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  1. Welcome to Part 5 of my "Building a Community" Series.  If you have not read Part 1, 2, 3 or 4 please check them out in the links below.  Today I will discuss the recent town meeting I held at my local club and the rather quick turnaround I have seen in members since. 

    At our last club day, I felt it was best to hold a town meeting to get everyone together to discuss the future of the club.  I felt a lot of what I was trying to do wasn't being received properly or was being misinterpreted.  I was told that a few people felt I was going to ruin the club!  I needed to get everyone on the same page as me, and I needed to alleviate any fears while finding out what they wanted as well.  We took an hour at the beginning of our Club day and I lead the discussion.


    I began by explaining what my views on where the club is at, what I feel we can be, and how I felt we could get there.  I think it shocked a few members when I told them where I felt the club was as a whole currently. Our poor tables and fractured philosophies made us unwelcoming and unattractive to gaining new members or having other clubs come visit.  After I a few minutes of explaining how our current environment was road blocking us it began to sink in and we started going around the room giving everyone a chance to voice their thoughts.  It became obvious that I wasn't the only person who felt our club was stagnant and needed to change as a whole to survive.

    I am thankful that we had a fairly diverse group at the meeting albeit a smaller turnout than I would have liked, but it was also Easter weekend and the opening day of trout, so it wasn't entirely unexpected.  Competitive members, Narrative members, and Hobbyist members all offered advice on how to improve the aspect of the club they found themselves within.  As the ideas on how we can and should improve were discussed I challenged each of them to implement these action items themselves in order to help the club as a whole become more of what they would like to see.  Ideas such as going out to other FLGS's and clubs to play with them and discuss our local scene and what we wish to do.  Setting up monthly hobby days on Skype with one of our best painters discussing tips and just to work on projects together.  We discussed ways to improve our current table situation and committed to 12 Tables total, with 4 tables having quality terrain within a few months.  Some members offered to us their 3D printer to make nice centerpieces for tables and others generously offered to cast terrain themselves, they even brought in a few painted pieces they had cast they would exactly what we are looking to add to our tables!  The club is also dedicating its next meeting day to repair and create new terrain for our tables.


    The biggest change we all agreed on was to remove the original change I had put in place when I began organizing the group.  Originally I felt that dedicating each day to one specific game would help each game grow, but over time it was obvious that people who played one game simply didn't show up if their game was not the focus.  After suggestions from a few of the members at the meeting, we will now be running all three of our main games, 40k, Age of Sigmar, and Flames of War at each club day.  We want to be more attractive to others coming in and what is better than a room full of gamers as opposed to the small groups we were getting with the focused days,

    Afterward, I described the meeting as a Minor Victory.  I felt a lot of the misconstrued ideas and plans were streamlined and everyone began to take ownership in that their actions will make our break this club.  It was a week or so later that I saw it was closer to a Major Win.  I saw members going to the other local FLGS's to play games and gain interest in new players to come join us and see what we are doing in Ligonier.  Suddenly the Facebook group began having daily posts and discussions from everyone, not just the same few who were always posting.  I feel energized to put forth whatever more effort I can to improve the club because for the first time I don't feel like the only horse pulling this cart.  The younger gamers, the older gamers, and even those who I felt were poisonous gamers are all going the same way and I could not be more proud.


    I will continue posting updates as the club continues to improve, but I feel this is a good place to wrap up this series, for now at least.  If you would like to check out what we are about please check out the clubs Facebook page here or follow me on Twitter.  Perhaps in the next year or two, you might see us at Adepticon or Nova wearing the club shirts we are creating or if you are within driving distance we would love for you to join us one day.  Until next week Happy Hobbying!

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  2. WIP Fell Bats/Bat Swarm. Trying to keep with his fluff by making a creatures of the forest/more natural than undead feel but obviously tried to link them in by using more Ruins on the the base. This is pretty much all I'm going to do modelling wise so far, next I'm going to start painting what I've got. 



  3. The new Kharadron Overlords are explored in this episode of Unlocking Age of Sigmar. Lists include faction focused KO, and one mixed with Fyreslayers and another with Dispossessed, along with discussion of what this shooty alpha striking army with transport capabilities does to the meta.



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    Finally have my 2000 point Order Draconis list on rounds! :)




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    Getting the base coats down, i did some pre-shading which didn't show as well on the PB's as I would have liked, went a little heavy on the base coat, I think it was better on the maggoth.  I then did a base of vallejo dead flesh followed by a 50/50 Dead flesh and livery green, than a final highlight of livery green.  I went super bright to start, partially following @Bruticus swamp elf tutorial, and also because i expect the washes will mute it out quite a bit.. Will cut back in some umber and maybe some red next and then start my washes. Hopefully through this blog I get better at photographing my work, at this point i suck at it. 



  4. It's been something of a nightmare, but I've finally finished my gaming table, and I'm really happy with how it came out.

    The whole process started back when I started getting into Age of Sigmar - upon deciding to take the plunge and jump right back into miniature wargaming again, I decided I didn't want to half ass anything this time around; if I was going to play with miniatures, then they'd have to be painted, and I'd have to have a proper surface to play on, scenery and all. One of the first things I looked at were GW's Realm of Battle boards; I liked the idea of something prefabricated, but that I could tear down for storage and transport and build up and I saw fit.. but I didn't really like how expensive they were, I heard awkward things about the hills on the original Realm of Battle and I didn't like how setting-specific near enough all of them were; I have neither the money, free time or storage space to make more than one gaming table, and so I wanted mine to be fairly setting agnostic - while I'm not particularly expecting to be playing any historicals any time soon, it would have to at least work with Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000, but it'd be nice if it could be used in some capacity for GW's specialist games such as Lord of the Rings, Mordheim and Necromunda as well. To that end, crazy clockwork gears, Imperial Aquilas and skull pits were a bit much for me. I also found out that 'mousemat' style printed mats were very popular - they'd certainly be more storable and transportable, but I couldn't guarantee anywhere I'd play would have a full 6'x4' surface to play on, and I didn't like comitting to the full 6'x4' size either.

    And then I discovered this range called 'Tablescapes' by a company called 'Secret Weapon Miniatures'. They're 1'x1' injection moulded plastic tiles in a number of styles that come in sets of size 4'x4' and 6'x4' (and 2'x4' expansion sets if you order directly) and can be tore down and rearranged in any order you like. The underside is reinforced with a solid circular and cross pattern that keeps them very durable and unmalleable, and they hold together with a really robust set of compression clips at the corners. They come in X and V shapes for connecting 4 corners, or two edges together, and once everything is locked together, is holds tight. I haven't done much stress testing because I had no plans to review them as such, but for my needs, the hold is perfect. The table we lay them on is (very roughly) 3' x 7', so we have a 6" overhang on each side of the table when everything is set up. Even with a little bit of gentle leaning, there is no give and everything feels safe and secure. Here's an overview of the finished product:


    Bottom line? I really like these tiles. They're well built and well designed, richly detailled without becoming cluttered or tacky, and many of the sets are generic enough to work as a nice foundation for a specific project, or repurposable for fantasy, sci-fi, historicals, and so on. As my primary interest was playing Age of Sigmar, but with a mind to 40K, Necromunda (or Shadow War: Armageddon), Mordheim and LOTR, I eventually decided on a combination of the Rolling Fields and Forgotten City tilesets, painted up to be like the edge of a temple aside a more of a volcanic/mountainous/ash wastleland. I figure that this works equally well at full size as the Realm of Aqshy for AoS or a volcanic 40K planet, the Mines of Moria or the wastelands of Mordor or Angmar, and dialling back to a 4x4, it could either focus on the Fields/Lava tiles and be an industrial underhive (Necromunda) or focus on the stone and concrete tiles and be a ruined city (Mordheim/Frostgrave). This is another reason I like these tiles so much - the Rolling Fields is so versatile that you could paint it as concrete, mud, grasslands, or a desert and it wouldn't look off. For my money, I opted to go the concrete route because it seemed more versatile in the long run - green grasslands seems the obvious candidate at first, but it looks a lot less strange to put a the ruined city of Mordheim or the opressive underhives of Necromunda/Armageddon on concrete with patches of overgrown weeds than it does a big green field. In retrospect, maybe using green tinted Vallejo Still Water for a slimy/polluted river might've been a little more reusable (I wouldn't have to exclude this tiles in Mordheim, for example), but the fiery orange and yellow lava really brings some colour to the otherwise drab and oppressive monochrome colour palette I used on the rest of the tiles.

    Back to the tiles themselves, I'm really happy with the overall finished result and I'd recommend Secret Weapon Tablescapes as an option to consider for anyone looking to build a gaming table who might not have the space or resources to scratch build. With that said, they're not without their flaws. Let's get them out of the way now.

    • The 'Rolling Fields' set's river is a little unnatural looking with it's right angle corner pieces. I'd almost have rathered an option with just a 4 tile straight river. I've considered buying a 4 tile 'display board' pack just to have the option not to use them.
    • The more three dimensional 'hilly' tiles on the rolling fields can occasionally be problematic for miniature balance
      • I've encountered this a surprisingly small amount of times in play, to be fair. Far fewer balancing problems than expected. The only times I've had real issues with sliding is, somewhat ironically, when using Secret Weapon's resin moulded bases (which are flat bottomed, rather than the usual hollow kind). This was resolved by putting some felt over the bottoms of any resin bases I use, which is kinder on surfaces too.
    • 1'x1' tiles mean more configurability, and arguably easier storage, but they also mean more gridlines. I didn't bother clipping the tiles together properly for these photographs, so they're a little more noticable in these pictures than they are in actual play, but you can see them. For some, I could imagine that being a dealbreaker.
    • I've read people on the internet complain about plastic tiles - either Tablescapes or GWs - and not liking the sound dice make when rolled on them, especially compared to the silence of a neoprene mat.
      • Personally, this isn't an issue to me. In fact, I quite like it.
    • These tiles don't ship with any good system for storage or transport. AFAIK, the Games Workshop tiles come with a fitted bag - I have no personal experience with this, but I've heard it does the job okay. The best thing these tiles get is a kinda ill fitting cardboard box, which did the job for a couple of trips and would probably be fine for storage only, but it's not great. When these things were originally on Kickstarter, there was talk of storage spacers that clipped into the compression clip corners, or of Battlefoam producing a proper insert for them; as far as I can tell, neither came to fruition.
      • Personally, I ended up investing in a Battlefoam Pack 1520XL. I store each tile vertically back to back, with a thin sheet of foam between each tile on either side, and it fills up the full width of a BFL tray, leaving 10" of space above for storing my scenery and terrain. With a PACK Plus strapped to the top of the 1520XL, I can carry the full board and more than enough terrain to cover the board pretty safe and securely, along with rulebooks, rulers, dice, etc. It can withstand pressure, sharp knocks or rolls or jabs or any other punishment it might endure in the boot of a car. But it was not cheap. I spent about as much on all of this as I did the tiles themselves, and we'll get onto that shortly. There is not a doubt in my mind that there is a less expensive solution to all of this, but the thought of damaging these tiles after the hours of my life that went into producing them worried me too much to cheap out at this stage, and having everything together in one easily stored and transported box is a lifesaver. If you already have transportation/storage for your terrain though, you could probably fit a full 6'x4' set of tiles in a PACK 720, which is something to think about I suppose.
    • They weren't cheap, and they're getting harder to find in Europe. I had originally forked out for the 4'x4' Rolling Fields section, expecting to really only be playing around 1000pts games of AoS and maybe some Skirmish games like Kill Team, Necromunda, etc. Obsession took over and I found myself needing that extra 2'x4' section. In an ideal world - if you're an American customer, and buying the 6'x4' option in a single go, it'll cost you less than GW's plastic Realm of Battle boards, even from a 3rd party retailler, but not much as much less as you'd hope and those RoB boards aren't considered cheap as it is. But that won't get you any storage/travel packaging other than the cardboard box it comes in, which won't last. But if you're a European customer, they're getting harder to find without getting them direct from Secret Weapon themselves, which means importing, which means dealing with customs/import tax and the not-so-great conversion rate at the moment - I got my first 4'x'4' section from Wayland Games a year ago for £100, which is 2/3rd the size of a Realm of Battle Board and half the RRP, but the 2'x'4' extention that I bought direct from Secret Weapon ended up costing more thanks to (in SW's defence, fairly reasonable for it's size/weight) international delivery and customs charges, making the whole thing more expensive than a Realm of Battle board - but my tale was a particularly woeful one. Not everyone will incur the costs I did, especially if they just bought a 6'x4' outright from Mantic or whatever. I could've paid half what I paid if I just bought a 6'x4' Rolling Fields set from Wayland when I did. But there will be people who have built a comparable, possibly much nicer board from scratch who would feint at the price I ended up paying for mine, but thems the breaks.


    But enough negativity. Here's some closer shots of the table with a little commentary on my process.


    Above is a closer shot of the Rolling Fields section. The paint job on this section is incredibly simple, in fact, it's pretty much just a drybrush of Vallejo Heavy Bluegrey over a black rattle can primer. I don't own an airbrush, and that's never been more of a problem to me than on this step. I think I applied the drybrush using a Citadel Medium Scenery brush, which accounts for the streakiness in parts - you live, you learn. I'd figured out how to get an even drybrush by the time I moved onto the Forgotten City tiles (with a flat brush it turns out, who knew other than everyone?).

    The next step was the lava. This was done by first painting the riverbed a dark red and building up layers of Vallejo Water Texture, some layers mixed in with a bit of ink/wash to slightly colour/tint the whole layer, where other layers I would lay down untinted, then put a couple drops of red/orange/yellow on top and brushing it through. Each of the layers took overnight to dry, so this step easily took the most amount of time from start to finish to complete, and getting the right streak to tint to clear ratio for each layer was a bit of a learning curve. The end result was a thick, textured blend from dark red to yellow with thick marbling in places and a little transparency. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how close the lava turned out to the image I had of it in my head.

    After painting, I sealed everything with brush on Vallejo Polyeurethane Matt varnish. Again, this was before I discovered the slightly better and slightly more matt Vallejo Matt varnish, although it was a little cheaper which was pleasant. Everything has a very slight sheen (kinda like I imagine a 'satin' varnish would look like), but I will say it's done a damn fine job of protecting the paint job. As far as I can tell, I've had no paint rubbing off or chipping despite going in and out of it's foam sealed case and having all manner of plastic, metal and resin miniatures tossed over it.

    The final step was flocking. I didn't want a grasslands so much as blasted wasteland, but I also wanted to have a few very grassy tiles that if I wanted, I could clump together to create more fieldy section of the board if the need arose. I used four different types of flock/static grass, and mostly stuck with wasteland/marsh/dead/winter oriented products to keep things wastelandy. I also made sure to only use the torched brown flock and very sparingly on any tiles with lava itself. There's also a whole bunch of Highland and Wasteland grassy tufts from Army Painter on there.

    Several months later and the need arose to get the table up to a full 6'x4' for full 2000pts games of Age of Sigmar. I was always going to be paying a premium to buy a 4'x4' and a 2'x4' rather than everything in one go, so I thought I'd take advantage of my situation and mix and match my Tablescapes - enter, Forgotten City.




    This section eventually turned out about as well as I could've hoped for, but it wasn't without it's share of problems. The lack of lava meant that I could get all 8 of these tiles finished in under a week, though it was tedious going at times. To begin, I primed it with rattle can black, and drybrushed all the dirt patches with Vallejo Heavy Bluegrey like I did on the Rolling Fields to tie the tiles together. Next, I whipped out all my paints that advertise themselves as 'Grey'.

    I'm a dropper bottle kinda guy. I use a wet palette and almost all my paints are Vallejo or Army Painter, with the occasional Citadel Texture paint or effect like Blood for the Blood God or Typhus Corrosion or whatever. I have recently branched out and bought the must-have Citadel washes though, as I like how they go on and I like being able to dip from the pot when it comes to washes. But a little while back when following the Baleful Realmgate painting tutorial on Warhammer TV, it ocurred to me that I don't own a real straight up 'grey', nothing that really hit that Mechanicus Standard Grey black/white midpoint grey. Just Vallejo Heavy Bluegrey. So, I bought a few Vallejo greys online - Stonewall Grey, Heavy Charcoal (which is weirdly glossy, by the way), Cold Grey, Heavy Grey.. man, none of them is even close. I swear, whoever wrote VGC Heavy Grey is a colour match to Mechanicus Standard Grey on the DakkaDakka Paint Compatibility Chart was either colourblind or trolling - or maybe even the person who named that paint. That colour is a freaking Green. 100%, no doubt about it. It's like a pale camo green/olive. The base coat of any of the lighter green looking stones are courtesy of Heavy Grey. Go figure. Eventually, I bought myself a pot of Mechanicus Standard Grey because I GIVE UP.

    Aaaanyway, to get back on subject, for each batch (I batched them in groups of 4 to preserve sanity), I'd pick a 'grey' and colour in a few clusters of tiles in some random spaced out spots, repeat for each tile in the batch, and then switch to a new grey. Once the whole thing was coloured in this way, it got a massive wash of Army Painter Strong/Dark, and drybrushed over with VGC Khaki to pull all the different tones together. And then the whole thing was varnished.

    And man, what a pain in the ass that was. As always, I was using brush on Vallejo Polyurethane Matt. I'd like to say that was that, but in the process of varnishing it the brush strokes and moisture of the varnish caused some of the khaki drybrushing to melt and move around. My guess is that the wash didn't bond so well to the massive expanse of flat paint - the actual base layer of paint had no problems sticking to the primer, after all. After I realised this was happening on the first set of tiles, I left the rest for 48-72 hours, hoping that maybe with time the paint would cure better and the bond would be stronger.. no dice. In the end, I basically had to try and cover it with as few brush strokes as possible, cleaning the brush throughly as often as I could, and making sure that as little varnish as possible pooled in the dark recesses - the varnish had a tendency to go cloudy with the khaki paint and lighten up my darks. After the first coat, I'd touch up with another drybrush, redarken some of the recesses, and seal the whole thing again. It's times like this that I'd probably benefit from owning a rattlecan can of some kinda matt varnish. I wish Testors wasn't so hard to find in the UK, because I've heard too many mixed things about Army Painter and Citadel rattle can varnish to risk it. Oh well, chalk up another lesson learned.

    Finally, I applied some static grass and tufts - in smaller areas and patches, mostly focussed around the ash/dirt mounds and cracks, which also helped with covering up any glaring blending issues or notable khaki rub off, and the job was done. Again, I'm happy with the overall turnout of it, and hope you liked reading my rambling account of the journey to get here! I can't wait to play my first full size game on the 6'x4' table and see what the extra room for maneuvering brings to the game!


    But wait.. there's more! There's BONUS DUARDIN!

    Something I've been working on as a side project along with my two main armies is a truckload of 6th Edition era Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs from my youth. There's around 2500pts of stuff here in various states of completion, including but not limited to several heroes, 40 Warriors, 20 Quarrellers, 20 Longbeards, 20 Ironbreakers, 2 Bolt Throwers, a Cannon and a Stone Thrower, much of it only primed and some just clean metal, with about 1000pts of it sloppily painted for the tabletop by a younger, more careless me. Starting with the prepainted stuff, it's been my plan to rebase it all to rounds and improve the most unacceptable paint jobs to something closer resembling my current tabletop standard.

    For starters, here's a group shot of my Great Weapon Warriors (top) and Ironbreakers (bottom). These guys were built and painted back in the day, but I've given them a bit of a new lease of life by trying out a can of Army Painter Quickshade on them, as well as repainting their shield designs from a lazy flat gold from back in the to a new orange and black split, which I think makes them look a little more striking en masse.


    You can also spot a Stone Thrower in the back from the days when a Dwarfs Warmachines came in a blister pack.
    I'm not going to bother with individual shots, because they don't particularly hold up to scrutiny, but I think they look good in a pack! There's something really gratifying about a fistful of these small, really lightweight little blobs of painted plastic on a 25mm base after the smallest things I've worked on in AoS being Bloodreavers and Stormvermin on 32mm bases. I'm also feeling pretty good about using my new tiles with a black background for photography.

    Here's the Ironbreakers below.


    If you look even a little carefully, you'll notice the Quickshade has pooled a bit on the bottoms of the Ironbreakers shields, obscuring detail. It's a bummer, but harder to notice with the added edge highlighting. It could've been avoided by brushing on the dip, but at that point I don't really see the advantage in dip over an all over brush on from a pot of Nuln Oil - although, the built-in layer of varnish, I will concede, is pretty handy on these metal miniatures.

    Even moreso than the Dwarf Warriors, who were at least multi-part plastics, I'm actually quite surpirsed with how much I still like these mono pose sculpts on round bases. They look unified, disciplined, dignified.. and I will admit, there is a certain charm to handling a finished metal miniature - the weight of the item really gives it a great feel in the hand. I'm certainly looking forward to getting around to the 20 strong unit of Longbeards I've got ready and waiting for a paint job now!

    But finally, the main event.. my Dwarf Lord and Shieldbearers, King Ragnar Herk.




    This model is something of a re-conversion. Back when I was building my Dwarfs army, I needed a character to represent my Dwarf Lord/General Thane/whatever, and I absolutely loved the King Alrik miniature - not for stature and his shieldbearers though so much as I loved that big winged helmet and big bushy face, and I loved that his face was obscured enough by it all that he had a level of anonymity that made him a great choice of mini for a generic Dwarf Lord. So, I stuck him on a rock, changed out his axe for a hammer and stuck his big awesome shield to his back, because why throw away such a great looking shield?!

    Anyway, when I started re-purposing my Dwarfs, I noticed the 'Dwarf Lord and Shieldbearers' warscroll before I encountered the 'Warden King', and when I saw you got those two free wounds for adding shieldbearers, I figured 'why not?'. My lord was already converted off the Shield though, so I scratched my head about what to do and looked in my box of Dwarfs. Shortly after, I encountered two miniatures I thought were perfect - one of Alrik's old shieldbearers that I'd converted into a very awkward Thane with a great weapon, and an amazingly old Citadel 'Dead Drunk Dwarf' that a friend of mine had ordered from our local GWs mail order catalogue for me as a birthday present over a decade ago. The Thane, in practice, kind of looked like he was struggling with the axe, possibly even offering it up, which made him a great dutiful squier-esque kind of companion, which in turn worked well for the Dead Drunk Dwarf who uh, wasn't much use to anyone.



    As a model, this didn't take an awful long time to complete. I just CA glued the three of them (Lord on his rock and all) onto a 60mm round base, textured it with some Vallejo Black Lava (an absolute godsend for fast textured basing when you're not priming black, and a zillion times cheaper than any GW texture paint), applied some brush-on primer to the two 'shieldbearers', touched up the Lord's paintjob (adding some orange for the new colour scheme where appropriate), and painted up the two shieldbearers, then put some brush on matt varnish over the lot. I will say I was happy with a couple of details I might normally pick out - I used a little Bloodletter Glaze on the Dead Drunks nose to give him that boozy look, and I actually bothered to paint the pupils. They're not the cleanest job I've ever seen, and could maybe do with being a little subtler, but they give him a sort of "I've seen too much" dead eyed stare at the clouds, which I enjoyed.

    For a final touch, I used a few types of flock and static grass to give the rocky area a more opressive feel like on my Skin Wolves as the base was too big for just a couple of tufts, but not big enough to justify some lava cracks. Then, I added some spilled ale from my Dead Drunk Dwarfs flagon with a few layers of Vallejo Water Effects with some brown and yellow ink tinting it.  Around the top of the flagon, I also added a few particles of Army Painter 'snow' effect and a tiny bit of white paint to make it look just a little bit frothier where it's thickest, although I'm not sure how visible it ended up being.


    Closing thoughts

    Well, that's what I've been up to since finishing The Wolf and the Rat! Expanding my game board to a full 6'x4' became a bigger and more apparent priority than finishing up my 2000pts of The Azure Tempest this month, which is why my Dwarfs ended up getting some time in the sun. As it stands, I could take a Warden King, ten Warriors and ten Ironbreakers and give my Chaos forces something of a reasonable fight (and certainly adds more miniatures to the table than the additional four Stormcast I had planned!), although more likely that I'll paint up my Cannon and Stone Thrower and add a little long ranged punch into the army instead of the Ironbreakers.

    To throw a curveball into the mix, I've also received a bunch of miniatures for my birthday that are demanding my attention. A friend of mine gifted me a Warhammer Games Day/Golden Daemon event Daemon Slayer miniature that is just way too bad as to leave unpainted in a box, and my ever lovely better half had bought me a box of Putrid Blightkings and a Daemons of Nurgle Start Collecting! box, having noted that I once rambled to her that I'd have picked Nurgle as my Chaos Diety of choice, had the starter box for AoS not come with a bunch of Khorne stuff. She's not wrong, and I'm really stoked to start painting these guys, just as soon as I pick up some rust and Nurgles Rot effects. I'm going to have to start taking some serious consideration into the Nurgle/Khorne lists I've been playing about with under the name The Red Plague. I'm already thinking of the Pestillens Skaven I could justify adding now, and with all my Chaos Daemons I've managed to amass, it could be a lot easier than expected to jump back into the new edition of 40K when it launches. Sigmar can wait.. I can hear Grandfather calling.

  5. oracles.jpg.e7f2be822df4f913de2df2752283c5b0.jpg

    This weekend is the South Coast GT and I have finally managed to complete all of the models for the Omniscient Oracles Battalion. 

    It was a fun painting challenge and I developed quite a few cool tricks to help get through them in the time span and keep the models to an acceptable quality level. I used a lot of spray can work to get the base coats done and then dry brushed and washed a lot to get the variation in texture. I then went over the top with the brush to pick out specific details, but only in key areas. 

    I discuss the techniques a lot more with Ben and Mark on Ep 153 of Bad Dice if you want more details. Link is here

    As ever if you have any questions put them in the comments and I'l be happy to answer them!



  6. If you're signed up to run your own Coalescence event on June 10th then you should have seen the first part of the event pack arrive in your inbox. The last page of that document included a graphic with some open space ready to be filled with details concerning the location, start and end times, and how to register for your own local Coalescence event!

    Coalescence.jpg.777c38e3369bb373b93bcabc2bb1b90b.jpgOpening the graphic in an editing program and adding some text can provide a great flyer personalized to your particular local event. @Bostian created one for the event he's running at his local public library to share on social media pages to promote and get players planning to attend.


  7. It has been far far too long since I updated here. There have been some excellent releases recently that have reignited interest in painting. The main theory was that the two Warhammer Quest boxes provide a fairly varied starter set for a small Arcanite force and shouldn't need too much adding to bulk it out a bit more. Anyone that has had the misfortune of reading my threads over on Dakka know that I have lots of ideas and only occasionally get around to fulfilling them all as I'm very easily distracted... so hopefully you can keep me on track with some semi regular posts.

    I've been experimenting with colours for the Arcanites and the theme appears to have evolved into a combined Chaos force (Tzeentch/Khorne) under the command of a demon known only as the King in Yellow. No-one (least of all me) is quite sure how he has persuaded these two groups to join forces. I have plans for the King, but won't go into them here and now as they need a bit more fleshing out.

    The prototype Arcanite is this Tzaangor:

     Tzaangor prototype


    For the Khorne forces, I've started putting paint to the Gorechosen figures. The yellow of these is actually what started the whole King in Yellow theme. I know there are a couple of other yellow Bloodbound forces on here and really liked the very different take on Khorne, so thought I'd give it a try on one

    Bloodbound Slaughterpriest

    Once he was complete, I needed to find some way to tie him into any other Chaos forces that I did. The Khornate forces are now amore orangey yellow, grey skin tones, black and steel; Tzeentch is a more lemonn-y yellow, purple/blue/turquoise and silver. With those rules now set, I attacked the next most common Slaughterpriest to see if it still flowed through.


    So, do you think it works?

  8. For the next instalment, I've taken a break from Tzeentch to finish up my Gorechosen quartet.


    They're a really solid set of characters, and the game is great bit of mindless fun (I'm wondering how it will compare to the other quick-playing, arena-based, low-model count, Shadespire).


    They're certainly enough to tempt me into getting some more Bloodbound for them (the Slaughterpriest needs to sacrifice something!).


    The Exalted Deathbringer has made a few appearances in regular AoS battles too, and he is pretty lethal (the Skullgouger is brilliant when fending off large numbers of low-rend attacks).


    And my personal favourite: the Skullgrinder. Nothing says AoS quite like a burning anvil on a chain. :-)

    Time to get some more Blades of Khorne and stock up on the red paint!

  9. Hey guys!

    So I was going to go to a tournament on the 16th, but alas real world stuff got in the way and I couldn't make it. I also wasn't able to get all the painting I wanted done so probably for the best.

    I was looking and it seems like the store might hold another on the 30th with any luck. So if that goes ahead then I was thinking of dusting off my trolls. 

    Thinking this might be a fun list:

    Troll hag - 400pts

    Arachnarok (Spider shrine) - 280pts

    6 fellwater trolls

    3 sour breath trolls

    3x5 spider riders - full command

    3x 3 ogors - full command

    1x gorgers


    I've used gitmob grots as batteline for the trolls previously and it didn't work too well. They tended to explode and then shortly after the trolls would also explode leaving the troll hag alone against the enemy. I think the ogors might do better, I plan on using them to screen and primarily do the dying. There is potentially a good combo with the troll hag curse and the ogors, but not too likely to get off. Spider riders are there to look cool and move fast, if they do some killing then thats a bonus :).

    Let me know what you guys think?


    Crispen out


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    Recent Entries

    Latest Entry

    Initial Concept for the models is to keep them largely the same as they are to be a parody of a stormcast but with Skulls instead of helmets.

    The armour will be black with bone replacing any metals on the armour and the weapons, skulls and wings will be a glowing pale green (as per spirit hosts etc). 

    Hope to get some paint on them soon and see how the concept looks in reality


  10. Hey there all! Next update: Legions of Legend has ended, and I am victorious! Already posted my display board before in the April thread, but here is a pic of it in store for the final day of the competition! It came second, very fairly to a great Sylvaneth one. Also included: Me with the store's Slayer Sword, now mine for the year. Also won a framed artwork, of which I chose Mannfred from the End Times, as it's more artsy and mostly monochrome and that fits my other artworks.

    So, whilst the ironjawz are still in the works, my next main thing is Disciples of Tzeentch! Starting a month from now is an escalation league, and I get paid at the end of April so I will be buying them then and furiously painting. Until then, I'll see if I can get a brute or two done :) Enjoy guys, gals, and greenskins.


    Legion of Legend.jpg

  11. banner.jpg.7f24038936967ae2b9d856d46158c9d2.jpg


    One of the things I really like about the latest Warhammer 40,000 releases for 'The Gathering Storm' is the idea of a Triumvirate. This was a word I had not heard before and as well as sounding very cool I also liked the meaning behind it:


    '(in ancient Rome) a board of three officials jointly responsible for some task'

    I have also recently been thinking about backstory writing for my Age of Sigmar mixed Order army, and as I recently finished my third centre-piece model for the army (A Freeguild General on Griffon), it seemed the perfect chance to add my own "Triumvirate" into my army.

    The Roots of the Story:

    When Age of Sigmar first came out, I put together a backstory for my army called 'Siegfried's Desperados'. I had a blog on Dakkadakka which was quite popular at the time, perhaps because it was one of the safe havens away from the heat the game was getting from some disgruntled veterans (especially on Dakkadakka). You can check out the thread here if you are interested:

    To summerise, the initial background I created for my army was that they were a mercenary outfit (called the 'Desperados') operating out of Azyrheim.

    I wanted to add a bit more grey and a bit more low fantasy into the backstory (as it was something Age of Sigmar didn't really have at the time), so I came up with some hooks and ideas of the dark side of aelven society in Azyrheim (lots of intrigue and assassinations among the nobles),  the ideas of slums in the city, and that a mercenary outfit might employ a necromancer in their ranks.

    This was also an excuse to add in Aelves, Duardin and even Death into my army which was all a lot of fun to play with before the General's Handbook came out.

    But since the General's Handbook came out the narrative and story behind my army has taken the backseat. I have been focusing a lot more on Matched play and my narrative outlet has been with Hinterlands.

    As the recently finished Freeguild General on Griffon was meant to be Siegfried Stormhart once more, I thought it would be fun to update the story of the Desperados, and so the Triumvirate was born.


    The Triumvirate of Mistmire; Master Geppetto, Siegfried Stormhart and the alchemist, Massym Al-Izzar

    Creating a Triumvirate:

    I want to throw out the question to all of you, what cool Triumvirates could you add into your collection? All you would need are the following:

    1. 3 Cool Models

    2. A Cool Story that connects them

    For me, I had my 3 Centrepieces. The Griffon, the Steamtank and the Hurricanum. I wanted them to have some sort of purpose other than being in an army together, so I decided to bring back the old Necromancer I used to run in the Desperados pre-GHB. He goes by the name 'Cornacaprious'. 

    I decided that he has since betrayed the Desperados, and has resurrected an ancient vampire (with the title of the "Blood Queen"). This gives me a reason to finally paint my Neferata model and also gives the triumvirate a goal to accomplish (they of course seek to kill both the Necromancer and the Blood Queen).

    So with the scene set, I put together a 4 pages as if they were from a campaign book and detailed my Triumvirate of Mistmire. I would love to hear what you think, but more importantly I hope this inspires you all to go off and create a Triumvirate for one of your armies too. :D 

    My Triumvirate:



  12. Been spending quite a bit of time with my nose in the Blades of Khorne book. The more I read it the more I like the idea of Khorne deamons list. Now I have always been a Bloodbound guy but there lack of heavy hitters becomes and issue right off. Blood Thirsters and Hell Cannons with Bloodletters seems like fast fun. Anyone else building 1000 or 2000 point lists around the Deamons? would love to see your list and hear your thoughts on the Deamons of Khorne.


  13. I've made this Ogroid a little Khornish and before I go further with it, I'm just looking at what I could run him as. He is big enough to fit a juggernaught profile. I think I like him as a Mighty Lord, but I'd love to know what you'd use him for. Once I know, I'm busting out the green stuff and getting this bad boy going.





  14. Cricket has been formally discarded and all records expunged. That was the announcement at the Extraordinary Meeting held last night, made by the Very Reverend Barnaby after the cricket pitch was once again destroyed by marauding gangs of ghouls, orruks, all manner of undead, and blue horrors. The extra cost of replacing the pitch, coupled with the expense of new floodlights (which, as reported at the previous meeting, is now a prerequisite for entry to the lucrative Twenty20 winter league) has finally put too much pressure on the finances of the Hatton Town Cricket Club. So much so, that the organisation is to be immediately ceased. All equipment must be returned by end of business next Friday.
    To replace this pastime, it has been decided that Hatton Town Cricket Club (HTCC) will become the Hatton Town Cannons!!! Club (HTCC) (saves on reprinting the kit). It’s a much more economical game, reuses the now defunct artillery accessories (since Harry Harrysun ran off with all the cannons) , and does not require a four man team working around the clock to keep the playing area playable. Trials for the new team will be every third Thursday until the vernal equinox.  Smelly Pete is still banned from all physically demanding activities.
    So that’s it – a new dawn for Hatton! Cricket is no more. Long live Cannons!!!



    So, what the hell is Cannons? Join our resident sporting expert, Norris Noteworthy, as he explains all the deets about this exciting new sport!

    The aim of the game of Cannons!!! is to be the first team to score an ‘arsenil’. To score an ‘arsenil’ requires each player to throw their cannon ball into one of the vacant spaces in the ‘monkey’.  Once all the spaces are filled by a team’s balls, then this team will score an ‘arsenil’. The winning team must, as one, call out “******” immediately followed by the losing team calling out, also in unison, “Nil!” 
    Play continues until one team has scored 83 ‘arsenils’.
    Each team has 6 players – 4 Throwers, and 2 Ladellers.
    The monkey handler must be no older than 19 years of old.
    In the case of a tie, a game of cricket will be played to decide the winner. If this game fails to produce a winner, then a goat will be sacrificed and a draw declared.


  15. I had a sobering experience yesterday down at the South London Legion - it was my fifth game with my Sylvaneth and my fourth defeat. Admittedly none of these were in a tournament setting. I played against the new Shinies - Blades of Khorne - wielded by John @Gitli

    I took this list:

    Allegiance: Sylvaneth

    Treelord Ancient (300)
    - General
    - Artefact: Briarsheath 
    - Deepwood Spell: Verdant Blessing
    Treelord Ancient (300)
    - Artefact: Moonstone of the Hidden Ways 
    - Deepwood Spell: Regrowth

    10 x Dryads (120)
    5 x Tree-Revenants (100)
    - Sylvaneth Battleline
    5 x Tree-Revenants (100)
    - Sylvaneth Battleline

    5 x Spite-Revenants (100)
    5 x Spite-Revenants (100)
    5 x Spite-Revenants (100)
    5 x Spite-Revenants (100)
    6 x Kurnoth Hunters (360)
    - Scythes
    3 x Kurnoth Hunters (180)
    - Greatbows

    Dreadwood Wargrove (100)
    Outcasts (40)

    Total: 2000/2000

    The Battleplan from the SCGT pack favoured me as I needed to use generals to score diagonally opposite objectives (failing which more models scored).  John had deployed quite aggressively on my right to attack my objective. John's general and a ring of 10 Maras were on my left.

    I deployed my Wyldwood on his objective as a Les Martin Cluster. I figured that John probably wouldn't swap sides and I would be able to do some damage with 

    I was aware of the availability of Brazen Runes which would be a once per game auto-unbind with infinite range. These were a horrible prospect for an army as Magic Dependent as Sylvaneth.

    Dreadwood Wargrove

    The basic plan was to use Ambush to redeploy the Scythe Hunters to come and smash John's general, then hopefully the rest of his army would get in the way of itself as it tried to react.

    I rolled up 3 abilities on the D3 - so I could use all 3 abilities. You need to plan on the basis of one such ability.

    On reflection, the unbinding is either an ability or a form of "casting spells" point discussed above should have meant that he couldn't use the auto unbinds as they were capped to a 12" range by Hidden Attackers (although this is ambiguous).

    I also used Sneak Attack, although following the FAQ to decapitate the Free Spirits - this ability appears to be almost useless due to the low movement speed of Sylvaneth and the ability to use Navigate Realmroots instead. The exceptions would be Alarielle and possibly Drycha, as she would be able to move 9" and then 9" and then use Flitterfuries to hit much of an enemy bunker. Another use would be if you had no Wyldwood in the middle and wanted to lob forward a line of 20 Dryads to act as a shield - as they could move 7" plus a further 7" and a run in the movement phase.

    I took turn one and used Awakening on the Wyldwood - this bounced off the 2++ ward vs spells that the Brazen Rune also provides until expended and killed a few Reavers. I realised with dismay that the Wyldwoods generated by the Ancient cannot be used that turn for the purposes of Navigate Realmroots (as they have to be more than 3" from any model) - Verdant Blessing is different. Luckily I cast Verdant Blessing and popped another Wyldwood down near my general and the rest of my forces.

    I used a combination of Navigate Realmroots and 

    I left the Dryads in reserve (probably a mistake). I figured that some Bravery debuffs would really hurt the Khorne forces so I moved in with them.

    I shot up the 30 Blood Reavers with the Kurnoth Hunters - killing 12 - This prompted me to charge in with the Tree Revenants and 5 Spite Revenants. The hope was that the unit would pop, but that I would be able to block the Warriors and the Wrathbros behind in John's next turn . However, as I only just made the charges the Spites were behind the Revenants when I would have preferred the opposite.

    On the left, I killed 8 Bloodreavers of the 10 ringing the Mighty Lord. However, when it came to charge I found that John has legally broken coherency in order to block the gaps between the tree stumps. This meant that only 3 of the Kurnoths got into range and only the Champion against the Mighty Lord. Had I spotted this beforehand I would have gone into the Khorgoraths full throttle and hopefully dropped the unit of 3 (I had taken the Damned buff in exchange for 3 wounds). The non-general Ancient failed a long charge as the Bloodreavers near the Lord who had been 9" away were all dead as did the right Tree Revenants. The general one say back a little on John's objective behind a screen of 5 Spite Revenants.

    What happened next was horrific. 3 of the Scythe Hunters were out of combat even with a 2" reach. The Champion bounced off the Mighty Lord (not that surprisingly. However, John passed 2 out of 4 saves on sixes for his Blood Warriors, so the total damage inflicted was 1.5 Blood Warriors and 2 Blood Reavers from my hammer unit. I'd completely thrown away the game turn one it seemed. 

    John attacked back with the depleted Blood Reavers, who were only 2 attacks each at the moment. They killed 3 Tree Revenants but no Spites. In response I activated the Spite Revenants who had also charged the Mighty Lord - they actually did a wound before the Mighty Lord deleted them.

    Then came the Khorgis at 3+, 3+, -1 rend, 2 damage. All 3 managed to get in and John rolled up 8 wounds. I proceeded to fail 6 of the saves - which came to 12 wounds plus the 3 earlier ones - 3 Dead Kurnoth Hunters in my turn! Plus this activated a Bravery debuff.

    The Spites and Tree Revenants did poorly. It's inexplicable to me that Tree Revenants aren't 3+ to hit (considering the army has no buffs to hit rolls whatsoever) and these chaps are the same cost per model as Phoenix Guard and Temple Guard. Battleshock meant that all bar 2 of the Blood Reavers popped. 

    However, the tragic news was to come as I rolled badly for the Kurnoths and a further 2 models fled. 5 dead in my turn! Perhaps my worst first turn ever in AoS. I also lost the Tree Revenants even with the reroll - I think they are awful for 100 points - they should be 90 at most. 

    I was considering whether to concede at this point. I was at least on a 3-0 lead and I wanted to see what the BoK could do.

    In short John moved his Wrathbros towards my general and the Mighty Lord came out to try to get him as well with the Reality Splitting Axe. This time the Les Martin Cluster worked in my favour as the fat base of the MLoK together with the remaining Spite Revenants meant that he had to go a long way round or waste a turn on the Spites. The Blood Warriors on the left went into the other Ancient, who had done nothing so far. The Moonstone was a complete waste of space on this. The plan had been to have him up with the Kurnoths unleashing the stomps to help keep them alive, but due to my bad positioning, he had ended up in the wrong place and out of combat. 

    The Blood Warriors chomped up the Ancient, while the Khorgis thankfully failed a mid range charge. John cleared up my front line on the right flank.

    John won the initiative and got his General and the Wrathbros into my Ancient.

    I skillfully forgot about Gnarled Warrior for some reason, so John chipped away some wounds. An elaborate multi turn dance began whereby the Ancient with extra attacks from the Wrathbros hoped to do serious damage to the Mighty Lord only for it to pass its saves or its 5++ vs melee attacks (new trait)! John got to roll on the Reality Splitting Axe (now it kicks in immediately rather than at the end of the phase, which resolves the previous rules query as to whether you still have to roll if the MLoK is dead - Rule of Cool said yes!). However, he failed.

    Several turns later I still had a lead of 4-0, but in the pivotal combat, the MLoK took D6 damage from my Branch attacks, only for me to roll 2 wounds and then for him to save both of them with the Ward. Then the 2 Talon attacks (still one Wrathbro) hit him and again the ward save held!. John responded as only Khorne could - splitting my reality. I promptly conceded


    The positives were that despite the bad start, the army was still able to stand up to the Khorne forces for some time. The stars were the 10 Dryads who alone managed to hold up 10 Blood Warriors for 2 turns. 

    The negatives were the Spite Revenants the Tree Revenants, the Bow Hunters and the Battalion itself. The Spites only seem to function in a scenario where they enemy are coming towards you and you're hiding in Wyldwoods. This jars with the Dreadwood Battalion itself which seems to operate as an alpha strike list (although it could be used as a bunker perhaps).

    The Tree Revanants melted so easily and even when they were able to pounce on the Bloodsecrator in my second turn, they didn't achieve much. Managing 2 wounds (admittedly against a 3+ save) over 2 turns of combat. 

    I simply don't understand the supposed power of Bow Hunters, the 4+ to hit just puts them in mediocre or swingy land to me - the range is great, but I'm more impressed by Raptors (let alone Skyfires). I resorted to taking the Damned buff (even without Regrowth as John unbound it automatically), but they still underwhelmed.

    The Khorne Book looks solid. The Pilgrims with the rerollable saves and the autounbinds were huge. John rapidly got to 8 Blood Tithe (good work Spite Revenants....sigh) and used the 7 ability.

    I'm going to tear up the list - a paid of Ancients seems like a complete fail.

    On the plus side, I then got to go and be a guest a few hours later on Warhammer Weekly with @Vincent Venturella and @Thomas Lyons, which was epico! #MostlyGrots

  16. Another FEC report because work on my Ironjawz is currently a crawl. Have finished converting the 10 Ardboyz but highlighting the spines on the Maw Krusha is an absolute pain! I apologise for the unfinished Crypt Flayers, I'd very quickly slapped some paint on them for this game as I'd never used them before so they were bottom of my to-do list.

    Border War

    Originally we wanted to play a more narrative scenario and maybe try out a time of war, however once we'd gotten around to actually playing it was already quite late so we just picked one of the more interesting matched play scenarios. Once the Maw Krusha is finished I'd like to play Raging Fury as that seems like a good way to introduce the Ironjawz into narrative play!

    The Armies

    Few corrections to below: the Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon had the cursed book and the Varghulf had the Tomb Blade. Pretty sure the Relictor had a Lichebone Pennant (thematic!) and there was a Veritant and Gryph Hound on the table as well.




    I'd wanted to do a detailed blow-by-blow of the game because it was really close and had some great moments but we were on the booze and quite frankly everything after turn ~2 is a little bit more disordered in my memory. Instead I'll just pick up on the main points, especially because I brought what is probably a pretty unusual FEC build.

    The Game

    I finished deploying first, thanks to Royal Mordants being a pretty big drop, and elected to give The Stormcast the first turn. This very much surprised my opponent, and in truth whilst I wanted to try for a double turn I also massively underestimated how quickly the Stormcast can get across the board, not having faced the Hammerstrike Force before.


    As you can see, the Prosecutors ran forwards and used the Hammerstrike ability to deliver two units of Retributors right on top of my home objective! This is what totally caught me off guard, and why my opponent was surprised I gave him the first turn. His clutch of heroes grabbed his home objective and he got some Liberators near the side objective next to the Dragonfate Dias as well. Fortunately nothing was in range of the objective on the Ophidian Archway. The Judicators plinked some wounds off the Dragon, the Heraldor did some ineffective tooting and I sweated some buckets as the Venator tried to snipe off my Ghoul King on foot, but I fortunately passed my armour save! The Stormcast grabbed a cool 7 points turn 1 so things were looking rough.


    I did manage to get the double turn, which really helped to stop the Stormcast running away with it. I piled a unit of Ghouls and the big block of Horrors into the Retributors sitting on my home objective, whilst the Flayers took one flank and the dragon took the other. The Zombie Dragon was absolutely glorious this game, I'd never really appreciated quite how good the shooting attack on this model is! Even on an MSU army like the Stormcast with lots of 5-man units, the auto hit ability is very likely to trigger, and the massive rend and damage on the attack just rips through those small Stormcast units. On my first turn I only managed to secure a side objective and score 2 points, and got 3 more the turn after as the Horrors ground into the Retributors. 


    The Retributors did manage to blow up the Ghouls they were fighting, but never really managed to get much hurt on the Horrors. The Prosecutors got stuck in on my home objective to add their numbers to capture it, giving the Stormcast a 13 - 5 lead on me in the mid-game. Remembering that the dragon had the Cursed Book was a major factor, as I've previously struggled with the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth. Denying him all of his explodes-on-6s effects was massive and the dragon chewed up the Dracoth in a couple of rounds of combat.

    The Flayers also managed to do something! They screamed one entire Liberator to death before charging into the blob of stuff on the Stormcast home objective and they managed to take down a unit of Liberators and the Venator before finally being cut down by the surprisingly choppy Relictor and Veritant. This meant that later in the game a 10 strong Ghoul unit could grab that objective for me with the Stormcast just not having the numbers to contest it, as the Ghouls have really struggled to get through Liberators in the past.


    There was a fun moment in the final few turns of the game where the Relictor lightning chariot-ed a Gryph Hound to threaten an objective, and basically forced my poor Varghulf to sit there uselessly guarding it rather than getting stuck in as the rest of my models on that flank were either dead or had been moved off to grab other objectives!

    We called the game at the end of turn 4, both sides had 18 points but the Stormcast army was basically spent (please ignore the Fulminators lurking in the last pic!), it was getting late and neither of us wanted to play out the FEC getting max points for the last round.

    Final Thoughts

    The Stormcast lost this one on bodies, the initial shock and awe of the Hammerstrike Force was amazing and netted them a huge early lead, but they simply couldn't keep up with the grind of the FEC and though it took a while there simply weren't enough of them left at the end of the game to contest. The Stormcast heroes are all really good, but a couple units more of Liberators would probably have won them the game - they always seem to do brilliantly when we play.

    For the FEC, it was fun to play with a 'different' list (though there's only so much you can do with a small faction like this). The Death forum here is full of new player FEC army composition questions and it seems like the prevailing thoughts are going heavy on the monster mash or huge ghoul patrols. Personally I've always found the Horrors have massively over-performed - they've tanked and ground Paladins, combat heroes, Fulminators. I was also pleasantly surprised with the performance of the Crypt Flayers, sure their shooting attack is ****** but they're decently punchy with rend and mortal wound output. They're also super fast and the weird movement shenanigans of the (cheap!) Royal Mordants formation actually did a lot to get them into charge ranges! Also Pestilential Breath, just, wow yeah Pestilential Breath.

    The Tomb Blade was rubbish and I spent all game wishing the Varghulf had the Cloak of Mist & Shadows.


    So I'm one of the apparent few who enjoy super long batreps on podcasts and stuff, but if all this is way overlong or just rambling and incoherent do let me know. I'm hoping to maybe go to a couple tournaments this year, as well as do some more narrative games and stuff on bigger tables so hopefully these will get more interesting over time. 

  17. Hi guys!

    I have freshly painted a second unit of brutes for my Ironjawz fo AoS and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

    However I recently dug out the first model I ever painted which was a Moria Goblin from the fellowship of the ring range and I thought it might be fun to compare the two models to see just how far I have progressed over the years!

    I think its always good to step back and have a look and see the progress you have made as sometimes it feels like your not progressing as well as you would like.

    Anyways hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think!


  18. lukeusmaximus
    Latest Entry

    So I had my first game at whw on wendsday I lost on points to a death list.

    Overall I learned that my list is very resilient, I only lost 500 points the problem was I only killed maybe that same and I was very slow.

    Main things learnt were the glotkin is a bit of a points sink but does puthat out some hurts and buffs well. Be'lakor and the horrors will go for sure as well as festus I'll be adding in sayl another 10 man plauge bearer unit as well as some plauge claws and epidimus will need to register work the list a bit to get that all in. 

    I fought double dragon  death with a battalion that allowed a unit to pile in twice my opponent gavery both dragons the cursed book. I made a mistake early game charging the terroghiest with rider (I forget which) with be'lakor which he destroyed  and the had fee reign of my right flank. The mission played was border war I think 4 objectives in a diamond worth varying points which really didn't suit my force so I know I need more maneuverability. Was fun though.

  19. After a lengthy hobby break I'm back! 

    The audio dramas have been a huge inspiration for me and I got the stormcast bug!

    Chatting with local Rotherham GW manager Liam (awesome dude!) he mentioned they had started an AoS event based around building a new force and expanding it over several months. 

    Picking up the stormcast getting started box I've been really loving the models. And they are a joy to paint!IMG_1793.JPG.232804846dd250948c895e019f729ba3.JPGIMG_1796.JPG.79420b52de3f3fabd63f227eaf9f4097.JPGIMG_1798.JPG.158aebee436234b796a42bcd36694df7.JPGIMG_1802.JPG.edd2b5e530189d888b7c3f580aeb71b8.JPGafter the getting started box is done i'll be adding judicators and some more retributors.

    i'm going to theme the force on the hallowed Knights 'Bull Hearts' from the audio books.

    I've got loads of ideas for adding units and writing scenarios for awesome games.

    more updates coming soon :)

  20. As the lead blogger for the Age Of Sigmar Community team I thought it would be a great idea to recognize and interview members of our local gaming community. For our first interview I reached out to one of my favorite AoS players; Frank DeLoach. Frank and his clubmates are top notch players and amazing members of the community and I couldn’t think of anyone better to start with.

    Without further delay here is the interview:


    Name: Frank DeLoach

    Club: We Slay Dragons (W.S.D. for short)

    Home FLGS: Games Workshop Portola, Mission Viejo CA

    Gaming Bio: Got into tabletop gaming in the 6th grade. Started with like 3rd edition 40k… back when Necro, Battlefleet, Gorkamorka… all that stuff was out. Took a long break through most of high school and some college. Then picked it back up about 6 years ago.. seriously only the past two.

    Why Age of Simage2-1-e1491396016285-225x300.jpg?resiigmar?: Club mate of mine Ryan introduced me to it. It’s just so elegant & smooth game. Feels super modern. From the easy to learn, difficult to master aspect. All of the armies play super differently from each other.. really I think this is a great blueprint for people to rip off hahaha.

    What is your favorite thing/experience?: Going to events.. period. I love playing at the club. But, just this past year I’ve made so many friends from around the country that I’m just always excited to see. It’s really the first time that I’ve instantly felt like it’s a nation wide family. Everyone is top shelf. Especially getting to know some of the dudes from GW HQ.

    What army are you playing now?: Khorne image1-1.jpg?resize=300%2C225Bloodbound! But I think technically I play Mortal Blades of Khorne hahaha that sounds silly. Blood Bound, Blood For The Blood God!

    What are your future AoS plans?: Hmm… Right now, I’m deep into getting my Mortal Khorne finished for Broadside Bash at the end of the month… after that? Deamons!!! Just like, so many Deamons. I would like to do 2k of Khorne Deamons. Also been tossing a Nurgle idea around for a bit.. who knows, depends on how I’m feeling I guess!

    IMG_0532.jpg?resize=295%2C300Really the next army isn’t a big thought in my head right now, I want to get my Bloodbound dialed in… I’m going for a top ten overall finish at the ITC & Top Bloodbound this season.

    Anything else?: Yeah, check out our club’s Facebook and check me out on Twitter WSDFrank.

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  21. Hi all, here is the first battle report from the second 760 point week of our Slow Grow league at Kirton Games ( I haven't added anything to my army from the previous week, despite my low model count, so I wasn't expecting great things. Please see the previous blog entry for my list. 


    Battle 1 Khorne ( bloodhound I think) opponent had 30 blood letters and a big unit of the Khorne marauder guys, as well as a half naked guy with a whip, a priest with the banner and a proxied blood letter hero.

    Deployment IMG_0719.JPG.e790afc4a10993d1762e8fea73719eef.JPG

    we played the mission where meteors would drop on turn 2 in a random area in each deployment zone.

    Turn 1 He got the first turn and whipped the marauders who ran forward to the halfway point, he also used inspiring presence on them to prevent battleshock. His characters moved forwards and so did the blood letters.

    I failed to replace a Destiny Dice with a 1 or 6 before my herald read his scroll and used 3 Dice for the Lore of Change version of Tzeentch's Firestorm. It cast on an 11 and I used 2 6s from my Destiny Dice to add some guaranteed damage yet the rest of the 9 Dice failed to roll any 6s. I rolled 4 mortal wounds on the marauders. The pink horrors fared better dealing 5 mortal wounds with Bolt of Tzeentch, unfortunately they were immune to battleshock. The screamers on the right pushed right up at the blood letters hoping to act as a speed bump. The burning chariot and exalted flamer unleashed on the blood letters killing about 5 with an additional few from capricious warpflame, then the screamers charged in. I rolled well and managed to kill about 3 ( there were 11 dead before battleshock but I can't remember who killed what exactly) and only lost 1 screamer in return. Battleshock came and saw another 5 bloodletters banished.

    Turn 2 Having lost the turn 2 roll off I also realised that I'd forgotten to shoot the horrors in the previous turn! The psycho mouth breathers of Khorne moved forwards into charge range with my horrors while the chraracters moved up too, the whip guy used his no more battleshock on the marauders again. The marauders charged in hitting both my horrors and my General. The bloodletters went first and butchered my remaining screamers. The horrors struck back and slew a few marauders before losing 2 of there own with my General losing a wound. I used my DD to rig battleshock into regening my horrors with reality blinks. They preceded to fluff point blank shooting and magic with Bolt of Tzeentch and their flames only killing 4 saveless marauders. Tzentch's firestorm failed to cast, my exalted flamer caused 2 wounds on the bloodletters but was saved, the burning chariot killed 4 but capricious warpflame resurrected 2 of them. In combat the horrors killed a few as did my general's chariot screamers leaving only 9 remaining, unfortunately they were still immune to battleshock. He failed to damage the horrors in response but inflicted 2 wounds for a total of 3 on my General.


    Turn 3 will continue in part 2...