoenix would impair the Bloodthirsters vision with a Blizzard Aura. Brave men would still die from the blade of Khorne but many were spared by the Aura of Proctection radiating from the Luminark of Hysh.


    On the other flank was a small rank of Guard, 3 of Sigmar's angels, and a Freeguild General on his majestic Griffon. Khorne's bloodcrushers would stampede over the Prosecutors before hitting the unit of Guard. Attacks were traded and many brave men would die to defend the Collegiate Arcane. The Griffon would swoop from the sky with it's deadly beaks and razor claws to beat back the skullcrushers.  While the General on his majestic Griffon was tied up into combat, the Herald of Khorne would break through a gap and charge the mages.


    With the centre of the battlefield fortified after the death of the Bloodthirsters, the Frostheart Phoenix and Carmine Dragon would swoop at the Hellcannons which were holding up the daemon objective. Khorne's daemons were quickly losing the battle as the Dragon and Phoenix would destroy the daemonic warmachines after two rounds of combat.

    The Herald of Khorne faced a similar fate at the hands of  Arwin Fein and Roland Binder the battlemages, with the final blows coming from Helmut von Hass and his runefang.


    Major Victory: Altdorf Company of Honour


    Coming Soon: Game 2, 3, 4, and 5

  14. Endrinmaster is complete! This is my favourite model from the army so I'm pretty happy that he is finished and came out so well. 


  15. Soulsmith
    Latest Entry

    Guess who!

    So, I have a deadline of the 11th of September, as I am heading to Nottingham with some mates and I know they prefer painted on their tables. So, I have to get the ironjawz done! Due to points changes, I am shelving the ardboyz, replacing them and the ironfist with gore gruntas and a grot shaman.

    So now I have to finish:
    1 megaboss, 10 brutes, 3 gore gruntas, 1 shaman. All close to start/middle of painting. The brutes nearly have their armour done. No pictures as yet, but I can start batch painting everything together as I got modelling and priming done today. I wanted the megaboss to be a bit unique as there are so many (fantastic) megabosses out there. Totally not an original idea, I think I saw it first on here close to the forums beginning, but here we have my megaboss. Why have one skull when you can have two!

    So as you can see, it is the dragon skull from the gargant's club, cut and shaved down, with greenstuff straps. Honestly my first go at sculpting and I am happy with it, the indents in the middle look far deeper on here than in person, promise! When it is cured I will neaten the edges with my knife.

    Also, since I was in store and felt like hanging around since the regulars were in, I decided to test scheme some Nurgle stuff, as I may be getting the poxy half of blightwar, which with my end times 500 points army will make a decent enough force for aos. I originally did my mortals classic nurgle colours, using duncans tutorial on blightkings. But I am thinking of doing rust armour (using stippling), so the brighter colours I want offset with darker skin. So I wanted to test how grey worked, and I am rather pleased with it. Though I should in future finish the skin before washes, as the drybrush highlight ruined them and they need redoing. I will be trying pre-shading as well when I get round to doing my own, but here are some photos:


    Headed home before finishing, so bone and cloth have only a basecoat, and leather belt is unpainted. But I was really just doing skin and metal anyway. I am pleased with it, very fast to do, so a horde of plaguebearers wouldn't be a problem! Would want to try mixing some red in the grey for things like under bellies, give the skin some depth. Enjoy folks.

    PS, yeah I copied it from my plog thread, ah well :P I will prattle on more here in future so I don't clog the forum.

  16. So originally the group had organised this day to play Skirmish or Path to Glory, that went straight out the window as soon as people heard that the GHB 2017 was dropping on the Saturday. Instead, the day was filled with much fun getting in a game of the new edition. For me, I'd be bringing out my Free Peoples, a force I've been building up on the side the past year or so. I also bought some Beastmen along from my 8th days, that with a few extra models translated basically into a 2000 point force also, but they stayed in the case today.

    For my first outing, this was the list I was bringing

    Freeguild General - General - Indomitable (Add 1 to save rolls within 6" if didn't charge)

    Freeguild General with Stately War Banner

    Freeguild General on Griffon - Armour of Meteoric Iron

    20x Freeguild Guard

    30x Freeguild  Crossbowmen

    20x Freeguild Handgunners

    10x Freeguild Greatwords

    3x Demigryph Knights

    5x Freeguild Pistoliers

    2x Cannon

    1x Gryph Hound

    Which rounded the force out to 1960 points. Some of the models were 'on loan' from my older warhammer armies, potentially to be re-based in future. Note that I forgot to pack another 10 Freeguild Guard, so in this game the Freeguild Archer models are subbing in for Guardsmen.

    My opponent was packing a mixed Destruction list based on his GHB1 list. His list looked something like

    Ogor Tyrant

    Moonclan Warboss with Great Cave Squig

    Moonclan Grot Shaman

    Frostlord on Stonehorn

    6x Ogors

    20x Moonclan Grots with Spears

    20x Moonclan Grots with Bows

    3x Fanatics

    6x Ironguts


    Everyone else at the club was playing Scorched Earth, and what would you know it, we rolled it up also. Definitely happy enough with that, since it's the only scenario in the new book that's completely new. After setup was complete, the board looked a little bit like this:


    The armies prepped and ready for war

    My opponent got the first turn due to finishing deployment first, and got ready to roll with his new allegiance abilities. The stone horn revved up, and sauntered forwards 6" in the hero phase while the Ogor Tyrant was bolstered by the Moonclan Shaman with a Mystic Shield. The army for the most part ran forwards, eager to engage the enemy.

    Of course, I knew I had made a mistake as soon as the Frostlord surged forwards. The Frostlord managed to successfully charge the Greatswords, wiping them out before they could retaliate, and razed my side objective for an early lead. He rolled a 2, so was up to 5 points at the end of his first turn! A large hill to climb.

    In my turn, the Freeguild great company swerved off to the side. The Freeguild Guard were bolstered with Inspiring Presence and quickly marched to block a potential charge against the gunline from the Stonehorn. On the right flank (unseen in most pictures!), the Pistoliers stayed on the objective but moved into shooting range of the Gargant whom had surged up the field. The Freeguild General on Griffon kicked his mount forwards, eager to engage the Gargant.

    In the shooting phase, the cannons took a toll on the Tyrant, dealing 5 wounds but failing to take him out. The Handgunners had some of their unit still in range, but only managed to take 1 wound from the Stonehorn .

    In the combat phase, the General on Griffon flew over the Gargant to attack it from behind, felling the towering gargant which fell to empty ground.


    The Freeguild units re-organise their battleline to take on the oncoming threat

    My opponent then won the initiative, and chose to go first. The Tyrant bellowed at the Ogors nearby, urging them forwards. The Grot Shaman was a bit too cautious though, and wasn't particularly feeling in the mushroomy mood, and failed to cast mystic shield. In the backline, the Frostlord decided that the Cannons were tastier treats, heading around the back to take out the Free Peoples artillery. The Ogors smashed into the Freeguild line, but not before being peppered with shots from both the Handgunners and Crossbowmen, downing two Ogors before they even made it into the battle. The Stonehorn smashed into the cannons, dealing 3 wounds with it's charge to one of the cannons.


    The Ogors make it into the Freeguild, but without the backup of their Tyrant

    As it so happened, the Frostlord beat both the Crews to death but the cannons were left around. The Ogors were unable to punch through the Freeguild Guard, whom took down another Ogor in retaliation. Still, the points were counting up, the Destruction were now up to 8 points and taking a convincing lead.

    The Freeguild General sent the command, it was time to show these beasts what disciplines and training was worth. He swiftly sent the order to the Guard, Crossbowmen and Handgunners to hold the line. The Griffon after finishing off it's meal, swooped on after the Grot Archers on the far flank while the Demigryphs swept up the hill, looking to take on the Grot Shaman if the Tyrant was felled.

    In the shooting phase, huge volleys of shot and bolt were shot around. The handgunners hammered the Stonehorn, taking out 6 wounds, while the Crossbowmen split fire between the Tyrant and the Stonehorn. The Tyrant was felled, but the Stonehorn was left on 3 wounds remaining. Fearing for his life, the Grot Shaman ordered the Grots to let loose the Fanatics, which crazily swung into the Demigryphs.

    In the combat phase, the Stonehorn finished off the cannon that was in range. The Griffon swept into the Grot Archers, but his aim this time wasn't convincing, only managing to kill a few while sending more running due to the Griffons bloodroar. The Fanatics managed to kill a noble Demigryph Knight before being savagely pecked to death. The Ogors still couldn't get through the Freeguild guardsmen, their blows being parried and blocked while the Guard  dealt a few more wounds to the Ogors. Still, the Free Peoples were still far behind, with only 4 points to Destructions 8.

    What happened next, was that the Free Peoples won the initiative roll. However, it looked like it might be better off to let the enemy take the turn, their backup was still far off in the Ironguts, and the Stonehorn and Ogors both on their last legs. So the Destruction got to go, with the Ironguts deciding to stay in the backline. Unforeseen was the cunning Grots having the foresight to retreat from combat with the Griffon, keeping the objective in their favour. The Stonehorn tried to smash it's way through the lines again, but was shot down by the Freeguild Handgunners stand and shoot. Additionally, the Crossbowmen of the Great Company provided supporting fire to the Freeguild Guard, shooting it's way through the Ogors who were bought down in a hail of Crossbow bolts before they could even land a blow against the Freeguild Guard.

    The Ogors in the Freeguild backline were finally cleared up at the loss of the Greatswords and Ironweld Arsenal, but the points were racking up, they had now accumulated 11 points to the Freeguilds 4.

    Now was the time for the Freeguild to take the offensive to the enemy. We would have to make sure we claimed the enemy objectives in this turn, to stall their own resources while catching up in our own. The entire Freeguild company surged up the board, with the noble Gryph Hound been relegated to supply duty keeping the middle objective. The Demigryph's swung around to the side, they would need to keep the objective on the far flank safe in future turns.

    In the combat phase, the Griffon managed to wipe out the far objective, finally the Freeguild had taken superior control of the battle. The points now were 7 to 11 in favour of Destruction, could they keep their lead?


    The army marches forwards while the Demigryph's make their detour towards the far objective

    Destruction won the roll off this time, and were more than happy to play on the defensive. Cautious of the blasting the Ogors had received earlier, and unsure where the Freeguild army was heading, the Ironguts backed off. If the Handgunners wanted to shoot them, they would have to work for it and the points were still racking up. the Destruction force now had accumulated 13 points, while the Free Peoples were only on 7.

    Still, the Free Peoples marched on. Marching the forces up and over the hill. The Crossbowmen at the doubled, their firepower would be needed in the final turn. The Handgunners moved up, blasting away at the Ironguts but not managing to get much damage through. The Demigryphs in the meantime had taken the far objective, while the Freeguild General on Griffon had swooped around to harass the Grots from the rear.

    The Freeguild Guard and Griffon both made their way onto the Grots holding onto the objective. The Guard managed to kill a few, while the Griffon added to the count, but at the end of the day, many Grots fled but 3 remained, crucially keeping the objective for the Destruction forces. The Free Peoples were catching up, now 10 points to 13, but were they catching up fast enough?


    The Grots died well, and still held the objective at the end of the fourth battle round

    The initiative roll would be crucial, if the Free Peoples held the initiative they would surely take the game, razing the objectives, but if the Destruction won they could still accumulate points. As it so happened, Destruction won the roll off and the Ironguts surged forwards. In a show of pure bestial fury, they smashed into the Freeguild Guard and smashed them into the ground, the Grots still held the objective and the Destruction ended with 15 points. 

    In the final turn of the game, all focus was on the 3 Grots. If the Free Peoples could kill those Grots, they would hold 2 of the enemy objectives and be able to raze them for bonus points, if not, the Destruction would run away with the victory. The General ordered the Handgunners to stand fast, while the Crossbowmen mounted the hill. The Grots however, were short and sneaky, hiding behind the much larger Ironguts. The Crossbowmen could only slay a single Grot, while the Generals pistol failed to wound. Would the Grots win the day? The Handgunners plonked away at the Ironguts, dealing massive damage laying 3 of them out.

    As it so happened though, both the Freeguild General and General on Griffon managed to slam into the Grots. The Freeguild General, leading his forces, got the job done, slaying the 2 Grots.

    Finally it would come down to how much bonus supply could be gathered from the Destruction objectives. The dice were rolled, and in total the D3's came up as 3 and 1, meaning the Free Peoples would get a total of 6 points, bringing them up to 16 points to Destruction's 15.

    Victory to the Free Peoples


    The end of the game, the Free Peoples had snatched the victory at the final hour

    Wow, what an amazing first game. It was excitingly close. Losing one of my side objectives first turn was devestating, as it put me on the back foot from the start in terms of victory points. Still, I managed to claw it back right at the end of the game. 

    Definitely some things I bought away from this game is that with my Great Company, and even having only 2 home objectives, I felt it would've been difficult to manage both keeping my own objectives while engaging the enemy. I badly misplaced my Gryph-Hound (Which was essentially useless in this matchup), and should've kept him on my far objective, freeing up the Pistoliers to go do some work.

    I also think it was a mistake to have all my fast stuff on one flank (Especially given the point I just mentioned). My opponent held one of his objectives with just his single Grot Warboss, a faster unit on that flank could've given my opponent more grief, potentially muddling up his battleplan even more.

    Putting both my cannons close by as well was also a huge mistake. I knew there was definitely the possibility of him going around the back rather than smashing into my lines with the Frostlord, and should've separated the cannons to stop them both going down in one shot from the Frostlord.

    I also didn't split my fire with the Crossbowmen efficiently enough at one stage during the game. I probably could've killed both the Frostlord and Tyrant with the Crossbowmen, but instead focussed more fire on the Tyrant which overkilled him, while the Stonehorn was left on 3 wounds. It didn't make a difference in the end, but something to keep in mind in future.


    Overall though, great game to kick off GHB 2017 with. Looking forward to getting more games done in future!

  17. Elizabeth Reike-Woerlitz was always a precocious child, outdoing her peers both in the library and on the training yard. Like all the children of that family, she had been raised on the stories of the lost wonders of the Mortal Realms, and she took them to heart- burning to see every corner of the Realms with her own eyes. By the time she was of age, she was a noted scholar, artist and soldier, holding a well-deserved officer's post in the Reike-Woerlitz Freeguild. She spurned any talk of marriage, preferring to seek her fortune and future in the rough-and-tumble beyond the walls of Azyrheim.

    In her third decade, the great crusade across the Realms began, and she leaped at the chance to be one of its countless leaders. Victories in Aqshy and Ghur brought her to the attention of some of Sigmar's lieutenants, but it was her inspired assault on the Dogfort in Ghyran that won her real acclaim. She was chosen to lead an expedition into Chamon, to seek out the remnants of the Dispossessed and any uncontacted Fyreslayer lodges that might be found. Months of careful searching, though, left her empty-handed and frustrated.

    In her sixth month, though, she struck gold, or rather silver. To that point the expedition had skirmished with metal-skinned Beastmen, but seen no real battles- only vast, empty lead flats and iron mountains in the distance. This changed overnight. Her sentries brought her a Duardin, clad in the ruined scraps of a strange mechanical suit of armor and grievously burned by molten metal. He gasped out that he and his kin and their flying ship had been entrapped by a monster in the mountains, a gigantic argent wyrm that was roasting them alive, one by one. The creature was immune to shot and shell- perhaps, though, it might be vulnerable to mortal magic.

    Swearing to the dying fugitive to rescue his friends and crewmates, Elizabeth and the expedition followed his tracks double-quick across the plains. In the foothills, they saw what they were seeking- a vast caldera with steam rising like a volcano. Creeping to its rim, Elizabeth saw a massive Duardin airship, sealed to the ground by silver chains, and a huge cage containing dozens upon dozens of its crew. At the center of the caldera was a spring, and in that spring rested a massive dragon made of molten silver. From one long claw dangled a single Duardin, screaming as he slowly roasted in his armor to the monster's amusement.

    Mindful of the fugitive's warning, Elizabeth divided the expedition in two. The majority would go to shatter the air vessel's chains and break open the cage, freeing the prisoners and preparing an escape route. She would have the more perilous task. With her arcane halberd, Grimfire, and a few chosen companions, she would need to distract the monster away from the others for long enough that they could do their job.

    Bullets couldn't hurt the wyrm, but they could attract its attention. At the first salvo, it raged up the slope of the caldera towards her party, burning up the ground as it came. When it reached the top, she struck- a swipe and thrust of her blade grievously wounded the beast, and she dodged nimbly out of the way of its counterattack. Time and again, it struck, and any one of its blows would have ended her- but she was agile and quick-witted, and she knew how to keep it off balance. She hit it again and again, and Grimfire cut away at its scales and tore at its flesh. Every time it roared in pain, and every time the air grew hotter as it bled.

    Then it belched out a massive stream of burning metal, and though Elizabeth was not struck by the flames she was wounded by the flying debris.  The silver dragon loomed above her, pinning her fast with molten bonds that burned at her flesh. It laughed at her, mocking her for thinking that it, a creature older than the Realms themselves, could be defeated by her, a mortal. It would end her, the wyrm promised, and then perhaps it would encase her flesh in steel and make her its undying lieutenant. Her halberd would go into its treasure hoard, and her friends would be burned like the Duardin.

    Even as it said this, though, there came a great groaning from behind it- and Elizabeth saw the airship rising up, turning on the dragon, a gleaming hook planted at its bow. The wyrm swiveled in horror- and at that moment Elizabeth broke her restraints, plunging Grimfire into its heart even as the skyhook dug itself deep into the creature's metal flesh. In that moment, the argent monster died in a cataclysmic explosion of molten metal, burning Elizabeth horribly and staining the ground silver all around.


    When she awoke, it was in the belly of the Duardin sky-ship. She could not feel her limbs, and her eyesight was clouded and indistinct. As she lay there, one of the crew, dressed in the finery of a sky-captain, entered and stood beside her. He introduced himself as Throndin Steelheart, the captain of the vessel, and her debtor. The wyrm's flesh and its treasure hoard were worth a dozen king's ransoms, he explained, and it was thanks to Elizabeth that he was here to exploit it. In exchange, the least he could do was make her whole again.

    While she had lain there, almost dead, much of her burned away by the heat of the monster's final blow, the Duardin had constructed a metal body to sustain and empower her. As Throndin spoke, her newly augmented mechanical body came to life, and her mechanical eyes focused with unnatural precision. She rose, half woman, half machine, ready to fight for her family and her god once again.


    The storytellers call Sister Elizabeth the Iron Hand of Sigmar, the Neverforged, Conqueror of the Silver Wyrm, Skyfriend, the Bold, Queen of Battle, the Twelfth.

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    Folkvar looked down at the realmgate he had stepped through with the Black Wardens when he had first come to Aqshy. He watched as the fyreslayers changed guard with their brethren, allowing those that had stood sentinel over the portal to Shyish to take their respite for the night. The recently dismissed Auric Hearthguard eyed the foreign duardin suspiciously as the passed by with their magmapikes slung over their shoulders.



    'They will never truly accept you.'


    Folkvar turned to see the Runemaster trudging down the stairs towards him. Ruadhar slung his staff over his shoulder in much the same way as his Aurics did. To him, it was a symbol of office and a weapon - he still carried himself with the vigour of a much younger duardin.


    'Come to proselytise to me again, gnollengrom?' replied Folkvar with a weary grin.


    'You are a warrior,' said Ruadhar as he sat himself down next to the young duardin. 'You have also led before. I see much of Grimnir within you, but I am zharrgrim. I see Grimnir where others do not.'


    'You sound like you have the gold fever.'


    'I'm being serious, flameling.'


    Folkvar bowed his head, embarrassed at his glib and disrespectful response to his elder.


    'Forgive me.'


    Ruadhar waved his hand dismissively.


    'They' - he said as he jabbed his staff at the fyreslayers guarding the realmgate - 'need a leader. You already have the undying loyalty of your Stormcast companions - who see you as some bloody prophet for all the sense they have.


    'Our Runefather is dead. His sons - all two of them - are dead. Before long, the rest of us will scatter. Or that lunatic the Zangorm will harvest us all for ur-gold.'


    Folkvar snorted at the mention of the avaricious grimwrath of Ashenhold.


    'Your coming here was foretold. I saw it in the flames, and I believe it. That same bitter refusal to die - to give up - brought you to this world. That same fury and stubbornness of Grimnir. So, if you really think about it, it is Grimnir that sent you here after all.


    'Besides, what else are you going to do?'




    Folkvar stood before the altar deep within the forge temple; Vulcatrix and Grimnir loomed above him, locked in an eternal struggle.


    Two Runesmiters stood at either side of him. He held up his arms and they stripped him of his armour and his garments, until he stood before the altar in naught but his loincloth, his bedraggled brown beard virtually all that was left to cover him.


    'Who seeks the gift of Grimnir?' boomed the voice of Ruadhar.


    'I do,' said Folkvar, his voice sounding weak and hoarse to himself.


    'What is your name, lad?'


    'I am Folkvar, son of Hroki of the Hrukvorn clan, called the Daemonbane and the Lord of Ashes.'


    'Approach the anvil, Folkvar Hrokisson.'


    Folkvar slowly appraoched the anvil that Ruadhar was stood beside. To the Runemaster's left was an ancient stone table upon which lay various smithing tools. Behind him - directly below the likenesses of Grimnir and Vulcatrix - roared a great furnace.




    Folkvar knelt before the anvil. As he did so, the two Runesmiters approached and pressed his chest into the warm steel. Ruadhar drew a white-hot rune of ur-gold from the furnace with a pair of tongs, and took up a hammer from the stone table as he slowly made his way around until he stood behind Folkvar.


    'Grimnir tests us with pain, and rewards us with fire,' boomed Ruadhar as he pressed the rune into Folkvar's back.


    Folkvar hissed and gritted his teeth, clutching at the anvil.


    'Try to relax,' whispered one of the masked Runesmiters gripping his shoulders. 'Resisting makes the pain worse.'


    Folkvar's world span as Ruadhar's hammer struck, the pain intensifying ten times over. He gripped the anvil tighter, suddenly becoming aware of an agonising roar. The hammer struck again and again, heat surging through his entire body with every strike until he felt the heat and the pain suffuse with his very being.


    'You will be reforged in the likeness of Grimnir,' intoned Ruadhar as he strode back over to the furnace, reaching in once more to pluck out another ur-gold rune.


    'You will never be the same.'




  18. I'm back! Having only recently having my first son ive not had much time for gaming. Alas my partner has given me league to play tomorrow night!


    So my game will be against Legion of Azgorh. I've only played against them twice back when i played Beastclaw raiders and lost both games due to horrendous shooting. 

    Going into this game i predict it to be a complete and utter slug fest. So i will have to really think about my positioning going into the 1st turn. I don't know the guys list but if i can target his artillery with a good charge from my endrinriggers, or zipline into an important hero that may help. 

    Sooo heres the list that in taking into the fray. 


    X2 khemist


    X3 arkanaut ( one with 3 skyhook, 1 with 3 volley guns, and one with skypikes)

    Frigate w cannon

    Ironclad w cannon

    10 thunderers w rifles

    6 endrinriggers. 


    So thats it! Any suggestions please feel free to comment below. 

    To the victor the spoils.