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    So it has been 2 weeks since my first post which is roughly the rate at which I want to be posting so I am counting that as my first success!

    In terms of developments and progress I feel it has been pretty successful. I've managed to build quite a few miniatures and even started to get them painted. A couple of (poor) pics are attached showing what I have managed to get done, also been playing around with prisma as the plan will be to have warscrolls with my unit images on to take to tournaments and I love how cool they look when tweaked with the app.

    I'm a notoriously slow painter so I am trying to improve my speed whilst also produce a quality of work I am happy with and I seem to be achieving that. most of the models will probably get mostly done and then I will get final edge highlights and minor details sorted as I go. Or at least that is the plan.

    I am still to really play a game with my stormcast, I was supposed to be going to Warhammer World this weekend with some mates to play a couple of games, and maybe watch some of the masters games which would have been awesome, but alas I didn't manage to get along which was quite upsetting. Hopefully I will get to put them on the table soon though as I need to get some practice in before Alliance in March!

    All else fails I will take what I have painted to Derby and treat that as an opportunity to learn rather than concern myself with trying to get a win.


    Next step is to try and get the rest of the basecoats on to the models that are built, then put together the start collecting box I bought this month. That's the plan anyway, but the best laid schemes of mice and men and all that...





  1. The square channels cut through the rough rock in the ceiling allowed four pillars of diminishing light into the dank antechamber. It was a bitter reminder of the daunting task that lay ahead after the sun had set and the blessed connection to the world above had vanished. The only luminescence would be from the crackling braziers that lined the flagstones and the occasional glint of an overly curious glow worm. 

    Amidst the discarded iron weapons and splintered bone sat the hulking form of Bruma Talltongue, chief tyrant of the Gravewarden clan and tamer of Gargants. His pale skin appeared almost translucent under the splinters of light which gave him an ethereal quality, more at home across the belly of a fish than a battle seasoned Ogor bull. He bore a neatly clipped beard and a shaven pate above a set of brooding eyes arched by thick eyebrows. A thick cowl of fur draped around his shoulders was one of the few reminders that he had not always dwelt in catacombs and had in fact hailed from the mountains that cracked the sky.  His thickset bulk was framed by a purple tabard and a leather cape. His deft hands busied themselves with the mundane, yet important task of honing an edge on his gnarled broadsword, pausing only to sip from his tankard. They made quick work of working the whetstone over the nicks and worn edges caused from the work of the previous evening. Several hours passed as he worked, he efficiently tested the rest of his equipment, cleaning the barrel of his blunderbuss of carbon powder and oiling the perishing leather straps of his armour in preparation for the coming toil. 

    A trumpet call echoed across the stone tiles, a shrill warning that cut through Bruma's senses, warning him that he needed to prepare himself for the task at hand. He began the arduous process of climbing into the ice cold touch of his chainmail hauberk before strapping his hefty shoulder pad over his right arm. The thick metal plate he wore upon his shoulder bore the icon of his two faced god and had deflected more blows than he dared count. A rumbling began echoing through the halls. It started in the stone, working its way through his feet and reverberating deep within his bones until it shook his very essence. It was a feeling unlike any other and one that he had never grown accustomed to. Deep within the flesh of the earth an abyssal terror had awoken, as it had every night, to claim the souls of the damned and set them to work. Bruma rose from his makeshift throne and tested the weight of his weapon, assuring himself in his duties. He stretched his mighty limbs as he swung the blade, feeling each sinew bear the weight of the pig iron weapon. Confident in its quality he nodded to himself and drained the remaining mead from his tankard. As he rested the cup on the cold floor the bones around him began to reverberate with ethereal energy. His grip tightened around the leather handle of his sword and gritted his teeth as he prepared for another night of servitude...

  2. So I thought since I've done little painting and more playing I would put some battle reports up here, and since we just completed a three game tournament this would be a good place to start.

    I took a Flesh Eaters army with a Mounrngul friend. The list was Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon, Crypt Haunter Courtier (General, Summoning Sword),  Another Haunter, 2 x 6 crypt ghouls and a unit of 30 ghouls. First turn summon the Mourngul with the sword.

    Battle One - Lee Bromley (FEC) - Gift From the Heavens

    A FEC off to start with, we managed to get to turn two in this game due to the sheer amount of saves and grinding going on. I took first turn and moved up conservatively, waiting for the comet to land and summoned in the Mourngul in the middle of the field to try and pin Lee's unit or Crypt Horrors - failed his charge of course but that's par for the course. 

    Lee YOLOd his Ghoul King on Terrorgheist into my general who amazingly managed to stay alive for the entire game and then GHOUL PATROLLED at which point I realised I'd over committed forwards. Lee's crypt horrors did 8 wounds to the Mourngul on turn one, it failed to do a single wound back. Lee also charged his Zombie Dragon into mine which managed to slug it out for two combat rounds, and kept the horrors and the courtier on the other side of the table nicely pinned in combat.

    Second turn Lee got priority and his comet fell nicely next to his Vargulf. Battle continues and the Terrorgheist proceeds to batter the courtier general but he remarkably survives on one wound. The block of 30 ghouls also pile in to the Terrorgheist, doing more wounds to it than the courtier. The Mourngul is dragon breathed to pieces leaving Lee's horrors free to charge mine and continue to pin them in my territory. Both zombie dragons slug it out. Many saves are rolled.

    My second (and last) turn - my comet lands mercifully in the middle of the table, where the tail end of a bunch of ghouls are sat and none of Lee's models are. There is more grind, some horrors come back, some die, more ghouls die. In the end it's a minor win to Lee on kill points as we both scored only one turn on the objective before time. Lee is a great opponent but two death armies makes for a lot of dice!

    Minor Loss - scored 700 points. 

    Lessons learned - more Ghoul Kings required for the support. Any newly bought unpainted model (the Mourngul) is going down.

    Next up: Jack and his beastclaw raiders (the Mourngul does not redeem itself)

    Next time I need more pictures

  3. Hey, I decided I wanted to do a quick video on my scheme for painting fur! I wanted it to be quick and easy but also interesting and not just one boring colour, so I went for a gradient from black to light brown, I’m really happy with the results so I hope you guys enjoy the video and can maybe use this scheme for yourselves!

  4. What is dead may never die, baby. The Tomb Kings may be discontinued, but they live on in our hearts. I actually started with Tomb Kings 15 years ago. Threw out a lot of old models when I quit. Then I came back. After I started the Death army, I had a clear theme in mind for them. But I couldn't stay away from the sandy skelletons. So I built a few, then a lot. Now I have a lot, and am building more. But that's for another time, now to get into the stuff I painted in 2016.



    2016 Death Archers 1.jpg2016 Death Archers 2.jpg2016 Death Archers 3.jpg


    Starting with the guys who give the Tomb Kings some of their unique flavour, it's the skeleton archers. Every single model is converted from VC skeleton models and TK bows and quivers. I also strung each bow. The original skeletons just look terrible. Couldn't have that in my new force. So I got these guys. Loads of work, but it paid off. They also perform really well in-game for me! 30 guys give 60 shots, and an average of 10 wounds. Not amazing, but at 20 (effectively 26.5) inches, it's the sort of reach I otherwise lack.


    2016 Death Chariot 3.jpg2016 Death Chariot 2.jpg2016 Death Chariot 1.jpg

    Let's keep things Deathrattle, shall we? It's the chariots! Again, replaced the original skeleton riders. This time I also replaced the horses. The original horses aren't utterly terrible, but they are bad. And the Black Knight horses are just so good. So they had to go. Not seen on this side is teh quive for the bow, which hangs off the other side of the chariot. What you can see is the basing though. It's actually a road, 2 chariots wide! They flow into each other, with a split in the middle base. Not snowed them down yet though, but it counts as complete for my purposes. Building 9 more of these babies in 2017.


    2016 Death Carrion 1.jpg2016 Death Carrion 2.jpg

    Birds! Now Carrion aren't an amazing unit, but they have their tricks. I also like their half-rotted appearance. These were speedpainted for SCGT last year, but I like the result. Two full units of objective grabbers and assorted uses. They're pure metal though, so I'm always afraid of chipping them.


    2016 Death Screaming Skull Catapult 1.jpg2016 Death Screaming Skull Catapult 2.jpg

    You can't have a Tomb King army without at least one of these. Undead artillery! Shame they're also the worst models in history to assemble. An absolute nightmare. I bought one of them used and sprayed just with some colour spray. But because it was assembled, I was too afraid to break it up and strip it. I'm going to regret that some day...


    2016 Death Tomb Scorpion.jpg

    And so it's on to the Reanimants. I love the Tomb Scorpion model, but I tired out painting it. It's in the same marble scheme as all my reanimants, but it's just so rich in texture that it was a huge amount of work. The entire underside is also painted this way. So a lot of line highlighting. The result is nice though. I also posed the guy as crawling over a fallen pillar. Not very easy to see in this picture, but it's a cool effect.


    2016 Death Ushabti.jpg

    Ah, the Ushabti. Are there any more quintessential Tomb Kings models than these guys? Amazing stuff.  Loved painting them. They look great on the table as well. No converting or anything needed here. These guys just look great. But I have 4 :( If anyone has 2 extra they're willing to part with, hit me up! Would love to flesh these guys out to 6.


    2016 Death Bone GIant.jpg

    Next up is the Bone Giant! Another childhood favorite of mine. Fun fact, this is my very first "large" model. 15 years of service! And now he's the same size as Morghasts. If not scale creep, it's something. The original model is cool, but a little stiff. So I tried to pose him with the base to make him look more dynamic. Like he's smashing through a wall to get to you. Bits from the Garden of Morr set keeps on giving.


    2016 Death Warsphinx.jpg

    Biggest of the bunch is the Warsphinx! It's got the same marble scheme as all the others. Doing that tail took forever. When I initially put it together, I wasn a little sceptical. Now that it's done I appreciate it a lot more. I drybrushed the gold on the Warsphinx itself though... Couldn't face line highlighting all that gold. A minor point of shame. But It still looks nice. Crew are mixed original and VC skeleton/black knight bits. I wanted them to fit a little more in with the rest of my army, so I went a little bit away from the Old Dynasty aesthetic on the crew.



    2016 Death Necrotect.jpg

    FIrst up of the heroes is the crafty Necrotect. Not my greatest conversion. Honestly, he was a rush job to get finished for SCGT. The original model had either gone out of print then or I was being unfair to it. I rather like the original now, but it's even harder to get than it was. So I'm stuck with this guy. It's not too bad though. The high elf pants gives him a unique look, and he's got both the whip and dagger, so he's WYSIWYG.


    2016 Death Tomb Herald.jpg

    Now we're talking. This is, IIRC, the limited edition model. The only difference is the smaller banner. Much nicer than the frankly ludicrous ones that most models use.  I don't think this is my best job or anything, but I like it. The face turned out nice, the pose is cool, and the model in general is good without being overstated. Just one of those models that make me nod my head in approval when I think about it.


    2016 Death Liche Priest.jpg

    Now here's a model I am pleased with! Love the skin tones on this guy. He's not got the exact same skin as the vampires, so it was a huge experiment. The rest of him isn't all that remarkable, but I like him. I have an ancient model of him around as well, painted some 13 years ago. I showed them off against one another on twitter a while back. It was quite the difference.


    2016 Death Prince Apophas.jpg

    Most esoteric Tomb King model? I think so. I initially got this guy mostly to fill out the collection. But I like him. Had no idea how to paint the scarabs, so it ended up with some sort of green. When I did some research afterwards, I saw that they can be a lot more shiny and stuff. Still no idea  how to paint them, so green it is! Proud of the little OSL on his head though. Very simple, but it just adds a lot to his face.


    2016 Death Tomb King.jpg

    Done with the princes, now it's on to the kings. The king on foot is a favorite model of mine. Classic pose, detailed without being ostantacious, and clear to read on the table. I really like his cape and shield as well, but I wasn't forward thinking enough to take pictures of that... Oh well!


    2016 Death Tomb King in Royal Chariot.jpg

    And now for the final king of 2016. This guy was a lot of fun! Banners are from the Tomb Guard and some elf. Had to pick this King model. He just looks so goooood pointing forward, at the foe! And he's got the right glaive. Not used this guy yet. But he'll be my King for SCGT. Really looking forward to that! Not snowed his base yet though. Just really like this guy. Going to be great to see him charge down the field!


    2016 Death Khalida.jpg

    Last up is Queen Khalida. She's not technically a King, remember ;) This was my first attempt at the marble effect. Not sure I did very well. Thankfully the model is so nice. So, so nice. Love it. I'm quite pleased at the staff transitioning into the snake. Tried to copy some other real life snakes for the ones on her body, but they were mostly more complex than I could manage. Now I just need a second unit of archers so I can use her to lead my forces!



    That's the last of my Tomb Kings! So how much did I end up painting?

    Tomb Kings units and points.png


    That's... A lot of points. And a lot of different models. 7 different heroes! Laying it all out like that really shows that I had some time on my hands, huh? Doesn't matter, now I got a sweet TK army. Finally. After 15 years. It's been a journey, and it's not over yet.


    That's it for the round up. Next time I'll be talking about the plans for 2017!

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    Battle report for the last battleplan in the AOS starter box, Death Knell.

    The Hammers of Sigmar have added a Stardrake to their ranks whilst the Goretide now incorporate a Daemons starter box.

    The battle began with the Stormcast moving towards the Goretide battleline, the chaos visibly trembled as the Stardrake leered at them from over the treetops. Despite the battleplan victory conditions requiring the death of the general for victory, Vandus’ Hammerhand led the line on his Dracoth Chalanax. The Stardrake was in range for Rain of Stars so drew first blood.

    The Chaos responded with equal enthusiasm to get to battle and with Khorgus Khul’s command ability, sped towards the Celestial host. A group of Chaos heroes charged the Stardrake, led by a Korgoroth and dealt it some damage with the Slaughterpriest’s blood prayers.Whilst the Blood Reavers headed for a unit of Liberators.

    In combat the Stardrake inflicted minimal damage to the Korgoroth but managed to decimate the Reavers with teeth and tail – however, Portal of Skulls allowed them to stay in the battle.

    The next round saw a charge from the second unit of liberators as they sought the Bloodletters. On the right flank the Relictor and Retributors headed for the rest of the Chaos Daemons. Vandus Hammerhand, wielding his axe Heldensen, charged the remaining Reavers. In return the Blood Warriors and their General headed for Vandus and the Bloodthrone and ‘Crushers stampeded into the Retributors.

    The Liberators made a grave error in not attacking first and they were wiped out entirely by the daemonic hellblades. The Korgoroth and Reavers were also destroyed as the blood began to flow.

    A combined Chaos charge at the Stardrake, coupled with Blood boil saw the Stardrake go down in round 3 and the Stormcast looked doomed. The Retributors attempted to take the right flank and prevent the Daemon battlehost assaulting their general. It was at this point that thunder struck and three prosecutors descended from the heavens.

    Both Generals were injured and the battle hang in the balance, victory would go to the side that acted fastest. That side was the Stormcast, The Prosecutors charged the rear of the Mighty Lord of Khorne but it was Vandus himself who struck the fateful blow.

    This was our first large battle (approx. 1500 pts.) and it couldn’t have been more intense as it went right down to the wire. I was in control of the Stormcast Eternal whilst the Chaos were split in to Mortal and Daemons and commanded respectively by Dan C and Marc. Though they lost they were pleased to take out the Stardrake who initially seemed like it would be able to destroy the Goretide by itself.

  5. Soulsmith
    Latest Entry

    So, I am back, and with another battle under my belt!

    So today someone required an opponent at my local, and despite preferring 2000 points, I only have 1000 so they happily scaled down. We played the first battleplan from the stormcasts book, which he was using. It is essentially the stormcasts needing to hold a realmgate which they teleport in around, and I had to deploy first outside a 15 inch bubble from the gate. Whilst in the bubble, the stormcast take no battleshock tests, and the gate counted as inspiring terrain. There was a special rule for totems, though the only on the board was my warchanter and he never ended up near enough to take advantage of it. I would score a major victory if I could wipe him out of the bubble, or if by the fourth turn I had a third more models in the ring. He won by tabling me, or having more models in the circle by turn 4. I was playing a relatively standard ironjawz list , megaboss, warchanter, 10 brutes, 5 brutes, 10 ardboyz, ironfist. He had a lord-celestant on dracoth, a lord-celestant, a lord-relictor, 2 gryph hounds, 10 liberators, 5 judicators with bows and 5 with crossbows.

    He managed to roll successfully to teleport everything in turn 1, which he gets automatically due to the battleplan though he cannot move. He places the liberators north of the gate, bowmen on the east, the characters south, and crossbowmen to the west. North-east of the gate was my ardboyz, then moving around the bubble south was the warchanter, megaboss, and 10 brute mob. Opposite, on the west, was the 5 man group.

    Turn one he doesn't move much, though takes shots with the ranged units at the brutes facing them. The crossbows manage to kill one orruk, and the archers I think managed only two wounds. In fairness, he rolled horribly. The dracoth's breath similarly did little, I think he missed. I managed to win turn 2 and subsequently piled in, pulling off a waaagh on all but the 5 brute mob, and giving the ten man unit the frenzy from the chanter. The ardboyz charged the liberators, my plan being to tie up his big melee unit whilst the brutes went to work on his army. The ten man brutes piled into the bowmen, and the five man unit into the crossbows. The warchanter lagged behind, and the megaboss fluffed his charge. In combat, the bowmen were hacked down the two (bit of a poor show really!), and the crossbows went down to just the Prime. I think the ardboyz managed to kill a liberator or two, at the cost of a boy. Battleshock went off now problem. He proceeded to take the next turn, Charging the 5 man brutes with the dracoth, and moving the other lord-celestant and gryph hounds into the ten man unit, who suffered horribly from his hammer shooting ability, which I think took down two, and at least another 1 died to the archers in shooting. The dracoth also dealt some damage to the ardboyz and brutes, but I cannot remember the results. In combat, the brutes wiped out the archers, the megaboss piled in to the liberators, and subsequently carved up three of them, the ardboyz took down another one. The dracoth killed two brutes on the west side of the gate.

    He won the next turn again, and tried to grind down my units. The ardboyz lost another 3 wounds, and in combat I was really starting to miss my hero abilities. (I may be wrong, but if it isn't my turn, I cannot activate an ability even if it triggers in the combat phase?) The lord-celestant on foot shot the brutes down to 4 men, and then hacked apart another two. The gryph hounds did little. The lord-celestent on dracoth lost 6 wounds to my brutes, but was healed the next turn back to five. The megaboss removed all but two of the liberators from existence, and the warchanter failed to wound.

    Once again, in a show of terrible rolling, I lost the priority. Fortunately, he was mostly locked in combat, shooting from the lord-celestant killed another brute, and the dracoth did a wound to the ardboyz (causing a minus 1 to hit, though this was negated by Bellowing Tyrant). The liberators at this point had managed to get the ardboyz down to two (who only survived battleshock due to their banner), but were finished off. The dracoth fluffed most attacks, not managing to kill the final brute. The other lord-celestant also struggled with the brute big boss, who managed to kill him due to a savage boss klaw roll (he managed 5 damage, with the subsequent bashing), though he finished the final gore choppa, and despite being healed by the lord-relictor. The gryph hounds did not much.


    Some time turn 4.

    Finally winning a turn, I moved my brute big boss, megaboss, ardboyz, and warchanter around the realmgate towards the dracoth lord. He was charged by them all sans warchanter, and was finished off in quick fashion by the megaboss. The next turn, despite having a major victory, we played on, ending with my megaboss carving up the lord-relictor, and the remaining brute bosses dining on gryph-flesh.

    Major Victory for da Boyz! Dat'll teach dem stinkin' metal humies to fiddle wif our shiny door!All in all it was a fun game, and despite it being my second game and his first, we had a good game. He suffered some terrible dice rolls early on, and I really did some good damage. Colour me impressed with the brutes, the synergy in hero abilities made them monstrous. I think strategy wise he took too many ranged units, which left him weak to my melee heavy force considering the battleplan. Also, I did have to proxy my megaboss with a Borgut Facebeater model, since I don't yet own the plastic megaboss, and my FW big boss who I may consider using as a megaboss is unassembled. I think this led to him not realising quite how threatening it was, and he did little to deal with it. I also did very well out of battleshock, losing a single ardboy to it.

    Lessons learnt for me, are that I definitely need a megaboss model ;) Also I will consider remodelling an ardboy to have a second banner in the unit to take advantage of both rules. Stormcast really seemed to suffer from my rend, so I was glad they weren't quite as tough as I had made up in my head!

    Also did manage some modelling time pre-match. Having had a great trade with @Mohojoe, I had ten brutes to play with, and as only one had a gorechoppa, I converted another. I don't want any repeat weapons or poses in the unit, so I took one of the repeated boyz and gave him a more relaxed, one-handed pose with a gorechoppa, check it out!


    I am afraid to say despite a good showing the boyz in blue are going to meet the dreaded dettol soon, and will end up gloriously red and green! I have to say I am greatly looking forward to painting them, I have just over a week to finish the warchanter, who is coming along swimmingly.

    Hope you all enjoy the read and happy to hear your thoughts :)

  6. As i mentioned in the first post, what really drew me into AOS was seeing the big bad dinosaurs of the Seraphon. They are fantastic models and i can't help but be drawn into them. So when i decided to start into AOS the core starter and Seraphon was a no brainer for me. As it stands right now i have the below list:

    10 Warriors

    15 Knights

    1 Priest

    1 Starpriest

    1 Carnosaur

    1 Stegadon

    1 Scar vet on Cold one


    I am also looking to see if I can kitbash out an Astrolith bearer from the extra warrior parts. 


    While I don't particularly like the Cold One model, I do like the idea of a cav army. I found out in my first actual game that the knights are pretty ordinary, but it's fun so i'll stick with the plan. I'm hoping to get another game in next week (roughly 1000pts), i'm hoping to be more aggressive with the Stegadon and then swing in with the knights. Don't know if it will work but will be fun to try.


    I have so far painted 3 warriors (including the Alpha) and a test model for the cold one/knight. The cold one/knight isn't finished yet, I still haven't decided how to do the claws and plants. I am strongly leaning towards a bright blue/purple/pink look (similar to the plants from the movie Avatar) but not sure how it will go/i have the skill to do it. the plan is to finish another 4 to this point (a full squad) and then make a decision from there.




  7. Dave Fraser
    Latest Entry

    Continuing to paint more fluffy units to use with my TK. 


    Vampire lord on abyssal terror,  what 4x move on buffed necroserpents is fluffy...





  8. This is the same story posted earlier but I can not seem to edit mistakes I caught on subsequent proof readings. So here is an edited version with some grammer and readability improvements.



    Alarik stepped out of the realmgate onto the soil of Ulgu, his retinue close in step. Having so recently been among the purifying light of Sigmar's kingdom, the sudden and complete blackness of Ulgu blinded him. His eyes desperately grasping for light as they struggled to adjust. After a few moments he could make out some blurry shapes within the small halo of ghostly violet light emitted by the realmgate.

    The blasphemous realm immediately wore on his nerves. The shimmering white and gold armor of Alarik's host had so often seemed to him a radiant manifestation of Sigmar's fury. In the deep darkness of the shadows realm however the glittering armor and shimmer of storm infused magic of Alarik's host seemed little more than a dim candle in a vast, uncaring night.

    As  Lord Relictor Balhoth stepped from the realmgate Alarik's eyes had  adjusted as much as could be expected in such a place, and he peered back to meet Balhoth's gaze. Balhoth looked somehow more powerful in this domain. In a realm that so drained Alarik with its hidden and wretched nature, Balhoth seemed to emit an aura of hidden arcane potency  just out of tangible sight.

    "How fitting for a dark and brooding land to welcome such a dark and brooding man, how dramatic." Alarik scoffed to himself.

    Despite Alarik's distrust and subtle  mockery of the macabre nature of the Relictor, Alarik could not deny the power of his presence. Like most Lord Relictors, Balhoth was adorned from head to toe in dark Sigmarite armor, adorned with bones and sinister looking charms. Grandiosely segmented into gold trimmed plates  forming a formidable aegis around each limb of Balhoth's towering figure. The suit of armor was crowned with a menacing skull masked helm the expression of which seemed to both embrace and mock the threat of death.

    For a moment Balhoth's pale, skull visaged helmet appeared to glow with an ethereal light which defied reason in so dark a place. In contrast to the ghostly countenance of his helmet The Lord Relictor's black armor plates seemed darker and reason was betrayed once more by Balhoth's appearance as tendrils of black mist appeared to leap chaotically around Balhoth's silhouette. A disturbing aura of death and night that licked hungrily at the darkness that enveloped the Stormcasts.

    The dark and deathly aspect Balthoth had been possessed by frightened Alarik. A feeling he had all but forgotten since his reforging. Alarik feared he was about to witness the betrayal of the Lord Relictor at the hands of some terrible gift of power and madness granted by Ulgu itself.

    Alarik squinted, focusing more intently on the Lord Relictor. Alarik hoped to will Balhoth into a less blasphemous form of existence. As equal measures of fear and anger grew in Alarik, his attempt to focus on Balhoth and center his thoughts seemed to work. To Alarik's surprise and relief the shadow tendrils and ghostly glow of Balhoth's mask began to disappear and Alarik immediately began to distrust his senses in this world.

    "What a wretched place." Alarik cursed aloud, still facing Balhoth. "I met no resistance coming through the gate Balhoth and it worries me."

    "I expect frontal assault is not the way of this realms denizens." Balhoth offered in reply."I know little of this realm Alarik but I fear we may miss the brutal honesty found in the frontal assault of a Khornate horde."

    Balhoth continued grim but resolute."None have returned from this realm, it is unlikely our rescue mission will end in anything but death."

    Alarik frowned inside his helmet, glad the rigid facial features forged in the mask of the his helm hid his repulsion at the sad truth of Balhoth's declaration. Why did he ever hope to find comfort in the words of the Lord Relictor? Balhoth was seldom wrong but even more seldom was the Lord Relictor comforting. Cold, tactical truth was his fluency. A fact which Alarik almost hated as much as he valued it.

    "Pleasant thought Balhoth." Alarik returned." If I get frightened I will dream of the bloodied platues of Aqshy."

    Despite the forced levity in his words Alarik knew the chances of finding Halvir were slim but why had the God King created him if not to venture into such places and bring hope to those in opposition to the dark pantheon. He knew it was not a mission forged in the cold, calculating reason that so endeared his Lord Relictor to him, but a need to find his lost comrade that burned within Alarik. Some memory from a forgotten life, just out of reach that drove Alarik's desperate foray into Ulgu.

    Ulgu hid it's secrets as if sentient and maniacal, adding the fate of any who dared tread its paths to its many secrets. As Balhoth had so poignantly stated, those that had entered Ulgu had never returned from its insidious clutches, but his brother in war would not be left alone in this cursed place to die or worse.


    The Stormcasts had arrived. Just as Lord Grufflz told Rulk they would. "He is so smart smart he is." Rulk thought to himself.

    The skaven  commander known as Grufflz had seen one of the stormcasts dragged off into the darkness by a dark figure the skaven forces only knew as the broody one. Grufflz did not know much about the broody one but he had been seen sporadically in the region lately. Up to no good Grufflz was sure of, which made Grufflz respect the broody one. it takes brains to scheme and made things so much more interesting.

    Rulk drooled and snorted in excitement , whispering to himself. "Storm bullies so dumb dumb getting caught by broody one. Lord Grufflz will skewer them. So glorious."

    Rulk could see the Stormcasts adjusting to the darkness. They seemed so slow to move and adapt to him. He wondered how they ever had success fighting when they moved so slow.

    Remembering his duties Rulk let out a low hiss to signal to his troops nearby it was time to draw the Stormcasts into the darkness. To prepare for Sigmar's intrusion on Lord Grufflz bounty. The broody one after all was know to attract warpstone some how. Expecting the Stormcast to arrive in search for their kidnapped companion Lord Grufflz had cunning had his force hedge up the foliage in some areas. The terrain was chocked with this wooden vines. With some manipulation by Rulks men the only clearing in the vines would decide the path of the Stormcasts without them knowing it.

    "It needs to look natural, and smooth smooth. We need to give them a path without them knowing we doing it." Grufflz had explained. The next part of the plan was Rulk's favorite. He grew giddy as he remember Grufflz commands.

    "Remembers cunning ones, stay low low and hidden. Push their feet so softly. Bring them to us. If they wander nudge them here and nudge them there. The are large and blunt, they will not notice you."

    Such an exciting command to sneakily force the path of the Stormbrutes. Nudge them ever so slightly off course without them noticing. Rulk reveled " So much fun can be had in the dark. So much tricky tricks."

    Rulk wondered to himself why Lord Grufflz had passed on participating in such an exciting sneaky challenge."Other things he need be doing. So smart, so important."

    Rulk of course did not realize he had been sent on what could likely turn out to be a suicide mission. If Alaraki did notice the skaven skulking in the darkness he would end them as he sought to end all followers of the chaos pantheon.

    To Be Continued.....

    (I will update a narrative version of the battle report when I get a chance)

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    Tempted back to the hobby.. first attempt at painting in about 15/20 years:

    One Khorgorath and 15 helmeted Bloodreavers





    Current Stock Check & Overall Progress @ Jan 10th

    170110 Stock Check.JPG


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    Now I've never been much of a gamer. Since I saw my first Space Wolf I have loved collecting and every now and again painting a model.

    I tried to get into Warhammer Fantasy, about a year before the end times kicked off. I became a bit frustrated with the rules and the amount of models you had to get to even field an Army. 

    When I moved to London a couple of year a go I had set out to create a 40k army. I had amassed 500 points and used to go to my local GW and play the store manager. I had asked about Fantasy and he said, "Just wait." So I waited.  


    The 11th of July 2015 rolled round and with it Age of Sigmar was born. I was very happy. Easy to understand rules, great new models and factions! I was in heaven!

    So with that I put together a Ogre army and started attending the Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiast club.  My ogres did ok. Then I went to SCGT being a complete newbie my army building skill were not quite there (still not) I got whooped almost every game, but I had a great time. If you have ever wanted to go to a tournament, but have been too worried or scared, dont be. All the guys I played were great. After SCGT I was hungry for more hobby. I picked up the Death and Order Battletome. I bought a load of Stormcast, started painting them, then got distracted by Fyreslayers.

    Now, while I love my angry baby army, I found things lacking with them. No real great formations, aside from the Forge Brethren and the big monster is lacking. (especially coming from playing a Stonehorn for a while.) That being said one of my all time favourite games over the last year was against Ironjawz. Everything came together, the Grimwrath was Surrounded by Orruks, killing them left and right and tag teamed with the Battlesmith he was a wrecking machine they were both left standing at the end of the game Grimwrath with 2 wounds and a load of Orruk heads at his feet. I suffered a minor defeat but had a great time.


    I have the makings of a Moonclan Army now but I will happily wait for a Battletome for those little Psychos before I even consider starting them.

    SCGT 2017 is going to be great. I have not been able to go to any tournaments since then but after August this year hopefully I will be able to go to more.

    So onto my SCE army. After the Fyreslayers, I thought it would be best to go back and finish the Stormcast I had bought.

    With two Purchases I now had a Warrior Brotherhood. I like the fact that there is great mobility, great looking models, a great Battalion and I love the fluff with them as well. I had loved the Fantasy Warriors of Chaos. Big hulking heavily armored warriors coming to smack face and take names. I always thought the "Good" factions needed that.

    I will most likely be taking Stormcast to SCGT 2017. I know there is the current "net list" for Warrior Brotherhood. Mine is different to that as it includes a Venator and a Celestant as the heroes along with one Knight Azyros. I think you can guess the rest for the army from there.


    I went with a Lord Celestant as  the fluff had drawn me to use him. I couldn't see myself playing Stormcast without having a Celestant as a General. The Venator is there because I love the model and the ranged threat is very appealing to me. The Azyros is there because I had 100 points left and it would be rude not to have some units that can strike withing 3 inches of the enemy!


    Now I do understand that you cant just have the hot new battalion and expect to be the greatest player in the world but it'll be fun learning how to use them and gain the best I can from them 


    I've added the photo of my Venator. I've gone for the Lions of Sigmar colour scheme for my SCE. Primed black,Balthazar Gold, Hashut Copper, Seraphim Sepia and then finished Sycorax Bronze. Although I do think the Star Eagle is the best thing I have ever painted. 


    I hope to be updating this blog with battle reports and other painting bits.


    Thanks for reading.









  9. We are less then three months away from Adepticon 2017 and I still feel as if I need more time.


    This will be my first Adepticon and my first Wargaming convention.  I am very excited to finally participate and see what all the fun is about!  I have attending local tournaments and events and they have been enjoyable and well run, but I have a feeling they will not compare.  I am also excited to meet many people I know though the Twitter community Face to Face ( So please feel free to say Hi to me anytime!) and on top of that Games Workshop will be attending!

    I have decided to participate in the 2 Day Age of Sigmar Championship and have worked out a few list options that I am play testing.  I have also discovered that I will need to paint a bit more than expected to run the lists I have created.  That is all before I touch up the previously painted models in the army.  I wanted to share my road to Adepticon by dedicating one post a month (of my new weekly format) to Practice Games, Painting and the like, but I will be holding my list back until the event.  Although after a few weeks of deciding on an Army I settled on Stormcast (as it has the least amount of prep work to get it ready) so my list should be pretty obvious...

    A Combined Force of Bloodbound (Played by Tom) and Undead (Played by Frank) against my Stormcast (2Kpts)

    This past weekend I began getting in as few practice games to test the list out and see what it can and cannot do.  I discovered that spreading out my force against undead is a very very bad idea.  This game also served as a farewell game to one of my fellow Wargamers Frank who is moving across state soon.  Hopefully it will not be the last time our forces do battle!

    A small table game played against my friend Matt and his Duradins 2k (pts)

    I was able to get another game int he following day against my good friend Matt.  Due to a busy day at our local Games Workshop we played on a 4x4 which only assisted in my now focused assault.  We had an enjoyable game nonetheless and Matt truly helped me prepare by doing mock scenarios of combats with alternate weapons and turn order to see how to (possibly) adjust my list.

    6d3 Mortal wounds!!!

    After a weekend full or tough battles and lessons learned I sat down to add some much needed power to my list as you see above.  I added a second StarSoul Mace to my already painted unit from the starter set as well as building another five Retributors.  After finding myself short of Starsoul Maces I converted a few up for my Protectors using the extra Decimator Axes heads and they turned out alright (they might get a bit of greenstuff).  I won't deny that I am bringing a Hard list that is very high up in the Meta, but I still have much to learn in how to use it before the Tournament and a fair bit of painting as well.  As I said I do not feel I have enough time, but I hear that is a typical problem for these large events and I am up for the challenge!

    However, I am not without worries.  I am worried about being to serious about it all.  This game is fun and the community are a great bunch from what I have seen online.  I want to enjoy the games I play and I want my opponent to do the same.  What is better then getting to talk with someone with a mutual interest while enjoying said interest?  Not much.  I am fully aware that I am competitive and can get very focused when competing, but I want it to be about the fun while still aiming for the top.  I am keeping this in the front of my mind when practicing as well to help keep it as a priority.  

    If you are going to Adepticon let me know as I would love to say hello ( I will have Yeungling Lager to share!).  If you care to share what you are doing for the event or what you might be bringing let me know in the comments.  Until next week Happy Hobbying!

    View the full article

  10. Stevewren
    Latest Entry


    So this was the sum total of my painting for 2016 models wise. All in all I was a little disappointed that I hadn't done as much as I would have liked, but I did do four big monsters as well as Drycha, a Maggoth Lord and the Forest Dragon (not shown here) and that did account for a fair chunk of time at the start of the year in particular. 

    I finished off the Chaos Army for the South Coast GT this year, but I didn't really finish the army to a cohesive standard due to some personal issues that came up, which was a shame. I had to do quite a bit or rebasing for this project. I still have a number of Chaos models which I still need to rebase. 

    I finished off the Sylvaneth which was great so I have a full faction of these guys now. They were a lot of fun too do and picked up a couple of painting trophies at Alliance and the Leeds Last Stand later in the year, as well as getting a nomination at the Facehammer GT. I want to add a few more Kurnoth Hunters and some Spites and Tree Revenants, but I think this will be a project that I come back too as there are a lot more exciting things coming along this year  by the looks of things

    My other big win was the amount of rebasing that I got through. I repurposed quite a lot of models from older armies during the year and I had a lot of fun with the new GW Bases, both the normal ones and the Hero bases. I used these for the Order army that I took to Blood and Glory that won the Judges Choice award. 

    I tried my hand at Golden Demon this year for the first time as well, and managed to pick up two finalist pins. I was really pleased with that, but it really showed me that the single figure/competition painting is a completely new ball game. I'm not sure that I would enter again, but I'd certainly attend to see the models as its great looking at such fantastic models. 

    Tournaments were the usual debacle, ranging from the disappointingly mediocre to the shockingly awful. However I always enjoy the social side of the events and meeting new players. I never have to worry about playing friends or people I know as they are all an awfully lot better than me at the game. I did have some excellent narrative games during the year though, including playing Steve Foote on the Saturday of the South Coast GT, and playing Mark Wildman in a terrific Everchosen vs Ironjaws/Orrruk game. 

    Overall I feel like my AoS year has been good, if not spectacular, and I'm hoping that I can have a better year in 2017. I certainly hope to paint more, and I'd like to do a little better in some events, although I know that I won't be attending too many the year. If you want to see moe of my resolutions there is a video up on the Bad Dice YouTube page. 


  11. This week, we are joined by Doom and Darkness and we are talking all things Ironjawz. We are taking a deep dive into the most brutal of the green tide.  So come join us for another week of News, Rumors and all things Warhammering.


  12. Had a great narrative game the other night which I thought I'd share.

    We normally play with points, but was in the mood for an epic smash up which (I feel) works better with narrative play.



    The attacker (go left to right in below picture) has to move as many units as possible through the Plague Gate (a baleful realm gate). At the conclusion of the match, the attacker would roll a dice and if the result was less than or equal to the number of units that got through the gate, they would score a Major victory, else the defender would score a minor victory which was improved to Major if they could capture the circle of stones terrain feature as well.



    The attacker throws down as many models as he likes, in this case, the Gut Buster horde of the Tyrant Runnylegs Lanceface. This big name was earned in 8th Ed. Runnylegs, rallied after fleeing, challenged the unit champion of some Order of the Blazing Sun knights to a dual and was promptly dispatched as the unit champion was possessed by Slaneesh and had a higher the normal initiative. Additionally, any unit removed from the game due to attrition could be returned to the game in the following movement phase at the reinforcement line (purple ribbon seen in some photos below). The reinforcement line could be moved forward 6" by a priest or wizard (3+ or 6+ respectively) in the hero phase.



    The defending force consisted of a Start collecting force of Nurgle Daemons, which was reinforced in a number of ways.

    • In the defenders hero phase D3 bases of Nurglings would appear in one of the filth pond (1=small pond, 2=medium pond, 3= large pond. Additionally, once 12 bases of Nurglings had been spawned Morbidex would appear in the large filth pond.
    • Starting on turn 2, on a dice roll of 5+ Ningauble Seven-Eyes (Plague lord) and his Blightguard would appear at a random table edge or  the reinforcement line. +1 is added to the roll for every subsequent turn. Additionally, on a roll of a natural 6, the brothers Glottkin would show up as well.


    Early Game

    The early exchanges saw both starting forces rush to meet each other, with the Ogre player advancing the reinforcement line several times.


    Mid Game

    The defenders left flank crumbles, only for the right flank to be reinforced by Ningauble and his Blightguard. The Nurgle Herald earns a to-be-determined name after twice coming within one dice pip of slaying Runnylegs.


    Late Game

    Morbidex hauls his bloated carcass from the filth ponds to mount a rearguard action that saves the day for the defenders of the Plague Gate



    A Minor victory to the disease ridden plague cohort as the Ogres didn't manage to get any units through the Plague Gate, but were so hard pressed they didn't manage to even consider making a player for the circle of power.

    However, it was a close run thing and a several factors helped swing the result:

    • The Nurglings spawned like things that spawn really quickly, allowing Morbidex to appear just at the right time.
    • Similarily, The Blightguard popped up just in time to halt the progress of the Ironguts done the right flank.
    • I'd designed the scenario, thinking my opponent was going to bring his Stormcast which would have meant the Nurglings would have been less effective as they were great at tying up the big units of Ogres.
    • we finished after 6 turns due to time constraints, when 8 felt about right for the scenario.

    We did a shoulda-coulda-woulda roll after the match to see how many units the Ogres needed to get through and it was a 2!!!

    A great evening of gaming and the result was superfluous, given the enjoyment had.

    Glory to the Plaguefather!





  13. Hi Guys!

    So I have a tournament coming up on the 22nd of this month. I did previously purchase a forest goblin spider rider army, but I'm not sold on the scheme and don't really want to take something that doesn't look any good.


    So looking at my collection I saw that I had Galrauch and a bunch of random beastmen and thought they would do fine. Here is a shot of my WIP Galrauch (excuse the bathroom shot, was the only light in the house due to bad weather).



    I got inspiration for him from this artwork

    galrauch_from_whf_hero__s_call_by_sandara-d4gzpgb (1).jpg

    So with my Dragon picked I started to look at other stuff and thought rats might be cool and would probably look pretty sick next to beastmen.

    The tournament is using 1750 points with 2k level monsters, heroes and artillery. So I'll be taking advantage of more heroes, here is my list:



    Wargor with BSB

    Screaming Bell


    20 clanrats with spears

    20 clanrats with swords

    30 Gor with double hand weapons

    poison wind mortar

    warpfire thrower

    6 giant rats (had the points spare :))


    2 chaos gargants 


    So the idea behind my poorly put together list is Galrauch flies forward and tries to kill synergistic characters with his breath attack and magic. My giants can guard objectives or attempt to weaken enemy strongholds, Skaven try and hold the backfield, Gor come in after galrauch with the beast characters and the skyre gun support to attempt to kill something.

    As you can see a full proof plan! I'll post updates on how terrible it went and also some paint progress pics!

    Stay tuned!

    Crispy out









    It took a while for Games Workshop to release a general rule book for Age of Sigmar. But when they did we got a whopper of a book.


    This book is a necessity for AOS players. AOS works really well with story driven narrative games.

    The big thing when AOS came out was that GW did a brave thing in removing points from the game. The game went from having an massive ruleset that can be difficult for beginners to a 4 page booklet. 

    It took a couple of months for GW to release this book. And it was as if they released the new game to let us decide how it should be played. Is that brave or dumb?


    They had to break the game to remake it and the they developed the Generals Handbook with the help of Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp from the HeelanHammer podcast, Russ Veal from Facehammer and Ben Curry from the Bad Dice podcast.


    The book has 3 ways to play the game Open play

                                                                  Narrative play &

                                                                  Matched play


    Open play is bring anything you want. bring any amount of units, uneven armies or just arrange something with your appointment. There is rules for more than 2 player games and Triumph and treachery games


    Narrative play is your story driven aspect. This has 4 battle plans, themed armies and even has 2 recreated battles. It has multiple ways to run a campaign: Path to glory, map campaign,tree campaign and a matrix campaign


    Matched play is your points. It has points for all units for each army and even the recent discontinued armies and units. Is has tournament layouts and pitched battle for matched play games and ladder campaign rule.


    The last thing it has in the book is new battle traits, command traits and artifacts for each alliance. This is a great addition and gives you more choice for your army.


    Overall this book is a necessity for Age of Sigmar gaming. It gives you multiple ways to pay and explore the game. It encourages you to try different ways of playing and not just straight forward pitched battle. Ony thing that needs to be improved is the path to glory campaign. I was hoping for a more of a skirmish type of build with it but it was more of starting a small army and just add units onto it.


    Its a great book and there is supposedly another updated on coming out next year. But it's at cheap affordable price and still worth getting.


    I have a video up about it on my YouTube channel so you can check that out as well


  15. My Hexwraiths are now done and ready for basing. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, especially the fire since I was unsure about that.





    Now all I have left to paint (besides the bases on everything) is one more Wraith, a Banshee, and the Mourngul. My goal is to get the all done before I leave for a 2 week vacation in 2 weeks. I think I can do it.

  16. (Year) End Times


    And what an incredible year it's been too. Such an exciting time to be in the hobby with surprises around every corner to excite & inspire. 


    I started the year with a now failed hobby goal to attend 12 events over the course of the year, beginning well after attending three between January - March. Then life got in the way and implemented a six month gap onto my hobby ambition. Oh well, resolutions & all that!


    Something I'm immensely proud of achieving this year though was the creation of the Hammerers, officially. I've wanted to run a gaming club no matter how modest for a long time, and can now look back on this year knowing that the dream was finally made a reality. The club has not only given me fantastic motivation to get hobby projects & terrain completed, but I've met a great group of guys to enjoy Age of Sigmar with. Miniature wargaming is expensive, & having a place where I get to game regularly gives me a sense of value for money in addition to the enjoyment and escapism from a stressful job. 

    Looking back, we've been very lucky at the club to be able to enjoy a huge amount of new product & involvement from Games Workshop. A month after the club started our regular games'nights, the General's Handbook was released. The matched play element of the Handbook really helped to boost attendance as players were able to discuss & decide on points limitations for their games through our Facebook page, fighting over a cleverly designed set of challenging battleplans. Personally, the Handbook was by far my best purchase of 2016, & we are hoping to explore the many other features and various campaigns it contains in the new year. 

    Another enriching experience for the club was the global Season of War campaign, which really helped get everyone immersed into Age of Sigmar. Not only did it inspire the Hammerers to ramp up their painting projects, we also hosted a huge battle on the last week of the campaign where all the chaos gods were represented, as well as the Stormcast, Ironjaws & even Nagash!


    The recent release of blood bowl will also make a grand appearance at the club soon, and work has  begun on our first ever league. There's also some discussions about a ladder campaign for Age of Sigmar too. 

    One thing I am sure we will all be doing more of in 2017 is attending events, in as larger number as possible. The narrative events held at warhammer world at the start of the year were a great introduction into the rich story of the new universe, and we also had a fantastic time at the South Coast Grand Tournament - the largest, and definitely the friendliest independent event I personally have ever attended. We were really proud to be at an event that went on to form the backbone of the General's Handbook.  


    We also attended the Honour & Glory event held by Solent Wargames. A one day matched play tournament that was won by our very own Hammerer Chris Goldsworthy & his devoted of Sigmar!


    Our last attended event of the year was the incredible Blood & Glory. Timed perfectly, the tournament really showcased the journey Age of Sigmar has been on throughout the year, and really showed off the competitive element of matched play spectacularly. This was the first event I'd attended that all the top players were involved with having missed out on the Warlords & Facehammer GT events earlier in the year. I learnt a lot about how to play the game that weekend!


    Games Workshop have been much more involved in the hobby community this year too, live streaming events, creating community pages & even a TV show! I was made up to see Rob Symes become the face of Warhammer TV after watching such a genuinely nice guy take home the SCGT & deliver one of the most hilarious podcast shows I think I'll ever hear! It really well demonstrates Games Workshops efforts to reconnect with us.

    The Grand Alliance community page also had a huge impact on membership for the club, in particular through their ingenious world map of clubs & players. I meet & talk to new players, returning rage quitters & die hard Warhammer fans constantly, growing not only our player base but also inter-club events too. The forum section also helps to iron out any rules questions that come up on club nights.

    Now, at the end of the year thanks to the various events & club nights, I've achieved a Warhost of Death, Warhost of Flesh Eater Courts, a Battlehost of Nurgle & a Vanguard of Seraphon all fully painted! Think that's the most I've ever painted in a year!


    A fantastic journey in such a small amount of time. We are all very excited at the club for 2017 & all the new hobby it will bring, and I feel very fortunate to start the year with a well attended club to further pursue my passion for campaigns & narratives with.

     If your local, or attending an organised event in 2017, or even from another gaming club, get in touch. We are always looking for new players to battle against & often travel to get games in between club nights.
    Happy new year!

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    Recent Entries

    Well its been one hell of a year if you are a hobbyist!  Going to take a look back over what I have been up to, and maybe a small look forwards to 2017.

    So my year started off with Age of Sigmar in its infancy.  At a club level we had devised our own 'slot' system for ease of play, and also added a maelstrom of war deck for variety.  I headed off to Nottingham early in the year, eager to see how others around the country were playing the game.  A box full of stuff alongside my Bro, it was a doubles event,so if anyone wanted to be 'that guy' we could be 'that guy+1'.  Thankfully it never happened, and although we worried a few of our opponents, with our box of goodies,  a great time was had. (also met some really cool folks who I caught up with throughout the year).

    At club interest was kinda on and off, 40K was doing well and only a few of us were regularily playing AOS.  I was certain it was a good game, and tried to convince folks of its merit.  I signed up for a couple of events, one of which was SCGT, and tried to get a few of them to join me.  No one else was interested, so I would be flying solo,  which was pretty scary.


    The first major part of 2016 though was my first independent AOS event, which was held down in Weymouth, so very local to me, a major selling point. Run by Mr Chris Tomlin (of The Black Sun),  I was nervous, but also very excited to get out and see what was happening.  SCGT comp had just hit and we were playing the missions for the first time.  Chris was running this as a warm up to SCGT, so I thought I doubly good as I would also meet a load of folks going to that.

    Gotta say this is my favourite event of the year, for a variety of reasons.  I met so many cool people,  who were so friendly and welcoming I cannot describe.  I made a concious decison beforehand to introduce myself to as many gamers as I could, and find out about their hobby etc, this paid dividends for my gaming year for sure.  Chris was an awesome TO, really helped me get over my nerves.

    Big thanks to Matt Clarke for smashing me off the board game 1,  I killed about 4 models total as his stormcast decimated the forces of Tamurkhan!  Yes I took the big fella, and a load of his FW followers, which actually helped me as they created a talking point.  Also I would point out Sayl was flying him around well before he got a rep for Stormfiends!

    Somehow I managed to bounce back from that, and finish 4th in my first event, not quite sure how when I look back at the list I was using :) I would say a big thanks to Chris for getting me off on this awesome year long escapade, and to Matt, Gary, Andy, Dom, Russ, Terry, and all the others I met for the first time, you were true gents for talking to the wierd loner at his debut event.

    Fireslayer-Army-5.jpgI won't go into every event in detail, but my year continued with SCGT,  where I faired really well.  The enthusiasm at that, I don't think was matched at any other event in 2016,  people just wanted AOS to work, and it certainly did!  I fought 6 great games and met a ton of new folks again,  catching up with people from Rain of Stars and my GW experience.

    The main thing I gues that came out of these 2 events was Club nights.  So many of the gamers I met were local to me, it was odd that we never actually interacted or played games.  So first Chris, then Matt headed down to club on a Thursday, followed by several others.

    Witout AOS, this would never of happened.  We went from maybe 8 gamers up to 14 or so, and now at a peak we get 20+ on a thursday night.  It's simply amazing, best time to be in the hobby.  Whilst AOS started it, other systems have followed,  variety has hit the club  Dropfleet, Bloodbowl, Infinty, Dropzone, k47  they are all played.  The big loser though has been 40K,  everyone is sitting waiting for the AOS hammer to hit it and then they can jump back on, come on GW DO IT!

    bossfest.jpgBossfest - Yep that was awesome.  If you haven't heard of it check out my blog here

    Also the main summer happening, The Generals Handbook, hit the shelves.  GW listening to the community?  This was new territory and just teh start of so many great things from them.

    GH debut games were at Bossfest, played about 10+ and loved it.  So many new things to try and think through.  Summer of 2016 was a massive turning point for AOS,  where big things really started to happen.  At club gamers who were mildly interested suddenly started playing again,  lots of new army ideas were forming and hitting the tables.

    Warlords was announced, GW back in the competative game arena!  I swiftly signed up, along with a ton of other events.  Live streaming hit, which of course was the precursor to Warhammer Live (I will get to that later).

    Autumn was crazy, I did so many events it was crazy.  Warlords, Facehammer and The Warchiefs event (all in 1 month, thanks to Chris who also did all 3, it was really a manic 4 weeks!).  Also Blackout, Brothers of Sigmar and GW Deadwalkers.

    The other thing that happened was our club got a name, we are now The Dorset Doggers!  Cheers to Matt and Chris for that one.  Never has a name generated so much contraversy, thanks Adam for having a strop, but now fully embracing his dogger nature :)

    Club T-shirts have arrived, as have the dice. (I however don't like symbols, they confuse me, especially with GW being idiots and using the 1 for the symbol). So if you are playing against me that's why I dont use club dice.

    bullgor.jpgThe years came to a finale with RAW2016, and Age of Santa.  Both memorable for different reasons.  RAW was amazing, the first proper narrative event for AOS.  I probably have 3 MUST go events in the year and RAW is one of them.  The effort the awesome foursome of TO's put in was increadible.  The boards were superb,  true works of art,  games were hilarious and ridiculous, at the same time.

    My final event Age of Santa,  was such a great way to finish the year, memorable for many reasons.  Firstly as it was the first big showing from 'The Doggers',  7 of us made the trip.

    Also my first trip to cardiff, an amazing venue, will be back for future events for sure.

    But mainly for my first podium, 3rd place, but more importantly a Best Sports Trophy, so happy to recieve that.  Of all the awards you can get this one is the one I think means the most for me.

    Was a really chilled vibe,  everyone had a great time,  Will ate the biggest mixed grill ever,  Rich and Tom went to bed at 6 on the Saturday after their Friday drinkathon.  Was just the perfect way to round off the year.



    Santa.jpgAlso, rankings apparently are a thing.  Never knew anything about them until 3/4 the way through the year.  But it turns out a few of our club gamers are doing rather well!  Ricky has qualified for the masters in 8th, Chris is just outside at 17th, Matt at 20th, and somehow I managed to end up 24th!  For our tiny club down in deepest, darkest Dorset 4 players in the top 25 is increadible.

    So that's it, my 2016.  Such a great year, 11 events, quite a few miles and hotels!  AOS has evolved into a huge hit from a shaky start,  GW has changed its whole attitude.  We now have the awesome Twitch Channel, community interaction,  a real buzz around the hobby in general.  In all my many years (yeah I'm that old)  never seen anything quite like it.  I am looking forwards to 2017 already!  Have a few events already booked in, and will be trying to do 1 a month next year.

    What am I wanting from 2017 - Elves, wanna see some of these boys (or girls) hit next year at some point.  GH 2  to tweak some issues.

    So to all who I met throughout the year and made me feel so welcome, I say thank you.  Hopefully we will meet up again next year and play some more great games of AOS.


  17. Skaven Blood Bowl Pitch & Modular Sewer Terrain for AOS

    This blog will document my progress in building a Skaven Blood Bowl pitch which will also be part of a larger modular sewer complex for Age of Sigmar.
    I will also  discuss some of the model making techniques, tools and materials used during this project.
    I find the idea of building a Blood Bowl pitch incredibly appealing. It's a relatively small project that has the potential to look great. It can also be extended with the addition of a stadium with grandstands and scoreboards. In choosing to build a sewer themed pitch for Skaven this also lends itself to be the initial part of a larger project to build a sewer themed 4'x 6' AOS board.
    I first played Blood Bowl way back in '88 when I first became aware of Games Workshop and tabletop Wargames. It was actually the Blood Bowl miniatures in White Dwarf 108 that started my interest in the hobby. I had a few games with a friend and subsequently purchased Dungeon Bowl but never really amerced myself into the game. This latest release has piqued my interest as it has a lot of nostalgia for me, it's easy to get into  and has the potential for lots of cool updates based on previous incarnations of the game.
    I've chosen Skaven as I've wanted to paint them for a long time and I think they look so cool. This also gives me a chance to make a start on a project that I've been thinking about for some time. Whilst at the Realms at War AOS event in Cambridge I had the opportunity to catch up with @Wayne kemp, the Skaven Master, and discuss what would be the ultimate AOS table/terrain. When I posed this question Wayne was very eloquent in saying that the ultimate AOS table doesn't exist as everyone has a different idea of what would be the ultimate. His ultimate table would be a Skaven theme, probably sewer themed whereas he said @Dan Heelan would probably prefer a Lizardman theme.
    I really liked the idea of a modular sewer themed board for AOS as this has the potential to be a multi-system board, possibility of being used for other games, say 40k. I'm not a 40k player but have been collecting Genestealer Cults which lends itself to this sort of environment. I've also wanted to build an urban board for some time. I came across this amazing blog, , some years ago and have wanted to do something similar ever since. Unfortunately the blog seems to have stalled but there's plenty of great inspiration in there. Building a modular sewer themed board also gives you the potential to build a multi level board which seems to quite popular in AOS at the moment.
    So my initial plan is to build a sewer themed Skaven Bowl Bowl pitch. Fortunately each half of the pitch fits into a 2'x2' square allowing me to use the two halves as separate modular AOS terrain. The design will be based upon a Victorian style brick sewer with lots of arches and pipes for added Steampunk Skaveness. The pitch will be elevated on a plinth that rises out of the surrounding sewer which contains industrial pipe machinery. The bottom half of the drawing below illustrates the brick and pipework design to be used on the sides of the plinth whilst the top shows the top of the plinth with the pitch squares.
    I always use squared paper to draw designs for model making projects. I find it makes it a lot quicker and easier to draw, particularly when drawing buildings.
    I next had to decide what materials I would use for the construction. I wanted the model to be lightweight and durable as it would need to be transported from place to place. I construct nearly all my architectural terrain pieces using sheets of expanded pvc. I have used this for decades, it is lightweight, strong, easy to cut, glue and sand. It also comes in various different thickness from 1mm to 30mm. You can also score texture into it's surface to create different textures such as wood grain, brick or stone. However for this model I would he using it soley for the structure and the paving of the model. The base / flooring is 5mm, the walls are 3mm and the buttresses and pipe shelf are 8mm. I wanted to give the sides, which would be made up of brick arches, more texture and depth so I opted for blue foam (styrofoam).
    The tools I use for working with expanded pvc are; technical pencil, cutting mat, Swann Morten scalpel, engineeers square 7" & 5", steel rules 6" & 12", sanding block 400 grade, superglue and zip kicker. For expanded pvc thicknesses greater than 5mm I use a circular table saw for cutting.
    I've not used blue foam much but understand the principles of the material. When creating brickwork in foam I would usually use a biro and draw the brickwork straight on causing the brick work to be engraved. Whilst this can look good it can be inconsistent and can look untidy. This is a reasonably lengthy process due to hand drawing each piece and I wanted to have identical brickwork on each arch. So I came up with the idea of printing each styrofoam piece. I can't imagine this is an original idea as it seems so obvious however I have not seen anyone else doing this. The idea is based upon the original printing process of block printing developed in the middle ages. 
    Styrofoam is a soft material that can be indented, so I created a 'negative' brickwork mould in which a piece of styrofoam can be pressed into using a press. The mould was made from a base of 3mm expanded pvc, the brick design drawn on then the mortar was added using 1mm styrene strips. 1mm expanded pvc was used to build up the sides to hold the styrofoam in place. 
    The styrofoam was cut into strips 9mm thick using a bandsaw which were then sanded smooth to a depth of 7.5mm and cut to size to fit the mould. As you can see from the pic below I used two blocks of wood and some clamps to create the press for the mould.
    To create depth to the walls I printed smaller pieces of foam to be added to the arches.
    The printed pieces were then cut and glued.
    This worked incredibly well, was very quick to use and I was churning out brickwork styrofoam like a Victorian workhouse. This was helped massively by @Mitzy for supplying me with a massive chunk of blue foam. I created another 'generic brick' mould to use for any plain areas of brickwork I would need. To add a little variation to the brick depth I depressed some of the bricks using a piece of plastic. 
    For the pipework I used Hirst Arts pipe moulds 320 & 321 which are fantastic quality. These are quite expensive but having a mould means you can have as much pipework as you like. I used 'low odour' fast cast polyurethane resin as I wanted it to be very durable and Quick to produce. Fast cast resin has a de-mould time of approximately 30 mins. I would need a lot of pipework so I ordered 1.5kg of resin. The two moulds would give me a variety of pipe pieces in two different pipe diameters. This should give me enough variety to make the pipework sufficiently interesting.
    Here's a wip pic of half the pitch. The space to the right of the pitch will be the dug out area. The squares on the pitch will be paving and the different zones are divided by gutters recessed into the pitch. The pitch will also have drain covers.
    More progress soon.
    Thanks for reading.



  18.   Well, Christmas has come and gone.  I did not get nearly as much done as I had hoped.  I reorganized the paint station though, and that’s good, since it was a horrid mess.



      I did get some models built,  We have a VLoZD (Vamp lord on Zombie Dragon), 20 Skeletons, a Vamp Lord on Nightmare, 5 Hexwraiths, 2 Vamp Lords and 2 Necromancers.  Not a bad start, but then the Christmas haul came in...


    <sigh>  More work...  Hopefully, the New Years Weekend gives a lot more time to work.

  19. Happy New Year to everyone on TGA, anyone at Rygas Roughnecks in Exeter, Exmouth Imperial Wargames Club, anyone I met up at at WHW, and to all the Kiwi's out here in Aotearoa. 

    It's been an interesting year for me after a 20 year break from GW and the hobby, and I'm stoked to rekindle my love for Warhammer Fantasy and gaming!

    Here's an overall group WIP shot of what I got done in '16


    Games wise here's a look back at how I did with my pure allegiance Pestilens army as I learned how to play AOS this year


    6 club games , L4 W2

    9 competitive games L8 W1

    Organised Events attended - 2 , Season of Hope finale & Warlords (87th)



    3 casual games  L3 W0

    11 competitive games L6 W5

    Organised Events attended - 3, Guardon Battlehost (2nd) Inepticon Battlehost (1st) Warhost (last/ withdrew due to illness)



    I'm up to about 30 games or so now with AOS so still fairly green with it and to wargaming in general. My original aim for this year was learn to play the game and the rules to such a level that I am not having to constantly to look up or read the warscrolls , and to be able to give someone a decent game competitively without being a total walkover. I feel like maybe that's been achieved now and I've managed to win a few games along the way which has been nice, and meet some great people and make some new friends along the way.

    So '17 will be about taking it up a step and playing more games and trying to start to win more and work on my overall gameplay and understanding of tactics and winning games.

    My arm is slowly healing up from the Shingles, still got some nasty scars though. I needed some time out to get well again but have been back at it recently over Christmas with some extra hobby time.


    Over Xmas I've added Epidemius, a GUO, 30 PB's, 6 Drones, 30 Marauders and Tamurkhan as allies to my pool, and I have 16 Plague Toads hopping their way over to NZ as well.

    In 2017 I've decided to start experimenting with adding bits into my Pestilens army, starting with a small 1 day tournament tomorrow at a friends house. I've decided to keep going with the Pestilens stuff for now, and look at using them as the core for a summoning army, or possibly a mixed alliance with Sayl and Epidemius. I'll be play testing both at tournaments here in NZ and casual games over the next few months.

    Not sure if I'll use Tamurkhan much, I mostly just wanted to paint him...